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International market involves various types of trade documents that need to be produced while making transactions. Each trade document is differ from other and present the various aspects of the trade like description, quality, number, transportation medium, indemnity, inspection and so on. So, it becomes important for the importers and exporters to make sure that their documents support the guidelines as per international trade transactions. A small mistake could prove costly for any of the parties. For example, a trade document about the bill of lading is a proof that goods have been shipped on board, while Inspection Certificate certifies that the goods have been inspected and meet quality standards. So, depending on these necessary documents, a seller can assure a buyer that he has fulfilled his responsibility whilst the buyer is assured of his request being carried out by the seller.

The following is a list of documents often used in international trade: • Air Waybill

• • • • • • • •

Bill of Lading Certificate of Origin Combined Transport Document Draft (or Bill of Exchange) Insurance Policy (or Certificate) Packing List/Specification Inspection Certificate IEC

Air Waybills Air Waybills make sure that goods have been received for shipment by air. A typical air waybill sample consists of of three originals and nine copies. The first original is for the carrier and is signed by a export agent; the second original, the consignee's copy, is signed by an export agent; the third original is signed by the carrier and is handed to the export agent as a receipt for the goods.

Air Waybills serves as: • • • • Proof of receipt of the goods for shipment. An invoice for the freight. A certificate of insurance. A guide to airline staff for the handling, dispatch and

delivery of the consignment. The principal requirement for an air waybill are : • The proper shipper and consignee must be mention. • The airport of departure and destination must be mention. • The goods description must be consistent with that shown on other documents. • Any weight, measure or shipping marks must agree with those shown on other documents. • It must be signed and dated by the actual carrier or by the named agent of a named carrier. • It must mention whether freight has been paid or will be paid at the destination point. Bill of Lading (B/L) Bill of Lading is a document given by the shipping agency for the goods shipped for transportation form one destination to another and is signed by the representatives of the carrying vessel. Bill of landing is issued in the set of two, three or more. The number in the set will be indicated on each bill of lading and all must be accounted for. This is done due to the safety reasons which ensure that the document never comes into the hands of an unauthorised person. Only one original is sufficient to take possession of goods at port of discharge so, a bank which finances a trade transaction will need to control the complete set. The bill of lading must be signed by the shipping company or its agent, and must show how many signed originals were issued. It will indicate whether cost of freight/ carriage has been paid or

• Notify Party ○ The person. (Sometimes however. • Consignee ○ The person who take delivery of the goods. in which cases there is no need for a dated "on board" notation to be shown separately with date and signature.not : "Freight Prepaid" : Paid by shipper "Freight collect" : To be paid by the buyer at the port of discharge The bill of lading also forms the contract of carriage. To be acceptable to the buyer. . the B/L should : • Carry an "On Board" notation to showing the actual date of shipment. to whom the shipping company or its agent gives notice of arrival of the goods.) • Be "clean" have no notation by the shipping company to the effect that goods/ packaging are damaged. usually the importer. the "on board" wording is in small print at the bottom of the B/L. The main parties involve in a bill of lading are: • Shipper ○ The person who send the goods.

consignee and notifying party must be shown.• Carrier ○ The person or company who has concluded a contract with the shipper for conveyance of goods The bill of lading must meet all the requirements of the credit as well as complying with UCP 500. • The place of receipt and place of delivery must be stated. • The carrying vessel and ports of the loading and discharge must be stated. • It must be dated on or before the latest date for shipment specified in the credit. • The goods description must be consistent with that shown on other documents. • Any weight or measures must agree with those shown on other documents. • It must state the actual name of the carrier or be signed as agent for a named carrier. • It must state whether freight has been paid or is payable at destination. if different from port of loading or port of discharge. . • Shipping marks and numbers and /or container number must agree with those shown on other documents. These are as follows : • The correct shipper.

