A Project Report Submitted by R.Vijay Kumaran In partial fulfillment for the award of the degree Of

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ACKNOWLEDGMENT....................................................................................................3 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL...........................................................................4 INTRODUCTION.............................................................................................5 REVIEW OF LITERATURE..............................................................................12 4.1 LODGES IN MADHYA PRADESH..............................................................14 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY..........................................................18 RESEARCH METHODOLGY............................................................................23 CHAPTER-2 7.1 8. 9. 7.1.1 8.1 DATA ANALYSIS..................................................................24 Format for WOW Story................................................................28 Implementation of the WOW – Rewarding Exceptional Guest Engagement Initiative24

IDEA CHAMP................................................................................................30 IDEA CHAMP Suggestion Form..................................................................32 OVERALL BEST GROOMED EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH...................................33 10.1 Hygiene Checklist...............................................................................38

10. BEST HYGIENIC SECTION OF THE LODGE........................................................36 11. Lodge Manager’s Pick........................................................................................41

12. OTHER LEARNING AND FINDINGS…………………………………………………………………………………………… 43 13. BIBLIOGRAPHY.............................................................................................42


It is high privilege for me to express my deep sense of gratitude to all those who helped me in the completion of my project, especially Ms. MRIDULA TANGIRALA,DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS AT TAJ SAFARIS providing me a support for exploring the ideas of the organization and Ms. POOJA KAKARIA, ASSISTANT HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER AT TAJ SAFARIS who was always there at the hour of need as my mentor. I would like to thank MR.PARESH BALI ,FACULTY GUIDE AT AMITY SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY for guiding in the project report by providing suggestions.

My special thanks to MR. RAHUL ARYA, HUMAN RESOURCE EXECUTIVE AT TAJ SAFARIS for his continuous support and with whom I explored the ideas of the organization. Mr. VIVEK WALIA, ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER AT TAJ SAFARIS who is the also responsible for helping me complete the writing of my project .Without his encouragement and constant guidance, I could not have finished my project.

I would like to thank MR. PARAS PURI, THE FINANCIAL CONTROLLER AT TAJ SAFARIS who gave me insightful comments and information as when required and reviewed my work on a very short notice. I am also thankful to Mrs. MONIKA KHATRI, SALES EXECUTIVE AT TAJ SAFARIS for providing thoughtful suggestions, guidance and for helping me any time to make this project. Finally, yet importantly, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my beloved parents for their blessings, support and encouragement for the successful completion of this project.

R.Vijay Kumaran


This is to certify that Summer Project Report entitled “A study on Analysing, Planning and Implementation of Rewards and Recognition at TAJ SAFARIS ” , New Delhi which is submitted by R.Vijay Kumaran in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree MBA in Hospitality Management to Amity School of Hospitality, Amity University, Noida, UP is a record of the candidate own work carried out by him under my/our supervision. The matter embodied in this thesis is original and has not been submitted for the award of any other degree.



. The analyzing of what should be the parameters for the criteria of framing a reward and recognition policy is considered by collecting data from the Employees. The Taj Safaris . The study also involves the planning of the various reward and recognition policy. overviews of the process in place for acceptance and review of nominations and descriptions of the recognition for awards. training an employee. including a description of the categories used in the process.ABSTRACT Motivation drives people to be more enthusiastic and efficient: this assumption has been explored and evaluated by human resource managers seeking to discover the most effective motivation tools that could optimize the potential of their employees. fellow employees and internal guest has been developed. Describes the reward and recognition process developed by the company. The location of the wilderness lodges which is major cause for increase in attrition rate of the organization. one of the motivational methods are Rewards and Recognition policy. This study investigates the various motivational and employee engagements program such as the Reward and Recognition policy. Through the company’s quality committee a new process for employee reward and recognition based on an unbiased assessment by managers. a collaborative ecotourism promoting company which is located at the protected Wildlife parks of the Madhya Pradesh. The various problem which causes hindrance to the annual budget are cost of selecting. The opinion of the employees is very important to make a successful policy Reward and recognition systems for individual employees remain one of the controversial areas of the organization. Due to this high rate of attrition. the employees should be motivated. a smooth operation cannot be assured. In order to meet the future challenges of operation.

