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Thank you for choosing Lonesome Paws for your vacation get away.

Lonesome Paws is owned by a married couple that take great pride in offering very clean, well-stocked and well represented properties for rent. All of our cabins are located within the Coosawattee River Resort and are owned by private individuals. Lonesome Paws represents our owners during the rental process. Lonesome Paws was founded in 2005. We have been very selective about the properties we handle and only handle 12 cabins at this time. It is our belief that one company cannot properly manage 50 cabins and give their guests a hands on experience. Because we have decided to keep it small, we feel you our guests get very personalized service. All reservations are handled by me, one of the owners of Lonesome Paws. Since most of our cabins are of the larger type, I work a lot with large groups. I understand that it is difficult to get everyone on the same page when planning a vacation or reunion so I allow final guest lists to be submitted 7 days prior to arrival. You can book your cabin for four and then add folks in as you get confirmations. All of our cabins have a separate theme to them. We have taken a lot of pride in helping the owners furnish these cabins and have provided a lot of extras to them to make our guests feel more at home and cared for. You will not find that any of our cabins are “bare boned”. Over the years, we have had many wonderful guests that have been a true pleasure. We have many guests that return time after time. The bad side is that there have been a handful of true disasters- cabins have been mistreated and items have “walked away”. Because it is my goal for all guests to have the benefit of utilizing the entire experience of their cabin, it is my goal that all items in the cabin are well taken care of by guests and are left for others in the future to enjoy. The contract is lengthy. All situations in the contract have occurred. Unfortunately a few make it hard for everyone else. The houses are inventoried before and after our guests use them. All items are checked to be sure they are in working order. Our clean staff is next to none, and my husband, Allan, or I am in your cabin the day of or the day before your arrival. I run a very tight ship- but my goal is that our guests are well prepared for their vacation with no surprises and that they are getting both what they expect and pay for. I very rarely keep any of someone’s deposit and if I do, be assured it was indisputablesomeone carved their initials above the fireplace with the fire place poker……. someone took all the x-box games when they left….someone fried a turkey and ruined half the porch. If you break a dish or a glass- leave us a note so we can replace it, we understand that accidents happen. We won’t bill you for a broken glass. We hope you have a wonderful vacation and enjoy the anticipation of planning your get away! Julee King Owner, Lonesome Paws Cabin Rentals, LLC

Contract for RENTAL Property Please direct all contact to Julee King Lonesome Paws Cabins LLC 407 Crabapple Lane Ellijay Georgia 30540 706-276-1408- Office Number 1-866-302-4174 FAX

Thank you for choosing Lonesome Paws for your mountain vacation! In order to hold your reservation, we will need the following rental agreement completed and returned to within 48 hours along with your reservation fee. Please fax pages 2-7 or 8 only!!! (it prints different on different printers) PLEASE let us know if you need more time. Rental Agreement between the parties - Julee King, Lonesome Paws Cabin Rental LLC , Agent, Ellijay, Georgia and Renter NAME OF CABIN______________________________________________________________ NAME of party responsible for rental _____________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________ We need the phone number of where we can reach you when you are at the cabin. Telephone:___________________________Email:___________________________________ Agent has agreed to rent the property located at Ellijay, Georgia to Renter (listed above) for a period of: ____________ nights/weeks

Check-in Day and Date: ______________

Check-out Day and Date: _____________

Number of people in party: Adults______________ Children Age 5 and Over__________________ Children Age 4 and under________ How many Dogs? _______________ Size of dog/dogs ___________________________________________________________________

Damage DEPOSIT We require a $200.00 damage deposit. This is a true damage deposit and will be returned to you once the cabin has been inspected and inventoried after departure. Deposits are returned within 15 DAYS after your departure by Credit Card

deposit. This is not a HOLD on your credit card account, but an actual CASH deposit to insure the cabins are left in the proper shape and no damage occurs in them. Deposits are REQUIRED to be paid by Credit Card- it is too time consuming to issue deposit refunds via checks. Thank you.

