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Prepared For: Afrins Farid Faculty, School of Business (UITS)

Prepared By: Sujan Bhowmik Anendya Chakma Naznin Sultana Nasrin Nahar Robi Begum ID: 10310495 ID: 10310553 ID: 10310225 ID: 10310137 ID: 09410173

University of Information Technology & Sciences (UITS) 4th April,2011

First of all I would like to express my sincerest and heartiest thanks to our honorable class teacher Afrins Farid for his endless effort for our betterment. Without his support this Study would not exist. I also express my thanks to all executives of Prime Bank Ltd. who are working with Human Resource Division for their cooperation in preparing this term paper. My special thanks also goes to S M Didarul Hasan Management Trainee Officer, Corporate Marketing Division for his help in collecting information related to this term paper.

Date 4th April,2011 To Afrins Farid Faculty, school of Business UITS Subject: Request to accept the term paper Dear Madam, It is a great pleasure for us to submit our term paper on Business Communication . We have prepared this paper as partial fulfillment of the course . We are, ready to make you clear regarding any confusion or further clarification from this report .

Sincerely yours, ________________ Sujan Bhowmik ID: 10310495 _________________ Anendya Chakma ID: 10310553 _________________ Naznin Sultana ID: 10310225 ________________ Nasrin Nahar ID: 10310137 ________________ Robi Begum ID: 09410173

Acknowledgement 2. Origin of the report Scope of the report Limitation of making the report Methodology Part 2. Organ gram 7. Report ending: 1. Function & Services 6. 3. Board of Director 8. Historical Background 2.Table of Contents Part 1: 1. Other activities of the Bank Part 3. Appendix . Prime Bank & its functions: 1. Recommendations 3. Organizational structure 5. Objective of the Bank 4. Conclusion 2. Executive Summary Introduction 1. Letter of transmittal 3. Table of contents 4. 2. Organizational goal 3. 4. Executive committee 9. Management 10.


Prime Bank limited is prepared to meet the challenge of the 21st century well ahead of time.verbal Communication. Generally Prime Bank Ltd. that is called Business Communication. So the motto itself is self-explanatory to deliver the vision of the bank. Actually all Communication related to the business. to complete this term paper. In this report we have discussed detail about the Business Communication of Prime Bank Limited. Prime Bank Ltd. For this purpose we contacted with S M Didarul Hasan from Prime Bank Bank Ltd.Executive Summary Communication is a process of interrelated elements workings together to achieve a desired out-comes or goal. was created and commencement of business started on 17th April 1995. we are selected Prime Bank Ltd.and we used our text books as references. started its operation on April 17. The sponsors are reputed personalities in the field of trade and commerce and their stake ranges from shipping to textile and finance to energy etc. These Communication systems are Internal & External Communication. Formal & Informal Communication. To fulfill the demand as well as to improve the commercial banking service in our country. follows all types of Communication systems as their need. The Prime Bank Limited is scheduled bank that was incorporated under the Companies Act 1994. 1995 with a target to play the vital role on the socioeconomic development of the country. Oral & Written Communication and Verbal & Non. . For good Business communication system. “A Bank With a Difference” is the motto of Prime Bank Limited.

I have been assigned to write a report on this subject by our respective course instructor of Business Communication. We have mainly tried to cover all the information needed to know about the functions & services played by the bank as well as the various loan schemes and deposit schemes offered by the bank. .Introduction Origin of the report: This is informed that the report paper on Prime Bank Ltd. These limitations are stated below:Limitations related with the companies: The employees of the banks were too busy of there work. The entire interviews are taken from the Management trainee officer(MTO) and various upper level officers of the bank. Afrins Farid for the partial of the course. For this. We had wait for a long time to talk to the head of the bank due to the complexity of his time shortage. We have collected information by visiting Prime Bank Ltd. Scope of the report: We have collected data from the Head Office of Prime Bank Ltd. It has been prepared as a requirement of the course title Business Communication (MGT-242). And also took help from the internet. Limitation of the making report: Though we are lucky enough to get a chance to prepare a report. they did not sufficient time to fulfill my queries. It has been prepared for academic purpose only. but to make the report we have faced a lot of limitations.

