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Which of the followings is/are associated with the formation of the Indian States? 1. Fazal Ali 2. SK Ghar 3. JBP Committee 4. KM Panikkar (a) 1 & 2 (b) 1, 2, & 3 (c) all of the above (d) none of these 2. With which one of the following movements is the slogan Do or die associated? (a) Swadeshi Movement (b) Non-Cooperation Movement (c) Civil Disobedience Movement (d) Quit India Movement 3. Which gas contributes the highest in the Green House gases? (1) CO2 (2) Methane (3) SO2 (4) Chlorofluorocarbon (a) 1 & 2 (b) only 1 (c) only 2 (d) all of the above 4. The deepest oceanic trench Mariana is located in (a) Atlantic Ocean (b) Arctic Ocean (c) Pacific Ocean (d) Indian Ocean 5. Which of the following lists of countries give the highest Fish producers list in the descending order? (a) India, Japan, Peru, Brazil (b) China, Peru, India, Japan (c) Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Australia (d) South Africa, China, Japan, Thailand 6. Who are the four Rajput clans described in Prithviraja-Raso of Chanda Bardai, who are said to have emerged from fire-pit of Mount Abu ? (a) Pratiharas, Chahamanas, Gahadavalas, Kalachuris (b) Paramaras, Chandelas, Chahamanas, Chalukyas (c) Chahamanas, Kalachuris, Chandelas, Pratiharas (d) Pratiharas, Chahamanas, Chalukyas, Parmaras 7. Which of the Union Territories of India takes/take part in the Presidential Election of the Indian President? (a) only Delhi (b) Delhi & Puduchery (c) all the UTs (d) none of the UTs 8. Which of the following Committees has been constituted by the Indian Government to speed up the flow of FDI in India? (a) N.K.Singh Committee (b) B.K.Gupta Committee (c) P.K.Sen Committee (d) C.K.Gupta Committee

Which one of the following began with the Dandi March? (a) Home Rule Movement (b) Non-Cooperation Movement (c) Civil Disobedience Movement (d) Quit India Movement 12. Match the following: List I List II A. 3 & 4 (d) only 4 10. Which was the first State to be created on linguistic basis? (a) Andhra Pradesh (c) Assam (b) Bombay (c) Gujarat 16. Wikipedia 1. Wikileaks 4. Which of the following is/are matched correctly? (1) D Uday Kumar Rupee Symbol (2) Amartya Sen The Idea of Justice (3) Prince William Duke of Cambridge (a) 1 and 2 (b) 2 and 3 (c) 1. Jack DeRochy B.9. 2 and 3 (d) none 14. Mark Zukerberg D. Jimmy Wales C. Which day is set to be observed as the Voting Day of India? (a) December 25 (b) January 25 (c) February 25 (d) June 25 11. Facebook 2. Julian Assange A B (a) 2 (b) 2 (c) 2 (d) 1 C 4 3 1 2 D 3 1 3 3 1 4 4 4 13. Which of the following gets affected by Polio? (a) Blood . Twitter 3. How many of the 25 Hot spots of Biodiversity recognized worldwide are situated in India? (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 0 15. Which of the following pairs is/are correctly matched? (1) Ratnavali Rajasekhara (2) Nagananda Harsha (3) Mudrarakshasa Visakhadatta (4) Mrichchhakatika Sudraka (a) 1 (b) 1 & 2 (c) 2.

V.A. (c) 12. J. (b) 15. Nayak (d) Union bank Chairman M. (d) 7. (b) 6. Nair Answers: 1. (b) 11. P. Which operation was started by the British Government to arrest the leaders of Quit India Movement ? (a) Operation Reander Paste (b) Operation Zero Hour (c) Operation Thunderbolt (d) Operation Blue Star 20. (d) 3. (b) 18. (a) . (b) 2.(b) Liver (c) Spinal Cord and Bone marrow (d) all of the above 17. Mr. (a) 9. Who of the following has been chosen for Man of the Booker 2010 ? (a) Mario Vagosi (b) Havard Jacobson (c) Grant Matin (d) David Kalley 18.Ramaswami Mudaliar (c) Axis bank Chairman. (a) 16. (c) 14. Which of the Indian Universities is the only university of India to be named in the Top 10 University s list for 2010 by the UN? (a) JNU (b) Delhi University (c) Calcutta University (d) Annamalai University 19. (a) 13. (b) 8. (c) 10. (c) 4. (c) 20. (c) 5. Deepak Parekh (b) ICICI Limited. (c) 19. Which Indian received the Outstanding Achievement Award 2010 by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales? (a) HDFC chairman. (c) 17.