One critical stage but frequently overlooked dimension of this process of Implementation is the impact of organizational change on employee motivation and behavior: Executives. As I was in the Human Resource department of the corporate office and I had a chance of framing policies of various kind but for the benefit of the employees. value added and critical performance incidents within or beyond expected & predefined performance objectives . unique. There were the challenge of collecting data through the filling up of questionnaires and analyzing the interpretation. operational chiefs and personnel managers must ensure that their systems of rewards and recognition are carefully aligned with overall strategic and operational goals. The purpose of this research OBJECTIVE To provide guidelines to recognize specific. more fun loving. The experience of analyzing. Rewards and recognition systems misaligned with corporate objectives can result in behavior that is not anticipated or desired by management.INTRODUCTION The Taj Safaris realized the decrease in employee turnover and increase in attrition rate and the realization of the need to have a reward and recognition Policy. The objective of the policy was to motivate and make the work. planning and implementation of Reward and Recognition policy was although difficult.

To align employee performance and achievements in line with Company’s Value Charters & Mission Objectives To reward these performance incidents in monetary or non-monetary terms indicating organizational recognition and appreciation towards the employees .

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces comprises 93 hotels in 55 locations across India with an additional 16 international hotels in the Maldives. The Taj. interpretive. Established in 1903. completed its centenary year in 2003. Bombay in 1903. wild life experience based on a proven sustainable ecotourism model. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is one of Asia's largest and finest group of hotels.BACKGROUND COMPANY PROFILE. Bhutan. Sri Lanka. Jamsetji N. Tata. USA. Australia.TAJ SAFARIS LIMITED The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) and its subsidiaries are collectively known as Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces and are recognized as one of Asia's largest and finest hotel company. Incorporated by the founder of the Tata Group. Mr. Taj Safaris are wildlife lodges that allow travelers to experience the unparalleled beauty of the Indian jungle amidst luxurious surroundings. Malaysia. premium. UK. comprising 59 hotels in 41 locations . They offer India's first and only wildlife luxury lodge circuit. Taj Safaris provide guests with the ultimate. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. mid-market and value segments of the market and one of the segment it deals in wildlife tourism through Taj Safaris. Africa and the Middle East. the company opened its first property. a symbol of Indian hospitality. IHCL operate in the luxury.

coupled with legendary service. provides guest with the ultimate interpretive wildlife experience in India. This collaboration provides guests with the ultimate interpretive wildlife experience in India based on a proven sustainable ecotourism model.across India with an additional 16 international hotels in the Maldives. Financial Services. &Beyond possesses decades of expertise in operating luxury jungle safari lodges offering unique wildlife experiences. Mauritius. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces joint ventures with &Beyond. &Beyond was established alongside rising international demand for responsible tourism and wilderness experiences. idyllic beach resorts to authentic Rajput palaces. Malaysia. Australia. This model demonstrated that. Breaking new ground in the Indian tourism industry. This union of the likeminded hospitality companies pools vast resources and experience to build a circuit of the extraordinary lodges in the India’s renowned Tiger Reserves.&beyond is an evolution of the model originally established over 70 years ago at Londolozi Private Game Reserve. UK. wildlife conservation could be placed on a sustainable economic footing 1991 &Beyond (then called Conservation Corporation Africa or CC Africa) began realizing our dream of extending Africa's green frontier by developing and sustaining wildlife sanctuaries across the continent and inviting the world to share in our vision. From world-renowned landmarks to modern business hotels. and the expertise of &Beyond in delivering a unique and in-depth wilderness experience.Established in 1990. Africa and the Middle East. development programmes are being established to engage neighbouring communities in the making small. based on a proven sustainable ecotourism model. situated on the borders of the well. and in the belief that. known as the Taj Safaris. Bhutan. Africa's most comprehensive safari operator and leading ecotourism company. high-yield tourism. conservation land could prove its economic viability whilst affording rural communities a meaningful share of the benefits. This partnership. Taj Safaris is joint venture of Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces. &beyond and Cigen which offer’s country’s its first and the only branded wildlife circuit. each Taj hotel offers an unrivalled fusion of warm Indian hospitality. through business enterprise. by harnessing international capital through low-impact. meaningful differences. Guests will benefit from Taj Hotel's legendary hospitality. Education. Cinnovation offers Its services In Real Estate.Taj Safaris owns and operates four luxurious jungle safari lodges in central India.known tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh . Sri Lanka. Health Care & fast moving Consumer goods (FMCG) Cinnovation Inc. In keeping with the shared and deeply entrenched social and conservation principles. USA. Hospitality.

