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Realisations of English Translator Prayer Naimisharanya- As observed by the author

Naimish : Its importance as viewed in 21 6 Indian scriptures Culture, civility (sanskar) and Daily routine 25 7 of Rishi’s at Naimish First Birth place of shree Ram and 28 8 Meditation place of Manusatrupa. Planning of Ashwamedh Yagh by Maryada 30 9 10 purshottam shree Ram in Naimish Entry of Mahrshi Valmiki with Lav-Kush in Naimish Ram Yagh and entry of Ma-Sita in 34 11 12 Earth Patit pawani River Gomti The Place where after death the soul (jiva) 38 13 realizes all pervasion (sublok) No Moon day (Amavasya) festival/sacred 39 14 day parva While visiting sacred places the pandva’s 41 15 16 17 entred/ arrival in / visited Naimisharanya 43 1 Arrival of Prahlad in Naimisharanya at 45 penance place of Nar- Naravan. Arrival of smaddekr, IN Naimish and 47 37 32

18 19 20

killing of Rakshasha/ Giants by him.


Arrival of puruva along with Urvashi in 51 Naimisharanya Arrival of Vayudeva (God of Air) in 51 54

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Mention & Description of Naimisharanya 56 in befitting places for shraddha/ Offerings to the dead ancestors or Ralatives. 59 of 62 64





Naimisharanya. 25 26 27 Important places of visit in Naimisharanya.

Purana/My- theology Temple (M,andir) & 68 A hermitage (Ashrama) of Shree Swami Naradanand 70 (Chapter,) Meaning of 72


Lalita a Division Word Lalita


Lalita- A beautiful personality and detailed Interpretation Shree Vidaya (Goddes of Education) 73

dissolution of a compound Lalita and achievements of an incarnation. Spiritual mystery of extinction of a desire for sensual Happiness Mother- Ma Naimish Realisation of fruits by worshipping Ma/ Mother Lalita. Advantages of Listening importance, Lalita Shakti Peeth in

dignity, glory, virtue and beneficial aspects of Lalita. Invaluable Treasure of Pujari Heritage, 2







miraculous) power &Tantra (Occultism) Arti/ Offering Prayer with a Sacred Lamp to Ma/Mother LALITA

Blessings form Shree Pujya Gurudev jee On the Holy Occasion of Gurupurnima “Taranti Janaha Papebhyo Yatra Ashau Tirth” Where human beings are able to come out of the errils and illdeeds, that place is known as Tirth/Holy Place. There are number of Holy Places (Tirth) in India. Naimisharnya is one of the important and prime holy places. The founder of the same is shree Laita Devi. By worshiping, praying and meditating for her, human beings are able to come out of the miseries of life. Introduction of her is not much required. I have heard the details of “NAIMISH DARSHAN”


book, written by chief priest (Pujari) Shri. Pandit Jagdamba Prasad. The book contains truthful facts, described with feeling and emotions. I desire that all human beings should read and meditate think and ponder about the facts of the place, knowledge presented and the introduction of the Bhagvati-Swarup for their own good and welfare.

1008 Shree Swamiji Maharaj Shree Pitambera Peeth Date: 16-07-1978 Datia. (Madya Prad)

Few words of Thanks: For writing the broad Commentary (detiled interpretation) about ancient famous holy reiigious place (Tirth) of Hindu sect./sampradaya/religion, Naimisharanya, I received very good source of information from books, purana (scriptures) and support of respectable and pious individuals, and I convey my heartfelt thanks for the same. Firstly with grace and right direction that I received from our param pujaya guradev of DatiaPitambera Peethadhiswara Shree Swamiji Maharaj and I specially thank him. With his grace and good wishes, I had good flow of spiritual thoughts tantra& inner spiritual power, related meditaion, etc., which was easily possible for me. I had very good inspiration of writing about this ancient (Thirth) with the blessing of Swamiji Maharaj. With the emotional touch of most respected Pandit BANSIDHAR Shukaa, an advocate and Ex. M. L. C, I got inspiration in the subject of sadhana/meditation. Due to him I could think and practice it and because of his presence I could complete this work/ project. I sincerely express my heartfelt thanks for the same to him I especially thank to Swami Virjanandji Mahafaj of Ma Anandmayi Ashram of namisharanya and because of his diseourses on the importance, glory andvirtues of the subject naimisharanya I could understand it and was possible to complete the complet Book. I cannot forget the desire/expectations of emotional, expert practitioner and (malakar) aliner shri ramashare. He was enthusing &giving me motivation and continuous support, which helped me 4

to complete the writing work of the book within a year. As a result of his pious desire, the book is inour hands as a fruit along with this, I had chance of listening discourse and had lessings of Ma Anandomayi. I an thanikful to all saints with whose blessings this publication was possible. With this small effotrt if it benefits to a single person also I will consider it worth appreciating. This effort has been done in a very limited time, and with my less intelligence & knowledge about the subject. If any mistakes are found/located, all knowledgable persons are requested/prayed to pardon me for the same. One can inform or discuss with me about mistakes so that care may be taken to correct the same in next publication.

JAY MA Ever yours Jagdamba prasad pujari Lalita devi temple, naimisharanya. Kalipeeth Sasthan Naimisharwaya Sitapur (Uttar Pradesh, India )

Preface: Auspicious and religious Tirth/Place, Naimisharanya, with its successful & glorious importance is present to day also. The holy, true & proper pride has already been mentioned frequently since beginning in veda, various purana, upanishad, Ramayana, Mahabharat and other scriptures of India/Our country. Unaccountable number of male-female, Children, Youth, Aged who are effected with the miseries of life continuously have kept on visitings the place. Due to their visit to the place their miseries are reduced, their souls are purified and with the grace of almighty in the place they all are benefited and they are able to lead their life successfully and with happiness.

Continuous flow of snow, ice, dew, drizzle from the hgeights of Himalaya blow from this pious place in from if breeze, river-Water gets spirit and speed tries to reach to the deep sea with all it rigour & vigour. After meeting with sea it gets one with the atmosphere of ocean as usual. 5

In this big place. This is how there is always equal flow force/velocity of pilgrim religious visitors from one festival to other continuously. In other words as (parmatma) god is present in each (jiva) soul in the body & is the 6 . the flow of visitors may be little and this place may be peaceful. still it gas its own prestige. forsaken. sometimes it mighy have been published or not. glory and vibrations of the holy/religious places (tirth) and this tirth has been considered as one of the unexplored religious place. when it feels. The types of vibrations that are experienced by pilgrims are unique and uncomparable. what ever pictures & dramas it has seen are special in nature and as now being brought in lime-light in present age. Similar situahion is always present in Naimisharanya too. that inspite of its manifesation for development there are periodical flashes. This helps in working with vigour again. sages with their own insight have experienced personally the importance. Both types of such places have its relevance and deep culture stories/facts. excluded. whin they visit the places. In naimisharanya whatever things have happened. During this peaceful period the place tries to regain cleanliness of its physique and its culture. If there is some special sacred festival/occasion outside this area.Similarly the flow of people to visit this tirth deeps on continuously running during all sacred days & dates throughout the year. On the globe. the fact is the it is prevelant & all pervasive. but again it comes to lime light. divisions. Earlier historically number of incidences have happened and have been transcribed in various forms of writings & notings. value & light. In this undivided global situation their has been always periodical changes. still the divine light is always all pervasive in all the pilgrim places. which gas seen many phases of divisions & wholeness in past. Even though the type of such places/tirths have its own image and strength. moments. Naimisharanya has got a special form which gets/collegects unconventional light & eleanliness during the period when rush of pilgrims is less as it happens in case of any place of pilgrimage.

appreciable pious work. It is an appreciable gesture & hard work on the par of shriman jagdamba Prasad pujari to write his book. The writer has a definite strength of touching the mind & soul of he reader. incertain places there is always presence of almighty and that provides spirites and value of the place. scriptures. enumerated in veda. The mater needs to be re. purana & other historical writing has been accumulated and presented before people. 7 . but the fact remains that he place remains vibrated. This special affort of shriman fujariji to study and bring out facts of past. The ultimate aim of the book is to present facts about the naimisharanya in such a way so that they will have realisation of faith. This will also bring new vigour amongst the reader too. The description and reference of all this is found in the book. In a natural course whaever deeprooted worship and authority to serve lalita devi is available to shriman pujariji is all the grace which has prompted him to write the book. It connot be denied that his expresses deep rooted confidence. similarly.naimish. clear and has its own confidence of its an outcome of his dedicated. As an outcome of this publication the deep rooted historical facts of naimisharanya will come in live light in present situation.initiator of all act/actions of a person. In the same way the presence of spirit of almighty in certain holy places provides power to attract people. importance & confidence regarding the sanctity of place. which will help them in self realization and knowhow of great & glorious almighty god as grace & motivation. faith bhakti in his heart for such places/pilgrimage.oura of the place. People/pilgrim feel that their welfare is in visiting and experiencing eternal peace in such places. Due to the physical presence of almighty in such places tbv hey feel vibrated happy and satisfied while visiting emphasised tha welfare seading vibrations are always present in the pilgrimages. A few customer/pilgrims may not realize its minimum important value due to their own personal limitations. To feel he same the pilgrim should have the mind set and go deep into the realization if attractions of the places and have personal experience. Individual’s personality includes internal as well as extern activities of a person having the strength and presence of light of almighty.

real education & light. We have confidence that in future the same will grow and we will be able to see flower and fruits through this seedling. Tirth vyas & Suta Gaddiya. mani parvat (Hill) our ancient culrure. disciplined and hard work of author important to write critical analyses of naimisharany are a specially chakra tirth and tripursundari. This wiil provide a bridge to the long awaited need in the subject. Varanasi (Bhadeni) Uttar pradseh . 8 . Banshidhar shukla Ex. and with holy grace. Datia and preface written by pujaya swami shree virajanandji shows the importance. I convey my good wishes to shriman pujariji for this very good effort that he has put which will enable to help in knowing importance of namisharanya &Lalita Devi too. SHOWING CONSENT: This is an effort to comprehend. the permission from a person of my level is superfluous. Hari Ohm lll Shree Swami Virjanandaji Ma Anandmayi Ashram. high level utility of the writup/ book. After such acknowledgements and formerly narrated stories. samiparvati ancient religious and historical places. Related to these are parikrama. spirituality. fort of pandavas. The subjects attended Like: Temples in Naimisharanya. by a disciple. Outline and spiritual & ancient history etc. The attempt of the writer is just the preliminary seedling. Vidhan Parishad. are highlighted on our memory screen and are subjects of future minute research. instead I am feeling that seeking my permission has provided me pride. are also important for future archeological research and sufficient attention must be given to the same.There is also an effort to specially present the nature. By just touching the sense the readers will havi realisation of its holiness & piousness. Lingdharini Shree Lalita Devi by a Blessing of pratah smarniya pujya shree 1008 swamiji maharaj pitambara peeth. The place & people will realize success. importance and auspciousnes of Lalita Deve. Mcmber. ancient and religious.