. We used out collect information from various sources to make the whole report. which have been collected from various sources.Methodology: Sources of collecting data: The report is based on data & information. Secondary sources: We complete the report other required information was collected from the secondary sources. We used Microsoft word for report making. Which are websites of Prime Bank Ltd. We used online facility and also collected data from the company. We are complete the term paper used two types of data sources: Primary sources: We are also collected data primary information by exploring and interviewing employees and customer of the Prime Bank Ltd.

96%. is the one of the familiar bank in banking sector of our country. it was competence. Bangladesh Bank. The authorized capital of PBL is Tk. The First Chairman of the Bank was Mr. The Prime Bank Limited is scheduled bank that was incorporated under the Companies Act 1994. Mohammad Aminul Hoque.1777. To fulfill the demand as well as to improve the commercial banking service in our country.32 million. Now the MD of Prime Bank Limited is Mr.96% is in the market. It availed its registration as a banking company under the Banking Company Act 1993 from the Bangladesh Bank dated February 12. Bangladesh Bank. Abdul Gani and the present one is Mr. The bank’s current capital adequacy ratio of 9.34 million and its capital funds stood at Tk. was created and commencement of business started on 17th April 1995. the bank has posted an operating profit of Tk. started its operation on April 17. Md. In spite of complex business environment and default culture. For them. 1995.Historical Background of Prime Bank Ltd Prime Bank Ltd. Lutfur Rahman Sharker. In the backdrop of economic liberalization and financial sector reforms. 1995 with a target to play the vital role on the socioeconomic development of the country.3177. Tk. Out of this. . Ex -Governor.1400 million consists of paid up capital by shareholders and Tk. The sponsors are reputed personalities in the field of trade and commerce and their stake ranges from shipping to textile and finance to energy etc. quantum of classified loan in the bank is very insignificant and stood at less than 0. Ex -Governor. 1000 million and paid up capital of the same bank is Tk.1520. 400 million. The bank has consistently turned over good returns on Assets and Capital.32 million represents reserves and retained earnings. Lutfur Rahman Sharker. During the year 2005. Kazi Abdul Mazid followed by the first Managing Director was Mr. The started to make profit from the inception year. Accordingly. . It was made possible for its management and the leadership of the first Managing Director Mr. Prime Bank Ltd. a group of highly successful local entrepreneurs conceived an idea of floating a commercial bank with different outlook. excellence and consistent delivery of reliable service with superior value products.

The bank has efficient and dedicated professionals and equipped with modern technology to provide the best service in the need of the people and thus to realize its vision. our strategy is to serve the customers through capacity building across multi delivery channels. We are better placed and poised to take our customers through fast changing times and enable them compete more effectively in the market they operate.Prime Bank Ltd..” Mission statement: “Continuous improvement in our business policies and procedures. since its beginning has attached more importance in technology integration. . investment in technology is always a top agenda and under constant focus. Our past performance gives an indication of our strength.” Focus of Efforts: “on delivery of quality service in all areas of banking activities with the aim to add increased value to shareholders’ investment and offer highest possible benefits to our customers” Strategic Priorities: “ To have sustained growth. broaden and improve range of products and services” Objective of the Bank The objective of the Prime Bank Limited is specific and targeted to its vision and to position itself in the mindset of the people as ‘a bank with difference’. Organizational goal “A Bank With a Difference” is the motto of Prime Bank Limited. Keeping the network within a reasonable limit. So the Bank defined: Vision statement: “To be the most efficient Bank in terms of customer service profitability and technology application. To cope with the challenge of the new millennium it hired experienced and well-reputed banker of the country from the inception. The objectives of the Prime Bank Limited are as follows: ? To mobilize the savings and channeling it out as loan or advance as the company approve. So the motto itself is self-explanatory to deliver the vision of the bank. Prime Bank limited is prepared to meet the challenge of the 21st century well ahead of time. In order to retain competitive edge. cost reductions through integration of technology at all levels.

