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fundementals of good health. This is the Lord’s time we are on. The office supply cell phone is now the cell phone of Elder and Sister Murray, the new office couple. Please do not text them for orders. If you have orders text Elder Stephens at 09474073442. This March we will be able to have zone activities on the first Monday of March. But only the zones that pass cleaning checks will be able to have one. So we will start now by cleaning our apartments and keep them clean, because they will be checked. Beware…. Make sure and get you Emergency Fund! st Companionship CSPs will be on the 1 Friday of the month and must be appoved by President. If you have any problems with the missionary schedule you may refer back to PMG or Missionary Handbook. Do not be foolish by not following the Lord’s schedule. st We should be having companionship CSPs on the 1 Friday of the month. These CSPs should be used to help Recent Converts and Less-Active Members and to built our relationships with them. We also will not participate in Ward/Branch/District/Stake CSPs. The CSPs we will attend are ones that are specifically scheduled for specific people and that are anitiated by the missionaries and not the church organizations. When visiting members, we should be spending time with the Less-Active Members not the Active ones. Wouldn’t it be better to spend time fellowshipping a Less-Active Family than spending time asking for referrals from Active members? The last Tuesday of the month, district meeting will start at 9:30am so we can fit more time in for reporting. Make sure that when we work/split with branch missionaries that the appearance of everyone working is missionary appropriate. Remember that the first message anyone receives is by what they see in our appearance. Zone and District Leaders and Sister Coordinators. You should go on exchanges with each companionship in your assigned Districts, Zone and Areas at least once during each transfer cycle. If your District or Area is relatively small you may go on exchanges more than once if you feel the need.

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"No power on earth, no power beneath the earth, will ever prevent you or me or any Latter-day Saint from being saved, except ourselves." Heber J. Grant

“Obedience is the first law of heaven, the cornerstone upon which all righteousness and progression rest. It consists in compliance with divine law, in conformity to the mind and will of [God]” (Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, 2nd ed. [Salt Lake City:
Bookcraft, 1966], p. 539).

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When texting, Please indicate in the bottom who is texting so that when we call we don’t have to ask who are we talking to. Salamat. Don’t text President Querido’s calling number because that is for calling only if you need to text him please text him at 09189116857. Please also register calling number of President Querido 09493524785. Please clean your apartments today. To be prepared for the upcoming transfers. If you get sick and need to go to the hospital, you need to inform President or Sister Querido so they know and can give you approval. Please review the Missionary Handbook on pg. 33 about the opposite sex. We need to make sure we have proper relations with members of the opposite sex and do what is right. Never get your yourselves in a situation that could tempt you. Lock your Heart. It is the season for getting sick. Make sure you take all precautions to stay healthy. Bring skyflakes and water with you everywhere. And always remember the

and remain alert. Make sure that we always follow up with our priesthood leaders about the New Area Goals and especially the List of 15 names of less active members. FINDING & BAPTIZING  Please visit the 15 specific names that the branch/ward presidency have given you and try to check if they are really low hanging fruits if not. “EFFECTIVE PLANNING IS EFFECTIVE MISSIONARY WORK. This weekly planning should take two to three hours to complete. Get CMIS from the branch and try to visit the names of the Less actives in that list and judge if they are low hanging fruits. 2012 DISTRICT LEADERS AND SISTER COORDINATORS TRAINING WE WILL INFORM YOU ABOUT THE TRAVEL DETAILS. SUNDAY. These are souls of our Heavenly Father that we are planning for. Study at a desk or table where you can write (not lying down or sitting on your bed). Aside from the 15 names that is being focused by the branch/ward. RETENTION AND REACTIVATION!!! WEEKLY HANDOFF TEACHING. B 2 C 2 BD 8 SA 10 MP 20 OL 0 PI 15 R 5 R 5 NI 10  Number of Lessons taught to the Less Active members  Number of Less Active members visited for the first time  Number of Investigators baptized who came from less active members  Number of Less Active members who have returned (4 times attended church) When you go home at night you immediately sit down and plan for the next day. Our Mission Standard of Excellence. 2012          R LA1 LAR BLA  10 8 4 2  We are to help strengthen the roots of the branches/wards we are assigned by focusing on the recent converts and less active members.MISSIONARY WORK IS CONVERSION. And the progress of their less-active members. Make sure your branch or ward has one. UPDATE YOUR AREABOOK DAILY.  Please report to the zone leaders the following new key indicators: CALENDAR OF EVENTS FEBRUARY 22. ask for a replacements. Follow up until we get that list. 2012 TRANSFER DAY WE WILL GO WHERE THE LORD WANTS US TO GO.PHILIPPINES OLONGAPO MISSION. organize your study materials. FEBRUARY 23-24. AND EFFECTIVE MISSIONARY WORK IS WHAT A PREACH MY GOSPEL MISSIONARY DOES” When we are studying. We are to follow up to the branch presidents/bishops with the needs of the recent converts:  FRIENDS IN THE CHURCH  PRIESTHOOD (Male Converts)  RESPONSIBILITY  NOURISHMENT BY THE WORD (Home Teachers or Visiting Teachers) Remember to be bold but not overbearing remember that they still have the keys in the branch but we will keep reminding them. FEBURARY 19. You and your companion should hold a weekly planning session on Thursday morning. THE TRANSFER INFORMATION WILL BE ANNOUNCED BY THE ZONE LEADERS TUESDAY NIGHT. During the last district meeting of the month all missionaries will submit a progress record to their zone leaders of all their investigators that will be baptized. Do it right by following the correct steps on Page 147-150. BE PREPARED. We will ask the priesthood leaders on whose less active families they want you to visit and always report to them about their progress. Make goals and plans on how you can increase the number of less active visits for the first time. Always remember to follow up on your weekly goals daily and plan how to achieve these goals. Do not rush through Weekly Planning so you can relax. (Preach My Gospel page 22) Please Follow –up with your Branch Presidents and Bishops about the Branch Mission Plan. This is setting goals and make plans. . So you will always have 15 specific names. When we apply what we have learned and work with members and the spirit these key indicators can be achieved. This is how we establish the church.