It is usually issued by the Chamber of Commerce and contains information like seal of the chamber. It would normally include : • The name of the company and address as exporter. • Any weight or measurements must agree with those shown on other documents. It also evidence receipt of goods but it does not . details of the good to be transported and so on. • The name of the importer. • Package numbers. Combined Transport Document Combined Transport Document is also known as Multimodal Transport Document. The certificate must provide that the information required by the credit and be consistent with all other document. and is used when goods are transported using more than one mode of transportation. • It should be signed and stamped by the Chamber of Commerce. the contract of carriage is meant for a combined transport from the place of shipping to the place of delivery. shipping marks and description of goods to agree with that on other documents.Certificate of Origin The Certificate of Origin is required by the custom authority of the importing country for the purpose of imposing import duty. In the case of multimodal transport document.

if it complies with ICC 500. Multimodal transport document would normally show : • That the consignee and notify parties are as the credit. • Signature of the carrier. Also known as export invoice or import invoice. Commercial Invoice Commercial Invoice document is provided by the seller to the buyer. The liability of the combined transport operator starts from the place of shipment and ends at the place of delivery. • The date of dispatch or taking in charge. Art. • The place goods are received. and place of final destination. or taken in charges. and the "On Board" notation. 26(a). • Total number of originals. multimodal transport operator or their agents. commercial invoice is finally used by the custom authorities of . • Whether freight is prepaid or to be collected.evidence on board shipment. This documents need to be signed with appropriate number of originals in the full set and proper evidence which indicates that transport charges have been paid or will be paid at destination port. if any must be dated and signed.

• Be issued in the stated number of originals (which must be marked "Original) and copies. • Be address to the applicant of the credit (the buyer).the importer's country to evaluate the good for the purpose of taxation. This document has special importance in wholesale trade where large amount of money involved. Bill of Exchange A Bill of Exchange is a special type of written document under which an exporter ask importer a certain amount of money in future and the importer also agrees to pay the importer that amount of money on or before the future date. • Include the description of the goods exactly as detailed in the credit. • Be signed by the beneficiary (if required). • State the price amount payable which must not exceed that stated in the credit • include the shipping terms. The invoice must : • Be issued by the beneficiary named in the credit (the seller). . • Include the price and unit prices if appropriate.

Drawee: The person who pays the bill. On the basis of the due date there are two types of bill of exchange: • Bill of Exchange after Date: In this case the due date is counted from the date of drawing and is also called bill after date. Holder of the Bill: The person who is in possession of the bill. Payee: The person to whom the payment is to be made. Insurance Certificate Also known as Insurance Policy.Following persons are involved in a bill of exchange: Drawer: The person who writes or prepares the bill. . • Bill of Exchange after Sight: In this case the due date is counted from the date of acceptance of the bill and is also called bill of exchange after sight. it certifies that goods transported have been insured under an open policy and is not actionable with little details about the risk covered. It is necessary that the date on which the insurance becomes effective is same or earlier than the date of issuance of the transport documents.

• The name of the vessel or flight details. it contain details about the packing materials used in the shipping of goods. • The description of the goods. if submitted under a LC. The packing List must : . • The place from where insurance is to commerce typically the sellers warehouse or the port of loading and the place where insurance cases usually the buyer's warehouse or the port of destination. • The name and address of the claims settling agent together with the place where claims are payable. It also include details like measurement and weight of goods. • Marks and numbers to agree with those on other documents. which must be consistent with that in the credit and on the invoice. • Insurance value that specified in the credit. the insured amount must be in the same currency as the credit and usually for the bill amount plus 10 per cent.Also. The requirements for completion of an insurance policy are as follow : • The name of the party in the favor which the documents has been issued. • Date of issue to be no later than the date of transport documents unless cover is shown to be effective prior to that date. Packing List Also known as packing specification. • Countersigned where necessary.

IEC IEC Code is unique 10 digit code issued by DGFT – Director General of Foreign Trade . This is called "Aayaat Niryaat Form . inspection can be done by various world renowned inspection agencies on nominal charges. Along with IEC Code Number Application Form it is necessary to submit Appendix-18B Attested by Applicant's Banker in his letter head with two passport size photo). Ministry of Commerce. IEC Code is mandatory. bill of lading etc to the bank for negotiation.• Have a description of the goods ("A") consistent with the other documents. In this process seller submit a valid Inspection Certificate along with the other trade documents like invoice. No person or entity shall make any import or Export without IEC Code Number.ANF2A". The application can be download Form in PDF or Word. shipping bill. • Have details of shipping marks ("B") and numbers consistent with other documents Inspection Certificate Certificate of Inspection is a document prepared on the request of seller when he wants the consignment to be checked by a third party at the port of shipment before the goods are sealed for final transportation. To import or export in India. Full From of IEC Code is : “Importer Exporter Code ”. An IEC number allotted to an applicant shall be valid for all its branches/divisions/units/factories as indicated in the format of . Government of India to Indian Companies. packing list. On demand.

