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SLEEPY HOLLOW Being the true Storie of one Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman Story by Kevin

Yagher and Andrew Kevin Walker Based on "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving

Screenplay by Andrew Kevin Walker


A pleasing land of drowsy head it was, of dreams that wave before the half shut eye.





An UGLY MAN charges through on a horse, holding a lantern forward on a long pole. He looks back, terrified. INSERT TITLE: 1799 Sleepy Hollow, Hew York THUNDEROUS HOOFBEATS are HEARD behind. The ugly man glances back again. His lantern swings wild... SHATTERS against a tree. The jammed-up pole SLAMS the ugly man off his horse... He hits the ground. He runs, trips, falls and scrambles up.

DEEP IN THE FOREST, we glimpse the source of the HOOFBEATS: a HUGE FORM on a HUGE BLACK HORSE, already gone. The ugly man pushes through thorny bushes. Jagged branches slit his hands and cheeks. He bursts from the brier patch and tumbles to a trail. He lifts his bloodied face. He runs. IN THE FOREST BEHIND: the hooves of the black horse rip underbrush. HOOFBEATS DEAFENING. A spur digs into the snorting steed's already bleeding flank. The pursuer's gloved hand draws a SWORD, blade RINGING. ON THE TRAIL, the ugly man runs on. The shrill WHISTLE of a SWORD SWING is HEARD as the pursuer blurs past. The ugly man is still running when his head lolls back, at an impossible angle... tumbles off his shoulders... His headless body hits the dirt. EXT. CITY STREETS — NIGHT

Empty cobblestone streets. Crooked buildings. A RAPIDLY CLANGING BELL breaks the silence from afar. INSERT TITLE: Hew York City

TWO CONSTABLES clamor round a corner, lanterns held high, listening. They rush into an alleyway. ELSEWHERE, piers border the Hudson River. The BELL is LOUDER. The two constables arrive, searching. No one around. Constable One hefts his pistol, scared. CONSTABLE ONE Where are you?! (CONTINUED)

it is me. He drags a bloated MALE CORPSE up from the murky water. CONSTABLE ONE Constable Crane? Ichabod Crane. It is possible this man was murdered. stands with his back to us. HIGH CONSTABLE Anyone could see. handsome. Ichabod follows the High Constable and Magistrate in. wary. ICHABOD There are surgical ways of telling how he died. the MAN. CONSTABLE ONE Yes..S. is that you? The MAN turns.... sir. disgusted. Constable Two crosses on the pier above.. Ichabod's dismayed. Constable Two wheels the corpse inside.. Meet ICHABOD CRANE. He's waist deep in water. WATCHHOUSE/JAIL — NIGHT The elderly HIGH CONSTABLE lifts a blanket off the corpse on a wheelbarrow manned by Constable Two. HIGH CONSTABLE Burn it.. Constable One and Ichabod wait. Down a hill. struggling) I found someone here..&K Here! MAN'S VOICE (O. not only me. ICHABOD Yes.. He drowned. if I may. tossing away his ALARM BELL.. (lifting. \ . A snobby MAGISTRATE looks on. lifting something. Constable One moves forward. ICHABOD Someone quite dead.) Over here! They hurry to the river's edge. The MAN grunts. another constable. ICHABOD Just a moment. EXT... But. eyes piercing. by the water in his lungs. MAN I need your help with this.

HIGH CONSTABLE He will be burned pursuant to statutes of health. HIGH CONSTABLE Must we again hear these heretical rantings? MAGISTRATE Yes. then criminals would truly have something to fear from law enforcement. Constable. The door is opened. watching. alive with MOANS of AGONY and CRIES of INSANITY.. HIGH CONSTABLE And. JAIL — A two-tiered prison. As do our courts. The Chinese have written on it for hundreds of years. ICHABOD Our night watch is adequate against fire and some violence. after the fact. Cells are full of wretched men in chains and iron gags. NIGHT WATCHHOUSE. (CONTINUED) . A JAILER moves to unlock a massive door. not failure. INT. The corpse again leads the way. (motioning to cells) We overflow. INT. if jails and courts overflow. procedural study used to solve seemingly unsolvable crimes. NIGHT WATCH QUARTERS — NIGHT Constable Two wheels the body ahead past many "booking" tables.3. sir. HIGH CONSTABLE Have they nothing to fear presently? ICHABOD Without disrespect. WATCHHOUSE. with disrespect. ICHABOD I could determine if he were dead before he went into the Hudson. it is testimony to success. must we? ICHABOD There is nothing heretical about science.. look around you. but if we were more often able to ensure justice. Many are against the bars.

The High Constable smiles faintly. sir. if any. ICHABOD Not liberalism. Ichabod notices with worry that Constables One and Two wheel the corpse onwards into another room.. two days journey north in the Hudson Highlands. just this very moment... It is named Sleepy Hollow. ICHABOD Even though I have seen confessions pried from the lips of the accused... bloody prisoners. ICHABOD But. HIGH CONSTABLE Very few. Each with their head lopped cleanly off. there has been no practical application. your mouth reeks of Republican liberalism. (CONTINUED) **• . how many victims are buried without reprisal while guilty men roam our streets? The High Constable reaches a desk. taking a seat. wait to process beaten. Constable. (holds up papers) The elders of the Hollow have sent dispatches to me.. I have chosen you. and now.4. three persons have been murdered there. The Magistrate WHISPERS in the High Constable's ear. requesting assistance.. often quite literally? HIGH CONSTABLE For one who calls himself a Federalist. how many innocents rot here? And. Equanimity.. MAGISTRATE (to High Constable) Urn. Guards HIGH CONSTABLE (to Ichabod) There is a farming community upstate. ICHABOD Chosen me? HIGH CONSTABLE These "methods" of yours. Within a fortnight. might I suggest. The magistrate finishes.

(off Ichabod's look) Do make certain that you meet with success. He opens the cage. papers and jars of chemicals.) Such a day for such a sad farewell.. Constable. Then. SECOND FLOOR — DAY Decorated in Early-American Mad Scientist: books. INT. Will you do this for me? ICHABOD (swallowing doubt) I shall.S. But.5. At the window.. and. Ichabod holds a bird cage with a red CARDINAL inside. gladly. EXT. (CONTINUED) . Ichabod moves away. Market town streets bustle. ICHABOD (O. Otherwise. HIGH CONSTABLE Oh. perhaps you should not come back at all. WATCHHOUSE. ICHABOD'S HOME. Flesh sizzles. you are excused till morning. my sweet. CITY — DAY Pigs roam free.. The High Constable smiles a sardonic smile. Filthy. INT. INCINERATION ROOM — NIGHT The corpse burns in a raging furnace. He watches with bitter regret as the corpse is consumed.. Ichabod steps from darkness nearby. And so you take your experimentations to Sleepy Hollow and catch the murderer who has tainted the place. ICHABOD Not for lack of trying. HIGH CONSTABLE Excellent. BURGOMASTER Just so. The bird flies free. Bring him here to face our good justice. Constable One pumps bellows which fan the flames. heading to where the corpse was taken. Granted. this is goodbye. Charts of anatomy above a small bed.

INT. Ichabod hears.. SLEEPY HOLLOW. THE LONG STRAIGHT ROAD — DAY He Ichabod faces two massive. Others stare at Ichabod. EXT. Ichabod ponders this as he continues. He does not notice. UPSTATE FORESTS — DAY TWO FAMILIES of MIGRANT WORKERS travel a path. VAN TASSEL ESTATE — DAY ICHABOD'S P. worried look in the man's eyes. leading over-burdened horses. SOUNDS like the SOBBING of an OLD WOMAN. CONVERSATION DRIFTS from a tavern. vine-covered PILLARS. grand Van Tassel Manor House. The square is empty. turns to watch the driver lead the coach away.y Ichabod watches it go. EXT. Ichabod walks between the pillars to a long straight road. tiny dots of tissue. above: THREE DEAD RAVENS hang from a tree limb. Ahead on a hill: the \ .: a BELLTOWER stands tall.. There's a man in the basket and a huge BELL. unsure. A COACH halts in the street below.V. SLEEPY HOLLOW. LOUDER. A criminal sits in stocks. twine wrapped round their necks. Many scars. EXT.O. then looks down. There is a dead. TOWN SQUARE — DAY Ichabod walks on with baggage. Ichabod looks out. touching the strange SCARS on both palms: evenly dispersed. He looks for its source. It's from a window above. Ichabod lifts a LEATHER SATCHEL. Ichabod absently studies his hands. EXT. like a mast pole with a crow's nest basket atop. A quiet CRYING is HEARD. The road ahead is bordered by businesses and homes. Ichabod's coach approaches from the other direction. checking its contents. The forlorn DRIVER looks up. ICHABOD'S COACH — DAY In motion. unnerved. One GAUNT MAN watches Ichabod pass. a CHURCH and GRAVEYARD at one end.

affected by this caress. LITTLE GIRL You must. Play along. finger to her lips. BRUNT. Children laugh. LITTLE GIRL At least make a guess. (takes her hands) They have a laugh at your expense. BROM VAN LADIES watch.. flanked by peers GLENN and THEODORE. The woman touches Ichabod's face. The blindfolded woman keeps grasping. in a circle. KATRINA Forgive me. He is uncomfortable. BLINDFOLDED WOMAN This is such a silly game. spun round by the handsome. She takes the kerchief off to reveal a stunning beauty: KATRINA VAN TASSEL. clearing his throat. I have someone.7. he is placed in the blindfolded woman's grip. A few YOUNG MEN and woman. The woman moves to Brom'8 voice. Ichabod tries to compose himself. (CONTINUED) . INT. He backs away. BLINDFOLDED WOMAN There.. SITTING ROOM — DAY MANY CHILDREN. Brom watches jealously. No one notices. Am I finished? LITTLE GIRL You have to tell who it is. She tugs him. Is it Brom Bones? BROM Certainly not. Before Ichabod can protest. ICHABOD Excuse me. VAN-TASSEL MANOR HOUSE. I didn't know. One LITTLE GIRL sees Ichabod and goes to him. BROM Be a sport and stop complaining. Ichabod enters. Miss. Brom releases the avoids her searching hands. Everyone quiets and taunt a BLINDFOLDED YOUNG WOMAN barrel-chested man. BLINDFOLDED WOMAN I don't know.

..) What is this. BALTUS (nods. r ..8. 45. furrows his brow. sir? Ichabod's relieved to have a proper focal point. ICHABOD I. unless your name is Baltus. LADY VAN TASSEL. except Katrina. Baltus reads. 40. The others huddle to gossip. Katrina. ? BALTUS VAN TASSEL. I am told you offer me room and board. BROM We haven't heard your name yet.S. ICHABOD If we could speak alone. then exits with Ichabod. you should not worry over mine. Ichabod hands over papers. has entered. is it? Am I mistaken? KATRINA They're only children. then reluctantly releases Ichabod. a working-class aristocrat. father. pissed. MAN'S VOICE (O. then. ICHABOD Well. BALTUS Can I help you. looks to Katrina) This is not a time for frivolity. a mix of home-spun wife and well-kept lady. who moves beside Lady Van Tassel to watch Ichabod and Baltus walk down the hall. ICHABOD I have been sent from the city with a letter of introduction. Brom grabs Ichabod's collar. I am looking for Baltus Van Tassel. BROM You need some manners. Baltus snorts. stands behind. KATRINA Brom! Brom looks to her. Children gather around Katrina and hide behind her.. friend. Ichabod's baffled.

HARDENBROOK is oldest. joining Baltus and three other elders. you are not what we expected. BALTUS That will be all. brings a pipe cradle while Lady Van sets down food. but. ICHABOD An honor. mug in hand and pipe in mouth.. INT. Constable. ancient. BALTUS I myself am in charge of financial matters and the regulation of currency in our commonweal. are you aware. (waits as they exit) We are joined by Doctor Thomas Lancaster. PARLOR — DAY LANCASTER. We sent for the militia. And to his left are. DOCTOR by the pretty Tassel VAN "TASSEL HOUSE. ICHABOD The militia? (CONTINUED) . eyes bloodshot.. to be honest. And. takes a seat fire.9. dour and always sweaty. 50. our Notary. PHILIPSE Well. both keeping order in their own ways. Samuel Philipse. lastly. is there any one person suspect in these acts? DOCTOR LANCASTER I was afraid of this. In time I will need every detail of the three murderings you've had. Constable. Angst amongst the elders. this fine fellow is James Hardenbrook. ladies. I ask only if you have any theory at all as to who the killer might be? DOCTOR LANCASTER Excuse me? ICHABOD I say. SARAH. A servant. wearing a constant look of disapproval. with one eye pale and blind. Clergyman Steenwyck and our able magistrate. for now. gentlemen.. PHILIPSE is youngest. Ichabod is standing. CLERGYMAN STEENWYCK is formidably build.. Philipse shoots a look to Baltus.

10. FATHER STEENWYCK Why not tell us what you have heard? Hmm? How much have your superiors bothered to tell you? ICHABOD All I know is three are slain, their heads found severed from their bodies... FATHER STEENWYCK The heads were not found severed. The heads were not found at all. Withered Hardenbrook leans forward, his voice cragged. HARDENBROOK Taken. Taken by the Headless Horseman. Taken back to hell. ICHABOD Pardon me? BALTUS You have not been well informed of our troubles, sir. If you would... Baltus gestures for Ichabod to sit. Baltus lights his pipe.

BALTUS The Horseman... he was a Hessian mercenary, sent to our shores by German princes to help keep Americans under the thumb of England. However, unlike his compatriots who came as muscle in trade for currency, he came willingly. For love of carnage. FLASHBACK — AMERICAN BATTLEFIELD — DAY

The HESSIAN HORSEMAN rides his black steed into a gory, close-quarters clash, his cloaked uniform adorned with edged weapons. He cuts down Americans left and right. BALTUS (v.o.) He was infamous for taking his horse, Daredevil, hard into battle... chopping off heads at full gallop. He dismounts, hoisting a battle axe. With sword and axe, he annihilates. Blood gushes* Bones crack. (CONTINUED)

11. BALTUS (v.o.) Just to look on him made your blood run cold, for he had filed down his teeth to rapiers... to add to the ferocity of his appearance. The Horseman lets out a war cry. FLASHBACK — Jagged teeth. Grotesque.


Winter. CANNONS can be HEARD BOOMING from afar. Daredevil lies dead in red snow. FOLLOW FOOTPRINTS away... BALTUS (v.o.) He would not finally meet his end till the winter of seventy-nine, when New York City was held by Henry Clinton and Washington occupied West Point. It was between those two places, not far from here... The Horseman flees, cloak flowing, chased by FIVE rag-tag REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS. Ahead, a steep, rocky area prevents escape. Soldier One aims a rifle and FIRES... Blood explodes from the Horseman's arm as he runs. His sword falls from his now functionless hand. Soldier Two grabs the sword. At the rocks, the Horseman faces the men. Another Rifleman raises his rifle. The Horseman reaches over his shoulder to grasp a sheathed knife, THROWS — THOCK! The Rifleman jerks back, knife in his eye socket.

The Horseman readies an axe. The Revolutionaries move in with swords. They battle, STEEL AGAINST STEEL. The Horseman fends off blows from all sides. Soldier Three lunges, stabs his blade deep into the Horseman's side. The Horseman roars, brings his axe DOWN... BREAKS the sword at the hilt... An UPWARDS stroke sends Soldier Three head over heels in a fountain of blood. The Horseman staggers, howling, trying to pull the blade from his ribs. The remaining soldiers close in. INT. VAN TASSEL HOUSE, SITTING ROOM — NIGHT Pipe smoke wafts from Philipse's mouth. (CONTINUED)

12, PHILIPSE Cut off his head with his own sword. It's a legend told for twenty years. BALTUS But, only recently has the Headless Hessian been seen prowling the Hollow, in search of a head to suit his shoulders. ICHABOD Just a moment... (sits back, incredulous) Are you saying it is he? HARDENBROOK (aggravated, loud) When a goblin leaps from the nether world, others follow! Poltergeists of the air, water and earth follow and cheer his desecrations! Hardenbrook BANGS his cane on a table. Baltus puts a calming hand on senile Hardenbrook's shoulder. DOCTOR LANCASTER No one knows why he chose to now to climb out from his grave. FATHER STEENWYCK It is very clear why. Citizens here have long tried to hide sins behind closed doors. Their failed faith has saturated the soil and called forth one of Satan's own. ICHABOD Excuse me, gentlemen, but... who has seen this Horseman? BALTUS Many have. ICHABOD Then, name one person who has seen him with their own eyes. A long wait. No reply from the elders. Ichabod rises.



ICHABOD While I will do everything I can to find your assassin, I will look for a man of flesh and blood. Not some goblin-demon from hell.

13. (unfolds paper) "Jonathan Masbath. Below. Ichabod and Baltus arrive on foot at the back of the mob. (up to Philipse) He's already been up once." Are you here? I am. men light TORCH POSTS in a line bordering the forest edge for at least a half mile. His son. PHILIPSE Gather round! Gather and quiet! The hour has come to choose for this night. grips his arm. holds it up. PHILIPSE May the Lord watch over him. Ichabod looks. EXT. (looks to crowd) Brom. 14. moves forward. many ARMED MEN gather. YOUNG MASBATH No. will you? Brom steps up.. YOUNG MASBATH. JONATHAN (o. No.. PHILIPSE Someone leave him a horse.. A man climbs down a rope ladder.. son. then heads to the rope ladder.s. Philipse moves to the center. Jonathan kisses his son's cheek. Each man's name is in this box and has been checked. JONATHAN You obey my wishes. The crowd parts as JONATHAN MASBATH. BELLTOWER FIELD — EARLY EVENING The Be11tower is covered in defensive spikes.. on horseback. At a nearby forest.. YOUNG MASBATH Then. Men pat him on the back.. Philipse draws a folded paper from the box. Look after him. nodding. (CONTINUED) *•• .. father. Everyone grim. A box is handed up. It just as easily might have been one of them. Why does he go again? JONATHAN It is a lottery. Wait.) I take my responsibility. I go with you. a dirt-poor farmer with a bow and quiver of arrows.

According to the elders. Katrina strolls in. Nothing will harm him there. Brom coaxes him away. sits on the bed. I. looks to Young Masbath as he and Brom pass. NIGHT KATRINA Did they tell? It is something in the air so that dreams come to everyone. KATRINA Well.. I should apologize. I. Ichabod is nervous. ICHABOD'S ROOM ~ Ichabod makes notations in a LEDGER BOOK. ICHABOD You worry for naught.14. (facing his ledger) Though it appears you already have. (looks up.) You will dream. ICHABOD Do you often make a habit of sitting on strange men's beds? KATRINA You are horribly old-fashioned. KATRINA (v.o. I intended to apologize for the behavior of my friend Brom Van Brunt. Ichabod watches Jonathan climb. little man. an Indian prophet held powwows here before the land was taken. have no great love of. sotto) It is problems here on the ground you people need begin to worry about. urn... Ichabod watches skeptically. aren't you? ICHABOD Feel free to form your own opinion.. Young Masbath watches his father go. and spells cast then still linger to this day... (getting up to go) I'll leave you to your business. but it seems I've made matters worse. very high above. (CONTINUED) . At the back of the crowd. ICHABOD Excuse me. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. INT..

