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DRAFT – TABLE OF CONTENTS The Bioregional Imagination: New Perspectives on Literature, Ecology, and Place edited by Tom Lynch

, Cheryll Glotfelty, and Karla Armbruster Published by the University of Georgia Press, 2012 I. REINHABITING Cheryll Glotfelty Big Picture, Local Place: A Conversation with David Robertson and Robert L. Thayer, Jr. John Lane Still Under the Influence: The Bioregional Origins of the Hub City Writers Project Laird Christensen Teaching Bioregional Perception—At a Distance Laurie Ricou Out of the Field Guide: Teaching Habitat Studies Rinda West Representing Chicago Wilderness Bart Welling Beyond Grief and Rage: How Language Matters in the Work of Janisse Ray Harry Vandervlist The Challenge of Writing Bioregionally: Performing the Bow River in Jon Whyte’s Minisniwapta: Voices of the River Christine Cusick “Keepers of the World-Catchment”: Tim Robinson and the Lingering Hope of Natural Histories II. READING Norah Bowman-Broz "To Become Beavers of Sorts”: Eric Collier’s Memoir of Creative Ecology at Meldrum Creek

Ruth Blair Figures of Life: Beverley Farmer’s The Seal Woman as an Australian Bioregional Novel Heather Kerr Melancholy Botany: Charlotte Smith’s Bioregional Poetic Imaginary Kent C. Ryden The Nature of Region: Russell Banks, New England, and New York Chad Wriglesworth The Poetics of Water: Currents of Reclamation on the Columbia River Basin Wes Berry Switching on Light Bulbs & Blowing Up Mountains: Ecoliteracy and Energy Consumption in General Education English Courses David Landis Barnhill Critical Utopianism and Bioregional Ecocriticism Daniel Anderson The Bioregional Method of Muad’Dib’s Materialism III. REIMAGINING Jill Gatlin “Los campos extraños de esta ciudad”/”The strange fields of this city”: Urban Bioregionalist Identity and Environmental Justice in Lorna Dee Cervantes's “Freeway 280" Erin James Bioregionalism, Postcolonial Literatures, and Ben Okri’s The Famished Road Serenella Iovino Restoring the Imagination of Place: Narrative Reinhabitation and the Po Valley Libby Robin Imagining the Global and Empowering the Personal: Environmental Anxiety in Big Places

Pavel Cenkl Reading Work in the North Dan Wylie Douglas Livingstone’s Poetry and the (Im)possibility of the Bioregion Anne Milne Grinning from the Margins; Or, Thinking the Feral into Bioregionalism Kate Miles and Mitchell Thomashow Where You at 20.0