Care of the wildlife.1 Birth of Taj Safaris VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT OF TAJ SAFARIS LIMITED MISSION: “Care of the land. Fig-1. Care of the people” VISION EMBRACE TALENT AND HARNESS ..

BAGHVAN at PENCH NATIONAL PARK 3.2 Organization Chart for Taj Safaris Corporate Office Fig. INCREASE DOMESTIC DOMINANCE AND CREATE VALUE FOR ALL STAKEHOLDER Utility Worker(Stewarding) GeneralManager Executive Maintanance/ Lodge ButlerKitchen Accounts Service) MainNaturilist Laundry Staff Kitchen SpaHorticulture Manager Room Supervisor Engg. MAHUA KOTHI at BANDHAVGARH NATIONAL PARK 2.EXPERTISE TO LEVERAGE STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE IN THE ART OF HOSPITALITY TO GROW OUR INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE.1.3. situated on the borders of the well. Attendants Head Naturalist Storekeepe Head (F&B SecurityChef Manager rs Operations Nos Attendants Chefs Attendants Chefs Therapist/GRE -2 Gaurds Fig. BANJAAR TOLA at KANHA NATIONAL PARK .Organization Chart of the wilderness lodge THE PRESENCE OF TAJ SAFARIS Taj Safaris owns and operates four luxurious jungle safari lodges in central India.known tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh namely: 1.1.

tapered mud colored walls in lime and earth washes (finished by hand). and the accommodation of the guest is wonderful and all new with luxury and best amenities . Guests delight in the yoga amenities provided in a basket (complete with instructions).Seating and traditional mud floors. the Mahua or butter tree. is in shades of rust and burnt orange. Pronounced ‘Baghvan’. Each ensuite bathroom features twin hand basins.C. The Lodge sprawls over the 40 acre grounds. BAGHVAN LODGE Baghvan is aptly named after one of India’s iconic symbols. A mere five-minute drive to the park’s entrance takes. as well as overhead fans and air conditioning.4. The original kothi (homestead) comprises the guest areas and has been beautifully renovated. richly colored local textiles. used throughout. Bicycles. or as it is commonly known. Floors are dressed in katni stone strips set in lime mortar. as well as traditional Indian games of marbles and Chaupad. bath and separate W. Each of the twelve charming guest suites – or kutiyas (jungle village huts) – is built in the vernacular style of Central India. a dry deciduous forest of predominantly teak trees and meandering jungle streams. are an invitation to explore. this enchanting lodge is located on the edge of Pench National Park. this tree with its fleshy off–white flowers plays a central role in festivals and rituals. parked in the kutiya courtyards. indoor shower. PASHAN GARH at PANNA NATIONAL PARK MAHUA KOTHI LODGE The name Mahua Kothi draws its inspiration from one of India’s most beautiful trees. Each is accessed through private courtyards with shaded. Breakfasts and lunches are served on a sweeping shaded deck surrounding the beautiful . the Madhuca Indica. Kettles of boiling water on chulhas (charcoal burners) are brought out with early morning tea to the kutiyas. Interiors include wooden shutters. affectionately known as ‘MP Chic’ (MP being the state of Madhya Pradesh). the Bengal tiger (bagh – tiger and van – forest). and handmade pottery roof tiles. open rafters with roughly Hewn wooden beams. Pronounced ‘ma-hoo-a’. Each kutiya features roll-down mats to keep out the early morning sun. just 20 minutes from the park entrance.

each with its own intimate tented sitting area. with a central guest area showcasing fabulous leather furniture made in Delhi. Sunset is celebrated with cocktails under a huge Banyan tree whilst watching a giant flying squirrel perform breathtaking aerobatics. blockprinted black silks. gorgeous bamboo floors and locally crafted furniture hewn from the timber of exotic Indian trees. Banjaar Tola has its own unique identity. yet lightweight. The lodge boasts two elegant camps of nine suites. The guest areas celebrate Haveli design. with rich block-printed Madhya Pradesh cottons and silks. which has been host to numerous tiger and resident antelope sightings. celebrating the Bastar and Dogra art that hails from nearby Chattisgarh. celadon cottons and cotton lace chandeliers. with pressed bamboo wall panels. . a favored route of the Pench tigers. with magnificent views over the forest and a large nearby waterhole. BANJAAR TOLA Taj Safaris’ third jungle safari lodge is situated along the banks of the Banjaar River. The luxurious.swimming pool and overlooking the nullah. with dramatic roofs constructed from massive slabs of irregularly shaped slate. . with massive black and white photo canvasses of the dramatic Panna landscapes. These houses differ from other Madhya Pradesh styles. This lodge draws inspiration from the dry-packed stone houses of the Panna region. There are subtle references to the erotic stonework at the nearby temples of Khajuraho. The interiors are a contemporary mix of chocolate linens. The lodge features 12 stone cottages. with a spacious central courtyard. directly overlooking the heart of Kanha National Park. PASHAN GARH LODGE Taj Safaris’ new jungle safari lodge comprises a cluster of stone cottages huddled atop a small hill. ensuite tents have been designed in a contemporary style. The textiles have been designed in tones of delicate saffron and acid-washed green.

