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DCS A-10C WARTHOG Quick tips

Note* 1. This guide was made by collecting tips from other people documents, tutorials from different forums, sites and etc. 2. I hope I wont offend anyone by using their stuff in my quick guide - my intention was to have a quick and simple pdf document for my personal use, and I decided to share with others for free 3. If I didnt mention anyone in this document, or post a link it is simple because I dont have an exact idea from where and what I have used in creating this pdf file - sorry for that :(

Input coordinates in CDU The UTM coordinates will be in the form of 2 letters and 6 numbers. Radio Comms Freqs Top Radio: VHF/AM / AN/ARC-186(V) VHF AM Radio 1 VHF/AM transmits and receives between 116. Used for both air-to-air and air-to-ground communication. This will bring up the page where you can choose to select WAYPOINT by hitting OSB 7 3 You should now be on the WAYPOINT PAGE and ready to continue. 9=slow 1=fast. Could be done at start up waiting for nav align. use osb 19 to scroll down to THRTL. 12 Find your target waypoint symbol on the TAD and then use the steering cue's on the HUD to prosecute your attack.TAD and HUD. 5 Hit OSB 9 to select the number presented next to the question mark as your new target waypoint. controllers. 2 Hit the osb next to slew and its done.000 to 399. 7 Hit OSB 16 to enter the UTM coordinate in to the computer. 10 Now turn your STEER PT dial on the AAP from FLT PLAN to MISSION. *NOTE If your CDU is not on the WAYPOINT PAGE. DMS UP to cycle thru the waypoints until you see the unique name you created for this target.00 and 151. 9 Using the CDU or UFC keypad give your new waypoint a unique name eg: TGT A and hit OSB 7 to change the name. and 6 numbers without spaces in the scratchpad. support flights. great for speeding up TGP slew.975 MHz. 11 Use the UFC STEER rocker or with the HUD as SOI. 2 Set your right MFCD to the CDU repeater function. 4 Hit OSB 10 to switch from the default L/L (Lat/Long) to UTM. 8 Verify the number entered is correct.975 MHz. 1 Make sure your STEER PT switch on your AAP Panel is set to FLT PLAN. enter the 2 letters.) _________________________________________________ Bottom Radio: VHF/FM / AN/ARC-186(V) VHF FM Radio 2 VHF/FM operates between 30. Slew Speed Config 1 Go to page 2 of STAT.000 MHz Used for both air-to-air and air-to-ground communication. 6 Using the CDU or the UFC. . Used for various assets (wingman. then hit the WP key on the CDU. or FUNC 3 on the UFC. etc. enter desired slew speed using UFC.000 and 76. _________________________________________________ Middle radio: UHF/AM / AN/ARC-164 UHF Radio The frequency range runs from 225.

class of weapon 3 access INV page 4 select hung station 5 select weapon type (bomb. cbu. lower right corner. 1 HUD SOI. Reset hung store 1 start level flight. qfe 29 runway 13. pilot must press and hold one of MFDs buttons to show) 13 select load DSMS 14 switch to DSMS CCIP Error fix The solution for CCIP Invalid is. you can use the TAD to set a markpoint at the bearing and range provided by ATC using the TAD cursor with the hook function (left side of the display) set to OWN-CURS. select station belonging to hung store 10 smart station are marked 1760 11 select power on station belnging to hung store to clear failed status 12 after that find LOAD page on one of the MFDs (it is not shown initially.ATC direction ATC: Fly heading 232 for 35. . misile. 2 From UFC Panel: "Pg DATA" Down (at HUD. 232 = direction 35 = miles (distance) qfe 29 = pressure at local airport As as additional aid. gbu. autopilot On 2 remeber which station is "hung". to pattern altitude. pod) 6 select weapon by name 7 click load station / symmetrical 8 click on stat page to return to main 9 on stat page. it shows the elevation of "steerpoint" flashes) 3 Use "SEL" to change it to DTS 4 End of problem JDAM deployment GBU 38 wont deploy? Press pickle and hold only when MAN REL id displayed in HUD and when range CUE is beetween MIN/MAX tick marks.

