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a) b) c) d) 2. a) b) c) d) 3. a) b) c) d) 4. a) b) c) d) 5. a) b) c) d) 6. a) b) c)

1` 2 1` telemetering signal conditioning c g

2-[--ppiuiiiiuUse of remote indicators is for

13. a) b) c) d) 14.

which of the following equations is true Pabs=Pgauge+Patm Pabs=Pgauge-Patm Pabs=Pgauge*Patm Pabs=Pgauge/Patm\ displacer type level measuring instruments work on the principle of a) archimedes principle b)Bernoulli’s principle c) newton’s third law d) stoke’s law the relation between flow and differential pressure(dp) is f=k* sqrt(t/dp) f=1/k * sqrt(dp/t) f= k* sqrt(dp/t) none of the above filled system thermometers are used for local indication remote indication both a and b none of the above platinum rtd is calibratedto have …. Ohm and … ohm at 0 degree C 42 and 50 56 and 480 46 and 530 None of the above the throttling device used for creating dp for flow measurement is orifice venture flow nozzle all of the above 1 technical atmosphere pressure is equal to 760 mm Hg 750 mm Hg 738.5 mm Hg None of the above

Which of the following instruments is a calibrating pressure measuring instruments bourdon gauge manometer diaphragm bellows Accurate temperature measurement is needed for material fatigue heat balance heat transfer all of the above The instrument most commonly used for vaccum measurement is diaphragm bellows kenotometer none of the above To protect pressure measuring instruments from violent pressure surges and pulsations,we use snubber dummy gauge orifice Nozzle Pigtail siphon is used in horizontal pipe vertical pipe both of the above

15. a) b) c) d) 16. a) b) c) d) 17. a) b) c) d) 18. a) b) c) d) 19. a) b) c) d)

7. u type siphon is used in a) horizontal pipe b) vertical pipe c) both of the above 8. a) b) c) d) 9. a) b) c) d) 10. a) b) c) d) 11. a) b) c) d) 12. a) b) c) d) The output of thermocouple is in mv ma ohm none of the above which of the following is a primary measuring instrument for temperature electronic bridge rtd temperature gauge all of the above k type thermocouple is iron-constantan copper constantan chromel alumel chromel copel which of the following materials is not used for rtd ni pt cu al cold junction compensation is used in thermocouple rtd thermistor bimetallic strip

20. gauge pressure is measured relative to a) perfect vaccum b) ambient pressure c) differential pressure d) none of the above 21.thermocouple works on the principle of a) seedown effect b) seeright effect c) seebeck effect d) none of the above 22.which thermocouple is used most commonly in thermal power plant? a) s type b) r type c) k type d) b type 23. rtd is a) active transducer b) passive transducer c) both a and b d) none of the above 24. which of the following is not a type of sight glass a) tubular glass b) flat glass c) convex glass d) magnetic gauge 25. LVM stands for a) Limit Value Monitor

. drum level. on which TSI parameter. 10. the balance between induced and forced draught fans is produced by measuring and controlling the a) furnace suction b) discharged flue gas c) steam flow d) furnace dimension 32. Standardised output range is 10-20mA 6.05ksc to 6000ksc b) 1ksc to 6000 ksc c) 100 ksc to 10000 ksc d) none of the above 33. a turbine trip is executed? a) axial shift b) vibration c) differential expansion d) eccentricity 35 state whether true or false 1. 2. condensate pressure is measured after the condensate pump and before the a) hp heater b) lp heater c) ejector d) deareater 31. Dead weight pressure gauge tester is used to measure pressure . furnace pressure etc are presented through single point indication/recorder 5.. is used for preventing live steam from entering and damaging the device a) snubber b) siphon c) both d) none 29.b) Large Value Monitor c) Low Value Monitor d) Local Value Monitor 26. level measurement is generally carried out as a) horizontal level b) differential pressure c) vertical pressure d) none of the above 28. condenser vacuum. Bourdon tube gauge is used for low pressure measurement 3. Hydrastep works on conductivity measurement 7. Transmitter can be used for generating alarms 8. pressure. mercury and other liquids of known densities is used for low pressure measurement. the pigtail siphon is used on …. bourdon tube gauges are used in the ange a) 0. …. radioactive method is used to measure a) mass of coal b) flow of coal c)level of coal d) density of coal 27. Relay valve is used to improve the flapper and nozzle assembly. Main steam temperature. which type of compensation is used in thermocouple a) cold junction compensation b) hot junction compensation c) lag compensation d) lead compensation 34. pipelines where there is sufficient space above the pipes a) horizontal b) vertical c) diagonal d) linked 30. Thermistor shows negative temperature co-efficient 9. Rtd and thermocouple are used for local indication of temperature 4. manometers using water.

