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version 3.2.1 -> 3.2.

2 : ---------------------Bugs fixed : - the bug about the detection of the language for the user manual has been fixed - the regression about the highlighting of search results has been fixed - the trouble about the syntax highlighting with the \verb* and \begin{verbatim* } commands is fixed Features : - the shortcuts of the "Tool" and "Edit" menus can now be modified - While using the "New by copying an existing file" command, the directory of th e file is now stored - the list of asymptote and tikz tags has been completed - users can now hide the pstricks/metapost/tikz/asymptote icons in the structure panels by clicking on the tool bar - users can now hide some commands in the left tool bar of the editor - the "underline" tag is replaced by the "emphasis" tag in the left toolbar of t he editor - if errors are detected, the log file is now displayed even if the "quick build " command is not used - after setting a document as "master", the structure and the bibliography are r escanned version 3.2 -> 3.2.1 : ---------------------New features : - faster syntax highlighting and structure checking - an additionnal parameter (#) for the current file name is available for the co mmands (required for pdf synchronisation with the sumatra pdf viewer) - The log panel can now be closed directly with the escape key. Bugs fixed : - the trouble about the pdf synchronisation with chid files has been fixed. - ctrl+x now works with block selection - texmaker no longer crashes whith ctrl+F with no opened documents - bad code for french and german quotes has been fixed - a little trouble about the syntax highlighting in the \verb environment has be en fixed - drag and drop with .asy files is now supported version 3.1 -> 3.2 : ---------------------New features : - block selection mode has been added (alt+mouse) - a "search in folders" dialog has been added - the settings file can now be saved, deleted or loaded - all the colors for the syntax highlighting can now be changed (a preconfigured dark theme is available) - graphics environments and .asy files have their own syntax highlighting mode - a selected piece of text can now be surrounded by french/german quotes (these quotes has been added to the "LaTeX" menu and to the completion) - a panel can be added in the structure view to show the list of opened files (" View" menu) - the Texdoc tool can be launched directly via the Help menu (users can select t he name of the environment before calling Texdoc) - the list of label and bibliography items can now be used to customize the comp letion - the "recent files" list can now be cleaned - the shortcuts of some commands can now be changed ("switching between the edit or and the pdf viewer", "french/german quotes", "next/previous document",...) - *.asy files can now be opened directly without using the "all files" filter - *.jpeg has been added to the list of the "includegraphics wizard"

current column position is now displayed .18.the regression about the performance of the syntax highlighting for math envir onment has been fixed (issue 148) .pre files are now deleted while using the "clean" command windows and mac versions are now compiled with Qt 4.- .the bug about collapsed block has been fixed (issue 272) .bak extension) .the trouble with the path to ghostscript on windows has been fixed .) (issue 242) . \lstinline.multiple .thm and .the bug about the wrong detection of some filenames in the log file has been f ixed (issue 191) .the line numbers are now refreshed while clicking in the "grey areas" of the s crollbar version 3.a potential crash has been fixed while loading non unicode/latin1 files (issue 216) .if the printer name contains space on macosx.plist file (macosx) Bugs fixed : .the texmaker.0.polish and hungarian translation have been added (thanks to Jan JeÅ owicki and Tam as Orosz) option to replace tab with spaces has been added to the "configure" dialog . lstlistin g environment.included files with absolute path are now detected correctly (issue 255) . but will continue to stop on ot her words separators (.a new document is now created automatically while using the "Quick start" wiza rd if a file is not already open (issue 221) . the default printer is used (iss ue 210) .the "replace" and "goto line" forms are now embedded in the editor (like the " find" form) .8 and poppler 0.) .the user commands list is now refreshed after using the "Edit user commands" d ialog .0.watching for external changes is now optionnal (disabled by default) .bib files (absolute or relative) are now detected in the \bibliograp hy{} command (issue 243) .2 a version compiled on macosx lion is now available the version number is now added to the info.2 -> more crash while refreshing the structure without opening a document (issue 281) .a document can now be opened (in read-only mode) beside the editor to make eas y copy and paste operations between files ("source viewer" panel) .the "R Sweave" command has been added to the predefined commands .1 -> 3..desktop file is now compatible with gnome 3 (issue 316) version 3.copy of the documents are saved with the .the metapost command in the toolbar launches now really metapost (and not make index) .1 : ---------------------.users can now search for words in the help browser .2 : option to backup opened documents every 10 min has been added (disabled by default .some syntax highlighting troubles has been fixed (\verb.extra bracket is no more inserted for the \label command in the completion .the "quick document" wizard has been completed .0..the "tabular" wizard has been completed and improved .completion doesn't stop anymore on colons (:).a wizard has been added to set the "user commands" (same wizard used for the u ser "quick build" command) .

