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Tag question

Prepared by- Chanchal Zoarder, E-mail:
In large Am not Are not Is not Was not Were not Have not Has not Had not Shall not Will not Should not Dare not In tag Aren’t/ ain’t Aren’t Isn’t Wasn’t Weren’t Haven’t Hasn’t Hadn’t Shan’t Won’t Shouldn’ t dare example I am a student, aren’t I? You are nice, aren’t you? He is honest, isn’t he? She was ill, wasn’t she? They were poor, weren’t they? I have done it, haven’t I? It has rained, hasn’t it? You had told it, hadn’t you? I shall teach you, shan’t I ? Sagor will come, won’t he? You should do it, shouldn’t you? He dare not come, dare he? In large Need not Needed not Would not Cannot Could not May not Might not Must not Ought not ‘d+ v (1) would ‘d + v ( 3) had ‘s = is/ has ‘ve( have ) ‘m( am) ‘re(are) Let us/ let’s Let + other except us Have as principal verb Had as principal verb In tag Need needed Wouldn’t Can’t Couldn’t Mayn’t Mightn’t Mustn’t Oughtn’t Wouldn’t Hadn’t Isn’t/ hasn’t Haven’t Aren’t Aren’t Shall we Will you/ won’t you Don’t/ haven’t Didn’t/ hadn’t example You need not go there, need you? He needed not come here, needed he? I would do it, wouldn’t I ? I can do it, can’t I ? He could make it easy, couldn’t he? It may rain, mayn’t it? You might go out, mightn’t you? We must die, mustn’t we? We ought to obey our elders, oughtn’t we? He’d make it, wouldn’t he? He’d made it, hadn’t he? It’s fine, isn’t it? It’s rained, hasn’t it? It’s said that honesty is the best policy, isn’t it? I’ve done it, haven’t I ? I’ m fine, aren’t I ? You’re late today, aren’t you? Let’s have a walk, shall we? Let me go out, will you?

Have to Has to Had to Do not Does not

Don’t Doesn’t Didn’t Don’t Doesn’t

You have to do it, don’t you? He has to repent, doesn’t he? He had to surrender, didn’t he? I know him, do I ? Prianka likes tea,, doesn’t she? Tutul invited me, didn’t he? He has a high ambition, doesn’t he / hasn’t he?

Did not has as principal verb

Didn’t Doesn’t/ hasn’t

I have a cow, don’t I ?/ haven’t I ? He had a dog, didn’t he?/ hadn’t he?

Auxiliary verb is to be inserted first to make a tag question
01. Positive statement turns to be negative tag. E.gHe is a teacher, isn’t he? 02. Negative statement turns to be positive tag. E.gAungkon is not my friend, is she? 03. Present indefinite tense takes “ do” or “ does” to be tag. E.gPrianka likes me, doesn’t she? They know me, don’t they? 04. Past indefinite tense takes “ did” to be tag. E.gHe went to college, didn’t he? I took tea, didn’t I ?

