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The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management Hong Kong

Newsletter of CIWEM HK
Issue No. 1/2009-2010 1. Chairman’s Notes Welcome to the first edition of CIWEM HK Newsletter for the 2009/2010 term. It has been a great honour to serve as the Chairman of CIWEM HK for the term of 2008/2009, and I am delighted to serve as the Chairman again for the upcoming term in order to provide a sense of continuity, and hoping that my past experience as Chairman can be an asset in the upcoming term to further enhance CIWEM HK’s reputation and status as a professional body, providing impartial opinions to the government on the formulating and execution of environmental policies and providing quality events to our members. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for all their contribution, and wish for your continual support in the upcoming years. The past year has certainly been turbulent, starting from the financial tsunami which has severely affected the economy of the world, and obviously HK cannot be an exception due to the trend of globalization. The civil unrest in Thailand has also caused a great deal of concern for the tourism industry. And over the past few months another ominous act, the swine influenza, is brewing in the wing and this, if appropriate actions or preventive measures are not coordinated and deployed in a proper manner, might in turn become a great threat to human civilization. As indicated in the Policy Address, environmental protection will play a critical role in sustaining the economy in the upcoming years. Projects such as solid waste incineration facility, HATS expansion, district cooling system in Kai Tak are among many megaenvironmental related schemes proposed by the Government. The energy saving initiatives to combat climate change is another indication that environmental protection is no longer taken a backseat to economic growth, but that the environment must be incorporated into the overall development scheme to ensure sustainability in the future. Sustainability is not only a word that can be applied to the environmental industry, but a concept that can also be incorporated to CIWEM HK’s overall development. There has been an alarming trend over the past few years of reduction in member numbers and several

July 2009 initiatives have been taken by the committee members in an attempt to reverse this trend. I am honoured to say that one of the major accomplishments last year was the signing of the reciprocal recognition agreement with four disciplines (environmental, mechanical, chemical, and civil) of HKIE in May 2009, in the presence of our CIWEM president, Mr Alastair Moseley, and International Director, Mr Paul Horton. A special vote of thanks must be given to Kenny Wong, who has dedicated his time and effort in completing this agreement with HKIE. We certainly hope that the signing of this RRA would be the first step in attracting a new line of member and thus expanding CIWEM’s membership base. CIWEM, being a unique institution that is comprised of members having a diverse background, must utilize this differentiation to create sustainability. With the hard work of our committee members, a string of quality events, of different nature, will be organized for our members in the upcoming year. A special event known as “Water Saving Competition 2009” will be organized in the 2009/2010 term in order to promote public awareness in saving drinking water, actively encourage public participation in saving water resources, and take proactive and contributory actions to reduce water consumption. Please refer to the sections below regarding details of the events that have been or will be organized by CIWEM HK. This is the first issue of the newsletter for the 2009/2010 term. I must express my most sincere gratitude towards the committee members for their commitment and dedication to the Institution. I would also like to show my appreciation for the different assistances that have been received by CIWEM HK. Your continual support will be crucial to the success of CIWEM HK in the upcoming year!

Norman Cheng Chairman of CIWEM HK July 2009


alternative fuels and energy and ship energy efficiency management plan. the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) was given responsibility for managing emissions from international shipping.4-3. it is an increasing environmental problem that warrants further scrutiny as it consumes large quantities of fossil fuel and releases significant amounts of greenhouse gas and other pollutants. Past Chairperson and current Committee Member for Institutional Promotion of CIWEM HK Luciana was invited to chair session 1 of “Post-2012 Climate Policies for Shipping” workshop organized by the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research. These included energy efficiency design index. International shipping needs to be covered in the overall emission targets and policy frameworks. predictable and effective. The working relationship between CIWEM HK and Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research was established since January 2009 when Luciana arranged for Terry Parker to conduct the “Workshop on Forecasting and Resolving Global Financial Crisis 2008 to 2020: Projections with E3MG” in Hong Kong. actual fuel consumption index. Hong Kong port is one of the top 10 container ports of the world and is ranked 8th as the most important maritime countries and territories as of 1 January 2008.The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 2. Unfortunately. Shipping is already the most carbon efficient form of transportation. Under the Kyoto Protocol. global shipping could reach 2. CIWEM considers that Hong Kong has a significant role to play in helping reduction of emissions from shipping industries. energy efficiency operational indicator. However. . Despite its importance and similar to many other transport modes. the negative response could become positive response if CO2 went unchecked. clear. there have been problems reaching a consensus. CIWEM HK 2 One speaker pointed out that a technically sound and politically acceptable levy on emissions which differentiates responsibilities between developed and developing countries was vital. Special Highlight of this Issue CIWEM Cares about the Climate Change by Ms Luciana Wong. Department of Land Economy. International shipping is a cornerstone of the global economy as approximately 90% of world trade involves shipping. The differentiated levy should be equitable. It was worth noting that even though the global mean radiative forcing and mean temperature change in the year 2007 from shipping emissions were negative.6 Gt CO2 in the year 2050 contributing to 1530% of all CO2 permitted. including particulates. indicating that this issue requires management and attention at the top level in international negotiations. cost-effective abatement measures. University of Cambridge on 21-22 May 2009. The purpose of this workshop was to focus on these measures and other possibilities of regulating international shipping emissions. into the atmosphere. Other operational and technical solutions and methodology to measure energy efficiency of shipping were also discussed. It was suggested that deadweight is the best indicator to measure the operational efficiency of shipping.

