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Volume 1, Issue 1

3 r d MI Troop, 3/3 CR FRG

February 2012

Ghostrider Digest
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Commander’s Corner
From the desk of Ghostrider 6 Capt. Alessi-Friedlander
The past several months have been an exciting time for Ghostrider. After the Troop redeployed from Iraq in support of the Regiment’s Operation NEW DAWN (OND) mission, the Troop, Squadron, and Regiment underwent a period of dynamic transition. In August and September, the Troop executed a series of training events designed to facilitate the reintegration of the Soldiers with their families and back into the Fort Hood garrison environment. Some of these classes were admittedly a little dry, but nonetheless very important after spending 12 months working long hours in a stressful environment. However, some of these events were extremely exciting; for example, every redeploying Soldier had the opportunity to participate in the so-called Warrior Adventure Quest, which involved an opportunity to bungee jump, rock climb, or mountain bike. The intent was to allow redeploying Soldiers to participate in a relatively high-risk activity in a group and in a controlled environment – in other words, a high-intensity stress valve. Most of the Troop embraced the opportunity to take a full 30 days of block leave over the month of October, traveling to all parts of the United States to visit family and friends from whom they had been separated for over a year. Returning from the block leave period, the Troop participated in a series of important ceremonies during the first half of November: the re-dedication of the Regiment’s monument commemorating those Soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the OND deployment; the changes of command for both Thunder Squadron and 3d Cavalry Regiment; and the conversion of the Regiment from an Armored Cavalry Regiment to a Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Unlike many of the other troopsized elements in the Regiment,

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From Your FRG Leader
From Ghostrider FRG Leader Colleen Flaherty It’s been wonderful getting to know all of you during the past several months as your family readiness group leader. Although I will soon be moving on with Capt. Alessi-Friedlander, it’s important to me in the next few months to keep this FRG a thriving organization in which its members are confident and feel comfortable. That way, by the time the next, inevitable deployment or extended training comes around, you’ll already know where to go to get vital information and support on the homefront. Hopefully you’ve all already been receiving regular emails from me about services and opportunities available to you within the troop, squadron and regiment, as well as in and around Fort Hood – and there’s a lot! If not, please take a moment to email me at Ghostriders.frg@ to be added to the distro list. We’re also on Facebook at Ghostriders Frg, so take a moment to friend us and check out the page. Don’t hesitate to call, either, at (203) 830-9538. I’m looking forward to working with you all my remaining time as FRG leader!

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Ghostrider Digest

Commander’s Corner, cont’d…
From page 1 our Military Intelligence Troop did not change in appearance (i.e. equipment, manning, capabilities) all that much. We don’t have about half as much TUAS personnel and equipment and more HUMINT capability. The most significant change as a result of the conversion is the splitting of the ACE Platoon into two separate but complementary platoons: ISR Integration and ISR Analysis, a structural shift that will enable us to provide dramatically enhanced intelligence support to the entire Regiment. We sadly bid adieu to many important members of the Troop after the October block leave period, including almost all of the Platoon Sergeants (SFC Blair, SFC Harrison, SFC Acree, and SFC Uth) and several of our junior officers (1LT Miller, CPT Gallardo, and CPT Tower) as well as the socalled “Lion of Babil,” the Regimental SIGINT Technician, CW2 Moss. We also bid our goodbyes to numerous other Soldiers and NCOs, who either elected to ETS from the Army or PCS to another unit. However, this sad moment was countered by our integration of many other new officers, NCOs, and Soldiers – all of whom we are very excited to welcome into the Ghostrider family. On 09 December, Ghostrider conducted a change of responsibility during which the outgoing First Sergeant, 1SG Gerard Baza, passed the symbolic sabre of responsibility to the incoming First Sergeant, 1SG Rebekah Lair. 1SG Baza will be retiring from the Army in April after more than 23 years of service; he was a great friend and loyal supporter of two Commanders and countless Ghostrider Soldiers who passed through Ghostrider over his 24 months as the Troop First Sergeant. In November and December, the Troop focused on the abovementioned ceremonies and reintegrating back into the garrison environment, working hard to download and account for all our equipment, which began returning from Iraq; moving our headquarters area; and re-establishing all of our critical Troop systems that allow our Troop to function on a dayto-day basis. On 15 December, we inaugurated the first Ghostrider Challenge, a competition between the platoons that tested their physical toughness, MOSspecific knowledge, promotionboard potential, and knowledge of the warrior tasks and drills. The TUAS platoon emerged victorious following tightly fought competition and was awarded the coveted Ghostrider Challenge Cup, which they now display proudly in their office. We were thrilled to have a chance to celebrate the holiday season in December with a Troop tree-lighting ceremony and ornament decoration party in the Troop headquarters and by participating the Squadron’s epic Holiday Party down in the motor pool. Most of the Troop seized the opportunity to spend the holiday exodus leave period with their family and friends, some electing to stay in the local area while others traveled to points around the United States to be reunited with family after many spent the previous Holiday season deployed to Iraq. Several of our NCOs attended NCOES before the holiday block leave period

“Unlike many of the other troop-sized elements in the Regiment, our Military Intelligence Troop did not change in appearance (i.e. equipment, manning, capabilities) all that much. … The most significant change as a result of the conversion is the splitting of the ACE Platoon into two separate but complementary platoons: ISR Integration and ISR Analysis, a structural shift that will enable us to provide dramatically enhanced intelligence support to the entire Regiment.”