) Shree Banshidhar Shukla ji Ex.P. While attending this exercise I have personally been benefitd and I am thankful to God/ Godesses/ Saints/ Guru’s/ Shree jagdamba Prasadji for the save me. U. UP I hope that the English translation will help in wider publication of the place. Labour Resources Co-Op.P. Deputy Chief Sachalak.Member MLC. 17-7-1973 52. While attending this work.Shakti Peeth.. I had a chance of talking to Chief Priest Shree jagdamba Prasadji.)Shree Swami Vifjanandji. During our discussion he asked me to make English translation of his book Glance At Naimish.B-Block Darul safa. that too in Naimisharanya and still further in Uttar Pradesh which has its own spiritual attraction. I realize that I have special blessings of 1008 Shree Swame Maharaj. pious effect. sangh Ltd. 9 .President. Datia (M. I got the hindi version . Whith the cffect of the place. I got lot of spiritual and religious know how of the place. Ma Anandmayi Ashram. I really accepted to carry out the order. I felt that this is the order and desire of God/Godesses/Gurus and Saints of the above places. Varanashi (Bhadeni)(U. its importance and specially Naimisharanya & UP tourism in specific. Member All Indian Labour Committec. Luknow Phone no: 24029 ? REALISATIONS OF ENGLISH RRANSLATOR: JAYENDRA SHAH When I visited Naimisharanya Tirht Last time we were accommodated in Sree Shaktidham KaliPeeth. Vidhan Mandai Lal.Shree Pitambera Peeth. Ex.P.

Vindvatmike Vrunhitchit Prakase. Vruhat Kuchambhoj Vilol Haare. and on whose vast breast ther is Letus hanging/placed. Bruhat Parabhave Lalite Nameste” One who is placed in the center of Shree Yantra and artistic look which is center of attraction of her. Due to this 10 . 3.) Gyan Vad (Knowledge Cult) and still among the different opinions/beliefs. In this place only Maharshi ved Vyas converted as knowledge base Vedas in purana which can be followed & used by ordinary people. there was rise of one cult and culture which was outcome/effect of Naimisharanya pious/Holy and beautiful place. her lively beauty is center of increasing Light. Before few centuries the place was full of only forests. NAIMISHARANYA. Hope for total welfare of one & all and enjoy real freedom of Life.I feel highly obliged to have such a good self enriching experience for my own development and spiritual Learning. As mentioned in purana. In the north there is himalaya and in the South Naimisharanya were two renewed & famous forests in India. 2011 OHM 2. with all these & great impressive look LALITE we offer prayer and salutations to you. Thanks Jayendra S Shah Human Resourees Management Educator. The down of Culture of varied opinions like vedvad (ved cult) Karmavad (Action cult) Upasana Vad (Worship cult.AS VIEWED BY WRITER: This is that Land of forest where austere asceties have practise penance and the Land has been sanctified by penance. the mother of Hindu culture and on the historical pages its link is available. 15th August. PRAYER/SALUTATION “ Vindu Sthite Vindu kallek Rupe.

” (Shreemad Bhagwat. the writeup about Rama is famous and transcribed in the mind of people is all because of the holiness miraculous power of Naimisharanya as a place.. definitely achieves objectives of the same. It is the public opinion that who so ever meditates in this place. In the holy rememberence of him. If there would not have been Naimish there had not been tulsidas.000. was first told in Naimisharanya.c. To bringout people from the evils of monsters/devels like vrutras a great Sage/Rishi namely’ Dhatichi donated his own bones at this place. to gain the fruits of heaven (Swarg) Sage Saunakadi and many other started a continuous ceremonial performance of sacrifice (Yagna) which was to be performed for Ten Thousand days (100. It ends/concludes on fuul moon Purnima day at the given mixed (Mishrit) holy place (Tirth) in presence fo Lacs of people who come together for a (Mela) fair. To get wold wide fome Reputation tulsi the 11 . not one or two but 88000 (Eighty Eight Thousand) Sage’s (Rushis) have undergone penance to attain Spiritual knowledge.only Naimisharanya has come up as one of the important Indian cultural development & motivation centre not only in India but Globally too. As deseribed in Tulsidas written Ramcharitmanas. A story of truth i.) The Meaning is that. today also. This place is still quite conductive for the spiritual development activities. On Falgun Amavash day. Satyanarayana (Katha) Story. which is birth place of Maryada Purshottm Rama. which is being narrated in each house from palace to poor person’s house. This has been pronounced by Goswami Tulsidas in Ramayana:“ Tirth per Naimish Vikhyata’ Ati Punit Sadhak Siddhi Data” (Ram Charitmanas ) The poet by using adjective word like ‘Ati’ in ‘Punit’ word has expressed importance of the place. some years ago. In the mixed (Mishrit) Place/Tirth the water of all tirth’s is brought and mixed and therefore it is famous known as mixed place. “ Naimishe Nimish Khsetre Rushayah Sounakadayah Satram Swargiya Lokay Sahastra Saam Masatah . A place where. 84 kilometer’s cireular motion (Parikrama) starts/begins.) the ancient history is serving as witness that such a Long Session has never happened in past and not possible/feasible to happen in future.

Tirth Sahastrani Trinshat Papharani Cha. without any disturbances. as representative of all Tirthas the all ill deeds/sins (Papa) is washed out with the grace bliss of all Gode Goddess Present in the place Naimisharanya. Pujayitava Suvarnakhaiyam Naimisham Prapayo Ththa.” (VAMAN PURANA) 4.(shree goes) to this Naimish only. Satrupa and Manu chose this as one of the best place in world for practicing penance. for joint religious performances. This is clear from the following example- “Kalikal Vibhitasmo Naimisharanya Vasinath. 30. one of the following sloka is mentioned that. Gomatya Kanchan Khyascha Gurudayashcha Madhyatah. After the conclusion of ‘Satvik Yaga’ and with the doubts of the effects of ‘kaliyuga’ a guoup of Saints and religious Priests/Gurus.& fruit of that the Birth of beloved Rama of Tulsi happened in this renowned place. since th beginning of ‘Satyuga.Normally by going to holy & religious place Tirht one gets fruits of personal benefit. Brahmanatra Samadishtam Chakram Datwa Manomayam”. “ Tasmin Tirthvare Snatava Drashtma Devam Trilochanam. with the direction/order or Bhagwan Brahmaji came here. And as outcome. upto Kaliyuga and number of (historical) religios incidences has been woven in the cloth of this forest. Naimish: Its importance as viewed in Indian Scriptures:Chakratirth’ “ Satyuge Naimisharanya Tretayam Cha Puskare. Dwapare Cha Kurukhsatre Kallo Ganga Prakirtita.000 (Thirty Thousand) sins removing tirth are present in this holy and pious place.” (Kurma Puran) From the above verse (Shloka) it is justified that the existence of Naimisharanya is. As mentioned in one of the oldest/ancient scripture ‘ Vaman-Purana. but in Naimisharanaya. (Devi Bhagwat) 12 .

we all staying in Naimisharanya are afraid of Kalikal. till satyug returns again. Chalyannirgata Sturna Sarva Deshdidkshya. at that place should be considered as holy/pious. Namih Sanshiryate Yatra Sa Deshah Pawanah Smrutah. Naimisham Cha Tatah Aranyam Iti Naimisharanyam. a Divya/Divine Chakra with his mental “ Kathitam Tena Nah Sarvan Gachhadwam Tasya Prushtatah. Tavttishthata Tatraiva Yavat Satyaga Panah. The other reason o 13 . he ordered that you should follow it. You all should stay there with peace of mind. Pretyatra Chalyan Chakram Namihi Shirnatra Pasyatah. And when they reached there at the save me place the cireumfernee of wheel came ther. “ Tachhtva Vachnam Tasya Grahitva tat Kathanakam. and wherever its circumference of wheel/a half part falls. Tenedem Naimisham Proktam Kshetram Param Pavanam. The place was all forest and due to the fall of wheel (Naimi) the place was known as Naimisharanya. As a result of that. and with a desire to see the complete/whole country the saints started follwing the chakra/wheel. there was stroms/devastation of water and this place was turned into tirth form and became famous as Chakra Tirth.” (’Devi Bhagwat) After the origin/birth of manas chakra.Naimihi Sanshiryate Yatra Tatah Naimisham. In the atmosphere of that place ill intentions and Sanskar/Culture or civility of Kaliyuga cannot Stay/Prevail. Kale Statra Praveshon Kadachit Sambhavishyati. (Devi Bhagwat) After listening the talk/promises of him. and thus on our request Bhagwan Bragmaji has erected Universe/Creation. fel on the land and by cutting the land went deep.Shaunakji has told that. “Yatha.

Naimishe Ch Maharanye Tapaste Pur Mumkshavah.For being called Naimish:“Evam Krutva Tato Devo Munim Gaurmukham Tada. (Narad Puran) 14 . Jitendriyah Jataharah Sant Satya Parakramah. Tatraiv Naimisharanye Shounakadhyastapodhaah. Tap is the wealth of them. “ Saunakadhya Mahtmanah Rushiyon Brahma Vadinah. Unacha Naimishe Nedam Nihitam Danavam Balam. These self enlightened great men had heartfelt experience Tap (Peanance) from all balanced ways that humanity is the best. They never saw or understood the other part of the life/world parts Following were the civility/culture of those naimish rishi’s / Saints. Yajanto Parya Bhaktya Vishnumadhyam Sanatanam”. Therefore Name’ Naimish ‘is also proved. Culture Civilitv (Sanskar)and Daily routine of Rishi’s )at naimish: (saints “ Tirthanamuttamam Trirtham Kshetranam Kshetra Mattamam. 5.” (Skand Puran) One of the excellent Tirth and one of the Good place (kshetra) in which such rishi’s like sankadik resides. Aarnya Smim Statstaveta Tannaimisharany Sangnitamy Bhavishyati Ya tharth Vai BrahmananamVishashanam.” ( Varah Puran) In the meaning of naimish it is told that within fraction of fraction/second God/Almighty destroyed all the (Raksgasha) devil forces here.