They will make CIWEM fitter for purpose and put us in a better position to respond to external challenges and opportunities. For the first time Corporate members around the world will be able to vote by proxy on any future changes to the Bye-laws and Regulations. Recommendations for appointment to the Trustee Board will be made by an independent Appointments Commission of volunteer members. This will involve the task of advertising for and appointing new Trustees to the Board by a process of phased retirements from the Interim Trustee Board over a period of three . Associate members will be re-defined as Corporate members and may use the post-nominal letters ‘ACIWEM’ as a mark of their professionalism and status in the profession. CIWEM Extraordinary General Meeting A new Constitution for CIWEM as members approve a new Charter and Bye-laws (details from CIWEM Head Office) At an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) chaired by the President Alastair Moseley. A period of transition will now begin with the present Cabinet (senior Council members) assuming the role of Interim Trustee Board overseeing the move to our new constitution. and on Trustee appointments. The barriers of age to grades of membership have been removed. It should be noted that this will be subject to the confirmation and formal announcement by the Head Office. The performance of the Trustee Board will be subject to regular member scrutiny at the AGM. that there will be no increase in any of the items for next year. Each Branch and Group will be represented by a Trustee. international interest. replacing the Council as the Institution’s governing body. In view of the economic situation it was proposed by the executive. Mr David Hall. There will be regular Assemblies giving all members an opportunity to meet Trustees. wherever they live and work in the world. In future qualifying criteria will relate to qualifications and relevant experience. and agreed by Council. assigned to look after their interests. They will also be able to vote at general meetings. Trustees will be appointed from applications for vacancies on the Trustee Board from the membership and serve a three year term. 4. The key constitutional changes that were approved by members are as follows: Corporate members (Member. on Wednesday 15 July 2009 at the ICC in Birmingham. up to a maximum of three terms. Report by Council Representative The proxy of CIWEM HK’s Council Representative in the UK. promoting the work of the Institution. and flexibility on how they manage their affairs. The role of the President will change and become the public face of CIWEM performing an important and expanded ambassadorial role. Once the Queen has given her Assent the changes to the constitution can be introduced and enacted. executive staff and Branch and Group officers to discuss and influence the future direction of the Institution. Fellow & Hon Fellow[Corporate]) may use the ‘C. making it easier to recruit new members and young professionals without sacrificing our very high standards. There are enough reserves to pay for any additional expenditure or unexpected costs. And there will be a ‘Lead Trustee’ for Branch and Group affairs on the Board. There will be a Trustee Board of 15 Trustees (including the Presidential team). There will be greater flexibility in the application of criteria for membership. and those with an interest in environmental affairs. ‘Rules’ for Branches and Groups will be replaced by Guidelines that will give them greater freedom CIWEM HK 3 to operate. members voted for changes to the Institution’s constitution that will bring benefits to the way the Institution is run and to members. These changes are a significant and exciting step forward that marks the achievement of a goal in our Corporate Plan. The changes involve wide-ranging amendments to the Institution’s Royal Charter and Bye-laws and the introduction of Regulations which will now receive Royal Assent at a meeting of the Privy Council in October. and to achieve our aim of making CIWEM the Institution of choice for all environmental professionals. gender and other attributes based on a skills audit.The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 3. The Trustee Board will elect a ‘Chair’ who will be responsible for the delivery of business plans and priorities through the Executive Director and his team. And Appointments and re-appointments to the Board will be approved (or otherwise) by members at the AGM providing democratic control. The Board will comprise a balance of skills. experience.WEM’ postnominal letters to signify their status as Chartered Water and Environment Managers. has attended a Council meeting on 15 July 2009 and the significant item was the subscriptions and fees for next year.