BELLTOWER FIELD — NIGHT The torches burn bright. KATRINA My suitor? ICHABOD The massive fellow. in the Belltower. Might have been positively grand talk. Do be a dear and tell me all about it. For someone you call "friend. ICHABOD Which may explain his temperament. To have asked twice means the answer was "no" at least once. backing away. Brom.. Ichabod offers his chair. Katrina sits. (CONTINUED) . KATRINA Is it me. KATRINA It might have been more.15.. KATRINA I've read a great deal about your New York City. THUNDER BOOMS. yes. he remains standing. EXT." he misplaces a good portion of jealousy. KATRINA He has proposed to me twice. you tell me about the Headless Horseman. discards this with a smile. But first. Jonathan Masbath loads a rifle. Seeing it is the only one. or are you this nervous around all women? ICHABOD Perhaps it is because your suitor's hands were recently very nearly wrapped around my throat. Sounds like an extraordinary place to live a life. Katrina looks down. ICHABOD Extra ordinary. KATRINA Other people? ICHABOD Small talk. ABOVE.

VAN TASSEL HOUSE. And. ICHABOD There is no such thing as magic... offering death as tribute. Jonathan grips a At the forest edge. rifle. Jonathan crosses to watch the herd scatter.. All along the forest. JONATHAN Come out. KATRINA Not all think it is the Horseman.. Jonathan stands. A thick FOG creeps from the woods. or even in a teardrop? (CONTINUED) . cocks it and moves to look. ICHABOD Are you so superstitious? KATRINA To call a person superstitious is to imply they fear magic.. a herd of deer stampedes out. arms of vapor snuff torches. one by one by one. Some believe a person in this very town kneels before Lucifer. Bad news.. but not all magic is black. still others believe none of it. ground rumbling. Jonathan sights the rifle along the trees.. A COMMOTION is HEARD. Below. come. the horse tied at the base of the tower is spooked. A HORSE is HEARD SHRIEKING... ICHABOD'S ROOM — NIGHT He crosses back Ichabod leans on a dresser.. a tentacle of mist snakes up to the flame. Many say witches come from the Western Woods to steal skulls for their cauldrons. devil. KATRINA Really? Then. INT. to peer at the forest..16.. Above. Katrina's still seated. killing it. As the fog overtakes the base of each torch.. They sprint past the tower and across the field. looking to a sky that is all stars and moon.. what is your rebuttal to those romantic poets claiming proof of magic in a rose at full bloom.

.. SILENCE... then sprinting towards his home. TOWN SQUARE — NIGHT ... ICHABOD Poets have silly notions about plants and bodily secretions.. Ichabod doesn't get what's so funny about that. .. TOLLS across the deserted square.. She goes to open a window.. Ichabod moves to where the crow's nest lies smashed. Ichabod bounds out to the lawn. EXT.. The door slams. FARM — NIGHT . . Katrina looks fearful. Ichabod charges across the rocky field. its mast is splintered.. TOLLS. listening. BALTUS Come back. TOLLS mournfully over farms and forests. KATRINA (laughs) You are funny.17. TOLLS.. ! (watches him go) Madness. OVERVIEW — . EXT. then.. EXT.. Baltus ushers Katrina back in. T O L L S . No sign of Jonathan. NIGHT SLEEPY HOLLOW. The DISTANT TOLL of a BELL is HEARD. TOLLS as a MAN comes from his barn.. ... halting to listen. The BELL TOLLS. awed. EXT. where are y o u going!? . sir. Windows go dark. Shutters are slammed shut. EXT. VAN TASSEL HOUSE — NIGHT . BELLTOWER FIELD — NIGHT He slows.. Katrina and Baltus come out on the porch. The horse is gone. The Belltower is down. Ichabod chases away. BALTUS Constable..

. continues.S. Crawling through underbrush. Jonathan gives up. BEHIND.: closing in on Jonathan. He closes his eyes. rides with Magistrate Philipse. CLINK. . Jonathan is overtaken.. branches bend like arms and fingers yearning to touch. The Horseman swings the hammer — WHOOMP — sends Jonathan sprawling. AHORSE SNORTS. SLEEPY HOLLOW FOREST — NIGHT Jonathan runs past. The Horseman taps his sword on his spur. CLINK.. CLINKING STOPS. Elsewhere..V. over roots and rocks.. Jonathan readies a second arrow. Waiting. spent. Jonathan runs.. two legs on each side of Jonathan's body. FURTHER ON. The Horseman's hand yanks a wooden WAR HAMMER from a saddle mount. Ichabod (CONTINUED) Baltus and a large. with vertical slits literally aglow. CLINK. A metal TAPPING is HEARD O. Jonathan cries out... HOOFBEATS FADE. CLINK. Pulls and releases — O. CLINK... in motion. As HOOFBEATS get LOUDER.18. Jonathan tries to get up. eyes lizard-like. Against a tree. CLINK. (No clear view of the Horseman. CLINK... Daredevil approaches slow. DULLARDLY MAN ride.. \ imbeds in the Horseman's chest. he takes an arrow from his shoulder quiver and readies it.S.. Daredevil halts astride Jonathan.. gripping his bow.. THWACK! CLINK.. CLINK..) HORSEMAN'S P.. CLINK.. SLEEPY HOLLOW FARMLAND — MORNING Behind.. It's QUIET till HOOFBEATS are HEARD in pursuit. pained.. EXT. CLINK. CLINK. lips bloody. the trees relax.. He crawls to retrieve his bow.O. Foliage moves as the Horseman's form pushes through. EXT. Trees are silhouetted against the sky... CLINK.. CLINK. crawling away desperately. As HOOFBEATS ROAR PAST. CLINK.. but pain shoots through him. Jonathan pulls the bow taut.. WIND begins to BLOW.. WE SEE Daredevil's snorting visage. face to the dirt. Jonathan releases — THWACK! — the arrow WHISTLES..

the dullard. sloppily spits tobacco. sees Ichabod watching and offers some.. Ahead. ICHABOD What is that you wear? (CONTINUED) . with so much open ground to cross before he reached cover? PHILIPSE He would not have gone into the Western Woods. that because one thing appears improbable does not mean you embrace the utterly fantastical. found the body this morning. Philipse. Philipse drinks from a whiskey flask. PHILIPSE Van Ripper there. What mere man could have downed the Belltower? ICHABOD It is a prime tenet of science.. And the Widow Windsor next. PHILIPSE You need less big words.. (pause) You do believe now.. ICHABOD (looks back. VAN RIPPER. PHILIPSE . Ichabod is not adept at riding his old nag. don't you? ICHABOD Believe? LADY VAN TASSEL You said yourself. The and two was ICHABOD Van Garretts died first... ponders) Why would he flee this direction. a man his son. Gunpowder. survived by a wife and infants. and more common sense. No sane man would. PHILIPSE And now Jonathan Masbath. Ichabod declines. Philipse fingers an IRON KEY talisman he wears on a cord.19.

Ichabod goes to the dead horse. ICHABOD These woods of yours sound a bit crowded. so much for common sense.20. Van Ripper waves. Everyone looks far ahead to where Van Ripper has ridden. a black beauty. FURTHER ON — MORNING Brom and Baltus stand at a HORSE'S CORPSE amongst jagged boulders.. The doctor and others are there. INT.S. Brom rides.. EXT. Philipse and Ichabod arrive and dismount. FOREST. ICHABOD Well. A coffin on a cart is covered by a blanket. PHILIPSE My talisman. (CONTINUED) . A Lenape Indian lives in the Western Woods. Seems she panicked across here and broke two legs. and the occasional constable when he can get it. He eats small animals and lost children. The flesh has been stripped. ICHABOD Who took the meat? BALTUS Must have been the Redman.. I cannot run. what with all the witches. guts exposed. SLEEPY HOLLOW FORESTS.. it is worthless. MASBATH MURDER SITE — MORNING Doctor Lancaster stands with SEVERAL ARMED MEN. Brom climbs up onto his own horse. which he uses it to pry off one HORSESHOE. A WHISTLE is HEARD O. If I run in fear. Ichabod is crouched nearby. ghouls and Indians living there. BROM There's only one Lenape. But. digs in his satchel for a thin iron tool. It will protect against the Horseman if I show a brave face. BALTUS Was this Jonathan's? BROM Yes.

Ichabod rises Brom VAN RIPPER Here. ICHABOD Van Ripper. Huge. Ichabod. whispering. Ichabod rises... comes up to stand over Ichabod. It fits. Ever shod a horse with a hoof this large? BROM Never. kicking up leaves. studying the ground. He compares the horseshoe.. The hoofprint is much larger. ICHABOD Why did you move the body. Can you show where the body lay? VAN RIPPER I can show exactly. The others watch.. He puts the horseshoe into a hoofprint in the dirt. Ichabod starts to fill the print with plaster. to follow with his satchel. walks. Van Ripper. Brom. irritated. finding this bizarre. nods. A shoe that size I would have remembered. Doctor? DOCTOR LANCASTER To place it inside its coffin. vaguely annoyed. facing north. wiping tobacco drool. Baltus and Philipse watch. van Ripper dismounts. in front of this oak. bottle of water and bag of brown powder. ICHABOD To the best of your recollection. from his pocket. where did the open wound fall? Van Ripper points.21. begins mixing water and powder with a fork to make plaster. Ichabod finds a deep hoofprint. Ichabod takes a BOTTLE of WHITE POWDER (CONTINUED) . takes out a bowl. Horrible. BROM What the hell are you doing? ICHABOD (ignoring pause) You are the blacksmith. Ichabod pulls his satchel off his shoulder.

He examines the gross neck wound. EXT. CHURCHYARD AND CEMETERY — DAY ^ A coffin in a grave. rolling up his sleeves. cautiously pouring powder in an X on the dirt there.. Young Masbath broods. . ICHABOD No bleeding. Men with guns stand at the outskirts.. people whisper. Ichabod takes strange spectacles from his satchel. How.. Clergyman Steenwyck steps forward to take a handful of newly dug dirt.. MAGNIFICATION SPECTACLES. Ichabod straightens. then waiting. eyes weirdly big in the spectacles. wire-framed with many lenses. Ichabod removes the blanket. Others come to watch. Philipse can't look.. ICHABOD There was not much blood. A chemical reaction causes the powder to bubble a bit. who stands with the Van Tassels. sniffs it." A CROWD gathered. Headstone reads "MASBATH. Reveals Jonathan's headless corpse. ICHABOD It instantly burnt the wound shut. Yet. it cauterized somehow. He walks to the coffin cart. like on guard.22... In the crowd. no blistering or scorched flesh. ? Whatever weapon was used. DOCTOR LANCASTER What is that? ICHABOD This should have bled by the pint. but keep distance. He pokes the flesh and severed spinal cord. was there? VAN RIPPER I didn't see none. 1799.. Steenwyck sprinkles dirt into the grave with prayerful words. He uncorks the bottle. Ichabod stands.. They steal glances at Ichabod. puzzled.

. (CONTINUED) . men smoke. I cannot be the one to look after you now. I am sorry for your loss.. YOUNG MASBATH (angry) I did not ask you to. EXT. carries his son. including Van Ripper. Ichabod remains impassive.. Don't you see how much this means? My father. BALTUS Hail. funeral goers socialize quietly. Van Ripper guzzles ale. Constable.. he.23.. IN the HALL and FOYER. I am here YOUNG MASBATH Whatever. he was a good man. YOUNG MASBATH I deserve to help you. laughs at something his also drunk wife says. A few people still sup. a dashingly rustic man. DINING/VARIOUS ROOMS — DAY Dining room.. It is a great and sad tragedy. Young Masbath is confronting Ichabod. However. did I? Young Masbath exits. his warty WIFE and two kids. THOMAS. KILLIAN. in the SITTING ROOM. How are you? ICHABOD Well enough. VAN "TASSEL HOUSE. to bring justice.. Sarah and two other servants collect plates. who is leaving. ICHABOD (faces Masbath) Young Masbath. 5. You still need a second to tend to your things.. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. INT. ICHABOD I manage fine alone. and chats with Baltus. ICHABOD I am not here for revenge.. FRONT PORCH — DAY Ichabod comes out.. Doctor Lancaster peers off at something through a SPYGLASS. FURTHER ON. Your gathering does honor to the deceased.

we have financial matters to discuss. actually. If you ask me.24. I'm glad we have time alone.) Do you see the Redskinned bastard? There he is — the LENAPE. ICHABOD What are you spying on? DOCTOR LANCASTER (offers the spyglass) The Lenape. ICHABOD He is a behemoth.. KILLIAN Master Crane.. no more. BALTUS If you gentlemen will excuse the doctor and I.. a little awed.S. KILLIAN No. please.. ICHABOD More than enough. sir. I'm certain. sir. He ducks away. You've been told plenty about the Horseman. DOCTOR LANCASTER (O. DOCTOR LANCASTER (still using spyglass) We must be a curious sight to him. A towering savage with misshapen features covered in tumors. DOCTOR LANCASTER A diseased monster. ICHABOD'S POINT OF VIEW — THROUGH SPYGLASS Searching a line of trees and foliage far away. BACK TO SCENE ON PORCH Ichabod lowers the spyglass. I say you just laid eyes on our murderer through that glass. no. (tired laugh) I beg you. (CONTINUED) . He comes to gawk at civilization from time to time. Ichabod and Killian nod as Baltus and Lancaster head in.

Steenwyck looks to men with shovels. Philipse just looks up with a helpless expression. looking down at Ichabod. furious. Ichabod po'nders. FATHER STEENWYCK I will not allow it. folding the spyglass. In the DINING ROOM. FATHER STEENWYCK Magistrate Philipse. He turns to look THROUGH THE WINDOW. They have children and a good home and good land. Ichabod rides to Young Masbath. I will not! (CONTINUED) . Young Masbath does not look up. Van Ripper rises. Our first task will be an unsavory one. surely you can stop this. (pause) What becomes of Young Masbath? KILLIAN Van Ripper and his wife agreed to take him. CHURCHYARD AND CEMETERY — DAWN Steenwyck is on horseback. His wife questions his health. FATHER STEENWYCK It is sacrilege! ICHABOD I cannot proceed without examining the previous victims. Philipse. miserable. Ichabod notes this with a deep sigh* EXT. hung-over. EXT.25. stands beside Young Masbath. Ichabod rides. but he holds her off and vomits. Ichabod nods. ICHABOD Find yourself a place in the servants' residence and wake me before dawn. ill. Young Masbath runs to his horse and follows. ICHABOD Tell me something. Killian's there. VAN TASSEL ORCHARD — EARLY EVENING Ocher dusk. seated on the ground.

She did not remarry. Philipse looks worried. Now.. "VAN GARRETT. Killian leads the men to the graveyard. He kicks his horse and rides. nails creak as Ichabod opens the lid. nods solemnly. one large. ICHABOD Is that all you say? Look at her. but when Ichabod does. you should have left two days ago. angry. WE SEE: the belly of the headless corpse is bulbous. CHURCHYARD AND CEMETERY — LATER MORNING (TIME CUT) A PSALM is HEARD READ by STEENWYCK O. Across the cemetery. Ichabod kneels. Killian arrives. Ichabod motions. (CONTINUED) . are pried open. FATHER STEENWYCK Your superiors are two days away! ICHABOD Then. ICHABOD why was I not told of this? No answer. Steenwyck watches. N KILLIAN It's not something people speak of openly." Ichabod looks. Ichabod guides the lifting.26 ICHABOD Protest to my superiors if you like. At the church. studying. one small. because the Widow Windsor was very far along in a pregnancy. Young Masbath backs away. At the "WINDSOR" coffin. WE DO NOT SEE inside.S. 1799. enraged. He looks to the men.. The lids come off. Steenwyck faces about fifty people who now take up the PRAYER. two coffins. because I have men willing to help me today." Killian leads the effort with Young Masbath's aid. he is aghast.. EXT. revealing the HEADLESS BODIES of a MAN and a little BOY.. while a coffin is exhumed. The coffin is put near the headstone "WINDSOR. KILLIAN The Widow Windsor.

No chopping or half-measures either. Soon as I finish. but I beg you. DOCTOR'S RESIDENCE. CEMETERY — EARLY EVENING Ichabod and others restore graves. The reason the murderer chose these persons. Ichabod goes to look at the widow's corpse. He straightens. Ichabod notices: a tear in the cloth of widow's blouse. One stroke took the head.. DOCTOR LANCASTER I do not care. INT. Young Masbath's in a corner. sliced as smooth as butter. ICHABOD The wounds are the same. Ichabod examines the corpse on a table. . MEDICAL ROOM — MORNING Scissors cut open the widow's blouse. You are welcome to use my work area. Ichabod looks to the church. a sword puncture. ? (pointing to it) Even the spinal bone. EXT.27. ICHABOD You should step outside. CHURCHYARD. Ichabod picks up an iron knife. pondering.. Cauterized. doctor. ICHABOD In time. ICHABOD We must discover it.. return her to her resting place. anxiously mopping his face. Lancaster watches.. ICHABOD What is the common thread between these victims? YOUNG MASBATH I'm sure I don't know. feeling the stomach. (CONTINUED) .. doctor. Have you seen. .. There's an inch-long WOUND on the moldering belly. where Clergyman Steenwyck stands in the door. He looks to Young Masbath. He reaches through the tear. Ichabod goes to write in his ledger full of notes. greatly troubled.

. She turns. Can't make out words. ICHABOD'S DREAM — STORM SKY ~ NIGHT . . come along. in bed. ICHABOD'S DREAM — FARMLAND ~ DAY A young BOY. We FOLLOW to a clearing behind a frontier home. She kisses him. Young Ichabod stays by him. woven into an elaborate pattern with shafts of wheat twisted into the center. Ichabod Crane. MOTHER waits. ICHABOD'S DREAM — MARKET SQUARE — DAY A busy. 10. turns.28... The boy. Across the room. Lovely woman... THUNDER BOOMS. It's a piece of reed grass. but something captures his attention. Steenwyck shuts the creaky doors. LIGHTNING flashes over tree tops.. Young Ichabod. A FEMALE VOICE is HEARD FAINTLY. closes the drawer. Across the way. curious. an emotionless man. A DRAWER is HEARD SHUTTING. finds something behind clothing. stands in a wheat field with his back to US. He runs. ICHABOD'S ROOM — NIGHT Ichabod sleeps. getting LOUDER. They shout. Young Ichabod pretends he is asleep. She's WHISPERING something to no one. Mother has her back to him. The Lord will not forgive your sins.S. Young Ichabod replaces it. YOUNG ICHABOD. dreaming. Mother is involved in a argument with a FREAKISH-LOOKING WOMAN.. Mother exits.. Young Ichabod walks with FATHER. FATHER STEENWYCK The devil sent you.) Ichabod. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. opens a drawer. smiling. Ichabod! FEMALE VOICE (O.. Ichabod gets up. Father stops to examine tools. ICHABOD'S DREAM — YOUNG ICHABOD'S BEDROOM — NIGHT Dark.. muddy street lined by wares and produce. but Freakish Woman is furious. People stop to watch. has one eye open. INT.

