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Act 4 Scene 1 Enter Friar and Paris Friar: Married on Thursday?

But that's two days from now! Paris: That's how my future father-in-law Capulet wants it, and I'm not dragging my feet. Friar: You say you do not know the lady's mind. Uneven is the course; I like it not. Paris: She's grieving too much over the death of Tybalt, so I haven't had the chance to talk to her about love. Romantic love doesn't happen when people are in mourning. Now, sir, her father thinks it's dangerous that she allows herself to become so sad. He's being smart by rushing our marriage to stop her from crying. She cries too much by herself. If she had someone to be with her, she would stop crying. now you know the reason for the rush. Enter Juliet Friar: I wish I didn't have reasons to delay the weddin- Oh look! It's Bella. Paris: I'm happy to meet you, my lady and my wife. Juliet: You can all me that when I'm your wife. Paris: That shall be, my love, on Thursday. Friar: True, true. Juliet: Whatever. Paris: Have you come to make confession to this father? Juliet: There is something I have to tell you first. Paris: Don't deny to him that you love me. Juliet: I love Tybalt (Romeo?) Paris: You will also confess, I'm sure, that you love me. Juliet: It would mean more to say it behind your back. Paris: You poor soul, your face has suffered many tears. Juliet: My face was ugly enough even before the tears. Paris: You're treating your face even worse by saying that. Juliet: It's not an insult, it's the truth. Paris: Your face is mine, and you have insulted it. Juliet: You're right; I don't even own my face. Are you available now Mr. Jefferson or should I come back later? Friar: Yes Bella, I have time. Paris, would you leave us alone for now? Paris: God forbid that I should prevent sacred devotion! Bella, I will wake you early on Thursday. Until then, good-bye and keep this holy kiss. Exit Paris Juliet: O, shut the door and let my cry. This is beyond and hope! Since you, being so wise cannot help, at least say how great a plan this is. I'm already married by you to Romeo and before I'm married to another man, I'll kill myself first. Friar: I already know what you're sad about. You don't want to marry Paris. Juliet: O, I'll do anything to be a pure wife to my sweet love!

Mother. Nurse. Forgive me. then they're bad cooks. Exit Juliet with Friar Act 4 Scene 2 Enter Capulet. I'll do whatever you say from now on. I'll send the letter A. Enter Juliet Nurse: Look. Goodbye Mr. Capulet: Hooray! Let's celebrate by moving the wedding to tomorrow! Juliet: I already met him in Mr. Meanwhile. Jefferson instructed me to fall on my knees and beg for your forgiveness. it will knock you out and make you seem dead from the outside. Juliet: Give me the vial. Hire 20 cooks.Jefferson. so I'll get them to try their own food! Capulet: Get out. Serving Man: Only the best for you sir. Give it to me! Don't talk to me about fear! Friar: Now go! Be strong. Capulet: Well maybe he did her some good. will you help me pick what to wear tomorrow? Mother: No. God bless Mr. Juliet: Love will give me the strength to accomplish the plan. We'll arrive at church tomorrow. where you'll wake up and escape with Romeo. Jefferson! Juliet: Angela. We have time. Jefferson's classroom. Jefferson? Nurse: Yes. Take this. Exit Serving Man [To Nurse] Capulet: Did Bella go to see Mr. yes she did. she's come home from confession with a happy look on her face! Capulet: Why do you seem so happy? Juliet: I've went and learned that disobedience is a horrible thing.A. I beg you. Mr.S. Capulet: Go with her Angela.P. I'll send a letter to Romeo telling him about the plan. I'll make sure they're the best cooks in town! Capulet: How can you be so sure? Serving Man: If they won't try their own food.Friar: Hold on! I can help you if you want to avoid marrying Paris. and Serving Man Capulet: (to serving man) Invite all these people to the wedding. drink it right before you go to bed. After they think you're dead they'll take you to the Capulet tomb. Capulet: I'm overjoyed about all this. I have much planning to do. not till Thursday. Good ones. Exit Juliet and Nurse . I showed him respect while being modest.

