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History of engineering education in Nepal

History of engineering education in Nepal can be traced since 1942, when Technical Training School was established. Engineering section of the school offered only trades and civil sub-overseers programs. In 1959, Nepal Engineering Institute, with the assistance of the government of India, started offering civil overseer courses leading to Diploma in Civil Engineering. The Technical Training Institute established in 1965, with the assistance from the Government of Federal Republic of Germany, offered technician courses in General courses in General Mechanics, Auto Mechanics, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Drafting. In 1972, the Nepal Engineering Institute at Pulchowk and the Technical Training Institute at Thapathali were brought together under the umbrella of the Tribhuvan University to constitute the Institute of Engineering and the Nepal Engineering Institute and the Technical Training Institute were renamed as Pulchowk Campus and Thapathali Campus respectively. Since then, the Institute of Engineering has expanded considerably. The technician programs in Electrical, Electronics, Refrigeration/Air-conditioning Engineering were started in the Pulchowk Campus, with the assistance from UNDP/ILO. The Architecture Technician program was started by the IOE in its own effort. With the assistance of the World Bank and UK, later, the existing technician level courses were strengthened and Bachelor's Degree level course in Civil Engineering was started.Similarly, with the assistance of the World Bank, the Swiss Government, and the Canadian Government, Bachelor Degree level courses in the Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical engineering and Architecture were started in the Pulchowk Campus. From academic year 1998/99 IOE has started Bachelor's Degree program in Computer Engineering. In 1996 Pulchowk Campus, with support from the Norwegian Government, has started M.Sc. Courses in Urban Planning, Structural Enginnering, Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Engineering Pulchowk Campus has also started M.Sc. courses in Renewable energy and Geothermal Engineering, Information and communication and Power systems Engineering effective from December, 2001. The diploma level programs at the Pulchowk Campus have been transferred to other three IOE campuses. The Thapathali Campus is presently offering three-year Diploma level courses in Mechanical, Automobile, Civil Engineering and Architecture. The Eastern Region Campus in Dharan, which began operating from 1984, was built with the financial assistance from Asian Development Bank and the technical assistance from the UK. This campus initially offered courses at the trade and technician levels. Now, it is offering Diploma level courses in the Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Refrigeration/Air-conditioning Engineering. From academic year 2000/2001 Bachelor's Degree program in Agricultural Engineering has been started. The Western Region Campus in Pokhara of IOE became operational from 1987, with the assistance from the World Bank and UNDP/ILO. Initially various trades and technician courses were offered at this campus. At present, it is offering Diploma level courses in the Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Automobile and Mechanical Engineering. From academic year 1999/2000 Bachelor's Degree program in Civil Engineering has been started Course Offered in Nepal Level PH.D Courses In all Engineering disciplines Level Bachelor‟s Degree Courses Civil Architecture Electrical Electronic &

. staff. The college has been growing from strength to strength since its inception. Kathmandu. Private College. The college started in 1998 and is the first ISO:9001:2000 certified college in Nepal. It is an autonomous college form the prospect of administration.Master‟s Degree Urban Planning Diploma Structural Engineering Environmental Engineering Water Resources Engineering Renewable Energy Engineering Information and Communication Engineering Power System Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Transportation Engineering Sustainable Water Sanitation Health & Development Technology Innovation and Management Disaster Risk Management( proposed) Climate Change ( Proposed) Hydropower Engineering( Proposed) Communication Mechanical Computer Agriculture Industrial Civil Electrical Electronics Mechanical Computer Automobile Refrigeration and Air Condition Constituent Campus Pulchowk Campus Thapathali Campus Western Regional Campus Eastern Regional Campus Affiliated College Kantipur Engineering College Kathmandu Engineering College Himalayan Engineering College Advance College of Engineering & Management National College of Engineering kathford International College of Engineering & Management Janakpur Engineering College Foundation Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC) is a TU affiliated. teacher recruitment and college development and is managed by a team of excellent educative board members. located at Kalimati.

Kathmandu Engineering College has a legacy of contributing to nation‟s development by producing highly skilled engineers over a decade of its existence. the college‟s rich history of academic excellence. With this in mind. Besides. Kalimati has successfully established itself as a reputed college and has been imparting quality-engineering education as a TU affiliated college. the information revolution and the global economic order have opened new series of challenges as well as opportunities. Well organized departments. KEC. Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC). Electronics and After the new world order. driven by innovation.The college compound expands over 30 ropanies with sufficient facilities that are required for the best academic environment. KEC places a great value on its students. people-oriented leaders within all facets of society. Our motive is to instill the practice of listening. This is possible only by setting a mission of quality . We are also devoted in conducting research and development projects in order to strengthen the engineering background of the country. Its policies are aimed at overall development of the students. Our aspiration lies in providing quality education at a reasonable cost. specified labs with clean strolling paths and lawns constitute KEC. seeing and talking. Engineering in the twenty-first century is becoming elegant. There has been paradigm shift in the traditional notion of higher education as producing elites into the society. administrative block. rather than just. the college has been consistently attracting students from all parts of the country for its academic excellence. We make sure that by the end of your educational journey. architects and technologists. observing and speaking than just hearing. the college has bus facilities as well as parking spaces for both two wheelers and four heelers. Electrical Engineering. We bring out the competent and qualified engineer in you. quality career education in Dawn of the new millennium witnessed a growth of private engineering college. Civil Engineering. Therefore. With the vision of becoming center of excellence as premier national center of engineering education capable of addressing national engineering issues. Knowledge and skill has become the capital and the means of enhancing productivity. collaboration. The rapid technological advancement. teaching and studying. you will have gained knowledge and skill that have been nurtured with high moral and professional ethics. The vision of Nepal becoming a notable power can only be attained with high quality human power. student‟s amenities center. Our graduates find easy transition to their professions and become all rounded. technology has become the part of life and economy is the priority of every country. KEC is making a significant and continuous contribution to the development of knowledge capital and the sustainable future of the nation and the region. We at KEC provide perfect blend for Bachelors Degree Courses with practical and theoretical engineering studies – Architecture. We as educational institution imparting technical education. Computer Engineering. interpersonal and team-oriented. Institute of engineering (IOE) is striving to produce brains who can contribute to the economic growth of Nepal in all sense. Kalimati received an affiliation from Tribhuvan University in 1998. KEC has provided opportunity to the students to study engineering education in five different fields such as Civil. The accessibility of the college is prominent and is frequented by public transport at all times. shoulders the responsibility of developing and nurturing the world class engineers. multipurpose hall. Since its inception. to meet industry demands. thus making ways for technological breakthroughs. Our emphasis is on setting an understanding environment. Architecture. altruistic. library. diversity and competitiveness. our college is designing programs to open up incredible number of opportunities in science and engineering. the role of engineering education has become more and more significant. Computer. Electronics and Communication Engineering. This is the best thing that has happened to the technical education in the country.