Fees: (or attached copy of folio) Rental rate for above property per day Rental Rate covers FOUR people TIMES (X) How many nights you are staying (7th night free on weekly rentals) Total Rental Rate Rates are based on FOUR persons

_____________________ _____________________ ______________________

DAY GUESTS COUNT IN PEOPLE COUNT- IF they are going to be In the cabin- add them.

Include all people 5 and over, extra Person fee $15.00 per extra person per day How many extra people in party? How many days/nights are they staying? Total extra persons and nights Times your extra person fee Total rental and extra people 12% tax on Total Clean fee ______________________ _______________________ _______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________

Count all People in your party except infants and use the cleaning fee schedule to determine this

____________________ ____________________ _____________________ _____________________ $200.00 ____________________

Pet fee ($25.00 per pet, per stay) Resort fee ($25.00): Total YOU MUST ADD DAMAGE DEPOSIT GRAND Total


Half the nightly rate only is required to book the cabin. The balance is due one week before


arrival. For example- if you are staying two nights and the cabin is $160.00 per night- the amount due is $160.00. If you are staying five nights and the rental amount is $160.00 per night, then take $160.00 times 5 and then divide by 2. ($400.00 due). The balance is due one week before arrival. Reservations within one week are required to be paid in full. Clean Fees:
These are based on the number of people in your party. All your people count in the cleaning fee. The larger cabins require a lot more time to clean. The most time consuming part of the cleaning is doing the linens- we require that ALL persons in your party are counted for the cleaning fee- we feel this is the fairest way to access our time to return the cabin to the state it was in when you took possession of it. For For For For For For Two People in One Bed $80.00 Four People $110.00 Five to Eight people $130.00 Nine to Twelve people $160.00 Thirteen to Fifteen people $185.00 Sixteen or more people $220.00

GUEST LIST You MUST list all people that will be in the cabin including any day guests. You will not be allowed access to the gates if you do not provide this information: Please write legibly and we need first and last names. GUEST NAMES (FIRST AND LAST) Please indicate "adult" or child's age PLEASE LIST FIRST AND LAST NAMES OF ALL GUESTS. PLEASE INDICATE ‘A’ FOR ADULT AND ‘C’ FOR CHILD AND INCLUDE CHILDS AGE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A COMPLETE GUESTLIST, THIS MUST BE EMAILED TO LONESOMEPAWS@GMAIL.COM ONE WEEK BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL.

ALL items below have happened and thus, these have made it onto the contract. We apologize that there are rules but need this in order to avoid any confusion between us and the rental party


__________1). Check in times for all cabins are 3 PM. Unless you have been given an early check in your lock box code will not work until that time. Check out time is 10 AM, unless you have been given late check out. We’re sorry, we cannot do late check outs or early check ins during high season. __________2). We must have your final guest and dog count 7 days prior to your stay. At that time, your reservation is considered "locked in". Day guests count on the extra people fees- they use the facilities. We do not refund for dogs that get left at home __________ 3). Codes for the lock box, directions to the house, a map of the house and an FAQ will be emailed to you about 5 days before your arrival. Please only email to inquire about these items if it is less than 5 days before your stay. _________ 4). The cabin sleeps the number of people listed on our website only. Linens and towels will be provided for the people indicated on the contract as guests. If you have been