Q. 3. The Rowlatt Act 4. 2. 2 and 4 (b) 3 and 4 (c) 1. Q. The Introduction on Dyarchy 3. Q. Who is the founder of the BPO firm. The Lucknow Pact 2. Low import growth rate in India-Recession in India industry 3. (b) 2. 2. Portfolio investment-Foreign institutional investors. 2. Q. 4 4. 1 : (b) 3. The Partition of Bengal Codes : (a) (b) (c) (d) Ans 1. 1. 2 1. What was the theme for International Museum Day 2011? (a) Museum and Memory (b) Museums for social harmony (c) Museums as agents of social change and development (d) Museums and Universal Heritage Ans: (a) 5. 4 4.1. 3. 3. (a) . What is the correct sequence of the following events? 1. Q. Which one of the following is not explicity stated in the constitution of India but followed as a convention ? (a) The Finance Minister is to be a Member of the Lower House (b) The Prime Minister has to resign if he loses majority in the Lower House (c) All the part of India are to be represented in the Councils of Ministers (d) In the event of both the President and the Vice-Precident demitting office simultaneously before the end of the tenure the Speaker of the Lower House of the Parliament will officiate as the President Ans. Increase in-Monetary expansion 2. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched ? 1. International Museum Day (IMD) was observed on 18 May 2011. Genpact who declared to step down as president and CEO of the firm? (a) Pramod Bhasin (b) N V Tyagarajan (c) Jack Welch (d) Bob Pryor Ans: (a) 4. 3 and 4 Ans. 3. Codes : (a) 1. 2 and 3 (d) 1. Euro-issues-Shares held by Indian Companies in Europian countries 4. 2.

it means that : (a) the polling was very poor (b) the election was for a multi-member constituency (c) the elected candidate s victory over his nearest rival was very marginal (d) a very large number of candidates contested the election Ans. Q. If in an election to a State Legislative Assembly the candidate who is declared elected loses his deposit. Q. (a) 11. According to the SportsPro magazine. Corporation tax : (a) is levied and appropriated by the States (b) is levied by the Union and collected and appropriated by the States (c) is levied by the Union and shared by the Union and the States (d) is levied by the Union and belongs to it exclusively Ans. Total internal reflection can take place when light travels from : (a) diamond to glass (b) water to glass (c) air to water (d) air to glass Ans. which Indian cricketer pipped the likes of tennis superstar Rafael Nadal and iconic basketball player Kobe Bryant to be among 10 most marketable sportspersons in the world? (a) Mahendra Singh Dhoni (b) Sachin Tendulkar (C) Yuvraj Singh (d) Virat Kohli Ans: (a) 8. Q. Q. Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion etc. (Article 15 of the Constitution of India) is a Fundamental Rights classifiable under : (a) the right to Freedom of Religion (b) the right against Exploitation (c) the Cultural and Educational Rights (d) the right of equality Ans. (d) .6. (d) 7. Q. An air bubble in water will act like a : (a) Convex mirror (b) Convex lens (c) Concave mirror (d) Cancave lens Ans. (d) 10. Q. (d) 9.

Intrnational finance Corporation 3. Which one of the following mountain ranges is spread over only one State in India? (a) Aravalli (b) Satpura (c) Ajanta (d) Sahyadri Ans. International Devlopment Association 4. Q. Q.12. Q. 2. Which one of the following is incorrect in respect of Local Government in India ? (a) According to the Indian Constitution. China on 9 May 2011? (a) M C Mary Kom (b) Kim Myong Sim (c) Tossamalee Thonalan (d) Pavitra Ans: (a) 13. International Monetary Fund Codes : (a) 1. (d) 17. Name the Five-time World champion who won gold in the final of the Asian Cup Women's Boxing tournament in Haikou. local government is not an independent tier in the federal systems (b) 30% of the seats in local bodies are reserved for women (c) Local government finances are to be provided by a Commission (d) Elections to local bodies are to be determined by a Commission Ans. International Bank for Reconstruction and Devlopment 2. (c) . Q. The Indian subcontinent was originally part a huge mass called : (a) Jurrasic land mass (b) Aryavarta (c) Indiana (d) Gondwana continent Ans. Q. (b) 14. Which action plan was signed by India and Uzbekistan in New Delhi on 16 May 2011? (a) Tourism Cooperation (b) Defence Cooperation (c) Trade Cooperation (d) Science and Technology Cooperation Ans: (a) 16. Q. 3 and 4 Ans. (a) 15. 2 and 3 (b) 1 and 2 (c) 3 and 4 (d) 1. Which of the following constitute the World Bank ? 1.

