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[For Summative Assessment-2 (Term-II)]
[Based on the latest CBSE Sample Question Paper] Time : 3 hours General Instructions : Same as in CBSE Sample Question Paper. SECTION A M.M. : 80

(a) x2 – 4x + 3 2 = 0 (c) x2 – 4x – 3 2 = 0


(a) 25° (b) 30° (c) 40° (d) 50° 5. From a point P which is at a distance of 13 cm from the centre of a circle of radius 5 cm, the pair of tangents PQ and PR to the circle are drawn. Then, the area of the quadrilateral PQOR is : (a) 60 cm2 (b) 65 cm2 (c) 30 cm2 (d) 32.5 cm2 6. To divide a line segment AB in the ratio 4 : 7 a ray AX is drawn first such that ∠BAX is an acute angle and then points A1, A2, A3 .... are located at equal distances on the ray AX and the point B is joined to : (a) A12 (b) A11 (c) A10 (d) A9



2. In an A.P., if a = 1, tn = 20 and Sn = 399, then n is : (a) 20 (b) 32 (c) 38 (d) 40 3. If the angle between two radii of a circle is 100°, the angle between the tangents at the ends of the radii is : (a) 50° (b) 60° (c) 80° (d) 90° 4. In the figure, PA and PB are tangents to the circle with centre O such that ∠APB = 50°, then ∠OAB is equal to :


(Question numbers 1 to 10 carry 1 mark each. For each of the questions 1 to 10, four alternative choices have been provided of which only one is correct. You have to select the correct choice.) 1. Which of the following has no real roots? (b) x2 + 4x – 3 2 = 0 (d) 3x2 + 4 3 x + 4 = 0


when bent in the form of a square encloses an area of 121 cm2. 23. The probability that it is a prime is : (a) 1 5 (b) SECTION B (Question numbers 11 to 18 carry 2 marks each) BR O TH ER S 11. The area of the circle is : (a) 154 cm2 (b) 145 cm2 (c) 451 cm2 (d) 541 cm2 8. Prove that OB = 2BC. The height of a tower is 50 m. A jar contains 24 marbles. 0). A right circular cylinder of radius r cm and height h cm (h > 2π) just encloses a sphere of diameter : (a) h (b) 2h (c) r (d) 2r 9. –3) and R(x. Find the roots of the equation 21x2 – 2x + 12.P. the probability that it is green is marbles in the jar. The value of x is : (a) 50 m (b) 50 3 m (c) 50 10. Find the number of blue 3 . If Q(0. y. 1) is equidistant from P(5. When the sun’s altitude changes from 30° to 45°. Find the radii of the circles. Someone is asked to take a number from 1 to 100. Find the lateral surface area of the cylinder. Two circles touch internally. 18. The sum of their areas is 116π cm2 and distance between their centres is 6 cm. A steel wire. 17. OR 2 G O YA L PR AK 6 25 AS H AN 1 4 ( 3 −1 m ) (d) 50 3 m (c) (d) 13 50 1 = 0 by factorisation method. 6). If a marble is drawn at random from the jar. some are green and others are blue. Volume of a cylinder is 448π cm3 and height 7 cm. 13. y and z such that x. z are in A. the shadow of the tower becomes x metres less. (8. Find x. The same wire is bent in the form of a circle. 21 2 . find the value of x. 7. 15.7. Find the coordinates of the centroid of a triangle whose vertices are (0. 14. 12) and (8. 16. 6). Two tangent segments BC and BD are drawn to a circle with centre O such that ∠CBD = 120°.

The radii of the top and bottom are 28 cm and 21 cm respectively. 14. 22. (ignore a leap year) SECTION C (Question numbers 19 to 28 carry 3 marks each) a +b  a 19. (π = 3. 8. 20.P. find the value of k. Find the height of the bucket. AS H AN .. A bucket is in the form of a frustum of a cone and hold 28. As observed from the top of a 75 m high lighthouse from the sea level. Construct a tangent to a circle of radius 4 cm from a point which is at a distance of 6 cm from its centre. 23. Solve for x : x 2 +  +  x + 1 = 0. A circle touches the side BC of ∆ABC at P and touch AB and AC produced at Q and R respectively. 3 G O YA L BR O TH ER S OR PR AK 21. Find his present age. The wheel of a motorcycle is of radius 35 cm. find PQ. Find the probability that both will have (i) the same birthday (ii) different birthdays. find the distance between the two ships. 25.Kavita and Savita are friends. How many revolutions per minute must the wheel make so as to keep a speed of 66 km/hr? OR Find the area of the shaded region in the figure. OT is a radius and PT is a tangent to the circle. 6) is P(x. If one ship is exactly behind the other on the same side of the lighthouse. 26. y) and x + y = 10.14) 24. . If the mid-point of the line segment joining the points A(3. If OT = 12 cm and PT = 16 cm. Which term of the A. will be 72 more than its 41st term? Prove that AQ = 1 (Perimeter of ∆ABC) 2 In the figure. 3 20. 26.490 litres of water. the angles of depression of two ships are 30° and 45°.. 4) and B(k. Where ABCD is a square of side 10 cm and semi-circles are drawn with each side of the square as diameter. x ≠ 0 a+b a  OR The sum of the reciprocals of Rehman’s age (in years) 3 years ago and 5 years from now is 1 .

If the roots of the equation x2 + 2cx + ab = 0 are real and unequal. CA = b and AB = c. what is its original speed? AS H AN . with A(1. Three horses are tethered with 7 m long ropes at the three corners of a triangular field having sides 20 m. Height of the cone is 2 cm and the diameter of the base is 4 cm. Also find the area of the field which remains ungrazed. There are two poles. If a circle touches the sides BC. Prove that BD = s – b.27. Find the area of the field which can be grazed by the horses. G O 500 persons are taking a dip into a cuboidal pond which is 80 m long and 50 m broad. consists of 37 terms. Find the probability that the card drawn is : (a) a card of spade or an ace (b) a red king (c) neither a king nor a queen. one each on either bank of a river. 34 m and 42 m. prove that the equation x2 – 2(a + b) x + a2 + b2 + 2c2 = 0 has no real roots. An A. find how much more space it will cover? 34. –1) and (0. YA L 33. The sum of the three middle most terms is 225 and the sum of last three terms is 429. F respectively. From the top of this pole. Find the A. What is the rise of water level in the pond.P. A card is drawn at random from a well-shuffled pack of playing cards. BR O TH ER S 30. – 4) and the mid-points of the sides through A being (2. the angles of depression of the top and the foot of the other pole are 30° and 60° respectively. CA and AB at D. If a right circular cylinder circumscribes the toy. Let s denote the semi-perimeter of a triangle ABC in which BC = a. Find the area of the triangle ABC. OR 4 PR AK A train travels at a certain average speed for a distance of 63 km and then travels a distance of 72 km at an average speed of 6 km/hr more than its original speed. E. A solid toy is in the form of a hemisphere surmounted by a right circular cone. –1). SECTION D (Question numbers 29 to 34 carry 4 marks each) 29.04 m3. 32. 28. if the average displacement of the water by a person is 0. just opposite to each other one pole is 60 m high. OR 31. Find the width of the river and the height of the other pole. If it takes 3 hours to complete the total journey.P.