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Mrs. Sexton (1 quarter, 5 credits)

Mrs. Fouraker

Prerequisite: None. An elective course in Family and Consumer Science open

to all freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

The Course: Foods and Nutrition I is a comprehensive course emphasizing

nutrition, food preparation, and consumer skills. The course is designed to help
students make wise decisions related to health and to demonstrate skill in
preparing food items based on cooking principles and good management.

Note: For students having a special interest in foods and cooking, Foods and Nutrition I
serves as a prerequisite for both Foods and Nutrition II and Culinary Arts. Among other things,
Foods II explores world cuisines. Students in Culinary Arts learn about the foodservice industry
and operate a classroom restaurant. They are admitted to this class based on level of skill, work
ethic and grades (at least a “C” in Foods I).

Grades: The FHS grading scale (see student handbook) will be used to
calculate grades. Grades will be based on assignments, lab activities, and
quizzes and tests. The final exam is worth 20% of the course grade. Good
attitude and good effort are rewarded Note: I expect students to meet
reasonable standards for English in terms of sentence structure, vocabulary,
spelling, and grammar.

Class Participation: The best learning takes place when everyone is actively
involved. Classroom activities include reading, note taking, writing, discussion
(small group and class as a whole), labs and projects.

Behavior: Behavior and language must be appropriate for the classroom. No

food and drink (water excluded) are allowed in the classroom.

Cell phones are not to be used for any reason. Keep them put away in your
locker, pocket, pencil case, purse, etc. If I ever see yours out, I will give you one
chance to get it out of sight before a consequence. Continued use of a cell
phone in the classroom following a warning will result in an automatic off referral.
All purses/ bags are to be kept under your desk/chair and will not be used as a
barrier between your cell phone and me.

Assignments (study guides, worksheets): Assignments are to be turned in at

the beginning of the block on the day they are due. Extra points may be earned
by turning study guides in early. Late work is accepted up to the time it is
reviewed with the class, but at the end of the week when the assignment is due
Catch-Up Sessions will be assigned. Zeros for work not done will be
Missing Assignments: Each Friday students must be current with all
assigned/submitted assignments. If a student has not submitted all assignments
due to date, the student will be required to attend Assignment Catch-Up on the
following Monday from 3:15 to 4:00 P.M. in Room B1 OR Tuesday from 7:15-8:45
A.M. to work on assignments not completed. Please make arrangements for
rides before Monday or Tuesday. If the student does not come to Assignment
Catch-up, he/she will be referred to the office. Be sure you bring your textbook
and missing assignments with you to Assignment Catch Up!!

Testing: There are quizzes and unit tests given throughout the quarter. These
are based on information from study guides, class notes, handouts, videos and
lab experiences. The general format includes completion, true-false, multiple
choice, matching, and short essay. Unit tests are announced well in advance of
the day to be given and are preceded by a review.

Make-up: Students returning to class after an absence need to check with me

regarding what was done in class and complete any make-up work by the
deadline assigned. This includes assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects.

Attendance: Refer to the student handbook concerning the absence and tardy
policies. Note that excessive absences will dramatically jeopardize your overall
grade in class and even whether or not you receive credit. Your student planner
will be your pass to and from the classroom when necessary.

Books and Materials: The test for this class is Food for Today. Bring to class
your book, a notebook, and pencil or pen. Books are to be covered by the end of
the first week of class. Take care of your book because you will be fined if you
damage or lose it.

Lab Experiences: A $10 lab fee is charged for participation in lab

experiences. Access to the lab may be withheld if not paid within the first
three weeks. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you may receive a
fee waiver (check with the Activities Office). The fee should be paid to Mrs.
Rix in the main office, who will provide written verification that you will
then give to the teacher.

Seating: Seating will be assigned to provide a workable learning environment

for you and teaching environment for me. Chairs are to be pushed under tables
after use. Supplies for projects are to be returned to the location where found
and all trash placed in wastebaskets. Remain seated until dismissed by the bell.

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please do not hesitate to see me. I am
available before and after school and at certain times throughout the day. My planning period is
during ___ Block. I am her to assist you in any way that I can. Have a great nine weeks!

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