VALI Video Vector System

Codamotion’s VALI is a video vector system. It provides a visual gait assessment tool that overlays force vector and video data in a single user-friendly touch screen package. Up to two cameras and up to two force plates are combined to provide:
Easy Capture Easy Assessment Easy Reporting

l et up and align the whole S

l ee frame-by-frame playback S

l lassify trials by multiple C

system in minutes
l o markers and no preN

of any trial
l ee true 3D force vector S

criteria to create an easily searchable database
l utput captured data into O

preparation of the subject
l ne-touch recording of trials O

overlaid on any 2D video view
l dentify, mark and annotate I

at 100 frames-per-second

predefined events in the gait cycle

predefined printable report templates
l nclude key video frames, I

comments and kinematic data to create an auditable record

Summary Specifications:
VALI integrates high speed video cameras with just about any of the most popular strain gauge and piezoelectric force plates on the market.
l nputs and support for up to two force plates (force plates I

supplied as options). Most industry standard piezoelectric and strain gauge force plates are supported including: • Kistler models: 9281B, 9286, 9261, 9281C, 9281C2, 9287 • MTI models: BP400600, LG-6, OR6-7, BP900900, A AccuGait, AccuSway • Bertec models: 4060, 6012
l ideo Vector processing and display unit with V

38cm (15 inch) LCD touchscreen providing: • Recording and playback support • esult analysis and hard copy report R generation • Export feature in .avi format • rovision of data output in network P shareable form

VALI can be supplied as: l ameras and control box C hardware and software only l ameras, control box C hardware and software and force plates only Or
l turnkey system including A

Popular options:
Part no: VS-01-02 Standard twin camera system complete with two cameras, camera mounting plates, cables and one processing and display unit. Part no: VS-01-01 Single camera system complete with one camera, camera mounting plate, cables and one processing and display unit.

Contact your Codamotion Sales Office or local representative for a full list of options covering:
l l l l

Tripods for camera mounting Force plates Walkways Lighting Accessories

cameras, hardware, software, force plates and portable walkway

All options are available as a single integrated package.

Call +44 (0) 116 230 1060 or visit for more information
Victoria Mills, Fowke Street, Rothley, Leicestershire, LE7 7PJ, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)116 230 1060 Fax: +44 (0)116 230 1857 Email: Website:

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