iii. Their main function relates to procurements and supply of all tangible goods and services to the Branches as well as Head office of Prime Bank Limited. It deals with all the Head Office transactions with bank and its Branches and all there are controlled under the following heads: . interior decoration etc. ii. Purchase and distribute all kinds of bank’s furniture and fixtures. including buying and selling of foreign currency. This includes i. Every tangible functions of Branch opening such as making lease agreement. ? To encourage the new entrepreneurs for investment and thus to develop the country’s industry sector and contribute to the economic development. trade and commerce in both the conventional way and by offering customer friendly credit service. telephones etc from branched and different divisions in head office and arrange. Organizational structure Functional structure of Prime Bank Ltd. ? To develop the standard of living of the limited income group by providing Consumer Credit. maintain. and other securities. international credit card issuance etc. vehicles. managing and distributing the issue of stocks. has the following functional departments in its head office & all branches. v. carry on. Prime Bank Ltd. Distribution of these stationeries to the branch iv. transact and undertake all kinds of investment and financial business including underwriting. Install & maintain different facilities in the Branches. vi. ? To carry on the foreign exchange business. ? To finance the international trade both in import and export.? To establish. debentures. Financial Administration Division (FAD) Financials Administration Division mainly deals with the account side of the Bank. Logistic & Support Services Division (L&SSD) This Division was formerly known as General Services Division (GSD). Receives demand of cars. traveler’s cheques issuing. Print all security papers and Bank Stationeries. ? To finance the industry. purchase and delivery of it to the concerned person / Branch.

vii. This division also prepares different monthly. iv. The functions of this division are: . International Division The objective of this division is to assist management to make international dealing decisions and after decision is made. Receives proposals ii. ii. Computer Division Prime Bank operates and keeps records of its assets and liabilities in computers by using integrated software to maintain client Ledger and general Ledger. v. Monitoring and follow-up.e. v. guide Branches in their implementation. Cash Section: cash section generally handles cash expenditure for office operations and miscellaneous payments. Consolidation of Branch’s Accounts All branches periodically (especially monthly) sends their income and expenditure i. Here branch Statements are reviewed. The main function of this division is to provide required Hardware and Software. Maintaining Nostro A/Cs and reconciliation. Expenditure Posting: All income and expenditures are maintained and posted under these heads. Monitoring foreign exchange returns & statements. Credit Division The main function of this division is to maintain the Bank’s credit portfolio. Monitoring foreign exchange rate and exchange dealings. Authorizing of signing and test key. vi.i. Maintaining correspondence relationship. A well reputed and hard working group of executives & officers runs the functions of this division. vi. Set price for credit and ensure effectiveness of it. Communication and Sanction v. Other major functions are the following: i. iii. Prepare various statements for onward submission to Bangladesh bank. Sending updated exchange rates to concern branches. Maintenance of Employee Provident Fund: Employee provident fund accounts are maintained here. Proposes and appraises. It also analyzes and interprets financial statements for the management and Board of director. Get approval iv. half-yearly statements and submits to Bangladesh bank. iv. Salary & Wages of the Employee: Salary and wages of the Head Office executives. ii. iii. Income. quarterly. profit and loss accounts and Head Office made the consolidation statement of income and expenditure of the bank. iii. Bills sections: this section is responsible for inland bills only. Its functional areas are as follows: i. Officers 7 Employees are given in this department.

