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Garry's Mod 11 -------------About Garry's Mod ----------------Garry's Mod is a modification of Source Engine.

It is a physics sandbox game that allows players to manipulate objects and experiment with physics. Garry's Mod requires at least one Source based game to play like Half-Life 2 or Team Fortress 2. First Garry's Mod was released in 2005 allowing player shoot ma nhacks and rope things together.Since then Garry's Mod gone through eleven versi ons, adding more and more features until it became the established community-bas ed sandbox game it is today. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Minimum System Requirements --------------------------1.7 GHz Processor, 512 MB Ram, DirectX 8 compatible grapichs card (DirectX 7 is supported but many visuals are lacking), Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Internet Conne ction, Source Engine Game (with Source SDK recommended). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Features --------------------Up to Date -Fresh extracted from the latest GCFs -Non-Steam -SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer fully working -Source SDK included for extra addons support -Ultra Stable -Works Online on Non-Steam Servers -Working LAN -Addon pack included -Virus Free -All addons working -Works with Windows Vista and Windows 7 Beta -Updatable -And more... -------------------------------------------Install Instructions -------------------1.Download the game xD 2.Extract Game.7zip where u want on your hard-drive 3.Edit rev.ini to change your name. 4.Start Garry's Mod.exe 5.Play ---------------------------------------------------This Version is also updatable. To do so: 1.Create yourself a Non-Steam account.(If u have a legit one u could try to see if it works with CF Toolbox because i dont have a legit account to test.) 2.Extract CGF.7z 3.Extract Tools.7z 4.Install CF Toolbox from Tools directory. 5.Install GCF Explorer 1.5 from tools directory. 6.Open CF Toolbox and when u get asked about your GCF/NCF directory go to your a rchive-extracted GCF directory.(That what is included in this torrent-release.) 7.Go to PREFERENCES tab and put inside your Cracked Steam account name and passw ord, then click set. 8.After CF Toolbox authenticated you go to GCFNCF Files tab and look at the Comp letition tab, if it tells that Garrysmod its Outdated then right-click on it and then Download>Resume.

16. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Credits ------------------------------------------------------Credits goes to the following people: Garry Newman . .for his ultra-great release of "The Revolution Emulator" without it we couldn't survive in the nuclear war of steam-based games [lol] SaSiO . 5. 11.If you can.for helping me make my own release of Garry's Mod And the addon creators .Copy the garrysmod directory into your archive-extracted Game directory. then i will answer somehow! If you think that this release is good and working.Select those two folders inside it. 15.Extract them in your Game folder (where hl2. motherless. 3.Thank You ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also NOTE to update your Garry's Mod monthly for maximum stability and enjoyment .Done. without it we couldn't update or validate our Non-Steam Content ^^ Shmelle .7z 2. 4. 10.Wait for CF Toolbox to finish.Im new in the Piratebay Community so take me easy. THAT TORRENT WILL BE SENT TO PIRATEBAY's ADMINS AND DELETED! Please seed after downloading! If you have questions ask at Comments.Rin Community .Extract the garrysmod. Enjoy.Right Click then extract.Enjoy -------------------------Please Note the following ------------------------------------------------------1.Do not open it.Overwrite if needed 4. 2.for his ultra-great release of CF Toolbox.exe is). so you can play together. please enjoy my release. and you like it ofcourse.making these uber addons that pwns everything anon .for creating this cool HL2 Sandbox ^^ SteamCooker .Double-click garrysmod.MY ENGLISH IS BAD.9. ------------------------------------------------------For installing the garrysmod addons pack ---------------------------------------1.for his great release of GCF Explorer CS. 12. te ll your friends too about this release to download it. 3.Go to that GCF directory that you've extracted and updated.gcf 14. brainless kid that would upload viruses to infec t the universe. 13.for making the most popular addon for garrysmod the wire mod ---------------------------------------------------------------------------DO NOT UPLOAD ON OTHER WEBSITES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! ANYONE STEALING MY CONTENT.Then Install CGF Explorer.for his second most popular addon for garrysmod the stargate The Wire Team . 17.Im not a gay ass.