. Up to 62 credits transfer upon successful completion of 2 years at KEC. co-operative research and other forms of academic collaboration. Disqualification Criteria A student may be considered for disqualification under following conditions. Nepal and the next two in partner universities abroad. • Student fails to maintain his/her attendance of at least 75% throughout the semester. cultural interchange. a. d. Japan with completion of 2 years at KEC. Selection criteria for the scholarship are: GPA. a student has to take the following courses in KEC to be eligible to apply for the mentioned study in Japan. education in the frontier engineering different and diverse streams of technical education and a reputation for excellence that courses taught here are in fine –tune with today‟s and tomorrow‟s globalised attributes of information and technology. b. Japanese Langauge Proficiency Test (JLPT). e. KEC also has a Memorandum of Understanding with international universities for twinning program in engineering. Java Language – Basic Level a. In addition to the two years B. Sundays and on special holidays as per KEC academic calendar.E. c. (GU) Queensland. with the builders of future. I feel greatly privileged to invite students and recruiters to our college and experience the difference with the emerging engineers. Students are allowed to do Part-Time Job. It is a four years program that is 2 years at KEC and 2 years in Japan. Japanese Language – Level 2 b. Assistance in Job Placement after completion of the course. Japan. recommendation from college and department. Kathmandu Engineering College has arrangements for interested students of Electronics & Communication and Computer to take a Bachelors Degree in Integrated Media from Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University. Attendance Students must maintain a minimum of 75% attendance to be eligible for the final examination conducted by IOE. in which students pursue their first two years of the program in KEC. College Hours • Monday and Friday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm • Tuesday to Thursday 7:00 am to 3:00 pm • Closed on Saturdays. Kathmandu Engineering College and Griffith University. • Student fails in tests conducted throughout the semester and upon recommendation for disqualification form concerned subject teacher. Australia have signed MOU for mutual benefit like scholarly interaction. Scholarships are awarded to top performers to study at WAKHOK.

Students shall also conduct themselves consistent with the Student Code of Conduct in any matter related to college activity or attendance. We are committed to the following goals: • Meeting societal needs is the goal. knowingly furnishing false information. faculty or staff member or official results to strong disciplinary action. • Student shall switch off all mobile phones in learning areas [i. career guidance regardless of location. • Facilities consistent with the best Engineering practices. • Students are required to carry the Identity card issued to them by the college on admission to respective course at all times.E. • Students have to produce original certificates. any form of forgery. They shall coordinate with each other without conflict to attain their education.E. other forms of dishonesty such as lying. Electrical 44 B. or reporting a false emergency to any college officials.E. Architecture 55 B. • Student shall work together with other students to achieve goals. • Planning for the future is strategic in nature. whenever required by the College. student conferences. • Promoting an environment focused on scholarship and research by the faculty and fostering interaction among faculty. interdisciplinary teamwork and advanced technical skills in bachelor levels. seminars. Civil 121 B. club sponsored events. communication skills. • Supporting and recognizing innovation. • Mark sheets/ Exam Form/ Admit Card any other certificate/document will not be issued without clearance from Account Section. students and practicing professionals. while they are in college. security deposit will be only refunded after successful completion of course. a learning centered environment is the force. • No refund of fees will be made upon withdrawal/ cancellation of admission in any circumstances. alternation. Computer 88 B. students and the local community with respect and behave in an appropriate and reasonable way. laboratory facilities. Security deposit will be seized if any student leaves the course in between. field trips. • Student shall treat and talk to all staff.e. • Maintaining a curriculum that emphasizes problem solving skills.Student Code of Conduct • Students shall conduct themselves consistently with the Student Code of Conduct while on campus or participating at college sponsored events or programs. technological advances and excellence in teaching that is complete with rigorous assessment. E. classroom or learning resource centers] and only use your mobile in an appropriate way in student common areas. Annual Intake Courses annual intake duration B. Electronics & Communication 132 5 yrs 4 yrs 4 yrs 4 yrs 4 yrs Ambition The objective of KEC is to provide qualitative education with excellent teaching and learning environment emphasizing on the diversity of technology. tutorials. . knowledge is the tool. The objectives of the organization are to gear up strong faculty development and to improve the organization in order to fulfill the vision of the organization.