Agnyachadra. happiness. We Penances were like keeping legs up mouth down. thus many other rules/practices were being rigorously followed by the saints (Rishis) of Naimisharanya. etc. Some penances were eating to powder food. For stomach some were eating/using air. Manipur Anahat Vishuddha. some were drinking water and some were chewing leaves. And the surrounding portion of the same is called Kund Here only between penis (Ling) and the anus (Guda) on chaturdal (Kamal) Lotus this self eminated ling is located in three rounds. They had developed non-attchment to worldly things.Some were sleeping on ground. In this Meru-Dand our Rishis /Saints have visualized (six) Shat-Chakra(Muladhar Swadhisthan. vajra Bahmnadi. meditation in Naimisharanya for salvation. This body is minute/subtle world. Similarly this/our body’s base/support is Meru Dand.) There are thousand of veins in the body but in the There are three main veins( Ida pingla and sushshma) sushushma (Nadi )vein is in Meru Dand and in that also there are three veins. Their senses were above all objects and their desires were all in control. The lowest portion of extreme lower pari is a pointed end.In this Land/place of austeritys practies practice such souls resides who are always related with the deep thinking (Chintan) meditation of Brahama/God/Almighty. Vayabhaksha Jalaharah Parnabhavshashetla tapasah’ Nananiyam Yaktashcha Tatha Sthandil Sayinah. These saints were decorated with truthful acdtions and they were all engrossed (rata) in the spiritual & emotional worshipping with offerings (Arehana) “Valkhilya Maharaj Ashmakuttashcha Tapsah. As the support /base/foundation of the universe is Meru Hills. chitra. it is in deep sleep way lyip dormant in 15 . Mahabharat/ Gada puran) The daily routine of naimish saints (Rishi’s) had been much surprising. and some were eating food in raw form by chewing with teeth. These people did not get attracted to the enjoyment of worldly objects eentertainment & happiness through that but were in deep. Danto Lukha Lina Schanye Prasndhya nastatha pare.

They were without any sins or il-practices. They were all like light of sun and were continuously involved in & busy with knowing meanings of Vedas and religion. Self pride and egoism were abandored by them.. Dhyan. Samadhi) were involved in the meditation of the ultimate power. Rishi’s/Saints who knew the gist of religious scrptures were residing in Naimisharanya.serpent form known as Kundalini Shkti Rishi’s Yogi’s awadin this Kundalini Shakti and by penetrating in Shatchkra locatd in Brahmanadi and take it through upto sahasrar where there is sower of Amrut’ a very sweet immortalzing drink /Nectar of gods. The proof of the save is clear in the verse of skand pruana. Naimish rishi’s group also with the practice of these yogic actions/driya and mastering that by heart by differdnt methods achieved this ultimate height and were all fullfledged yogis. 16 . (Shand Purana) This means that the rishi’s including Saunakadi by Practising Ashtang yog (Yam Niyam. ‘Grahantu Paraamambrahm Jagachakshu Samaujaruh. Dharna. (NARAD-PURANA ) These group of rishi’s /saints had learnt by heart all the definitions of resigion. Ashtang yognirta Brahma Gannek Tatparah. and were always ready to bliss all lively people and animals. Ashan Pranayam. They had no worldly/colloquial interests or resolutions.Pratyahar. Dharma Shastrathe Tava Gnasteshuh Naimishkanane. he achieves full Shivatva Welfare/Prosrerity and Kaivalyam salvation and that is what is the Ultimate chief aim/mission/objective of yogis. ‘Naimisharanya Nilaye Rushayah Shounaka Dayah. After the awakening of kundalini shakti a person becomes self willed/behaving on one’s own.

’ (Ram Chrit manas) It is a very good fortune of the place that Brahma. Vishnu and Mahesh not only once but also number of times came to this place. Kalativasan Karya Yawat Satya Yugagamah. for 12000 Twelve Thousand years only standing on one leg practiced rigorous penace.) 6. (Devi Bhagwat) And in waiting for the satya yuga’. Renownes and big saints were able to get their darshana once. ( Ram charit manas) On the Holy Bank of river Gomti. Tahanhiya H arshi Chale Manu Raja. ‘Terath Var Naimish Vikhyata. Basahi Jahan Muni Siddhi Samaja. ‘Vidhi Hari Har Tap Dekhi Apara. Atipunit Sadhak Siddhi Data. That is had clearly has been stated in the above verse (Sloka. Still manuwith his perseverance firmness and bravery Remained stable got confounded (vivas) and come to this place for giving darshana. Manu Samip Aaye Bahu Yara. without any beastly actions continued to do ceremonial sacrifice and penance. God Brahma gave blessings to manu And asked to demand gift/promise.‘ Pasuhinah Krutah Yagnah Puroashadi Bhihikil. parabrahma God/ Almighty was pleased to come to the place and blessed hum. 17 . and for 7000 Seven Thousand years only by inhalin air. which flows from the place. the souls of Manu Satrupa for 6000 six Thousand years by only drinking water. First Birth Place of Shree Ram and Meditation Place of Manu Satrupa This is the same holy/pious place where the aborigin person Manu came and with his powerful practice of penance.

Soi Rahani. though being mother could stay alive which is amystery (rahasya.Manu started telling- ‘Dani shiromani kripa nidhi. Chahanun Tumahi Saman Suta.” for similar son where shall I search God said Hey Nrup I mayself will take(Birth) avatar for you as Son But when God Looked at rani satrupa who was standing with folded hands. Nath kahau satbhav. Soi Vivek. ‘Devi Mangu Var jo Ruchi Tore’ (Ram Charit Manas) Rani satrupa requested for the worship with politeness and Modesty ‘Soi Sukh. While (rani) queen satrupa (Kaushalya) because of above said gift and with the help of polite & modest worship did not get upset or unsteady. with pity God asked her to demand a gift as per her Choice/desire. Prabha Sun Kaun Durav’. Prabhu Hamhi Kripa Kari Dehu (Ram charit manas) Summarizing the reasons there of (Raja) king manu appered as Dashrath and due to the gift of God he could consider Ram as his son and could not bear the pain of departing and left for hcavenly abode. By saying “Evamastu” by passionate God (Karuna Nidhi) Manu expressed that. As a result of this while departing from son rani kaushaly. (Ram charit manas) One who is super power of the world and has got such a level of brahma shakti has to get as son in gift from god such a moral spiritual asset/good bliss was given to gained by Manu only in this Naimaisharanya.) 18 . Soi Gati Soi Bhagti Soi Nij Charn Snehu.

Thousands of religious people in Naimisharanya shall observe this best yagna. he got inspiration to perform Ashwamegh yagna because as per apastambha shraut-sutra (20. Aninyu Rupharnscha Tan Ramah Pratya Pujyatah. started walking towards decided yanga place. Shat Shashyapi Dharmagnayah Kratumukhaya Manuthaman Anubhuya Maha Yagnam Naimishe Raghunandane. Planning of Ashwamedh Yagna by Maryada Purshottanm shree Ram in Naimish:- After killing a great sinful person and rival ravana. By seeing beautiful and hug pandala/mandapa. start Preparation of a huge pandala/Mandapa.7. sent Bharat alongwith shatrughna with full wealth and necessary requirements to the sight and he with brahnin’ s (Ritwig) and with black coloured horse. Laxman by obeying this order. as this is the most beautiful and holy place & Use all means instruments & strategy so as to complete this yagna without any difficulty or problem. ‘ Tatobhyagehhat kakutasthah sahu sainyam naimisham’ (Valmiki) After that shree ramchandraji along with his full army went towards naimisharanya. By Maryada purashottam shree rama while returning to ayodhya.01. Shree ram was very much pleased & happy. Agyapyatam Magavaho Taddi Punyamanuttamam. ‘ Naimishe Vasatastasya Sarva Eva Naradhipah.’ (Valmiki) O’ Laxman at the Gomti river Bank in Naimisharanya.shantshy mahavaho pravartantah samantath.01) for becoming universal (samarat) kng performing ashwa Medha yagma is necessary therefore he told Laxman to fulfill this yagna- ‘Yagna Vatasya Sumhan Gomatyah Naimishe Bane. (Valmiki Ramayan) 19 .

with his loveable students/disciple Lav-Kush came to the place of yagna. they were staying in forest. Kush and Mother sita. During this shree Laxmanji moved alon-with the horse of ashwamedha.e. This yagna continued in the pious place for a year continiously and there had been shortage of any materials. In the dawn of morning both the children recited the whole Ramayana. And the same were affectionately accepted by raghvendra. Hearing the same Purashottam Ram was very much impressed and he told Bharat to give 18000 Gold Coins to them. Shree Lvashistha and other rishi’s were not able to recollect that they had attended/seen such a yagna in past. They offered variety of gifts to shree ram. This is how the beginning of ashwamedha yagna was made in a beautiful manner. But both the children returned the same Coins. By listening Ramayana. at that time Maharshi Valmiki. With full victory and suecess he brought back the horse to the yagna place. by telling that they were Vanvasi – i. Sa Shishya Aagamasu Valmikirbhagwan Rushihi. He ordered Lav-Kush to tell to Shree Rama the complete Ramayana which he himself had learnt and had made reading with good tune with Meharishi Valmiki. sround the earth.’ (Valmiki Ramayana) When the yagna was still continuing. maryada purashottam rama undoubtedly new that these both maryada children are son of Sita.All the kings of the earth came to attend the Yagna in Naimish Tirth. He also connected in sequence( samanvit ) to Lav. purashottam rama undoubtedly knew that these both 20 . Appearnace of Maharshi Valmiki with Lav-Kush in Naimish Ram Yagna and Entry of MA sita in Earth Vartmane Tathabhute Yagne Cha Parmadabhu Te. 8.