"prev. \chapter.users can now add items to the auto-complete commands list . .The internal pdf viewer can now be embedded in the main window whatever the sc reen width (issues 177.a "full screen" mode has been added . \section..\part.the code of the mathematicals symbols are displayed in a "tooltip" while movin g mouse in the "symbols panels" .the bug about the "latex+asymptote+latex+dvips+viewps" mode for the "quick bui ld" command has been fixed .the obsolete "export to html" command has been removed (for packagers : the fi les "next. "prev_d.1 : ---------------------. 195) * the bug about the "jump to next error" command has been fixed (issue 164) * the columns in the "Log" panel are resizable again (issue 162) * multiline "user tags" respect now the indentation of the current line (issue 1 45) * the "check spelling selection" option is no more displayed in the contextual m enu if there is no selection (issue 199) * the bug about the "latexmk+view pdf" option for the "Quick build" command has been fixed version 2.cpp file) version 2.0 -> 3.a critical bug has been fixed in the editor .while opening a file.some new keyboard shortcuts has been added : ctrl+space for switching between the editor and the embedded pdf viewer and ctrl+>/ctrl+< for indenting/unindenti ng the selected text.c ss".the "external viewer" button has been added to the tool bar of the embedded pd f viewer (issue 169) .auto-completion for \eqref and \autoref has been added (issue 112) .the structure view is now updated dynamically while typing .gif".pro file (line 256).2. "psheader. 173.version 3.gif".cpp file (spelling_dict. "next_d.3 -> 3.0 : ---------------------.labels are now checked in the "childs" documents while using the "master mode" (for one level only) ..3 : ---------------------.2 -> 2. 183) .the preamble can now be collapsed (from the first line to the \begin{document} command) . 193) * Alt+PgUp end Alt+PgDown keyboard shortcuts work again (issues 150. the spelldir will be automtically set to "PREFIX"/share/myspell/dic ts" in the configdialog. "up.txt".the \addbibresource{} command is now detected like \bibliography{} .bib files has been fixed * no more extra closing bracket with the auto-completion of \begin{} environment s (issues 168.gif".0..gif" in the "utilities/" directory have been deleted and don't have anymore to be installed) NOTE for debian packagers : * by uncommenting the line "DEFINES += DEBIAN_SPELLDIR" in the texmaker.The GUI has been extensively modified : tabs are no more used for the editor a nd the pdf viewer is now fully embedded in the main window (for screen with a re solution greater than 1400 px) .gif".patch is now useless (the spelling errors has bee n fixed in the texmaker. users are warned if the document can't be decoded correc .Bugs fixed : * memory leak about the syntax highlighting for .patch) * the spelling-error-in-binary. \begin{foo} \end{foo} blocks can now be collaps ed (contextual code folding : the folding marks are only displayed when the curs or is on the first line of a block) . "style.gif" and "up_d.