well managed and on time! More tomorrow. In the evening I used some time to walk around the Kowloon part of Hong Kong before catching the Star Ferry back to Hong Kong Island. and Ir Peter Wong. The event brought together a range of people from the environment including the Hong Kong Government departments responsible for conservation. the educational and recreational uses they have and the pressures they face as urban development encroaches on existing sites. This represents the dilemma of many of us professionals working in the environment field. Mr Alastair Moseley. they had meetings with Mr Edward Yau and Mr Benny Wong of the Environment Bureau. Accompanied by Norman Cheng. with more information. 3-9 May 2009 CIWEM President Mr Alastair Moseley and Director of International Development Mr Paul Horton officially visited Hong Kong Branch in May 2009. For details please visit the website of CIWEM Head Office: www. Mr Lau Ka Keung. I know that in terms of lighting alone Hong Kong uses terajoules of energy and this is environmentally bad. JP. Damien Ku and Anthony Ma. Kenny Wong. Director of Drainage Services. environment protection. engineers etc. The food is varied and excellent and so far I have not been offered anything that I didn' t want to eat. President of HKIE. how do we stay true to our principles whilst we enjoy doing things that are ultimately unsustainable? . scientists. JP. Over one million visitors pass through the park every year and it explains the role and value of wetlands and offers the opportunity to experience a wetland. coastal pollution. flood management. but that may change!!! I have also taken a few trips on the MTR system which is efficient.ciwem. I have met with the British Consulate and members of CIWEM Hong Kong committee who took me out to dinner. and participated in the technical visit to marine mammal survey and low level radioactive waste storage facility at Siu A Chau.The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 years. consultancy and academia. in due course. The event explored all the issues related to wetland management. architects. the role of wetlands and how they can be developed. The audiences were not shy in asking questions and it made for a superb event which I kicked off with a keynote speech outlining my views on integrated water management. Recent Events CIWEM President Visit to Hong Kong. They have also CIWEM HK 4 incorporated a green roof into the visitors centre which is designed to blend in with the environment. Mr Ma Lee Tak. architecture. Assistant Director of the Agriculture. planners. I had an excellent visit to Mai Po area which is a Ramsar wetland site and includes the adjacent Hong Kong Wetland Park. biology. water treatment and recreational facility. which functions as an educational centre. I have begun my Presidential visit to Hong Kong starting with a visit to Victoria Peak to get a view down onto the island and over to Kowloon. Those members affected by the introduction of the C. The event summed up for me the value of CIWEM as represent all the areas through our membership and as a professional organization striving for a better environment it is fantastic that we can facilitate events that brings together such a diversity of people. from the recent Presidential Visit to Hong Kong extracted from his blog: Monday 4 May 2009 Having narrowly avoiding being confined to the hotel I was originally booked into due to a case of swine flu. but I was seduced by the scenery this night and it would be a bland place without the lights on the buildings that have become a huge draw for people visiting the place.WEM and ACIWEM designations will be contacted about 5. Below are the thoughts and experiences of CIWEM President. The team behind the centre was multi-disciplinary bringing together. They also joined the Annual Dinner on 7 May 2009. environmental science. Alastair Tuesday 5 May 2009 Today was excellent as I attended Wetlands Symposium organized by CIWEM HK and City University. Mr CC Lay. The park has bird hives and bridges that allow you to walk through mangrove areas. together with representatives from the fields of planning. Fisheries and Conservation Department. It is very warm with temperatures approaching 30 degrees and humidity levels around 80%. Director of Water Supplies. ecology. water supply and drainage. This is an impressive place of activity and sky scraper buildings. toured the Hong Kong Wetland Park. planning. I have been lucky to have a clear day because things are usually very hazy due to the pollution. At night all the buildings are brightly lit and it made for a spectacular back drop as I was travelling across Victoria Harbour. Alex Kwan.