Tathe Me Madhvi Devi Vivaran Datu Maharti (Valmiki Tamayan) Sita pronounced I have never thought of any other person than Raghunath. kruta lalivarshpakala krutava raman manogatam” (Valmiki Ranayana) Sita with folding hands was walking/following Shree Valmikiji ther were drops of weeping in her eyes. Ma Earth (Prithvi) may kindly accommodate me in her lap and as a proof of proof of truth. and if this is true. a throne came up from the interior part of Earth in which Mother Earth was sitting. Brahmadik Devtas who came from Brahmalok. This Mother Earth (Prathvi Mata) took Ma sita in her lap and started entering earth. (rugveda -10-75-6) 21 .Praise Worthy’ This is how mithisesh kumara who had born from earth got inesusion (samavishtha) in Earth finally. PATIT PAWANI UIVER GOMTI: “ trustamaya prathamam yatave sajuhu susartwa rasaya shwetya tya. 9. At this time there was shower of flowers. Maharshi Valmiki supported about the sacredness of Sita and MA was ready/engrossed to be tested for her ssacredness on the bank of holy water River Gomti. Such a heart touching scene was being observed by the great people of the whole nation. Mahentwa sartham yabihiriyase. During her test Ma Sita prayed to Ma EarthYathahan Raghvadanyan Mansapin Chintaye. to Valmiki that Sita could give her clarification describing experience of her sacredness (Shuddhta) so that a blame on me can be removed. and in the heart she was meditating only Rama. Tamrushi Prushthatah Sita Anvagacchha Davanmuki. and all persons sitting there started shouting Dhanya-Dhanya Praise Worthy.Raghvendra sent message. through his messengers. tva sindho kubhaya gomti kramum.

was doing his penance on the bank of river Gomti There is no best rever than Gomti. there is mention of seven main rivers i. A person. that of Saints/Rishi’s reminds 22 . Today also on the banks of river.e. shall get maximum holy kVirtues (Punya). (Vishnu Purana) As mentioned in the above verse (Shloka) one who respectfully takes bath and perform’s (Tarpana) religious ceremony. shall relieved of the worldly affairs things of world and goes to vaikunth (Paradisee). in the early morning in Gomti and does his worship and offers prayers. “Ganga Shatadra Yamuna VIpashan Saraswati Naimish Gomtimva Tatha Va Garhyarhyarchna Madaren Drutwatu Na Durita Nihanti”.In Rigved.” (Skand Purana) Sandipani. “Tathhaiv Gomti Tire Chakra Stevai Dhrut Vrutah’ Sandipanoapiatrev Pratah Sandya Samachare. who takes bath. “Velhnurmaya Bhagawati Yaha Sammohit Jagat” (Shree mad Bhagawat) IIIusion of Vishnu only has fascinated the entire world. who was Guru of Lord Shree Krishana and sudama. “bhadramase Sitastamyam Krishna Janma Samudrabhavam” (Skand Purana) One who takes bath in the river on Krishna Janma tami day. On the bank of the holy water rivr rishi’s of naimish were preparing and developing the Ashram and peripherial facilities for their practice of (Tapasya) penance. his/her all sins will be destroyed. ‘rasa sweti kubha gomti kramu. ‘Trishtama sushartu. From those river gomti has its own importance. the ashram’s located.

on the mental screen of people/vilitors. Where the creator of universe Brahmaji resides. then all sins are destroyed. Naimisham Mrugmanasya Papasyadhardhapran Sayati. If one observes the natural scenery in the evening feels life forgetting one’s Own self. Modete Sarvlokeshu Evamahurnishinah. Kutabhishek Statraiva Niyto Niyatasanah. The cendition here is that while walking one should not have violent ideas in mind. as Naimish is protected by the spiritually powered attendents of lord. (Maha Bharat) In the description of Various Tirthas. will be presented (Mudit) in all Places/Loda’s of Unirese. Gavan Meghasya Yagnasya Falam Prapnoto Bharat. by just finding/Locating (it) Naimish. Pruthivyam Yani Tirhani Tani Tirthani Maimishe. 10. In Garuda Purana this has been told- “Gruhat Prachalitstirth Marane Samu Stite. ( Maha Bharat) 23 . it is said for the subject Pulstya that one who fasts and dies in Naimisharanya. “Tatra Mass Vased Dhiro Naimishe Tirth Tatparah. Puntya Saptamam Chaiva Kulam Bharat Sattam. half of the sins are destroyed and if one enters it.makes special marks of the ancient menories.” (Garuda Purana) Whenerere there are sense/illusion (Abhash) of death and in that siruation one starts for Tirth he gets fruits of Godan for every step. The place where after death the soul (Jiva) realizes all pervasion (Sublok): “ Yasatya Jennaimishe Pranan Upvasa Parayanah. Pravistamatra Stunarah Sarva Papaih Pramuchyate. “Tatran Nityam Nivasati Brahmadev Ganneyh Saha. Pade-Pade Tu Godanam Hinsano Yadi Vartate.

Vertate Madhya Bhage Tu Prathivyam Serva Nthakam. Snanam Kuryad Amaya Tu Masi Yadanarah. “Chakra Tirtha Mahat Punyam Serva Pap Prana Sanam. Tatra Deyani Danani Hya Kshayani Sadakhaga. (Shaktiyamal) 24 . “Swagrihe Yatkutam Papam Tirthasthane Vishuddhati. Sarvan Kaman Vapnoti Gatim Labhate Param. 11. One who controls on the food and takes bath with confidence he gets fruits/gains of Gomedh Yagna and his seven become holy & pious. NO Moon Day (Amavasya) festival/Sacred Day (Parva) The special importance of No Moon day/Amavasya in Naimishatanya is properly justified in the following verse (Shloka).Staying in Naimisharanya Tirth for one month with an objective and to be stick to resolution as there is location of all Tirthas in Naimish only. Gatwa Tu Naimisham Kashchitirtham Bhaya Chiya Ytnatah. (Garud Puran) Sins done at home are all destroyed by taking bath in Tirth and whatever donations are given in Tirth become more and unfinishable (Akshaya) “ Nityam Megham Cha Punyam Cha Naimishe Nrup Satam” (Maha Bharat) Naimish Tirth is always pious and holy.

for bath and then this flok of religious people. It is surprising & wonderful to watch some of the followers (Bhaktas) goes towards the temple and prostrate making their headsdown (sashtang dandwat). Hundreds of followers walking besides. Arrival of Prahlad in Naimiaharanya at Penance place of Nar-Narayan: Prahlad asked ChyavanRishi that“Pruthivyan Kani Tirthani Punyani Muni Satam. If a person goes to Chakra Thirht every month no no moon day (Amavasya). Krutabtishekah Pradadargascha Kittcha Bharat. goes to Ma Lalita flock Darshan in the temple. While visiting sacred places the Pandavas Entered/arrived in for visit to naimisharanya: “Tae Tatha Sahita Vira Vasantstatra Tatrah. with higher desires. Tatra (Maha Bharat) Those brave pandavas while visiting various Tirthas. 13. Chakra Tirht. The person also gets a beautiful place to stay where Gandharva and others stay. heats with leg on their back. 12. Devan Pitrun Viprastarpayitva Punah Punah. If this amavasya day coinsides with Monday. Kramena Pruthvipal Naimisharanye Magatah. Patale Cha Tathakashe Tani Novad Vishtaram. But still without any ill-feelings they continue marching forward towards the temple for the aradhana (worship) of Ma Latitamba. Tatastirthesu Punyesu Gomatyah Pandva Nrupah.” (Deve-Bhagwat) 25 .The destroyer of all sins and great vertues (Punaya) giver Chakra thrth is located in the centre of Naimish. his/her all desires are fulfilled. gave away/donated Cows. The number of times satisfied and pleased (Trispta) to Devas. Money and wealth. Brahmins and forefathers (Pitru) Today also there is one place here which is known as pandava killa this place is also worth visiting and in that numbers of tales/incidences have been inter woven & internalized. they also came to Naimish. took holy bath in Gomti River moved and visited near by temples for Darshana. then a big crowd of religious people marches like sea. towards.

In this Religious place Nar & Narayan were deeply engrossed in penance. “ Prathamam Manshah Suddhi Kartavaya Shubhamicchata. Prahsad alongweth other giants (Daitya). the first holy pious Tirth is Chakratirth of Naimish. came to Naimisharanya and took bath in ‘Vimlodaka’ of Chakratirth and felt self fulfillment of one’s duty (Krutkrutya).O Muni Stam Kindly let me know at length that. In this situation to keep balance and to the impartied & be impartial he left for Dwarika for Tirthyatra. After that Chyavan Rushi told that before starting of tirth yatra. 14. sky and Patal (Under Earth) which are the Tirth at present. in Naimish. it will lead to sinful actions only. Prahlad considered that they are (Daity’s) hypocrats/making false show and created obstraction & breakdown in their penance. 26 . Arrival of Balaranji.” (Deve-Bhagwat) In all the Tirthas. After visiting all Tirthas in India. After listening to the comprehensive lessons & talks of Chyavan Rishi. Nar-Narayan were angry with the action of prahlad and had strong battle with him. by him: During Mahabharat battle/wer Shree Krishna was fully assisting pandavas. Without this the whole pious/Virtuous actions will go in Vain (Vyarth). those who desire welfare (Kalyam) should definitely purify Mind. on this World/Earth.” (Deve-Bhagwat) If the mind is impure & polluted. and Balramji was well wisher and Guru of both Bhim and Duryodhan. Like that there are innumerable Tirthas on the earth. If the person performs sinful acts with greed (Lobha) and infatuation (Moha) then his sins will get attached/stick with the person and cannot be destroyed. This was settled with the intervention of Bhagwan Vishnu. By purification of Emotions the actions (Achra) will be purified. Suddhe Manshi Dravyashya Sudhirbhavati Nanyatha. But the mind set of prahlad was not purified regarding the importance of the Tirth. Chyavan Rishi replied that“Pratham Naimish Punyam Chakra Tirth Cha Pushkaram. and killing of Rakshash/Giants. as the purification of Mind will then lead to (Dravya) pufification of Emotions (Bhavsuddhi) only otherwise not. Anayeshanchaiv Terthanam Sankhya Nasti Mahitale.

Tadwanam Taen Vidhyatam Naimisham Muni Pujitam. If you with your own will realize Brahma-Hatya. Arrival of Pururva alongwith Urvashi in Naimisharanya: “ Chakram Tadapi Sankshiptam Shlaxmanam Charu Shilatale. Therefore. you will come out of the sin and get Liberation. did not get up to welcome Balram. you please kill him and make us fearless/doubtsess. with the front part of (Kusa) plough and the was the destiny (Bhavishyavata).” (Shiva Purana) 27 . that is what the desire of residents of Naimisha. Rishi’s toldBhagwan! a giant named Valval is creating lot of hindrance in our Yagna. with his weapon. “ Etavduktwa Bhagwan Nivattoasadadwdhyadapi. Chief Speaker (Vyaspithadhiswar) Shree Lomharsan. Balramji. For the welfare of the world Rishi’s were Performing ‘Satsang Yagna for longer period.“Jagam Naimisham Yatra Rushayah Satra Maste” (Shreemad Bhagwat) He reached to Naimisharanya Tirth. Balramji considered it as his dishonour. as repentance. started teaching/telling purana to the son of Lomharsan gave him promise gift of Indriya Shakti. accepted to follow the order/advice of Rishi’s and abiding by that as repentance. The whole lot of people got up to pay respect to Balramji and welcomed him. The whole group of Rishi’s were astonished and startled saying that you have done a censurable/blamable act. But with a view to keep respect of (Vyas Gaddi) Speaker’s platform. and advised Rishi’s for any other service. Vimalswadu Paniyo Nipampat Vane Kwachid. Bhavitwat Tam Kusagren Karsthena Hanta Prabha” (Shrimad Bhugwat) By saying so he killed Lomharsan. plugh killed that giant and walked through Naimisha Kshetra towards Kausiki River. disrespect and started saying that his birth is for the killing of hypocrates & those making false show. belonging to lower caste. 15. Listening such words of Rushi’s Balram.