before saving a file.2.asy" files are now automatically compiled by Texmaker with the asymp tote command (new behaviour of the recent release of asymptote) .x .1 : ---------------------.2 -> 2.the nl dictionnary has been added .shortcuts can now be removed in the configuration dialog (bug fixed) .verbatim. Texmaker now tries to autodetect the path to yap.pdf pages are now displayed in continuous mode in the pdf viewer .tools actions are no more disabled while a viewer is opened .the parentheses matcher has been modified and simplified to work with Qt 4.compilation process can't now be killed (new button on the "log panel") .nl translation has been added .7.latexmk can now be chosen for the "Quick build" command .history manager with "back" and "forward" buttons have been added to the pdf v iwer .bib files are now parsed while opening a .Options has been added to the "includegraphics" dialog (figure environment and .bibliography items are now added to the auto-completion for the \cite command (the . acroread and ghostscript .at the first use on windows.the spell checker has been modified to take care of the apostrophes .syntax highlighting is deactivated between sweave code .a new button allows to toggle in one click between the master document and the current document . the corresponding file is now automatically opened after clicking on it.6 cocoa has been fixed (Qt bug) .2 : -------------------.printing support has been added to the pdf previewer (ghostscript is required on windows system) .1 -> 2. .2. tikzpicture.1 -> 2.Users can mow easily select a file already opened with a new file selector in the status bar (usefull when a large number of files are opened) .out and .the shortcuts are now recorded in english (using a new langage should no more affect the shortcuts) . . version 2. users are warned if the document has been changed outsid e texmaker .tly with the default encoding and they can choose an other encoding.2.synctex..the code for the < and > symbols has been fixed .2: ---------------------. pspicture. asy environments are now highlighted . the zoom is now centered on the center of the current view .the bug about the "Don't launch a new instance of the viewer if the dvi/ps/pdf file is already opened" option has been fixed .in the pdf viewer.tex document) .cs and nl translations has been updated version 2.the bug about infinite update of pdf pages in some cases has been fixed .relative paths for the \include like latex tags are now supported .the name of the pdf file is now displayed in the title bar of the pdf viewer .Users can now reload a document modified externally with the "Reload document from file" command in the "File" menu (all changes not saved with texmaker will be lost) .the bug about the pdfviewer on macosx 10.if an error in the "log panel" concerns a file different from the current docu ment.completion has been modified (less intrusive) .blg have been added to the list of extensions for the " clean" command .users can now move the editor tabs (thanks to Tim Hoffmann) version 2.gz.all "foo*.the drag and drop bug on windows has been fixed .multiple files can now be opened at the same time .

tex maker doesn't launch a new instance of the dvi/ps/pdf viewer if the file is alre ady opened. .A "favorites symbols" panel has been added (just right-click on a symbol to ad d it to the favorites) .after a new compilation.9 -> 1. .the bug about the completion while typing "\begin{" has been fixed . .the "AMS align" tag has been added to the "Math" menu.1 : -------------------a critical bug has been fixed (inline spell checking) version 1. .8 -> 1.9 : ---------------------.9.while inserting a latex structure (via the code completion or a texmaker comma nd). version 1.On macosx. the pdf viewer stays at the same page .9 : -------------------- .1 -> 1. the fields of the structure are marked with a special character ("â ¢") and users can directly jump to the next field with the "Tab" key.The trouble with dark color kde theme has been fixed version 1.a new option has been added for the user tags : "@" will be replaced by "â ¢" fields (the first "â ¢" field will be replaced by the selected text) .shortcuts can now be changed by pressing directly the key sequence.9. .a new option to the quick build command has been added : with this option.the "tabular" assistant has been completed : * option to add a vertical margin after a \hline (for big math formulae) * new options for the "p{}" column alignment (center and left alignment : \ usepackage{array} is required) .shortcuts has been added for the "next/previous latex error" commands. . .user can now directly create a new document by copying an existing one.9.9.synctex support has been added .9. .2 : -----------------------.the recent files menu can now contain 10 items version 1.verbatim support has been added in the syntax highlighting.2 -> 1.1 : ---------------------.a built-in pdf viewer has been added : the pdf preview is automatically refres hed after a compilation. . opening a file by double-clicking on it in the Finder will no more crash the program. version 1.9 -> 2. . .9.Users can now restore a previous session (when closing the program.0 -> 2.Words can again be selected by using SHIFT+LeftArrow and SHIFT+RightArrow.5 has been f ixed.the bug about searching an empty text in the pdf viewer has been fixed .The bidirectional support has been removed (not enough stable) .0 : ---------------------.the required blank space at the end of the metapost command is verified if the user changed manually this command .the trouble about the compilation of the hunspell code with gcc 4. the names of the opened documents are automatically recorded) ."escape" shortcut is now udes to close the "find" panel. .caption can be added) version 2.the blocks of a "beamer" document are now included in the "structure view".a new wizard to set the "user quick build command" has been added.