Katrina reads by candlelight. ICHABOD Sorry for disturbing you.. Having trouble sleeping? ICHABOD May I ask. KATRINA These scars. KATRINA These are strange. VAN "TASSEL HOUSE. Please stay. I have something to show you. then notices there's a light down the hall. KITCHEN — NIGHT Ichabod enters with a lantern and his ledger. may I? She takes his hand. I cannot remember what from. How did you get them? ICHABOD I have had them since childhood. looking through his ledger. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. Ichabod sits. studies notes. SEWING ROOM — NIGHT Opposite an elaborate loom.29.. She looks up. Katrina self-consciously closes her shabby book. Father would not approve. seeing Ichabod enter. puts it with another on her lap and covers them. urn. INT. He sits. I thought a forgotten candle was burning. ICHABOD I. lest it were the Bible. I hide these as I hide all my books. INT. INT. (CONTINUED) She .. KATRINA You do not disturb me. if you have a moment.. why do you cover your book that way? KATRINA You pay great attention to small things. ICHABOD'S ROOM — NIGHT Ichabod jerks awake in his bed.. touches the many evenly spaced scars. spreads the fingers to the palm. VAN TASSEL HOUSE..

Now. illustrated thusly: /-—v ICHABOD Here it is. stare at it. ICHABOD He only appears to be inside the cage. (spinning it) The bird seems to be in his cage. A bird on one side. smiling. (CONTINUED) . unimpressed.. And yet. KATRINA It would be interesting to find out. The point being. KATRINA Don't you see why? Look closely a moment. The illusion is easily explained. I also have a gift for you. Ichabod gets back to the ledger. Their eyes meet. KATRINA Oh. some would call this toy magic. Katrina seems to relish the effect she has. May I try? Ichabod gives it. Put your intellect aside. Ichabod finds a paper disk on string. KATRINA You made this. -®" He shakes his head. he does. The eye retains each image.. KATRINA Then. (spinning it) Can't you see what is inexplicable? Ichabod watches it spin. but listen.. True magic which even you will not be able to deny. KATRINA Yes. till they combine. and the drawings? ICHABOD Yes. She spins it.. you are hopeless. His cage on the other. May I keep it at least? ICHABOD If you want.

looks back. (CONTINUED) . EXT.31. A light glows in Ichabod's window. but she will not take it. VAN TASSEL HOUSE — NIGHT He exits. Young Masbath follows with the horses.. Those words might show you something you've never seen before. KATRINA That would be a pity. ICHABOD Are you saying I should be frightened? Is this a message passed on from Clergyman Steenwyck? The CICADAS SUDDENLY go SILENT. EXT. He crosses to pick up "Romeo and Juliet. Pause. PHILIPSE We are farmers here. a mob hung a man for stealing a horse." He begins to read." Ichabod stands offering it back. ICHABOD No. you dig up our dead. For stealing a horse! And. But. Young Masbath notices. it will only sit gathering dust. not lawyers or bankers. KATRINA I insist that you have it. He sits up. PHILIPSE'S FARM — DUSK Ichabod walks with Philipse. ICHABOD I know it. CICADAS CHATTER from a vast corn field. Ichabod stops at the door. Thank you. LOOKING IN: Ichabod's in bed. Every penny we earn comes from what we send down the Hudson. fully dressed. Here. "ROMEO AND JULIET. PHILIPSE Not more than a year ago. or even constables. ICHABOD (resigned. She hands him a book.. leaving) Very well.

to kill an undead thing. The reins yank Young Masbath off his feet as the horses flee. ICHABOD Listen to what you say.. HOOFBEATS seem to come FROM ALL DIRECTIONS. oh my oh my oh my. ICHABOD At times I do. Ichabod and Philipse look to Masbath.. braying and rearing. Ichabod faces the corn field. CLOSER. YOUNG MASBATH Sirs. Young Masbath runs.. HOOFBEATS are LOUDER. He looks down to draw his flintlock pistol. A blast of air knocks Ichabod off his feet. PHILIPSE No. Philipse runs towards his house. The sheep there are agitated.. That is your task. you stop the Horseman. A flock of birds alights.. distant: THUNDERING HOOFBEATS. following Philipse.32.. worried. A SOUND is HEARD. So. stalks bending to make way as the Headless Horseman gallops into view atop Daredevil.. excuse me.. The field explodes open. Young Masbath looks to a fenced grazing area.. please! PHILIPSE What will it take for you to realize this is no laughing matter? The horses go crazy.. PHILIPSE Oh my. past Masbath... Philipse looks to the corn field. if you are going to help us.. (CONTINUED) . JONATHAN (still to Ichabod) Because of the Horseman. you listen! You may think we are a pack of superstitious dullards. a great sheet of black against the sky. our migrant workers flee for their lives.. sirs. Ichabod's stunned. all running one direction — away.. PHILIPSE Urn... Wind kicks up. There is a danger that our crops will rot. but the Horseman blows by before he can raise it.

The Horseman is almost on Ichabod. .. up. The Horseman swings — WE HEAR the CLANK of sword on talisman.... His body falls and folds. The Horseman rides toward Ichabod. arms The Horseman leans to skewer Philipse's head with his sword. The Horseman chases Masbath and Philipse. The Horseman closes. Philipse gathers all his courage and stops. watches the Horseman head to the forest. Ichabod gets on one knee.33. Ichabod cringes. continuing the charge. The slug SLAMS the Horseman dead center — bursts through and rends his uniform without slowing him. trying to steady his pistol. No way he'll make it. falls. the Horseman races away. THUNDER BELLOWS. Ichabod gets up. trying to be fearless. Ichabod sweats bullets. Philipse's severed head spins. finds his legs will not support him. Ichabod looks to Young Masbath. running. FIRES. Daredevil lets out a SCREECHY CRY. Ichabod follows. The Horseman is closing. sword held high. ICHABOD Philipse! Philipse holds the talisman up. Philipse has a long way to go before home.. turning. Ichabod runs past Young Masbath. The Horseman halts just as Ichabod reaches a point in front of dead Philipse. The Horseman draws his sword. Ichabod.. trembling.. Philipse raises his talisman. aiming his pistol. watches Philipse slow. as the Horseman passes. Daredevil leaps over Young Masbath. With the head as his prize.. Daredevil's pounding hooves will certainly crush him. He looks over his shoulder. Young Masbath falls in the grass.

. Mother comes to it.V. She weeps. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. INT. (CONTINUED) . then moves to comfort fearful Young Ichabod in bed. She looks back. knocks. Young Ichabod comes a window. SECOND FLOOR HALL — NIGHT Lady Van Tassel comes to a door. YOUNG ICHABOD'S HOME — DAY * • Young Ichabod's eye peers in. INT. scared.. Sarah stands behind with a tray of food. P. ICHABOD'S ROOM — NIGHT Ichabod sleeps restlessly.. supported by a SAD MAN. The blanket opens. She blows the flour away. whispering. WIND and POUNDING RAIN blast open a window. ICHABOD'S DREAM — THUNDER BOOMS. ICHABOD'S DREAM — FRONT OF YOUNG ICHABOD'S HOME — NIGHT TWO MEN in black drag Mother to a coach.) Don't be afraid..34. MOTHER'S VOICE (v. The Freakish woman is so weak that she falls. A THIRD MAN in black follows. fearful. THROUGH KEYHOLE ICHABOD'S ESEAH — Mother is kneeled before flour on the floor. watching.O. ICHABOD'S DREAM — YOUNG ICHABOD'S HOME — DAY The Freakish Woman (who argued with Mother) walks towards the home. pulled along. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. carrying something in a blanket..o. The Freakish Woman's WAILING GROWS LOUDER. Young Masbath is seated near. don't be afraid.. ICHABOD'S DREAM — A keyhole. the corpse of an infant tumbles to the dirt. LADY VAN TASSEL (to Young Masbath) Has he not come out at all? Young Masbath shakes his head. She draws patterns in it. YOUNG ICHABOD'S BEDROOM — NIGHT KNOCKING is HEARD.

FREAKISH WOMAN (v.. I did see her. no.) Constable Crane? Ichabod looks at his hands balled into fists. (points) Her. The Third Man stands in front of the tearful Freakish Woman in the witness box.. Young Ichabod struggles as Father restrains him. He opens them — has ONE HALF of PHILIPSE'S TALISMAN in each palm. THIRD MAN You are certain it was she? FREAKISH WOMAN In the lighting. KATRINA (O.) The night of the great storm.. with the blood welt on his breast.S..35. eyes filled with tears. FREAKISH WOMAN I will never forget. mother. a STORM RAGES.... ICHABOD'S DREAM — COURTROOM — DAY Many people in the gallery. Lady Crane. I saw her cross my windows.. ICHABOD'S DREAM — YOUNG ICHABOD'S ROOM — NIGHT Ichabod is in Mother's arms.o. ICHABOD'S BEDROOM — DAY KNOCKING is HEARD. Cotton Mather-ish man with a villainous face. YOUNG ICHABOD No.O. ! The Third Man peers back. As before.. The next moment. I found my infant dead.. a grey-haired. Ichabod is seated beside Father. Mother sits in shackles. MOTHER Don't be afraid. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. Ichabod gasps awake. Those in attendance cry out at this... I saw her cross my windows. FREAKISH WOMAN (V. INT.) The night of the great storm. .

Katrina enters. ICHABOD They have done nothing of the sort. KATRINA Won't they still have that justice? (patience waning) Or.. KATRINA Are you hungry? Ichabod shakes his head.36. something has happened. TOWNSFOLK are gathered. BROM (o. won't look up. She begins picking up pieces of the PLASTER HOOFPRINT CAST which lies shattered on the floor. WESTERN WOODS ~ DAY The Lenape Indian hangs dead in a tree. SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY — NIGHT The DOOR is HEARD UNLOCKING. Ichabod makes his way through.... Katrina holds a tray of food.) We do not need you. EXT. ICHABOD If these are the random stalkings of a monster. Van Ripper's there. Constable.. lynched. was it a vain promise? Ichabod stews.s. Someone is HEARD RUNNING. Brom strides towards Ichabod from a group of men spreading a sheet under the tree. frightened. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. followed by Young Masbath.. YOUNG MASBATH Constable Crane. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. what good am I? KATRINA People have put their trust in you. Katrina crosses. (CONTINUED) . looking up. KATRINA You promised justice. Young Masbath enters. INT. head in his hands. ICHABOD'S ROOM ~ NIGHT Ichabod sits at his work table. INT.

. finds a twig. ONE FILTHY MAN You should thank us. Brom points to where TWO FILTHY MEN in chains sit in a horse-drawn cart..37. ICHABOD Two days. ICHABOD Give me a moment. gets close to peer inside the Lenape's mouth. The Lenape lies in a heap on the sheet. Something else.. ? For murder? FATHER STEENWYCK For poaching. landing hard. Ichabod watches.. Van Ripper cuts the noose rope at the trunk. Or.. The piece lies near.. (CONTINUED) . would you remake our laws now that Magistrate Philipse has given up the ghost? ICHABOD Does that look like an animal hanging? BROM Looks like an Indian. Ichabod looks around. VAN TASSEL HOUSE.. The Lenape's mouth is agape. An armed man guards them. We do not need you here. ICHABOD'S ROOM — DAY A DRAWING of the Lenape's WOVEN PIECE in Ichabod's ledger. Ichabod kneels. noticing. Wait. We saved you all! The armed man shoves the filthy man to shut him up.. twisted in a pattern. BROM The men who did this have been taken. INT.. Van Ripper and others come to lift the sheet with the Lenape in the middle. looking across the diseased Lenape's body. He removes the woven piece.. teeth rotting. BROM They spend two days in chains. The Lenape corpse free falls. The killings will end. He uses it to pull the Lenape's mouth open. The Lenape wears a WOVEN PIECE of REED GRASS a cord on his loin cloth.

wooden WINDMILL.38. WINDMILL — DAY A massive. Ichabod leads the way to a staircase. MANY MEN are ride up the long straight road. Masbath waits. Someone had cut them and chipped off rotten pieces far back in his mouth. deciding. Young Masbath is surprised. ICHABOD What is it? (CONTINUED) . EXT. Ichabod rises. Ichabod sits staring at it. WINDMILL ROOF — DAY Ichabod and Young Masbath climb out a door to the roof. (closes his journal) Someone out there cared for him. Ichabod searches the countryside. INT. WINDMILL — DAY Ichabod and Young Masbath enter via a ladder from the underbelly. raised off the ground on a center post. The rotors spin nearby. A few men work in the grain powder filled air. The Lenape could not have done that for himself. trance-like. YOUNG MASBATH Where are we going? ICHABOD Up. EXT. up twists and turns. Ichabod and Masbath walk to it. He follows. Gears and counter wheels turn millstones. Long silence. Below. ICHABOD The Lenape Indian had much to tell once I opened his mouth. YOUNG MASBATH How could he? ICHABOD His teeth. He picks up his satchel and exits.

. for tools or to hire workers.. Young Masbath is amazed. ICHABOD (points) Out there. YOUNG MASBATH No.. Loan monies are given to Baltus the last day each month. fills the bowl... Watch here. pause) Yes. takes a bowl from his bag and gives it to Masbath. rubs the point of a sewing needle against a small BLACK ROCK. Smoke. Ichabod takes the needle. pockets it.. I couldn't.. ICHABOD I have others. far. I assure you.39. poking its butt end into the tip of the straw.. All I need is this. (CONTINUED) Keep it. ICHABOD (smiles. I suppose it is. YOUNG MASBATH It's spectacular. Ichabod sits. reaching for it. . YOUNG MASBATH Chimney smoke. What do you see? YOUNG MASBATH The Western Woods. Ichabod watches him play with it. ICHABOD Look again. Ichabod holds a piece of straw in his mouth. then produces a bottle of water. Almost everyone borrows. ICHABOD Are you familiar with magnets? YOUNG MASBATH What kind of nuts? ICHABOD Not for eating. Young Masbath studies the rock. A plumb of smoke rises from woods. Ichabod shows the magnet grab the needle. YOUNG MASBATH It's payment day.

However. making a second notch.. we will see for ourselves. may appear harsh. A heated argument. almost shy) Now. ! Katrina's on horseback below. YOUNG MASBATH (uneasy) Father said witches live there. ICHABOD If the Western Woods are truly the Devil's Glen. hold the bowl steady. YOUNG MASBATH Thank you.. then surveys the smoke.) Constable. unhappy. Ichabod drops the in needle/straw. KATRINA I need to speak with you. EXT. which floats and turns compass-like.s. ICHABOD Witches do not exist. ICHABOD Not long ago... I did not imagine you were so cruel. VAN TASSEL GREAT LAWN — DAY ^ Ichabod and Katrina lead their horses. Back to Young Masbath lifts the bowl.40. It KATRINA I have misjudged you I think. Ichabod uses a knife to notch the bowl lip where the needle points. KATRINA (o. Alone. KATRINA Why would you do such a thing? ICHABOD No stone may be left unturned. (CONTINUED) .. ICHABOD (nods.. business. I would have said the same for Headless Horseman.

But.41. That I understand. He follows with you to avenge his father's death. why? KATRINA Tell me why. a wound whose path I could not comprehend till I had seen the Horseman with my own eyes. and the others. as if the Horseman made certain the unborn child died with its mother. but I could not just ignore it. KATRINA Must I hear this? ICHABOD There was no blind stabbing. The Widow Windsor had been run through by a sword... (CONTINUED) . Ichabod struggles for a reply. KATRINA Take a lesson from Young Masbath's desires. But. The sword had pierced its tiny heart exactly. KATRINA And this gives worth to butchery? ICHABOD It was not butchery. This singular thrust found its target omnipotently.. KATRINA What are you on about? ICHABOD The child she carried was eight months grown at least. I followed the bloodless wound. near to birthing. ICHABOD You are not regarding it in full. what do you want? ICHABOD To avenge his father. KATRINA What is it then? Scientific method? How can any of this matter in the slightest? ICHABOD I have no solution for its meaning yet. Ichabod Crane.

Young Masbath halts his horse and looks around. ICHABOD (listens. dense and creepy. looks) I hear nothing. he rides to join Young Masbath. BELLTOWER FIELD — DAY Ichabod and Young Masbath ride to the Western Woods. And someday. Ichabod notes this unhappily. looking to the wreckage. you would not question it. YOUNG MASBATH No crickets or cicadas calling. WESTERN WOODS — DAY Dark. At forest's edge. Can't you see? You'll bring dignity to the dead even if you have to chop them into little pieces to do it. on the other side of these sheltering mountains.. Ichabod slows. Ichabod's already regretting. They head into the woods. done to save that person's life. KATRINA You falter with your answer because you strive without putting the whole of your heart into it. no matter how much you fear it. growing anger) If it had been surgery on a living person.. Katrina storms away. With a sigh. So. ICHABOD (fed up. Ichabod and Young Masbath move through. Stark quiet. Young Masbath waits. dear girl. At the Belltower remnants. ICHABOD What is it? YOUNG MASBATH Listen.42. horses loaded for expedition. EXT. Not for a moment. a whole world has advanced beyond such plebeian thinking as yours. Ichabod circles the tower. that world will come to roust Sleepy Hollow out of its slumber. let me be the first to tell you. . EXT. No bird songs.

SOMEONE WATCHES: A MOVING P. Walls are hung with skins and skeletons. yes. The needle spins. Ichabod edges closer.O.. WESTERN WOODS — LATER DAY Ichabod's hand drops the needle/straw in the water bowl. dry flowers and reed grass in patterns. They stop. ELSEWHERE. FOLLOWS. An ill-fitting door covers the mouth. Knifes. FURTHER ON — LATER DAY Ichabod and Masbath reach a hill crest. An OLD CRONE sits facing away. He takes the Lenape's piece of reed grass from his pocket. WATCHES them as they ride. ICHABOD We have apparently arrived. CAVE HOME — DAY Ichabod and Young Masbath step in. The bowl is turned to match notches. scissors. CAVE HOME — DAY The horses are tied to a tree. do you know him? The Redman? (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Ichabod walks to the cave door. sits disinterested. he hesitantly knocks. uneasy. EXT.. Below: a CAVE with a rock archway. You did not answer when I knocked. Unsure. ICHABOD The Lenape who lived in these woods.43. a mountain woman with matted hair and grey features. WESTERN WOODS. Ichabod looks at tables of gourd bowls of dead insects and acorns.V. INT. Ichabod points the way to Young Masbath. EXT. The chimney spews smoke. ICHABOD Pardon. yellow bones. EXT. Are we intruding? OLD CRONE You are from the Hollow? ICHABOD In a way. The Old Crone.