Rishi’s tried to explain & persuuade him a lot but he did not listen to anyonce. alongwith Urvashi. with their intellectual reasoning were defeating anti religious (Nastik) 28 . In use Pandals (Mandapas) ceremonial performance of sacrifice with variety of materials were made for long term yagna. Purana were being done. At that stage Rishi’s became angry and use plough equipment lying in Yagnashala and made him to fall down. Vilas Vasamurvashya Yato Devedn Choditah. On seeing the Golden Yagan Mandapa. And having knowlidgable about the concepts. Muni Bhiryatra Sankradwav Kushvajren Patitah” (Shiv Puran) At that time. Arrival of Vayudevata (Deva of Air) in Naimisharanya and propagation/imparting knowledge to Rushi’s “Vishwam Shishrukshamanavay Yatra Vishwa Srujah Pura Satra Mare Bhire Divyam Brahmeshagarhya Patyagati. while on tour came to Naimisharanya.” (Shiv Puran) Agni Upasaka Prajapatiyas and Brahma who had intense desire/ambition of orgrising beautiful and long lasting Yagna in Naimishranya.Earlier we have seen the production/development of Chakra in Naimisharanya. Pururva th king of eightcen oceans (Samudra) and Islands (Dwip). “Ashtadash Samudrashya Dwipagacch Na Pururvah. Sanhita. out of lustand ignorance became arrogant and started using Weapons & robbing the yagnashala. To Agni Dev. Therefore this forest was famous with the name Naimish. 16. Akramen Haranmohat Yagnavatam Hiran Mayam. Rishi and muni’s had respectfully/honourably worshipped it. With the use of some material the Rushi and Muni’s were offering the sacrified materials (Ahuthi). And as mentioned in the above Verse/Shloka of Shivpurana it has been proved that the Naimi of the Chakra of Brahmaji was in this place. its meaning and science of justice. means Ceremonial sacrifice (Havan) was mede in all Mandap Religious Chanting of Veda.

Saraswati Nade Drustava Munayom Hrusta Manasah. Satrante Avebhrutatham Kartu Sarva Evam Samadhyauhu. there 29 . on the order of Bhagwan Brahma. “ Tirtham Brahm Sarastadwa Chacchatadru Salile Hrude. and Naimisharanya Tirth. “ Iti Savijit Manyayardave Nopamanyaradhi Gatambhidhaya Gnan Yogam Munibhyah. Tada Brahma Sama deshadwevi Sakshat Saraswati. and penance is the only wealth of them. in Naimisharanya. all the Rishi & Muni’s staying in Naimisharanya. Tatha Varahastu Dev Devascha that time only vayudevta came into existence. Samapta Satram Prarabaham Chakrusta Travagahanam. and disappeared in space (Antardhyan).Persons. took post yagna bath in b eautiful water of Saraswati River. gave knowledgable preaching and explained proper meaning of Shivatatava. near ancient Ganga-Gomti. Here. gave offerings (Tarpana) to Devatas. Smaranantam Purvavrutantam Vayu Varanasim Prati. Pranti Mupagatebhyasthebhya Udbhavitatma Sapadi Biyati Vayah Sammantarhitoabhuta” (Shiva Parana) When Rishi’s & Muni’s at the end were having last offering of a sacrifice (Puranahuti). Atha Santparya Devadistadiyaih Salile Shivaih. Varanashi. “ Tatah prabhat Samaye Naimishi Yastapodhanah. 17. (Shiv Puran) After disapperance of vayudevata in space. Prasanna Swadu Salila Pravartatam Nadisubha. which is considered as one which can fulfill all desires and can give fruits of visiting all turthas. Vimleshwar. Gangodabhedastu Gomatyam Yatrodbhutamah Sanatanah. Tirthantu Naimisham Nam Sarvatirth Falapradam. Gangasager etc. Mention & Description of Naimisharnya in befitting places for shraddha/Offerings to the dead ancestors or relatives: When Rishis asked Shree Suta Muni about befitting Turthas description he told that on earth vefitting proper places for Shaddha/offerings are Gaya.” (Matsya-Purana) Naimish Chakratirth is located in the holy water place. continued the remembarance of earlier descriptions and proceeded towards varanase from Naimisharanya.

Yatraste Narshinhastu Swayameva Janardanah. Nagkeshwar. Ancient Natural Condition of Naimisharanya “ Supunye Naimisharanye Pavitre Sumanohare. Nanamuni Janakirne Nana location of Gomudh & adequate place for yagna. Shal. the followers ?(Bhaktas) believe that until & unless the pitri Shraddha (Pinddan) is done in Naimisharanya the Pitris are not satisfied. Naimisharanya is also known/said as ‘Nabhigaya.” (Brahma Purana) Naimisharanya is beautiful and holy place and was surrounded by groups of Munis & it is full of variety of floweres. Tirthani Nagarayante Kule Vai Dakshine Tada. Nariyal. Based on the scriputures. Kathal. Ashwstha. Kapitth. Saptavarna. Aam. Jamun . Dev Devasya Tatrapi Varahasya Tu Darsanam. Tamal. Punnam. Animals like deer. Ardhkhadir. Here the God of Devas Bhagwan Varah and Bhagwan Nrusingha permanantly resides. This Naimisharanya had different types of trees like saral. parijat Chandan. Karlaikarnikareshchaiva Pansairardh Khakirei. This is also the place where Trishul equipped Shivji resides permanently. Agura Patal. Karnikar. Beautiful Lakes and Holy Cattles (Dirdhikas/Bavali). Bargad. Nana Jalashyeh Punye Dirdhka Dhair Lankrute” (Brahma Purana) Naimisharanya was decorated fully by Varicty of Birds. Champak etc. This naimisharanya has always been bclove of their salvation.”: (Maha Bharat) 30 . “Tade Ta Naimisharanyam Sarvatirth Nishevitam.’ 18. “ Nana Pakshigana Kirnee Nana Mruganneryute. “ Rushinan Vahultwata Saraswastya Vishmpate. Vakul. Amtra Jumba Kapit thainya Grodhairdev Darubhihi. Tal. Tirth Ch Naimisham Prodtam Pitrunam Vallabham Sads” (Matsya Purana) This is the Same Naimisharanya which is a wealthy outcome or coordinated efforts of all tirths. Devdaru. Arjun.

Over and above this. Chana. Brahmanaih Kshtriye Vaishyeeh Sudraschanyeyscha Jatibhihi. Vaishya. Yajtam Naimisheyanam Satre Dwadesh Varshike. In this types of Naimisharanya. Vanprasthe Grihasthaisch Yatirbhi (Brahm Parana) In this Naimisharanya. Vanprastha. Kshtriya. Ikh Chimak and Variety of Holy Sasyas and Dhanya (Grains) were sowed/produced and it made the place Naimisharanya ornamental. Brahmacharinhihi. jaba. Important places of Visit in Naimisharanya: Chakratirth Lalita Devi Temple: Kalipeeth Temple Suta Gadi/Throme: Vyas Gadi/throne: Gomti River: Mani Parvat/Mountain and Ayodhya a holy place: Hanuman Gadhi/Fortress: Pancho (five) Pandav: Shree Swami Naradanand Hermitage/Ashram: Puran Mandir Temple-Mishrit Tirth: Balaji Temple: Hatyaharn Tirth Rudra Varta Dev-Deveshwer. Grihastha. people in all castes like Brahman. number of Rushi’s group started staying Naimisharanya and it looked like a Nagar/City. through out year. Sanyas Rushi’s were remaining engrossed observing/implementing (Vratanusthan) moral & religious vow.” All types of cow’s breed were there. Shudra and others are staying for penance in adjustament with Varnashram system Brahmacharya. “ Sampanai gokuleischaiv Samalkrute………. Groups of Rishis had always been performing yagana giving offerings. Urda Mung. 19. This is beyond description. Temple (Mandir) 31 .. Til. Godhum. for number of years.

With this one more link has been established in the chain by frequen visit of Ma-Anandnavi and with her graceful insight.20. A Hermitage (Ashram) of Shree Swami Naradanand: As per the mention in scripture like Veda our social organization was prevelant on four divisions system (Varnashrama) caste system. “mamaywa paurusham rupam gopika jan mohanam’’ (brahmand purana) 32 . deeped in studies and IN ( ishta) one’s own favourit deity: if (sadhak ) person trying hard to achive his gole and is house holder(grahasti) . it is felt and realized that the Mother of Universe is physically/lively present in the place before us. 2-5-40 brahmcharya was important element of life.Vedas have been re-established in the temple and this has helped in over coming one of the missing links of the place.with sweet sentiments and inspring love and values worshipped with self involvement and become devotees of lord Krishna. On the basis of parasar-Gruhya-Su. having leisure& merriment walk.etc a birth place of lord Krishna . vrindavan . Dressed in yellow uniform studying in Devagira Sanskrit Language. In society. these ashrams were giving sense of owners. (gomati tantra) Aws told by lalita personally in brahmand purana that lalita shakti was only in male from of Krishna with female-cow heards. Female cow-herd(gopiyan ) of gokul . with his clcan and value &constructive base attitude worships lalita with his (kama) ambition &love lorn can produce /gain excellent child. Purana/Mythology Temple-Mankir & A Hermitage (Ashram) of Shree Swami Naradanand: At the present time with the assistance Shree Ma-Anandmayi-puranas and with assistance of Swami Gangeswararanandji. Sanyas: and the social system was never disorganized. “premaiva gopramanam kama ityagamat pratham. Therefore there was never ethical/value base deterioration in the society. Ityoddava dayo pyete vangchhatnti bhagwat priiyah”. Today also we can see/reflection/picture of our heritage of Brahmacharya in the spiritual college established in the hermitage of trusted Shree Swami Naradanandji. Grihasta. Vanprastha. The whole human life was also divided in four ashram like Brahmcharya.

for the present day ruined & mentally derailed youngsters. located in Naimisharanya. but Swamiji has moved to all Corners of Nation and has explained importance of Naimish Thrth. devotional and emotional sentimental outlook provides direction and light to the nation. Sanyasha are successfully attaining fulfilled life under the leadership of Swamiji. Temples are like:1. Gayatri Temple 4. 2. This ancient and wonderful/divine place in Naimish with its spiritual. Mahakaleshwar Temple 3. Grihastha. Sita-Ram Temple 7. For providing introduction/information of Naimish to ordinary people lot of credit goes to Shree Swami Naradanandji. Vanprastha. Dasmaha (Vidya Mandir) Education temple in which Navdurga and 51 Shakti Peeth are located.e . Radha Krishana Temple 5. :KALI PEETH: In today’s Naimish this is prime visiting place. In the court-yard of the temple.Fully & Tightly to following all rules of Brahmcharya Asharma. south facing. Many people are unaware about the pious & religious history of Naimish. all students are studying in ashrama. In this hermitage all Sadhakas of all the four ashram i. They are all motivational force. Wherever Swamiji has gone Naimish also went there. Brahmcharya. Like that whatever temples have been developed are all beautiful & worth visiting. Lohitya Ganesh Temple 33 . there is specially attractive eleven feet height idol (Pratima) Statue of. Laxmi-Narayan Temple 6. Ma Kali.

