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NSV Series Introducing the new NSV series, ultra fast vertical machining center for high speed machining needs. The NSV series provides superb axial and radial cutting rigidity, high performance in high speed and high chip removal rate, would be the best machine to help the inventors increase the manufactuing efficiency and beneift. Model Work Table mm X-axis Travel mm Y-axis Travel mm Z-axis Travel mm Spindle Speed rpm

mechanisms. Electrical & Operating Manuals Rigid Tapping Guideway Cover (X. to improve the performance of the machine without notice.000 x 1.800 NSV102A 1.000 (15. Cooler for Electrical Cabinet Mechanical.500 6.) .C.P.630 x 650 12.000) 1.Y.000) 15.000 (15.020 600 600 NSV156A 650 1. specifications.120 x 650 1. etc.000 30 (48/60) The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design.Spindle Taper Spindle Power kW Tool Magazine Capacity T Machine Weight kg NSV66A NSV85A 840 x 560 660 850 510 600 560 600 12.530 650 610 12.000) BBT40 BBT40 22 22 30 (40) 6. Standard ○ Selectivity ─ No More ★ Customize Model Tool Kit Work Lamp Pilot Lamp Coolant Gun Coolant Equipment System Cuttng Air Blast Spindle Air Blast Spindle Air Seal Central Lubrication System Oil Skimmer Coolant Through Spindle System Foundation Bolts Leveling Blocks and Bolts Oil-mist Coolant System Oil Hole Holder Function Chips Flush Coolant System Chip Conveyor Workpiece Measurement System Automatic Power Off Device Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet A/C.000 10.000) 12. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.000 ( BBT40 BBT40 22 22 30 (48/60) 30 (48/60) 7.Z) Optical Scale Automatic Door Safety Door 4th Axis Rotary Table Spindle Cooling System Heavy Duty Coolant Pump Auto Tool Length Measurement System Full Chip Enclosure Chip Enclosure Circular Coolant Nozzle Screw Type Chip Conveyor Automatic Pallet Changer (A.000 (15.

Air Gun Gear Box Hydraulic System Oil-mist Collector CE Hi-low Gear Transmission Tool Breakage Detector Automatic Fire Extinguisher Machine Height 150mm More Automatic Tool Change STC Plus Paper Filter Separator Sub Table CNC Control MXP-200FB CNC Control XP300S CNC Control HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530 CNC Control FANUC 18i-MB CNC Control MXP-100i CNC Control FANUC 0iMD Model NSV66A NSV85A NSV102A NSV156A .

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