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EXPERIMENT # 05 To verify link polygon method for various Coplanar Forces

• • To find forces in link polygon by graphical method. To check validity of law of polygon.

Theoretical Background:Law of polygon:
It states that “if there are some coplanar forces acting at a point & also system is in equilibrium, then by taking suitable scale, we can draw polygon & so find the resultant forces. This is graphical method for finding the forces in polygon by constructing it according to the suitable scale.

Procedure: Take a sheet & attach it to the board. Now draw points with the help of mirror. Make polygon by joining these points. Draw parallel sides of the pentagon by suitable scale. Find the tension in the string by measuring sides with the scale & converting them back into forces. Result and conclusion: The results which are obtained from this experiment are not purely accurate because many errors & omissions are there in this graphically method. Graphical method is an approximate method.