Essay CSS 2012 1. Future of Democracy in Pakistan. 2. Role of Media: Socio-political, religious and economic effects.

Sensationalism in Electronic Media 3. Role of Pakistan in War against Terror. Extremism, causes, effects and solutions. US Withdrawal plan and implications for Pakistan. 4. Pakistan Economy. Cause, effects and solutions of crisis. Poverty alleviation program, roaring Inflation, IMF loans and future stratifies. 5. National Integration: FATA and Balochistan Crisis, ethnic rift in Sindh and NWFP, question of Provincial Autonomy and Center. 6. Foreign Policy of Pakistan, causes of its weakness. 7. Miserable plight of Muslim Ummah. 8. Social Problems of Pakistan. 9. Women condition in Pakistan-problems, causes, effects, solutions, legislation, empowerment, status in Islam. 10. Lack of Good Governance. 11. Global Warming. 12. Education Reforms in Pakistan. Current Affairs CSS 2012

1. Pak-India relationship. Diplomatic and military strategic of Pakistan. 2. Challenges faced by Pakistan¶s foreign policy. 3. Energy Crisis in Pakistan, causes, effects and solutions. 4. Study of Organization: SAARC, OIC, ASEAN, SCO, Evaluation of their Performance. 5. Geo-Strategic Importance of Pakistan-Context of Persian Gulf, Chinese involvement and Gwadar project, Iran's threats of blocking the strait of Hormuz. 6. Civil Military Relations in Pakistan.. 7. Pak-Afghanistan relationship, NATO attacks and uncontrolled resistance by Taliban¶s, accusation against Pakistan, US exit plan. 8. US policy in Middle East, Iraq, Egypt, Syria and politics of Oil. 9. Economic and Political emergence of China and emerging cold war with US. 10. US-India partnership and its implication for Pakistan. 11. Conflict between pillars of the state in Pakistan.

Important Questions for Pakistan Affairs
1. Muslim Advent in India 4. 14 points of Jinnah\ 7. Khilafat Movement 10. Pakistan Foreign Policy 2. Nehro Report 3. Ideology of Pakistan 5. Ali Gurh Movement 6. Fall of Dhaka 8. Marshalaw Vs Democracy 9. Two National Theory 11. Partition of Bengal Important Questions of Islamiyat:

Write a note on Press conference. Islam and Challenges of the present Era 7. Winds 9. What role mass media can play in the society? Write down code of ethics for mass media? Q7. Population growth 3. Cyclones 2. Discuss process.Discuss a column. Violence. Minorities Right 4. Tahli thalay 3. Volcanoes 7. sharif Kunhahi Prose: 1-Abdul Hakeem Samer. 3. Press note. Earthquakes 6. The principles of Islam its role in life Important Questions For Journalism Q 1. Terrorism. What is news? Write about elements and characteristics of news? Q5.. Karast 5. Urbanization 7.Write a note on role/duties of a sub-editor? Q8. Women Rights 6. Land Forms River 4.Parkh parchol. Advertising is said to be the backbone of business. Islamic and western culture (comparison) 8.Write a note on Magazine Journalism in Pakistan? Q9.Mirza sahiba 4-nawee shaeri«. Munir niazi.heer ranjha. Types of Economic activities 4. Iron & Steel Industry Important Questions of Punjabi: Poetry: 1-Lok Geet«« Lorri. Equatorial Climate Important Questions of Geography 2 1.Define communication. Horizontal dist of temp. importance and ethics of advertising? Q4. Write a note on development / Role of Muslim press in sub-continent? Q3. Currents of atlantics 8. Khawaja Ghulam Farid. Sources of Islamic Law 3. What is Public Relation? Write about Public Relation officer? Q6. Mahia 2-Tasawuf««. and Press release? Important Questions of Geography 1 1.1. Power Resources 5. important characteristics of a column writing in Pakistan? Q10. Environmentalism and Possibilism 2.Khutbat-e-Iqbal 2-Hith. Migration 6. Toheed or Nazriya-e-Akhrat 2.Ramz rawayat . Extremism 5.Baba Bulay Shah 3-Dastana««. process of communication and barrier in communication? Q2.

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