They manage wetlands. The AGM was followed by the branch dinner which included a talk on ' science of Feng Shui' the and a musical entertainment with yours truly playing a few environmentally themed pieces by Debussy. handshakes and lots of photos. I . exchange of gifts. he had spoken at the wetlands symposium on Tuesday. I also used the opportunity to the branch about all the governance changes proposed by institution. I was taken to see the Water Supplies Department (WSD) with whom CIWEM has a long standing relationship and like with the drainage services department. some of their staff are members of CIWEM and our International Vice President Damien Ku worked at WSD for 38 years! I discussed the strong links we have with WSD and areas where we could help particularly by running workshops on events such as water conservation. I joined the branch AGM which re-elected Norman Cheng as chairman for another year and listened as they elected committee members. The day concluded with a reception event at the British Consulate where Ed Milband the secretary of state for Energy & Climate Change. What a day! Alastair Meeting at the WSD Thursday 7 May 2009 CIWEM HK 5 Another great day with a nice twist at the end It all began with a meeting at the Environment Protection Department who are responsible for enforcing environmental regulation. I then joined some of our local members at the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers where we signed a Reciprocal Recognition Agreement which is a great step forward for both organizations. He also thanked Kenny Wong for his help in getting the RRA signed with the Hong Institution of Engineers. After EPD I went to meet with the assistant director at the Agriculture. hosted by HKIE. The branch has run 12 technical events. energy efficiency and carbon accounting. The signing was very ceremonial with silver pens. Cities (trade in endangered species) and the convention on biological diversity. forestry. This was another very humbling experience which brought home again the impact that have on the environment. The event also allowed me to meet a number of people from the environment sector in Hong Kong. followed by a duet with former branch chair Luciana Wong.The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 Bye for now. Like the other government departments CIWEM members work at the EPD and it great to reinforce the message that the institution has a huge range of skills that are very applicable to the EPD and that the experience across CIWEM membership as a whole is available to be used by the department. Following yet another excellent lunch. It all began with a meeting at the Drainage Services Department where we discussed links with the institution and explored an exchange of information related to benchmarking. supported 8 environmental events run by other organisations and responded to a range of consultations. two things struck me about the meeting. but highlighted the ' spots' hot which contained at risk species. was guest of honour and I made a point of introducing myself and CIWEM to him. biodiversity along with fisheries and the members of the Ramsar convention. but also of the reason they are endangered and the displays included the ' products' derived from the animals. Fisheries and Conservation Department. First thing was they have developed a Cities exhibition which people can walk around and get an understanding not just of the endangered species. Norman Cheng then spoke of challenges facing he world and the role CIWEM can play in meeting the environmental challenges. I felt very Presidential. Scott and Mendelssohn. This is a great set of data to have and they plan regular updates which will help them manage the ecology of islands. Alastair Wednesday 6 May 2009 Today has been very eventful and very positive for CIWEM. In addition to discussing with them about the value of links with CIWEM to which they were very receptive. The WSD has a big department of scientists who are receptive to joining CIWEM. climate change and drainage modelling. The second interesting thing was the biodiversity survey they have undertaken for the whole of Hong Kong in which they not only identified the flora and fauna.

I could see the haze. ENB Saturday 9 May 2009 Whilst the working week was now over I took the opportunity to join CIWEM members and nonmembers on a technical visit to join a team undertaking research into two cetaceans . We have a great opportunity to be lead promoter of environmental knowledge exchange and professional development world wide. The transfer. Chris Hazen. I also got a sense of ' pollution'here although all week people have been telling me how unusually clear the weather is. I' not sure what tomorrow will bring but I' off to m m Shanghai so watch this space! Alastair CIWEM HK 6 . It was amazing.white dolphin and finless porpoise and a side visit to a low level radioactive treatment facility. having climbed up more than 250 steps which brought your President out in a sweat!! In the afternoon we managed to get a meeting with Edward Yau who is the Secretary for the Environment in Hong Kong. This was even more clear when I reached the Buddha.The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 loved the evening and I was sat with Anissa Wong who is Permanent Secretary for the Environment and the directors of WSD and DSD. The dinner was held at the wonderful venue of Happy Valley which is owned by the local Jockey Club. exchanged ideas on pollutions issues. attended the wetlands symposium at which I gave a keynote speech and had meetings with all the relevant Government departments. storage and management of the waste are state of the art and I wore a dosimeter which proved there was no contamination!! Having survived that I rejoined the boat to resume watching the dolphins again. I used a little of my spare time to go and see the Buddha statue on Lantau island and I went by cable car in order to get ' view from above'of the a islands. it has been a full and very fruitful week. I have to say that Hong Kong is greener than I thought and I could see the scale of the country parks as we went over them. what a fantastic experience. Alastair Friday 8 May 2009 I took some time in the morning to reflect on my visit so far and the tremendous warmth that people have shown to me. He is an expert on the white dolphin which is a colour they reach in adult hood.hkdcs. he and his team perform the survey work on average 3 times a week around the southern part of Lantau Island. links with Hong Kong and China and we explored options for supporting the Eco Expo event in October which the Secretary' department is supporting. The radioactive treatment facility which handles low level waste such as that from hospitals. of HazenWilliams equation fame! That was something I had to drink to!! Bye Alastair Meeting at the EPD. although some of them appear pink (www. I feel very privileged to be CIWEM President and we are definitely the right institution to bring professionals together. watches and shops which have radioactive parts in products. I realize that during the week I have seen the wetland park. Chairman of the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society. This was an excellent meeting and we discussed the value of CIWEM working with Government in Hong Kong. plus signed the reciprocal recognition agreement with Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. The Hong s Kong government has provided money to Guangdong Province to help with cleaning up pollution around the Pearl River Delta and support more companies to become green. This continues to be an exciting The Chinese authorities have committed to matching the funds. laboratories. This was a great end to the working week and it concluded in the evening with a meeting I had with a colleague. The survey team is led by Samuel Hung. the great grandson of the famous hydraulics engineer Allen Hazen.

