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Mind Control 101

By Bill Brockbrader

I wanted to give everyone that read my last article some further updates as it seems to have had its desired effect. Shortly after I released my last article, Michael Jaco fell under attack by the Department of Disinformation in what I would describe as standard mind control fashion. Mr Steve Robinson (an obvious supporter of Don Shipley) began posting to Mike’s facebook page and basically ordering that Mike recant his previous statement about knowing me from BUD/S training. Below is the posting string. When you read it, see if you can identify the trigger word/s.

Now Im sure that its very easy for all that see that its only baseless facts and distortions that are used to coerce Mike into walking away from his original statement. What you can’t see is the level of abuse and manipulation behind the scenes outside of the public view that he is getting. Here is a screen shot of the email that I got from Mike right before I released my first article.

Three things are very clear in this email. One - how the efforts that are levied against whistleblowers that stand and tell the truth and how they can and will be shut down serve as an example to others that may want to come forward. Two - that he validates my story about how SEALs are manipulated into sex with ‘young women’ and that ‘quite a few’ SEALs fall into the sex offender category. Further evidence of that can be seen here by another whistleblower who was convected at courts martial after she accused a SEAL of raping her. Three - that he saw that his own records of his BUD/S training were missing when he went to look back at them. Now, ‘the powers that be’ may have been able to get Mike to deny his original statement but now I get a chance to respond. Mike claims to have the same training and abilities in remote viewing and remote influencing that I have. I know that when I was taught remote influencing,

I was also taught how to defend against being remotely influenced. So here’s what I have to say to the dark forces that caused Mike to change his statement. If Mike and I do actually have the abilities that we both separately talked about long before we ever communicated directly and we both can prove those abilities, who’s to say that we aren’t using them now? Do you really think that you’re the ones in control right now or are we just letting you think that you’re in control? Not so much fun when psyops are used against you, is it? So if everyone that reads this wants to help out...send Mike an email giving him your support. If you want to learn about how to improve your own higher his book. It should be pretty obvious that we both had the same training and he has some very good information to share about it. Also realize that’s its very possible that a guy who claims to be an original member of SEAL team 9 and a guy who is definitely an original member of SEAL team 6 (when SEAL team 6 didnt exist) and that have the same higher abilities just may be working together to change the world now. It mean it would be REALLY bad for the dark forces if we started organizing for Occupy Area 51 or Occupy Denver Airport Tunnels or something crazy like that...huh? But Im sure none of that could happen cause Mike denied remembering me in training...right? Moving on to another subject that I don’t like. The word pedophile has been used by many people to describe me. So let take a look at the definition of the word. As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia (or paedophilia) is defined as a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 or older) typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty may vary). The child must be at least five years younger than the adolescent (16 or older) to be termed pedophilia. Now, if I can prove that my primary sexual interest is in adult women then this terms would be slanderous. I could also then argue that this distortion is blatantly being used to enact mass mind control of other people’s opinions about me and defocus from my message. So let me see if I have an example that would assure everyone where my primary sexual interests lie. In January 2008, Holly and I went to Las Vegas for the AVN awards. We ended up hooking up with a couple that we met on the internet the night before the awards. There names were Kristen and Nelson. Kristen was a stripper at Sapphire. Nelson was a Dom. Holly got her introduction to BDSM that night and I got to have some major fun with a genuine Las Vegas stripper. We had to attend the awards show with Holly sporting a massive fat lip from Nelson’s work the previous evening. We ended up having so much fun with them that we bailed out of the awards show early and went back to our room to have another evening of fun. It was that night that I had the best threeway of my life while Nelson held the camera. About six months later, Kristine became Krissy Lynn and later won the award at the 2011 AVN awards for the best threeway scene. So yes...I had the best threeway of my life with Holly and a future pornstar that won an award for best threeway before she was even a pornstar. Now this is not the kind of story that can’t be easily verified. In other words...yes I still have the pictures and many many other stories that i could tell about Kristine and Nelson. One other little fun fact...right before I was arrested in April 2011, Holly and I did a pilot show for an alternative lifestyle (swinger) reality show that also starred that navy SEAL couple that ran the swinger parties in Las Vegas that I have spoken of previously. What do you bet that video still exists and that Jim and Barbi Sinclair (yes...the pornstar couple) were also in it and