Marathas (d) Battle of Kharda. Q. The world Adivasi was used for the first time to refer to the tribal people by : (a) Mahatma Gandhi (b) Thakkar Bappa (c) Jyotiba Phule (d) B.18. For the first time in history the most valuable PSU of India registered a zero percent production growth in 2010-11. What is the name the PSU? (a) Coal India (b) ONGC (c) Indian Oil (d) Hindusthan Petroleum Ans: (a) . Clive (b) Battle of wandrwash-French vs. East India Company (c) Battle of Chilianwala-Dalhousie vs.Mir Jafar vs. East India Company Ans : (b) 19. Q.R. Ambedkar Ans : (b) 20. Q. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched? (a) Battle of Buxar.Nizam vs.

x means + and + Q. if L. In a team. means x . then the loss percent would be (a) 25% (b) 20% (c) 30% (d) 45% (a) Q. Cost price of 15 Computers is equal to the selling price of 20 Computers. by what percent would his profit increase? (a) 25% (b) 60% (c) 40% (d) 45% (b) Q. 40° (c) Q.(a .{c . The remaining boys. Then the area swept by the minute hand in one minute will be (a) 22 12 cm2 (b) 23 10 cm2 . The value of a .B and L.means . In triangle ABC. eight boys play Chess.[b . who represent 7 times the square root of the strength of the tem.b . If 80 40 + 20 = ? . 40° (c) 30°. What is the strength of the team? (a) 36 (b) 16 (c) 64 (d) 100 (c) Q.b-c (c) 1 (d) ° (c) Q. If he were to add 10% artificial matter to the leather. A businessman makes a profit of 20% on the sale of leather. 216. then L.A = 1200 and AB = BC.C will be respectively (a) 60°. 30° (b) 30°. The length of the minute hand of a clock is 12 cm. 30° (d) 20°. play Mouth organ. then 40 × 120 means (a) 80 (b) 120 (c) 60 (d) 0 (d) Q.c)}j is (a) a+ b+c (b) a .

(c) 24 12 cm2 (d) None of the above (d) Q. Red is called Blue. In a row of children facing North. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. f(x) = log x then the value of f(x) + f(y) is (a) f(xy) (b) f(x+ y) . Black is called White. 3 & 4 (d) none of the above (c) Q. Ravi is fifth to the left of Shamika and is twentieth from the left end. 240 2. 250 3. Total how many children are there in the row ? (a) 39 (b) 38 (c) 37 (d) Cannot be determined (b) Q. 270 4. White is called Red. Which is the one that does not belong to the group ? (a) Silver (b) Gold (c) Nickel (d) Brass (d) Q. Shamika is third to the right of Nikhil who is seventeenth from the right end of the row. 3. In a certain code EXTRA is written as % 5 # 73 and NOSE is written as 4 @ 8%. How many natural numbers between 1 and 900 are multiples of any of the numbers 2. or 5? 1. If Yellow is called Green. If the function f : I --? R. Blue is called Orange then what is the colour of milk ? (a) White (b) Black (c) Red (d) Green (c) Q. Green is called Black. 300 (a) 1 & 2 (b) only 1 (c) 2. how is STORE written in that code ? (a) 5#@7% (b) 8#@7% (c) 8#@%5 (d) 8@75% (b) Q.