Tall. Yes. LOWER CAVE — DAY She stands. Ichabod nods. bent under low ceiling. ICHABOD The Horseman.. OLD CRONE Sit. OLD CRONE You seek remedy against the Horseman? The Old Crone reaches to pick up the weaving. Ichabod enters.44. OLD CRONE I hear him. Ichabod sits on crooked stool. YOUNG MASBATH Were you a friend to the Indian? (waits) You should have this. Young Masbath puts the woven piece beside the cardinal. He walks to join Ichabod in leaving. INT. but Young Masbath takes the woven piece and steps to the Crone. OLD CRONE (to Young Masbath) Go out and keep away. The Old Crone places something on a table beside her — a dead cardinal. The Old Crone kneels with her back tp him.. child. gathers straw in a pile on the floor. CAVE HOME. OLD CRONE You are not welcome here. he has been murdered. The Old Crone comes through a passage in the wet walls.. (to Ichabod) You stay. ICHABOD (cont'd) (uncomfortable wait) I should tell you. faces them. backing away. Follow with me. The Old Crone takes a candle and walks. Ichabod is afraid. He rides to the Hollow and back. if you were his friend. scared. (CONTINUED) . bright red.. deep into the cave. Leave me.

black clouds billow and block the sun. ICHABOD What. INT. swelling in the cuffs. waiting by the horses. Through the trees. looks up. urn. Candles blow out. I will hold him. The STORM outside intensifies. She soaks the straw with blood. She does not move. I can show you. ICHABOD Excuse me. Whatever you see.. She grasps two METAL CUFFS with chains attached. She takes two jars from a table. Ichabod stands. then bends to inhale smoke. dazed. what are you doing? OLD CRONE (turns. The Old Crone holds the bat.. (CONTINUED) . Ichabod would like to leave now. furious) Close your mouth! Keep silent. cracking and bleeding... SPEAKING IN TONGUES. ICHABOD Can you help? OLD CRONE You want to see into the nether world. she lights the straw. worried. do not move or speak. WE SEE the skin of the Crone's wrists transform. hardening. She shakes the other roughly. OLD CRONE He comes now. using a knife to cut off its head. She remains motionless. guttural.. Wind howls through a hole/window. slides these onto her bony wrists. Using a wick. CAVE HOME. CAVE HOME — DAY Young Masbath. EXT. putting grass and powder on the pile.. She gathers bowls.. still with her back to Ichabod. LOWER CAVE — DAY The Old Crone slumps..45. pours ashes on the pile from one. Rain. A baby bat squirms on the floor. takes the lid off and upends it.

ICHABOD Are you alright. She has returned to human form.. yearning. Ichabod bolts for the door.. the BOLT holding the chains to the wall slips. hideous. leaping erect — a half-human. knocking over a table of bones.. N The chain bolt gives more. Its black clawed hands reaching.. Something Ichabod cannot see.. Chains on restraining cuffs yank the creature back. The chain bolt breaks. Ichabod hits the floor. teeth now jagged.. The creature HOWLS. CREATURE/OLD CRONE Climb down to the Horseman's soulless place and let loose his silent shrieking.. He inches closer. Do you hear? Do you hear?! Ichabod nods. coming loose... Ichabod shoves her off.. but still wants Ichabod. leaping. The creature pulls. tackled to the floor. It is the Old Crone who landed on him. Catch hold of his desire. It SCREECHES. quaking. CREATURE/OLD CRONE He who holds fast the Horseman's desire will guide his reaping hand. He glances to the exit.. aghast. testing the chains.*semi-consious.. Ichabod cries out. eyes blood red. CREATURE/OLD CRONE Follow the Indian trail to where the sun dies. CREATURE/OLD CRONE You seek the warrior bathed in blood. the Headless Horseman. ? The Crone turns. Behind.. The wall cracks.46. half-demon CREATURE. The Old Crone's face seethes from transformation. Ichabod slides back as far as possible while the creature claws the rock floor. The creature is chained. nostrils dripping. Follow to the tree of the dead. Ichabod recoils. crying out. frS ..

past Masbath. looking up. Young Masbath lies on a blanket. (CONTINUED) . troubled) Loath to say it. Dark. EXT. CAVE HOME ~ DAY Ichabod runs out into the howling storm. glancing back. Leaves float downwards. EXT. staring to treetops. rifle cross his chest. ICHABOD How could something named "the tree of the dead" fail to draw attention? A BIRD CRIES OUT. Bats fly wildly. ICHABOD We should not go much further in this murk. A lantern's glow creates shifting shadows as Ichabod and Young Masbath ride. Leaves and branches shift in the wind. better to get our backs against a tree and stay till morning. A campfire burns. WESTERN WOODS (TIME CUT) — NIGHT Horses are tied. (dismounts. ICHABOD We are leaving.47 EXT. Young Masbath follows. The BIRD is HEARD ALIGHTING. FURTHER ON — EARLY EVENING No rain. Ichabod is seated against a tree.. heading further into the woods. (looking back) Maybe we passed it by. WESTERN WOODS. YOUNG MASBATH Follow the Indian trail to where the sun dies. Ichabod's startled. YOUNG MASBATH What happened? Ichabod scrambles onto Gunpowder. YOUNG MASBATH Should we go back? ICHABOD We are far from the Hollow.. To the tree of the dead.

. pistol and lantern forward. looking away.V.. They both look to the beast. (pause) "He who holds the Horseman's desire will guide his reaping hand. blindsided. ANOTHER ANGLE. (CONTINUED) . a mass of grey fur. It's living head lifts. CRUNCHING LEAVES are HEARD. Young Masbath arrives. moving swiftly at Ichabod. following with his pistol. a TWO-HEADED WOLF. FIRES. MOVING P. The creature lies helplessly spastic. eyes pleading. SOME ANIMAL darts away. a running blur. MEWING STOPS. A SNAPPING BRANCH. climb down to the Horseman's soulless place? ICHABOD "Let loose his silent shrieking. Foliage is thick. ICHABOD What God-forsaken hell is this? Ichabod swallows back sickness.. He tosses the branch to the foliage. The beast lands. yelping. Ichabod rises. with one head blown open to brain and gore. He creeps forward. till we work at it? I admit not being anxious to find out. other than extinguishing lives. Ichabod comes to stare down... Ichabod crouches. Ichabod raises his pistol. Ichabod rises. Ichabod spins. MEWING sadly. puts down the lantern and picks up a branch." Who knows. Something catches his eye. Young Masbath fires his rifle — CRACK!! The ANIMAL is KNOCKED DOWN mid-leap. Ichabod step up with pistol.O.48 YOUNG MASBATH What does it mean." Whatever the Horseman's desire is.. horrified. ICHABOD (to Young Masbath) Do not move.. low to the ground...

Headless. WESTERN WOODS. moldering corpse of a heretic! INT. Young Masbath is seated. FATHER STEENWYCK I say. ICHABOD Christ. A MOB in front of the home marked "LANCASTER. rides to one side of the shouting crowd.. on horseback beside his wife.49. if you do nothing. while this man goes about with a book of secrets and a bag filled with magic. EXT. Embers swirl everywhere. The Old Crone's body lies amongst bloodied leaves. PHYSICIAN. you share in the blasphemy of Ichabod Crane! Killian. Ichabod approaches." Steenwyck addresses the rabble. Through the forest: the SKY'S LIT UP. Baltus. CAVE HOME — EARLY EVENING Ichabod and Masbath ride up. EXT. DOCTOR'S RESIDENCE — NIGHT Much commotion. ledger in his lap. (CONTINUED) .. confronted by the Crone's cave vomiting flame out all orifices. and son. while the shadow of the Devil falls over our town. BETH. Lady Van Tassel and Katrina watch at safe distance. TOWN SQUARE. You all stand idle. FATHER STEENWYCK You all stand idle. DOCTOR'S RESIDENCE. MEDICAL ROOM — NIGHT Ichabod examines the Crone's neck wound with magnification spectacles. Thomas. KILLIAN Listen to me! Do you want to save your crops? Or would you rather see your farms go to ruin? FATHER STEENWYCK How is he saving our farms? How? Ichabod Crane has brought into our midst the soulless. Distant fire.

MEDICAL ROOM — Ichabod looks up. Ichabod grabs one man. The group grasps the Crone. INT. ICHABOD She did not go quietly. The mob makes way. hanging on to the book. ANGRY MAN Step aside. EXT. He points insistently to a door. Step aside! Ichabod is shoved aside. Steenwyck cheers them. but jagged. clutching the ledger. lips quivering. The CROWD outside ROARS as a bonfire lights up the curtained windows. She bleed like a fountain. PARLOR — NIGHT Doctor Lancaster wrings his hands. FATHER STEENWYCK Let her burn! Let her burn! Ichabod comes out. Ichabod joins the struggle. Magnification spectacles are crushed under foot. His WIFE rocks nervously in a rocking chair. Young Masbath cries out. At Ichabod's side. spectacles knocked off. TOWN SQUARE — NIGHT Angry men carry the corpse to a raging bonfire. The front door is POUNDED open. Constable. (CONTINUED) ^ . Cheers all around. ICHABOD What are you doing? The man slams Ichabod back. INT. NIGHT Angry men break i n . Ichabod lifts her dead hand to show bruises and cuts. DOCTOR'S RESIDENCE. DOCTOR'S RESIDENCE. ICHABOD The wound is neither smooth nor cauterized. The Crone's corpse is thrown in the fire. Masbath stands on his chair. followed by Young Masbath. ANGRY MEN enter. Lancaster stands. a man tries to grab the ledger Young Masbath holds.50.

BROM Let them go. Brom holds a smoking pistol. imbecile? Masbath is released. flanked by Theodore and Glenn. Other men grab Ichabod. But.51.. that will change. into the crowd. pushing people aside. (CONTINUED) . Chaos halts. blows. Katrina watches. taking a round slug from his pocket. Katrina leaps down. FATHER STEENWYCK You side with him in this? BROM No. Katrina rides forward as Baltus calls for her to stop. Brom brings the slug to his lips. with rifles like this. The men around Masbath and Ichabod turn to face Brom Bones. Brom Bones? BROM Only for the moment. if you listen. KATRINA Leave them alone! Everyone turns. It WHISTLES. and slugs like this. I agree he has only made matters worse. Brom hefts the rifle. pulls men off Ichabod. BROM Hollowed out and filled with powder. One punches Ichabod in the face. We will stalk the border of the Western Woods and haunt the Horseman for a change.. emotions conflicting. BROM Theodore. quieting. pistol for a long rifle. Glenn and I offer to ride each day and night to watch over the Hollow. He trades with Theodore.. Steenwyck moves FATHER STEENWYCK Are you Ichabod Crane's protector. Stop this! A SHOT RINGS OUT. along with the ledger. forward.. (pointing) Are you going to beat an orphaned child.

I did see her. FREAKISH WOMAN (V. I will never forget it.) The night of the great storm. BROM Constable Crane is not the only one who fights with science on his side. with the blood welt on his breast.o. Lady Crane. THIRD MAN You have heard it. who sits with hands clenched. emotionless. who watches unimpressed. (points to Mother) Her. As the crowd murmurs in fear. The evil Third Man turns to a jury of TWELVE MEN. ICHABOD'S ROOM — In bed. eyes tearful. Brom smiles at Katrina... if the Horseman is solid enough to take the lives of our people. Young Ichabod looks to Father. back in the court where Mother stands trial. The next moment. .. ICHABOD I fired upon the Horseman and the bullet did nothing. BROM (to the crowd) I say.. FREAKISH WOMAN In the lightning. I found my infant son was dead. the barrel is hit — EXPLODES. FIRES. he's solid enough to feel this. I saw her cross my windows. ICHABOD'S DREAM ~ COURTROOM ~ DAY we are Young Ichabod is seated beside Father. ICHABOD I hit him square. Smoke wafts. Ichabod is having unpleasant dreams once more.. PLUNK — INT. Brom aims the rifle at a BARREL down the road.52.. BROM You must have missed your mark. The blood welt is the mark of Satan's touch. NIGHT VAN TASSEL HOUSE.

looking up at the vast church.. ICHABOD'S DREAM — YOUNG ICHABOD'S HOME — NIGHT In the quiet kitchen. YOUNG ICHABOD She was with me that night. The white door opens and the Third Man steps out. YOUNG ICHABOD No. to your father.S3. father.. please.. Go home YOUNG ICHABOD She did not do it. YOUNG ICHABOD May I see her? The soldier exits through a white door. Young Ichabod waits. Young Ichabod carries a lantern past pews. THIRD MAN She has confessed. Father doesn't even look up. she is innocent.. YOUNG ICHABOD She was with me. YOUNG ICHABOD May I see my mother? THIRD MAN You do not want to be here.. ICHABOD'S DREAM — CHURCH — NIGHT Empty church. A soldier is seated near the altar with a rifle. THIRD MAN Go home. Young Ichabod looks across the table.. Father stares into his food. FATHER Nothing can be done against them.. please listen. (CONTINUED) . sir. YOUNG ICHABOD No.. THIRD MAN She is guilty.

away across FOREST TRAIL — MORNING Young Ichabod runs. (CONTINUED) . Father loads a wagon full of belongings. the lawn as Father calls after him. (long pause) She has gone away. ICHABOD'S DREAM — CHURCH. not understanding. BEYOND WHITE DOOR — MORNING Young Ichabod enters.54.O. halting. weeping. THIRD MAN (V. ICHABOD'S DREAM — YOUNG ICHABOD'S BEDROOM — MORNING Young Ichabod buttons his shirt. ICHABOD'S DREAM — He runs.O. ICHABOD'S DREAM — YOUNG ICHABOD'S YARD — MORNING Young Ichabod comes out. thumb screws.) She has admitted to her evil and signed a written confession. ICHABOD'S DREAM — CHURCH ~ MORNING He Empty. Doors are thrown open and Young Ichabod enters. YOUNG ICHABOD Mother. Realization comes to Young Ichabod. Do you know what confession is? (off Ichabod's nod) All that is left for you now is to pray for her soul. towards the white door. THIRD MAN (V. looks to the lawn. FATHER We are leaving. The Third Man leaves through the white door. THIRD MAN She has admitted to her evil and signed a written confession. The room contains TORTURE DEVICES: iron cuffs. knifes and needles. goes down the aisle.) She has confessed.

ICHABOD'S ROOM — NIGHT In bed. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. eyes locked forward. ICHABOD No. I need to be alone. He sits up. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. Every word you spoke had truth in it. Ichabod opens tear filled eyes.55. Katrina takes the chair he deserted. I have spent every hour in the company of others. palms wrapped with bloodied cloth. KATRINA What has happened? (CONTINUED) . bringing his trembling hands to wipe his cheeks.. SITTING ROOM — NIGHT Katrina comes to the door. He looks to them.. actually. numb. blood runs down from his hands. I was wrong to say them. THIRD MAN (V. INT. He kneels. KATRINA Constable Crane? Katrina comes beside Ichabod's chair. pressing hard. KATRINA The things I said to you before. you were not.O.) Do you know what confession is? He walks... His hands trail blood. ICHABOD Allow me some time.. eyes bleary. KATRINA What troubles you? She moves in front. Ichabod is seated by the fire." Tears stream down Young Ichabod's face. INT. It is fitted with straps for holding down the "accused. In the corner is a SPIKED CHAIR.. hands on As he sobs. Hundreds of spikes. adorned with sharp iron spikes. the spikes of the chair. Ichabod gets up and crosses to sit facing away. The old scars are bleeding.

isn't she? She bears so little resemblance. (pause) Lord. KATRINA If you want me to go. ICHABOD Lady Van Tassel.. I will. two years ago.. . THE HOLLOW — EARLY MORNING Dawn light* is visible over forests pounded by rain. They kiss passionately. I do not know. weary. She touches his back. she is your stepmother. why do you ask that? ICHABOD What happened to your mother? still alive? Is she KATRINA She died. I had them forgotten.. but they are here now. I no longer know what I think or what I feel. puts his head back. how I hate this place. She reaches to touch his face. eyes closed. and wish I could forget them again. EXT. Katrina walks to him. Her lungs were diseased.56 Ichabod sits silent. KATRINA Why are you so afraid of that? Is there truly such harm in uncertainty? She kneels. smiles a little for him.. What is this about? ICHABOD Memories have come back. KATRINA What? ICHABOD She is not your birth mother. Leans to kiss him.. He rests his head against hers... but. Do you want me to leave? ICHABOD I. putting his arms around her. holds his head in her hands.. is she? KATRINA No...

VAN'TASSEL HOUSE. slipping the white rose under the crack of the door. quite unlike an echo.S... sewing. LADY VAN TASSEL As my husband says.. I. LADY VAN TASSEL Returning to the Western Woods? ICHABOD Yes. at least that is what he believes. Ichabod comes out. Constable. actually. trying not to be. Young Masbath is LADY VAN TASSEL (O.. did you notice anything out of the ordinary during the night? Ichabod eyes the skillet. bringing the horses.. Ichabod comes to the last door. should never try to have the last word. a wife should be always like an echo. then steps back in to take a white rose from a vase. ICHABOD (nods. Baltus comes out the door. Or. LADY VAN TASSEL Use caution. no. ill at ease. FRONT PORCH — MORNING Rain.) Good morrow.. He bends. studies her) Do you know. she should speak only when spoken to.57. BALTUS Constable. EXT.. satchel in hand. and unlike an echo.. (off Ichabod's confusion) Like an echo. I did not. and at the same time. INT. Ichabod turns to see Lady Van Tassel in a chair.. irritable. He looks down the hall. Across the lawn. SECOND FLOOR HALL — MORNING Ichabod exits his room. ICHABOD Um. AROUND A CORNER. skillet in hand.. I think those are the first words I have heard from you my entire time here. Why? (CONTINUED) . VAN TASSEL HOUSE.

ICHABOD You grow sharper by the minute. Her things are gone. Young Masbath keeps up. that means she was not killed by the Hessian. Ichabod rides faster.. Someone only tried to make it look that way. who murdered the Old Crone? And why? ICHABOD Good questions. (CONTINUED) . I'm one of the few people who likes you. BALTUS Sarah has gone missing. EXT.. deserving answers.. It boggles my mind. A SOUND is HEARD. but I begin to prefer your company over all others. YOUNG MASBATH If the Crone's wound bled hard. Damn it. Ichabod heads towards Young Masbath. my servant girl. Ichabod and Young Masbath ride side by side. (to Lady Van Tassel) what about breakfast. YOUNG MASBATH Well. WESTERN WOODS — DAY Baltus watches from Heavy rain. then to Masbath. She has joined the migration out of town. ICHABOD (laughs) True enough. YOUNG MASBATH Then.. of which we are in short supply. good day to you. taking the skillet. am I to starve to death? Lady Van Tassel gets up and goes in.. disgruntled. He goes in. little man. Ichabod looks back. ICHABOD Quicken pace.. woman? Or. the porch. ICHABOD I should be going.N 58.

(takes out WHITE ROSE) To thank you. TREE OF THE DEAD — DAY Raining still. Ichabod. Ichabod halts KATRINA I apologize if I worried you.59. they charge over a hill. He pushes through branches. I am not alone. backtracking. A HORSE is HEARD SNORTING.. ICHABOD Halt and turn. Gunpowder and climbs clumsily off. but doesn't want to. KATRINA It is only me. ICHABOD Why do you follow? Katrina. with branches reaching far and wide. like agony captured in wood sculpture. A monstrously huge TREE OF THE DEAD. am I? I only wished to see what you were up to. ICHABOD Ride on. Katrina. INSIDE THE FOREST. Ichabod takes out his pistol and wades into forest growth. and. The figure stops.. ICHABOD Come along.. WESTERN WOODS. knotted and gross. Ichabod softens. EXT. pushes off the cloak hood. Ichabod bounds through underbrush. Masbath and Katrina come into a clearing. Moving behind a FIGURE IN A GREY CLOAK on horseback. ICHABOD A woman should not be out alone in these woods. (CONTINUED) .. at the clearing's center. I have a pistol aimed at your head. Young Masbath obeys. FURTHER ON. low. KATRINA But. mouths falling open at the sight of...

