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Quality Assurance Services

The success of every design approach will rely on the quality of the components used in its operations. A drill string has multiple components and several complex specialty tools, and the failure of any one can lead to costly rig down time and financial loss. These problems can be prevented with quality oversight by a third party. A commitment to specification, implementation and monitoring of quality standards will reduce equipment failures and total operating cost. Our quality assurance services range from third-party witness of inspection procedures, to comprehensive quality plans for multi-well projects.

Well-Specific Quality Well Assurance
Every well is different, presenting unique challenges. Each has hidden risks, including the danger of mechanical or structural failure during drilling. Ensuring the integrity of your drilling equipment is an essential step in mitigating this risk of downhole failure while operating. Whether drill string, landing string or casing & tubing, Reliant can recommend and execute the optimal quality assurance plan for your drilling program. Based on the criticality of your operation, we will define the necessary inspection plan and third-party monitoring party requirements to best balance your investment in quality assurance with the likelihood of failure. Some of the Industry standards that we regularly use are NS NS-2, DS-1, API NS-1, RP7G-2/ RP7G ISO 10407-2:2008. We will also work directly with your vendors to ensure timely delivery of equipment to the rig. Our attention to detail to quality at the individual tool level can help you avoid costly non nonproductive time as you drill your well.

Third Party Inspection
At Reliant we have professionals with the experience to provide the surveillance that your company requires. Our inspectors specialize in Pressure Control Equipment, Drill Pipe, Fishing and Drilling Jars, Liner Hangers, Thru Tubing Interventions, Completion Systems, Tubular Running Services, Drilling Services, and Sub Sea. Reliant will help you identify the proper witness, hold, monitor and review points in your quality assurance plan. Our detailed reporting will keep your company up to date at all times.

Our objective is to minimize risk and cost to maximize the value of quality assurance initiatives. With our main office in Singapore we service all of the Asia Pacific Region.

Contact us in the planning stages of your well to address quality management for the following equipment types:
• • • Drill String Components Specialty Tools Lifting & Handling Equipment • • • Landing String Components DST Tools Pressure Control Equipment • Mill surveillance services for drill pipe manufacturing

By relying on our experience and technical expertise to provide actionable audit findings. internal procedure or other standard for operation. but we specia specialize in identifying and addressing issues at the vendor shop level.Infrastructure Support From challenging single-well projects. our field technicians can help you prioritize your quality requirements and adjust to changing conditions while you focus on drilling your well. Vendor Quality Audits Reliant covers a broad range of activities. Whether using an industry specific standard. This attention to both high-level quality organization and fieldlevel third-party monitoring helps ensure that the equipment delivered to your rig will be fit for the purpose you intend. to long-term multi-rig development programs. from wholesale review of quality systems to technical reviews of tool tool-assembly procedures. Contact us to learn more about our approach to quality audits for: • • • • Specialty Tool Providers Inspection Facilities Machine Shops Rental Tool Suppliers We can also perform audits on manufacturers and other vendor types as required by your quality needs Our Address: 12 Arumuga Road #02-07A Arumugam Lion Building B Singapore 409958 Tel. At Reliant. you will have the information you need to drive quality improvement initiatives within your infrastructure. we have professionals qualified to perform audits at both ends of this spectrum. are available upon request. +65-6848-4352 Fax. Certifications/Qualifications. With support from our technical +65-6848-4342 sales@reliant. Detailed training files. our auditor will compare actual practice to written documentation to measure supplie compliance supplier as defined by your requirements. Reliant inspectors are placed in country as required through a chain of local offices and representatives in Asia Pacific. we will work with your team to define and implement quality assurance plans that best fit the needs of the local .