Prepare all formalities regarding appointment and joining of the successful candidates. Receiving and Sanctioning of all advertisement application ii. In-order to perform this jobs. if there is any lagging. promotion and leave of the employees. Selecting & Recruitment of new Personnel. Maintain Connectivity in through LAN. Inspection & Audit Division Inspection and Audit division works as internal audit division of the Company. vi. viii. Deal with the transfer. ii. Provide updated CD’s of Online Accounts to the Branches vii. iv. Placement of Manpower. the Banks sometimes offer a bit higher price than the prevailing market rate. v. iv. In this case different organizations having excess funds are solicited to deposit their excess fund to the Bank. iv. Improvisation of software to get best possible output from them. Keeping good relation with different officers of electronic media. ii. Human Resources Division HRD performs all kind of administrative and personnel related matters. Inviting concerned ones for any occasion. The broad routine functions can be enumerated as follows: i. vi. Keeping good relation with different newspaper offices. If the amount of money to be deposited is large. Intranet & Internet. Updating Softwares. Employee welfare fund running. Arranges workshops & trainings for employee & executives. ix. iii. Public Relations Division It has to perform certain functions related to all types of communication. v. Keeping records and personal file of every employee of the Bank. Hardware and Software troubleshooting. Training & Development. The officers . vii. iii. Routine Checkup of Computers of Different Branches. they often visits dome large organizations and attract then to borrow from the Bank to finance profitable ventures. Liability Marketing: The process of Liability marketing is more of less same as Asset marketing. Termination and retrenchment of the employees. Asset marketing: Marketing of assets refers to marketing of various kinds of loans and advances. iii. The broad functions of the division are as follows: i. Marketing Division Marketing Division is involved in two types of Marketing. Designing software to support the accounting operation.i.

A separate Division is assigned to look after this card. If there is any discrepancy. (2) International Silver Card (3) Local Gold Card (4) International Gold Card Recently Prime Bank has obtained the membership of VISA credit Card and soon they will start marketing of it. Currently Prime Bank Ltd. 1999. Prime Bank And Its Business Communication Process .of this division randomly go to different Branches. examine the necessary documents regarding each single accounts. They help the bank to comply with the rules and regulation imposed by the Bangladesh Bank. Credit Card Division Prime Bank obtained the principal membership of Master Card International in the month of May. Merchant Banking and Investment Division This division concentrates its operation in the area of under writing of initial public offer (IPO) and advance against shares. The Marketing Team of this division goes to the potential customers to sell the card. They inform the Bangladesh Bank about the Current position of the rules and regulation followed by the Bank. This division deals with the shares of the Company. offers four types of card: (1) Local Silver Card. The Bank has a large amount of investment in shares and securities of different corporations as well as government treasury bills and prize bond. they inform the authority concerned to take care of that/those discrepancies. They also look after the security Portfolio owned by the Bank.

The senior executive officer would then reply (feedback) to the DGM with the appropriate figures. each branch has twelve functional department. Prime Bank Ltd. There are two types of communication occur each branch of Prime Bank Ltd. are given below: Figure: Communication Plan For example: A Deputy Managing Director (sender) may send a message to a Senior Executive Officer (receiver) asking for Loan forecasts for the next 6 month so they can plan budget levels. External Communication The whole communication process of Prime Bank Ltd. Actually all Communication related to the business. . i. Internal Communication ii. that is called Business Communication.Communication: Communication is a process of interrelated elements workings together to achieve a desired out-comes or goal.

virtual meetings. . memos.Internal • Employee • Directors • Managers Communication System External • Clients • Local community • Shareholders • Government • Central Banks • Other Banks Internal Communication is defined as a communication between employees or departments across all levels of divisions of an organization. Besides. intranet and e-mails are all parts of a company’s internal communication. message board. letter. video conference. faxes. circulars. & audio conference. computers. Telephones. notices. mobile. bulletin boards. telephone. parcel. External Communication: In which business communication uses in two or more people or company is called external communication. they can communicate by air mail. internal newsletters/ magazines/ journals or any other form of print material. They can communicate by email. fax. by visiting & also sit a meeting with each other.

Board of Director Chief executive officer(CEO) Managing Director Chairman DGM GM Manager(R&D) Manager (Marketing & Procurement) Manager (Account & Finance) Figure: Communication Process of Prime Bank Ltd. these are given on the below. Prime Bank Ltd. also used others types of Communication system. → Formal & Informal Communication → Written & Oral Communication → Vertical & Horizontal Communication Generally Prime Bank Ltd. . follows all types of Communication systems as their need.