given permission for children to sleep on air mattresses, towels will be provided for them. There is a washer and dryer at the unit. The staff of Lonesome Paws does not provide linen delivery. An initial set up of toilet paper and trash bags will be provided at the cabin. Additional toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags and laundry detergent must be provided by the renter (as is our custom arrangement). You understand that the number of people in the party constitutes the number of beds and therefore the amount of linens that must be done that we estimate. If there are two people, we expect no more than two beds to be slept in. You are welcome to sleep in all the beds- If 6 beds are slept in for two people, it will result in an up charge on the cleaning fee. __________5). The ONLY people that will be permitted to the house and resort are the people on the gate pass. A rec center pass for the use of the pool/mini golf/ work out center facilities at the resort is provided with your stay and contains 28 punches. Additional rec center passes may be purchased at a cost of $70.00 each. Extra rec center passes must be ordered at least ONE WEEK before arrival. ALL rec center passes (used or not) MUST be left in the cabin. We MUST account for all passes. If passes are not left in cabin you will be billed $70.00 for replacement. Please see additional paragraph explain guest passes. __________6). Renter understands that the rental of our cabins is a “do it yourself” vacation and that no maid service, front desk, cabin escort are provided. _________7). Calls of an emergency nature will be handled in a manner where time is of the essence (i. e. hot water heater failure, air conditioning/heating failure, electrical failure). Items of a non emergency nature will be handled according to normal policy (loss of television signal, loss of Internet signal) which is a 24 hour turn around time. Management reserves the right to clarify the true nature of an emergency. There is a $25.00 per hour service call to handle non emergency issues. i.e.: a). Picking up your trash b). Starting your gas or wood burning fireplace c). Helping you get someone through the gates that you did not declare on your contract or notify us about BEFORE your arrival. d). Cleaning of any spider webs, wasp nest etc. on the decks of the cabins. The decks are checked and cleaned before your arrival. If you are staying for a week it is VERY likely that one of these may form during your stay. We cannot be held accountable for any acts of nature. This is the North Georgia woods, you WILL see bugs. e). Unstopping your toilet. Plungers are provided in all cabins. g). Hooking up the x-box, WII or Play Station. __________7). Outside burning is limited to outdoor fire rings ONLY. __________8). All cabins have parking for four cars. If you have more than four cars, please inquire as to driveway at individual cabin. Any cars must be parked in a manner which will not impede other owners from reaching their property. __________9). Quiet hours in the resort are from 10 PM until 8 AM and are strictly enforced by security. The resort has many full time residents that go to work. If any calls are made to security in regard to noise at any of our cabins, security will be called and Lonesome Paws will act according to the terms of the contract. If you are a group talking on the back deck of the cabins, you will not have any problems- specifically if people are screaming, shooting fireworks or playing loud music, you will have a problem. __________10). There is a check out list posted on the fridge of each cabin and also below on this contract. You agree to follow this check out list. If the check-out list is not followed it may result in additional cleaning charges. __________11). This is a wild life area. We ask that you please bag all trash and place it into the cans provided at the houses. Additional trash pick ups can be scheduled with Lonesome Paws at a cost of $25.00 per trash run. Renter is also welcome to take trash to the local dump. __________12). Hot tub will be serviced once before rental arrival. Hot tub chemicals are good for one week and the hot tub will not be serviced until the end of the rental, as is customary. Additional hot tub cleanings can be scheduled with Lonesome Paws. Additional chemical treatments are $25.00. To empty and refill hot tub, there is a $50.00 charge. Do NOT empty and refill the tub yourself! (yes it happened, then they called when they blew the motor out