ICICI Bank. buyer and some other parties.IEC given in Appendix. seller. For each one represents a kind of certificate document. Central Bank etc) or Application fee can deposited by TR6 Challan with Duplicate Copy in any branch of Central Bank of India and TR6 Challan need to be submit along with IEC Code Application.00 Mode of Payment : In Demand Draft of any Bank or Payment through EFT ( Electronic Fund Transfer by Nominated Bank by DGFT Like HDFC Bank. included ship's owner. Application Fee : Rs 250.18B. UTI Bank. Punjab National Bank. . A shipping bill is issued by the shipping agent and represents some kind of certificate for all parties. State Bank of India. These are some documents which should be provided only if needed Shipping Bill / Bill of Export Shipping Bill/ Bill of Export is the main document required by the Customs Authority for allowing shipment.

• Despatch Note. . Fiji. Mauritius. Ausatralia. Burma. • Customs Invoice . It is known by the code number CP2/ CP3 and to be prepared in quadruplicate.Mainly needed for the countries like USA. It is prepared in the prescribed format and is signed/ certified by the counsel of the importing country located in the country of export. Zanzibar etc.It is filled by the exporter to specify the action to be taken by the postal department at the destination in case the address is non-traceable or the parcel is refused to be accepted. • Consular Invoice .This shows the seller's genuineness before the appropriate consulate or chamber or commerce/ embassy. etc. Canada. Tanzania. • Commercial Invoice . no Shipping Bill is required. signed by the sender.Issued by the exporter for the full realisable amount of goods as per trade term. Ghana. Uganda.It is prescribed by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and international apex body coordinating activities of national postal administration. The relevant documents are mentioned below: • Customs Declaration Form .Mainly needed for the countries like Kenya. It is prepared on a special form being presented by the Customs authorities of the importing country. • Legalised / Visaed Invoice . Iraq.Documents Required for Post Parcel Customs Clearance In case of Post Parcel. Nigeria. New Zealand. Cyprus. It facilitates entry of goods in the importing country at preferential tariff rate.

Packing List . Sight Draft is required when the exporter expects immediate payment and Usance Draft is required for credit delivery. Certificate of Chemical Analysis . Certificate of Conditioning .It is required in addition to the Certificate of Origin for few countries to show that the goods shipped have actually been manufactured and is available. Certificate of Shipment . Sight Draft and Usance Draft are available for this. Black List Certificate . hides. livestock etc.It is required to ensure the quality and grade of certain items such as metallic ores. Manufacturer's Certificate . Health/ Veterinary/ Sanitary Certification .It signifies that a certain lot of goods have been shipped. etc. etc.It shows the details of goods contained in each parcel / shipment. It certifies that the ship or the aircraft carrying the goods has not touched those country(s).• • • • • • • • • Certified Invoice . pigments.It is issued by the competent office to certify compliance of humidity factor.Required for export of foodstuffs. dry weight.It is required when the exporter needs to certify on the invoice that the goods are of a particular origin or manufactured/ packed at a particular place and in accordance with specific contract.It is required for countries which have strained political relation. . marine products. Certificate of Inspection – It is a type of document describing the condition of goods and confirming that they have been inspected.

Cart/ Lorry Ticket . Having its own network of more than 240 offices worldwide..• • • • • Antiquity Measurement – It is issued by Archaeological Survey of India in case of antiques.Issued by the Shipping (Conference) Line which intimates the exporter about the reservation of space of shipment of cargo through the specific vessel from a specified port and on a specified date.It is an application to the customs authorities at port which advises short shipment of goods and required for claiming the return. JAS is able to deliver competitive advantage through its transportation and logistics . etc. quantity. Shut Out Advice . it has developed air and ocean consolidation services across the globe. Short Shipment Form . cart/ lorry No.It is prepared for admittance of the cargo through the port gate and includes the shipper's name. SOMETHING ABOUT COMPONY JAS Forwarding Worldwide offers as its "core business".It is a statement of packages which are shut out by a ship and is prepared by the concerned shed and is sent to the exporter. Shipping Order . JAS India have been is involved in the provision of International Freight forwarding services for taking delivery of cargo within India for and on behalf of JAS worldwide and is expanding the products portfolio to Project Division. International air and ocean export and import shipments. marks on packages.

