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Cameron Brackett Cameron Brackett is the Director of Research and Development for the global Honeywell HomMed business;

his area is responsible for researching, developing and producing new innovations in remote patient monitoring. Brackett joined Honeywell HomMed in 2007. Prior to his current role, he began and led the global Cardiology program at Cerner. While there he co-developed, with Mortara Instrument, the first DICOM ECG for the EMR/EHR a revolutionary product for the industry. In addition to the telehealth and EMR industries, Cameron has also worked as an engineer and engineering leader at GE Healthcare for Ultrasound and Centricity Cardiology/Radiology. Brackett is currently the Industry Chair for the Carnegie Mellon University Quality of Life Technology center. Throughout his engineering career, he also served as Chairman of DICOM Working Group 8 (Structured Reporting), was a charter member of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprises (IHE) Cardiology, and authored IHE's Echocardiography technical profile. He currently holds 24 patents worldwide. Brackett holds a Bachelor s degree in Computer Science and Biology from Baylor University. ###

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