Earth (Jagdhatri). Bhadrakali. Goondvalekar mahraj tapasthli. (Pujan) worship facilities. For bigger planning of programmes there is big open space. Vithal-Rukaman Temple in which idols of Swaminarayana and a (Satsang) discourse hall 26’ x75 is constructed to organize Bhagwat and other religious story telling. amandir 11. and so on statues are established. e) Pilgrim Residence (Yatri Niwas) 34 . usal recitation of prayer or religious book or part there of (Patha) are organized as required. 10. d) Others like (Karmakand) a section of Vedas dealing with religious rites and ceremonies. performance of Rudrabhishek is carried out my specilly learned pundits. Swami. have already been arranged. Hanumant dham Mandir 14. b) In Mahakaleshwar Temple. Ma Ganesh Yagna/a ceremonial performance of sacrifice in which (Agni) God of fire. Samarth. 9. and other programmes are also organized.8. c) During Pious religious Navratri celebrations shat Chandi Maha Yagna. Bhairavji. mandir 12. under the leadership of Kalipithadhish Shree Gopal Shastri. Shirdi. on special occasions of sacrifice & festivals and the special request of visitors. where renowned sages programs. Naygrah mandir Other spcialities: a) Since last many years daily in the morning there is organization of free (Yagna) ceremonial rerformance of sacrifice in Ma Gayatri Yagnashala. sai mandir 13.

beartiful. (Shobha Vilaso Madhurta Gambhirya Sthrya Tejase. Ukta Cha Padampurane Lokan Atitya Lalate Lalitaten Sochyate. water. 09936146700. clean. Iti Lokah Diranah Aavaran Dematastanati kramy Tatsthano puritan binku sthane Laalateapi Taranshobhatu Ityartha. 35 . Ma Lalita Devi 21. Lalita a division/chapter. 09450373916. For pilgrim perpose contact: Mobile: 09415524983. Email: kalipithsansthan@gmail. dinning facilities are abailable. Meaning of word lalita: “Lalateshou Lalita.For the convenience of pilgrim special. rooms (With Western Style Toilet) are built where in light. Lalityam Cha Tathhoudaryamityashtaou Paurushah Gunah) Itayabhiyukta Prashiddh Lalittvam. Lalita Cha Sambika Cha Lalitembiketi Bigrah.

As per the Kama-Sutra meaning of word Lalita is believed as wife of Cupid/God of love (Kamdev) Meaning of word Lalita is also (Sukumar) delicate. is full of light and dignified beauty is Lalita. for that reason it may be in all the three Gold. dictionary . This is the principally approved by scriptures/systematic knowledge.Lalitam rachi chestitamit Kamshastra Prasiddha Cha. creator of world and with montherly strength. Silver Copper also. one who guards and rears all and has highest strength is Divine mother called by name Lalita. one which can ne seen is Named as Lok that is fruits of good & bad deeds. Tat Sarvamasya Astit Lalita.” (Saubhagya Bhaskar Tika Lalita Shahstranam) One who is bringing up by fondling (Nourishing. Jal/water. light and covering God (Pruthve/Earth. The bow which is used with consideration. Vayu/Air-Wind. Flower arrow divine power of earth are some other factors for which she has been named Lalita. 36 . comprehensible by senses. subtle/small. Ukta Cha Laliteti Nam Yakta Tavakil Divya Navavrutatyah. and one which is stabled at the highest point. Mother Lalita. Lalite Sundare Iti Shabdarnavah. Therefore the central point of discussion/reference Lalita has also got these eight masculine powers within her. Sokumarya Tu Lalityam Iti Prashidham. In “ Shakti Sangam Tantra” it is told that at time during battle/war Lalita is like masculine Krishna. by crossing all Global phenomenon. Protecting) is Lalita.e. Tej/Light all these are crossed over. Meaning of word `Lalita is beauty which is mentioned in Shabdarnava/. The meaning thereby is that one who is present/perceptible-in material. That is how it is also evident that Lalita is considered & known as masculine & female both. Lalita is one who has all these qualities. Dhanaraykshavamstrani Kushumani Tathakilan Lalitamiti. Akash/sky. There are eight masculine powers i. rays. At times Lalita Devi appears as masculine Krishna also. (a) Charming Appearance (b) Fascinating expressions & gestures (c) Pleasant (d) Patience (e) Firmness (f) Brilliant & Extra Ordinary achiever (g) Loveable/ Lovliness (h) Liberal & Openminded..

” (bhavnopnishad :27-29) 37 . Shodasi vadya is transformed form of shree vidya.three prime are (1) (kali) the goddess durga in her frightful from ii (tara) heavenly bodies.the word shree is all for excellence and venerable. Shaive in Shiva who is leading to welfare. Without writing much it is matter of truth that lalita shakti is only the original shakti &(atmashakti) one own spiritual Knowledge\strngth . which is primary /original form.Abcautiful personality and detailed interpretation: All sect opiners (Sampradaya) in their own opinions have described their understanding regarding the Devine power. “atmavidya mahavidya shree vidya kam sevita” (br. vaishnav’s have experienced in Vishnu who nourishes all living being. that shree vidya “is only is the only ancient strength goddess and “shree vidya” is only is the form of “lalit mahatripur sundari. Sadanand purna swatmaivaper devata Lalita louhityam tasya sarvasya vimarsh. In ten great knowledge odols .22. Her strength element is of red colour and bleeding heavily . In the same way for supreme Divine Goddess Powers opiners of Goddess powers have perceived it in Ten Forms (Swarup) which is famous as Ten (Mahavidhyon) great knowledge/education idols. iii shodashi. auspiciousness and prosperity and (Yogis) ascetics (Tapaswis) have experienced meditation. In swatantra tantra it is told thatSelf supreme animate spirit is (vishwatmika) supreme spirited soul lalita devionly.pu lalita sahastranam) “nirupadhi savidev kameshwarah. As per their experience Jains have experienced in Arhan. Lalita. Vedantis have experienced in Brahma (Lord Brahma) the creator of Universe. Philosophers & expert critics have experienced in (Karma) Action. It can be know by reading brahmand puranttar kand aadi puranetihas”.

With these supporting proofs\evidences oit is uncontroversial truth that soul is the only sureme power. For the total development of the same/soul. yagna. Tatatha pasyati tada swa sankalpa vinrumbhitam. tap. 38 . “kamo yonihi kamala bajrapanigurha. Lalita devi is having all these qualities .understanding one’s own pure form (suddha-swarup) is the only thing to know\understand lalita in satpath Brahman it is clerly told one should always thinks think& meditate ( chintan) of a soul which is always full of wisdom.Upvasa/fast will become a saint. hasha matarishwa bhimindrah. sagacious and learned persone (manishiyone) have performed and accomplished \achieved self discipline and arduous effort for the attainment of god or self realization. Therefore even if it internal (abhayantar) or outside (bahya) worship or meditation of form (rupa/) that is worship (pujan) and offering of ma lalita only. with life spirit soul. Through this it is proved that our soul is self supreme animate spirit(vishwatmika) supreme spirited soul lalita only. On the basis of above proofs/references it is clear that total happiness of self/ soul-lalita and that soul is ever/always present in the body of universe.Swatmayva devta prokta lalita ishwavigraha. full of light & luster .22) there is hint given that one who knows it by ved . This is the only(kadi vidya/)knowledge of pncha dashakashri form.. In yogvashishth it is written that “ sarva shaktimayon hyatma yadhytha bhavyatam.4. having diving divine naure. Lohityam tadwimarsh syadupastirti bhavana (bhashya) Even as per kathopnishada (2. dan\donation. (yogvashistha) The soul is connected with all strengths (shaktiyan)and with one’s determination power whatever it desire can see\ perceive it clearly.15) (brahmacharya) control of sense(tap) practice of penance (ved)spiritual & systematic knowledge all this is possible when one has experience of self soul (lalita)&its knowledge. in “vrihadaranyak (4.

Purnagaha sakala mayamaach . By hearing such word from Ganesh he decied & took oath of going for strong (tapasiya) patice of penance . (paropakara) 39 . He proved as the same experience and with his lurge . anger & passionate. When hot tempered and becomes injurious (ahitkari) to society. After prfoming/doing such cruality he kept on doing a ceremonial performance of a sacrifice (yagn-adi) activities. while we are all without such fasinating . Shree vidya (goddess of education ) Dissoiution of a compound Lalita-the achievements of an incarnation In thripura rahasya Brahmand purana. As the same was burant due to the anger of lord shiva when the form got life his inclination of mind (vrutiyan) cultur (sanskar) were of unlimited hot tempered .Maparvati with a dsir that there will a childs who can play with ganesha installed soul (jiva) into that form of male. In which Lalita Battle is of great importance in itself. He attacked 105 (brahmands) universal and made them all under his control. burnt kamadev inio ashes. there are ten main achievements of incarnation battles shown of Shree Vidya. After sometime were he observd the divinity (aishvarya) wealth and happiness of devas he felt jealously and the he askd ganesha that how without any labour and fforts this devas class gets such a fasinating luxurious facilits of life. In his religious the (tyag) abandoining.furicious animal power he took away right\power of devas and started working as his slavish servant. Ganesha due to his childlike nature turaned the ashs into male from. Organ eyes. Ganesha told their all thes achicevemnts\ asquirements are gruits of the strong practice penance (UgraTapasiya). murchyesha vishwatati vidya” (devya atharvashirsh) 23. Brief commentary (Vivechan) of the same is as follows: At the time when Lored Shiva in his angers with his knowledge based Sense.(tapasysa) penance. He practiced stong (tapasiya) pnance and got\obtained promises & bkessings from lord shiva that he will be unconquered and other important blessing.

