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Singapore Polytechnic Videography Club

Meeting Minutes

Date: 06 June 2008

Time: 10 AM to
Venue: Club Meeting Room

Present (in full name):

Kevin Xu Junjie (President)

Sean Koh Yong Hui (Vice-President)
Muhd Fazli Bin Rosli(Secretary)
Gan Soon Bing (Treasurer)
Robert Chan Xiang Ju (Inventory Manager)
Leonard Chow Pak Keong (Training Manager)
Kai Jun
Ng Kwee Chek

Matters Discussed:

1: Nargis Fundraiser
• Fund raising event for the victims of the Nargis cyclone which hit Myanmar
organized by the International Students’ Club
• Held at SP Convention Centre
a. Sunday, 22 June 2008, 2 PM
b. May need to arrive at 10 AM to evaluate location.
• Submit own CCA proposal
i. Will not be reflected as “Helper”, too much effort put in for a single
CCA point
• New members to get involved

2: Realignment of Club Goals

• Introduction of the Vibrancy Index

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a. VI measures the activity of a CCA club, used to get rid of inactive clubs
taking advantage of the polytechnic.
• Set expectations for the club’s future

3: Film Reviewing
• Assign a few people to write reviews for a movie every month

a. Share reviews with the rest of the club

• No initial budget until we are recognized by the polytechnic
a. May get sponsors to sponsor tickets

4: Involvement of New Members

• Members need to try to attend meetings
a. Need to inform if unable to attend
b. Meeting minutes will be sent to everyone after every meeting (such as
this one)
• Understudy position of new members

5: Seminar
• Final Cut World Tour
a. Learn about the key features of Final Cut Studio 2 and Final Cut Server
(Mac OSX-only)
b. Raffles City Convention Centre, Level 4 - Olivia Room
c. 18 June 2008, Wednesday, 2.00pm - 5.00pm
d. Encouraged to come, new members inclusive
e. Outing organized by Leonard

6: Equipment
• Consumer camera (HD)

a. HD is the future; keep up to date with latest technology

• DV Deck
a. Built-in LCD screen
b. HDV ready

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c. Made for playback and recording
• Advisor does not loan high-end equipment (e.g. National microphones)

• PC system, custom built (No iMac as previously believed)

a. Quad Core Processor
b. LG 24” LCD panel (HDMI)
c. Software
d. Cost : ~$1900
• Editing Platform
a. Adobe Premiere Pro (compatible with both Mac and PC)
• Submit 3 quotations for all equipment

7: All Other Business

• MIKE( and CCA.SG
a. Conflicting purposes (portals for CCAs)
a. Get advertising for some income


The meeting was adjourned at 1 PM.

Minutes submitted by: Muhd Fazli Bin Rosli

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