including custom clearance formalities. Chennai. Major market segments we support include: • Automotive • Projects • Consumer Durables and Retails • Engineering Goods • Fashion • Food & Beverages • Electronic/communication / Networking Equipments/Office Automation • Gas and Energy • Pharmaceutical JAS team of expertise has in-depth knowledge in handling import & export Pune. Bangalore. JAS Network: Ahmedabad. Customers benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge of many major industries in creating solutions to suit their needs in all areas of the world. VISION JAS’s objective is to create lasting value to their clients and shareholders by repeatedly and transparently delivering the client’s products safely and on time. and doing so in an atmosphere of integrity and honesty that still allows JAS to prosper in the long term. Services . and Delhi [Corporate Head office]. Cochin. Kolkata. Mumbai. Customer service is our top priority and we do our best to ensure services & competitive pricing.

and much more – our three decades of experience combined with JAS’s outstanding staff and exceptional quality assurance systems provide you with the utmost in worldwide freight forwarding services. They’ve built their company based on customer satisfaction. order fulfillment. ocean forwarding. or any of their other services – including warehousing and distribution. which they uphold every step of the way. next flight out • Fully integrated with the JAS Orbis system for Value Added Solutions • Flexible routings available for deferred. kitting. customs consultancy. Air Services JAS Worldwide’s strategic alliances with carriers uphold the standards of quality and value JAS expect to pass on to their valued customers.At JAS Worldwide the touchstone of their services is the highest standard of quality. temperature controlled. Whether you require air forwarding. lower cost programs . JAS AIR SERVICES • Consolidations moving in all major trade lanes • Consol or back-to-back • Project moves. and you can rest assured that your product is in the best of hands.

ensuring market competitive rates while protecting capacity during shoulder and peak times • 70% of global volumes are routed via preferred carriers • Relationships must exist at senior executive level • Air carriers must report their performance during formal business reviews • Multiple service offerings afford customers maximum flexibility • Carriers place JAS in a global account status worldwide • Partner program develops industry credibility (limiting the opportunity to the core carrier base) AIR CARRIER SELECTION CRITERIA • Global coverage • Existing relationships • Future market demand • Centralized pricing structure • Current customer base • Current volumes • Customer feedback .GLOBAL AIR STRATEGY • WAT = World Air Team • Core carrier strategy leverages 70% of the global volume to core and preferred carriers.

buyer’s consolidation.O. JAS OCEAN SERVICES • Licensed and bonded NVOCC services • General forwarding • Contract management • Project forwarding • Value Added Services such as distribution.• Partnership in developing key markets • Past service history • Support of JAS commercial expansion Ocean Services JAS Worldwide’s strategic alliances with carriers uphold the standards of quality and value we expect to pass on to our valued customers. management • Full (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) services worldwide GLOBAL OCEAN STRATEGY • WOT = World Ocean Team • Core carrier strategy leverages 70% global volume to core and preferred carriers. ensuring market competitive rates while protecting capacity during shoulder and peak times • 70% of global volumes are routed via core and preferred carriers . P.

• Relationships must exist at senior executive level • Ocean carriers must report their performance during formal business reviews • Multiple service offerings afford customers maximum flexibility • Carriers place JAS in a global account status worldwide • Partner program develops industry credibility (limiting the opportunity to the core carrier base) OCEAN CARRIER SELECTION CRITERIA • Global coverage • Existing relationships • Future market demand • Centralized pricing structure • Current customer base • Current volumes • Customer feedback • Partnership in developing key markets • Past service history • Support of JAS commercial expansion Services We Provide • Air Freight • Sea Freight • Bonded warehouses • Brokerage .