Dr Samuel Hung of the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society gave us a detail account of Chinese White Dolphin residing in the Pearl River Delta region. the Hon Treasurer of CIWEM HK. The AGM was followed by the social event of the year for CIWEM HK. about the 2009 budget. life history and habits. President of the CIWEM. It was an honour that Ms Anissa Wong. and was witnessed by Mr Norman Cheng. also gave a beautiful performance on stage. 9 May 2009 This event was jointly organized with HKIE MMNC Division. describing the different type of events that have been organized for the term 2008/2009. Ms Luciana Wong.The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 Signing Ceremony for Reciprocal Recognition Agreement with HKIE. Mr Norman Cheng. Further elaboration was made by Grant Chau. Membership information along with Council Representative Report was also presented. conservation of the ecosystem in this area and the associated water body has become grave concern among the local community. Permanent Secretary for the Environment. 7 May 2009 The AGM was held on 07 May 2009 and the meeting began at 5:30pm with the presence of approximately 20 members. Mr Alastair Moseley. We had around 20 dolphin . Ir Peter Y Wong) CIWEM HK Annual General Meeting and Annual Dinner. the annual dinner. their distribution. of thanks was given by Norman Cheng to Mr Kenny Wong for his dedicated effort in the preparation of the RRA with the HKIE. The highlight of the night was the piano recital performed by our President Mr Alastair Moseley who is an extremely capable and talented musician. the Secretary of HKIE. 10 technical visits. the current research approach and recent findings. a dedicated workshop on Forecasting and Resolving Global Financial Crisis 2008 to 2020: Projections with E3MG. including 12 technical meetings. The Annual Report of CIWEM HK was presented by Norman Cheng. and Mrs Monica Yuen. a Symposium on “Sustainable Development of Wetlands for HK Ahead of 2010”. Further reports were then made on the attendance of conferences and seminars by committee members. The Committee is developing the “Detailed Requirement for Membership Application under RRA with HKIE” and will notify the latest progress to all members and peers. As force 4-5 south-easterly wind prevailed throughout the day. On 9 May 2009. and Ir Peter Y Wong. a seminar on SustainaBuild: the Trends for Inspiration. Director Ma Lee Tak of Water Supplies Department. and Director Lau Ka Keung of Drainage Services Department were among some of the distinguished guests in the audience. Chairman of CIWEM HK. 6 May 2009 It was a delightful day for CIWEM and all members in Hong Kong that the signing for the Reciprocal Recognition Agreement (RRA) between CIWEM and the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) was held. a study mission to Singapore. Our Past Chairperson. The RRA was signed by Mr Alastair Moseley. and the support of 14 events organized by other institutions/organizations. Signing of the RRA at HKIE (from left: Mr Alastair Moseley. reported the proposed changes about the governance changes proposed by institution. As a conclusion to the AGM. and responses that CIWEM HK has provided to public consultations and policy papers. the President of HKIE. With the forthcoming planning and development projects along the Northern Lantau in the years ahead. Mrs Monica Yuen. we spent more time cruising slowly along the survey transects in Tai O and Peaked Hill waters. the President of CIWEM. singing to a piano accompaniment by Mr Moseley. A special vote CIWEM HK 7 Alastair and Luciana Technical Visit to (i) Marine Mammal Survey and (ii) Low Level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility at Siu A Chau.

Some ancient but yet still serviceable hydraulic structures of spill control. flow diversion. Water Saving Competition 2009 To work towards the goals of sustainable development. weirs and water wheels were elaborated to show how the local people made use of the natural water resource in a traditional and sustainable fashion. application procedures. Property management organizations currently engaged in providing property management services to at least one residential estate which consists of ten or more blocks of residential building of more than 20-storey height (or equivalent to more than 1. conveyance and storage areas. and supported by the Association of Engineering Professionals in Society Ltd. decontamination zone and control room. water inlets. EPD and ATAL Engineering Ltd and their staff for the detail introduction and preparatory work for this visit. for the Energy-cum-carbon Audits Project being implemented under the Environment and Conservation Fund. This Competition is a 9 months events commencing in July 2009 ending March 2010. Deadline of application is on 15 July 2009. CIWEM HK 8 Prof Albert Koenig gave an overview of the geographical settings and major natural and artificial water distribution systems in the Old Town of Lijiang which was started building up since 13th century. personal radiological protective measures and the environmental monitoring for ensuring safety to the community. CIWEM HK Chairman Mr Norman Cheng announced the roll out of the Competition and gave a briefing on the details of the Competition during the Water Supplies Seminar 2009. Application Form and detailed guidelines of application can be downloaded from CIWEM HK website. Ir Yu Shukman of EMSD highlighted the application details. The group then had a site tour to the waste process. We would like to thank the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society. piped network for wastewater collection and treatment system were built and part of the treated sewage was reclaimed for irrigation. Technical Meeting on Ancient Water Supply System of the Old Town of Lijiang. 3-eye well. building types. amount of grants.breaching. with the support from Water Supplies Department on this event. remote monitoring system.The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 encounters including grey spotted juveniles. At Siu A Chau. This event received overwhelming response and attracted ~130 participants. the laboratory. The discussion then moved on to the development pressure and pollution stress since 1970s with rapid economic growth. 19 May 2009 The technical meeting was jointly organised with the Environmental Division and Materials Division of HKIE. . namely the eligibility of the applicants. economic use of water resource. institutional intervention on water management and potential impacts of climate change to the upstream glacier. some stimulating discussions were made on the issues of: plausible origin of the ancient water system. the contractor of the Low Level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility gave us a briefing on the construction and routine operation of the facility. To cater for the blooming tourist industry and to preserve the Old Town’s status as being an UNESCO World Heritage. mothers and calves and pink adults .600 dwellings) is eligible for application. etc. 11 June 2009 (Courtesy of Ir William Yu) Technical Meeting on Energy-cum-carbon Audit Projects under the Environment and conservation Fund Co-organize with HKIE Environmental Division & Materials Division. feeding and socialising. On 18 June 2009. we are organizing this event with an aim to promote public awareness in saving drinking water and encourage public participation in saving water resources. Briefing also covered inventory recording system for the waste stored. Last but not least. Yunnan Province. and at times swimming very close to our survey boat.