2.Services There are different kinds of services are here. (c) Islamic Banking: 1. 2. Internet Banking 5. 2. Locker Service (b)Corporate Banking: 1. 5. these are stated below: 1. iii. 4. 5. iv. v. (d) SME Banking: i. Easy Loan Capital Loan Working Capital Loan Seasonal Loan Double Loan Deposit Investment Foreign trade Remittance & fund transfer Product & service General Credit unit Export finance unit Structured finance unit Lease finance unit . Loan 3. 3. ii. 3. Retail Banking Corporate Banking Islamic Banking SME Banking Probashi Banking/ NRB Banking (a)Retail Banking: 1. 4. 4. Cards 4. 3. SME Banking 6. Deposit 2.

78 %. In the other words. v. ii. For poverty alleviation.50%. And the wealth finally takes the country on road to progress and prosperity. we need self employment . savings is considered the very basis of prosperity of the country. The more the growth of savings. savings help capital formations and the capital formations help investments in the country. the more will be the prosperity of the nation. The savings rate in Bangladesh is one of the lowest in the world rate of domestic saving being 17. for self-employment we need investment and for investment we need savings. depend only on the quantum of income but largely depend on the habit of savings of the people. iii. In order to improve the savings rate. Women Entrepreneur Loan (e) Probashi/NRB Banking: i. The savings do not. Retail Banking↓ → Deposit Scheme → Loan Scheme Deposit Scheme: Bank is the largest mobilizer of surplus domestic Interest rate of Savings Deposit is 5. iv. We have formulated the following Savings Schemes Contributory Savings Scheme Education Savings Scheme Short Term Deposit Monthly Benefit Deposit Scheme Fixed Deposit Scheme Lakhopati Deposit Scheme NRB Services/Account Foreign Remittance Service Bank’s Network Strategic Alliance Exchange House . The investment in its turn helps industrialization leading towards creation of wealth of the country. As such. of course. Financial Institutions responsible for mobilization of savings should offer attractive Savings Schemes so that the marginal propensity to save increases.

Doctors Loan 6. Dilkusha C/A. Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)s Islami Banking: Prime Bank Limited has started its operation as a Conventional Bank in April 1995. Because of its popularity and management’s commitment toward social well being gradual expansion of Prime Bank’s Islami Banking operations is assured. Marriage Loan 11. Advance Against Salary 7. The Challenge is not so much as in operating Islamic Banking but in maintaining both the forms in Parallel. Since then it has so far has established four more branches at different locations in the Country. within few months. Car Loan 5. 02. Hire Purchase 15. as are as follows: 1. the Bank has taken up the Challenge to start Islami Banking Operations. Travel Loan 10. From its inception as an Islami Bank the bank has proven itself to be worthy of its slogan of ‘Bank with a Difference’. Following are the salient features of Islamic Banking. as is practiced in Prime Bank Limited: 01. General Loan Scheme 2. Interest free monetary operations. through successful operation of Islami Banking.Double Benefit Deposit Scheme Loan Scheme: There are various types of Loan are here. Education Loan 9. Hospitalization Loan 13. All activities are conducted according to Islamic Shariah. Lease Finance 14. Dhaka on 18 December 1995. CNG Conversion Loan 12. But pretty soon afterwards. Household Durable Loan 4. Any Purpose Loan 8. Consumer Credit Scheme 3. Prime Bank has started its Islami Banking operation through its first Branch being inaugurated at 19. .

