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The influence of cultural differences

Since the beginning of the human race, the humans had the tendency to form a group and to live in a certain way inside that group. With the increasing of the population there was the tendency for the group to expand and as consequence to meet other groups. For centuries people have created their culture which has proven to be stable. Sometimes when groups have met with each other, their cultures had drastic changes in their stability, even cultural extinction. History brings us examples of cultures’ clashes. When the European kingdoms traveled around the world and discovered the Americas, for the native tribes of the newly discovered continents it was a struggle to survive the cultural hegemony of the civilized world. The Native Americans even to these days tend to preserve their culture but it is greatly influenced by the Europeans. Today in the US only 1.7 % of the populace is Native American. The European continent itself is a stable culture but is being shaken by the eastern culture due to emigration. The culture of Europe itself is formed upon populace migration, within the continent, or even the wars which were not little in number during our era. Sometimes the cultural changes in a country or in a region changed solely to adapt to the new advancements in behavior, knowledge and even technology. Japan, once a feudal empire, now is one of the most influenced countries by the west. The British Empire was a worldwide system of colonies, protectorates, and other territories that over a span of three centuries came under the British rule. Nearly all the countries that were under the British control had such e change in culture that to this day they speak a “borrowed English” due to the advanced society the British had to offer. It is normal that an inferior or least advanced culture benefits from another culture. It is a natural process. Nowadays when links and communication through cultures is very frequent, clash or exchange is inevitable. The human race has achieved a phase where through communication can reach the very corners of the world. Due to this tools created by technology we can learn things that our ancestors wouldn’t even think about their existence. It is technology that helps the today clash of cultures to be smoother. Yet culture is the systems of knowledge shared by a relatively large group of people. As information is spreading through the world culture it is becoming more and more similar. The progress from earlier times to nowadays can show us the trend of culture’s evolvement in the future. In the future people will get closer to the way they act and behave in society. There will be less distinctions among cultures, people, societies, countries etc. Many of the things that divide us

.today are the things that are going to join us in the future. These things will evolve together with human nature.