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KONE EcoMaster 130/135 Escalators and Inclined Autowalks

reliability and return on investment Retail centers need reliable solutions to ensure continuous return on investment. 2 .Bringing the customers to you Quality. escalators and inclined autowalks offer attractive designs and colors that create a pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore. providing easy access everywhere from car parks to shop floors. Building owners need escalators that are costeffective as well as quick to maintain – preferably before they break down! Part of the shopping experience Escalators and inclined autowalks smoothly connect different areas into one uninterrupted shopping experience. Another requirement is optimal lifecycle costs. Solutions based on superior technology and decades of expertise. Made for retail needs Convenience and efficiency translate to solutions that are inviting and functional to the end user and add value to the property.

3 . and with high levels of cost-effectiveness and performance n Modernization and full replacement solutions to upgrade and maximize the potential of the product n Comprehensive maintenance solutions for the entire lifecycle of the product n Spare parts available globally within 24 hours. KAMPPI SHOPPING CENTRE. GERMANY LUXURY SHOPPING CENTRE ON THE HISTORIC KÖNIGS ALLEE OF DÜSSELDORF. The reliability and quality KONE offers can be seen in many locations around the world. from retail to transit applications. KAUFHAUS SEVENS. With thousands of installations in over one hundred countries KONE has accumulated know-how and expertise second to none. KONE offers its customers: n Elevators with exceptional power and performance – some without machine-rooms – that can be seamlessly integrated into buildings n Reliable and elegant escalators to match customers’ needs. 65 ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS CONNECT THE SIX LEVELS OF THIS COMPLEX TO EACH OTHER AND INTO THE MAIN BUS STATION OF THE CITY UNDERNEATH IT. FINLAND DINING. SHOPPING AND SPORTS IN A MODERN COMPLEX AT THE HEART OF HELSINKI.KONE – Your total solution partner As one of the leading companies in the elevator and escalator business.

Superior retail solution Elegance and ambience n Numerous lighting options that guide the customers and enhance atmosphere Great window-shopping opportunity The stylish solid or ambient glass balustrades according to customer need and taste Skirt spot lights Comb lighting n n Handrail lighting Glass cladding Tailored for retail environment n Elegant and timeless design to welcome the customers Visual options such as 7 handrail colour options for flexible integration into the building Efficient and smooth ride to maximize the shopping experience Clear indicator and directional signalisation for easy guidance Compact installation size and accurate fit with balustrade extensions n Traffic lights on decking n n n Trolley protection in autowalks Ecological design n Energy efficient and user-friendly stand-by speed to enhance energy effectiveness Absolute ecological and fire safety with lubrication free chain Low oil consumption Speed Peak Less energy traffic consumed Stand-by Time KONE ECO3000™ Drive + Chain Conventional n n Stand-by speed Oil use comparison Lubricatioin free chain 4 .

skirts and front plate Operation even in compromising conditions through optional semi-outdoor weatherproofing Based on KONE technology that will last Outdoor options Primed sheet steel cladding n n Stainless steel cladding Stainless steel front plate Technological superiority n Unsurpassed energy efficiency with a chainless drive design and KONE’s technically superior planetary gear Advanced components to give a lifetime of reliable performance KONE expertise and know how in maintenance and service KONE EcoMaster™ Drive n n Safety and effectiveness n Maximum availability through advanced control system Fast and effective troubleshooting through built-in diagnostics Extensive safety and monitoring options 5 n Diagnostic display n .Absolute and uncompromising reliability n For durability and smooth aesthetics stainless steel available for cladding.