g. ‘s – Mina’s. actress. Mina. Rana. of. takes “IT” if it is singular. did it? The book is very interesting. did I ? Subject changing 01. in tag turn into “THEY” and the verb is to be changed as to “THEY”. Nothing. Common gender such as child. E. didn’t she? The beauty of the girls charms me much. in tag turn into “THEY” and the verb is to be changed as to “THEY” without “NOT” e. E. One of us will attend the party. his . E. Nothing happened.g The principal along with some other teachers attended the party. doesn’t it? (Note: pre means before) 11. one of you = you.gHe hardly comes here. accompanied with. Nobody. can’t they? Fish cannot fly. Everybody.g. does it? He knows little about it. aren’t they? 06. isn’t it? The children are playing cricket. girl. The baby is crying for its mother. you. in addition to. no one. E. ( my . and “THEY” if plural. The dog is a faithful animal. something and neuter gender such as table chair. Singular feminine gender takes “SHE” and plural gender takes “THEY”.05. His name is Mukul. our. calf.g My sister is a doctor. her. fly etc. (Katrina. they. book. can it? The cattle are grazing in the field. didn’t he? Mina as well as her brothers joined the bridal party. we. baby etc. actor etc. (he. isn’t he? The boys are playing cricket. she. isn’t she? The girls have been present in the class.g. isn’t it? .( Milton.g. Rina’s. accompanied by.g.gShahrukh Khan is my fevourite actor. your. don’t they? 07. pen etc. Pronoun of the subject is to be used in the tag . isn’t it? Birds can fly. I. “ is inserted in tag. as well as etc. Pronoun of the nouns after possessive case is to be inserted in tag. Hasan. bird. Nobody respects a corrupted officer. won’t we? one of them = they. do they? None can count my love for you. does he? He said nothing. one etc. isn’t she? (not “I” ) Mina’s father is a teacher. e. takes “IT” in singular and “THEY” in plural. in singular take “IT” and in plural ‘THEY”. none etc. can they? 08. etc. their. shouldn’t they? Everyone hates a lair. somebody. Hardly / seldom/ never/ rarely/ little/ scarcely / nothing/ no one/ nobody/ none etc. everyone. man. Low class being such as animal. ) E. aren’t they? 05. boy.) E. The Pre subject of “with. someone.Susmita Sen is an Indian actress.) Kajol is my favourite actress. E. One of us = we.) E. isn’ she? 02. isn’t it? 09. do not take “NOT” as they express negation. aren’t they? 03.g 10. isn’t he? ( not “Mina”) I have a bosom friend. its. woman. Everybody should be present in the meeting. Singular masculine gender takes “ HE” and plural gender takes “THEY”. along with. does he? A barking dog seldom bites. it etc. anything. haven’t they? 04. did he? I invited none.

Nobody came. 17. E. He often visits our house. 18. isn’t it? Grand Exercise 28. The poor are born to suffer. 19. He need not go there.g. What is lotted cannot be blotted. There is little water in the jar. 2. The post subject of “OR / NOR” to be inserted in tag. 31. “Do or die” is a compound sentence. The legs of the chair are broken. She as well as her brother has done it. I didn’t.Mina’s father is a doctor. 36. You’re rarely found in the campus now a days. 41. 9. you have been suffering from fever. We have to obey the rule of society. I read Hamlet at early age. 3. 42. 48. 11. He often visited the London museum. 12. 23. You had better do it. Mr. 22. How lovely the dress is!. 24. You need not worry about me. 32. 14. 38.Tendulker’s wife is a doctor. 33. 44. 47. 52. What he said in the meeting hit me. won’t she? Either Tina or her brother has done it. 37.No. One should do one’s duty. I’d like to travel. hasn’t he? 13. Let her sing a song. 20. 50. Unlock the lock if you can. . 30. 8. 5. I read an interesting book last night. 1. 49. In the complex sentence the subject of the principal clause is to be inserted in the tag. 45. Wait here until I come back. Let’s have walk. I hate you. 10.It’s been raining cats and dogs. Jaman is rarely found in his office. Please open the door. 53. Never tell a lie.Thank you. 51.The colour of her eyes is blue. 29. 4. 25. isn’t she? ( not Tendulker but wife) 12. One of us will join the party. Some say so. 27. He needs nothing. ( Note: post means after ) Milton or his wife will come. The girl cut a sorry figure in the exam. Man is mortal. Here is her phone number. A barking dog seldom bites. 15. 6.You need to buy medicine. I is a pronoun. What a pity!. The chairman along with some members visited the flood affected area. did I? As you are lazy. Welcome cordially to my residence. 16. 26. Everybody trusts him. Do me a favour. 39. Not is used in the negative sentence. 34. because I was ill. He said nothing. E. 21. 43. 13. Nothing happened.A few of them attended the party.g. 40. 7. doesn’t he? That he has stolen my watch is known to all. don’t I ? He knows well that I can teach him a good lesson. A little learning is a dangerous thing. 46.Either Prity or her brother has done it. Much of the water is polluted. 35.