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Goodbye 1st Sgt. Baza, Hello 1st Sgt. Lair!
In December, Ghostrider st said goodbye to 1 Sgt. Baza, who was with the troop for 24 months and the Army for 23 years. Although he has already returned to Oklahoma to spend time with his kids, he will formally retire in an April ceremony at Fort Hood. He relinquished his st responsibility to 1 . Sgt. Lair, who comes to Fort Hood from the White House in Washington, D.C. Welcome, Top!

In August, Sabre Squadron Commander LTC Bryan Mullins

Ghostrider Digest

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Spotlight On… Spc. Mike Murray, Purple Heart Recipient
Spc. Mike Murray was on his way to develop an intelligence source in Najaf, Iraq, on June 8 when insurgents attacked his Mine Resistant-Ambushed Protected vehicle with a triple-array explosively formed penetrator. The self-forging warheads pierced through the vehicle's armor and showered its passengers and systems with shrapnel, killing Pfc. Matthew Joseph England and severely wounding Spc. Charles Lemon. In the aftermath of the blast, the MRAP careened, directionless, until it eventually ran into a structure. "I didn't know who was hurt or not, so I just starting talking and yelling," said Murray, 3rd Military Intelligence "Ghostrider" Troop, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, on Feb. 1, following his Purple Heart medal-pinning ceremony at the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment Memorial. "Lemon did respond, so I ran over there and helped him, and talked to him the whole time." Recalling the combat life-saver skills he'd learned in basic training, Murray applied tourniquets to Lemon's bleeding legs and protected him until help arrived, still unaware of the extent of his own injuries — shrapnel in his shoulder and backside. Lemon eventually lost his legs, but survived.

Brig.Gen. Joseph DiSalvo pins a Purple Heart medal on Spc. Mike Murray during a Feb. 1 ceremony at Fort Hood. Source:

Bulletin: Upcoming Events and Notices
Join us for:  Our next FRG meeting on at 6 p.m. March 13 in the squadron classroom. A squadron Town Hall on March 7 in the Brave Rifles classroom. Lt. Col. Byrom will answer all your questions and talk about the next year’s schedule. Thunder Ladies Night out March 22 at Oveta Culp Hobby Center. Details to come. Easter Eggstravaganza rd April 5 at the 3 Cavalry Museum, starting at 3:30 p.m. A regimental spouses’ spur ride on April 20 (limited spots on the 19 , as well). Cost is $12. st Thunder POC is Sgt. 1 Class Cannon, (336) 8316103. Announcements: Congratulations Spc. Sanders on your baby girl born Dec. 9!

Need free tax prep? The Fort Hood Tax Center is now open, nex t to the Commissary on Clear Creek Road. To make an appointment, call as early as possible on Monday mornings, when appointments for that week open up, at (254) 287-3294.

Get Involved!
Ghostrider FRG is looking for volunteers of all kinds, especially bakers to assist with several upcoming bake sale fundraisers for the troop and the squadron, including Feb. 27. Email Ghostriders.frg@gmail to help! The 3 MI Troop is sponsoring a food drive during the month of March to benefit the ACS food pantry. If you can, send your soldier to work with canned goods and other non-perishable items.

Do you volunteer? Track your hours on VMIS by going to and clicking on the “register” tab. Once you’ve created a profile, you’ll be able to track your volunteer hours, taking virtual training sessions and more.

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Photo Gallery

Ghostrider Digest

Ghostrider FRG Leader: Colleen Flaherty Treasurer: Araceli Repp Secretary: Mari Brenay

Enjoy these images of the first-ever Ghostrider Challenge in December. Congratulations, UAS Platoon, on your victory!

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Commander’s Corner, cont’d…
From page 2 SGT Ayala and SGT Ivy both attended the Warriors Leader Course here at Ft Hood and graduate on 16 December. SSG Head attended Advanced Leaders Course at Ft Huachuca and graduated in late November; and SSG Ramsey attended the Senior Leaders Course at Ft Huachuca, graduating in early December. On the social side of the house, both SGT Ragains, one of our fusion NCOs, 1LT Sartalamacchia, our ISR Integration Platoon Leader, and SPC Perdue, one of our HUMINT collectors were married in November/December; and SPC Sanders, one of our supply clerks, welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world on 09 December. SGT Ragains and SGT Ayala both re-enlisted. SGT Ragains utilized the BEAR program to change his MOS to 35P (SIGINT Crypto Linguist); he will be going to DLI to learn Korean before PCS’ing to his follow-on duty station. SGT Ayala re-enlisted for stabilization and Ghostrider is lucky to be keeping him as one of best HUMINT NCOs. We are very excited to be complete with reintegration and our block leave periods. Over the coming month, we will focus on completing the Reset of our equipment and initiating critical training focusing on individual-level skill sets. The Soldiers are well rested and excited about the opportunity to learn their equipment and improve every day. Thank you to the Ghostrider Family and Friends for your support. Feel free to contact me via Facebook or to email if you have any questions, and look for your Soldiers’ pictures on the Ghostrider Troop Facebook page by typing in our email in the search engine. Ghostrider 6

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