through which making the clients feel special. 04. 05. here the bank. In Islamic terms the depositors are the “Shahib-Al-Maal” and the Bank is “Mudarib”. These are: Al-Wadiah: In this mode of deposit depositors are not given any profit. group of the society. Investment 03. Deposit Product List Local Currency 01. 07. Foreign Trade 04. Thus. Through small and long term deposit schemes providing hope to the poor income 06. Service Portfolio Prime Bank Limited provides following services under Islami Banking: 01. While investing special consideration to social needs is given. the depositor in this case and the provider of skill and labor. According to Banking laws depositors money should always be protected and be deliverable on demand. In this kind of partnership the profit of investment is divided as per agreed upon ratio and the loss is borne by the provider of capital. capital is not considered rather it is subject to the projected profit rate. Conduct welfare activates etc. Mudaraba mode of deposit. for profit and loss. Client service centric banking. Mudaraba: It is partnership between two parties. Al-Wadiah Current Account 02.03. the depositor in this case. Following Islamic principles in its investment portfolio. the capital provider. Bank can use the deposit in its business but committed to pay back to the customers on demand. Deposit 02. Mudaraba Term Deposit . 08. Mudaraba Savings Account 03. Remittance and Fund Transfer Deposit Portfolio: Prime Bank under its Islami Banking operations collects deposit mainly in two modes. Mudaraba Short Term Deposit 04. Building partnership relation between the Bank and its customers.

Foreign Currency Account 02. The objective would be to increase investment through these modes. by economic purpose. income and employment generation.05. Earning of profit is not the only motive and objective of the Islamic Banking investment policy rather emphasis is given in attaining social welfare and creating employment opportunity. 02. 06. Non-Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Investment Portfolio: The special feature of the investment policy of Islami Banking is to invest on the basis of profit and loss sharing system in accordance with the tenets and principles of Islamic Shariah. Mudaraba Hajj Savings Scheme 07. To make investment keeping in view of the socio economic requirement of the country. 05. Musharaka and Mudaraba are the pristine mode of Islamic investment. by securities and by geographical area including industrial. Prime Millionaire Mudaraba Deposit Scheme Foreign Currency 01. by sector. To finance various development schemes for poverty alleviation. 03. Though all mode of investment is practiced in the Islami Banks are fully permissible. 07. Mudaraba Education Savings Scheme 06. Mudaraba Contributory Savings Scheme 08. Resident Foreign Currency Deposit 03. The objectives and principles of investment of Islami Banking are: 01. To increase the number of potential investors by making participatory and productive investment. To diversify its investment portfolio by size. House Building Mudaraba Deposit Scheme 10. To invest fund strictly in accordance with the principles of Islamic Shariah. 04. Mudaraba Monthly Benefit Deposit Scheme 09. To ensure mutual benefit for both the Bank and the investment client. commercial and agricultural involvement. with view to accelerate sustainable socio-economic growth. To invest in the form of goods and commodities rather than give out cash money to the investment clients. . 08.

Prime Bank conducts its investment portfolio mainly under three mechanisms. Ijara There are some other forms of investments which can be categorized as miscellaneous. These are as follows: 01. Hire Purchase/Ijara 02. Quard-e-Hasana . Bai Mechanism 02. Hire Purchase under Shirkatul Melk Miscellaneous 01. Product List Under Bai Mechanism 01. Share Mechanism 03. Musharaka Ijara 01. Bai-Muajjal 03. Bai-Murabaha 02. Mudaraba 02. Bai-Salam Under Share Mechanism 01.

Organ gram Operational S tructure of Retail BankingDivision. Prime B ank Limited Head of Asset Head of Liability Business Operation Assessment AVP SME Assessment Team SAVP Retail Recovery 3rd Party Recovery Agent Sales Team Sales Team Chittag ongS ales Center BDM & Sales Team In charge SME Center CAD 6 .

R etail BankingP roduct P roposed R etail P roduct m be P e S ile ay rim m 9 R etail BankingP roduct P ortfolio Assets Assets Home & Mortgage Loan Liabilities Liabilities Accounts Prime Millionaire Scheme Double Benefit Scheme Lakhopoti Deposit Scheme HB Deposit Scheme Monthly Profit Deposit Scheme Monthly Profit Deposit Scheme Contributory Savings Scheme Education Savings Scheme Swapnaneer S wapnoshaj Abash Swapnopuron Car loan Doctors Loan Hospitalization loan Savings Accounts S hort-term Deposit Current Accounts RFCD Accounts Any Purpose HHD Education loan Marriage Loan Travel Loan S alary Loan CNG Conversion Loan 10 Board of Director. Executive Committee & Management .