can verify that fact? Barbi is also someone that can speak to the subject of my primary sexual interest in adult women. offender registrations law in Nevada are under permanent injunction against being enforced due to the fact that they violate ex post facto under the Constitution. Sex offender registration laws are how they began creating the progression of laws that led up to the Patriot Act and NDAA. See...if you justify stripping the constitutional rights of some Americas under the guise of prevent child sexual abuse, you have the judicial precedence that you need to do the same thing to all Americans. I know that its very safe to say that our government knows that sex offender registration laws have actually increased child sexual abuse in America. There are also a increasing number of crimes that are offenses that have nothing to do with children or violent sexual behavior that mandate registration. This muddies the water, so to speak, of the reasons why the registration system was created in the first place and distracts people from focusing on individuals that are most likely to commit another offense. None of this information is advertised in the news. So now I think that I can politely request that people stop trying to represent me as a pedophile. I hope that was enough reality for those that are constantly trying to slander me with baseless words and accusations. Otherwise, I have an arsenal of stories that I can share with the world if need be. Finally...I now feel that it is time to address my issues with Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot directly. Since the time that Kerry and Bill ended their relationship and work together with Camelot, there has been much talk about the reasons for it. Evidence of this is shown in the link below. After my third interview, I began investigating Kerry comprehensively as I had a personal example of some of these concerns that many others had been voicing over Project Camelot’s true motives in bring out whistleblowers. Before my first interview, I provided Kerry with an abundance of evidence about my story that I only released to her. Pieces of that information were outed even before my second interview by Don Shipley and the private investigation company via Dennis H. Chevalier. That outing is the event that mandated that I flee to a safe location. A location that Kerry was never able to discover and the only thing that keeps me safe to this day. I would also like to point out that David Wilcock does know the location where Im staying and that my location has not been compromised to date. I believe I owe it to David to speak to his character in regards to my personal experiences with his honesty and integrity. Right before the third interview, I was advised not to do the interview as it was discovered that Kerry was going to use it as an opportunity to attempt to get me to violate my confidentiality agreement giving the military a firm legal ground to arrest me on. It was after the third interview that I informed Kerry that I possessed critical information about who was leaking information about me. What everyone has witnessed since that time is her reaction that I possessed the truth. Let me now lay out the evidence as I see it so that others may take a look and make their own determinations. First of all, there was talk of a person named John Jack Burns and he being someone that led to the changes at Camelot between Bill and Kerry. The following is a screen shot of his Facebook page.

I feel it necessary to point out that NASA appears prominently in the category of interests. I can also show that some his recent friends activity may also be of interest. Kerry has been on his friends list for quite longer.

So let’s see if we can connect some dots. The following is a link to a NASA Astronaut named Christopher J. Cassidy. I will point out that he was a former navy SEAL and possesses the same last name as Kerry. Quarky. Also it seems that both Kerry and Jack Burns possess some possible link to NASA as well as the Navy SEALs. I also made a sizable donation to Project Camelot after the third interview for the donations that I received from my one dollar campaign and I let some of my ‘friends’ follow the money. Im not going to state any conclusions here but I do feel able to point out some obvious points to everyone. Project Camelot has not been maintaining its viewership as it once had. Evidence of that can be seen on the view counters of the interview that have been coming out for the last year on Youtube. It is obvious that my interviews have

been very good for her business and I would assume that I was not the only person to make a sizable donation to her recently. I will also point out that Kerry has announced that she is redesigning her website and that the ‘articles’ tab has disappeared from her site. I would like to be the first to congratulate her getting funds to redesign her site and I appreciate that the hateful article that she posted on her site about me has been removed. I would like to conclude by giving everyone some updates on my life and what’s been going on with me. First of all, I have recently accepted the help of two of my many supporters to create a website for the Tree of Liberty Movement in order to more easily get information out to everyone that is interested in supporting change in the world. That should be up and online very soon. I also would like to announce that I will be doing an interview with David Corso on Feburary 23, 2012. Im very much looking forward to talking about all of the information that Im releasing in my articles. Eva and I are continuing efforts to establish a safe and comfortable environment in which future whistle blowers will feel able to disclose their stories and also be able to receive help and understanding for any mental issues that they feel the need to be addressed within themselves due to the mind control or conditioning that they have experienced. I know that Eva has been a critical source for me to gain these benefits and I know that she is looking forward to being able to help and find support for others as she has me. I am also working privately with a company to construct and use multiple free energy devices here in the ‘land where freedom began’ as my thank you to the people that are supporting me. I know that it will be nice when no one that lives here has to pay for electricity or natural gas. More over, it will be even better when all the extra electricity that is pushed onto the grid generates a paycheck from the electric company for everyone. You may be hearing something in the news in the next couple of months about it when we ‘flip the switch’ on it. The money that I am collecting from the one dollar donation campaign will primarily be supporting that effort. I want to take the time to once again thank everyone for the massive amount of support that I receive. I dont have time the to answer all of the emails that I get but I do enjoy reading them and knowing that there are a lot of awake and aware people out there supporting the direction of change that the world is moving towards. Please continue your invaluable support for me and others that have dedicated their lives and efforts to making real change happen in the world. Thank you, Bill Brockbrader aka Bill Wood

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