8) will be (a) (2. 16? (a) 8 (b) 9 (c) 10 (d) 11 (b) Q. What is the median of 2. you are given situations. in order to promote development. 6) and Q (. You are the District Magistrate of an economically backward area and your primary responsibility is to maintain law and order and to ensure regional development. They are demanding that either more compensation be paid or their land be returned to them. 7) (d) In the following questions. The situation is on the brink of explosion and can turn ugly any moment. 0) (d) (0. 7) (b) (7. you have realized that the model is very complex and most of your subordinates. You are the administrative head of an area and your primary responsibility includes maintaining law and order and ensuring development of the area. A regional political party has also supported their demand and they are protesting against the company.(c) f (x/y) (d) f(y/x) (c) Q. 2) (c) (7. 4.4. 12. 10. However. 8. This structure has earned him a lot of praise from his superiors. give your decisions: Q. This group feels that they didn t get a fair deal when their land was transferred to the car manufacturing company.point on joining the points P (4. 6. 14. has installed a complex economic strategy and control structure for monitoring various development projects. What would be the best possible way to take care of this whole issue? (a) convince the group that the compensation given to them is in accordance with the government guidelines and any demand for more compensation is unjustified (b) assess the potential loss caused to the people whose land got transferred to the company for setting up of the plant and work out the compensation package involving both the parties in the calculations (c) bar the political party from participating in the protests so as to preempt any ugly situation (d) ask the car manufacturing company to provide employment to those whose land has been taken away (b) Q. A big car manufacturing company is setting up its car-manufacturing unit in the area and there is a group of people that opposes the setting up to the plant. do not understand the model at all. Based on the situations and your job responsibilities provided to you. You find that your predecessor. What would you do? (a) come up with your own strategy of project monitoring which is independent of the previous strategy (b) try to implement the strategy of your predecessor strictly as the model has received a lot of praise (c) try to clarify the monitoring model to your subordinates so that they can understand the various nuances (d) devise some ways to resolve the complexity of the project-monitoring model without diluting the core spirit of it (d) . who implement things on the ground. The coordinates of the mid.

If no such word can be formed your answer is Y (a) D (b) R (c) M (d) X (d) . How is the man in photograph related to Seema ? (a) Father (b) Uncle (c) Cousin (d) Brother (d) Q. × means ÷ . the fifth. Pointing to a photograph Seema said He is the only grandson of my mother s father-in-law . If + means × . If it is possible to make a meaningful word from the fourth. the eighth and the eleventh letters of the word GOURMANDISE using each letter only once first letter of the word is your answer.Q.17 + 15 135 × 9 ÷ 70 ? Q. If more than one such word can be formed your answer is X. the sixth. ÷ means (a) 270 (b) 240 (c) 170 (d) 200 (d) and means + what is the value of .

3.Q. What is his gain? (a) (b) (c) (d) Ans 200/11% 100/11% 1000/9% 200/9% : (a) Q.5. according to you social control is more likely to be invested in (a) family .cm (b) Ans : (b) Q. Under this circumstances. Left pan of faulty weighs 100gram more than is right pan. Examine the following three statements : 1. Proceesed meat is a perishable food 2. Sealed tins sometimes to do not contains processed meat Which one of the following inferences can be drawn from the above statements? (a) Sealed tins always contain perishable food (b) Processed meat is sometimes not packed in sealed tins (c) Proceessed meat is always packed in seald tins (d) Non-Perishable foods are never packed in seald tins Ans : (c) Q. Which of the following can be possible value of n? (a) (b) (c) (d) Ans 196 216 256 296 : (c) Q. Each interior angle of a regular polygon is 120 degrees greater than each exterior angle. Find the area of the sector covered by the hour hand after it has moved through 3 hours and the length of the hour hand is 7cm.6.He uses only 1kg weight measure. If he sells his goods at the listed cost price. An equilateral triangular plate is to be cut in to n number of identical small equilateral triangular (c) 3. Societies have been increasing in complexity from folk to industrial.1.4. 35 sq. 38. 77 sq. A shopkeeper keeps the weight measure in the left pan while buying goods but keeps it in the right pan while selling his goods. How many sides are there in the polygon? (a) 6 (b) 8 (c) 12 (d) 3 Ans : (c) Q.5 sq. All perishable foods are packed in sealed tins (d) 4. (a) 1. 70 sq.2.