The company pays a substantial amount in park fees and has sponsored very significant projects including the first ever translocation of gaur to an area where they had become extinct. a Tata Group company. upholds the Tata way of business with trust. Taj Safaris runs an internal environmental management system. we are mainly focused on below points     Sustainable community development & growth Environment Awareness Environmental Impact & Sensitivity Biodiversity Protection DATA COLLECTION .CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY The Taj Hotels.&Beyond tie-up was also to extend the &Beyond (Conservation Corporation) model of wildlife and biodiversity conservation through tourism into Indian nature reserves. transparency and commitment to human values A significant basis for Taj . Resorts and Palaces.


Recognition and rewards play an important role in work unit and agency programs to attract and retain their employees. This type of recognition may contribute to high morale . have advancement opportunities. treated fairly.RESEARCH METHODOLGY Employees not only want good pay and benefits. It is the day-to-day interactions that make employees feel that their contributions are appreciated and that they are recognized for their own unique qualities. do work that is important. and opportunities to be involved in the agency. they also want to be valued and appreciated for their work.

It is important that rewards respond to the behavior they are intending to reinforce. To endure a motivating influence. Token acknowledgements leave something to be desired.) Jim says it’s got to be SMART! That means that rewards should be:      Sincere. As the organization did not have any Reward and Recognition policy so which made me do a descriptive type of research in the project by studying various policies. No matter how formal or informal. In addition. it’s extremely important that managers. and managers of the program) may achieve levels of performance they may never have thought possible.] Relevant. are included in the development of recognition programs . employees. Meaningful. goals. [Recognition should be adapted and valuable to the receiver. [Recognition should be provided by someone of significance to the receiver. No single reward format works for everyone all the time. and effectively fulfill. this framework will enable us to formalize a structure for our Reward and Recognition Schemes. Adaptable. who communicate the agency goals to employees. Don’t let too much time pass or the reward may be devalued and credibility eroded. rewards should be aligned with the values. the relevance of any recognition will be improved with a personal touch it’s a little thing that makes a big difference. The organization that can differentiate between. a good reward should reflect a genuine expression of appreciation. and priorities that matter the most.in the work environment. The diverse workplace demands alternatives. A Total Reward and Recognition policy is being proposed. expensive or affordable. CHAPTER-2 DATA ANALYSIS Implementation of the WOW – Rewarding Exceptional Guest Engagement Initiative Proposal .] Timely. an effective recognition program should meet several essential criteria: Jim Brintnall’s description of “What Makes a Good Reward?” (See Resources section for authors and articles. Some personal dimension is essential to a good reward. all three levels of concerns (senior management. Above all else. Consider creative options to keep your program fresh. So.

morning meetings etc accomplishes two goals. Guest mentioned that he had to visit a friend in the evening and he hasn't purchased any gift. WOW stories exhibited by associates are narrated in an open forum for instance the morning meeting in front of all the Head of Departments in the presence of the associate and the associate is felicitated and applauded for the WOW factor displayed by him/her. ROLL OUT PROCESS OF “WOW” STORY . it gives an associate "local fame. Narrating stories in open forums like staff meetings. Giving them public recognition is a powerful motivator." Associates want to be recognized in front of their peers. Concept The concept of creating and sharing “WOW” stories has evolved to encourage and motivate the associates to perform exceptionally well and exceed the guest expectations.This approach note has been designed to propose the implementation of a Reward and Recognition Scheme based on “WOW” – the Exceptional guest engagement initiative at the lodges of the Taj Safaris. Just to exemplify below mentioned is an example of a WOW story: A guest was having IRD lunch in the room.100. Aman promptly suggested him the Khazana but the guest did not seem convinced and said that his budget did not permit him for anything more than Rs. Aman then suggested him to have the complimentary bottle of wine in the room to be used as a gift and the guest was delighted with the idea. The WOW stories are true stories of associate’s exceptional performance that go above and beyond conventional guest service expectations. it reinforces a guest service skill the hotel is trying to encourage and most importantly. In order to encourage and motivate the associates. The WOW stories exhibit true sense of exceeding guest expectations and anticipating guest preferences and pro actively acting as per the unstated need of the guest. Aman was the butler serving. Guest next day called for Aman and thanked him profusely as the gift was duly appreciated by his friend. He asked him if everything was all right and if he could be of any assistance. he observed that the guest was looking a little confused and upset.