Hydrastap is used for measurement of a)feed water flow b)drum level c)heater level d)hydrogen purity 5. Lowest value at Kelvin scale can be measured is a) o0c b) 100oc C)–2730oc d) 5460c 3.thermistor 4.thermistor d)RTD..Thermocouple b)RTD......The method of placing the instrument at a distance from the measuring point is a)telemetring b)telecommunication c)teleconferencing d)annunciation 9.. The rosistance of prt –100 ohms is 100 ohms at a) 1oo0c b) o0c c) Room temperature d) 3o0c 8.. 1...The guage factor is defined as a)(∆ L/L)/(∆ R/R) b)(∆ R/R)/(∆ L/L) c)(∆ R/R)/(∆ D/D) d)(∆ R/R)/(∆ ρ /ρ ) 2.RTD...Nozzle orifice is _______ larger than restrictor orifice a) 4 times b) 6 times c) 3 times d) 2 times 15... coc is used in measuring instruments and recorders for a) RTD moasurement b) Millivolts signal c) thermo couples signals d) temperature transducers 11. the following erros may occur in a linkage typc “C’ bourdon tubo pressure gauge a) zero orror and rang error b) zero orror and linearity error c) zero orror and span orror d) all the above 7...1.. Diaphragm type pressuro gauge is used for a) Flow measurement b) Water pressure measurement c) Pressure measurement in viscose medium d) All the above 4.Flapper–nozzle assembly converts a)pneumatic signal to mechanical movement b)mechanical movement to pneumatic signal c)electrical signal to pneumatic signal d)electrical signal to mechanical signal 14...... Main principle of work in of thermocouples is a) Thomson effect b) seback effect ...Thermocouple c)Thermocouple....... Number of faceia in an annunciation window is a)23 b)32 c)45 d)12 6.....Sesimic sensor is also known as a)displacement sensor b)velocity sensor c)acceleration sensor d)force indicator ......of annunciation window in UCB are a)4 b)6 c)12 d)15 7.....The order of sensitivity in higher to lower order is a)thermistor...Total no.. Inclined manometor is used to measure a) very high pressure b) vefry low pressure c) medium pressure d) any range of pressure 6...Accuracy is highest in case of a)RTD b)Themocouple c)Thermistor d)sensistor 10. A compound gauge can measure a) pressuro only b) vacuum only c) both A&B d) None of above 3....When ACKNOWLEDGE push button is pressed in case of any alarm a)lamp off &hooter on b)lamp steadyflash & hooter off c)lamp fastflash & hooter off d) lamp fastflash & hooter on 8.which of the parameter is not included in case of TSI___ a)differential expansion b)turbine speed c)shaft eccentricity d)casing temperature 13....thermistor.....RTD.......... three wire system is used with ordor in order to a) compensates for tomporature variations b) compensate for chango in lead resistence due to ambient tomperature c) compensate for millivolts error d) componsate for load resistance 2.Resistance thermometers are of _______ &________ type a)pt-cu b)al-ag c)au-ag d)fe-mg 12.. Pressure gauge can be used to measure level in a) closed vaossel b) open vossel c) (a) & )b) 5. Indicate which of the following is true a)Absolute pressure =Gauge pressure and atmospheric b) Absolute pressure = Gauge pressure =atmospheric a) Absolute pressure&Gauge pressure = atmospheric pressure b) None of the above 2...Pressure loss is maximum in case of a)venturi b)orifice c)nozzle d)pitot tube 11.what is the order of minimum displacement that can be measured with capacitive transducers? a)1 cm b)1mm c)1µ m d)1nm 3...Thermocouple.......

