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HP Information Management Solutions

Capitalize on your business information
Overview • Increase efficiency by optimizing information storage and management • Mitigate risks by improving compliance and litigation readiness • Reduce costs by automating paper-based and digital workflow processes

487 exabytes or 487 billion gigabytes were added to what we call the Digital Universe. And there will be five times as many bits created or captured and added to the Digital Universe by 2012.In 2008. —IDC White Paper. May 2009 .

” —Devin York. and supports three key initiatives: • Business continuity and availability • Governance and e-discovery • Document workflow transformation 3 . compliance officers. and poor business decisions. New laws. Western Europe. incurring substantial fines from compliance audits. “We are thrilled with the new features in the HP Data Protector 6. Manage information as a strategic asset HP Information Management solutions help you integrate information across your enterprise. require that any party in a civil lawsuit may request the other party to produce any document or electronically stored information (ESI) that supports its claim or defenses. data loss. as well as line-of-business managers must respond to the “information explosion” and the reality that a third of their employees spend more than an hour a day searching for information. security officers. slow application performance. we recognize both the opportunities and challenges associated with information management. In short. the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in the US affects all companies that do business in the US or that supply a US business. At HP. In addition.Information explosion: Use it to your advantage. Our Information Management portfolio focuses on helping you capitalize on your business information. especially in the US. meet compliance requirements. the number of regulations affecting data retention continues to increase around the world. Continental Airlines Business-level decision makers and influencers including CIOs.1. companies that can use information to their advantage win in today’s competitive market place. Continental Airlines has used HP Data Protector for many years to help reduce costs and meet compliance demands. legal counsels. and Australia. make more informed business decisions. Financial Systems Group. and businesses that are unable to manage information proactively face significant downsides. Senior Manager. as meeting compliance and government regulations continues to be a focus for us. The risks include losing lawsuits. We have developed a portfolio designed to help your company meet your information challenges in a manner that turns mountains of raw data into a strategic asset that drives better business outcomes. and reduce the cost of document and records management—while enhancing data protection and availability. Today. and expect further results in terms of cost reduction and reduced business risks.

from disk or tape.” —Lin Ren-Zong. enterprise-class data-protection platform that automates high-performance backup and recovery. and Sybase databases and offers a rapid deployment approach to manage data relocation and access safely—from inception through application retirement. Extracting the data required time and resulted in delays. Specifically. users enjoy instant access to the data they want. and can cut application environment costs by more than $1M per year. Data Protector provides broad interoperability across all leading IT environments and best-in-class integration with HP storage hardware. President.Business continuity and availability Our business continuity and availability solutions can help you prevent data loss. rather like dining at a buffet. enables compliance and e-discovery of structured data records. over unlimited distances. SQL Server. reduce downtime. to facilitate 24x7 business continuity and improve resource utilization. and confront the escalating challenges of being up and running 24x7x365. the database archiving solution from HP provides a comprehensive data lifecycle solution for managing your Oracle Applications and custom applications on Oracle. And it provides this at costs that are up to 70 percent less than those of similar industry offerings (based on price comparisons conducted by HP in March 2009). facilitates application retirement. Data protection HP Data Protector software is a mature. “Data used to be stored centrally in databases. This improves data availability and reduces the pressure on employees. Ten Ren Tea Inc. chooses HP Database Archiving software to improve data storage efficiency by 45 percent and accelerate performance of their ERP system. Performance archiving HP Database Archiving software boosts application performance by up to 70 percent. With HP Database Archiving software. Data Protection • Realize dramatic savings • Protect data on virtual servers • Simplify backup management • Enable instant recovery Business continuity and availability Performance Archiving • Improve application performance • Retire applications to save costs • Enable regulatory compliance • Maintain data privacy Ten Ren Tea Inc. 4 .