YOUNG MASBATH You were right. as if the tree once had a terrible vertical in it. Ichabod approaches. Katrina follows Masbath's slow advance. Ichabod recoils. Ichabod begins to chop. then grips a large. dead canopy of branches. YOUNG MASBATH What is it? ICHABOD Stay back. Katrina stifles a scream. digs in a saddle bag for a hand axe. Ichabod dismounts. revealing a blood-soaked. Young Masbath and Katrina dismount. crossing a line beyond which grass and weeds will not grow. now partially healed and disgustingly scarred. At the trunk. (CONTINUED) . Ichabod keeps chopping. the flap suddenly gives. He pulls away loose bark. Ichabod thumps the flat end of the axe against the suture. Ichabod's pulling.. Ignoring. it does draw attention to itself. gap-mouthed HUMAN HEAD. He circles the incredibly wide trunk.. ICHABOD Blood. KATRINA What did you say? Ichabod goes to where Katrina and Masbath wait with the horses. trying to bend it. loose flap of wood. Ichabod stares up into the endless. Young Masbath moves closer.. There's a VERTICAL WOUND in the bark. taking Young Masbath in her arms to keep him from looking.. It is red and Ichabod fingers it.N^ 60. The tree drips more blood and a clear goo. He feels the mushy scar. KATRINA What are you doing? ICHABOD Just. Ichabod struggles. It's not easy.. Behind him.. wide-eyed. picking at its scabs till much sap begins to trickle. It sounds hollow. keep where you are. Ichabod uses both hands on the axe to hack at the festering suture.

" (to Masbath) Bring the shovel. Rain.." ICHABOD (to himself) "Climb down to the Horseman's soulless place.. FOUR other SEVERED. Young Masbath's crouched..61. Ichabod hands up the shovel. It is Philipse's head. WESTERN WOODS. Ichabod reapproaches. He gets to his knees. Ichabod pulls at thick burlap cloth.. TREE OF THE DEAD — LATER DAY But. Young Masbath goes to the grave. they will not pass. rifle across his knees. Katrina climbs out of the shallow grave near a pile of mud. ICHABOD Must be some sort of gateway. we've found it. ICHABOD Why this tree? Ichabod begins looking at the ground. moving around the tree.. KATRINA Masbath. He looks to the branches towering above. disbelieving. pushing mud away. he tries to take the heads. EXT. Uncovering a flush HEADSTONE carved with "666. why this place. straining as it comes away. (CONTINUED) . muddy. held by roots grown around and into the flesh. what has happened? ICHABOD He. He's watching the tree.. Behind him.. back of his hand to his mouth. DECAYING HEADS are held by ingrown roots within the dewy innards. KATRINA My God. ? YOUNG MASBATH We should go.. hanging off the trunk flap. Ichabod looks down.

sucking Philipse's head back in and closing.. Ichabod climbs out. weary in body and spirit. The vertical SUTURE SEETHES. heading for cover. LIGHTNING. spitting smoldering cinders.. Ichabod bounds over grave dirt pile.S. ICHABOD I did notice that. to reclaim his head.. hastening Katrina and Young Masbath along as he flees. (CONTINUED) .. KATRINA (O. Yes. Ichabod spins to the twisted tree. Katrina and Young Masbath pass where their freaking horses are tied to a fallen trunk. Katrina and Young Masbath back away. pulling inwards.. looks. A RUMBLING is HEARD from the twisted tree. ICHABOD "He who holds fast the Horseman's desire will guide his reaping hand. ICHABOD This is his silent shrieking. because the ROOTS in the grave are ALIVE.) Ichabod! Ichabod turns. At the tree. WE SEE: roots have gripped the Horseman's bones and tattered uniform. which suddenly BURSTS wide." (pause) Someone controls the Horseman. THUNDER.. Ichabod turns. thank you. the suture swells. ICHABOD Why is it every grave I open holds a new mystery inside? KATRINA The skull is gone. looking to the bordering forest... bubbling. further entwining around remains. The skeleton is all there — except the skull. He stares at the bones. and his desire. ICHABOD It cannot be true. Ichabod.62.

Ichabod watches the Horseman ride away with bolts of LIGHTNING STRIKING the GROUND BEHIND.. At the tree line.. INT. . looking back. THOMAS May I be excused. a glow brightens. They hit the ground running. then guide her back to the Hollow. BEHIND IN WESTERN WOODS — DAY Ichabod rides as fast as Gunpowder is able.63. Katrina and Young Masbath cower. Ichabod. Killian. From the tree wound. EXT. Beth clears plates as Killian picks his teeth with a knife. He goes to the fireplace to light a*tallow wick. ICHABOD His next victim is chosen! (to Masbath) Give me distance. till the Headless Horseman and Daredevil EXPLODE into existence. which he takes to the next room. father? KILLIAN Do you deserve to be? THIRD MAN (shyly) I think so. KILLIAN'S HOME. The Horseman disappears in the forest. Thomas gets down from his chair. Thomas and Beth have finished supper. WESTERN WOODS — DAY The Horseman rips past on Daredevil. KILLIAN (smiles) Then. go. Ichabod runs towards the horses. KITCHEN — DAY Small home. YOUNG MASBATH Constable! EXT.

BETH (kisses him) No one knows better than I. bad habits. WHITE ROOM — DAY You teach Thomas Thomas continues his fun. Thomas turns the lantern and looks to the walls where the creatures' shadows are thrown. The HOOFBEATS grow LOUDER and PASS. Brom looks skyward. KILLIAN I am a bad habit. INT. Distant HOOFBEATS can be HEARD. He kicks his horse and rides. There's nothing for it. KILLIAN'S HOME. THUNDER is HEARD. WHITE ROOM — DAY Thomas still watches shadow beasts. INT. WHITE ROOM — DAY Thomas plops on the floor and lights his MAGIC LANTERN: a lantern with an outer sleeve of glass painted with silhouettes of lions and monsters.. Brom takes his rifle off his shoulder. . Brom turns in the saddle and WHISTLES. with Brom aboard. KITCHEN — DAY Beth comes for more dishes. imagining them real and having a grand time. Then.. a baby spider comes from a crack in the wall. In the shifting light.64. shadow animals circling him. INT. KILLIAN'S HOME. KILLIAN'S HOME. KILLIAN'S HOME. Thomas is amused. roaring through the trees. FORESTS — DAY A black horse runs. another spider skitters out. The storm harshens. He goes to*the crack where hundreds of spiders flee all directions. but sees something else. Killian pulls her to him. More follow. BETH Don't pick teeth. hooves pounding the ground. EXT. far away. INT. POUNDING. it is Brom's horse. He roars for them. The horse slows and stops. playful.

The magic lantern creatures begin spinning anew. then suddenly the WIND CEASES. INT. KITCHEN — DAY Killian stands. WHITE ROOM — DAY Beth enters. noticing the FEROCITY of the WIND. the fire flares. THOMAS Spiders. KILLIAN'S HOME. Silence. INT. THE WHITE ROOM — DAY Beth picks up Thomas. KITCHEN — DAY with a ROAR. KITCHEN — DAY The ENTIRE HOUSE CREAKS. looking up. KILLIAN'S HOME. The HOUSE CREAKS again. Shadow creatures freeze. KILLIAN'S HOME.•• INT. INT. KILLIAN'S HOME. INT. KILLIAN'S HOME. breathing almost imperceptibly. looking at Thomas. KILLIAN Beth. WHHOOOSH — the fire shoots up the fireplace. all around. WIND HOWLS. BETH What are you doing there? The magic lantern stops spinning. then disappear and reform again. She looks up. Gone. Killian looks up. (CONTINUED) . Killian looks. KILLIAN'S HOME. KILLIAN'S HOME. Beth bends to see the swarming spiders. Demonic faces form. KITCHEN — DAY Behind Killian. The HOWLING WIND is LOUD. shifting. THE WHITE ROOM — DAY Beth comes to Thomas' side as he points. CREAKING STOPS. INT. mantelpiece stones pulse.65. INT.

. WIND BLASTS. WHITE ROOM — DAY At the trap door. KITCHEN — DAY Killian grabs an iron skewer from the fireplace.. swings it to fend off a blow from the Horseman. jamming the skewer into the Horseman. The skewer comes through the Horseman's back. throwing sparks. INT. BETH Don't let him get you. He goes to lift Killian by the hair with one hand. KILLIAN'S HOME. brings back the axe in the other. KILLIAN'S HOME. KILLIAN Beth. (CONTINUED) . WHITE ROOM — DAY Hits the floor..66 Behind Killian. KITCHEN — DAY The Horseman pulls the skewer out of his body. Beth lowers Thomas to stairs leading to the cellar.s. Killian hits the wall. smashing it aside. INT. KILLIAN'S HOME. The axe Killian lunges.. cracks fireplace stone. INT. Killian ducks. Killian grabs a kitchen chair and hurls it at the Horseman.) (from kitchen) Get out! INT. The Horseman swings the other axe. The Horseman swings. run! INT. a battle axe in each hand. Beth kicks a carpet to reveal a trap door. Thomas is crying.. The Horseman steps in. KILLIAN'S HOME. throws it. KILLIAN'S HOME. WHITE ROOM — DAY Beth hugs Thomas to her as she backs away. KILLIAN (o. the DOOR SPLINTERS INWARDS. The Horseman swipes with the flat of one axe — pounding Killian aside.. The DOOR to the other room SLAMS. bashing his head.

He tries to control his sobbing. INT.. CELLAR ~ DAY A hole appears in the ceiling as debris falls. The Horseman steps forward. INT.. terrified. QUIET. cinching the sack shut. CHOPping. CELLAR ~ DAY Thomas' trembling hands pull the wheelbarrow closer. bends to retrieve the battle axe he left. INT. KITCHEN — DAY The Headless Horseman enters. . knocks over the magic lantern. CHOPping. He gets up to run away. THE WHITE ROOM — DAY The Horseman's hands place Killian's and Beth's heads in a sack. He scurries into the shelter of a wheelbarrow propped against the wall. KILLIAN'S HOME. KILLIAN'S HOME. INT.. go. CELLAR — DAY Beth's SCREAMS are abruptly CUT OFF. KILLIAN'S HOME. The room's door flies open and the Horseman strides in.67.. KILLIAN'S HOME. carrying Killian's severed head.. KITCHEN — DAY The Horseman turns.. stumbles.. INT. Thomas looks up. BETH You hide now. He stands. Her BODY is HEARD HITTING the floor above... FOOTSTEPS are HEARD. Beth closes the trap door. He starts to chop at the floor with both axes.. KILLIAN'S HOME. KILLIAN'S HOME. INT. grasping Thomas and yanking him up. falls to his knees.. CHOPping. Thomas crosses the cellar. Pause. making quick work of it.. frantically replacing the carpet. The Horseman's arm shoves through above. Beth shrieks. THOMAS Mommy.





Brom rides from the forest, charging across Killian's field. At Killian's house, Daredevil rides up as the Headless Horseman walks out with his sack of heads. The Horseman ties the sack to the saddle and leaps up-. Brom puts his reins in his mouth, raising his rifle. The Horseman heads away, past the barn, as Brom gains. Brom aims... FIRES! BOOM — the slug EXPLODES, blowing the Horseman off Daredevil. Daredevil keeps going. The Horseman's smoldering body is left "face down." Brom halts his horse. The Horseman moves. Brom backs away, satisfaction diminishing. The Horseman gets on his knees. Brom falls to one knee, begins reloading. from his powder horn. He fills the gun He climbs down, pleased.

The Horseman stands, unsheathes his sword and turns. The blast has blow apart his uniform at the chest and shoulder, exposing rotten flesh and maggot-infested muscle. Brom readies his ramrod, jamming powder in the barrel. The Horseman charges. Brom stands, pulling out the ramrod. The Horseman is on him. Brom swings the rifle, blocking. Sparks fly. The battle is on, with Brom fending off the Horseman's sword with the gun - CLANK - CLANK - CLANK. ACROSS THE FIELD, Ichabod and Gunpowder break into the open. UP THE FIELD, the Horseman makes a backhanded swing. goes down, his rifle sent flying. Brom rolls to avoid as the Horseman slashes. Brom flees. THWAP — The Horseman pulls and throws a knife... Brom

the knife imbeds in Brom's thigh.

The Horseman runs towards Brom. (CONTINUED)

69, Ichabod closes in, pulling an unlit lantern off his saddle. Brom tries to get up, bends to extract the knife. The Horseman, mid-run, changes his sword grip, blade down. He plants one foot on Brom's back, raising his sword, about to skewer... Ichabod arrives full gallop, SMASHES the lantern into the Horseman — knocking the Horseman off Brom. AT THE EDGE OF THE FOREST, Theodore and Glen arrive on horseback. They hold a moment, watching. Brom runs, limping, to the barn, goal in sight: farm implements propped there. Brom grabs SCYTHES with long curved blades, one in per hand. The Horseman rises. Ichabod turns Gunpowder and leaps off, runs to Brom. The Horseman moves towards them, hefting a battle axe in his free hand. Ichabod steps up, pistol aimed, furious. ICHABOD For what it's worth... FIRES — the bullet rips through the Horseman's stomach to reveal putrid innards as he keeps advancing. At the forest, Theodore looks to Glenn, turns and flees. Brom steps up, scythes ready. He and the Horseman go at it. Brom blocks axe and sword, catching and deflecting blows. At the forest, Glenn follows Theodore away. Ichabod grabs a long handled SICKLE. Brom swings the scythes. The Horseman avoids. He

Ichabod moves to the side, looking for an opening. swings the sickle. The Horseman blocks. The Horseman battles both at once, catching blows... countering every strike, METAL RINGING.

Brom catches the Horseman's sword in one scythe, holding it off. Catches the axe handle in the other scythe. The Horseman flatfoot KICKS Brom's chest, sending him down. Ichabod swings the sickle blade... (CONTINUED)

Hits the Horseman, the blade embedding to the hilt. The Horseman drops his axe and grasps the sickle, jerking... The sickle handle SLAMS Ichabod's, knocking him away. Ichabod crawls, tries to shake off the blow. He looks up. The Horseman staggers, spastically trying to pull the blade from his body. Brom limps to Ichabod, yanks him to his feet. BROM We cannot win this. They head towards the forest. Behind, the Horseman extracts the sickle, throws it. strides after them, picks up his axe on the way. EXT. RIVERBANK — DAY Brom points. He


Ichabod and Brom stumble down a hillside. BROM There... !


They run to a DOCK at the edge of a wide, rapid river. jump into a FLAT BOAT barge. BROM Go to the front and guide it. Ichabod goes. Brom uses a scythe to slash the ropes.


Ichabod picks up a GUIDE POLE.

The barge lurches, set free. It moves swiftly,

Ichabod struggles to push the boat out. caught in r a m swollen current.

Brom looks back. No Horseman. He leaves the scythe and moves to the front, hefting another pole to help guide. BROM Let's see him catch us now. Ichabod looks to the shore. Look. LIGHTNING ILLUMINATES — ahead, the Horseman stands on the bank with axe and sword. Daredevil near. (CONTINUED) Horror.


and. At the bank.. The Horseman steps on board.V. He's pulled down by undertow. towards a point in the river where it will intercept the barge. The Horseman thrusts with sword — into Ichabod's chest clean through. Ichabod and Brom are thrown. looking to the barge. BROM We'll pass right by the son of a bitch. the Horseman cuts Brom down. flips him. slams him against ice above.. beyond the edge of the ice bridge: Ichabod comes up. gasping. ICE SHOOTS OUT ahead of him. Ichabod holds The — The barge is trapped.. his guide pole.O. up the only weapon he has. stands over him.. SMASHING through the ice and under. It SIZZLES as Ichabod screams.. pulling the sword out as Ichabod goes.71. Ichabod and Brom push with the poles. ABOVE WATER.. — FROM THE WATER Aboard the barge. SPREADING and supporting the Horseman as he advances.. HALTING IT. The Horseman nears. He treads water.. the Horseman walks directly to the water. FADES OUT/IN . BROM My Christ.. The Horseman lifts Ichabod up. ICHABOD'S P. Horseman's axe cracks the pole in half. Ichabod swings. Our VIEW grows BLURRY. chocking on rain. The Horseman's ICE BRIDGE engulfs the barge.. Just as he takes a step onto the water. trying for speed.. chopping with sword.... the rain churned surface TRANSFORMS — instantly BECOMING a SHEET of ICE. UNDERWATER: water carries Ichabod. Brom runs to the rear to retrieve his scythe.

shirtless. Doctor Lancaster comes to the bed. DOCTOR LANCASTER Keep still. ichabod.. opens his eyes. You were half-drowned when they found you. ICHABOD (barely a voice) What.. what are you doing.. brings her other hand to hold Ichabod's.. ICHABOD Bring him. ICHABOD . LADY VAN TASSEL Doctor. Ichabod. DOCTOR LANCASTER He is dead. ^\ . DOCTOR LANCASTER You need to sleep.72 INT. Pain stops him. he is awake.. if your wound had not somehow shut. needle in one hand. Brom Bones. The wound at the top of his chest is raw. Ichabod tries to sit. DOCTOR LANCASTER You need rest. Ichabod gives up. ? KATRINA I'm drawing bad blood from the wound.. Katrina. Blood drips into the suction jar. Katrina inserts a needle in the skin around it. Do not move. You would be also. Lady Van Tassel helps bleed the wound with the needle and a tube leading to a SUCTION JAR of blood. ICHABOD'S ROOM — NIGHT Candlelight. Constable. feverish. KATRINA Lay still.. ICHABOD Bring Young Masbath here.. closes his eyes. VAN TASSEL HOUSE.