All the directors have good academic background and have huge experience in business. Captain Imam Anwar Hossain is the chairman of the bank. Different ideas and decisions. guidelines regarding deposits. Table 1: Management Hierarchy of Prime Bank Limited Managing Director↓ Deputy Managing Director Senior Executive Vice President Executive Vice president Senior Vice President Vice President Senior Assistant Vice President Assistant Vice president First Assistant Vice president Senior Executive Officer Executive Officer Principal Officer Senior Officer Management Trainee Officer Junior Officer . The board of directors holds meetings on a regular basis. They discuss about the progress on portfolio functions. Now there are 13 directors in the management of the bank. Management Committee: The Management Committee consists of the Managing Directors and Head Office Executives. This committee exercises the power as delegated by the Board from time to time and approves all matters beyond the delegation of Management. Executive Committee: The Executive Committee consists of the members of the Board of Directors. lending and management of Human and Material resources are the main concern of this committee.Boards of directors are the sole authority to take decision about the affairs of the business. All these committees meet on a regular basis for discussing various issues and proposals submitted for decisions.

TRANSFER POLICY: It is the policy of Prime Bank Ltd. The recruitment shall be done impartially. . sex.Other Activities of the Bank a) RECRUITING & SELECTION PROCESS: • • • The organization recruits the best talent available in the job market on an equal opportunity basis. and age and nationality or physical disability. Al those candidates. color. religion. Nepotism and favoritisms is prohibited in selection the candidate. • • b) PROMOTION. Responsibility The administrative Department is responsible for preparing the offer letter describing the full details of term and condition of employment. External recruitment will be sought when there is no suitable internal candidate. who have the required qualification. will be given a fair chance. Procedure • • Overall recruitment / promotion decision lies with the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer Responsibility The Chairman/Chief Executive Officer / Management Executive is responsible for the implementation of the policy. Issuing appointment letter to the candidates requires approval by the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer. The organization’s policy will be to promote/train from within to the maximum extent possible. Permanent staff will be given the opportunity of enrolling into the courses run by the HRD unit of Dhaka Bank Limited if it is recommended by their immediate supervisor. Outside professional training may also be provided for enhancing professional competence if such opportunity arises. Full time permanent staff may be granted leave with full pay if it is thought to enhance the quality of service to the organization. c) • • • • • TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT POLICY: Permanent employees will be provided with facilities to develop themselves through capacity building workshop and training. The organization shall not discriminate on the basis of race. Selection • The organization advocates an open hiring policy. Support will be provided for them as and when needed by their supervisors. Selection will be subject to the approval of the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer. to fill as much vacant position as possible through internal promotion.

e. Policy statement The organization recognizes that there will be occasions when the acts. and guidance may be given at the place of work. Bonus Bonus will be discretionary awarded on the basis of the performance and liquidity situation of the organization. a warning will be given by the staff member’s officer. The salary review exercise takes into consideration performance based merit increments. The warning letter will specify what . A record of the Disciplinary action will be included in the employees profile and will be considered at the time of performance appraisal. Travel Allowances To reimburse reasonable travel expenses when an employee travels on organization’s business within Bangladesh and also abroad. e) DISCIPLINARY ACTION PROGRAM: Purpose The purpose of disciplinary action program has been designed to provide guideline for employee on disciplinary action. Formal written warning A formal counseling will take place when a staff failed to respond to an oral warning or when a more serious breach of the rules has occurred. Staff members are responsible for their own personal taxation. Statutory warning For failure to comply with acceptable working standards. The organization encourages all disciplinary issue to be handled as soon as they arise. Festival Bonus also given to the Employees regularly. Remark The employees are requested not to discuss their salary among their colleagues. cost of living. The administration Officer already has a list of regular used hotels and good (i. and at the lowest level. The Chief Executive Officer (MD) and Head of Human Resource Manager reserves the right to take action on the staff on the leakage of information of salary. The prime responsibility for managing disciplinary incidents is with Chief Executive Officer/HRD. advice. and market adjustments. The information is strictly confidential. Accommodation Allowances The general rule of DBL is to try to use known accommodation where possible. safe) restaurant around the country and these should be used where possible. or behavior of an employee are inappropriate and need to be corrected.d) SALARY. omissions. minor verbal warnings. The accounts department and the beneficiary employee will be responsible for disciplinary action. Regular Guidance In the normal relationship between the supervisor and a staff member. BENEFITS & FACILITIES: • • • The monthly gross salary after necessary deduction (if any) is credited to the staff member’s account maintained in the Bank branch on the Third week after the of the month.