new menu to change the interface language (the application must be restarted) .Code completion version 1. AUTORS.Spell checking is now based on hunspell and uses OpenOffice. desktop file.parentheses matching is back .. up_d.gif.the spell checker is now based on hunspell-1.gif) etc.gif. file (lines 146 and 149).Qt>=4.desktop) and the icon (utilities/texmake appaerance (users can choose between "modern" or "classic" appearance for the toolbars .no more crash with the "Previous LaTeX error" command and the syntax highlight ing ..1 : -------------------Bugs fixed : . fi les needed by the "html export" tool (blank. 2) The structure of the source package has been modified : .New LaTeX log errors detection translations .the interface has been uncluterred (some toolbars has been modified) . f.."\end{.doc/ subfolder : all the files needed for the documentation (must be insta lled in the PREFIX/share/texmaker directory for linux) .New search widget .}" is now added automatically after "\begin{..5 -> 1.txt. .6 : -------------------- .locale/ subfolder : all the translations (must be installed in the PREFIX/ share/texmaker directory for linux) .6 -> 1.5.texmaker can now be only started once per user : inverse search will no more l aunch a new instance of texmaker .8: ---------------------. next_d.1 -> 1. style.GTK+ style is now used by default on linux/no-kde environment) dictionaries.inline spell checking has been added .asymptote support has been added and can be used with the "quick buid command" .the "find" command starts at cursor and not at the beginning of the document version 1.4 .png) are now automatically installed by the "make install" command.gif.7 : -------------------. changelog.1 is required for this version . (must be installe d in the PREFIX/share/texmaker directory for linux) The others subfolders (completion/hunspell/images/spell/symbols/tags/singleapp) are only used for compilation (no installation to do) version 1.7.png.the background color of the selected symbol is now always the same (to be sure that the symbol is always visible) .texmaker uses now the qtsingleapplication (from qtcreator) instead of the DSin gleapplication IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THE LINUX PACKAGERS : 1) The desktop file (utilities/texmaker.bidirectional support (thanks to Alavizadeh.Seyyed Razi) . The defaul t paths (/usr/share/applications and /usr/share/pixmaps) can be modified in the texmaker.the latex errors detection has been improved .}" while using autocom pletion version 1.dictionaries/ subfolder : spell dictionaries (must be installed in the PRE FIX/share/texmaker directory for linux) ..utilities/ subfolder : icons. up.7.7 -> 1.Indentation "memory" . prev_d. next.a bug has been fixed in the latex log parser . COPYING.

0 bug).the current line number can be added to the latex related commands . .minor bugfixes (replace dialog..) version 1. .the se lected icon was masked). New synopsis for texmaker : texmaker document.a "most used symbols" panel has been added .the math mode "$$.2.a summary of the latex errors and warnings is displayed before the full log fi le .2. A simple clic must be used now. french translation.tex [-line xxx] Can be used for inverse search.The html conversion tool is now available on windows (only ghostscript is requ ired) . . .2 has been fixed .For each file..Support for the main pstricks commands has been added .minor bugfixes (dialogs layout.$$" is replaced by "\[ \]" .. The editor is now based on the qt4 QtextEdit object a nd the symbols icon view is an qt4 QTableWidget object.. three bookmarks can be used to speed up navigation.4 -> 1.) version 1.4 : ---------------------.1 : Bugs fixed --------------------------------. Users can now changed some keyboard shortcuts ("latex" and "math " menus) .Don't use anymore double-clic to open a file from the structure view (Qt-4.Tex files can now be dragged from a file manager to texmaker ..1 -> 1.The editor checks now the braces .1 is required)..The syntax highlighter can now detect the math mode "\[ \]" .keyboard accelerators has been added in the "latex" and "math" menus .Don't use anymore / to separate commands (quick build and users commands) but to avoid confusion with the directories for "QFileOpenEvent" has been added (for macosx) . The new synopsi s is : texmaker file [-master] [-line xxx] .german. . The qt3 support li brary is no more required. close event.5 : ---------------------.A selected icon is no more highlighted (trouble on windows and macosx .parentheses matching is now disabled .2 -> 1. version 1. russian and chinese translations has been added .Texmaker is now a pure QT4 program (qt >= 4.some keyboard accelerators has been changed (trouble with non latin1 keyboard configuration).3 : ---------------------..a "-master" option to the program command line has been added.compilation trouble with Qt>=4.0.the config file is now in the ini format version 1.3 -> 1.Added the option '-line' for the application.external browser is now used for the documentation .spell checking bug has been fixed (when misspelled and original word has not t he same size) .Spell checking has been added (aspell is required) .the colors for the syntax highlighting can now be modified .the documentation has been completed .