Guidelin es There are various guidelines which needs to followed by the HODs while giving nominations for the WOW Story of the Month. as the values given below: ➢ Passion for Excellence ➢ Sensitivity ➢ Sense of urgency . These guidelines will be based on the certain values.

Employee’s passion for the duty or work. Employees should continue to demonstrate passion for excellence by applying the skills already acquired and by helping others in the work environment and strive to achieve similar levels of success. Example: when an Employee is serving tea. An employee of the lodge should have passion to learn and excel in the work whichever he/she specializes in. The inner passion which drives the associate’s thirst for learning and development will be helpful in the overall development of the employees Excellence at Work provides a practical roadmap for Employee at each level in an organization to build a committed. knows how to anticipate Guest needs and work towards them. will contribute to the Excellence of the Company and as well as his/her learning. Such employees are natural conciliators and easily go with the flow. so that Guest is satisfied and he spreads a good word about his stay at the Lodges. Associates should channelize their energy towards striving for excellence. the side which he should serve from is important factor and he learns as well as he prompts to give the right thing at right Place on right time. inspired workforce that is focused on achieving success. and accomplishes things efficiently.Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Passion for Excellence • • • An Employee being a part of the organization not only achieves its own goals but also leads toward attainment of organizational goals. • . Employee naturally analyzes to get to the heart of the matter and synthesize to understand the whole picture and strive towards utmost satisfaction of the Guest. Sensitivity • • The sensitive Employee is naturally well organized. They have an uncanny ability to merge with the people around them.➢ Exceeding Expectation. when employee delivers such level of service • • • The passion of an Employee is the Service he/she provides to the Guest. Employees should necessarily have an intuitive sense to anticipate guest needs and should act accordingly.

Sense of Urgency • • • Employees should show a strong sense of urgency for guest and in work. Exceeding Expectation • • • Beyond Expectation is otherwise known as Above and Beyond Call of Duty (ABCD) The Employees should demonstrate creativity and flexibility in performing his or her duties to meet and anticipate needs of the guest. The Steward recognized the guest as she was a regular at that Restaurant and took the reservation. No occasion was mentioned by the guest at the time of reservation. The guest described it as a gift for his friend. then the next reaction by the butler should be to ask sorry for the inconvenience and he should provide some other dish as per guest choice. Employees should be driven by a sense of urgency and they must possess desire to meet all their guest needs. Butler enquired about a painting lying on the table. Example: If there is a complain of food from the guest . Butler had a sensitivity to guest needs and got the gift wrapped in the absence of the guest and guest was delightful and gave him a letter of appreciation. In every service they give there must be a combination of the personal touch and fierce professional pride. Beyond Expectation is when the Employee is able to understand the guest needs with the Sensitivity and perform the duty beyond the guest expectation. Employees should react as soon as possible which can prevent a situation from getting serious. Example: One guest called up a Restaurant to make reservation for dinner. and instinctively nudge reality from a less perfect to a more perfect state To Exemplify the Sensitive value. is one of the core values for those achieving excellence. the following example has been quoted: A Guest was staying in the hotel and a Butler was taking care of his needs. recognizes the situation where they currently are. due to the urge of knowing.• Employees should necessarily have high standards and ideals to understand the Guest Behaviors. The steward went through the guest history cards and came to .