type flow measuring instrument 25.of the fluid flowing through the meter 29.Compensating cable is used with a) RTDS b) Chromel alumel thermocouples c) Chromel capel thermocouples d) All type of thermo. 8.P. the diferontial pressure across the float a) Just equal to the weight of the float b) Allways more than the woihgt of the float c) Allways more than the weight of the float d) None of the above 16. As the rotameter float rises in the tube the areas available for flow (in craso / decrease) 26. d) None of the above 21. P.P.Name five pressure measuring elements a) Bowrdon tube b) Diaplragm c) Bellow d) Flappr Nozzb/ monometer. P. the motal used in bourdon tube should not undergo a) fatiguc b) hysterisis c) croop d) all of the above.Unit of measurement only usable for vaccum a) Torr . the most commen substance used to capsule diaphragm is -----23. Liquid filled in manometer used for hich pressure measurement is a) Alcohol b) Silicon oil c) Water d) Mercury 9. d) None of the above 15. Reads . c) Egual to the D. type drum level measurement of level is a) Directly proportional to the D. PPiezoelut ric orystal 11. P. b) c) Q varies proportionally with D. ILK trans IE pressure tramsmitters work on ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.c) peltior effect d) intermediate metal effect 12.Farenhite and reyumer scale of temperature measurement is a) C / 100 = F=32 /180 = R 3 / 80 b) C / 5 = f –32 /18 = R /4 c) C / 10 = F 32 / 18 = r /8 d) C /80 = f 32 / 100 = r 180 14. The rate of flow through a rostriction and the differontial pressure of governed by the equation a) Q varies proportionally with – D.when gaugepressr. for adjusting of span in ‘c’ Bourdan tubepressure gauge is a) Link screw connecting the Bourdon tube at The end b) At the screw connecting the link to the cuadrant elongated slot b) By increasing the tension in the hair sprinty c) By pointer shifting 6.750 atm c) 0. The rotameter is a ------------. Atmospheric pressure at a point on earthlike liquid pressure is caused by the a) Tempr. Three ‘shapes’ of a bourdon tube are -----------------------------------------------22..Inclined tube manomefter is used to measure a) high pressure very accurately b) Low dressure very accurately c) High viscosity fluids d) Volatile liquids 12. The rotor of a turbine flow meter spins at a rate proportional The -----------.750atm 10. Lifters 5. Rosemount transmitter uses a) two wire system b) four wire system c) six wire system d) none of the above 4.The absolut absolute pressure is a) 1. for increase indeflection with same pressure in diabhragm gauges with same metal a) Thickness of the material is to be reduced b) Area of diaphragm is to be increased c) No of corrugations are to be increased d) All the above 7. 01-atm b) –0. Name the different sbapes of bourdon pressur gauge -----------------------------------------------------------------2. For any given flow. b) Densityof the air surrounding earth c) Volume of air at certain pressure at that point d) Weight of the air surrounding the earth at that ooint.The fluid measured by a rotameter flow from the a) top to bottom b) mid point to top c) bottom to the top d) mid point to the bottom 27.In D.couples 13.510 atm d) 0. Submerged displacers are not much affected by rapid change In liquid level TRUE / FAL 30. Deadweight testers are used to test & calibrate a) pressure gauges and switches b) dead wts on the testers c) comparing standard pressure gauge and gauge undefr test for very low ranges d) dead accurate wt. turbine and magnetic flow meters are ( volume tric/mass) flow moasuring device 28.Magnotic flow motor are used to measure a) Velocity of fluid b) Volume of fluid c) Mass of fluid d) All the above 19. b) Inversely proportional to the D.Relatien between Celsius . reads 0250 atm .P. Of the air surrounding the earth. 24.difforontial pressure across en orifico plate for doubling the flow rate will be a) two times the original value b) three times the original value c) four times the original value d) eight times the original value 18. In a glass tube rotamoter.P. The rate of flow in open channol is moasuro be means of a) Wiers b) Flumes c) Both (a) & (B) d) None of the above 17.Hydrastep is superior than other method for drum love Moasurement as a) Smallefr orror incurred due to Chango in liquid densities b) steam and water level separating is easily detectable c) maintenance is less and more reliable d) all of the above __________________________________________________1. Q varies proportionally with D.The hydrastep drum level measurement system works on the principle of a) Measurement of conductivity of Wator b) Measurement of conductivity of Water c) Measurement of resistivity of steam & water d) None of the above 20.

