document which must be carefully well-thought and coherently presented. Each student is primarily expected to write and produce an internship report at the end of the exercise. The completed report is a mirror of practical and latent experience encountered in the field, the report factual from a milestone for technical guidance and evaluation of the student. The internship report should comprehend the following presentation format: a) Cover Page: y Title on Internship y Student¶s Name and Registration Number y Internship submission statement at the end of the cover page y Month and Year of Internship Layout of the Top Page for Internship Report (All student are expected to follow this lay out to present the top page of the Report) UGANDA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION NAME OF BUSINESS/ORGANISTION WHERE INTERNSHIPWAS CARRIED OUT BY OMUBANDA (REG NO) Internship Report submitted to The Faculty of Business & Administration in partial fulfillment for the Award of««««««« (You¶re Programme) April 201« AGENCY SUPERVISOR (Name & Signature)

d) Conclusion. outcomes or findings and recommendations of the internship engagement. y Dedication: It must be as brief as possible y Acknowledge: It must not exceed one page. e) Recommendations f) Appendices including the Internship Diary. signature and date provision must be given for consent purpose. a) Institutional profile: This section provides a detailed framework or composition of the institution in question.a) Preliminary pages: y Declaration: After precise and concise declaration the studentµs name. Page limit 15-20 pages The Internship Report must be handed in by the second week of the semester that follows the exercise. Note: All the pages of preliminary pages must be in roman numerals. y Acronyms or Abbreviations: They must be presented alphabetically. ii. The first paragraph should talk about the purpose and the place of internship. Note i. The second paragraph should explore in a descriptive manner the approaches. y Approval: Approval statements accompanied by the academic supervisor¶s name. methods and techniques used in the internship exercise for exercise for execution of duty or information gathering. y List of Tables: if applicable. signature and date should be characterized the approval page. It must include the following sub-titles: a) Methods and techniques used in the Internship b) Application of skills c) Challenges on technical aspects of the internship. NB: maximum number of pages 15-20 pages . y Abstract: This is a synopsis outlook of the internship report. y Table of content: It must be property formatted and sub-titled. The third paragraph should explicitly detail the experience.

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