She finds she frequently forgets to take her drugs and wants to stop them to have radio-iodine treatment. 5. (a) 1 only (b) 2. 0) and (0. approximately what percentage of the selling price is the profit? (a) 30% (b) 70% (c) 100% (d) 250% Ans: (b) Q. units (b) 2. the profit is 320% of the cost. If the cost increases by 25% but the selling price remains constant. She should be told that because of her age radio-iodine is best avoided. 2. 5). 3 & 4 (c) 1 & 5 (d) 1. What is the length of the diagonal AC if AB form one of the sides of the square ABCD? (a) 1. 2 & 3 Ans: (b) Q. You should find out more about her friend s treatment. The problems associated with radio-iodine should be discussed with her. How many sides are there in the polygon? (a) 6 (b) 8 (c) 12 (d)3 Ans : (c) Q. She should be advised that some form of further treatment is required. A and B are two points with the co-ordinates (-2.9. the student s clinical judgement is assessed: A 28 year old woman with one child has taken anti-thyroid drugs for 6 months for thyrotoxicosis. Surgery as a possible alternative should be discussed with her. In the following question. She has a friend who has been successfully treated with radioiodine. Each interior angle of a regular polygon is 120 degrees greater than each exterior angle.10.8. units (c) 3.7. In a certain store. 3. units (d) 4. 4. units Ans : (b) Directions for the following questions from Question No 11 to Question No 15: . 1.(b) school (c) state (d) religious structures Ans: (c) Q.

Therefore.The following passage in this section is followed by questions based on the content of the reading passage. (d) Commit suicide. intimidate each other and go to the brink. the silver lining is provided by amazing phenomenon that the very nations which have spent incalculable resources and energy for the production of deadly weapons are desperately trying to find out how they might never be used. but he cannot be destroyed. (b) Man's soul and spirit are immortal. because his soul is deathless and his spirit is irrepressible. What is the crux of the passage? (a) Man's soul and spirit can not be destroyed by superpowers.15. (c) Mankind is heading towards complete destruction. Read the passage carefully and chose the best answer to each question below. (b) Declare war on each other. What is the synonym of the word. Ans : (a) Q. Q. But man is not destined to vanish. What does 'Irrepressible' (appears in the second line) mean? (a) incompatible (b) strong (c) unrestrainable (d) unspirited Ans : (c) . (d) There is a Silverlining over the production of deadly weapons. confrontation? (a) Being face to face (b) Involving in a clash (c) Fair relationship (d) None of the above Ans: (a) Q. Ans : (d) Q.12.13. The phrase 'Go to the brink' in the passage means (a) Retreating from extreme danger. What is the author s opinion? (a)Nations in possession of huge stockpiles of lethal weapons are trying hard to avoid actual conflict. He can be killed. (b) Huge stockpiles of destructive weapons have so far saved mankind from a catastrophe.11. (c)Man's safety is assured by the delicate balance of power in terms of nuclear weapons. (c) Advancing to the stage of war but not engaging in it. They threaten each other. but before the total hour arrives they withdraw from the brink. (d) Human society will survive despite the serious threat of total annihilation. Ans : (c) Q. though the situation seems dark in the context of the confrontation between the superpowers.14.

Which of the following is inCorrect? (a) An incentre is a point where the angle bisectors meet. (b) a negative even integer. then q must be (a) a positive even integer. Ans: (a) Q. (c) a positive odd integer. (d) a negative odd integer. The most likely diagnose/diagnoses include (a) Iodine deficiency (b) Dyshormonogenesis (c) Drug-induced goitre (d) Thyroid cancer Ans: (c) Q. Find the equation of a line whose intercepts are twice of the line 3x (a) 3x 2y = 24 (b) 2x 3y = 12 (c) 2x 3y = 24 (d) None of these 2y 12 = 0 . Ans : (b) Q. (b) The median of any side of a triangle bisects the side at right angle. (b) Q.17. If x is a positive integer in the equation 12x = q.16.20. A 45 year old asthmatic woman who has lived all her life in Glasgow presents with a goitre of four years duration and clinical features suggestive of hypothyroidism.19. Total time taken by a person in going to a place by walking and returning on cycle is 5hours 45 minutes.He would have gained 2 hours by cycling both ways.Q. is (a) 6 hours 45 minutes (b) 7 hours 45 minutes (c) 8 hours 15 minutes (d) 8 hours 30 minutes Ans. (c) The point at which the three altitudes of a triangle meet is the orthocentre (d) The point at which the three perpendicular bisectors meet is the centre of the circumcircle.The time taken by him to walk both ways.18.