Pratima Pradhan Electronics. Narendra Man Shakya Prof. Prof. Jiba Raj Pokharel Ar. Shailendra Kr. Mishra Prof. Prahlad Raj Pant Er. Australia Former DG. Dr. Hirendra Man Pradhan Prof. Ram Prasad Dahal Chairman Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member secretary Departmental Advisors Prof. Pratima Pradhan Ar. Mishra Er. Kamal Prasad Gyawali Mr. Suresh Prasad Chaudhari Mr. Chandra Kumar Rai Mr. Manik Ratna Tuladhar Educationalist Visiting Professor. Shiva Prasad Koirala Er. Lokendra Man Pradhan Er. Mohan Krishna Shrestha Prof. Dinesh Kumar Sharma Er. Prahlad Raj Pant Mr. Dakshina Shrestha Mr. Indra Man Tamrakar Mr. Hem Raj Upadhya Prof. Chaudhary Mr. Dr.Board of Director Prof. Pratima Pradhan Mr. Dr. Chandra Kumar Rai Chairman Member Member Member Member Member Member Advisory Board Prof. Suresh Pd. Narendra Man Shakya Prof. Puskar Bajracharya Prof Dr. Exam Section . Rana Dr. Govinda Ram Shrestha Electronics & Computer Computer & Electrical Director International Unit Architecture Architecture Civil Civil Science & Humanities Science & Humanities Mechanical Electrical Electrical Administration Er. Anjeeb Lal Shrestha Principal Vice Principal Chief Administrator Chief. Shiva Prasad Koirala Mr. Dr. Rajendra Shakya Mr. of Building Structural Engineering Expert Civil Engineer Management Committee Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Chand S. Shyam Kaji Manandhar Prof. Yadav Lal Karmacharya Er. Shailendra Kr. Jyoti Prasad Pradhan Er.T takshya Kumar Rai Mr. Ram Prasad Dahal Mr. Partha Mani Parajuli Er. Chand S. Manohar Lal Rajbhandhari Er. Rana Mr. Hirendra Man Pradhan Mr. Dept. Dr.

Chemistry and Mathematics are taught as per the syllabus provided by IOE. Physics.g. Rudreshwor Mallapati Mr. the general science subjects. . To be eligible to appear in the entrance examination the candidates must have a minimum score of 45% at the Intermediate of Science (Physical of Biological group with two hundred marks math papers) / +2 (Physical of Biological group with two hundred marks math papers) or a diploma in engineering or an equivalent course recognized by the TU. Course Spectrum Bachelor courses offered: • Bachelors in Architecture • Bachelors in Civil Engineering • Bachelors in Computer Engineering • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering • Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering The respective department undertakes these courses which are: Department of Architecture. Students who have passed the entrance examination conducted by IOE are eligible for admission at KEC on merit basis. including all the faculty members and staff as it has made steady progress in different subjects of Science & Humanities.Mr. • The provision of extra classes is also made for the needy students • The program „Closed-camp‟ is also carried out to assess the problems of needy students. Other two departments that are Department of Science & Humanities and Department of Mechanical Engineering support and assist these five departments. • Tutorial classes are conducted for the numerical parts of every subject • The provision of on-line attendance is managed and regularly updated for the direct information of students‟ regularities in each class to their parents/guardians. The Department of Science and Humanities has been conducting classes on different subjects for the past 14 years. Rajan Lama Ms. • Monthly unit tests are specified for the regular assessment of the students‟ academics. e. Department of Electronics & Computer Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering. Rashmi Subba Head Librarian Chief. Department of Civil Engineering. students need to appear in an aptitude test conducted by the college in addition to the regular entrance Examination. Science and Humanities Academic Activities • In our department. • Subjects like Physics and Chemistry have practical approach to make the student well acquainted with the equipments. For Admission in Architecture. this department will work hard for better achievements and best results. Guidance and Counselling Unit Administrator Admission Prerequisite The admission procedure consists of an entrance examination conducted by Institution of Engineering (IOE). This department is thankful to the college management and administration. In the coming days.

designing. etc ARCHITECTURE Architecture is the art and science of designing physical structures that shape the built environment. Senior Lecturer. KEC assures that all its graduates will eventually be molded into confident professionals with a clear conscience and broad vision. They will have acquired all round knowledge to give the society the best in the field of architecture and even beyond. Well equipped workshop laboratories ii. operation and maintenance of a variety of structures and facilities such as water tap. Since Civil Engineers of one form of another have been around ever since humans started building major public works such as roads. hydropower.members as well as the students. professionals and experts of concerned matters to sharpen the saw. specification. It includes planning. notes tutorials. Professor as well as professionals and experts for the conductance of academic activities. Survey camp and several field visits during the course are arranged by the department to inculcate practical knowledge to synchronize with theories. municipal or urban engineering. students are trained for some software related to civil sector. Spacious engineering drawing hall iii. product design and event management etc. construction engineering. detailed drawings of building and its components. geotechnical engineering. Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics laboratory iv. civil engineers turn complex ideas into reality and help the most innovative structures come true. Actually. bridges. Department of Civil Engineering has more than 15 full time faculties. easy. Basically it focuses on conceptualization. The department possesses resources and facilities to provide quality engineering education: i. materials engineering. in its past and its present.Mechanical Department The working environment of the department is motivating. Lecturers. The department has a board chest of authority to arrange guest lecturers. landscape design. maintenance and operation of Infrastructure that surrounds us and is the underpinning of our society. Library along with hand outs. Civil engineering is branched into environmental engineering. construction. heritage studies. prosperity of students and the college. All engineering requires civil works which is the job of a civil engineer. . tunnels and large public buildings. need. plan generation. urban planning and design. economical ecofriendly and sound infrastructure for the community is the major responsibility of a civil engineer. railways to harbors. design. Architecture may also comprise of project feasibility studies. surveying. materials and time. water resource engineering. through creative and practical understanding of human behavior. road. etc. interior design. transportation engineering. To produce safe. coastal engineering. structural engineering. furniture design. Architecture at KEC has been committed to exploring new dimensions and exposing students in the field of Architecture. more than 25 part time and visiting faculties as Assistant Lecturers. structural consideration. construction. talk programs and seminars with the involvement of academicians. skyscrapers. Planning. co-operative within the co. CIVIL Civil engineering is considered to be the oldest engineering field. In addition to the regular courses. technology. The management and interdepartment communication is also sound and always directed towards the development.