O.x-ray machines within our main gateways Sub-Assembly Trade Consulting Training . Testing & Repair Kitting On-Time Solutions Order Fulfillment P. lower cost programs Full integration with the JAS Orbis system for value added solutions Handing of valuable goods.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Chartering Consolidations or back-to-back in all major trade lanes Customer Service Customs Consultancy Customs Documentation E-Commerce Flexible routings available for deferred. temperature controlled. and special commodities Handling of dangerous and perishable goods Inspection. next flight out Quality Control/Inspections Reverse Logistics Risk Management Security check . live animals. Management/Technology Projects – oversized.

thereby ensuring that our clients receive an accurate picture of the status of their freight at all times. monitors and reports on all supply chain information through interactive real time inquiries and historical. ORBIS manages. From initial receipt of Purchase Orders through to final delivery and distribution of the goods. By integrating our applications with leading industry carrier portals. • ORBIS is a web based easy to use application that allows our client to manage as much or as little of their supply chain as they choose. . JAS continues to invest in our global back office applications to provide a consistent and accurate source of shipment and logistics information made available to our client base through our ORBIS application. JAS is committed to providing the tools and information required to understand and react to the changing needs of our client base.• Trucking & Barging • Warehousing & Distribution • Technology • JAS is a firm believer in technology as a tool to enhance the physical services provided by our global network of offices. analytical reports. As the modern supply chain relies more and more on timely and reliable information. ORBIS is consistently fed with real time carrier information to supplement the internal process of the JAS network. • As today’s global economy causes ever more complex supply chain solutions.

com www.distancecalculator.oag.globefeed . Please see our Legal Disclaimer for information regarding third party links and Converter International Air Transport Association Offical Airline Guide (OAG) Ocean Schedules US Customs Home Page Worldwide Distance Calculator www.Tools & Resources This page contains a series of links to third party sites providing useful tools and information sources of general and industry related www. Currency www.oceanschedules.

com The Wall Street Journal World Trade Reference Industries .metricunitconversion.globefeed.globefe Finders CNN Country Airport www.Metric Conversions www.airport.wsj.worldtraderef.

optimizes your supply chain to meet tight deadline/production schedules. Our services include. With OEMs outsourcing more processes to first. on time – every time. your suppliers. Our staff members are specifically experienced in the industries they work with.a.l. JAS has handled a wide variety of forwarding transactions – and many of them. Management Tools • Customs Brokerage • Distribution Logistics • In-House Logistics • Motorsports • On-Site Representation . effectively managing stock levels and keeping them low. and your manufacturers don’t need to worry about capacity bottlenecks .and second-tier suppliers. you.r. Automotive JAS Worldwide S. managing these companies is increasingly complex. but are not limited to: • Air & Ocean Global Transportation • Complex I. and treat each project with the attention to detail that gets your product where in needs to matter the size or volume shipped. and we’re adept at catering to each company’s particular requirements.T. With JAS. We understand the special needs that arise when working with various types of industries. JAS will coordinate all flows with just-in-time service for multiple suppliers worldwide to multiple consignees worldwide.Throughout our thirty years in the freight forwarding business.

. most retailers now source globally. from source to shelf.O. Clients are looking for a reliable one-stop shop to manage their flows. making this business particularly complex.• Re-Packing/Assembly • Reverse Logistics • Vendor Management • Warehouse & Distribution Our services are designed to deliver quality solutions at the lowest costs with the flexibility demanded by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. Fashion & Retail Our Italian heritage has ensured that for over 30 years. freeing them to concentrate on their core activities. and to control all other supply chain issues. Management/Technology • Pre-Retail Assembly. JAS operates in 80+ countries worldwide with a dedicated support staff specifically devoted to the automotive market. In order to meet high demands. JAS has understood the unique nature of the fashion industry and has offered its clients quality service and supply chain management. Services • Air & Ocean Freight • Brokerage • Buyers • Order Fulfillment • P.

JAS Forwarding Worldwide has annual gross sales escalating over 1 Billion dollars and growing substantially every quarter. JAS Oil and Energy offers clients the tools necessary for flawless project management: Web based order tracking to the line item level. We have proven experience in rig and capital equipment moves. packing.000 employees worldwide. As well as marine and air . Today JAS representation covers more than 80 countries with 240+ offices and Agents and more than 3. We have a global presence. and C2C warehouse management system. Testing & Repair On-Time Solutions • • • • • • • Labeling & Ticketing Quality Assurance Reverse Logistics Risk Management Shipping of Point-of-Sale Material (POS) Trade Consulting Trucking Warehousing & Distribution Oil & Energy JAS Oil and Energy Division maintains a global footprint of a large forwarder but offers the service and attention to detail of a medium sized forwarder. (including shipping documentation visibility).• • • • • • • • Consolidation Chartering Cross Trade Customer Service Customs Consultancy E-Commerce Garments on Hangers (GOH) Inspection. and expediting. warehousing.