e. 13 June 2009 Almost 50 members and peers joined this event which was jointly organised with HKIEIA. inspiration for magnificent scenery to be captured. and general requirements and judgment in the photography contest. including: Engineering Investigation and Environmental Studies for Integrated Waste Management Facilities Phase I – Feasibility Study (Public Engagement – Focus Group Meeting) at the EPD on 4 May 2009 (attended by Luciana Wong) Task Force on Economic Challenges Focus Group Discussion on “Environmental Services” on 18 May 2009 (attended by Luciana Wong) 7. CIWEM HK 9 . 30 March 2009 Chinese White Dolphin Survey and Tai O Eco-tour cum Photography Contest. their morphology. Legislative Councilor for Engineering Functional Constituency. The symposium was divided into the morning and afternoon sessions. Mr S C Ho from the Hong Kong Creart Photographic Association offered valuable technical advice on camera settings. Other topics on road safety were also discussed throughout the afternoon by other notable experts in this area. behaviour. We have recently provided written responses to the following Government consultations: Response to the Construction of Sludge Treatment Facilities (submitted on 27 March 2009) Offered views at the EA Panel discussion on Sludge Treatment Facility. and attended by some 40 participants.g. with the morning session denoted to green engineering while the afternoon session was dedicated to road transport engineering. HKSAR. The morning session began with a Welcome Speech given by Ms Kitty Poon. Many distinguished speakers also provided their insights on green engineering during their presentations in the morning.The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 The seminar was jointly organized with the IAHR HK Chapter. Under Secretary for the Environment. before that day. we were concerned whether it could be proceeded as planned due to the unfavourable weather forecast. 6. The afternoon session which mainly focused on the need of “drive safely” began with a Welcome Speech given by the Hon Ir Dr Raymond Ho Chung Tai. etc and the approach to identification and enumeration in the PRD estuary. The organisers are grateful to the courtesy and support from the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society and the Hong Kong Creart Photographic Association. Response to Government Consultations CIWEM HK has been following up with new Government initiatives and actively responding to their consultations in order to solicit views from local CIWEM members and recommend the way forward for policy making process. life cycle. as told by many participants. Dr Samuel Hung from the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society provided a lively introduction about the importance and conservation of the Chinese White Dolphin. “Wonderful”. Attendance of Conferences and Seminars by Committee Members SOE HK Symposium 2009 on 20 June 2009 organised by the Society of Operations Engineers HK Region. This event aimed to provide insights on green engineering and driving safely. Nevertheless. The Committee members also attended the consultation meetings invited by the respective Government departments. Environment Bureau. stressing on the importance of green engineering in the future. The event was well attended by more than 100 participants.