6mmHg d) 360mHg 14.Metal used in Bi-metallic thermo-are having low thermal expansion is a) nickel Alloy b) Brass c) Copper d) Invar 18. vena contracta in flow pattern in a orifice plate is normally placed a) before the orifice plate .weights used in the ‘Dead wight testers’ a) standrar market weitht at par b) stand ard market weight & weight of the plunaer plant form c) Ration of the standard market weight pepresenting actual weight. equivalent tempr? a) 5200c b) 310oc b) 3200c c) 380oc 16. d) Only for critical pressure measurement 5.6f b) 10c c) 10c d) none of the above 9. When there is open circuit in RTD element the indjcator should read a) Zero b) Normal c) Maximum d) mid scale 15. compound gauge is used for measurement when a) kprocess temperature varies inbothpositive and b) process pressure vcaries in both positive and negative side c) Many chemical compounds are to be measured bythe same gauge.metallic thermometer. 1o kilvin change is equal to change in a) 33.In a hydra. cold junction compensation is essential in a) R.Some places.b) Mmhg c) Mm wel d) Kg/cm2 13.The flow pattern ina fluid in laminar when a) Flow is ambulant b) Flow is rapid with bends ahead c) Flow is straight and turbulent d) When there is no restrictor in the line 11. Recorder reading 350oc Ambient tempr is 30 oc what will be thefrmocouplw m. c.At SSTPS PA flow to mills is sensed by a) rotameter b) orifice plate c) flow nozzle d) pitot tube 14. Seal type elements instruments are used where process material is a) corrosive b) having impurities c) having high viscosity d) all the above 17.Pressure measued by water filling Utube manomever 1360 mmwcl what will be measured Value if we replace water by mercury/ a) 136mmHg b) 100 c) 23. b & c 3.step level measurement the measurement is a) periodical b) intermittent c) in step by step d) continuous and in steps 12. tempr. Distance between the electrodes of the hydrasteps except extreme two are a) 500 mm b) 200 mm c) 100mm d)50 mm 1. span error in a bourdon tube pressure gauge is corrected at a) on the hair spring by adjusting tension b) postion change of the movement assembly block in the casing c) link connecting the Bourdontube with the movement assembly d) the elongaged slot in the sector lever by shifting the link screw 6.34 mm hg absolute pressure in equivalent to a) –726 mm hg gauge pressure b) +726 mm hg vacuum c) 796 mm hg gauge pressure d) all the above 4.Air purge system in level measurement a) It is suitable for use with corrosive jiouid b) Tank liquid does not enter the bubblet rube c) The gauge can be placed anywhere upto eoo feet d) All the above 19. Hydrastep level measurement in Boiler drur is based on a) Variaable capacity principle b) variable conductivity principle / resistivity principle c) conduction rod principle d) ultrasonic principle 21.Ds b) Thermo couples c) Bi. metals used for low temperature coefficient of expansion is a) steel alloy b) Nickel’c’ span c) Invar d) Nickel vanadium alloy 7. a constant standard temperature is maintained at the reference junction of a thermocouple to a) avoid cold junction compensation for bulk connections b) system facilitate cold junction compensation c) system where ambient temperature at reference junction does not change 10.detector unit senses the level in hydrastep a) for change in resistance of electrode continuously b) for change in voltage continuously c) for a limit value change in resistivity and hence the voltage drop d) for either change incurrent or in voltage 13.For measurement of steam flow inhigh pressure high thmpr line it is best to use A) pitot tube B) orifice c) elbow d) flow nozzle 20. In ab bi.T. d) None of the above 2.metallic thermometers d) pyrometers 8.winiscus in a glass tube Manometer of water is a) convex in shape b) concave in shape c) flat surfaced d) either of the a.