As a result of this initiative the guest satisfaction scores are expected to go up and simultaneously the associates will get motivated to perform better and will increase their levels of satisfaction as well. Format for WOW Story . Guest was emotionally touched by the pleasant surprise and kind gesture of the Steward. Expected Outcome The idea behind the implementation of this guest engagement initiative is two forked.500 will be awarded. Proposed Reward The Associates whose stories are adjudged as the Best WOW Story of the Month will be given: • • • Cash reward of Rs. the Steward surprised them with a beautiful bouquet of roses and a cake. the Associate will be recognized by reading the story in the Ceremony where all the Associates will be present in order to motivate them. Certificate of Appreciation Apart from this. After the dinner.know that it was her husband's birthday and also their wedding anniversary. one is to motivate and encourage the associates and other is to build the guest service attitude and skills amongst the associates that the Hotel/Lodge as a whole wants to create and strengthen manifolds.

a suggestion has been taken as example for motivating associates to think innovatively An associate gave an idea of fixing a Bulb in the handicapped/disabled room. which the lodge is trying to encourage and most importantly. • Just to exemplify. it reinforces an associate to think beyond the call of duty. .IDEA CHAMP Proposal Photogra ph of the Associate This scheme has evolved to Reward and Recognize the associates who provide innovative ideas which contribute to increase in efficiency of the existing processes and standards and also enhance guest satisfaction. Narrating these Ideas in open forums like staff meetings. Proposed Reward • • If the Innovative Idea is considered and implemented then the Associate is rewarded with a cash prize of 500. innovative ideas exhibited by associates are narrated in an open forum. These ideas typically must be cost effective and unique in nature. which will flicker when someone rings a bell (for the guest who is deaf but not blind). In order to encourage and motivate the associates. so that the guest knows that someone is at the door. for instance the morning meeting in front of all the Head of Departments in the presence of the associate and the associate is felicitated and applauded for the innovative idea given by him/her. it gives an associate "Hall of fame. Concept • • • The IDEA CHAMP exhibit true sense of exceeding performance and anticipating new level of innovation. morning meetings etc accomplishes two goals." Giving them public recognition is a powerful motivation for other associates as well. If the Innovative Idea is considered but not Implemented then the Associate is rewarded with a cash prize of 300.

Roll out Process Add first step of the process that associates to submit the idea in the form (attached as annexure) .


IDEA CHAMP Suggestion Form EMPLOYEE TICKET NUMBER DATE:____________ NAME:______________________________________________ DEPARTMENT:_______________________________________ MY IDEA: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ __________ BENEFITS FROM THE IDEA GIVEN: ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ .

to project an image of organization’s culture and ethics to our esteemed customer-our guest. Discipline and Overall Grooming.OVERALL BEST GROOMED EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH Proposal This award will enhance the standards of overall grooming and conduct of the Associates. As the Associates are a reflection of the Organization’s culture and its values being well groomed is of utmost importance. . Concept Grooming is the combination of Style and discipline. character of an organization and value of the organization. It also enhances the personality of an Associate. The aim is to upkeep the associates by developing a sense of personal hygiene. Respect for the Uniform. General hygiene and cleanliness. Award Classification The classification of the award will be divided in two sections according to the Department. Punctuality. • Front of the house ○ Housekeeping ○ Front office and Food & Beverage Service ○ Security ○ Naturalists Heart of the house • . Guidelines The criteria for selecting the Best Overall Groomed Associate would be as follows: • • • • • • Punctuality Discipline Respect for Uniform Basic grooming Public etiquettes.

Maintenance/ Engineering. Accounts and Human Resources will be a part of Heart of the House.Rest of the Departments including Stores. Roll Out Process Every month the BEST OVERALL GROOMED ASSOCIATES will be chosen the process chart for the same is given below: .

.will be awarded.500/.Proposed Reward ➢ The Associates who are adjudged as the Best Overall Groomed Employee of the Month will be given: Cash reward of Rs. ✔ ✔ Certificate of Appreciation will be given ➢ Apart from the above their photos will be displayed on the notice board and the reward will be given in the R&R Ceremony to felicitate and motivate other Associates.

this will result in satisfaction of the guest.O. Concept • • • The concept of creating “BEST HYGIENIC SECTION” is a method of motivating the associates of a particular section to keep their respective areas clean and hygienic. algae etc. or any kind of harmful organisms like fungi.D heading the particular Section will lead the Associates to keep the sectional areas clean and free of rodents. The H. Guidelines • This award will be judged by a panel comprising of: ○ ○ • • Lodge manager Operations Manger/Camp Host/ Head Naturalist This will consist of surprise check and evaluated on weekly basis. back office. pests. this will result in an area which is eye appealing and pleasant to be in. lounge and SPA) . This approach is to motivate the employees to upkeep and maintain a decorum of hygiene in the section and as well as to prevent any kind of diseases from spreading which are caused due to unhygienic conditions. and maintain the highest levels of Hygiene and orderliness.BEST HYGIENIC SECTION OF THE LODGE Proposal Hygiene plays a pivotal role in the hospitality industry. When different Section keep their sectional area clean.(suggested checklist attached as Annexure) The award will be given to one particular section from : ○ Front office (porch. front office.