manufacturing and management of electrical systems and devices which are required to facilitate the needs of modern developed society. ELECTRICAL Electrical Engineering is concerned with the design. academic project rooms to strengthen all the extra activities. transmission and distribution of electrical power. We are proud to mention that we have a high equipped laboratory set ups which is unparalleled to the relevant setups found in other institutions. communication system. We make sure that at the end of the educational journey our graduates will have knowledge gained and skill nurtured with high moral and professional ethics. planning. Robotics Club. The library holds sufficient books relating to course material and that of professional enhancements. The department is fully equipped with all kinds of resources and materials it needs to impart quality education. Studying Electrical Engineering will lead to potential careers in the power industry. Computer . Particularly they are more focused on generation. After being the civil engineer. The most powerful characteristics of the department are that it will provide any time learning environment to students if required. manufacturing industry. development. communication sector etc.industrial application. We aim to bring out competent and qualified computer and electronics & communication engineer to meet the national aspirations and goals. KEC had established its Electrical Engineering Department. The academic building/labs are situated at the inner part of commercial area and far apart from Main Street so that the chances of noise and air pollution as well as disturbances from external factors are very low. Those who are interested to work in the above mentioned areas shall choose Electrical Engineering in KEC. research. building electrification etc. is a discipline that integrates several fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer systems. The department has well equipped laboratories to train the student in these areas. In order to meet the rising demand of Engineers to work in the area of power system. Computer Computer engineering. research. deteriorating infrastructure. There are opportunities to work in government and semi government sector. They are also concerned with utilization of electrical power in various areas such as. design consulting and construction of all development projects as well as in teaching. also called computer systems engineering. natural disasters and updating technologies. One may also build up his career in self established employment in the above areas. Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering at Kathmandu Engineering College has been offering Four Years Bachelor‟s Degree Programs in Electronics & Communication Engineering and Computer Engineering since 1999. It also have training and consultancy unit. their control and protection system. renewable energy technology and industrial applicants. renewable energy sector. The electrical engineers designs develop and supervise the manufacturing of electrical systems and devices. he/she can work in various sectors such as planning. management. information technology system.Civil Engineering has many scopes for and from the various sectors to overcome the needs of growing population.

engineers whose work is related exclusively to computer hardware are considered computer hardware engineers. energy. at anytime. Typical industries hiring computer engineers include financial services. computers. Computer engineers apply the theories and principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to create. In manufacturing industries it is the electronic devices that direct. It covers a wide range of applications which make our life easier and enjoyable such as Television. Radio. but also how they integrate into the larger picture. new means of delivering this information to users via cable. transportation. These courses aim to prepare students to play a leading role in the continuing adventure of modern communications – researching. They help us to see. “Computer engineering is one of the fastest growing fields in the world today. The health care industry depends on electronic instruments to perform chemical tests and check body functions. from anywhere. defense. and in homes rely heavily on electronics. factories. Software is now embedded in almost all devices. test. to circuit design. Computer engineers are equally successful in large multinational firms and small startups. ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION The availability of affordable means of communication has been one of electronics’ greatest contributions to human society. building and marketing the next generation of products. “What we‟re seeing across all other disciplines is that software is becoming an invisible thread tying all disciplines together. Constantly emerging new protocols and coding schemes. designing. These developments are. based on sound engineering principles. consulting. software design. resulting in excellent job prospects.” says Ben Amaba. banking and financial institutions.” This field covers a vast area from information technology. promising vast reductions in the cost of long-distance data transmission. and increasingly via radio. satellite communications. The safety in transportation. business and industry. mechanical devices all talk with each other. personal computers. worldwide executive for IBM Complex Systems. telecommunication etc. with 4G mobile phones offering the possibility of real-time high quality video. scientific research. and evaluate the software applications and systems that make computers work. Many electronics engineers also work in areas closely related to computers. control and test production processes. This field of engineering not only focuses on how computer systems themselves work.engineers usually have training in electronic engineering. Soon fourth generation systems will unify all these technologies and users will be able to receive and transmit anything. and supervise the manufacture of electronic equipment such as broadcast and communications systems. All these developments have been fuelled by advances in electronics and communications technology. radio. . Electronics and Communication engineers specialize in areas such as communications. and control systems or have a specialty within one of these areas. knowledge management. Electronics and communication engineers design. from the design of individual microprocessors. the internet. The telephone. images and speech as data. mines. manufacturing. and developing products using software is faster and poses fewer risks than physical prototyping. develop. hear and communicate over vast distances and do things faster. travel and tourism. New technologies continuously emerge. Other examples include advanced wavelength-division multiplexing schemes. fiber. new ways to represent video. telecommunication industry. chemical companies. and consumer goods. mobile phones – each new development has revolutionized the way we live and the way we think about our world. Computer engineers are involved in many hardware and software aspects of computing. DSL and broadband wireless systems provide many times the capacity of modems bringing increased amounts of information into our homes. in turn. technical university. However. Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the largest and fastest growing fields of engineering. computer manufacturers. test. Electronics has a major role in improving productivity in industries like oil. signal processing. agriculture and so many other important sectors of economy. etc. and hardware-software integration instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering. and supercomputers. Occupations projected to grow the fastest and add the most new jobs over the 2008-18 decade.