because they didn't turn it off before letting the water go. Result? Replacement of a heater motor- $620.00) __________13). All pets must be crated or properly secure when left alone in the houses. Do NOT allow pets on the beds and sofas!! __________14). Do NOT SIT on the hot tub lid, throw anything on it, or do anything that would break it. It is made of Styrofoam. __________15). It takes ONE HOUR for a spider to build a web. Reference: Sightings of spider webs in no way indicate the cleanliness of a house. We will almost guarantee that you will see a spider web. We do not come over to take these down. We recommend you take the broom at the house to knock them down if they bother you. You will be in the woods. There will be bugs. We do not refund if you see bears, foxes, dogs, spiders, flies, ants, scorpions, spiders, cows, horses or a host of other wild life. The houses are exterminated monthly. ___________16). All cabins handled by Lonesome Paws Property Management are privately owned. Owners and Agent are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. Owners and Agent are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or harm to others whom they invite to use the premise. __________17). We do not want to keep your deposit, but charges against your deposit will include extra cleaning (you did not follow the check out list) items broken in the house, extra people found in the house that were undeclared, pet messes, un bagged garbage, ruined sheets and any evidence of smoking within the house. We will charge for missing DVD’s and Game Station Games (instituted January 2011 after we discovered 25 X-Box games missing to the tune of over $600.00) all boxes are now opened and checked before and after arrivals. We ask in the nicest manner that we can for the guest to understand that these houses are owned by normal working class folks that have worked hard to buy them and to furnish them. Most of them have very high end items in them. There are no "souvenirs" in the cabins, what is there must remain there. Please do not take the books or cookbooks, mark in the books or cookbooks, "borrow" the DVD's or otherwise cause any damage to any item in the house. A lot of what is in the houses are irreplaceable, please please please treat the house and items in it with respect. ________18). I understand that I am to leave the provided pool pass at the house when I vacate whether it is used or not. I understand that Lonesome Paws provides the use of one pool pass to our group free of charge but that these cost Lonesome Paws $70.00 and that they are able to get a discount with the used passes. If I do not leave the pass, I acknowledge that I will pay for the pool pass ($70.00). If you do not want the responsibility of keeping up with a pool pass, please let us know and we will Not put one in your cabin ________19). We do not have a normal trash pickup. In Gilmer we have to load the trash from the house and take it to the dump. Lonesome Paws does this. We need for you to understand that your trash MUST be bagged. If we have to bag your trash we charge $5.00 per bag. _____________20. All cabins are checked by one of the owners of Lonesome Paws before your arrival. You will find a check sheet in the cabin where all systems have been checked and are in working order. If there are any problems with any items, you will be notified. _____________21. Due to the likely hazards of fire to the cabins, we do not allow turkeys to be fried at the cabins. Sorry. _____________22. There is a $20.00 upcharge on cleaning if you give your kids or you yourself use those pellet guns and allow them to shoot pellets all over the cabin and grounds. It takes our cleaners hours to stoop over and pick these up. _____________23. There is a possibility that your bank may call to confirm charges on your Visa/Mastercard/Discover. The charges will be from Lonesome Paws. If you deny these charges it will then come back to us as a chargeback. There are fees associated with that. We bill

$50.00 if you deny the charge for the fees associated with collecting from you. Please be advised that if we find extra people in the cabin, you WILL be billed for them! PAYMENT We MUST have this part filled out. We are not authorized to run your credit card without this information entered below BY YOU. We cannot take credit card numbers over the phone, you MUST fill this in! Amount due to secure dates ____________________ due at time of reserving dates for occupancy (one half of rental amount, full balance due two weeks before occupancy) Balance due______________________ by due date__________________ (1 weeks prior to occupancy) IT CARD INFORMATION If you wish to use a credit card for this rental, please provide the following information: Name on credit card: Credit card billing address: Street: City: State: □ Visa Zip: □ MasterCard Discovery

Type of credit card:

Credit card number: Expiration date: Security code: (last 3 numbers on back of card at signature line)


Date: I have read this contract; the FAQ posted at www.lonesomepawscabins/faq.html and will comply with the rules. I acknowledge that I am 25 years of age or older. I acknowledge that the damage deposit will be held for up to 15 days and will be returned after the cabin is inspected for damage. I understand that if I do not follow the check out procedures or damage the house in any way that I will be liable for damages or extra cleaning. I understand that if I deny the charge on my credit card and it is charged back to Lonesome Paws, there is a $50.00 fee. Any litigation arising from this contract will be filed and handled in Gilmer County Georgia.

Signature Date STOP!!!!! FAX JUST THESE PAGES TO 1-866-302-4174 Smoking: There is no smoking permitted in any of our cabins. You may smoke on the outdoor porches if you use the ashtrays provided. Pets: Pets are permitted in Cabin with Agent's approval.