no. There will be bones hundreds of years old in that tomb. I'll be surrounded by death and darkness. my ancestors' bones.. Becky. no. hold these keys. this knife will stop it. do you mind getting some icing sugar? Nurse: They're calling for dates and quinces in the pastry kitchen. You know how messed up my life is. I drink to you! [ drinks from vial ] Act 4 Scene 4 Enter Mother and Nurse Mother: Hey. here's the vial.. and his corpse will be rotting. Enter Capulet . I'd like to be alone now. we've just sorted out what I'll be wearing tomorrow. It's like there is no life in me. Capulet: Shh.. GO TO BED. freshly entombed. Mother: Are you alright. Lie down right there. Now I'm freaked out. Angela! No. I wake up before Romeo comes to save me? That's a frightening idea. Also. please let me be alone tonight. Enter Mother Mother: Good night. Let Angela go ahead and help you with the wedding prepartions. but Angela. If it's ok. [lays down the knife] What if Mr. when I am put in the tomb.Romeo! Here's a drink. Alright. do you need my help? Juliet: No. Act 4 Scene 3 Enter Juliet and Nurse Juliet: This is very pretty. it shouldn't be poison because he is a trustworthy guy.Mother: Wedding caterer and the photographer won't be ready. What if. There's no healthy air to breath in there. What if this mixture doesn't work at all? Will I be married tomorrow morning? No. I want some time alone to pray so the heavens will bless me. get some rest. I'll be up all night making sure everything's ready. It's almost night. this is a desperate measure that I have to do alone. Tybalt's body will be in there. you need it. It will be terrible. Only God knows when we'll meet again. Will I die of suffocation before Romeo comes? Or if I live. Exit Mother and Nurse Juliet: [with vial] Goodbye. I'll call them back for comfort. It'll be fine. Jefferson mixed the potion to kill me? Is he worried that he will be disgraced if I marry Paris after he married me to Romeo? And yet.

what a sad day! . Hey. you lazy bones! Hey. Mind you. I bet. Hurry up. sad day! Look. I'll go and chat with Paris. Get yourself a week's worth of sleep. Enter Nurse Nurse: Go. Peter will point them out.Capulet: Let's go! Let's go! It's three o'clock! Nurse: Go you old housewife. How sound asleep she is! I must wake her up. Exit Mother and Nurse. I still keep an eye on you. go. wake Bella. Capulet: Hurry up. I must wake you up. without ever having to bother Peter! Exit First Fellow Capulet: Well said. hurry up. bride! What. Madam! (x3) Yes. I say! All exit Act 4 Scene 5 Nurse enters Juliet's room Nurse: Mistress! Hey. He'll wake you up. God forgive me. lamb! Hey. look. won't he? What? You're still dressed in all your clothes? But you're still asleep. love I say! Madam! Sweetheart! Hey. Tomorrow night. You'll be sick tomorrow because you've stayed up all night! Capulet: Heck no! I need to see this! Mother: You use to be quite the skirt chaser when you were young. Go and get dressed. Enter First Fellow Capulet: She's jealous. Second Fellow: I'll be able to find the logs on my own. I bet. go to bed dear. Hey. Get drier logs. Mistress! Bella! I bet she's fast asleep. Lady! (x3) Oh no! (x2) Help! (x2) My lady's dead! Oh curse the day that I was born! Ho! Get me some brandy! My lord! My lady! Enter Mother Mother: What is with this noise? What happened? Nurse: Oh. Count Paris won't let you get much rest. What do you guys have? First Fellow: Things for the cook sir. Alright and Amen. hurry up! The bridegroom is already here. lady! Hey. you don't say a word? You take your beauty sleep now. let the count take you in your bed.

First Musician: We might just pack up. Capulet: Everything we set up is now ruined! Friar: Everyone go home and prepare for the funeral. First Musician: This isn't the time to be playing music! Peter: So you won't? First Musician: No.... [To the musicians] Nurse: Honest good boys. First Musician: What an annoying guy that was. Oh love! Oh life! There is no life but my love is dead. My only child. Friar: Calm down.Mother: My darling. One poor living child. killed! Death. she's dead. Saddest hour that time has ever seen in this infinite voyage. let's go play some music. spited. Cruel Death killed her. divorced. Enter Capulet Capulet: Where's Bella? Paris is here! Nurse: She's dead. Oh play me some merry song to comfort me. Life is not worth living if my precious can't wake guys suck.. The only sunshine I had in my life and she is dead and taken away from me! Capulet: Why did she have to die? Paris: She was tricked. As your know. play "Heart's Ease" for me please! First Musician: Why "Heart's Ease"? Peter: Because my heart itself plays "My Heart is Full of Woe". She died last night! Paris: Have I waited so long to see this morning only to see this?!? Mother: This cursed terrible tragic day. Anyway. tricked her. this is a sad case. she's in a better place now. ah.. deceased. Yeah.. I'm outta here. by my loyalty the case will be fixed! Enter Peter Peter: O Musicians. we can stay around for the free food! . curse the day! Mother: Curse this day! She's dead! Bella's dead! Capulet: Let me see her. Peter: . put 'em away. Nurse: Oh. the most despicable thing.. wronged. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO etc. sad day! Mother: It wasn't her time! Capulet: Death will not let me speak! Enter Friar and Paris Friar: Is the bride ready? Capulet: She is ready to be buried.