business and industry. Ajaya SIlwal Ar. Rabindra Subedi Er. HOD/ Sr. Sunila Shakya Ar. Amrit Sagar Lamsal Designation Sr. Lecturer/ Lab & Project Coordinator Sr. Lecturer/ Project Coordinator Lecturer/ IV year Coordinator Lecturer/ III year Coordinator Lecturer/ II year Coordinator Lecturer/ I year Coordinator . Gyan Prasad Basyal Er. resulting in excellent job prospects. Lecturer Asst. Saraswoti Thapa Er. HOD/ Lecturer/Lab Coordinator Lecturer/ II Year Coordinator Lecturer/ IV Year Coordinator Lecturer/ III Year Coordinator Lecturer/ I Year Coordinator Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Asst. Lecturer Asst. design. Lecturer HOD/ Jr. Associate Professor Dy. test. Ramesh Subedi Er. Ishwor Adhikari Er. Lecturer Department of Architecture Name Ar. Sudip Lama Er. Lecturer Asst. defense. etc. knowledge management. Manish Aryal Er. Anjana Bhatta Er.This field covers a vast area that includes communication technology. Abilash Pokhrel Er. Rajaram Lamichhane Ar. Shailita Manandhar Joshi Ar. Toshak Raj Uprety Er. Arun Prasad Parajuli Er. Lecturer Asst. Faculties and Staffs Department of Civil Engineering Name Er. Lecturer Sr. Dakshina Shrestha Er. and supervision of the manufacture of electronic equipment such as broadcast and communications systems. Lecturer/ Vice-Principal HOD/ Sr. Occupations projected to grow the faster and add the most new jobs over the coming decade.Subharaj Neupane Designation Principal/ Sr. Dip Pandey Designation HOD/ Sr. Ashish Dhakal Er . Lecturer Asst. Snehalata Thakur Er. Janga Bahadur Thapa Er. development. Subash Phuyal Ar. Anjana Shrestha Ar. Chandra Dev Bhatta Er. HOD/Sr. Sunil Raut Kshetri Er. Moon Singh Dangol Ar. Lecturer Asst. Sudip Pathak Er. Kailash Shrestha Ar. Lecturer Jr. Lecturer Asst. Sagar Shiwakoti Er. but not limited to. banking and financial institutions. scientific research. Lecturer Asst. Prakash Maharjan Ar. Rocky Shrestha Er. Lecturer/ Year Coordinator Lecturer/ Year Coordinator Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Asst. Bindu Shrestha Ar. Amit Khanal Er. travel and tourism. Sagun Manandhar Er. Lecturer Dy. Lecturer Dy. Swastika Luitel Er. Associate Professor Sr. Pranita Sharma Pandey Ar. Lecturer Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering Name Er. Shiva Prasad Koirala Er. Electronics and Communication Engineers apply theories and principles of science and mathematics to solve practical and technical problems including. Ganga Subba Er. Lecturer Asst.

Lecturer Asst. Shanta Kharel Designation HOD/ Jr. Bed Prasad Pandey Mrs. Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer/ Yog Teacher Administrative Staff Name Designation . Prakash Shrestha Mr. Exam Section Sr. Associate Professor Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Asst. Mohan Bahadur Chhetri Mr. Jeewan Sharma Mr. Shekhar Raj Awasti Er. Rajendra Sharma Mr. Ganesh Gautam Er. Subash Pokharel Mr. Lecturer Sr. HOD/ Sr. Suman Sharma Er. Keshav Thapa Er. Bikal Adhikari Designation Lecturer/ HOD Lecturer Asst. Sunil Adhikari Er. Salish Maharjan Er. Lecturer Department of Electrical Engineering Name Er. Sudip Shakya Er. Rakesh Kumar Gupta Er. Bal Singh Rana Er. Rajan Rauniyar Er. Ram Sharan Baral Er. Lecturer/ Chief. Sundar Shyam Pant Mr. Guidance & Counseling Unit Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Asst. Shankar Gangaju Er. Ranju Kumari Shiwakoti Er. Laxmi Jha Designation HOD/ Jr. Yadav Kattle Er. Lecturer Department of Science & Humanities Name Mr. Prakash Pandey Er. Bhawana Devkota Mr. Khem Narayan Poudyal Er. Lecturer Sr. Associate Professor Dy. Sanjivan Satyal Er. Sagar Babu Poudel Er. Anjeeb Lal Shrestha Mr. Bishwo Raj Kafle Er. Youb Raj Aryal Mr. Duryodhan Chaulagain Er. Sangeet Dahal Er. Akhileshwar Mishra Er. Rajan Lama Er.Er. Kunjan Amatya Er. Lecturer Asst. Shrey Joshi IT Officer/ Lecturer/Minor Project Coordinator Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer/ Chief. Santosh Prajapati Er. Lecturer Asst. Lecturer Department of Mechanical Engineering Name Er. Sarbagya Ratna Shakya Er.

