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On this project, students are taught how to produce ve shown ushaped project using fitting.This project also teaches how to use hand tools. Objective fitting project done is to expose students to the techniques of using equipment in the workshop, such as stingy, hacksaw, drill machine, measuring instruments, and another.For example, exposuretechniques, using a drilling machine with the correct as well as compliance with safety regulations. In addition, students in the discipline to adhere to all regulations in the workshop.

Learning outcome
From this project, I can know the name of hand tool and their function. And then, I also learn how to use the tools with correctly. In workshop, I know the safety is important because it will cause the accident.

1.File. 2.Vice Desk. 3.Chisel. 4.Drilling Machine. 5.Centre Punch. 6.Venier Calliper. 7.L Square. 8.Hacksaw. 9. Chook. 10.Tap and Die. 11. Hammer

A proper layout of a workshop is important to ensure work can be carried out smoothly. . (b)Workshop Safety. This first aid kit must was placed where it can be easily reached when needed. Keep the workplace cleaned from debris such as metal chips and oil to prevent accident.Safety (a)Individual Safety -wear suitable clothing while at workplace -observe the correct way of handling and using an equipment or a machine. do not play or make a jokes with friends especially when handling workshop equipment. Health -The workplace have a first aid kit. Workplace must be adequately lighted and have a good ventilation system to ensure work can be carried out properly.

after checking I bore using the drilling machine. In this project also taught how to correctly performance production in the form U. sculpt the parts were punched using a chisel and hammer for the production of u. cut pieces of sheet iron set. Example stingy. -Finally. mark the sheet iron using the flashlight in the middle centre punch. -Seventh. put lime on both sides of the iron pieces to be filed and to remove rust on iron. -Eighth. chisels. -Third. -Fifth. measurement of the desired metal pieces on the project. hone U for side cut produces a neat and beautiful. hone to remove a sharp edge. the fourth. Procedure -First. -Ten. hacksaw and a lot. . sides measuring accuracy using elbows. -Second. drilling. cut the u-shaped metal pieces using hacksaw. marking and cutting.Theory Tracks process includes various processes such as file. -Ninth. Many tools have been used in the process of running towards in this project. mark a U-shaped metal pieces -Sixth.

Discussion After i finish project fitting U shape . -I use a tight-fisted negligence cause I do not measure accurately. Result . In my opinion.i could my measurement have a part is not same with thru project. some part is not same with thru project because wrong marking or over fitting and not using a file correctly Conclusion -Accuracy of the measurements made did not meet the project size correctly. -Formation of the form u at the end of my project is finished.

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