a) condenser tube leakage b) boilefr tube leakage c) Hp Heater tybe leakage d) Lp hiter tube leakage Tempefrature maintained in zireonia probe is: a) 8230c b) 4830c c) 8490c e) 8430c the oil pump will take start when the pressure falls at – in hp / lp bypass) in 200mw. Motors used in ip 250l for dotting is a) 24v ac synchronous motor b) 24v ac induction motor c) 24v dc stepper motor d) 245v ac synchronous motor 23. a) 100kg/cm2 b) 110kg/ cm2 c) 150kg/ cm2 d) 90kg/cm2 Number of control loops inhp bypass system are.couplw.Rotameter works on differential pressure theory 1. notin pressure 21. Using International T/c Reference Tables for type ‘k : The rmo. Direct operating pneumatic valve open when.Air lock valve is used.5m d) 3mm Voltageand frequency used for the axial shift measuring a) 24 v 195 b) 1923hz 10v c) 1953 hz 10v d) 110v 1953 hz 16. Basically two major types of measuring ckt are used in electronic recorders using balancing motors: a) moving coil type measurement ckt b) potontiometric ckt c) bridge ckt d) synchronous ckt 22.p converter and air pressure regulator 18. 15. In two wire system rtd. work out the required unjectionvoltag To cheqk a 0-600oc in dicator at f.d. a) two b) four c) six d) seven the standrard gap of HPT differential expansion pick up is : a) 4mm b) 4. Syphon bends used to protect the pressure gauges a) when pressure to be measured is corrosive liquid b) when pressure to be measured is hot liquid c) when pressure tobe measured is very cold liquid d) All of the above 3. diamater of the nozzle in flapper nozzlsystem is: a) smaller than the restriction orifice b) greater than the restriction orifice c) equal to eachother d) not contable as it is immaterial for the measuring purp 20.Number of motors used in IP250l recorders are: a) two motors b) three motors . reference gas used in zireonia probe for oxygen measie a) clean and prue hydrogen b) clean and pure oxygen c) clean and pure normal air d) clean and pune nitrogen 9. Rosemount level transmitter used inDeaerator level measurement sendes the level change in capacitance for change in capacitance for change in di-electric constant between the 19.A pneumatic amplifier is used to: a) in crease the signal pressure indirect operating valve b) decreasa the signal pressure indirect operating valve c) does not effect signal pressure d) in crease the signal volumetricaly.metal the rmometefr. The used in the low expansion strip is. : 14. a) to lock air pressure between positioner and air lock valv b) to tock air pressure between pressure regulatorand air lock valve c) to lock air pressure between pneumatic valve and air lock valve d) to lock air pressure between e.b) c) d) after the orifice plate at the orifice point after the orifice plate depending on the velocity of the fluid a) b) c) d) head pressure friction high viscosity turbulanc e 11.mercury filled (MST) thermometers have linear scale 20. a) supply pressure increased and signal pressure decreased b) supply pressure decreased and signal pressure increased c) signal pressure increased and supply pressure increased d) signal pressure increased 17. In differential pressure metbod rate off flow is propn a) square of the diffarential pressure b) square root of the differential pressurs c) velocity of the fluid d) velocity and pessure of the llquid 5. force balance transmitter is based on. two metals are used inbi. copoer resistance Thermometer will hava a) Ro = 100 0hm b) Ro = 64 0hm c) Ro = 53 0hm d) Ro = 425 0hm 4. 13. In a Bourdon Tube pressure gauge for span abjustment we have a) position of the points b) shoulder screw c) Angularit gcmew d) Hair spring 2. a) two wire system b) four wire system c) pneumatic system d) force actuating transducer is balanced by feed back force 19. a) nickel alloy b) Brass c) Iron d) Invar 7. 16. In SSTPP Main ateam flow is measured by a) orifice plate b) pilot tube c) venturi tube d) flow nozzle 6. assume a cold Juretill temperature (at the indicator terminals) of 30oc 8.5mm c) 2.s. 15. sodium analyzer is used to detect. it is impossible to get lead resistence change compensated 18. which of these factors help a fluid flow in a pipeline 12. While measuring thermo couple out put’ at reference junction the milivolt available is always less than the actual hot junction temperature equivalent 17. In staga –SSTPS) the ph measuring ekectrodes used aro a) calome b) Glasss c) Hydrogen d) C & b 10.