Looked like they headed to the square. ICHABOD'S ROOM — LATER NIGHT Ichabod is soundly asleep. She is reading his ledger. MORNING VAN TASSEL HOUSE. INT. VAN TASSEL ESTATE. He hides against Young Masbath follows. Masbath looks to it.. Ichabod stirs. The light enters forest.. A glint of light crosses the window. away from the house. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. Ichabod goes to his work table. THROUGH THE WINDOW. ORCHARD — NIGHT The lantern light moves through the orchard.. ICHABOD'S ROOM — Ichabod's hurting. YOUNG MASBATH If someone has the Horseman's skull. turning a page. he can see the Van Tassel Manor House in the distance. Katrina looks to him. she returns to what she was doing. if they control the Horseman. leans to look. Elsewhere. SERVANT'S QUARTER'S. Masbath helps with a shirt. We cannot make out the person. one tree. EXT. Lantern LIGHT crosses the lawn. EXT. YOUNG MASBATH Someone left last night. INT.73. Katrina is at his work table. Once she is satisfied he will not wake. MASBATH'S ROOM — NIGHT Young Masbath lies awake. organizing his satchel. but I lost them in the forest. Across the room. gets up. peers out. then why haven't they sent him for your head yet? (CONTINUED) .. Young Masbath runs in pursuit. ICHABOD Business best hidden is hidden best at night. ICHABOD Man or woman? YOUNG MASBATH All I saw was their lantern.

in pain. What was taken from them. other than their lives? Who benefits by their deaths? Ichabod fumbles the bottle of white powder. Under the bed: a Satanic PENTAGRAM has been DRAWN IN BLOOD. but Ichabod stops him. trying to grasp the implication. A trail of the blood-detecting powder has spilled. TOWN SQUARE/CHURCH — DAY WAGONS. Masbath is about to speak. pained. cork popping out. EXT.. The bottle is out of reach. They drag the bed to one side.74... It is perfection for our murderer if I return to New York City with nothing more than tales of a galloping ghoul. near the bottle. YOUNG MASBATH I'll get it. YOUNG MASBATH (whispers) Who did this? « Ichabod does not answer. Provisions are passed along man to man and loaded on wheelbarrows. but Ichabod puts a finger to his lips. HORSES and TOWNSPEOPLE swarm. Ichabod stares.. A CROWD loots the town's general store. ICHABOD Damn it. It bounces. Ichabod moves to the end of the bed and lifts. He picks up a wash basin and dumps the water to wash the Pentagram away.. Young Masbath gets down. ready to crawl for it. rolls under the bed. (pause) We must uncover the reason these victims were targeted. ICHABOD Wait.. ICHABOD Because. I serve a fine purpose alive. Far under. peering under. Ichabod moves to lock the door. some powder is bubbling. Young Masbath helps. Ichabod kneels. (CONTINUED) .

. Supplies abound. Hardenbrook. ICHABOD Or. birth certificates. but. stands waiting. NOTARY PUBLIC. HARDENBROOK'S OFFICES — DAY Tidy room. home owners board up windows with lumber.75.. passing many angry faces.. People work to build and erect massive wooden crosses. Families put up tents all around the church within the bordering wrought-iron fence. do you have these? Hardenbrook studies the paper with his one good eye. Sanctuary.. Master Hardenbrook? Hmm? HARDENBROOK See them? Ichabod ICHABOD May we look at them now? (CONTINUED) . last testaments.. tying their horses and climbing stairs to the door of the "NOTARY. Much activity there as well. grinning. Hardenbrook nods.. ICHABOD Do you have these persons wills? HARDENBROOK I have everything. certainly.. They stop.. DOWN THE ROAD... ICHABOD Yes. Ichabod and Young Masbath ride. HARDENBROOK Certainly. so they hope. INT. deeds. death certificates." Ichabod looks off. ICHABOD May I see them. Hardenbrook is still nodding. at the far end... people head to the church. All up and down the long straight road. Young Masbath watches Ichabod hand a slip of paper to the elderly Notary. ICHABOD Panic has set in. handing the list back. sir.

Hardenbrook looks on a shelf. Ichabod offers the list. HARDENBROOK Damn. helpful.. RECORDS ROOM — DAY Ichabod sticks his head in. NOTARY PUBLIC. that might be. Tables. . it will help to know what was there that could be taken in the first place. YOUNG MASBATH What good is this? ICHABOD To discover what might have been taken from those who died.. ICHABOD Perhaps. He crosses to the half-open door. shelves. HARDENBROOK A fine idea.. he looks uncertain. I could assist in finding them? LANCASTER Well. After a moment..... Wait here.. confused... Young Masbath sits. ICHABOD Master Hardenbrook. then goes to a table. INT. damn. a bit startled. Hardenbrook's amidst unbelievable disarray... Hardenbrook turns.. mumbling. Ichabod waits. not liking what he sees. Hardenbrook takes it and exits... damn. Hardenbrook heads across the room. lifting papers. it shall not take long. \ ICHABOD Maybe you should take this.76. You want them. and baskets of unevenly piled documents. HARDENBROOK Of course..

. Ichabod turns the will in his hand to Masbath. (picks up another will) Do you see? Philipse had no family to bestow bis farm to.. here. boggled. YOUNG MASBATH My father had farm land. I heard him say it. Young Masbath takes it.. (picks up another) The Widow Windsor was listed on her late husband's will. she amended the document to include her bastard child. and tell me why you are not listed. YOUNG MASBATH But.77. the same son murdered along with him. After her inheritance. It was the only thing we owned of any value.. ICHABOD Van Garrett had denoted his elder son in his last wishes. ICHABOD (still reading) And it now belongs to you. and they were spared. But Van Garrett's wife and two infant children are not written. who stole it away? (CONTINUED) . with Ichabod focused on one will in hand. if the farm is not mine. This is why the Horseman made absolutely certain to impale the unborn descendant. NOTARY PUBLIC. RECORDS ROOM (TIME CUT) — DAY Hardenbrook is asleep in a chair. YOUNG MASBATH Yes. according to Baltus. INT. ICHABOD Then look here at your father's will.. Ichabod sits back. Ichabod and Young Masbath face official-looking documents. ICHABOD Only the heirs were killed. But. snoring. blind eye open.Proof that the Horseman slaughters by assignment. Ichabod grabs another.

all the farms. All around is the commotion in the square as before.. ICHABOD Often in such cases. Ichabod stands. . I rode with him on payment days.. ICHABOD Tonight. A LOUD NOISE is HEARD from the other room. grim. And. EXT. Ichabod moves... YOUNG MASBATH In-test.78 ICHABOD No one yet. all we need is a candle. No telling who it was who just fled. It ^V Ichabod bursts in.. they belong to no one. And. property which has gone intestate legally passes to whomever the deceased was indebted to. what? ICHABOD Intestate. INT. A chair has been knocked over and the front door is ajar. HARDENBROOK'S OFFICES — DAY Ichabod looks.. who in this town is owed a great many debts? YOUNG MASBATH (realization) Baltus Van Tassel. far as I can tell.. YOUNG MASBATH What does it mean? Ichabod stares off. has gone intestate.. gathering wills and his ledger.. No one there.. to discover who moves about the Van Tassel house after dark. NOTARY — DAY Ichabod exits. we answer questions. Your farm. ICHABOD Did your father take a loan? YOUNG MASBATH Yes.

MAIN ENTRANCE — NIGHT Ichabod and Masbath come downstairs to a hall. This saddens Ichabod. picks up an unlit candle. bored. with a yard resembling an empty squatter's tent city. quietly. A KNOCK on the door. Boarded over windows leak shafts of light. UP IN THE BELFRY.s. They move to a second door. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. He's making a low..) (from outside door) Constable. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. using the candle to mark the seam of the door and door frame. cautious. If the door opens. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. are you there? (long pause) Ichabod? The knob is tried and found locked. INT. They both look up. Ichabod makes another INT. Ichabod crouches. . still waiting. INT. Ichabod stands. Midnight. The church is a sight. Pause. wax seal. a red rose is passed under. straight up. At the bottom of the door. looks at a clock. Ichabod takes the cover off a lantern. Ichabod writes in his ledger. Ichabod continues his wax marking at each door. ICHABOD'S ROOM — DAY Young Masbath is seated. surrounded by crosses. EXT. INT. ICHABOD Midnight seems an appropriate time. CHURCH — NIGHT Quiet night. HALLWAY — NIGHT They move to Ichabod and Young Masbath look out. the seal will break.. TWO RIFLEMEN are on watch. ICHABOD'S ROOM — NIGHT Ichabod and Masbath are in darkness. KATRINA (o. the nearest door. low wax mark. MOVING PAST THE WINDOWS: many eyes peer out from the slats.79.

He advances. Young Masbath pulls off the ribbon. Ichabod looks. hidden. Ichabod crawls to peer from underbrush.80." AND "MELYN. ICHABOD (whispering) They are alphabetical. Ichabod brings another pile. My father's loan papers are missing." "MEGAPOLENISIS. far ahead. Across the room. Ichabod walks to shelves at Baltus' desk. EXT. blows out the lantern. "Paasch. FURTHER ON — NIGHT Ichabod stops. FOREST — NIGHT Ichabod follows." Not finding what he wants. James" "Pieter. shutting the door. ICHABOD (regarding his documents) There are none for Magistrate Philipse either. FOREST. stops.. A DOOR is HEARD OPENING and SHUTTING. light comes under the door. FOREST CLEARING — NIGHT A lantern sits on a rock. William. pages through these "LOAN AGREEMENT" parchments. On a blanket. but it is no longer in motion. Thomas" "Pos. Ichabod crosses to follow. "MARYIE. Young Masbath has the M's. ^ Lantern light moves. then continues. pointing back. (CONTINUED) . He and Young Masbath stand frozen. Then. a semi-naked MAN and semi-naked WOMAN are in the midst of rough SEX. looks through ribbon bound DOCUMENTS and hands some to Masbath. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. BALTUS' OFFICE — NIGHT Ichabod and Young Masbath enter. ICHABOD Keep looking. INT. EXT. YOUNG MASBATH There is no Masbath here. He can see the light ahead. hide in my room and bolt the door till I return. EXT.." A FLOORBOARD CREAKS.

VAN TASSEL HOUSE. eyes narrowing.. INT. YOUNG MASBATH I was getting worried. exposes his flesh. Ichabod swallows. (CONTINUED) . it's Clergyman Steenwyck. YOUNG MASBATH They are all missing. ICHABOD'S ROOM ~ NIGHT Young Masbath unlocks the door. She. slicing deep in her palm. This troubles Ichabod. sharp KNIFE behind his back. The couple keeps coupling. with the man on top. I could hear someone else walking through the house.. His grunts and gasps are particularly desperate. Who was it? ICHABOD Lady Van Tassel. smearing blood. who lays back. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. sucks the woman's bloody fingers. While you were gone. though. INT. Did you find the victims' loan agreements? No. Ichabod backs away. Never mind it. it is Lady Van Tassel. having seen more than plenty. Blood flows. Lady Van Tassel brings the blade to her own hand. trailing blood. The man lifts his head. He's all over the woman.81.. Lady Van Tassel caresses the man's chest.. in ecstasy. Ichabod crouches... Lady Van Tassel pulls the man's shirt. Going to the LAST DOOR. YOUNG MASBATH What was she doing? ICHABOD Something I really wish I had not seen. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY — NIGHT Ichabod and Young Masbath creep round a corner.raises a small. She rubs her cut hand over her partner's arching back.. neck.. Ichabod enters. YOUNG MASBATH There is more. Ichabod's eyes widen. inches closer. face.

VAN TASSEL HOUSE. The kitchen is empty. INT. Young Masbath finds one broken. YOUNG MASBATH Here. YOUNG MASBATH There are no other doors. Baltus does not approve. to himself) Katrina. Ichabod crosses to another door. YOUNG MASBATH But. what books? Where are they? (CONTINUED) . It may not be long before Lady Van Tassel returns. (to convince himself) It is absolutely nothing. Ichabod moves his lantern to make a quick search. Ichabod comes over. This is as far as she could have gone.. flecks of wax on the floor.. The wax seal is broken. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. pushes the door... crouches. Ichabod and Masbath come downstairs. ICHABOD (whispers. INT. His finger comes away with a bit of still wet wax. so her father will not find her. come. Another broken wax mark. He touches the top of a candle.. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. goes to table. Now. KITCHEN — NIGHT They enter. She comes to read books. sir. YOUNG MASBATH What books? ICHABOD Fiction plays and novels.82. FOYER AND HALL — NIGHT S. ICHABOD It is nothing. SEWING ROOM — NIGHT They enter. checking all the wax marks. the room with the elaborate loom.. INT.

. TAP. ." Fie! YOUNG MASBATH Here they are. doing the same..« and "Killian. Names are near the top: "Masbath. TAP. No books anywhere. (CONTINUED) .. he finds only old cups and silverware. Masbath brings them up. Inside it.. Ichabod pulls up a rug. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. He crawls further under the loom. unfolding blankets.Young Masbath uses a candle to look up the fireplace. PLONK.. looking around. INT. Ichabod enters. tapping on the floor. VAN TASSEL HOUSE." "Philipse. Ichabod stops. PLONK. Under the floor. numb. KITCHEN — MORNING Lady Van Tassel prepares food with two servants at the open fireplace/oven.. pulls a wooden box forward. On his knees.Young Masbath looks in a closet filled with big spools of sewing thread. He taps again.. TAP. Ichabod comes over as Young Masbath lifts a loose board. rushed. it could be just as good for the missing loan agreements....." Ichabod sits back. PLONK. quietly. SEWING ROOM ~ LATER NIGHT SEARCH MONTAGE: . He climbs under the loom. handing them to Ichabod.. TAP. Ichabod ponders this without saying anything. TAP. his heart bitterly broken. there are piles of books." "Van Garret.83. Young Masbath crawls. hollow sound. . YOUNG MASBATH If there is a secret place for books.Ichabod opens a linen cabinet.... with "LOAN AGREEMENTS..Drawers are opened and searched. INT. . YOUNG MASBATH Constable. feeling along the floorboards. who studies the spines. He comes up A Ichabod takes them. Young Masbath reaches in up to his shoulder.

ICHABOD It appears well. the gash sewn shut. No...84. close) I know you saw me. I must. tight. (crossing to him) You do have a background in the medical arts... Lady Van Tassel. ICHABOD What. ? Lady Van Tassel glances to servants. LADY VAN TASSEL She has gone out. LADY VAN TASSEL Look closer.. LADY VAN TASSEL I know you followed last night. LADY VAN TASSEL Will you look at this? I cut my hand this morning. ICHABOD Excuse me... It has already clotted. You must promise not to tell Baltus. Do you have anything to clean it with? ICHABOD It is fine. keeps her voice low. Now. Lady Van Tassel grabs Ichabod by the wrist. Katrina is not in her room. I must be going. Lady Van Tassel holds out her cut palm. don't you. distracted and nervous. (CONTINUED) S . but I am afraid it will go bad. Ichabod takes her hand. ICHABOD Where? LADY VAN TASSEL She has taken the last of our grain to be milled. Constable? ICHABOD Very little.. I sewed it myself.. LADY VAN TASSEL (whispering..

(CONTINUED) . EXT. Said I should cast you out for my own protection. If. Ichabod takes Gunpowder and climbs up. FRONT PORCH — MORNING The Baltus leads Ichabod to the porch. ICHABOD How did you hear this? BALTUS He came to me.. Please. BALTUS Constable. exasperated. There is no reason to think he will not meet with success. sees Masbath bringing the horses.. if you were to leave. or worse. have mercy. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. but she grips tighter.. ICHABOD I appreciate your concern. He runs. you might be saving your own life. He promised great violence. BALTUS That is the meeting bell already calling. across the lawn. Ichabod studies Baltus. then offers his hand. The CHURCH BELL is HEARD TOLLING far away.85. you. BALTUS Clergyman Steenwyck is calling a meeting. I thank Ichabod hurries off. Masbath runs to him. (troubled pause) I must speak honestly. sir. it is urgent that we speak. Ichabod is panicky. They shake. Lady Van Tassel goes back to work as if nothing happened. with the murder of Killian and Brom. Ichabod tries to pull away.... LADY VAN TASSEL Have mercy on me. Ichabod looks to barn. no one sees any good from you. This time he is determined to have you forced out. Ichabod pulls away just as Baltus enters. FRONT DOOR is HEARD SLAMMING.

FATHER STEENWYCK You are astonishing. Find her at all costs. People inhabit the tents. It's teeth are sharp. EXT. And. A cloaked FIGURE is kneeled at the pile. (points to doors) Out there. as planned. Katrina is at the mill. angry. INT. Quickly. you may speak. find her and bring her to meet me outside the church. Pews filled with bedding and belongings. FOREST — DAY A conjuring pile of straw burns. Constable. ICHABOD Only if I repeat them outside this room. (CONTINUED) . fast. I will if I must.86 &>\ YOUNG MASBATH (mounting his horse) What now? Where is she? ICHABOD Things have become complicated.. They ride. you tell them you feel compelled to move on to greener pastures. turning. Ride ahead. EXT. The figure turns to remove a human SKULL from a cloth bag. for all to hear. The hair is sprinkled on the fire. CHURCH — DAY In the church yard refugee camp. food is prepared over fire. Gloved hands unfold a paper filled with clippings of human hair. The HORSEMAN'S SKULL. STEENWYCK'S QUARTERS — MORNING IN THE CHURCH: it's crowded with families.... Do you truly think your ridiculous accusations frighten me? Ichabod is doing nothing to hide his disdain. The skull is placed at center in the flames. CHURCH. cut to points. . But. Or. Steenwyck comes to CLOSE the DOUBLE DOORS of his quarters.

FATHER STEENWYCK No. You will not run me out. No one will believe a word of what you say. ICHABOD Oh? Far as I can tell, a rumor does not travel alone for long here. FATHER STEENWYCK Are you a deist? Is that it? A free thinker who does not believe in divinity. ICHABOD It is only important what you are. An adulterer... FATHER STEENWYCK I am the Lord's voice in this town. ICHABOD Wallowing in sin and lust... FATHER STEENWYCK They need guidance. ICHABOD Wallowing quite literally in blood. FATHER STEENWYCK (snapping, quaking) Damn you, sir! God damn you to hell! ICHABOD He may. But, not soon enough for you, and not on your behalf. Ichabod walks. Steenwyck is humiliated. ICHABOD You are so upset now... and yet, you seemed in such good spirits last night. FATHER STEENWYCK You cannot do this. I am a man of God! ICHABOD Climb to the top of the tallest ladder you can find, Father. That is the closest you ever come to God.




Pews are packed. Steenwyck enters, walks to the altar. EVERYONE QUIETS. Steenwyck has composed himself, barely. FATHER STEENWYCK My friends... dear friends. Those of you still on your farms, I thank you for coming. He sees Ichabod near the back. THUNDER is HEARD OUTSIDE.

FATHER STEENWYCK I... I address unfortunate business. (pause) I am forced to take my leave from Sleepy Hollow. I will be moving on to do the Lord's work elsewhere. The GATHERERS MURMUR shock. EXT. Ichabod walks out. DAY


Raining hard.

Baltus and Lady Van Tassel ride. BALTUS Hurry along. The meeting has most certainly already begun. We do not want Steenwyck as our enemy.