Santosh Pokharel Mrs. Yogendra Thapa M. Ram Chandra Awal Mr. Lab Boy Office Assistant Office Assistant Office Assistant Office Assistant Office Assistant Office Assistant Office Assistant Jr.Ms. Office Assistant Jr. Shankar Khadka Mr. Ganesh Kumar Poudel Mr. Sita Poudel Mr. Bijeta Poudel Mrs. Office Assistant Jr. Ishwori Prasad Lamichhane Mr. Shir Bahadur Suryabanshi Mr. Driver Driver Driver Helper Security Guard Commander Sr. Hardware Technician Dy. Srijana Chaulagain Mr. Account Assistant Jr. Electrician Electrician Sr. Shree Ram KC Mr. Manahari Thapa Mr. Yogesh Basaula Mr. Tek Bahadur Yonzon Mr. Rajesh Dhakal Mr. Amit Kumar Yadav Mr. Manoj Baral Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Khatri Mr. Librarian Dy. Bineeta Koirala Mrs. Shyam Krishna Karki Ms. Instructor Sr. Saradha Panthi Mrs. Samten Lama Mr. Krishna Bahdur Administrator Chief Librarian Lab Incharge Guidance Counselor Account Officer Sr. Sangita Shrestha Mrs. Rajani Niraula Mr. Sarad Chandra Dutta Mr. Urmila Dahal Mr. Office Assistant Jr. Rajendra Man Singh Bhandari Mr. Dipendra Shrestha Mrs. Dil Bahadur Ranjitkar Mr. Office Assistant Jr. Dil Bahadur Adhikari Mr. Lab Incharge Sr. Subarna Maharjan Mr. Instructor Lab Instructor Lab Instructor Lab Instructor Lab Instructor Lab Instructor Lab Instructor Lab Instructor Lab Assistant Lab Assistant Lab Assistant Lab Boy Jr. Office Assistant Jr. Nirmala Ghimire Ms. Instructor Sr. Shree Ram Dhakal Mr. Rashmi Subba Mr. Dilip Kumar Shah Mr. Amina Joshi Mrs. Keshav Shrestha Mrs. Security Guard Sr. Instructor Sr. Ranjita Thapa Mrs. Jaya Raj Maharjan Mr. Information Officer Dy. Admin Officer Sr. Padma Lamichhane Mrs. Accountant Dy. Administrative Officer Library Assistant Library Assistant Library Assistant System Administrator Sr. Hemanta Luitel Mrs. Navaraj Lamichhane Mr. Umesh Man Pradhan Mr. Office Assistant Jr. Pratima Tuladhar Mrs. Dharma Dutta Lamichhane Mr. Suresh Raj Pant Mr. Sudhir Kumar Singh Mr. Security Guard Security Guard Security Guard Security Guard Lama Security Guard . Dipak Shrestha Mr. Office Assistant Sr. Driver Sr. Ganesh Raj Basaula Mr. Udip Shrestha Mrs. Sangita Shrestha Mr. Deepak Uprety Mr. Jiwan Bhandari Mr. Admin Assistant Dy. Rana Ghale Mr. Mahesh Rayamajhi Mr. Niranjan Dhungana Mr. Rudreshwor Mallapati Mr. Gita Gautam Mr. Shyam Dhungel Mr. Prabin Yadav Mr. Nabin Pokharel Mr.

Saru Yonzon Mrs. MSPs are the bridge between college and Microsoft. We. Office Supporter Sr. hardworking. Pibar Magar Mr. Various trainings are organized on regular basis that have been proven to be beneficial to students. are entitled to a username through MSPs that helps one login to our main server for genuine keys of all the Microsoft products. Office Supporter Sr. Ajit Pujari Mr. Muna Shreshta Mr. Nar Bahadur Khapangi Mr. . Rojesh Daula Mr. Several national and international speakers have talk programs at our college. Ram Krishna Thapa Magar Mr. Besides distributing software and training. Our experience in our own set up say that yoga has cultured positive thinking. Tulsi Ram Gharti Magar Mrs. Microsoft students Partners For the past three years. Gardner Sr. Buddha Rai Mr. Microsoft has been involved in various ways with college and students. mentally. Office Supporter Sr. Cleaner Sr. worth tens of thousands of rupees for free. Cleaner Sr. Shambhu Thapa Ms. Job Placement Services KEC job placement works as a bridge between the world of work and the economic environment. we have started a compulsory yoga session which includes Asanas. For this we have a full-time yoga expert with us. Ushma Pode Mrs. Santosh Thapa Mr. To instill discipline (physically. The most significant contribution made by Microsoft is the distribution of Genuine Software for free. Office Supporter Office Supporter Office Supporter Office Supporter Office Supporter Office Supporter Office Supporter Sr. Shankhar Maharjan Mrs. various other events are organized on regular basis to help student understand various technological changes going on. Om Bahadur Suryabanshi Mr. new and alumni. socially and spiritually) in them. the academicians in this college believes that physical fitness. Apart from these. yoga sessions have also helped our student improve their physical health. Doodh Man Magar Mr. Karan Pode Mrs. It has been appointing Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) in the college ever since their involvement. Janitor Janitor Janitor Janitor Janitor Janitor Yog and Discipline KEC values discipline and expect so from our students. Bhagwan Thapa Mr. Sobit Pode Mr. Durga Maharjan Mr. We help students make the transition from college to work successfully. back and waist pain. Muni Pode Mr. Arjun Pode Security Guard Security Guard Security Guard Sr. Janitor Sr. We impart these essentials in our students through regular yoga-classes. A majority of us do not care about the consequences that we may face by using pirated software and neither do we have enough finance to support all the genuine software that we use. we have placed a number of students in the reputed organization and we shall continue these efforts over the years to come. Purnamaya Maharjan Mrs. Rajan Pode Mr. eye problems. Yog-Nidra and Meditation. Janitor Sr. This approach by Microsoft has allowed everyone to have their own genuine software. doing away with problems like neck. insomnia and many others. patience along with good memory power in our students and faculties too. Office Supporter Sr. The college helps students and graduates obtain positions in line with their specific interests and needs. Over the past two years. All the students. Bhola Bahadur Karki Mr. steady mental health and emotional balance are fundamental essentials for the students for their better carrier. Ram Lal Maharjan Mr. Sarda Khadka Mr.Mr. Office Supporter Sr. Pranayama.