In a venturi tube the fluid pressure is least where the tube is most -------------------33. Draw a open sketch of control ckt for a electrical Actuator motor with reversing ckt holover ckt. ------------------------------------------29. 41.c) fcur motors d) five motors 24. likquid in metal thermometer to choice liquid the consideration to be done. a) smaller error incurred due to change in liquid densities b) steam and water level seperation is easily detectable c) maintenance is less and more reliable d) all of the above 43. a) fatigue b) hysterisis c) creep d) all of the above 30. submerged displacers are not affected by rapid change in liquid level . a) temperature of the air iin acertain volume b) density of air at a certain temperature c) volume of air at certainpressure d) volume of sur rmidg the eath used afroce to the earth core 28. power cylinders are used to actuae: a) control valves in water line b) contols drives c) open / close gates d) Both ‘B’ and ‘c’ 53. The rotor of a turbine flow meter spins at a rate proportional to the -------of the fluid flowing through the meter . the result is a) range / span error b) angu larity error c) zero error d) None of the above 50. 27. Gas filled the rmometers are basad on the principle that the pressure of a confined gas: a) is unaffected by temperatue changes b) varies directly with absolute tempefrature c) in crease as temperature increases d) decrease as valume decreased 46. The bulbs of filled system thermometers are usually made of a) copper b) glass c) plastic d) stainless steel 47.Show below a skeftch of a typical level measuring system: Calcul ate the calibration figure for the level transmitter Giving in tabular form required in put pressure ( in meter) Reading on control room indicator. for measuring flow in a high pressure. The fluid measured by a rotameter flows from the a) Top to bottom b) Mid point to top c) Bottom to the top d) mid point to the bottom 38.we used a dead weight tester to: a) Test dead weights b) Measure proeess pressure accurately c) Produce high presaure d) Calibrate pressure instrument 31.Hydrastep level measurement in the boiler drum is besed on a) capacity principle b) conductivity principle c) hend pressure principle d) Ultrasonic principle 44. high temperature steam it is best to use a ( flow nozzle/ ventruri tube/ orifice plate) 36.In a lvdt pressure in dieator the output voltage varies in proportion to the position of the magetice--------------32. Three in dentical tanks are fitted with a pressure type level system as shown: Assuming tey have not beeb corrected forhead error.make actuators . In the above figure the recorder will indicate a) 470oc b) 53o0c c) 500oc d) 630oc 51. which of these factor actually help a fluid to flow in a pipe: a) Head b) Friction c) Viscosity d) All of the above 34.Three ‘shapes’ of a bourden tube are. As the rotameter float rises in the tube the area available for fluid flow (increase/ dacrease) 39. To achieve the needed throat velocity the flow in a venturi tube must ( increase/ decrease) its static pressure 35. TRUE/ FALSE 42.The metal used in Bourden tube should not undergo . positieners used in penumaftic actuator. turbine and magnetic flow meters are (vloujetric/ mass) flow measuring device 40. HP/ LP bypass system uses------.15 v dc 25. Actual gauge Upscale reading down scale pressure kg / cm2 reading kg / cm2 ----------------------------------------------------10 08 08 30 28 28 50 48 48 70 68 68 90 88 88 --------------------------------------------------------------------------In a o – 100kg / cm2 pressure gauge above results found during the calibration . a) positioner of the aetuator exaetly as jper slgnal one makes the respense time faster b) positiensf the collector c) sendsbeck the pesition of the actuator open ing to the ucb indioetor d) sends the feed back signal of the actuator openings to the controller 54. Atmospheric pressure at appoint like liquid pressured is caused by the. To measure temperature by RTD the bridge circuit is connedted by 3 wire system: a) To oliminate extra leasd resi stsance b) To increase the bridge cirduit sensitivity c) To redfuce the galvanome ter current 48. When the DP values of the fluid flow is low what measuring defvice is useful: a) Pitot tube b) Orifice plate c) Dp transmitters d) Elbow mounted device 37. a) It musft be a large coafficient of cubical expansion b) It ‘s vapour pressure should be very low c) It is desinable that liquid expan uniformly with risc Of temperature d) All of the above 45.voltage given to flexel-f recorders of ILK card after power unit is a) –15 0 + 15v dc b) 0 –30 v dc c) –12 0 12 v dc d) 0 . What will be the reading ( in mm H20 ) on the gauges when all three tanks are empty. Hydrastep is superior than other method for drum level measurement. The switches used to cut of the supply to forward or reverse coil in electrical actuators are called 26. Which manometer is used for thevery low pressure calibrat a) well type b) Inclined c) U – tube d) Straight limb 49. 52. what is axial shift 55.

