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Geraldine S.

De Guzman BSEd- English Midterm Exam  Statement of the Problem

The main concern of the study is the linguistic features implied in the story. Since speech can be represented into two forms Direct Speed (DP) and Indirect Speech, the study came up with the following questions to
1. Why use the DS form now when the story has moved along substantially with the FDS

form? 2. Why the narrator’s sudden attempt at controlling the narrative when the story is now about to end? 3. Why there is a shift of speech? 4. How speech identifies the characters?

Objectives of the Study

The paper aims to:      Show a linguistic analysis of the speech in the story. Analyze how the speech reveals the stereotypical masculinity and femininity of the characters. Highlights and recognizes the differences of the characters in terms of their gender and their hierarchical relationship with each other. Focus on the speech of the characters. Significance of the Study

The paper attempts of doing another study about the story, “The Summer Solstice”. Although the ending and the body of the story is crucial, the researcher finds an approach which is not yet used in analyzing the story. Linguistic analysis was used to study the speech representation of the characters. The study doesn’t affirm that linguistic criticism is better than literary criticism. This study shows possibilities of analysis to arrive with a more valid interpretation of the story. Through the representation of men’s and women’s speech attention, given to the workings of the language allows a deeper appreciation of language and literature.  Conceptual Framework

The study used Linguistic analysis to interpret vividly the story and unfold the differences of men and women as how they were described and treated in the story. Structuralism and

An analysis of one linguistic feature can tell a lot about the text’s issue such as gender. the story can stand on its own. feminism was used to identify the difference between the men and women in the story. The study is merely on the analysis of the text itself.  Conclusion The study shows that through feminist readings. linguistic criticism unfolds the hidden meanings and significations within a particular text which literary criticism fail to analyze. However. described and treated in the story. It is because. it takes a careful analysis with the language used in the story to arrive with a more valid interpretation. However. . It helps to identify how the women are viewed. It focuses on the analysis of speech in the story.Feminism were used in the study.