Lady Van Tassel trails. WOOD is HEARD SPLINTERING... Just off the road, a tree falls... The trunk catches Lady Van Tassel's horse on its rear flank. The horse falls. Lady Van Tassel hits the dirt. Baltus looks back, halting. Lady Van Tassel looks up to Baltus in fear, then turns. Behind her, the Headless Horseman trots from the forest on Daredevil, stops. Calm. He takes his axe in hand. EXT. CHURCH — DAY

Storming. The meeting is letting out. Near the churchyard gate, Young Masbath rides with Katrina following on a horse cart. Ichabod walks up as Katrina dismounts. KATRINA What is so urgent? (CONTINUED)

ICHABOD Come with me. Ichabod leads her to where they can talk away from others. KATRINA Why have I not seen your face for so long? You look much better. She touches his face, but he takes her hand, places the loan agreements there. ICHABOD Explain these. I found them secreted away in the sewing room. Katrina's expression changes just so slightly to guilt. ICHABOD Why.*. why have I scrambled and run and clawed in all directions, only to find you against me? He stares at her. Katrina stares back, in a small way defeated. She looks for an out, but there is none. KATRINA I have been reading your journal. I'm sorry. I found It too fascinating to resist. (pause, ashamed) I rode to catch up with you at the Notary, out of curiosity. Before I found you though, I overheard what you were said. ICHABOD It was you there? KATRINA When... when you spoke father's name along with accusations, I could not believe it. I had to hide these... at least till I could confront him myself. ICHABOD And, what did he say? KATRINA He did not do these things. If you knew him, you would realize... ICHABOD What did he say, Katrina? (CONTINUED)

out and out. KATRINA Yes. ICHABOD Katrina. (CONTINUED) . Rain seems to pound down harder.. KATRINA Oh. after all that you have said. It does not matter survivors are still on their farms. Many people are starting to notice the confrontation. Baltus comes charging through the square on his horse. KATRINA Call me a liar.. KATRINA Speak the words.... They could be thrown off. Constable.. would that ease your suffering? Would that make it easier for you to hate me?! A TORTURED CRY is HEARD O. If I were to confess. I have seen that. then.S.. no. ICHABOD What would you have me believe? KATRINA (tiring. You share that name. No. ICHABOD The loans give the land to your father. KATRINA I have not been able to face him yet. say it. and I told you why I hid them. Please. ICHABOD The name Van Tassel is blackened. angry) If you think I am behind this. a year from now. Say it. don't dare stand looking as if you still care for me. and a murderess..90. tomorrow. what is stopping you? What has happened to your ability to transcend sentimentality? Emotions tear at him.

tries to move forward again. Ichabod backs away. running towards Katrina and Ichabod. screaming. the Horseman rides to follow. snorting. joining the swarm of townsfolk pouring into the church.. The Horseman grabs Daredevil's reins. The Horseman rides behind... clamoring in through the doors. (CONTINUED) . Amidst the churchyard panic. CHURCH — DAY Baltus makes his way in. Baltus pushes through the iron gate. KATRINA Father! Katrina runs after Baltus.. Daredevil freaks out. Far behind. watching the Horseman come.. Ichabod looks back. unwilling to enter. INT. women and children run for cover all along the square. KATRINA Father? BALTUS He killed her. BALTUS Save me. practically falling off. Women herd children into a cellar. Instant mayhem — people scatter all directions. People are still Men pass rifles from stockpiles and climb onto pews at boarded windows. then heads to the church with Masbath. into tent city. BALTUS The Horseman has killed her. axe held up. closing the gap. Baltus runs headlong to the church. He stops. Same result. The Horseman reaches the open gate and Daredevil suddenly rears up.91. shoving. Men.. fearful. HOOFBEATS are HEARD. BALTUS The Horseman is coming! He's barely hanging on. Baltus grasps Katrina.

CHURCH — DAY The Horseman circles. Great clouds of gun smoke shoot from the church.. Katrina squeezes in with Ichabod and Young Masbath just as people are forcing the doors closed. Men fire down from the belfry. CHURCH — DAY Ichabod comes away from the window. She's heading towards Baltus. the Horseman gives his axe an underhand toss to the ground inside the gate. He looks across the church to see Steenwyck closing the doors of his living quarters.. who slams against the door to Steenwyck's room. looking to panicked citizens. It's madness. BALTUS Steenwyck! At the front doors. keeping outside the fence. KATRINA Father! Ichabod goes to a window. AT THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CHURCH. under fire. Katrina searches. People outside begin pounding.. EXT. heading to the town square. the Horseman comes around. INT. Parts of the Horseman and Daredevil splatter red into the rain as slugs hit without effect. looking out between boards.. The AXE instantly BEGINS TO DEGRADE — DUST in the rain. v The Horseman rides. Baltus moves. BALTUS Damn you. CHURCH — DAY Across the yard. Steenwyck! me in! Help me! Let RIFLES BOOM LOUDLY as men at the windows begin firing.92 Baltus searches for a hiding place. EXT. . He sees Katrina moving up the aisle.

ICHABOD Stop this! Ichabod gets to Baltus' side. INT. ONE RIFLEMAN turns. Baltus is still beating Steenwyck's door when a HUGE FARMER grips Baltus angrily and throws him. trying to protect. CHURCH/TOWN SQUARE — DAY The Horseman brings Daredevil to a halt. shouting. crying out. trying to reach them. (CONTINUED) . EXT. CHURCH — DAY Rifleman shout to each other. HUGE FARMER Get out! Others join the rage. running to the opposite windows to follow the Horseman. Young Masbath grabs a rifle and leaps to join the brigade. Katrina's nearby.. dragging him and shoving Katrina aside as she approaches.. HUGE FARMER You're the one the Horseman wants. HUGE FARMER You'll kill us all! Baltus falls. pulling Baltus towards the front of the church. CHURCH ~ DAY The huge farmer shoves Baltus to the floor again. ICHABOD The Horseman cannot enter! It does not matter who he wants. Ichabod struggles to push them off. knocking over pews. Ichabod's pushing past people.93 INT. he cannot cross the gate! At the windows. yanking a large coil of ROPE off a hitching post. Why should we die for you!? KATRINA No! The huge farmer picks Baltus up.

EXT. CHURCH — DAY dragged. INT.. B a l t u s CRASHES o u t . like an arrow head. He halts at the wrought iron gate..94. h i t s t h e ground.... (CONTINUED) He SLAMS into the WINDOW. Stand off! KATRINA Father. CRASH — the harpoon-like post SPEARS through a window.. Blood streams out his mouth. CHURCH — DAY Baltus holds everyone's back with the pistol. The Horseman will not have me. the bloodied point bursting out his breast bone. Baltus looks down.. (points at Ichabod) You said it. ONE RIFLEMAN He's coming back! More panic. The rope yanks Baltus back. trailing rope tied to it. No! BALTUS We're safe here. drops the gun. Katrina screams. clutching the post with both hands... Ho! EXT. CRACK — SKEWERS Baltus from behind.. HUGE FARMER We have to save ourselves! Baltus pulls the pistol from Ichabod's holster. BALTUS The next person to lay hands on me will have a bullet. . The huge farmer moves towards Baltus. CHURCH — DAY BALTUS Get away from me! The Horseman rides past the front. reaching to yank off one POST which is pointed on top. brandishing. fired upon.

Baltus SLAMS the fence and the rope snaps. gurgling blood. Outside the fence.. Long. searching the ground.. EARLY EVENING It's getting dark. He is held there The Horseman reaches Baltus. ICHABOD (shouting back) Here! I have found her. sir? (no answer) Sir? (CONTINUED) . awkwardly. DOCTOR LANCASTER It has been a terrible jolt to her nerves. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. The corpse of Lady Van Tassel lies headless. Ichabod comes out and crosses the porch. INT. Ichabod waits. torn dress. UPSTAIRS HALL — EARLY EVENING He Doctor Lancaster comes out from where Katrina is asleep. till Ichabod makes his way through. Lady Van Tassel's arm is twisted behind. Ichabod walks to the body. wipes his sweaty face. Ichabod comes to look down a small hill. Young Masbath gets up and follows Ichabod onto the lawn. in a dirty. ICHABOD You will stay at her side? Doctor Lancaster nods.. Empty forest. isn't she. SLEEPY HOLLOW FORESTS — DAY The storm has passed. sword out. ! (looking at corpse. Ichabod walks without waiting. Daredevil runs with the rope tied around his saddle pommel. quiet and miserable) Here she is. INT.. closes the door. EXT. chops off his head. A few of the Hollow's residents are here. The sewn cut on the palm of her hand faces up. VAN TASSEL HOUSE — Ichabod walks. peaceful pause. YOUNG MASBATH She's the one who controlled the Horseman. The Horseman strides forward.95.

There are broken lanterns and barrels around the agonized. Ichabod's ledger is thrown in. Without you hanging on my coattails for a change. "Romeo and Juliet. NIGHT The whole area WESTERN WOODS. Young Masbath stops. Ichabod is seated overlooking the Hudson. just keeps staring off. absently. is bright from the light off a giant fire. then walks away. YOUNG MASBATH Won't you change your mind. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. BIRDS SING. Ichabod keeps walking. EXT. The tree is aflame.. INT. EXT. but on second thought he opens his satchel and digs out a BOOK. Young Masbath is miserable. ICHABOD I need time for thinking. The pages catch quickly. TREE OF THE DEAD — The clearing is silent. TREE OF THE DEAD — Ichabod stands holding a torch. FOREST — DAY Dawn. impressive as ever. wounded.96. The twisted tree still stands. or perhaps even more so with the alien appearance its blackened skin now affords it. The ledger is open in Ichabod's lap. smoldering. ICHABOD'S ROOM — NIGHT Ichabod packs up baggage. twisted tree. He's about to climb onto Gunpowder." EXT. EXT. DAY WESTERN WOODS. fire dancing up the trunk and through every branch to lick the sky. He stares at the beauty around him. He walks back to the fire. Ichabod watches. throws it on. sir? What can I say to convince you? (CONTINUED) . brooding through bleary eyes. FOREST — DAY (TIME CUT) He thumbs pages A fire burns in a circle of rocks. looking up. Gunpowder is tied to a tree.. Flames devour it.

ICHABOD I cannot. Ichabod closes a bag. ICHABOD This is farewell. There's nothing left for me here. throws it with others. (pause. with Gunpowder as one of its team. waits in the orchard. Only one light shines. Ichabod looks to the Manor House. I failed you. swallowing. in a second floor window. VAN TASSEL ESTATE — NIGHT A coach. who is beginning to cry. ICHABOD Nothing.. (quietly) Forgive me. You will be well cared for. EXT. They will. Ichabod hands Van Ripper money. Ichabod turns to Young Masbath. Young Masbath hugs. softening) You do not know all that has happened. (CONTINUED) . ICHABOD I am sorry. sorrow) Van Ripper and his wife will look after you. Half when we reach the city. ICHABOD Half now. Ichabod hugs back. To hell with this place and all the people here. (pause) You cannot understand.97. YOUNG MASBATH why. YOUNG MASBATH Take me with you. Van Ripper comes to meet Ichabod and Masbath.. (bends to Masbath) You should not worry. why are you like this? ICHABOD (pause. Katrina can be seen there a moment as she closes curtains. Van Ripper takes the baggage.

Van Ripper whips the reins. finding this misery unbearable. staring into the fireplace. INT. SITTING ROOM — NIGHT A plate of food sits untouched.98. heartbroken. \ VAN RIPPER Sir. How can you leave? INSIDE THE COACH. a shadow moves across the room. He goes to sit in a chair at the work table. INT.. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. this is yours. He climbs in the coach. Ichabod takes it. YOUNG MASBATH Do not go. A few people in the churchyard's tent city come out to watch it pass. TOWN SQUARE/CHURCH — NIGHT Ichabod's coach moves through the town square. He studies it. EXT. THE LONG STRAIGHT ROAD — NIGHT Van Ripper leads the coach through the stone pillars marking the entrance of Sleepy Hollow. between him and the driver slides open. Behind her. ICHABOD'S COACH — NIGHT The window Ichabod takes off his hat. sets it on the seat. He pounds twice on the coach wall. It is the bird/cage spinning toy. (offering something) The Van Tassel girl said to give it to you after you were gone. crossing his arms and resting his head. Young Masbath enters. The coach starts. EXT. looks around the empty room. OUTSIDE. Constable. Ichabod slumps back in darkness and closes his eyes. The coach picks up speed on the long straight road. INT. wiping tears. What melancholy. Ichabod releases and goes quickly away.. Young Masbath follows. . Katrina is slumped down in a chair. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. Young Masbath stops. ICHABOD'S ROOM — NIGHT The door is pushed open.

The bird cage toy's rotation slows. Katrina's body is dragged across the floor. looks out the window. DINING ROOM — NIGHT Katrina sits with her eyes closed.99.. INT. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. FOYER — NIGHT Young Masbath comes down the stairs. .. The paper disk spins. He moves to the door. Young Masbath takes notice. then pockets it and leans forward to the window at front. WHACK! — a gloved fist strikes. Now! INT. He hurries. Hello? YOUNG MASBATH Katrina? Masbath starts down a hall.. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. DOCTOR'S RESIDENCE — NIGHT The coach comes to Lancaster's. stops. Ichabod keeps spinning it. looking around meekly. images flickering until the bird appears to be inside the cage. INT. ponders it... Ichabod climbs out before it even stops fully. She sits up. like a body falling. He does not see. A tear rolls down his cheek. a FIGURE in black is behind her as she turns. in another room. Suddenly.. A BOARD is HEARD CREAKING. EXT.. ICHABOD'S COACH — NIGHT Ichabod turns the strings on the bird/cage toy. satchel in hand. turn the coach about! VAN RIPPER What did you say? ICHABOD Turn around. INT. OUTSIDE THE COACH Ichabod's face appears behind Van Ripper. Ichabod looks at it a long moment. ICHABOD'S ROOM — NIGHT A dull THUD is HEARD downstairs. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. TOWN SQUARE. ICHABOD Van Ripper.

Ichabod removes the lid from one coffin.. Ichabod pushes past. (pause) The Horseman did not do this. bloodless. DOCTOR LANCASTER What of it? Ichabod takes out one of the lenses that survived the magnification spectacles. half asleep. The neck wound is covered by a stained brown cloth. but then just looks disgusted. DOCTOR'S RESIDENCE. MEDICAL ROOM — NIGHT Ichabod enters. soft. Hold this just so. Lancaster holds the lens so that Ichabod can study the cut through it. INT.. (CONTINUED) . bends to examine the neck. THROUGH THE LENS: the gash spreads easily. comes to answer BANGING on his door. DOCTOR LANCASTER Oh. PARLOR — NIGHT Doctor Lancaster... Doctor. INT. ICHABOD Would you stay.100. Ichabod moves to the side of the coffin. lifts the hand and cuts stitches. which Ichabod unwraps. you pompous ass. taking Lancaster's lantern. ICHABOD Here. DOCTOR'S RESIDENCE. Ichabod takes a scalpel-like knife from his satchel.. ICHABOD I never examined these bodies. doctor? assistance. lifting the hand with the stitched gash on its palm. I may need Lancaster reluctantly remains. There are two coffins on the floor. ICHABOD Stains of blood. help yourself. Lancaster is about to say something indignant. I will be in bed. Ichabod stares at the dead Lady Van Tassel. ICHABOD Pardon the intrusion. ICHABOD Jagged flesh..

. VAN TASSEL HOUSE. ! The door opens and Huge Farmer points a rifle at Ichabod. DOCTOR LANCASTER What? No ICHABOD When this cut was made. pounding. damn it! (pounds. I need able men. ICHABOD NO. healing at all. and you have gone mad. (stands straight) This is not Lady Van Tassel.101. HUGE FARMER She's dead.. The Horseman is her puppet. KITCHEN — NIGHT Young Masbath enters. ICHABOD Open the door. HUGE FARMER Aren't we rid of you? ICHABOD Listen to me. Frightened people peer out from behind. .. Please. (CONTINUED) . YOUNG MASBATH Katrina. the door SLAMS open — Lady Van Tassel reaches to grab Young Masbath by the throat. INT. EXT. CHURCH/TOWN SQUARE — NIGHT * Ichabod charges up to the church doors. ICHABOD No clotting or gathering of pus. (steps forward) Is anyone here? Behind him. Lady Van Tassel has faked her death. .. Open up. this person was already dead. shouting) Lady Van Tassel is alive. The door swings shut.

\ . Katrina's hair is added and the pile is lit to burn. places the skull in the flames. taking out his pistol. Van Ripper watches the coach leave. do you have a gun? Yes. immediately points his pistol at Van Ripper. but hands the rifle over. still with his hands up. who stirs. FOREST — NIGHT ICHABOD Hurry! Ichabod climbs up. Young Masbath watches. Sorry. whips the horses. VAN RIPPER Here. ICHABOD Van Ripper. Van Ripper climbs off.102 HUGE FARMER (steps forward) Get out! Isn't it enough that you have ruined this town? Go! Ichabod backs away from the gun. She looks to Katrina. Ichabod sprints over. on his belly with his hands tied behind his back.. frustrated.. smiles. ICHABOD Ichabod In a wooded area. Lady Van Tassel whispers over the fire. Ichabod holds out his hand. At the DOCTOR'S RESIDENCE. Van Ripper is still on the coach. containing a small animal's heart with an iron nail through it... runs.. ICHABOD May I see it? Van Ripper's confused. A conjuring pile has been made. Gloved hands reach to her hair and cut off a clump with SCISSORS.. Get down. her white horse tied nearby. Nearby. Katrina lies unconscious. breathless. Lady Van Tassel takes the Horseman's skull from a bag over her shoulder. THUNDER is HEARD. Van Ripper hold up a rifle. EXT. Lady Van Tassel looks up.

EXT.. Things I wanted him to see. you are alive. FOREST — NIGHT Lady Van Tassel looks down at her. KATRINA You. are you and Young Masbath dead along with me? Katrina sees Young Masbath. THE LONG STRAIGHT ROAD ~ NIGHT Ichabod drives the coach hard ahead... EXT. Wind starts to pick up. THUNDER again. YOUNG MASBATH Then. and beyond him. wouldn't you say? It is almost over. groggy. EXT. ? (CONTINUED) . unfettered by my fate. whose body was it. as long as I govern the Horseman. But. He ran as a coward. YOUNG MASBATH She commands the Horseman. the dying fire.. LADY VAN TASSEL And.. LADY VAN TASSEL (of the wind) He rides tonight. he cannot harm me. Baltus did not stay enough to see that. WESTERN WOODS. The twisted tree opens wide with a RUMBLE — shafts of light shooting out. saw the Horseman looming over me as I fled. LADY VAN TASSEL Am I? Or. KATRINA Father saw you die.103. TREE OF THE DEAD — NIGHT The wind tosses leaves in swirls.. Katrina sits up. LADY VAN TASSEL He saw me thrown. quite beautifully done.

