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Name and Address of the College: Western College of Commerce & Business Management, Sector-9, Plot no: 2 ,Sanpada. Name of the Project in which student had enrolled: ICT-SDE

Title of the Project Report:

Submitted to:

DLLE, University of Mumbai.

Signature of the Student

Signature of the Teacher

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Signature of the Director, DLLE with Seal

I would also thank my Institution and my computer lab technician & attendant.Y. Ritul Verma.Sc(IT) percentage. for extending his support. also it has given me a chance to gain extra and professional knowledge about Information System without any extra fees. Extentension teacher. .B. I express my thanks to the Principal of Western College of Commerce & Business Management. My deepest thanks to Prof. Signature of Representative of the DLLE with the seal of certification if approved for 10 grace marks. Reason for joining Extension work Activity I have joined the department of Life Long Learning and Extension work Activity to earn knowledge and to give it back to the society as a social work and to help the needy people.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I owe a great many thanks to a great many people who helped and Supported me during the writing of this Project Report. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to my family and well wishers. Thanks and appreciation to the people who supported for completing 40 hrs at the community level. Finally for 10 marks to improve my T. guiding the project. My deep sense of gratitude for providing Computer lab for completing 80 hrs.

Name of the College & Community Level Activities in which student has taken active participation: Name of the activity: Topic of the activity: Participation for/as: Location where the activity held : Date & Timings: .

holly ball - Seminar - University of 18th mumbai Dec 2011 Western 29th College July. Poster. Directing. (any other) 1 Sport Topic of the Activity: (AIDS. Painting etc. Speech Lessons. Performing . Environment. Name of the No. 2011 Western 9th Feb College 2012 Western college Western college Western College 22nd Dec 2012 22th Jan 2010 7th Feb 2012 5 Group Dance Seminar Dance 6 GB Seminar . - No. Songs. Allocution.) Participatio n for/as: Writing.y Poster Prepared: no Sr. Child Labor. Music or Singing. Poster Designing. Pollution etc. of Posters: 0 Location/ Place of Performance Where the Activity Held: Date & Signature of Timing the Extension s: Work Teacher Cricket 2 PPT Presentation PPT Slides Sports LAN - 3 4 Call center Cricket. activity such as: Street play. etc.

No. 2(with no. of 3(with no.) Courses I like E-commerce 20hrs 20 .Details of Participation in Extension in New Version(Online Activities) of Extension Work: Sr. of hours for Course Course Course 1(with no. course 1+2+3(Not of hours) hours of hours less than 80 Hours) Name of the Computer Internet E40+20+20= Course networking 20hrs commerce 80 40hrs 20hrs Online Quiz 10hrs 8hrs 11hrs 26 Attended Material 3 3 6 Downloaded (Yes/No) Poster Prepared 0 0 Activity Held/Participated Seminar Exhibition 4 (Exhibition/Stree 2hrs 2hrs t Play/Seminar etc. Particulars i ii iii iv v vi Online Courses Total No.

There should be Courseware on web-designing and languages like PHP and python should be included than for animation (Adobe. Remarks: y It does not show the total hours which have spent by us. Signature of the Extension Teacher Signature of Principal with College Seal Field-Coordinator . Feedback: y We got effective knowledge from the Extension work.Any other innovative topics would help like to suggest: This is the age of technology and internet. y We learned new subjects and gained knowledge from the courses provided by the Extension work.Courses on internet hacking and security will be an added advantages for the student. Because of this we can¶t see our total hours which helpful to complete our course. y We may help and inform those people who are eager to learn and get educated about it. Internet course there in online project.There is problem with workshop also it not get open during the course time at all. Corel-draw). Dream viewer.

Signature of the Extension Teacher Signature of Principal with College Seal Field-Coordinator .