. We make the difference by executing first class service that is done right the first time so your projects are successfully completed on time. heavy haul trucking and rail. We hire the best people we can find. Our Oil and Energy Management team has well over 200 years of on the job experience in the Oil and Energy Global Transportation Market. Projects People make the difference JasProjects is an independent business unit within JAS Forwarding consisting of a team of project logistics experts with a proven track record in the industry (available at strategic locations worldwide). and proven background in all modes of transportation for your project needs such as barge. without a doubt. At JAS we believe “Success is a Choice” and the key to our success is “People Make the Difference”. We reward successes and promote from within whenever possible. We expect our people to be successful at what they do and that means a successful project for our clients. and that is our ultimate goal. train them to perform to JAS standards and expect more out of them than even they knew they were capable of. the key to our success.chartering service contracts for ocean and air freight. and on budget every time. Our employees are.

heavy and over-dimensional equipment and modules. road. refineries. inland waterway and sea. such as petrochemical plants. Special solutions for EPC clients are available. Mining Projects deal with transport logistics for the construction / extension / rehabilitation of solid mineral surface or underground mines. Our service includes consultation at the project-planning stage. processing plants and conveying systems. logistics experts and IT specialists. special modes of transport by air. extension and rehabilitation of downstream plants. including nuclear and renewable energy. assistance in the initial setting up of project sites and carrying out of supervision during operations by qualified engineers. as well as movements of individual out-of-gauge or heavy cargoes. Industry-Specific Solutions Oil & Gas Projects deal with transport logistics associated with the construction. Infrastructure Projects cover logistics and transportation services for construction and civil engineering companies. . JasProjects carries out customized project handling and transportation that requires a high level of expertise. rail. LNG and GTL plants. Procurement and Construction) companies and we serve buyers and suppliers of large industrial goods.We provide project-forwarding services to industrial clients and EPC (Engineering. Power Projects address the specific logistics requirements of the power generation and distribution industry. involving special equipment including jacking and skidding.

Privately held enterprise Using JasProjects.Destination service .Financial capacities of the JAS organization .Short reporting lines directly to JAS CEO .our industry specific expertise .our global market presence .Transport engineering .our innovative pricing strategies .Project logistics management JasProjects Major Success Factors . you benefit from… .Airfreight . GLS is composed of .Out-of-gauge cargo handling .Global team of experts with own budget responsibility .Field Offices .Fast decision-making process .our purchasing power .Consulting and planning .Ocean freight .Own global P&L responsibility .Priority access to the global network .our strong financial background Government Logistics The Government Logistics Services (GLS) division of JAS Forwarding is dedicated to meeting the operational and systemic needs of the Department of Defense and the entire US Government.Core Competencies .Air and ocean charter .Origin service .

Regarding JAS USA GLS and its government services.individuals immersed in the industry who possess in-depth knowledge of government customer requirements. including PowerTrack. For more information please contact gls@jas. including palletizing the product and non-stop follow up at the transit point and final destination. Whether We are proud to be a leader in the poultry transport field offering a vast list of services to meet our customer's vast and varied needs. shipping systems. Foal or Fowl. the JAS Live Animals Division offers a unique service to a unique market. please contact gls@jasusa. Our expert . JAS Live Animals Division Delivers Established in 2008 when JAS began transporting regular shipments of newly hatched chicks. Our reputation has grown tremendously in this niche segment and JAS is a trusted provider for the transport of live animals and billing and payment methods.

whether they are moving for zoological or agricultural purposes. Our team and trusted service providers are trained to recognize emergency situations and act appropriately if and when they arise to protect the safety and welfare of animals both in the air and on the has also handles the transport of horses into and out of the USA. We tailor special routings and customize our services based on animal needs and behaviors. . as well as shipments of tropical fish and other species. expert team committed to the safe and humane transport of animals. JAS Live Animals Division has a dedicated. JAS Live Animals Division has a thorough understanding of unique container needs and can offer solutions for all live animal cargo.

. the worldwide standard for transporting live animals via commercial airlines.JAS Live Animals Division complies fully with the IATA Live Animals Regulations.