. (CONTINUED) . following Baltus into the woods. LADY VAN This whore will see forever very soon. whore.104. FOREST — NIGHT Lady Van Tassel admires the skull. TASSEL your mouth shut But. EXT. KATRINA No one will believe your lies. They reach it. And. going to kill you. my version of the truth will come to pass.. I worried for his safety. galloping in mid-air to the other side. there I was that fateful day. Katrina cautiously moves the hand she's supporting herself with. She picks up the Horseman's skull in her gloved hand. LADY VAN TASSEL He will have that honor. when I return to the Hollow tomorrow. feels a rock and clutches it. I did not know what he was up to. LONG STRAIGHT ROAD/VAN TASSEL ESTATE — NIGHT Ichabod guides the coach into the Van Tassel orchard. finding him on a liaison with a common servant.. LADY VAN TASSEL The precious servant girl Sarah. where he was going.. till I needed it.. I am not Not me. heading towards a chasm with no bridge. LADY VAN TASSEL Imagine my surprise. A girl who had apparently become his secret love. EXT. (faking meekness) I mean.. EXT. WESTERN WOODS — NIGHT The Horseman rides Daredevil. I killed her and kept her body hidden. a freight train of moldering flesh.

pleased) No one will suspect this sad woman who has been through such an ordeal. tomorrow is my grand performance. dazed. Masbath takes this opportunity to ease onto his knees. so overcome was I that I wandered in the Western Woods. Lady Van Tassel crouches.105. VAN TASSEL HOUSE — NIGHT Ichabod leaps from the coach. Lady Van Tassel scrambles up. Why has God forsaken her? Seeing that Lady Van Tassel lavish attention on Katrina. a glancing blow that knocks her down. FOREST — NIGHT Lady Van Tassel turns.... Oh. bounds up the porch. EXT. I saw he and Sarah attacked by the Horseman.. (CONTINUED) ICHABOD is HEARD. rubbing dirt on her face. with only the empty solace of her money and land to comfort her. Katrina runs.. having barely survived the elements. (more emoting) By sheer luck I found my way back to the Hollow. But. what do I find here. KATRINA Murderer! Katrina slings the rock — strikes Lady Van Tassel in the head.. grabs Katrina and throws her back to the ground. sweet step-daughter Katrina is dead.. that spying on my husband in his filthy indiscretion. LADY VAN TASSEL (mock sorrow) Woe is me.. helping him up. But. nearly blind from terror. ICHABOD Katrina! EXT. pity me. Katrina grips Young Masbath. astonished.. LADY VAN TASSEL (of herself.. .... ? My dear.. LADY VAN TASSEL And.

LADY VAN TASSEL Little bitch. HOOFBEATS are HEARD. ms*.. EXT. Katrina! Fast as your pretty legs will carry you. Lady Van Tassel steps hard on Katrina's ankle. in no hurry. ON THE LAWN. EXT. KATRINA Ichabod! Lady Van Tassel rolls. It makes no difference. bleeding. recovering. taking off. LADY VAN TASSEL You've been a naughty girl. VAN TASSEL HOUSE — NIGHT They flee... KATRINA (O.106. not very concerned. hearing. at the tree line. Lady Van Tassel rides her white horse. wind tossing her dress and hair. FOREST — NIGHT Katrina and Young Masbath run out from a line of trees. Katrina runs and pulls Masbath up. Young Masbath leaps to action. Behind. charging head first — into Lady Van Tassel..) (far away) Ichabod! Ichabod climbs back on the coach. Lady Van Tassel holds up the Horseman's skull. slams Ichabod comes out the open front doors. sends her backwards. LADY VAN TASSEL Run. touches her forehead. LADY VAN TASSEL Nothing will stop him now! (CONTINUED) .S. pissed. KATRINA Ichabod! YOUNG MASBATH Here we are! BEHIND IN THE FOREST. Ichabod drives towards Katrina and Masbath. wind kicks hard.

YOUNG MASBATH Here he comes! Behind. Katrina unties Masbath's hands. Ichabod reaches Katrina and Masbath. EXT. At the treeline. ICHABOD Christ. With Katrina and Masbath on board. At mid-field. Closing fast. Full speed ahead. THE LONG STRAIGHT ROAD — NIGHT The coach hits the long straight road.. Katrina and Masbath hold on as the coach shakes violently. the Horseman can be seen on the forest bordered road. KATRINA Where are we going? ICHABOD I do not know. LADY VAN TASSEL Olly-olly oxen-free! Ichabod looks back towards Lady Van Tassel. away from the house. Breakneck pace. It smashes on the trail. Masbath takes a lantern. hell on horseback. Away. I know... ICHABOD We might make it to the church. the Horseman breaks into the open. (CONTINUED) . ICHABOD Hold on.107. Ichabod turns the coach. KATRINA Masbath. crawls back to the roof. ! He ignores. reaching the rear of the coach and throwing the lantern at the Horseman. HOOFBEATS GET LOUDER.. ICHABOD Climb up! YOUNG MASBATH Lady Van Tassel.

THWACK — just missed by sword. the Horseman draws his sword. YOUNG MASBATH What can we do? ICHABOD Take the reins. It opens. The Horseman rides up. \ .. Ichabod recoils — The Horseman lets the coach get a ahead. Katrina climbs to offer her hand. ICHABOD Keep him off! Block him! Masbath guides the horses over.. ICHABOD Take it! Katrina takes the saw.108. (CONTINUED) Ichabod offers the saw. swinging. jagged SAW. fallen tree trunk.. We must do something. She releases. shifting to the other side of the trail. Ichabod backpedals. boy.. KATRINA Ichabod! Ichabod looks. falling. Behind. Ichabod slings Van Ripper's rifle over his shoulder and starts back. Ichabod opens the box. looking to Masbath. hefting out a long.. Ichabod tries for better purchase.. Katrina helps him. behind to avoid the wheels.. Ichabod gets to the luggage area at the rear.. Young Masbath takes them. coming along side. Katrina grips him. Now with both hands. He grips the coach door. Ichabod bounces. ICHABOD Damn it. ICHABOD Masbath is right. closer. struggling to open a storage box. He hangs off the side of the coach. The Horseman must fall The coach hits a large. get back here! Young Masbath slides back.

.. clinging. knocks the sword from Ichabod'sjiand as Ichabod falls back. Katrina looks back as Young Masbath guides the coach to block the Horseman again. Ichabod looks out from the coach. The Horseman re-grips with the blasted hand. reaching. Katrina takes it. Young Masbath guides Katrina as she leaps onto one horse. Young Masbath straddles the horse beside her. BOOM — the door hits a tree trunk. Ichabod throws the rifle on his way to the driver's perch. Bareback. He's reaching to the coach threshold. puts out his hand. The Horseman hangs on with his other hand.. He climbs.. ICHABOD Move forward! Katrina looks to the horses. Ichabod takes the rifle off his shoulder. dazed. climbing... aiming. The Horseman swings. The Horseman sheaths his sword. ICHABOD Help her. amazing since it now all mush and bone.. reaching to grip the back corner of the coach. BANG! — splattering the Horseman's hand point blank. Ichabod pulls himself inside. then at Ichabod. Ichabod blocks with the saw. Behind. The Horseman rises up and moves in. Young Masbath climbs down to the wooden pole connecting the coach to the bridles. ICHABOD Go! Ichabod takes the reins from Young Masbath.. Ichabod clings to the open door as branches slam him. (CONTINUED) .. the Horseman swings.109. Reins in one hand and saw in the other. bashed to pieces. taking out his sword. backhanded. Ichabod waits.. taking the saw from Katrina. riding. The Horseman dismounts...

He shoves off with his feet.110. the coach horses stop. His feet drag on the trail. hits an incline and sails off. FURTHER DOWN THE TRAIL... Katrina and Young Masbath run. clutching his previously wounded shoulder. KATRINA The church. YOUNG MASBATH What now? ICHABOD I doubt that's the end. dragging Ichabod along. ducking. They start moving. The horses detach from the coach. Through tfie tree line... ichabod pulls a bolt from the coach's hitching-rod... Young Masbath and Katrina climb off as Ichabod gets to his feet. hurting. ICHABOD He moves too fast. The coach careens out of control.. Above. helpless. He sees. The trail behind is silent.. Katrina screams.. missing. The coach hits a tree trunk and SMASHES. till a bone chilling SCREECH is HEARD. £\ Ichabod hits the bridle post. . the Hollow's massive windmill can be seen against the sky. ICHABOD There. Ichabod looks around. hanging onto straps for dear life. It flies off the trail. Ichabod unhooks a lantern off the bridle rail. throwing the Horseman. KATRINA What was that? ICHABOD His horse. close enough to kill Katrina.. He raises his sword. The Horseman swings. the Horseman comes to the driver's perch. Below.

He closes the latch just as the Horseman hits. Young Masbath helps him roll it to the trap door. low handing BRANCHES and VINES at the forest edge creep to life.111. YOUNG MASBATH It won't hold. He struggles to roll it. ICHABOD He's coming! The Horseman gallops out.. . Ichabod follows Katrina. Katrina next. ICHABOD Hurry! The Horseman readies a battle axe. Horseman dismounts. INT. The Ichabod leaps up and struggles with the heavy trap door. The Horseman's sword jabs up through a grindstone's center hole. The sword withdraws.. The door buckles.. EXT. WINDMILL FIELD — NIGHT Ichabod. heading to the windmill. WINDMILL — NIGHT He gets in. EXT. throwing leaves in his wake. Heavy. Katrina and Young Masbath book into this open area. forming a sort of black tunnel. slams it. Another HORRIBLE SQUEAL echoes. helping Young Masbath up the ladder and in.. Ichabod looks over his shoulder. A POUNDING begins. Ichabod gets under the windmill.. feet dangling. WINDMILL — NIGHT The Horseman chops at the door with his axe. Ichabod goes to a large GRINDSTONE against a wall. The Horseman is almost there.. It falls on top with a thud. parting.

112. Katrina and Young Masbath obey. I will follow. More grain dust. lining them up at the edge of the milling platform. Katrina and Young Masbath back away. EXT. Gears above begin to turn. ICHABOD (under his breath) Hopefully. ICHABOD Keep climbing. throwing sparks. The grindstone shifts. throws open the door to the roof. spinning. WINDMILL — NIGHT He gives The windmill's rotors CREAK to life.. BELOW. Ichabod crosses and climbs the ladder to the milling platform. pulling it. Open the door to the roof and wait.. Ichabod cuts holes into the grain bags. INT.. searching. To the left is the crooked staircase. so milled grain spills out and falls to the floor. Ichabod pulls bags of grain. The Horseman's axe pries at the seam of the trap door.. ABOVE. KATRINA Ichabod. ICHABOD Get up those stairs. He grabs one open bag and dumps it. Above. He grasps a wooden lever. a plan forming. WINDMILL — NIGHT His axe **• Katrina looks down from the stairs. Ichabod holds his lantern up. . Ichabod picks up a bailing hook. the Horseman keeps chopping. is the milling platform. INT. his lantern to Katrina and points. to the right. Young Masbath reaches the ceiling. desperate for ideas. where grain is ground and bagged. exposes grindstone. WINDMILL — NIGHT POUNDING CONTINUES. UNDER THE WINDMILL. creating dust.

The Horseman just misses the final rung. the Horseman sticks a hand through.. INT. The Horseman climbs the chain...113. swings it with effort... EXT. EXT. about to break. Below.. on the milling platform. but Ichabod grabs it.. busting the door. Ichabod runs across the platform. swinging. the Horseman lands Ichabod is loosing grip. WINDMILL ROOF — NIGHT Rotors spin behind them. trying to push the grindstone aside. WINDMILL — NIGHT Ichabod slices into a sack hanging from a pulley system. (CONTINUED) . Won't be long... throws.. pulling it up. Ichabod grasps the frail rail of the staircase. No way to climb down from the milling platform and get there. SLAMMING the Horseman down.. INT. The bag smashes on the grindstone. Behind.. Ichabod grabs one half-full bag of grain. Masbath and Katrina come out. WINDMILL — NIGHT Ichabod sees below. Young Masbath races down the stairs.. then withdrawing. The rail creaks. Katrina shouts from above. Ichabod throws the ladder aside as the Horseman backs off. barely. He pulls Ichabod up. The Horseman runs and leaps. Ichabod looks to the staircase. WINDMILL — NIGHT The grindstone falls through.. jumps. the Horseman enters. YOUNG MASBATH Look out! The Horseman moves toward the ladder milling platform ladder. grabs his hand.. The HACKING axe continues. grabbing a hanging chain.. More and more dust rises.

.. points) Get to the crest of the roof and be ready to jump.... Grabs the staircase rail. ICHABOD No.. runs across the milling platform and leaps. WINDMILL — YOUNG MASBATH Jump where? \ NIGHT The Horseman runs. EXT. (CONTINUED) . following Ichabod's lead. agile. Face front and wait for me. Ichabod's pistol slips from its holster and falls. ICHABOD We have no choice. Katrina helps them onto the roof.114. Jump? INT. I can't do this.. EXT. Ichabod pushes Masbath up the stairs. WINDMILL ROOF — NIGHT >. Ichabod moves back to the trap door. close it. crashing below. up stairs. ICHABOD The blades will carry us to the ground. only a few feet from Ichabod and Masbath. The Horseman falls in billowing dust. (takes lantern. KATRINA I. The Horseman. Ichabod kicks the rail. Katrina and Young Masbath look at the rotors. breaking it.. Ichabod and Young Masbath look. WINDMILL ROOF — NIGHT Ichabod shepherds Katrina and Young Masbath to the edge where the rotors spin close. KATRINA Quickly. and down at the long distance between them and the ground.

WINDMILL — NIGHT The Horseman continues up. Engulfing the Horseman. WINDMILL. filling the windmill. doors and seams. Lightning flashes across the sky. THUNDER RUMBLES. Masbath drops.. lighting up the night..115. Katrina and Ichabod hang on as the entire structure trembles. A bolt strikes the windmill. The lantern falls past. Masbath. EXT. Ichabod ushers them across the field.. ICHABOD Okay. holding his shoulder.. gasping. They all look at each other in disbelief a moment. Ichabod releases Katrina. The rotor begins its downwards swing. WINDMILL — NIGHT The lantern hits the ground and shatters. Ichabod struggles to hold the frame with one hand and keep a grip on Katrina... On the rattling rotor. uphill. They hit one rotor and cling to the frame and cloth. INT. WINDMILL ~ NIGHT The rotor is halfway to its lowest point. then drops... NIGHT Ichabod grips Katrina and jumps. the windmill and runs. and it EXPLODES.. Running.. ROOF — Young Masbath jumps. Ichabod throws the lantern into. standing. come on. They hit the ground.. Ichabod lets out a sort of rasping laugh. Ichabod rolls. ICHABOD Be ready.. EXT. ICHABOD Now! INT. BOOM — flames shoot out the windows. (CONTINUED) ••- . FLAMES EXPLODE! Grain dust is consumed instantaneously — FLAMES ROAR upwards.

. Splinters of ^ ACROSS THE FIELD. Ichabod keeps Masbath behind him. Lady Van Tassel grabs Katrina's hair. Lady Van Tassel's white horse roams free. reaches to his holster. shoving off burning debris. Lady Van Tassel spins and throws Katrina in the cart.... I think I will. He moves forward. LADY VAN TASSEL You cannot kill what is already dead.. SLAMS Ichabod in the chest and sends him down. There is a WOODEN CART parked ahead. yes.. Constable. holds them to Katrina's neck. the Horseman strides from the wreckage. swings a plank. The rotors bust apart. no. Ichabod.. LADY VAN TASSEL See him. Ichabod stumbles onwards. furious.. or I kill her. (CONTINUED) Lady . . IN THE WINDMILL RUBBLE.. LADY VAN TASSEL Should have stayed away. Young Masbath and Katrina are just past the cart when Lady Van Tassel rises from behind it.116 SHOCKWAVE DEAFENING. shoving against it. Katrina ceases struggling. Van Tassel shoots a glance. ACROSS THE FIELD.. only to find it empty. burning wood spin all directions.. but notices something horrible.. Far off. ICHABOD (as this registers) Oh. She takes out scissors. ICHABOD Let her go! LADY VAN TASSEL Yes.. Ichabod gets up slow. His flame-ravaged uniform smolders. drags her. Katrina and Young Masbath keep running. In the distance. LADY VAN TASSEL Keep back. the Horseman rises.. keeps his distance.

The Horseman shoves the empty cart aside. DOWNHILL. ICHABOD NO! The cart rolls downhill. Katrina leaps out from the cart. DOWNHILL. Ichabod sees the skull. sending the Horseman's skull rolling out. still on the move. brandishing the scissors. raises his sword. taking her by the hair as she falls to her knees and screams. He runs towards the Horseman and Katrina. UPHILL. rolls... headed for the Horseman. UPHILL... She lands hard. He falls. The Horseman is catching up. Lady Van Tassel hits the ground and her bag falls open.. Ichabod scrambles to his feet.BAM . the cart picks up speed.. slashing and missing.. She's out. puts all his fury behind his fist — punches her in the face. The skull rolls. DOWNHILL. grasps the Horseman's skull. UPHILL.117. DOWNHILL. Lady Van Tassel turns.... Lady Van Tassel grabs Ichabod by the ankle. (CONTINUED) . UPHILL. landing far away. Ichabod throws the skull. He runs towards it. Katrina struggles. Ichabod backs off....hits her in the head with the wooden plank. The Horseman starts running to meet it. but the Horseman holds her ready by her hair. UPHILL. stabbing. LADY VAN TASSEL Say goodbye to her. DOWNHILL.. Ichabod moves forward. Ichabod tries to pull free from Lady Van Tassel. Young Masbath comes behind her . Lady Van Tassel grins. Lady Van Tassel lunges. Ichabod avoids.. Katrina runs back... the Horseman catches Katrina. Ichabod runs.

watching in awe. He is made whole once more. pulls her up across Daredevil's back. to its rightful place. Ichabod looks to Young Masbath. He rides away with her. He looks to Ichabod and Katrina.. SCREECHING. Young Masbath backs up as the Horseman comes. The Horseman's reformation continues.. Daredevil rides up. they back away from the Horseman. ICHABOD How are you? YOUNG MASBATH Tired. human face we saw in Baltus' stories. The Horseman replaces his sword and climbs into the saddle. They look at each other.. Group hug. touches his restored face. but passes them by. Ichabod runs to meet her. exhausted. THUNDER POUNDS. Liquids become solids. Muscle forms. s.. but the Horseman does not want him either. Katrina runs. reaches up. Catches the skull. Together. The Horseman drops Katrina. the same evil. Ichabod smiles and holds out his arm. Lightning brightens the farmland around them. then kiss gratefully. then brings it to his shoulders. TRANSFORMATION begins — blood and flesh rise up from the Horseman's throat and grip the skull. grabs her as she falls. Young Masbath drops the plank. They are so exhausted they fall down. Masbath comes over. The Horseman holds the skull out.118 ICHABOD Horseman! The skull spins through the air. Ichabod and Katrina watch him go. The Horseman leans to grab Lady Van Tassel's unconscious form. . He rides towards Katrina and Ichabod..

Young Masbath sticks his head out. goes and opens the coach door.. Daredevil picks up speed. entering the tree. She turns her The twisted tree's wound opens. BURIAL GROUND — NIGHT HOOFBEATS. EXT. The sewn wound on her palm seeps blood. busy day in New York. She screams. A coach pulls up to Ichabod's home. At the tree. striking the Horseman. SKELETONS OF LIGHT. WESTERN WOODS.119. keeping a hand on Lady Van Tassel. NEW YORK CITY STREET.. the twisted tree awaits. Silence and smoke. THE END . and they look down the street in wonder. Next. Ahead. Ichabod is the driver. He gets off. Lady Van Tassel is awakening. ICHABOD'S HOME — DAY A bright. Daredevil leaps just as a lightning bolt blasts down. Katrina holds Young Masbath's hand. Lady Van Tassel's hand sticks out from the tight-shut suture. Horseman and horse are transformed. He helps Katrina down. Ichabod goes about unloading bags. wide and glowing. face bloody. The Horseman enters the clearing. EXT. head and looks forward. For an instant.