In this ceremonial sacrifice the people gave away their lims too. Uddyadhanu sahastrabham chatubhahu trilochnam” (brhamnad purana) There was a birth incarnation of beautiful lalita shakti .benevolence/ philanthrophy and universal overall welfare and alike highest sentiment/ emotions are not at all present. With the order of guru Brihaspati. The explanation or removal of the doubt can be in a principle that there cannot be 40 . And that is how by doing celler type (bhand) activites. I here can be a natural doubt that the kama was turned in to ashes and how he got rebirth. and the religious/such activities were done with and intention to create damage to society . for the destruction of bhandaura. Devi sprinkled immortazing drink on devtas consoled and pacified them all . number of times. There was such a dangerous battle between bhandarura and devi that whole universe was trebling / shivering. spiritual mvstery of extinction of a desire for sen’sul happiness. Due to the sinful and bricked behavior of bhandasura all the devtas were annoyed and tired of oppression. The frightened/ oppressed devtas were reinstalled/ provided with their rights and ( abhaydan ) protection to be fearless. an occultism a ceremonial sacrifice was plannes and began. i. there was a wide difference.e. to ganesha and other devatas. “chidagni kund sambhuta deva karya samudhayata . in the end ma (jagadjanni)mother universe nourisher used maham lameshwarashatra and killed bhandasura. 24. celler (bhand) type vaccuum in the inner/hiddn agenda and externak behavior. like a rising sun from the fire pit ( agnikund). after that she seated/ rade in shree chakramak chariot and she departed for battle against bhandasura. He was named as ‘bhandasura’ in the battle field he defeated. At the time of manifestation (pradurbhav) there was a great (maha) terrible (mahaghore) ukterence (shabda) that except brihaspati all other sevtas becomes deaf and were fainted (murchhit). Devtas stated becoming fearful .

41 . vrindavan.e the quality of inspiring virutes and coustructive activities. leading to self/ soul development/progress&gets(vikin) engrossed . the quality of inspiring virtues and coustructive of nature i. (dhruna) or (krodh) anger . There fore worship of lalita is notto bcome dry or tedious but is full of love happiness. (shivji had turned him into ashes by use of (gyan chakshu krodh) knowledgeabke angr eyes). therefore when lord shivji turnd him intoashes then also kama was still there into his (bij) seed (bindu)semen form. (satvik) inspiring virtutes &constructive and in natual form then it does not remain only enjoyment/ pleasue instinct but it gets clean. If (sadhak) person trying hard to chieve his goal and is house holder(grahasti). Lalita devi did nnot do his destruction(vanash ) with her anger and knowledge but changed/ transformed him to:worship. clean and to satvika form one of the best qualities of nature i. And thus with this he becomes prominent reason of the (vyatha) added sffliction/ sadness.(ganesh is one who is considered dewta of logical knowledge and to turn those ashes into a idol from and decorate is the same).e.with his clcan and value & constructive base lorn base attitude worship lalita. and whenever kama arises with (suddha ) clean. form by bearing sweet feeling and use of bhakti haladini shakti. With his (kama) ambitious & Love lorn can produce / gain exceent child. only it is transformed . Female cow. etc. After sometime when he(that kama) is decorated with logicak scriptures(shadtra tark).in ( ishta) one’s own favourit deity.a birth place of lord Krishna with their sweet sentiments and inspiring love and values worshipped with self involvement and become devotees of lord Krishna. whenever(kama) ambitious & lovelorn transforms into (tamsi )hot tempered and (rajshi) engrossd in worldly actities & love lorn person is a seed of proudyness and is Destruction (vinas) cannot be by (shabaki gyan) utterance of knowledgenet. beauty natural & sentimental .heard (gopiyan ) of gokul.destruction(vinash) of anythigs . he can reborn again. anytime. The ashes of any metal is more powerfull than metal .

In tha chif/main program of the ceremonial performance of sacrifice her father backbitted shivaji and she was also insulted there.ith female. Chichchhe dawayava nastya statasthaneshu te patan’’ (devi bhagawat) 42 . MOTHER –MA LALITA SHAKTI PEETH IN NAIMISH Ekdahi sadaksho vai naimisharanya magtah.“ premaiva gopramanam kama ityagamat pratham. Yadrukshavasha mapann rushibhihi pari pujit……… Tatra sthito mahadevona bhyuthana bhi vadane. in male form of krishma .cow herds having leisure&merriment walk. but shankarji did not get up to take revenge of this insult daksha did not invite. “Mamaywa paurusham rupam gopika jan mohanam’’ (BRAHMAND PURANA) 25. With this incidence she felt insulted /humiliated and she gave up her life. shiaji in his (yagna) ceremonial performance of sacrifice. Shivaji was so much afficted because of the separation of beloved sati that he carried her dead body on his shoulder and started moving in unruly and fierce manner. Ityuddhava daya pyete vanghhatnti bhagwat priyah” (gomati tantra) As told by lalita personally in brahmand purana that lalita shakti was only .’’ (skanda purana) Once at the time when daksha prajapati came in naimisharanya everyone git up for his reception . That is how due to the killing of people the total system of universe was disturbed in a puzzled/ unstable situation lord Vishnu with his arrow turned the dead body in to several pieces. Inspite of prohibition/forbidding by shivaji ma-sati reached to the father’s place/house. “ vishnustu twarya tatra dhanurudhyamya margayan.

have clarified/ given meaning in two ways .in that context naimisharanya area is also considered as one of the holy peeth’ as per the description ‘devibhagwat’ of naimish shakti peeth is known as lingdharini. Lingarchan as described in shivapurana as described in the last few verscs/ lines of lalita shastranam shree shiva shivashataikya rupini lalitambila’’ the meaning of lingdharini is lalita which gets still cleares as in lingarchana upward going (shivatwa)’ human welfare& progress is shown. As per the spiritual scriptures analysis (vivechan) about the lingdharini peeth of naimish area. 43 . In india 108 such shakti peeths’ were established . “ naimishe tu mahasthane devi sa lingdharini” (devi bhagwat) In this verse shloka use word maha great/ glorious shows the importance of the place.Cvcv fgbtfhg This is how wherever the limbs of dead of body fell. various types of forms /shapes/images full of strength as divine mother/chief. Goddesses came up at different place and started know as “shakti peeth” as per tantra chudamani mahadev as bhairav came up in various forms established at those places. The same gets still clearer with the following verse ( shloka) in lalita sahastranam. mla pandit bansidhar shukla . sampunanandji amd ex . the lalita shakti peeth and (vimarsh rupan) sadashiva (shivling) the same and not different. by late shree dr. Shiva priya shivapara shishestha shishta pujita” (lalita sihastrunam) The worship and offerings to shivaji is done in lingswarup for the spiritual and emotional worshippers perform. “ shiva duti shivaradhya shivmurti shivankari.

44 . in naimish at the doorstep of lalita temple prayag tirth (panch prayag) can be seen therefore as other/ nick name of lingdharini lalita name is popular.The same way in ‘’lingdharini’’ light 9prakas) and emotional (bhavnatmak) oneness (ekta) has been described and explained. The temple of ma lalita is situated in big/huge place. Prayage lalita prokta naimishe lingdharibi’’ (devi bhagwat) Among All Shakti peeth places for prayag tirth use of lalita is worth nothing. Thee is beautiful idol/statue of panch preta sin kameshwar kameshwari in (pranaya) conguga/ sexual love (mudra) impression has been (sthapit) founded. In the same place there is location of a very small temple with ancient artistic and sculpturous architect. For the earlier scriptures of the subject under refrence it is evident that for the controlling &breaking the circular strength the birth/ incaranation of lalita shakti was there.

45 . The special offerening of \ in the place temple is (chatra) ornamental umbrella made out of gold or silver which is availalle here from the sellers of flowers. but nobody else except the mother goddess can help in overcoming the problems & worries. End do (pujan) worship\reverencce (patha) reading & recition of religious books. by performing which the persecuted. it is sid that this small temple is quite earlier & ancient compart to the present huge temple. During navratri the worshippers with their own families and relatives come here to fulfil their desires. down-trodden will get relief from the worldly fears. devoting & worshipping strengthful lalita they will gain innate quality &peculiarity. Samvarta & Muni told by following the lessons & advice of guru. In the physical worldly life if any odd situations arise .this is how you should also become fearless and communicate similarly as I am doing . ashtami the whole atmosphere gets (gunjarav) pleasant humming sound of swaha-‘ thousands of woshipers\ follower takes 108 times (parikrama) circular loitering this is how the celebration of navaratra is done in an (dhamdhum) exciting and commotion of pomp manner.Based on the opinion of people .e. Nummeious \number of worshipp belive that by offering (chhatra) ornamental umrell a their desires will be fulfillment . Whatever we see is the fascinating expression & strength of this divine mother. REALIZATION OF FRUITS BY WORSHIPPING MA\MOTHER LALITA: In the forth chapter of ‘ Tripura rahashya’ in haritayan sanhita’ parsuram asked samvarta (muni) sage what is the remedy. 26. the ornamental umbrella which are offered are one of the prominent example of excellent proof of emotional fulfillment of thousands of devotees and worshippers.for the self fulfillment . then the person will naturally become fearfull. Here it is completely clear that by worshipping & devoting to shree vidya (lalita) a person can be fearless. during navratri on 8th day i. They comm.

swasthe smreta matimativ shubham dadasi” durga saptu sati” 1 Ther is one speciality in the worship of ma. in agnipurana there is example mentioned that naimish-tirth(holy place) provides both enjoyment & salvation together.” (Rudrayamal Mangalrajstave) On the basis of above (sloka) verse. becomes presence of enjoyment & salvation. 46 . “ yatrasti bhogonatu tatramoksho yatrasti moksho natu tatra all the three words(trilok )nothing is impossible for the person if he gets her blessings & grace.lalita generally by worshipping any god some get either mundane pleasure & comforts or some get only salvation &the combination of both is impossible while worshipping tripur sundari lalita both objects of enjoyment and salvation are available. Shree sundari sadhak pungavana. bhogsch mokshsch karasth lalita keeps the person in her feet and provides all nearness to her . then what to say about speciality of the place too. full of enjoyment. “naimish param tirth bhakti mukti pradayakam “ -agni purana- Naimish tirth is absolutely auspicious full of properity and specially getting the blessings (sanidhya) of ma lalita takes thousands of names of ma lalita and provides \ gives food made up of fix tasts(shadras) to Brahmins. “ya sahastra brahmana namerminam sahatrakei. by worshipping of lalita shakti both enjoyment and salvation were co-terminated in regular order but were the god and the special – holy place both.“ dergs smruta harshi bhitomshesh janto.