pantry) Stores (stores. and the public restroom) Food production(Kitchen. receiving area.○ ○ ○ ○ ○ • Housekeeping(housekeeping pantry. and Engineering(maintenance department) Accounts and Human Resources Every Section will be represented by the respective Head of Department. cafeteria) Food and beverage service (dining room. laundry. swimming pool. .

Rollout process • • • The evaluation which is done on weekly basis will be rewarded and recognised at the end of every month in the meeting where all the team members will be presented so that it will motivate every Section as a team and coordination between them . . which can be displayed in the section and certificate will be given to the head of department. The photographs of the section will be displayed on the Notice Board and the associates will be applauded in the R&R Ceremony. The “BEST HYGIENIC SECTION “ of the lodges will be felicitated with a rolling trophy which can be displayed at the section and a group photograph can be displayed at the notice board Finally a great applaud to encourage as well as it can motivate every one Best Hygienic Section of the Lodge-Roll out Process Best Hygienic Section of the Lodge-Proposed Reward • • The Best Hygienic section will be rewarded by giving a Rolling trophy.

The workplace are free from Pest or rodents and are clean The label on food is marked with date of manufacture and segregated by veg or non veg Employee observe hygiene rules and storing according to the HACCP Standard Front office following Please tick the RED – Unacceptabl e AMBER Can be Acceptab le GREEN Acceptab le CRITERIA No evidence of pests is present.Hygiene Checklist Kitchen following RED – Unacceptabl e Please tick the AMBER Can be Acceptab le GREEN Acceptab le CRITERIA Equipments and utensils are sanitized regularly and are used according to the type of food materials. There is a regular schedule of pest control Porch is free of any weed and debris and the entrance is clean and free of litter The lounge is clean and ventilated thoroughly The Back office is in order and are free of bugs Housekeeping .

Restaurant is thoroughly cleaned and are pest free The storing of Beverages are at right temperatures Stores RED – Unacceptabl e AMBER Can be Acceptab le GREEN Acceptab le CRITERIA . The floor is clean.The area around waste storage is clear and tidy in the pantry The linen room and laundry is dry and airy and proper care is taken while washing the laundry The public area and the restrooms are clean F&B Service following Please tick the RED – Unacceptabl e AMBER Can be Acceptab le GREEN Acceptab le CRITERIA The Cutlery and Crockery are wiped and are stored dry The pantry. Cleaning records are completed.CRITERIA RED – Unacceptabl e AMBER Can be Acceptab le GREEN Acceptab le Cleaning chemicals are locked and stored separately.

All food is labeled with name and received date.The floor area underneath is clear of product The external bays are clean and free from Debris All food and paper supplies are stored 6 to 8 inches off the floor. The Recyclable waste is put in to recycling bin and Hazardous waste is disposed in a proper manner. The department is neat and clean so that it is part of hygienic section of the lodge . Open bags of food are stored in containers with tight fitting lids and labeled with common name Chemicals are clearly labeled and stored away from food and food-related supplies Engineering following Please tick the RED – Unacceptabl e AMBER Can be Acceptab le GREEN Acceptab le CRITERIA The Equipments to be repaired are placed on the rack and are free of any dust. The tools are stacked properly in tool bag and floor is clear of debris.

cash prize. they will depend upon the discretion of the LM. ➢ This award would be given in the Reward and Recognition Ceremony wherein the Associate will be called and felicitated in from of every one.750/. ➢ The criteria for choosing the LMs pick would be : • Level of Overall Grooming • Dedication • Commitment • Sincerity • Going Beyond the call of Duty • Exceeding Guest Expectations ➢ These awards would be not be given on a regular frequency and on regular basis.GM.Lodge Manager’s Pick ➢ This award will be given by the Lodge Manager /General Manager himself to an associate picked by him through observations made on a regular basis. ➢ They can be given by the LM as and when desired based on the above parameters. . The winning associate will be given Rs.