on 1-5 Nov 2009 organised by the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences. This conference is to promote national efforts targeted at the protection of lake environments. Macao Water Supply Co. Energy and energy security are two of the biggest problems facing the world right now. there are 183 members in Hong Kong as summarised below: Honorary Fellow: 3 Life Member: 1 Fellow: 17 Member: 139 Graduate: 12 Associate: 1 Student: 2 Environmental Partner: 2 Introductory (application in progress): 6 An updated list of CIWEM members in Hong Kong is included in Annex A of this newsletter. Wuhan. Taiwan). Zhuhai-Water Co Ltd. Shenzhen China Merchants Water Supply Co Ltd. Please check and contact us via email at ciwemhk@hongkong. Technical Visit to River Channel Improvement Projects. 8 August 2009 Technical Visit to Hydraulic Model Setup for 3 Water and Wastewater Projects in Hong Kong. Chiao Tung University (Hsinchu. Taiwan Water Corporation. Supported Events SOE HK Symposium 2009 on 20 June 2009 organised by the Society of Operations Engineers HK Region BuilTech Asia 2009 on 8-9 September 2009 organised by Facility Media. HKAAST Study Mission to Wuhan and Jiangsu organsied by the Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science & Technology.builtechmagazine. Macao. Shanghai Muncipality North Waterworks Co Ltd. on 9-10 Nov 2009 organised by the A&WMA – Hong Kong Section. regional and international experts together to explore the broad range of technologies and systems affecting our built environment. Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences. end of 2009 (tentative) Technical Visit to KMB Exhaust Treatment System (tentative) 9.The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 8.wlc2009ilec. South China University of Technology. Forthcoming Events Technical Visit to Vibratory Membrane for Wastewater Treatment at Dunwell. if you spot any missing information or discrepancy of the membership status . The 2nd International Workshop on Regional Air Quality. The 6th International Symposium on Environmental Anaerobic Technologies. and Argonne National Laboratory. Water Supplies Department of the HKSAR Government. understanding the role of long term sustainability on a business and environmental front is crucial. on 12-13 Nov 2009 organised by the University of Hong Kong. Beijing Waterworks Group Co Ltd. 29 August 2009 (tentative) The 8th SHZM Water Supply Conference cum 5th Across-Strait Conference on Safe Water Quality Control Technology and Management. co-organised with Shenzhen Water (Group) Co Ltd. BuilTech 2009 will bring local. and to uplift China as an influential global player on environmental protection (www. expand scientific and technological research in this field. Taipei Water Department. 28-29 October 2009. Whether you work with building technology or buildings that house high-tech assets the one event that will give you the information you need is the BuilTech 2009 Conference (www. April 2010 10. November 2009 (tentative) Technical Visit to Wastewater Treatment Plants at Zhuhai. Membership As at June CIWEM HK 10 The 13th World Lake Conference. Hubei Province. With connectivity requirements increasing. CIWEM HK is a supporting organisation of the 13th World Lake Conference (WLC13) which is organised by the joint partnership of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences and Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences with the support from the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Tianjin Waterworks Group Co Ltd. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

It would be helpful for all members to regularly update your membership Technical Visits Winnie Leung: winnieleung@epd. Mr Stephanus Vice Chairman Dr Anthony Ma: Emily Hung: emily. Hong Kong Webpage: www. particularly your email addresses.ciwem. If non members are interested to obtain more information about the application for the membership of The Committee is very much appreciated with the dedicated effort from the resigned Committee members of the 2008-2009 term: Mr Kenny Wong.chan@veoliawater. Please contact us via email if members would like to update the list with the latest Immediate Past Chairman Alex Kwan: General Post Office. . CIWEM HK 11 Please help CIWEM HK to enhance this newsletter to be more enjoyable and useful to all readers. The updated Expertise List of some CIWEM members in Hong Kong is also available at CIWEM HK webpage and will be updated on a regular Dr Guiyi Li: guiyi. please contact us via Honorary Treasurer Grant Chau: grant@hkpc. Box Council Representative Damien Ku: Structured Training Damien Ku: damienku@netvigator. Ms Emily Hung (for Communications) and Ms Dulcie Chan (for Technical Meetings). we express our warm welcome to the following new Committee members: Dr Guiyi Li (rejoined. Mr Andy Kwok and Mr Danny or with individual Committee members.The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 of you or your colleagues and peers. for Institutional Promotion).hk Membership Clement Lau: Institutional Promotion Luciana Wong: lw238@netvigator. the “Members Area” of CIWEM homepage) or CIWEM HK. CIWEM HK will also verify the validity of the membership status of all members who intend to join our events and Honorary Secretary Fredrick Leong: fredleong@yahoo. via the Head Office (e. Ms Jennifer Chan will help the Committee to operate CIWEM HK Email: Dulcie Chan: ulcie.hung@mottmac.g. We would appreciate your suggestions via emails at ciwemhk@hongkong. Chairman Norman Cheng: Secretariat Jennifer Chan: In this O. We are in debt of Ms Philomena Lau for her professionalism as CIWEM HK Secretariat. Please contact us via email if any members would like to update the list with the latest information. Committee Members CIWEM HK Committee 2009-2010 Postal Address: Paper Lam: Communications Yau Hau Yin: Technical Meetings Dr Anthony Ma: anthonym@hkpc.