Etatsaran matyarloke lalitayaha kathasruti. (Tripura rahasya) (haritia yan sanhita) A man who is interested in drinking the sweet immortalizing drink of gods( i. glory. and it is controlled. virtue and beneficial aspects of lalita: Lalita mahatmya sudhan yah patumbhi vangchhati Tam janiya mrutya bhayamukta purush sattamam . which type of strengths are disclosed and by collection of the letters are sumbol ( dhyotak) of which elements are origin from the vedic 47 . its letters. Etatsaran matyarloke lalitayaha kathasruti. It is told\said” mantradhin cha daiwatam” god & goddesses are subject (aadhin) to mantra and each letter. . an amulet which works exactly. na tasya durlabha vastu tripu lokeshu vidyate. tasmai priyati lalita swa samrajyam praya chhati.e. Tatrat sarva krutam vyarth bhasmani prahutam yatha. and its different strengths have forms of supreme power virtues . Wellplanned. and havan) : mantra: a word of formula having miraculous power & : yantra an apparatus a charm. Unless the person hear and understands the pious character of devi.Samacharya bhojyed bhaktya payapas pupsadrasachi. Nayavat sanshrutan hyate lalita charitam nrubhihi. amrit) is one of the excellent person and should be understood as liberated (free) From the fear of death. organized. hom. dignity. never gets perishable\ destructible. Bhakti sanjanan dwara yatha tapadma pnu patah. In the mundane world\ earth lisening to the absence of moral of religious story\ narrations of lalita devi is one of the ways of worshipping And the person is able to realize that highest level of devi. his all good deeds are like ashes(rakh) In the sacrificial fire (yagna. unchangingly. advantages of listening importance . (brahmand purana) uttering sacred verses .

dist: sitapur Uttar Pradesh. purascharan method with all (Are ) is made available For correspondence & contact: office Pujya shree Jagdamba Prasad Pujari ji maharaj Tirth. 28. 261402 INDIA Mobile: 09415524983. the strength of mantra’s are filled with process (anusthan) in yantra. its pujan . 09450373945 48 .literatene.naimisharanya.invaluable treasure.laxmi yantra-of pujari heir\ heredity: The act of bearing support of this yantra it has been amply\ hundred percent experienced that by wearing this yantra that people\persons ill effected. (1) Child bearing\ heiryantra (2) Saraswati (goddess of education) Kavach (3) Mahavisa yantra (4) Sanmohan yantra (5) Navagrah yantra (6) Sarvarog haran yantra Other evils\ills overcoming yantra are also produced \ prepared . happiness and experiences fullness. as yantra has been considered as house of devta. Other important yantra which can be available from the office are. The process of how to bear the support of yantra is attached. to achieve his objective (adhishat) at that stage the strength of yantra fully help\assists in it. without money are getting wealthy. PIN. anusthan. When human being desire. scriptures and its clarity has been described & doene in it .

the Ramakatha of Rama would have not been there.Daata The origin of all the myths of Hindus Religion is Naimisha Tirtha whether it is the story of Rama or Srikrishna. Tasminnapirt pujit puritmadharam. Vame kalshe pujit puritmadharam. Dwiguni kruta vasu patram mohit her chittam. Jay………………… Kalashmrit jal nav patra sametam.if the holy place of Naimisha. Ati Punit Saadhak gopalpujariji@gmail. tarak pandit vidya bhaktyakhil dattam Jay…………………………………. Evam pancha varnit karnit gunasaram. Satyanarayan Katha or stories of 18 KALIPEETHSANSTGAN@GMAIL.Email.. Archana vidhina sahitam shree guru vidhiyuktam. Jay…………………………. how Rama would have born. Dwar chatushtaya nirmita yantropari antram. Naimisharanya Tirtha Parichay Tirtha Var Naimisha Vikhyatha. with a sacred iamp.COM GOPALPUJARIJI@GMAIL. because Mann Satroopa has got Vardaan to 49 .COM 29. Tadupari vasudal patram vartualmapi dhattam. to ma lalita: Jay devi jay devi sundari tanaye jay sundari lalita.kalippeethsamstham@gmail. Ma dehitvam bhavane durghat sansar. Jay……………………… Vindu trikona sahitam sahtkon vrittam. Had Sri Rama was not born. which gives siddhi to sadhak did not exist. Shasvadwasati bhorishwari mum hriday. Ganpati yogini batuka kshetradhip yuktam. offering praver..

50 . One who penances here attains heaven 3. which gives siddhi to sadhak did not exist. Balaramji killed the demon Balkak who used to create hindrance in Rishi Yagna (Srimad Bhagwat) In shivpuran.if the holy place of Naimisha. To protect the Rishi Munis from the fear of Kali kaal Brahmaji created a chakra and instructed the Gods and Rishies that where Nemi of Chakra will fall that place will be holy place. there is a place in heaven for him. Naimisharanya is best in Tirthas 2. gjf’k pysm euq jktkA II. because Mann Satroopa has got Vardaan to get Rama as son in Naimisha Tirtha only. Sri Rama performed Aswamedha Yagna at the Bank of Gomathi River here. Ati Punit Saadhak Sidhi Daata. Had Sri Rama was not born.(Tahan Hiy Garashi Chaleu Muni Raja) The Satyanarayan Katha beign performed in palces to huts is started first in Naimisha Ekda. Sri Rama’s sons Lav-Kush along with Maharshi Valmiki come in this Yagna and narrated Ramayana and Maa Sita vanished here in the earth as a evidence of her holiness (Valmiki Ramayan) The brove Pandavas come here in their travellign and took bath in Gomathi River and gave donation of cows. Naimisharanya (Skandapuran). Tithe Var Naimisha Vikhyatha. Urvashi Purva come here and Vayudeva has sermoned to Rishis. As an important Shaktipeeth of India. As kper this.Daata The origin of all the myths of Hindus Religion is Naimisha Tirtha whether it is the story of Rama or Srikrishna. Puranas and Srimad Bhagwat was written here by Vyasji and Suthji chanted the stories (Kathaas) of all puranas to 88. You will find Naimisharanya in the first shloka of first chapter of each Puran. All the Rishis welcomed him but keeping in view the respect of Vyas Peetha.get Rama as son in Naimisha Tirtha only.Basabin Jagan Muni Siddhi Samaja Rksgfg. Satyanarayan Katha or stories of 18 Puranas. Ati Punit Saadhak Siddha. One who takes bath here. that is why known as Naimisharanya (Devi Bhagwat ) After killing Ravana. Cklfga tgka xqfu flf) lektkA I. 18. to Brahmans and departed for other Tirthas (Mahabharat) Balaramji being the well wisher Guru of both Bhima and Duryadhana was indifferent toward Mahabharath war & come to Naimisha Tirtha. Maa Sri Lalitha Lingadhaarini Shakthipeeth is situated here who stopped the Chakra Nemi sent by Brahmaji which was approaching with thunderous speed (Devi Bhagawat) SKANDA PURAAN 1. Tithe Var Naimisha Vikhyatha. Naimishopakhyan is described separately. the Ramakatha of Rama would have not been there. Ati Punit Saadhak Sidhi Daata. Katha Vyas Lom Harshanji did not come forward hence Balaramji got angered and killed him.000 Rishies first time here. how Rama would have born. Due to gall of Nemi is called Naimisha and Aranya was already there. Naimisharanya Tirtha Parichay Tirtha Var Naimisha Vikhyatha. After reprehension from Rishis and after penance he crowned the son of Lombarshan to Vyasgaddi and showered blessing for his long life. The Original source of Katha of Sri Krishna and other Gods. etc.

if daan is given at this Tirtha. In Makar Sankranti if Uttarabhadra Nakshatra. half of the sins vanish and by entering Tirtha sins vanish fully. the sins of seven janmas (Births) vanish. 13. this situation comes once in 12 years after Mesha Samkranti. On residing in this Tirtha for a month and offering Jal arghya. there is a place in heaven for him. This is he most sacred Turtha. One who takes bath here. VAYU PURAM 21. 6. Lord Brahmaji resides here and this is his favaurable place. If Pitra Sraadh Pinddaan is done here. 7. During Devashyan and Dev uthan month. MAHABHARAT 51 . 22. 10. ancestors get places in Vaikuntha. 23. This place is most favourable place for Shiva. This is a savior place(Muktidayak Place) PADMA PURAM 11. desires and Siddisare attained quickly. Worldly problems are solved on taking bath in this Tirtha. 12. Chaturdashi and Tuesday falls on same day. 5. 16. AGNI PURAAN 19. as sins destroyer and favourable place of Shiva. This Tirtha is very famous is Trilok. happiness comes. This is a holy place where Siddhi can be attained quickly. One who hears the Vishnu Charitra for one-tow days at this Tirtha. 17. When penance is done here. by doing Japadaan Havan. Poojan. SHIVA PURAAN 15. one gets the power to enter into Brahmalok. secures place in Vaikuntha. If penance is done here for 12 years. ancestors get satisfied till kalp paryant. doors of heaven opened for him him . When Pitra poojan is done in this Tirtha. one who takes bath in Naimisharanya and Badrikashram.4. 14. This is an important Tirtha which offers BhogaandMoksha both. Devatas got pleased and offer immense satisfaction. GARUN PRAAN 9. people get the benefit of Yagna 24. In this Tirtha. This is a Punyadaayak Place. One who thinks to visit this Tirtha. 8. 18. VISHNUPURAAN 20. When the Mahakumbha sun falls in Mesha Rashi. 30 thousand Tirthas always live in this area.

VYAS GADDI. Akshaya paatra of Sun always exist here 29. All the Tirthas. DEVI BHAGAWAT 28. travelling in Kashi for 4 miles (tow kash) and travelling in Kurukshetra for 2 miles (on kosh). Worldy supernatural gaiety can be felt in holy Naimisha Tirtha. gets the benfit of bathing at all the Tirthas. The reward which we receive in travelling for 8 miles (four kosh). HANUMANGARHI 52 . Bhrigu Samhitha: It has importance in each yuga. SHADTHIYAMAL YANTRA 40. TIRTHA IN TANTRA SAHITYA KALI TANTRA 35. 33. Chakra Tirtha is holy. Yagna plaace of Gods. River Seas of the Earth exist every moment here.Kusah Hastha Shiva always live here 36. 39. 31. 27. Please inform your visit to Naimisha in advance to enable us to make arrangements of lodging and boarding at Kalipeeth Other sacred shrines CHAKARA TIRTHA. 38. The importance of this Tirtha is 10 times of any Tirtha. we receive the same on every step of Naimisha. One who resides here.25. The sins of 10 earlier genertations and 10 future generations will vanish on toking bath here. GARGA SAMHITHA 32. Taking bath in Chakra Tirtha Mahatirtha. eight bhuvanas 34. There is importance of Naimisha Tirtha in Satyuga Pushkar in Tretha Yuga. attains the grace of God. Grah Peeda will vanish. This Tirtha is one o Eight aranyas. All the desires fulfil and the person acquires property on taking bath every month at this Tirtha. Kuruskshetra in Dwapar Yuga and Ganga in Kaliyuga. There are unlimited number of Tirthas on earth but this is the first among hem. This is beloved place of Lord Vishnu 26. Taking bath in Ganga. YOGINI TANTRA 37. Only by visiting Naimisha or by gearing Ramkathal Bhagwat Katha. 30. arriving at Varanasi. eight vaikunthas. LALITHA DEVI TEMPLE. yield punya but one gets punaya as soon as he leaves his/her house for this Tirtha. Holy Gomati River. Dwarika and Badrika. destroyer of all kinds of sins and top most among the Tirtha. worshipped by Rishis. One who takes bath here.