provide chain of custody and compliance evidence. and regulatory compliance. and preserve them over the long term for use in legal discovery or compliance activities. Compliance archiving The HP Integrated Archive Platform (IAP) compliance archiving solution sets the standard for scalability. and control physical access to the system through lock and key. prepare archived information in appropriate legal formats. litigation support professionals. and speed up search and analysis in e-discovery processes. preserve. high-performance information platform. HP Medical Archive Solution delivers long-term management of medical fixed content by consolidating data from multiple applications and retrieving images within seconds rather than minutes— all at up to 50 percent lower storage TCO. With Clearwell and HP. regulatory. Senior Systems Engineer Document and records management Records management capabilities from HP make it possible to identify electronic business records among general business communications. attorneys. manage. and faster access to pertinent business information. and structured records • Archive all data to a single system • Prevent data tampering • Enable rapid search of archives • Quickly cull down relevant information • Reduce legal fees • Accelerate early case assessments • Enable defensibility of discovery process Asante Health System uses HP Medical Archiving Solution to raise the bar on patient care by improving access to critical patient information—reaps a 230 percent ROI over five years. It allows the proactive capture of emails. you can configure retention management policies flexibly. “By moving entirely to a digital imaging environment. lower processing costs. files. expensive. In addition. discover. and risky. and recover information effectively. flexibility. we needed a solution that would grow. Governance and e-discovery Document and records management Compliance archiving Legal analytics • Capture. and facilitate regulatory compliance. and performance that helps mitigate costs and business impact of e-discovery preparation. and classify records • Manage evidence of business activities • Increase staff productivity • Reduce the burden of compliance • Capture all emails. and structured records into a central repository by combining world-class HP server and grid storage technology with native content indexing and search and retention management.Governance and e-discovery HP provides a comprehensive portfolio that enables you to capture. You can manage all business content proactively—in its relevant context—distributed across the enterprise. check unauthorized access of data. With HP TRIM software you can integrate valuable business records into day-to-day processes. legal response. reduce review workload. and forensics teams accelerate early case assessments. but it should also not impose increased administration requirements on our IT staff. make them available to the user’s desktop environment. classify. and investigative matters simultaneously with a single application that directly integrates with HP IAP. files. 5 . The Clearwell e-Discovery Platform is the industry’s first enterprise-class e-discovery management platform that enables corporations to manage all of their legal. collect and classify those records in a highly scalable.“ —Michael York. Legal analytics The traditional approach of collecting and exporting thousands of documents for manual review is slow. With HP IAP. analyze. and enable the defensibility of the e-discovery process. litigation readiness.

and HP Exstream meets our future goals so we don’t have to re-code and adapt our technologies every few years as our business changes. securing. retrieving. This allows business processes to be digitized right from the point of arrival of the initiating document. you get a better mix of the right imaging and printing devices. and enhance the impact and attractiveness of communications of all types. relevant offers Integrated document management • Manage. HP Output Management solutions (with HP Output Server) allow reliable information delivery to any destination (printer. Assessments like HP Workflow Discovery can evaluate specific processes for improvement. and tracking deadlines for activities.000 to 5. Through services like HP Managed Print Services.000 employees obviously requires a different processing model.” —John Harris. search. email. whether it is parked at a central office or scattered on desktops and remote offices throughout the world. and software to drive out costs and improve workflows. content management system) in a centrally managed. distribute the information in many ways. Web. and delivering information. Batching documents for 1. fax. in turn. managing. capturing. You can produce documents simultaneously in up to 20 formats from a single design and achieve greater relevance through personalized communications. retrieve. Whether your information is on paper or in electronic files. archive. 6 . lower costs. and protect your business. The HP TRIM Workflow module allows you to manage processes by creating links between information and people. customizing. and deliver documents efficiently and reliably • Route information through complex business processes • Comply with records management standards Document digitalization • Capture paper documents • Reduce manual processing errors • Improve customer response time • Seamlessly manage paper and electronic records As a leading employee benefits provider. capturing it in the highest quality possible and indexing it. Extensive statistical reporting can show you bottlenecks and help you fine-tune the deployment of your resources. “The best part of HP Exstream is its adaptability to our longer term needs. Tennessee-based Unum helps protect more than 25 million working people and their families in the event of illness or injury. physically and virtually. Document workflow transformation Enterprise document automation • Reduce complexity of document creation • Streamline business processes through end-to-end document processing • Communicate more effectively by delivering timely. With HP Enterprise Document Automation solutions. services. HP Document Workflow Transformation solutions address the full cycle of creating. your business can reduce development and integration efforts significantly. so you can easily find it again.Document workflow transformation Document workflow transformation is one of the key differentiators of HP in the Information Management space because we can address both paper-based and digital document processes. increase the reusability of document assets. Document digitization Scanning and multifunction devices from HP allow paper documents to be captured directly into the HP TRIM document management system or through either a simple scan to email or file folder. cost-effective manner. Integrated document management HP Integrated Document Management as part of the HP Document Workflow Transformation initiative allows you to manage the various types of data that exist throughout your organization. improve business outcomes. These solutions—together with the other HP Information Management offerings—help you to smooth operations. Systems Consultant Enterprise document automation Our enterprise document automation portfolio combines HP Exstream and HP Output Management solutions to allow you to source documents from many systems and. our solution can help you capture it quickly and accurately.

