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An appeal to Barack Obama to reject any FTA between the United

States and Malaysia.

Mr. Obama,
You must NOT agree to any FTA agreement to be reached between
Malaysia and the United States until you, as the President of
the United States of America, are satisfied that the government
of Malaysia has ceased all discriminatory practices and abuses
that are currently perpetuated against the minorities in Malaysia.

The Malaysian government has a policy of silently encouraging the

mainstream politicians to utilise threats, insults and other kinds
of verbal abuse (not excluding filing numerous police reports) to
put fear into minority politicians, activists and non-governmental
organisations whenever these people dare to open their mouths to
protest against the inequalities and sufferings experienced by the
innocent in the country.

Added to the above miserable state of affairs is the stand taken

by the police force in the country. The police here has shown to
be particularly partisan and government or pro-government figures
are routinely "protected" by the police, while, opposition and
minority figures or activists are regularly harassed and arrested,
sometimes on trumped-up charges. The real work, fighting crime, is
treated almost as an afterthought. Malaysia, by the way, is now
currently in the grip of a severe crime wave. Murder, robbery,
rape, gangland violence, drug peddling, cattle and human smuggling
are rampant. Piracy and vice rings, more often than not, are well
organised and under the protection of people in the right places.

The future president of the United States ought to be aware that

besides the police, the mainstream politicians are also aided by
the huge pro-government mass media as well as the royalty. These
institutions rarely earned the respect of the man-in-the-street
as a result of their glaring one-sided stand on national issues.

Due to the grossly overpowering weight stacked against them, all

the minority politicians could never push through the desired and
urgent changes needed to repair the social fabric in Malaysian

As a result, the minority politicians can only make noises in the

state assemblies and the national parliament, while the government
gets to continue extending the discriminatory abuses ranged against
the minority communities in Malaysia, using the excuse that these
imbalances in justice are part of the "social contract" agreed to
by the founding fathers and therefore they are legitimate.

No social contract (if there actually was one in the first place)
will ever condone any kind of attempt at legalising abuses erected
against the silent (in Malaysia's case) minority.

Meanwhile, day-in, day-out, the electronic mass media incessantly

blare out government propaganda, mostly aimed at the majority in
the country. Highly emotional phrases like "love my race, love my
country", "for the benefit of my race and country" and other similar
neo-fascist vomit are put out on the airwaves and these are aimed
at the targetted audiences so as to ensure that future generations
will be fired up to continue the abuses and injustices heaped on
the silent minority.

The sin list is almost endless, but what has been voiced out now
will suffice for this moment. Mr President-elect, wake up to the
abuses and injustices perpetuated against the minorities in Malaysia
and reject any kind of FTA agreement with Malaysia. Thank you.