You should now be on the WAYPOINT PAGE and ready to continue. select waypoint page. 8. 3. if you choose to input data into the RMFCD. then hit the WP key on the CDU. Using 3D navigation (when no ILS) 1. select STEER PT under HSI 9. 7. (for example MSN001) you will notice the scratchpad try to auto complete the entry.Clear asterisk error 1. use the DMS switch UP/DOWN short to cycle between waypoints. select WP page. set HSI knob to desired heading 8. switch VNAV mode from 2D to 3D 6. switch VANGLE from ENTERED to COMPUTED 7. scroll down to page 2 5. Then press RMFCD OSB 6 or the RLSK 1 on the CDU.CDU . select airport 3. CDU Waypoint Page display should resume normal operation. This will bring up the page where you can choose to select WAYPOINT by hitting OSB 7. 2. contact tower.*NOTE: touch down point is in the middle of runway . If you do not know what any of your waypoints are named. *NOTE: If your CDU is not on the WAYPOINT PAGE. 5. Set your right MFCD to the CDU repeater function. Try inputting a known waypoint from the current flightplan into the CDU scratchpad. you can try entering a waypoint number into the scratchpad and pressing LLSK 1. follow vert and horiz indicators on ADI 10. 6. get runway number 4. select divert page in the CDU 2. or FUNC 3 on the UFC. 4. This should bring up the usual data on waypoint MSN001 in the CDU Waypoint Page. or with the HUD as the SOI. Now you can switch to your chosen waypoint with either the Steerpoint toggle switch on the Up Front Controller (UFC).

slew TAD cursor to wingman. wingman sees red triangle. 2. or clear note with TMS left short Enter offsets into the CDU via the UFC. 7. verify hook-line between ownship and wingman 9. When you receive a Bullseye call e. click send (with wingman id) 11. On UFC enter 146036 (Note the use of extra zero in front of 36) b. 4. 3. confirms with WILCO 13. enter {}OWN ID and {}GRP ID profile settings -> CHG SET ->confirm SPI DISPLAY is set to ALL confirm SPI is set to ON (DMS left long) lock area/target with TGP (laser must be on) --> TMS right short designates Markpoint toggle Steer point dial to Mark. On UFC press (FUNC) once then (4 OFST) 3.USING SADL 1.markpoint is default SPI confirm wedding cake is visible 8.or HOTAS). 6. on MOD {}TEXT button select receipt using TAD cursor and note own/Group code (TN0101) enter own/group code via {}TO button click on SEND MSG receiving message will be indicated in the bottom righr of MFCD (New MSG) delete with DEL or reply with ACK. hook it with TMS fwd short. after sending. 6. Rotate STEER PT Dial on AAP to MISSION 5. 3. on CDU start typing message select MSG page . 6. set TAD as SOI -. confirm JTRS on set TAD as SOI. hook wingman with TMS forward short -> verify that wingman group and own id are displayed 10. wingman gets flashing NEW TASKING message. Select CDU on right MFD 2. select NET using CDU enter callsign press {}CALL. Select NEW Bullseye created WP in HUD (STEER+. 2. Change INIT POSIT to BULLSEYE on MFD CDU page by pressing FUNC once & press SEL rocker . then TMS fwd long to lock it *NOTE: DMS left long . Press OSB 9 to display the information as indicated Waypoint. 5. 1. 4.the respective flight elements broadcasts sensor point of interest --> purple line extending from wingman SEND MESSAGES 1. 7./ down Once 4. Press OSB 8 MH/DIS c. steer-point dial to flight plan (now show flight plan to markpoint) 12.g 146/36 a. . 8.

Enjoy.. stock advice . The ingame default payloads that you can select in multiplayer are contained in a file called.<custom name> or Mix .e Anti-Armor .. i.lua located here : <installed folder>\Eagle Dynamics\DCS A10C\MissionEditor\data\scripts When you make custom payloads via the mission editor they are saved to a file with the same name here: C:\Users\<your name>\Saved Games\DCS Warthog\MissionEditor If you name your custom payloads with the correct prefix.CUSTOM PAYLOADS Do you want your custom payloads back? Here is a really simple way.. Simples. unitPayloads... ** EDIT: Oh yeah..<custom name> and copy the unitPayloads.. ** .backup your original file before you overwrite it.lua from C:\Users\<your name>\Saved Games\DCS Warthog\MissionEditor to \Eagle Dynamics\DCS A10C\MissionEditor\data\scripts you will have your custom payloads to select in multiplayer.