” —Samer Ghosheh. documents/files. which meets your requirements and secure paper and electronic records from • Adopt: Roll out the solution and enable preparation creation to disposal—in context with the business. EDW. Neoview. but to offer to our customers as a value-added service. Businesses will be able to a daunting task. DIFC HP Information Governance Strategy HP has developed a comprehensive Information Whether you have a few terabytes of data—or multiple Governance Strategy to help you manage your petabytes—keeping this information “protected yet information proactively. access. accessible” and “secure yet discoverable” can be and mitigate business risks. application data) in your requirements are an integrated repository to improve compliance. and develop a map • Integrated Archiving: Retain and preserve all types • Analyze: Gain insight of what you have and what of data (emails. design. and ODBC/JDBC) • Applications (ERP. for future changes and enhancements • Operate: Protect and maintain your investment HP Information Management Services 7 . CRM. and implement a solution • Records Management: Capture. • Build: Architect. That is why HP has significantly achieve these goals and gain better business insight increased the number of services professionals by implementing a tightly integrated information and developed an iGovernance framework which governance platform based on six core components: includes the following stages from identifying business • Data Protection: Enable predictable data availability challenges through implementation and support: based on recovery time objectives and recovery • Strategize: Envision where you need to be long term point objectives. builds an Information Lifecycle Management foundation. manage. SQL Server. “The HP Integrated Archive Platform allows us to start thinking about how to build a complete Information Management (IM) solution. increase business efficiencies. not only for internal purposes. Sybase. Director IT Services. and improves productivity with HP Integrated Archive Platform.HP Information Governance Platform Capitalize on business information Business insight Information Governance Compliance Analytics Discovery Classification Records management Integrated archiving Data protection E-discovery Efficiency Documents • Physical content • Digital content Unstructured • Email • Files • SharePoint • Content repositories Structured • Databases (Oracle. and custom) Dubai International Financial Centre enables regulatory compliance.

and innovative research—and we integrate all aspects of the solution for better performance and reliability.” —Becky Shoemaker. contribution. visit www.Metro Regional Government uses HP TRIM software to reduce The HP advantage The true advantage of HP in this solution area is that we provide all the components of an Information Management architecture—from servers.P. Our experience lets us apply an iterative approach that reduces time. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. and storage to services. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. legal analytics. support. data protection. L. June 2009 . software. records management. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. enterprise document automation. 4AA2-6982ENW. • Analytics: Leverage tools for content and review analytics to effectively analyze all business information—structured and unstructured—and make more informed business decisions. “HP TRIM software has let us maximize the value of our information assets. and to make your information a differentiating company asset. Records Officer. cost. performance and compliance archiving. and risk to bring For more information To learn more about HP Information Management solutions and what they can do for your organization. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. visit © Copyright 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company.hp. visit www. • Discovery: Deploy enterprise-wide search tools to discover relevant information quickly across the various silos of data and storage systems and prepare for e-discovery requests. Technology for better business outcomes To learn more. improve staff efficiency. and accountability in balancing our business goals with our impacts on society and the planet. paper-based automation. Global citizenship at HP At HP. Metro Regional Government • Classification: Categorize information based on business value to lower costs and focus attention to the most business critical information.hp. and disposing of them when business needs have been met. and minimize the cost of collecting. you the most comprehensive information management portfolio including information strategy. managing. and promote citizen engagement. visit www. We follow a step-wise approach to specifically address your particular requirements and deliver fast payback and strong ROI. HP will be there to help you develop and execute your unique information governance strategy. global citizenship is our commitment to hold ourselves to high standards of integrity.hp. and for information about HP Eco Solutions program.hp. To learn more. and integrated content management.