Your contract will be faxed into which is a secure server that is password protected. The owner of the company, Julee King, who is licensed and bonded, will save a hard copy of your contract onto the business computer. DEPENDING on how busy things are, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that we have received your contract. We tend to process these in batches as it is much less time consuming, so your contract may not be processed right away. Once it is processed, you will receive a confirmation email. The second payment for your stay will be taken 7 days before your arrival. At that time we request that you have ALL your final guest count into us. After the gate pass goes on about one week before your arrival, there is a surcharge to change the gate pass ($10.00) as we have to drive to the resort, pick up the old pass and hand them a new one.
Payment of Fees: All rentals are to be paid in full before occupancy of property takes effect and will be done in the following manner: Reservation deposit is to be paid in advance to secure the dates requested. Reservations deposit of one half of all fees for rental. Reservation deposit will apply toward rental rate. Executed contract is required for booking; booking is not confirmed until receipt of contract. Subsequently, the remainder of fees is to be paid at least 7 days prior to occupancy for a rental. Credit card or debit card (Visa, Discovery or MasterCard only). We do not take personal checks, cashiers checks or cash. You must have a valid credit card and provide us with that information in order to rent for use in paying for damages if necessary. See excess damages agreement below. Processing Your Contract Once your contract is received by mail or fax, it will be processed. This involves running your credit card, entering your information into the system and may take a few days. Your reservation is considered CONFIRMED once we receive your contract and you receive an email from us stating that your reservation is secure. You do not need to call or contact us UNLESS you do not get a confirmation email that we have received your contract. The second part of your payment will be processed approximately 7 days before your arrival. We NEVER bill this early unless a guest requests it.

DIRECTIONS etc. are mailed approximately ONE WEEK before your arrival. There is no

sense in our mailing these out sooner as the lock box codes are changed weekly. If we send these out just before your arrival it avoids confusion with your getting the wrong lock box codes. Directions Directions are not given to the house until 5 days before your arrival with your check in email. This is done for security reasons. Our staff has driven the directions to the cabins and they are precise to a science. If you must call our staff to assist you to the cabin as you have forgotten your directions or “just decided to call when you got here” there will be a $50.00 charge for someone to come and escort you to your cabin. We make no guarantees that anyone will be available during normal sleeping hours. We have small children and while you are on vacation and able to come into the resort at 3 in the morning, we are not open. We do not charge if you need to call because you are lost and need us to walk you through getting to the cabin. You can also go back to the gate you entered for a security person to escort you to the cabin, but if you do not have your directions they will not know where you are going!! Please please please bring your directions!! Security Deposit, Losses, and Damages, Extra Cleaning: The property will be inspected before and after your occupancy. Check Out List Rental guests have full financial responsibility for damages due to misuse, negligence or missing items. The following conditions must be met: 1. No damage is done to the unit, its contents or grounds, beyond normal wear and tear. All furniture and equipment is left in original locations in good repair. Please do not move the furniture! The person that does the cleaning weighs about 130 lbs and cannot move furniture. PLEASE do not move the furniture! 2. All debris, rubbish and discards are left in the appropriate trash receptacle. ALL TRASH MUST BE BAGGED!!! 3. The house, including bathrooms, is left orderly. 4. The kitchen is left clean, i.e., soiled dishes and cooking utensils are cleaned and put away; other kitchen items are put back where they were found in an orderly fashion; kitchen appliances (including the refrigerator, stove, microwave, toaster oven and dishwasher) are empty of all opened food and clean. (Leaving condiments and unopened food is okay) 5. The house is locked up and all keys are present and in their appropriate places, i.e., the front door key is in the lock box; the front door is locked; all windows are locked. Note that a $50.00 fee will be charged to replace each key which is lost and must be replaced. If a locksmith is required to regain entry to the house, you will be billed for the locksmith fee. 6. Materials in the house for use by renters such as maps, brochures, instructions and so on are present and in good condition. The large map left in some of the cabins costs $10.00. If it is missing after your stay, you will be billed for it. If there is no map in your cabin when you get thereyou do not need to call us to report it- we know about it and are sorry we have not been able to trek to the property owners association yet to buy a replacement. 7. Our property is a NON-SMOKING property. We ask that you smoke outside only and that you do not leave butts outside on the ground. If the inspection of the property finds any evidence of smoking in the house, Renter agrees to pay a cleaning fee of $200.00 to remove the smell from the house. Excessive trash in the yard or cigarettes butts will result in an extra cleaning fee. 8. No charges are incurred due to contraband, pets or collection of rents or services rendered during your stay. 9. Renter is not evicted by the owner (or owner’s representative), the local law enforcement or the security company employed by Coosawattee River Resort. 10. Long distance calls will be paid by renter. PLEASE be sure the number you are calling is a