Ambient tempe 30oc / What will be the rmocouple mv equivalent temperature? a) 510 oc b) 310oc c) 320oc d) 38oc a) 56.positioner used in pneumatic actuaftor. b) –0.D. a) position of the poister b) Quadrant screw c) Angularity screw d) Hair spring 5 Actual gauge Up scale reading Pressure Reading kg/cm2 10 30 50 70 90 8 28 48 68 88 Down scale reading kg/ cm2 8 28 48 68 88 In a o – 100 kg.cold junction compensation is required at : a) RTD het end junction b) The rmocouple het junction c) The rmocouple cold junction at jeasuring end d) All of the above 68. c) 0. when there is short circuit occurs across the resistance in an RTD (resisftance Thermometer) would that indicated in the control instruments a) high b) Low c) Normal d) None of the above.250 atm the absolute pressure will be: a) 1. a) Horizontal b) Concave c) Convex d) None of the above ‘ 4. Cm2 pressure gauge the above results found during calibration .If you use murcury as liquidin a manometer.2 – 1kg/cmcm d) none of the above 69. the surface will be. 3. a) 0. Compensating cables are used fer: a) Ambient temperature compensetien Field temperature cempensatien b) To cut down in stallotion cost c) To aveid forming of ane ther junetien of two dissimilar metals (the rmoceuple) 67. Liquid filled inmanemeter used forhigh pressure measure ment is a) Alcohol b) Silicen c) Whater e) Mercury 63. 62. 750 atm. In Bi Metallec Therometer used for low expansion strip is a) Nickel alloy b) Brass c) Iron d) Invar 8. 150c is equal to: a) 79oF b) 69oF c) 50 oF d) 59oF 65. Hydrostatic pressure of water in an open tank depends on: a) the diameter of the tank b) the depth of the water c) The pressure at the surface .T. Vibratian pickups are mounted on --------------of to total number of which are -------------------. ssensor: 12. d) 0. Metals used for RTD element are: a) -----------b) ------------c) ------------66.speeed of recordr can be a) Increased b) Remains constant c) Dedreased d) Increased or deereasec 57.510 atm. 64. When gauge pressure reads. 9. Conductivity measurement is necessary to find--------content in the feed water 59. 150c is equal to : a) 790 F b) 69 0 F c) 59 0 F d) 45 0 F 10.Absolute pressure is: a) Gauge pressure b) Gauge pressure + Atmospheric pressure c) Gauge pressure Atmosphefric pressure d) None of the above. 11. List of one metal commonly used R. positions of the aetuater oxactly as per sigral and makes the response time faster b) positions the centroiler c) sonds back the positien of the actuater opening to the UCB indicator d) sends the feed back signal of theactuator opening to the controller Manometer d) Straight limb manometer 2000MW. Hydrazine monitoring in the boiler insnecessary to: a) Linmt the oxgon content in the beiler meter b) Pravent excessive hydrazine dozing inkthe boiler water c) To prevent axcessive foaming in the boiler drum d) None of the above 58. Temperature recerder reading in 350 o c . The result is : a) range/ Span error b) Angularity error c) Zero error d) None of the above 6.750 atm. pressure Measured by water filling –u – tube manomeftefr 1360 kg/m2 what will be measured value if we replace warter by Mercry a) 136mm hg b) 100mm hg c) 23. freezing point (temp of Kelvin Thermomefter is a) 2730c b) o 0c c) 32 0c d) None of the above .010 atm . 1.6mm hg d) 360mm hg 7.Which manometer is used for the low pressure calibration: a) well Type Manometer b) Inclined tube Manometer c) U.15PSI b) 2-10kg/cmcm c) 0.In a Bourdon tube pressure gauge for span adjustment we have to adjust. Standard pneumatic signals used inpressure or temopreture transmitters.olybdenum blue methsd kis used in : a) disselvesd oxgen measurement b) co monitering c) Hydrazine monitoring d) Silica analyzer 60.

