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Prepared by: Amal Ziaq (16th January 2012)
(Version 1.0 – PD 2012-007)

Control Speed for ACDC Motor

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These electric motors could be alternating current or direct current. liquids. Control Speed for ACDC Motor Page 4 . Course Objectives The objectives of this course are to enable participants to:            Explain basic speed controller functions Identify the types of speed controllers and describe their operation Describe typical applications for DC motor speed control systems Define commonly used terms in DC motor control systems Describe how to control motor speed using a rheostat in the shunt field of a DC motor Explain how a rheostat in the armature of a DC motor can be used to control the motor's torque Explain how variable voltage controllers operate Describe how a chopper controller works Explain the operation of a single-phase motor controller Describe the operation of a three-phase motor controller Identify a Ward/Leonard motor controller and describe its operation. The whole purpose of this course is to show how motor speeds are controlled. and gases.Our Proposal Training Title: CONTROL SPEED FOR AC/DC MOTOR Workshop Overview This course is designed to provide the participants with a thorough understanding of AC and DC motor speed control. It will cover drive components as well as maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for various types of drives used in your area. For the motors to be effective there has to be a way to. The motors range from fractional horsepower to thousands of horsepower. The industrial world uses electric motors to move solids.

 Equivalent circuits for DC series. Rotor. Armature. Induction Motor Starters    Review of steady-state characteristics Speed Control: variable rotor resistance.  Measurements of torques  Circuits for control of speed and direction of DC motors Principle of AC motors  Three phase and mechanism of rotating magnetic field inside a motor. windings. compound motors. variable voltage. Constant V/Hz control. Their circuit formulae for currents. capability Control Speed for ACDC Motor Page 5 .  Phase rotations in 3-phase signals. shunt. and power.  Relationship between rotating magnetic field and speed of motors. field weakening.    Ratings and motor characteristics Speed control Closed loop control system design Control of DC motors  Relationship between torque and speed of DC series. variable frequency. Commutator.Proposed Training Outline Day 1 Principles of DC Motors  Internal structure: Stator. voltages. shunt and compound motors.  Generation of rotating magnetic field for single-phase motors from 3-phase AC voltage.

detuned operation Implementation of a torque controlled drive Dynamics Of field orientation Direct and indirect field orientation Sensorless control of induction machines Control Speed for ACDC Motor Page 6 .Day 2 Speed Controller / Inverters or Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s)  VFD Controller Block Diagram  Control Scheme for Use When it is Desired to Bypass the Inverter  Control the Contactors in an Inverter Bypass Circuit Voltage-Sourced Inverter Drives.    Square-wave inverters PWM inverters: sine-triangle modulation. brushless DC drives Induction motor field orientation (Steady State). harmonic elimination Comparison of CSI and VSI drives. applications Synchronous Motor Drives   Review of steady-state characteristics Load commutated drives Torque (Vector) Controlled Drives       Torque control in synchronous motors.

Malaysia (IEM) and a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers. Pusat Tenaga Malaysia. Malaysia. and the Ministry of Energy. N. high-rise commercial buildings. Ir.Trainer’s Profile Ir. He was a recipient of the Association of Overseas Technical Scholarships (AOTS) award on two occasions. awarded by the Ministry of Economy.Jayaseelan is a Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers (BEM).JAYASEELAN has about 25 years of working experience in various industries. Jayaseelan was also a member of the working group to draw up the energy efficiency and energy conservation guidelines for pumps and compressors for Malaysian industries organised by the Institution of Engineers. Malaysia. a Corporate Member of The Institution of Engineers. Trade and Industry of Japan. which includes being a General Manager for Facilities Management for a Facility Management Company involved in the management of various facilities. He is also the current Chairman of the Engineering Education Technical Division of The Institution of Engineers. Control Speed for ACDC Motor Page 7 . N. including manufacturing plants. Malaysia (ACEM). chemical plants etc. Water and Communications (KTAK). Malaysia.

Description Quantity Total (RM) Title: CONTROL SPEED FOR AC/DC MOTOR Speaker : IR N.500. Control Speed for ACDC Motor Page 8 .00 *Inclusive of course materials TOTAL 25pax RM11.00 * All our courses are claimable under SBL scheme/ HRDF.500.Jayaseelan Date: TBA Venue : TBA Time : 9:00am – 5. This quotation is valid for 30 days.00pm 20pax RM11. We strongly believe that this training will greatly benefit your company and the knowledge gained by your staff will be great asset to the company.QUOTATION FOR IN-HOUSE TRAINING FOR “CONTROL SPEED FOR AC/DC MOTOR” We thank you for your kind invitation to quote for the above-mentioned course and take pleasure to submit herewith our quotation for your kind evaluation and perusal.

The price quoted is only for the confirmed number of participants. Payment: 50% deposit upon registration and another 50% upon delivery of the course. photocopy of the course notes and etc) and transportation & accommodation cost (applicable for outstation) for speaker shall remain the responsibility of IKM SUNGAI PETANI. However. Should IKM SUNGAI PETANI. should there be any increase in the number of participants. Thank you. please feel free to call us. Such charges will be advised. We trust that the above us in order and look forward to your early confirmation. However. The validity period of this quotation will be 1 (one) month from date of this quotation. However. meals. All of the ADDITIONAL COSTS (venue. additional charges will be imposed (As stated in the quotation above). revised dates shall be made.TERMS AND CONDITIONS The course outline as attached is recommended by our workshop leader. IKM SUNGAI PETANI. hotel. There will be additional charges incurred. Control Speed for ACDC Motor Page 9 . can propose to us for any changes or modification of the course content and outline that meet its objectives and obtain the best performance. we will provide one (1) master copy of the notes and the course certificates for each participant. upon your confirmation of participants. The PHOTOCOPYING of the notes shall be the responsibility of IKM SUNGAI PETANI. require us to prepare the notes and files. If you have any questions. A full training course fee will be charged if cancellation happened less than 14 days before the course commenced and deposit is not refundable after registration.