. If the sufficient standard is not achieved.  Habitual negligence or neglect or work. Some examples of gross misconduct include. such as the case study.  Habitual absence without leave. Gross Misconduct Where cases of gross misconduct occur. Research hypotheses are testable statements connecting the variables in a theory. Right of Appeal • An employee may appeal in writing. the services will be terminated. analysis.  Insubordination or disobedience. to personal interview with a set of closed questionnaire designed beforehand for the study. secondary data were collected from publication sources which were gathered during the time of survey in the organization from the authoritative respondents. ANALYSIS.e. the employee will not be confirmed.  Breach of confidentiality. field and laboratory experiments. f) JOB DESIGN. evaluation & merit ratings policy. and they guide the process of data collection. within seven (7) working days. show-causes / suspension or even the employee may be for with terminated. In case of gross misconduct during the probation period.  Leaving the place of work without prior advice or permission. and surveys.e. EVALUATION & MERIT RATING: DBL make proper Job design. the decision of the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer will be final and binding. • Appeals will be heard. depending upon the nature of the act of circumstances.  To supply or disclose of information to others . Fraud or dishonesty in connection with organization’s property.  Sleeping in the office premises during work hours. which reflect there promotion. increments etc.  Habitual late attendance. However . Data are generated through various research method.conduct and work performance is required of the staff member in future and the dates of further reviews. The methodology that had been followed for the present case is the survey i. wherever possible. but are not limited to the following.  Theft. Probationary Staff • • During probation period performance will be carefully monitored. the full warning procedure will not apply.  Failure to maintain the organization dress standards.  Receiving frequent friends or personal phone calls whilst at work (except in the case of emergency).  Any offence involving moral turpitude. g) RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research is the process of gathering and interpreting relevant evidence that will either support a behavioral theory or help change it. a final written warning may be given or the process for disciplinary action may commence i.

Report Ending Conclusions According to the above explanation it could say that the Prime Bank Ltd. they have been used each communicating system. Although PBL used all kinds of business communication systems but they are not used all communication systems for one particular sector. Executives. For the study I have taken interview of the departmental head . Manual. Guide lines. and Web site. That means according to their need. Recommendations SHORT TERM        Aggressive steps should be taken to launch new financial products Customer focus should be emphasize Proper integrity should be taken Base deposit should be increased by full effort Term deposit should be increased Good stuff benefit to motivate stuffs Maintain the quality of customer satisfaction LONG TERM        Field development works need to be taken Steps need to take to regain the loosing customer Steps need to take to capture potential customer market segment New technological improvisation should be installed with the existing New market segment should be find out to capture the financial market Customer satisfaction should be meet in all perspective Base deposit should be increased through increasing share in market . That’s why PBL has valuable relation with their clients as well as others. is maintaining good communication between clients and employees.The study was conducted through Interview. and other concerned officers.

Fax: 880-9560960 e-mail: sh042001@primebank.Appendix Bibliography: Reference: S M Didarul Hasan Management Trainee Corporate Marketing Division Head Office: website: www. PABX: 9567265 (Ext: 295) Cell: Dhaka-1100 Tel: . Motijheel C/A.