participation etc. This field work simulates the actual field condition for the execution of detailed topographical survey. double. It is an information archive where everyone can be updated on college day-to-day activities. triple and quadruple. Survey Camp and field visits Third year civil students carry out two weeks survey camp in accordance with their subjects. Transportation KEC has its own fleet of buses available. lunch. survey camps. guardians or to anyone who wants to know about KEC. Information Center KEC information Center is established for the sole purpose of giving ample information to the students. collective as well as individual. comprising of a warden. Separate arrangements are made for girls seeking hostel facilities. • Room and Bed option: single. It has a good security system. Thus this unit is established to address such situations and help students concentrate on studies. bed and chair. guards and service personnel. notes. which requires correct and prompt addressing for overall efficiency on the part of the students involved. KEC library accommodates over 50. Spacious Library KEC’s comprehensive library has separate section reserved for the various courses offered in engineering. E-clearance has been facilitated for student clearance. We encourage students to get involved into some kind of sporting activities. parents. news magazine and research manuals. Electronics. Academic Counseling . Computer and Electrical department also carry out field visits which enhance them to grasp their subject matter practically. Cafeteria KEC-Cafeteria serves breakfast. • Room capacity 19 with various sizes. • Hostel intake capacity approximately 40 students depending upon the choices of room. KEC believes that the students at this level go through a lot of stresses. They may do so at the recess or nonclass hours. i. Moreover. At present we have following facilities: • Football • Basketball • Badminton • Cricket • Volleyball • Table. Besides. it has separate spaces for periodicals and other learning resources including newspaper.Sports KEC believes that different types of extracurricular activities help students mentally and physically to increase their allround efficiency. snacks and bakery products at reasonable costs. E-attendance system for student has also been facilitated for minutely monitoring the student attendance in class.000 course/reference books. researches. It serves hygienic food in several tastes. • Each student is given a closet. the Guidance & Counseling looks over various aspect of the student through three different sub units. We have e-learning facilities where we host ftp server (file transfer protocol) for online resources in the library. The college has e-learning facility from where students download tutorials. They are used on college days and also made available for site visits. Students can borrow course books and use reference books from the library under library rules. Guidance and Counseling This unit looks after the welfare of the students. text books and course manuals.Tennis Internet Facilities Students get access to online browsing at the college computer laboratories. etc. Students of Architecture. We organize sports week within the college and support intra-college competitions. table. Hostel KEC has arrangement of hostel for students run by KEC with all the modern facilities.

to be eligible to apply. frustration.0 Fee Structure .0 Procedure for Admission Candidates who have passed IOE Entrance Examination are eligible to apply for any of the Bachelor Level Engineering Courses offered at Kathmandu Engineering College. It makes individual capable of taking his//her own decisions keeping in mind his morals. Physical Fitness Counseling In this pare. anxiety. physical. professional psychological confidential counseling and physical exercises & meditation through Yoga to all the needy students. 500/Attach a copy (photocopy) of the following.” FEE STRUCTURE FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2011 (2068. The counselor helps them with outmost care giving them confidence breaking through their problems. Those applying for Bachelor in Architecture should have pass IOE Entrance Examination and the Aptitude Test conducted by KEC. their teachers can be ill-equipped to provide proper guidance and counseling in the way that students adapt. “After the higher school education. interpersonal or social. • • • • • • It provides assistance to an individual in developing an insight. Biological or Physical Group applicant must submit mark sheet containing 200 marks in mathematics.        1. family and society. Despite natural coping ability that most students exhibit. personnel. depression and frustration in daily life. student of Bachelors’ level education faces open environment as well as more complex problems like stress.ii. It helps the individual to develop positive attitudes and values towards work and society at large. This Unit encourages student to their overall development needs which may be academics.1 1.C. Collect the Application Form from the College Reception/ Administration on payment of NRs.Sc. 2 passport size photo of student and 1 photo each of parents and guardians. It helps the individual to be self directed person. It helps the individual to understand himself and the world around him. drugs addiction and ultimately the major problem that is the case of suicide.. Guidance and counseling holds a strong foothold in our day to day life.E and A Level.2069) 1. 2. Psychological Counseling Psychological Counselor particularly looks after those students who are finding hard to cope with their education. change and grow through the process of learning from outcomes and mistakes. Academic Counselor genuinely guides and looks after the academic activities of the students guiding them towards the academic excellence. Original Score Card given by IOE. recognizing his/her strengths and weaknesses and finding out his interests. In experiencing such dilemmas. iii. The Guidance & Counseling Unit looks over all these problems through personally and psychologically and also by giving them physical development through yoga and meditation. (Originals are to be submitted at the time of admission).2 Mark-Sheets & Certificates of S. low key esteem as well as the more severe problems such as depression. many students develop the adaptive coping skills that help them navigate life’s difficult experiences. Most students encounter challenges beyond the scope of teachers’ awareness at some point during their study career. I. A copy of citizenship Migration Certificate (if applicable) Permanent and temporary address of parents or local guardian must be maintained at the time of submitting the form. / 10+2 / I. along with the application form at the time of submission. thus this unit assess their outcomes in order to better guide their students. Pulchowk should be submitted at the time of admission.L. difficulties in adjustment. The mission of this unit is to support the college in achieving the academic goals through assisting students with personal challenges that interfere with their academic progress. Yoga Guru or Yoga Counselor looks after the physical as well as mental fitness of the overall students. It helps in the total development of the individual in cognitive and affective.