LOCAL call and not a toll call. 11. Please do not put ANYTHING in the hot tubs. This includes dish soap, bubble bath, drinks or any chemicals. Lonesome Paws manages the levels of the hot tubs. PLEASE do not adjust these as it may knock out the heat on them for your stay. 12. Likewise, do not alter the settings on the hot tubs. Do not adjust the settings on the hot tubs. No that was not a typo, I meant to write it two times. 13. If things are left behind that must be mailed to guests, service will be provided with written notification to Management Company for a $25.00 plus mailing charge fee. 14. ALL wood burning fireplaces with gas started keys are INABLED for the gas starter. These fireplaces will burn wood normally but there is NO GAS going to them- people will just not turn them off and it makes for a dangerous situation. 15. At check out- The thermostat must be left on 55 in winter and 80 in summer. Please conserve Energy in the cabin and do not leave everything going when you are away for the day. Renter agrees to provide a credit card to be kept on file by Agent. In the event any damages, any losses of keys and/or other items and/or extra cleaning required , Renter agrees that his/her credit card can be charged to cover any additional costs incurred during or as a result of his/her occupancy. Any copies of credit card information will be returned to Renter or shredded at 4 weeks post vacating property or at completion of payment for any repair to damages. Cancellation Policy: To cancel your reservation you must email, call or send us a request by mail to cancel. In the event of cancellation the following will apply: Cancellation 30 days or more prior to occupancy: A $50.00 administration fee will be charged. We have paid a fee to VISA to run your card; we feel you should absorb this fee in the event of cancellation, not us. Cancellations between 22 and 30 days is loss of $200.00 deposit. Cancellations less than 21 days, you are responsible for the entire rental fee. Early departures and/or weather conditions that make access difficult will not result in refunds. Even though paved and gravel roads are well maintained at Coosawattee, please remember that mountain roads can be curvy and steep. NONE of our properties require 4 wheel drives to enter or exit. Should you wish to reschedule or change your dates every attempt will be made to work with you. Should this change be within the 30-day window, we will attempt to accommodate your wishes, if possible; however, if we cannot accommodate your wishes and you must cancel, our cancellation policy remains in effect. Exceptions: Any exceptions to the above mentioned procedures must be approved in writing in advance. Disclaimer: All cabins handled by Lonesome Paws Property Management are privately owned. Owners and Agent are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. Owners and Agent are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or harm to others whom they invite to use the premise. If you are locked out you may call Lonesome Paws Management at 706-276-1408 OR the emergency number provided to have someone come up and let you in the cabin. There is a $50.00 service call for this service. If you need assistance due to negligence on your part (stopping up the toilets) you will be billed for us to send someone over to your cabin. Instructions are left on operation of things like the fireplaces and televisions, if you need someone to come over to help you turn on the television, you will be billed accordingly. Although Lonesome Paws works very hard to make sure all items in the cabins are operational, we cannot guarantee that all things will be in working order when you arrive. Guests break the

PlayStations and we must replace them, lose the games, break the pool cues etc. We try our very best to be sure that all things are present and operational but do not guarantee it. We refer ALL rentals to Coosawattee Tubing Company to tube. We make NO guarantees that certain x-Box game titles are in the cabins. PLEASE COMPLETE RENTAL AGREEMENT IN FULL AND RETURN WITH YOUR DEPOSIT if you are coming in more than 8 days of reservation it is half the total rental fee. If you are coming in within the next 7 days, the reservation will be charged in full. Once we receive this agreement, you will receive confirmation of your rental. After your final payment we will be sending you directions to the house, trash drop-off area and the code to open the lock box which contains the front door key. The Rules of the Road document contains a list of things to bring with you and a list of things you must do to open the house for your use. Please mail to Lonesome Paws Property Management 606 The Oaks Drive Ellijay Georgia 30540 Fax to: 1-866-302-4174 You do not have a confirmed reservation until we have your signed contract! Once your reservation has been confirmed, directions and confirmation will be sent to you via email about 1 week before your arrival. When you get to the cabin there will be a lock box on one of the posts on the porch or on the door, simply dial in the code, push down the button and the key will be inside. Key must be returned to this lock box upon vacating property. Please bag trash. Please do not adjust the settings on the hot tubs  Julee and Allan King Revised January 10, 2012 GUEST POOL PASS INFO There will be a pool pass left in your cabin for using the rec center. The rec center contains the indoor heated pool, 18 hole mini golf, video arcade center, basketball and tennis courts (items provided) and a workout room. In order to use this facility guests are required to show a “rec Pass”. One rec pass will be left in your cabin. It will look like a white credit card and will have numbers 1-7 on it. Each time the pass is used; one number is punched by the attendant at the rec center. Each punch is good for four people for one day. You will be able to sign in for the day, leave and then come back. Each of these cards cost $70.00. Lonesome Paws provides and pays for one card for the groups use. We pay for this out of our pockets. If the cards are not used or there are any punches left, we require you to leave them in the cabins- we can utilize the extra punches with another group and we get a discount when we turn the used cards in. These MUST be left in the cabins and are inventoried before and after your stay. There is a charge if they are missing from the cabin. Additional passes can be purchased for $70.00. We must know if you need one of these before your arrival so they can be ordered and dropped off at your cabin. This is my attempt to explain this pass again: You will get one card that looks like a credit card. It will have 7 punches on it. Each punch