The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 Annex A CIWEM Members in Hong Kong (data from CIWEM Head Office as at June 2009) Honorary Fellow: Dr Chan Nai Keong Collier John Prof Lam Kin Che Life Member: Traynor Frank Stewart Fellow: Bhanja Alexi Chan Yan Fong Chun Yau Ku Chi Chung Damien Lee Ping Kuen Leong Lai Shing Fredrick Dr Li Guiyi Dr Lai Pong Wai Lui Man Wai David Dr Shin Kam Shing Paul Stuckey Peter David Taylor Colin Robert Wong Kwok Lai Wong Kwong Hang Johan Wong Siu Fun Wong Siu Wai Kenny Wong Wai Lan Luciana Member: Au Wai Kwong Elvis Au Yeung Young Benson James Frederick Bosher Christopher Bruce Castka Gillian Hancer Chan Yue Lap Chan Sik Foon Joyce Chan Kin Man Chan Hoi Ming Raymond Chan Wai Kei Tony Chan Yun Fat Dr Chan Yin Nin Sammy Chan Shu Pui Daniel Chan Pui Kuen Chan King Ho Louis Chan Chi Shing Ricky Chan Kwong Yan Chan Chi Chiu Chan Kien Tat Luke Chan Kwok Keung Chan Kwok Wai CIWEM HK 12 Chau Kam Man Grant Cheng Wai Shing Albert Cheng Chun Ping Norman Cheng Muk Kwai Gideon Cheong Siu Yau Cheung Chin Bun Cheung Sun Fung Cheung Chun Ming Freeman Dr Cheung Ka Fu Chin Chu Sum Ching Ming Kam Eric Ching Shiu Bun Samuel Chow Chi Kwong Chu Kam Wah Tony Chu Chung Sing Chung Kwok Leung Cochrane Helen Jane Cousins Neil Alan Cox David John Dao Kwan Ming Keith Dearden Nigel Tremayne Dr Emerson Thomas Nicholas Fong Yuk Tak Stanley Gilfeather Joseph Goode Arlene Vicki Guilford Colin Michael Ho Fu Keung Ho Chi Sing Ho Yan Cheung Robin Hung Wai Shan Dr Kerr Anne Frances Ko Wing Hon Dr Koenig Albert Kwan King Fai Alex Kwok Chun Hai Kenneth Kwok Tsz Leung Kwong Chi Ho Kwong Tin Sang Samuel Lai Kam Shing Samuel Lai Kang Chi Lai Chui Ching Isis Lam Tse Cheung Lam Kam Chuen Lam Yuen Wing Lau Yin Lang Clement Lau Wai Hoi Clement Lee Kwok Sing David Prof Lee Hun Wei Joseph Lee Man Leung Raymond Lee Yiu Wah Lee Wing Woo Maurice .

. please timely follow up with the Head Office of CIWEM to update the latest progress of your membership application.The Hong Kong Environmental Bulletin Issue 1/2009-2010 Lee Chi Kin Alfred Leung Ching Su Lisa Leung Chi Keung Kent Leung Ho Yin Henry Leung Kui Wing Leung Oi Kwan Winnie Leung Wai Keung Li Kui Wai Li Fai Hung Li Po Hung Lo See Wah Dr Ma Yiu Wa Anthony Ma So Man Simon Mo Yat Ming Newham Melvyn Robert Ng Kam Tong Ng Wan Tin Danny Dr Ng Cho Yan Joe Ngai Tak Yin Ngan Wai Tak Eden Poon Chun Wah Stephen Poon Lok To Otto Poon Sun Wah Probert Huw Gruffydd Rowley John Alexander Shum Chung Yee Sin Wah Kong Daniel Siu Wai Tat Edward Tam Lee Sing Tam Tak Chiu Tang Kin Hing Dr Tang Wan Ming Tang Quoc Tri Alex Tang Wan Chung David To Fu Ning Tong Wing Yin Viola Tsang Kam Lam Tse Chi Shan Tse Kim Fung Tse Siu Wah Thomas Tsui Cheuk Wing Samuel Vickridge Ian Gordon Wong Siu Leung Wong Chun Fai Wong Ho Ching Wong Kut Sang Dominic Prof Wong Po Keung Wong Ka Fai Andy Wong Kwan Ho Thomas Wong King Wong Tak Ching CIWEM HK 13 Wong Wai Hoong Allan Wong Kwong Y Frederick Wong Yee Kwong Charles Wu Kwok Cheung David Wu Ka Hing Humphrey Xiao Ying Yau Hau Yin Yeung Wing Tsan Yeung Sik Vincent Yeung Wai Ming Yiu Wing Yee Yu Shuk Man Yu Lai Wing William Yuen Wing Hong Paul Yuen Po Hung Dr Yuen Wai Hong Kenneth Graduate: Chan Chung Tak Chan Dulcie Chan Wing Yin Julia Chau Chung Sing Lewis Chung Yeou Pearl Kwan Shiu Yin Louis Kwong Chi Yeung Benjamin Liu Kin Fun Ma Anna Angella Poonacha Sanchit Ravi Wan Chi Yuen Tommy Wong Wan Harris Associate: Dr Chan Yuk Sing Gilbert Student: Lam Chi Yan Anna Dr Lau Ivan Environmental Partner: Ho Wai Yee Stephenie Kwok Yim As a friendly reminder to all Introductory members.