0 v d) 2. a) b) c) d) 31.iplied by its volume Its density per unit volume The ratio of its density to waters density. a) b) c) d) 29. required: a) b) c) d) 17. This effect is called .43v b) 1. 40. atmansformer behaves like a : inductilon motor d. a) b) c) d) 36. motor with shunt and field resistance set at particular valve slip ring type inductilon motor .0 kilo 0hms d) 3.5 v c) 2.38 kilo 0hms.28 kilo 0hms 24.d) 13. This symbol represents which component in the electronic ckts a) SCR b) Diac c) Triac d) Ujt 27. thermocouple develops milliolts (emf) across its wires when hot and cold junctions are at defferent temperatures. What is the current measured in the ammeter Ammeter Input resistance is 500 a) 500 MA b) 400 M A c) 5 A D) 4A 23. shut motor synchronous motor d. a) 56 khm+ 10% c) 68 khm+ 5% d) 100 khm+20% d) 560khm + 10% 21. For high torque starting the following motor is preferred. c. 33 v 165 v 400 v 250 v In principle. a) b) c) d) 15. which gate is called a universal gate : a) AND b) NAND c) NOR .5 v 26. 3to 15 PSI 4 to 20 PSI 1 to 2 kg/ cm2 0. the temperature sensor used is : a) Mercury in steel temperature gauge b) Bimetallic Thermometer c) Thermo couples d) Resistance Thermometer. a) b) c) d) 34.6v zener diaode has a break down oltage when . a) b) c) d) 14.7 –2v 0. c. What is the equivalent resistance of the following ckt. None of the above The specific gravity of a liquid is: Weight of 1 cu ft of the liquid Its weight mul. Identify which of the following configurations indicate forward biased junctilons diode: 19. motor slip ring to pe inductilonmotor synchronous motor For constant speed requirement at out put we nust use a synchronous motor special type inductionmotor d. a) b) c) d) 35. a) 2. What is the voltage measured in the voltmeter voltmeter has 1 kilo input resistance a) 1. 39. a) faradays effect b) hall effect c) Newtons effect d) None of the above 38. for remote indication (long distance and high temperature (of the order of 600oc ) aplocations. c) 3. what is the binary equivalent of the Decimal member 71 a) 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 000 1 b) 1000 111 c) 11 00 101 d) 0101101 22. forward biased reverse biased in both forward and revers biased conditions none of the above Which componet is generally used as a voltage stabilizer Diaode Unijuction transistor FET Zener diode Triac is normally referred as a : When forward biased Back to back connected scr Back to back connected transistor Back to back connected zener diode SCR can conduct . c.5 kilo 0hms. 16.c series motor. a) b) c) d) 30. junction of 3v 1. a diode can be used as a: a) full wave rectifier b) Isoloating AC Voltages c) Bypassing DC voltages d) half wave rectifier 25. silcon diaod. The above symbol is a: a) P N P Transistefr b) Zener diod c) NPN Transister d) Semiconductor diod 20. a) b) c) d) 33. in the figure shown ( current transformer ) primary has got two turns primary has got three turns primary hot hot single turn None of the above What is the forward biasing voltage of a p. for high pressures sensing normally which sensor is used: a) diaphragm b) Bourdon c) Bellows d) Any of the three above. Rotamemter works on the principle of : Variables pressure Variable area Weight of the float None of the above in a state of solution HP value is : the solution is acidic The solution is alkaline The solution is neutral None of the above for operating pneumatic control valve air signal is a) b) c) d) 28. n. what is the out put of the transformer given below: 293. squirrel cage inductionmotor d. a) b) c) d) 32. b) 2.3 to kh /cm2 Out put the brikdge rectifier circuit shouid be: a) b) c) d) 18. a) When forward biased b) When recerse biased c) When forward biased ad triggering fulse is present d) when reverse biased and triggering fulse is present 37.

50. The equation expressing the relationship among pressure. variable pulse a) b) c) d) 43. We use a deadwight tester to a) test deadweights b) Measure process pressures accurately c) Produce high pressures d) Calibrate pressure instruments. 45. Find the value of I 2 in the following circuit: 48. a) b) c) d) 44. OR which is the gate that can have following truth table: Input 1 1 0 1 0 Input 2 1 0 0 1 input 0 0 1 1 a) b) c) d) 42.d) 41. Pressure is define as a) force per unit of area b) FXA c) A/ F None of the above .15 PSI signal is widely used in pneumatic instruments. temperature and volume of a gas is : a) p = VRT b) PV =NRT c) PV = PRT d) V= NRP 49. In a typical pressure transmitter pressure is sensed and converted tomotion and then motion is converted to Electrical Name the d equipment which converts notion to electrical quantity: 47. conductivity AND OR NOR EX OR which circuit can be used as a frequency generato with width: Astablle multivibrator Bistable multivibrator Sschmitt trigger ckt Monostable multi vibrator Diaphragm isolation pressure gauges are used for : Accuracy Reliability Protecting the sensing element Orresting leakages 3. State the reason: Why is temperature compensatilon used in the measurement? 46.