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FORM 27.

Pertinent Child Support Clauses to Consider Including in a Separation


1. As and for the support, maintenance, and education of each child,

(specify, for example, the Father) shall pay to the Mother the sum of (specify $)
per week, per child, payable on each and every Friday of each week commencing on
(specify date).
2. The aforementioned $X per week, per child, payment for each child
shall continue with respect to each such child until an Emancipation Event as is
hereinafter defined shall have occurred to any such child. Upon the occurrence of
any such Emancipation Event, the Father shall no longer be responsible for the
payment of such $X weekly amount for the particular child so emancipated.
3. During the period that support payments are paid for the children or
either of them, the Father shall be exclusively entitled to list them or either of
them, as the case may be, as his dependents on his income tax return and the
Mother shall not be entitled to list either of them as her dependents on her tax
4. All obligations under this Article shall terminate in the event of
the death of the Wife or the Husband. The parties contemplate that in the event
of the death of the Wife, then with respect to such of the children concerning
whom an Emancipation Event has not previously occurred, the Husband shall have
such obligation as is imposed by law with respect to the support of any such child
or children. In the event of the death of the Husband, all obligations set forth
in this Article shall immediately terminate.
5. (a) In addition to the support provided herein, the Father agrees to
furnish at his own expense medical insurance (specify type) for the benefit of the
children of the parties until the remarriage of the Wife and/or emancipation of
the children and to pay for one-half (or specify all) of all reasonable medical,
dental, orthodontia, and drug expenses (hereinafter collectively called "medical
expenses") of the children of the parties. The Mother shall advise the Father of
any medical insurance which may be furnished to her by an employer in order that
the Father need not duplicate coverage for the children. If the Mother is
required to pay for such coverage of the children, the Father may elect to utilize
said coverage for the children and shall promptly pay for or reimburse the Mother
for such expense or to provide his own coverage. For uninsured medical and dental
expenses, the parties shall share such costs equally, provided he or she, as the
case may be, shall have given consent for such expenses, which consent shall not
be unreasonably withheld (unless medical or dental treatment is required in such
short time that it is impossible or impractical to obtain such consent).
(b) The Mother agrees that she will promptly fill out, execute and
deliver to the Father all forms and provide all information in connection with any
application he may make for reimbursement of medical, dental and drug expenses
under any insurance policies which he may have. He shall promptly refund to the
Mother any medical expenses paid for by her either directly or if insured, out of
the proceeds of an insurance claim which the Husband shall promptly file.
(c) The Father will furnish to the Mother at her request
documentation and other proof of his compliance with the provisions of this
Article, and the Wife, in addition, is hereby authorized to obtain direct
confirmation of compliance or noncompliance with any insurance carrier.
(d) In addition to the foregoing, the Father shall pay promptly
one-half (1/2) of all reasonable expenses for the tuition, fees, transportation,
and outfitting of the children at a summer camp, or for summer or vacation travel
or similar summer or vacation activity, if the children desire to pursue such
activity and if the Father consents thereto, which consent will not be
unreasonably withheld. The Mother agrees to consult with the Father regarding
each such activity and to consider such suggestions and comments which he deems
shall be in the best interests of the children. In no event will the Father be
required to pay for any of the said expenses incurred for the participation of the
Mother in such activity or activities.
(e) It is agreed that the Father's obligation for support of the
children herein shall be suspended during any period when the children are
residing with the Father for an extended period of time, such as during the
summer, or for summer camp or other activities which necessitate the children
staying away from home at the Father's expense.
(f) In addition to the foregoing, if the children of the parties
have been recommended by a teacher, guidance counselor, or other educational
adviser or administrator to obtain tutoring help with respect to any academic
lessons or courses, the Father agrees to pay promptly for one-half (1/2) of the
reasonable cost of such tutoring.
(g) In addition to the foregoing, if the children of the parties
desire to attend religious school or receive private religious training, or attend
college, the Father agrees to pay promptly for one-half (1/2) of the reasonable
cost of such education or training. Both parties shall encourage the use of
financial aids, grants, loans, and scholarships to help defray expenses, and they
agree to cooperate with each other and the child toward that end. The expenses
referred to in this subparagraph shall include, but shall not be limited to,
application and testing fees, tuition, required books, uniforms, materials and
supplies, reasonable transportation, and incidental expenses.
Optional: With respect to college expenses, the Father shall only be
liable to pay one-half (1/2) of the costs of a four-year education, including room
and board, at a public state university.