iimcal. Name>” 7. Entries are required to be submitted in word/pdf format.) and the advertisements. ed 3.in and no further rights over the same can be claimed by the participants in the future. The name of the word/pdf file should be in the following format: <Participant Name>_<Institute/Organization>.ac. 1.in 11.in Mathew Vipin Thomas: +91 9674315439 thomasm2012@email. The length of the articles must be at least 500 words and not more than 1200 words 5. 23:59:59 IST. 10. The best entry will win a cash prize of INR 2500 and the next two winning entries will win cash prizes of INR 1500 and INR 1000 respectively. The chosen brand need not be Indian. Only original work should be submitted.in Sahil Dev: +91 9674315591.in The decision of the organizers shall be final and binding on all contestants An illustration has been attached below. please contact: Chandrasekhar V: +91 9748476494. .themarketers.iimc@gmail.ac. although it’s just to give you a holistic idea. encompassing an analysis of the media Channels used (Print. 2. Other entries may also be considered for publication on www.in In case you have any queries.ac. les 4. All submissions made for the event will be a property of Intaglio and www. A participant can send any number of entries.iimcal. along with a passport sized photograph.doc/pdf 8. Internet etc. Participation is open to all working professionals and students pursuing MBA or equivalent pursuing courses.com with “Marketique_<Participant Name>_<College/Organization Name>” in the subject field by 10th January. educational background. etc. do not restrict your thinking process to the illustration. sahild2012@email.Topic: You can write on any promotional campaign.iimcal.themarketers. 9. chandrasekharv2012@email. the overall impact of the campaign in changing/establishing/re changing/establishing/re-enforcing the image of the brand.themarketers. 6.15 line spacing and font Calibri. The participants are required to send a brief introduction about them covering details about their current institute/organization. These entries will be published as headline posts on www. Television. Plagiarized entries would be publically disqualified from the competition. Marketique Rules: 1. All entries must be sent to themarketers.

Wasting Jaago re (An illustration) Nearly everybody fell in love with the Jaago Re campaign of Tata Tea. as would have happened with you in several Fevicol ads). and took it to a whole new level of social responsibility. campaign extension ensures that people would be interested in viewing the campaign (as happened with me in the above mentioned case of Tata Tea Premium. Yes. based on the setting of the ad. in a literal sense is deeply associated with tea. However. Tata Tea tried leveraging the same concept of ‘waking up’ to sell its latest offering. there might well be some extensive consumer research which may have showed that tea drinkers want to have a ‘balance of large & small tea leaves’… but then. The biggest risk of brand extension is the fit between the new product. whose core differentiator seems to be the ‘balance of the large & small leaves’. The campaign showed simple aspects of our daily life. The campaign Jaago Re. talking about the functional benefits. Here is one of the ads from that campaign. While watching the ad for the first time on TV. its target segment. and urged the audience to ‘wake up’. it was a big letdown. one that comes to mind is by ‘Bagh Bakri’ Tea. . Where brand extension helps build trust among the consumers. Waking up. They tried to marry the goodwill created by the emotional appeal of the existing campaign to the functional communication required for the new product. usage behaviour etc with the existing brand. they seem to be either too farfetched. This is where an emotional campaign should not be used to communicate functional benefits of a product. By picking up issues so close to the averages consumer’s average day. as now Tata Tea is doing what any xyz brand is also doing. highlighted on how we have forgotten our basic duties as citizens of India. equally high in case of campaign extension. and was looking forward to the climax. as one can see. or too lame to create any major impact. which claims to revive family ties. if not more. the campaign was hugely successful. which gives the optimum taste. it just struck me whether there is something called ‘Campaign Extension’. Here is the TVC. very smartly leveraged that connect. that should have been communicated with a different campaign. However. a marketer decides to launch another advertisement under an existing campaign. cost saving & continuing on a trusted formula (in terms of brand elements). Major benefits of brand extension include leveraging existing brand’s equity to gain trust. Thinking about it now. The risk of mismatch between the product & brand is. Just like brand extension. Where brand extension leverages the tried & tested branding formula. and by bringing in an emotional angle to the whole experience of tea. There have been some attempts by other players to build emotional associations. Tata Tea Premium. Similar is the case with ‘campaign extension’. where one decides to launch a new product under an existing brand name. a campaign extension benefits from the tried & tested campaign formula. just that it becomes the case of mismatch between communication idea and campaign theme in case of campaign extension. These set of ads stood out of the crowd. It is not very difficult to relate the two based on the benefits & risks associated with both. who mostly focused on the functional aspect of tea. Tata Tea was able to connect with the audience. I believe this is terribly wrong. These were the benefits. smell etc. I was able to guess that it’s another one from the Jaago Re campaign.

schemes etc. Corresponding to the two different communications.Vidya Balan series focusing completely on the functional benefits being offered. While there have been some AR Rehman ads (and some others shown below) high on emotional appeal. -Shashank Bajaj is a PGDM (2011) student at IIM Calcutta. . While one campaign would be aimed at brand building. Delhi University and can be reached at shashankb2011@email.in.ac. the theme of the two campaigns is different.Airtel. He holds a Bachelors degree in Manufacturing Processes & Automation Engineering from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology.iimcal. there have been others. Airtel has always had more than one campaign going on air simultaneously. the other one’s purpose is to communicate the functional aspect. especially the Madhavan -.A really successful example.

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