The Introduction of “Spot excellence award” will motivate employees on daily basis. SUGGESTIONS • • • There is a rigid system of rewards and recognition as a part of implementation and it could be flexible by rating them points and providing Employee who has highest point with holiday packages. sourcing and various other human resource functions The responsibility of planning and implementation of Rewards and Recognition policy in coordination with Assistant Human Resource manager. the organization will not do well” . I had a lot of opportunity such as interviewing. There could be rewards such as Long Service Award or Achievers award in Met life Insurance. The approach of exploratory research was not possible due to short duration of my research project.LIMITATIONS • • • As there was no scope of accessing the place of operations because of the slack and monsoon season The questioning of employees was not possible due to permission from senior management. These functions have imparted a great knowledge within myself about the entire Human Resource functions. The saying goes “Unless a Employee is not happy. CONCLUSIONS • • • • As I was a part of the organization for very little time .

3.E5 and above Procedure: • To start with the SOPs/work standards and processes followed for conducting various reference checks will be comprehended and understood by the FADV representative.E7 and E6 Executives . Employment Verification 4.OTHER LEARNINGS AND FINDINGS Audit Program For Verification Scope The purpose behind the internal audit for FADV is to cross examine whether adequate checks and balances are in place and the reporting being done to IHCL by FADV is in tandem with the established procedures and SOPs in place with FADV and enough documentation and evidence is available to support the various findings and reporting. . Background and Conduct verification 3. Vendor Staff/Contract Staff Staff and Supervisory category Executives – E8. 4. The following checks conducted by FADV at various levels will be verified and examined under the purview of this audit: 1. 2. Education Verification These checks will be verified across the levels of employees including: 1. Physical Address verification – Current and Permanent 2.

A SAMPLE COPY OF FADV REPORT HAS BEEN ATTACHED FPR FURTHER REFERENCE . by job type or description if necessary Is it being made sure the information gathered fits the verification profile desired Audit trail developed during the check process Documentation to support if the procedures for verifications are being followed Adequacy of rec secure for the prescribed and proper period of time 1. etc? 1. Adequacy of recordkeeping 1. Adequacy of sources of information and limitations of these sources • • • • • • • • • Attributes for verification whether documented. The reports will primarily be examined for the following: 1.• Post the understanding of the processes followed a sample of 5 FADV reports as taken from Taj Palace Hotel New Delhi will be examined and verified for the process adherence and documentation support for the same. These reports will be a mix of different levels and would also encompass a case wherein a default has been detected and reported by FADV. Any special mechanisms in place to prevent report delays and action/measures undertaken in situations when the report is not prepared in time and control mechanisms for preventing the same in future. such as drug screenings. Follow up processes Are there any follow up / periodic verifications required for sensitive positions or in general.

New Delhi will be examined and verified for the process adherence and Auditing support for the same.E5 and above Procedure: • To start with the SOPs/work standards and processes followed for conducting various Employee Engagement checks will be comprehended and understood by the GALLUP representative.E7 and E6 Executives .The following checks conducted by GALLUP at various levels will be verified and examined under the purview of this audit: • • • • • Level of satisfaction Caring Environment Formation of Team Work Working towards mission and objectives Internal motivation These checks will be verified across the levels of employees including: • • • • Vendor Staff/Contract Staff Staff and Supervisory category Executives – E8.Audit Program for Employee Engagement Scope The purpose behind the internal audit for GALLUP is to examine the work culture of the employee and and To measure the satisfaction of Employee. These reports will be a mix of different levels and would also encompass a case wherein a default has been detected . As the reporting being done to IHCL by GALLUP was confidential and would not reveal the employees name. BIBLIOGRAPHY . Post the understanding of the processes followed a likert rating scale of questions will be put in a form of Questionnaire for employee engagement activities of Taj Safaris .

workforce. Everything you thought you knew about recognition is wrong ○ ➢ Reference to the reward policy of Taj palace. B.com/archive/feature/commentaryblogs/everything-thought-knew-about-recognition-is-wrong/index.motivationonline. . Dean R. Spitzer ➢ Internet articles ○ www.com ○ http://www.php Nelson.➢ Books The 1001 rewards & recognition fieldbook: the complete guide By Bob Nelson.. (January 2004).

ANNEXURE Different formats have been attached such as the following • Payslips Personal Interview Rating Sheet Cash voucher Manpower Requisition Format • • • .

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