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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF MARUTI SWIFT Body Type Body Type Number of doors Seating capacity Engine Capacity Number

of cylinders Number of valves Bore x Stroke Compression ratio Maximum power Maximum torque Fuel distribution Transmission Type Gear ratios : : Five-speed one reverse 1st 3.545 2nd 1.904 3rd 1.280 Dimensions Overall length Overall width Overall height Wheelbase Track Front Rear Ground clearance Minimum turning radius Luggage capacity : : : : : : : : : 3695mm 1690mm 1530mm 2390mm 1470mm 1480mm 170mm 4.7 metres 232 litres (with seatback raised) 368 litres (with seatback folded) Chassis Steering Brakes Suspension Front Rear Front Rear Tyres Weights Kerb weight Gross vehicle weight : : 980 kgs. [LXi] / 1000 kgs. [VXi] / 1010 kgs. [ZXi] 1415kgs : : : : : : Rack & pinion, power assisted Ventilated Discs Drums MacPherson strut and coil spring Torsion beam and coil spring 165/80 R14 / 185/70 R14 (tubeless) 4th 5th 0.966 0.757 manual, with synchromesh in all gears, : : : : : : : : 1298cc 4 16 74.0 x 75.5 mm 9.0:1 87bhp @ 6000rpm 113Nm @ 4500rpm Multipoint injection : : : Hatchback 5 5

reverse 3.272

Maximum speed Fuel tank capacity : : 160kmph 43 litres TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF HYUNDAI i20 MAGNA DIMENSION & WEIGHT Overall Length (mm) Overall Width (mm) Overall Height (mm) Wheelbase (mm) Front Track (mm) Rear Track (mm) Fuel Tank capacity (l) ENGINE Material No.of cylinders No. Tubeless Alloy wheel Disc Drum Mc Pherson Strut with Coil Spring Coupled Torsion Beam Axle with Coil Spring Gas Type (Front & Rear) All Aluminium Cylinder Engine 4 16 DOHC 1197 80 / 5200 11.4 / 4000 3940 1710 1505 2525 1505 1503 45 ASTA & ASTA(O) Honda Brio Variants & Price (Approximates) y Brio E (4.5 lacs) y Brio S (5 lacs) . Tubeless Steel wheel 185/65 R14. of valves Valvetrain (type) (SOHC / DOHC) Displacement (cc) Maximum Power (ps/rpm) Maximum Torque (Kgm/rpm) SUSPENSIONS Front Suspension Rear Suspension Shock Absorbers BRAKES Front Rear TYRE Size & Type TRANSMISSION Type 5-Speed Manual 175/70 R14.

power .13.5 lacs) Brio V AT (6.12 Kgm @ 3500 rpm Turbo-charged 1405 cc Indirect Injection Engine with Intercooler Max. Power .y y Brio V (5. Torque .0 m Independent McPherson strut with anti-roll bar Independent 3-link McPherson strut with anti-roll bar a Variable Geometry Turbocharger(VGT) Max.85 PS @ 5500 rpm Max. Rear Drum Steering: Power Mileage:20 km/l TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF TATA INDIGO ENGINES Petrol Diesel 1396 cc MPFI Petrol Engine with 32-Bit Microprocessor Max. diagonal split hydraulic brakes through tandem master cylinder Disc brake Drum brake Rack and pinion type with collapsible steering column 5.5 kgm @ 2500 rpm Dicor 32-bit microprocessor based 1396 cc DICOR(Direct Injection Common Rail) 16-valve engine with Dual Over Head Camshafts and SUSPENSIONS Front Rear STEERING Type Turning Radius BRAKES Type Front Rear TYERS & WHEELS Tyre size Size SEATING Front Rear CAPACITY 2 persons 3 persons Radial Tube 175/65 R14 Vacuum assisted dual circuit.140Nm@1800-3000 rpm .power-70 PS@4000 rpm Max. Petrol Displacement: 1198cc.torque . Power: 89bhp@6200rpm Torque: 110Nm@4800rpm Suspension: McPherson Struts Transmission: 5 manual gears Brakes: Front Disc.70 PS @ 4500 rpm Max.00 lacs) Honda Brio Specifications y y y y y y y y y Engine: i-VTEC. torque .

000 Rs 5.4 Duratorq 68bhp motor that powers the other Ford cars like Ikon and Fiesta. Chevrolet Beat will be powered by a 1.250 rpm with a maximum torque of 102Nm at 4.000rpm. Both versions of the Ford Figo come with a 5-speed manual transmission system and have a top speed of 160kmph.2 litre 4 cylinder engine that will generate 79 bhp of maximum power at 6200 rpm with 108 Nm of maximum torque at 4400 rpm. This recently launched car model with small displacement engine ensures better fuel economy thereby assuring outstanding mileage. The engine used is mated to a five speed manual transmission.50. New Delhi) Models Ford Figo Diesel EXI Ford Figo Diesel LXI Ford Figo Diesel Titanium Ford Figo Diesel ZXI Ford Figo Petrol LXI Ford Figo Petrol ZXI Ford Figo Petrol Titanium Ford Figo Petrol EXI Price Rs 4. The petrol engine produces 71PS maximum power at 6.2 litre 4-cylinder engine.000 Rs and 160Nm maximum torque at 2.000 Rs 4.00rpm.75.20.000 Rs 3.000 Rs 4. The diesel engine produces 69PS maximum power at 4. The diesel engine will be the same 1. The new Figo is available in 2 variants a 70 Bhp DuraTec Petrol and a 68 Bhp DuraTorq Diesel engine. .45.Fuel Tank Trunk Capacity WEIGHT Kerb Weight (kg) Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 42 litres 450 litres 1155 1540 Engine The all new Ford Figo is based on Ford's Global-B platform.85. Ford Figo Prices (Ex ± showroom.000 Engine Chevrolet Beat comes with 1.60.000 Rs 3.000 Rs 5.