Electrical & B. e. 10% discount on depositing second installment fee in advance. For withdrawal of the deposited amount.0 4. These charges are subject to change as and when notified by the concerned authority. of days. st 5% discount on depositing the total monthly fee that is incurred during the 1 Year. Monthly fee is waived after one month from the date of deposit. Kalimati reserves the right to modify Fee Structure. at the end of that month Rs 200 and Rs 100 will be added each month.E. the subsequent monthly fee shall be paid. st th 15% discount on depositing the total monthly fee that is incurred during the 1 to 4 Year. Architecture BE Civil BE Computer BE Electronics & Communication BE Electrical 5 yrs 4 yrs 4 yrs 4 yrs 4 yrs 26000 26000 26000 26000 26000 *Admission fee and first installment should be paid at the time of admission. 3. Annual TU Affiliation Charge. st th 18% discount on depositing the total monthly fee that is incurred during the 1 to 5 .E. Discount Scheme Pooling Discount Various Discount Schemes are available to candidates enrolled in B. Fines for Admission Fee are calculated as 10% Annual Fee divided by 365 days X no.1 Scholarship Scheme Top 10% of the students enrolled in KEC. ** *Refundable deposit to be paid at the time of admission only.0 4. st rd 12% discount on depositing the total monthly fee that is incurred during the 1 to 3 Year. B.000/. the college has to be informed. Admission fee to be paid timely Any late fee shall be deducted from the deposited amount. B. b. TU Registration Charge. from the 4th week of the month that is Rs. at the time of admission. 400. Computer. which is refundable upon the completion of the course following the Final Semester Examination. B. Notes:  The aforementioned Fee Structure for each course does not include. Scholarship Schemes and Discount Schemes and are subjected to change without any prior notice. at the time of admission. E. at the time of admission. at the time of admission. 5. Monthly Fee is calculated as. for each course. 4. Total Admission fee is non refundable once admitted. at the time of admission. KEC. Late Fee Admission Fee and Monthly Tuition Fees. Semester Examination Fee. at the time of admission. after that within 7 days Rs 100.Course Duration Admission Fee* Installment Fee First Installment Second** Installment Refundable Deposit*** Program Total Admission & Installment Fee 420000 468000 453000 453000 453000 Monthly Tuition Fee Total Monthly Tuition Fee Grand Total Year I 154000 154000 154000 154000 154000 Year II 225000 273000 258000 258000 258000 15000 15000 15000 15000 15000 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000 240000 192000 192000 192000 192000 660000 660000 645000 645000 645000 B. Architecture. 50. c. three months prior to withdrawal. . st nd 10% discount on depositing the total monthly fee that is incurred during the 1 & 2 Year. Civil.2 Gravity Discount On depositing a total of NRs. ** Second Installment should be paid within the first month of commencement of second year the time of admission. if not paid within the prescribed dates (15 of each Nepali calendar month) is liable for fines as per college rules. "Shikchya Sewa Sulka". In condition of withdrawal of the deposited amount. the following provisions are made: a. Electronics & Communication. d. are considered for scholarship based on the merit list of IOE with different quotas. If the fee is not paid for three months time then the students will be liable to be barred from taking classes.E.

000 per group is provided by college upon the recommendation of the respective Advisor with a condition that the materials of components bought for the projects is returned to the college before getting a clearance after the completion of the course. the refundable deposit is forfeited. 5. absent in exam and securing O is not included in the count). In case of a student leaving the college prior to completion of the course. the college shall not pay for the back-paper for any subject(s) in which the student has secured a mark below 10 (ten) in the Final Semester Exam.  The refundable deposit (NRs.15.  Parents and local guardian are requested to visit the college relating to their son's/daughter'/ward's progress report and are also requested to submit his/her passport size photo at the time of admission.000/-) shall be returned upon the completion of the course following the Final Semester Exam. . However. if the group results of students of any particular section(s) fall below 33 % in Final Semester Exam (Students with NQ. The college will pay for the back-paper for a maximum of two subjects.  Partial Cost for Final Year Project for only Electronics & Computer and Electrical Engineering Course not exceeding Rs.