800 mm or 1000 mm Glass/ sandwich panels/ stainless steel inclined solid 1000 mm.4281H 1.5 m/s.65 m/s. 0. semi-outdoor.7321H DD 1753 1800 1800 1800 EE 1170 1140 1140 1140 FF 3850 4150 4150 4150 HH 1075 1045 1045 1045 Hoisting holes. 50 kN load per hole (by customer) ** Span between support beams L = AA + BB + CC** +15 0 ** 6 .5-2 30-1. 0.0-2 30-1.KONE EcoMaster™ 130 KONE EcoMaster™ 130 basic data Inclination Maximum rise Operational environment Step width Balustrade type Balustrade height Speed Code 30° or 35° 15 meters with 30°.7321H 1. 50 kN load per hole (by customer) Hoisting holes. outdoor 600 mm.5-3 Step width 1000/800/600 1000/800/600 1000/800/600 1000/800/600 AA 2136 2194 2194 2594 BB 2439 2469 2602 3002 CC 1.2 m stand-by speed optional EN and ANSI KONE EcoMaster™ 130 width dimensions Step width (A) Width between handrails (B) Escalator width (C) ** Pit width (D) ** ** ) 600 mm 787 mm 1100 mm 1160 mm 800 mm 985mm 1300 mm 1360 mm 1000 mm 1183 mm 1500 mm 1560 mm With special outer cladding add 20 mm per side.0-2 30-1. 6 meters with 35° Indoor. 1100 mm 0. Head dimensions Type 35-1.7321H 1.

340 200 C ** C B A 7 .5 m/s 0. 340 1040 vertical rise. 12° 10 m Indoor.704 Note: Also available with a shallow truss design.400 min.00 m KO 68 100 O 1000 100 A 100 100 min.2 stand-by speed optional EN Inclination Upper level (KO) Lover level (KU) Lover part in pit (G) Step width (A) Autowalk width (B) ** Pit width (C) ** dimensions KONE EcoMaster™ 135 dimensions 800 mm 1300 mm 1400 mm 1000 mm 1500 mm 1600 mm **) With special outer cladding add 20 mm per side. Factor for lifting Ø100 a=H x factor 1 pallet horizontal (400 mm) radius of pallet band 6.KONE EcoMaster™ 135 KONE EcoMaster™ 135 basic data Inclination Maximum rise Operational environment Step width Balustrade type Balustrade height Speed Code 10°.300 G L/2 L 300 centre support fitted by others after installation of autowalk (steel construction if possible) L/2 safety distance min. 2300 KU M 1373 68 U 1000 1000 955 Y min.H 2050 1050 X 10 11 12 50 B** C ** 50 Mounting Detail X Detail Y mirror image 200 G ** ** 200 L/2 distance between mountings L=a+KO+KU min. semi-outdoor 800 mm or 1000 mm Glass 1000 mm and 1100 mm 0.145 12° 1979 mm 781 mm 6100 mm 4. Please consult Customer service or Sales Guide for details. Head dimensions 10° 2313 mm 883 mm 7250 mm 5. 11°.671 11° 2130 mm 827 mm 6600 mm 5.

We challenge the conventional wisdom of the industry. express or implied. KONE Corporation www. as to any product. We support our customers every step of the way. KONE is a global leader in helping our customers manage the smooth flow of people and goods throughout their buildings. the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and the Beijing National Grand Theatre in China. with such innovations as KONE MonoSpace® KONE MaxiSpace™. and we have a well-deserved reputation as a technology leader. KONE employs over 32. the 30 St Mary Axe building in London. from design. We are fast. escalators and automatic building doors. No statement this publication contains shall be construed as a warranty or condition.500 dedicated experts to serve you in over 50 countries. quality or representation of the terms of any purchase agreement. You can experience these innovations in architectural landmarks such as the Trump Tower in Chicago. Copyright © 2008 KONE Corporation.kone.KONE provides innovative and eco-efficient solutions for elevators. manufacturing and installation to maintenance and modernization. its fitness for any particular purpose. Our commitment to customers is present in all KONE solutions. and KONE InnoTrack™. 4651 .com 8 This publication is for general informational purposes only and we reserve the right at any time to alter the product design and specifications. KONE and KONE EcoMaster™ are registered trademarks of KONE Corporation. flexible. Minor differences between printed and actual colors may exist. This makes us a reliable partner throughout the life-cycle of the building. merchantability.