is good for four people for the day at the rec center. You will go to the rec center with the card and hopefully 4 people, since they will take one punch whether there is 1 person or 4 people. They will take one punch. Each of the 4 people will sign in and be good for the day. You can swim at the pool in the morning and then leave and then go back and play mini golf in the afternoon and then leave and go back and play pool, swim and do the mini golf again at night. For each 4 person group they will take one punch. If six people go, they will take two punches off the card. With a party of 6 the card will be good for three one day visits with one punch left over. These are sold by the resort for $70.00 each. They are issued in the name of the cabin owner and not the renters name. We pay for the first one for the group and it is $70.00. If an additional card is needed, it is $70.00 and needs to be ordered by the party one week prior to your arrival time slot when you are making your final payment. The Gates at Coosawattee I have tried to address the gates of the resort in both our FAQ on line and also on our contract. I do not own any of the cabins, I manage them. I also have no control over the policies of the resort or how they conduct their gates. That being said these are the limitations I have to work under: anyone that is coming into the resort must be on a gate pass. These names are put onto a gate list, I must put the dates that people will be in the resort and where they will be (which cabin they are at). People coming into the resort are subject to ID at the gates, if they are not on the gate pass, they will turn them away. They will ID all adults at the gate. This is a hassle but I lived within the resort for 5 years with two small children and never locked my doors- fortunately or unfortunately 90% of the residents of the resort are full time people with readers on their cars. The other 10% are visitors that are renting someone else's cabin and are subject to stricter scrutiny. The copy of the gate pass is automatically emailed to the owner of the cabin. When I account for people at the end of the month and pay my owners their rental fees, I must account for all names that were submitted on the gate list. Anyone coming into the cabin falls under the cabin rental policy. The rate is for four people aged 5 and over. Any people over age 5 are charged $10.00 or $15.00 per person per day whether they stay overnight or not. If they are on the gate pass, I must account for them and pay the owners for them. So yes, if five people are coming to the cabin to just look at it, they are subject to the $10.00 to $15.00 per person per day fee, they figure into the cleaning fee and I will need to know which day they will be in the cabin. I have "events" in the cabins all of the time- family reunions, weddings etc. The guests submit a list to me of who will be attending similar to what you would do for a wedding; the final guest list is due one week before arrival. So, I apologize but there is some planning that would need to be involved with this if you plan to have more people come besides your family. For events outside the resort, we recommend Charlie’s ( They have a banquet room that can be requested and people can meet for a meal together without dealing with the gates. The flip side to all of it is that the resort is heavily monitored, there is virtually no crime. During winter when this area is subject to snow and ice storms, the resort is going to be the only truly safe place north of Atlanta where the roads are cleared 24 hours a day. In the event you get a flat tire or run out of gas, there is someone at the resort that can help. The gates are manned 24 hours a day, if you get lost, they will issue you an escort to your cabin. From a property manager’s perspective, they can't be beat and that is why all of our rentals are within the resort. There is an indoor

heated swimming pool that is open year round as well as mini golf, a work out center and a video game room.