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Ford Scholarship Essay January 8, 2011
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³Tell the truth, work hard, and come to dinner on time´ these famous words spoken by Gerald R. Ford(see Figure 1)1 LT. 1b. This is a cross reference are words that I strive to live by. Mr. Ford is a great role model for people around the world. His ethics and morals are the picture perfect example of a successful person. My career goal is to become a labor and delivery nurse. Earning a Davenport education will put me on the fast track to achieve my dreams. Mr. Ford held numerous leadership positions while serving the community. During his coaching career at Yale, he helped young men become better people and athletes. In World War II he served as a lieutenant commander in the Navy. There is no greater act of service than risking your life to fight for our freedom. Later, Ford joined congress. After 25 years he took his leadership to the next level by running for president. I have held multiple leadership positions as well. I was the captain of four teams, a title that pushed me to lead my peers to work hard and become better athletes. I have coached many kids through youth sports camps. Having two younger sisters, I am a leader in every step of life. They look up to me and follow my example. I want to be a good role model for them, so they grow up to be hard working, successful people. I love to help others. Serving in the community brings joy

Gerald R. Ford was the president of the United States from 1974 to 1977 LT 1d. This is a footnote.

to my entire being. As a member of the National Honors Society many doors have opened to volunteering in my area. I have helped church groups, volunteered at Love Inc.2, raked leaves for the elderly and much more. This summer I volunteered multiple times a week at Holland Hospital. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to serve in an environment that I will work in one day soon. Last, but certainly not least, I have traveled to Guatemala on mission trips two different summers. We built houses and performed medical clinics for the poverty stricken people. My heart goes out to the families who are barely surviving in third world countries. I hope to use my medical skills to help them in the future. Our civic responsibilities are important to incorporate into our lives. Gerald R. Ford did this very well. His actions spoke volumes about who he was and what he valued. His service in the Navy was a great way to fulfill his responsibilities. He chose to give up his time and join the fight for our country. I try me best to do my part every day in making our world a better place. Very simply, I choose to recycle. Whenever I have the opportunity I recycle trash, whether it be plastic water bottles, paper, or old pens. As a citizen of the US I can help our country by volunteering. Once again, I love to volunteer in the hospital and around the community. I am also a member of a group called Students Assisting Students Anonymously. Our goal is to help out the homeless and needy kids in Hamilton. We made a room available with different toiletries and clothing items they may be in need of. Another responsibility we have is to join the work force. This summer I received my certification as a Nurse¶s Aid. I plan to begin working as soon as school ends. Mr. Ford said these wise words during his presidency: ³History and experience tell us that moral progress comes not in comfortable and complacent times, but out of trial and confusion´. He was a man of his word. His presidential decisions directly correlated with what he believed. He claimed to be a conservative in fiscal affairs and turned down many bills
Love Inc is an organization in our area that helps people in need get back on their feet.

that would have thrown our economy even further into debt. Mr. Ford had a reputation for integrity and openness. My parents have raised me to have strong ethics and courage of conviction. My good grades reflect the importance I place on my schoolwork. The choices I make today are going to affect my future; therefore I choose to do my best in everything. Good character is one of my core values. I stand up for what I believe in and try my best to do what¶s right in every situation. Whether I¶m being watched or completely alone I act the same. My sophomore year I received the Champions of Character award for my attitude and work ethic in athletics. I want to be remembered as a woman of my word, and one with phenomenal ethics. Four years from now, I¶ll be walking down the aisle at graduation receiving my college diploma. An education in nursing is a major milestone towards reaching my career goals. Pursuing that education at Davenport University would be a perfect match. First, it has a strong nursing program. This has been a huge factor in deciding where to go to college. It¶s state of the art equipment and classrooms will facilitate my learning enormously. Second, Davenport is known for its small class sizes. I come from a fairly small school so I learn much better and faster this way. Furthermore, it is affordable. There are many scholarships available to get me out of college with minimal debt. Its location is very convenient to my situation. I plan on working as a nurse¶s assistant during school to gain experience in the medical field. Davenport¶s nearness to Grand Rapids would open up the opportunity to work at great hospitals3. I believe Davenport is a great way to achieve my goals. Gerald R. Ford set a great example for us to live by. His life characteristics such as leadership and service are all qualities I try to incorporate into my life. In doing so, I hope to pursue my education at Davenport University, where a strong


Devos Children s hospital is located in Grand Rapids.

nursing program and small classes await to help me toward my career goal.

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