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Forthcoming Productions from Bolsover Drama Group

Thursday 17th - Saturday 19th May 2012 Nightly at 7:15pm
The Assembly Rooms, Bolsover Tickets £8.00 (Concessions £7.00)

A farce by Derek Benfield

Wednesday 11th - Saturday 14th July 2012 Nightly at 7:15pm
The Bolsover School, Mooracre Lane, Bolsover Tickets £8.00 (Concessions £7.00)

A brand new pantomime for all the family
by Alan P Frayn

Script provided by Stage Right -

Tuesday 2nd - Saturday 6th October 2012 Nightly at 7:15pm
The Bolsover School, Mooracre Lane, Bolsover Tickets £8.00 (Concessions £7.00)

Tuesday 24th - Saturday 28th January 2012 Nightly at 7:15pm, Saturday Matinee at 2:15pm

Call 01246 850402 or book online at

Programme £1.00

Doe Lea Centre
We have a large function room and meeting rooms for hire. We also cater for lunches, weddings and parties, at very reasonable rates. Find us just of Junction 29 of the M1. Doe Lea Centre Mansfield Road, Doe Lea, Chesterfield Telephone 01246 850209

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One free ticket to a production of your choice Priority ticket booking facilities Special group discount rates Acknowledgement in all programmes and front of house material The chance to become involved with marketing, fundraising, front of house and much more

Bolsover Assembly Hall Community Centre
Ideal  for  wedding  receptions,  children’s  parties  and   meetings for up to 200 people

Paula Bargh

Face painter
Available for parties, charity events, fun days, gala’s etc

Tues and Friday Flea market every Thursday Bainbridge Hall provides a good alternative Venue for parties and meetings

All for just £20 per year
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Old Bolsover Town Council  01246 823809

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Past productions

1981     Strike  Happy   1982 Surprise  Package Friends  and  Neighbours   1983 Tomb  with  a  View Continental  Quilt 1984 Tag  Match After  Midnight  Before  Dawn   1985 Bad  Day  at  Black  Frog  Creek   1986 Mr  Macaroni  &  the  Exploding   Pizza  Pie   1987 Let  Us  Entertain  You 1988 Dick  Wittington 1989 Humpty  Dumpty 1990 Babes  in  the  Wood Let  Us  Entertain  You  Again 1991 Aladdin   Maʼs  Bit  of  Brass Consider  Yourself  Entertained   1992 Robinson  Crusoe Disappearance  of  Katie The  King  and  I 1993 Goldilocks  &  the  Three  Bears Keeping  Down  with  the  Jonesʼ Thank  You  For  The  Music   1994 Frankenstein:  The  Panto Oliver! 1995 Snow  White  &  the  Seven  Dwarfs Annie  Get  Your  Gun 1996 Cinderella Play  On Fiddler  On  The  Roof   1997 Sinbad  The  Sailor Holiday  Snap Show  Boat Big  Al 1998 The  Revenge  of  Abanazar Abigail Big  Al The  Pajama  Game 1999 The  Sleeping  Beauty

Fringe  Bene4its West  Side  Story Guys  and  Dolls 2000 Jack  and  the  Beanstalk   Sailor  Beware South  Paci4ic 2001 Dick  Whittington  and  his  Cat Half  a  Sixpence Calamity  Jane   2002 Aladdin Anything  Goes 2003 Puss  in  Boots Dazzle   A  Night  on  the  Tiles The  Mikado 2004   Robin  Hood  and  Babes  in  the   Wood Arf  ʻnʼ  Arf Out  of  Focus My  Fair  Lady 2005 Cinderella Bugsy  Malone Cash  on  Delivery Kiss  Me  Kate 2006 Mother  Goose The  Wizard  of  Oz Comfort  and  Joy Iolanthe 2007 Old  Mother  Hubbard   Out  of  Order   Oklahoma! 2008 Ali  Baba  and  the  40  Thieves It  Runs  in  the  Family Oliver! Me  and  My  Girl 2009 Robinson  Crusoe  &  the  Pirates   Murdered  to  Death From  Broadway  to  Hollywood Thoroughly  Modern  Millie Goldilocks  &  the  Three  Bears 2010 Jack  and  the  Beanstalk Dry  Rot High  School  Musical Carousel 2011 Sleeping  Beauty Surprise  Package West  Side  Story Viva  Mexico

Management Team
Chairperson Mick Whitehouse Vice-Chairperson Steve Sowerby Co-vice Chairperson Chris Peck Secretary Wendy Blunt Treasurer Lisa Brunt Minute Secretary Lesley Seaston

Hello  and  welcome  to  Beauty  and  the  Beast  –  our  4irst   production  of  2012.  Oh  yes  it  is! Last  year  was  our  30th  year  –  yet  even  so  it  was  a  dif4icult  one   adapting  to  this  our  new  venue.  We  aim  to  produce  three  more   shows  this  year  as  shown  on  the  back  cover  of  this   programme.   In  addition  we  will  be  staging  talent  shows  and  a  'Songs  from   the  Shows'  night  as  well  as  numerous  fund  raising  activities.   Our  membership  has  grown  in  both  the  adult  and  youth   sections.  The  youth  section,  in  particular,  is  proving  ever  more   popular  –  providing  opportunity  for  youngsters  in  the  local   community.   Thank  you  for  supporting  us  and  have  an  enjoyable  2012.

Youth  Section  A wards  Presentat

ion  -­  November  

Committee Members

Steve  Sowerby Vice  Chairperson


Janet Atkinson Paula Bargh Dawn Blackburn Lianne Brunt Rachel Johnson Ken Radmore James Sheppard Michelle Simpson Ian Simpson Leanne Whitehouse Lyndsey Whitehouse

Honorary Members
Mr. P Clark Mr. W Cox Mrs. G Perkins Mr. H Perkins Mr. F Taylor Mrs. P Fern

Friends of the Group
Mrs. O Elliott Mr. N Mosley Mrs. B Thorndike Mrs. M Wilson Mrs. A Simpson Mrs. M Fawcett Mr. A Shaw Mrs. J Shaw

NODA East Midlands Best District Pantomime 2008 – Winner Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves 2009 – Winner Robinson Crusoe & the Pirates 2010- Winner Jack and the Beanstalk NODA East Midlands Award for Best Drama 2007 – Nominated Out of Order 2008 – Nominated It Runs in the Family 2009 – Nominated Murdered to Death 2010 - Nominated Dry Rot

For more photos visit

The  National  Operatic  and  Dramatic  Association  (NODA)  was  founded   in  1899  and  has  a  membership  of  over  2500  amateur  theatre  groups   throughout  the  UK,  staging  musicals,  operas,  plays,  concerts  and   pantomimes  in  a  wide  variety  of  performing  venues,  ranging  from  the   country’s  leading  professional  theatres  to  village  halls.   Bene4its  of  membership  include  access  to  NODA’s  advice  service,   conferences,  workshops  and  seminars  to  help  share  information  on   best  practice.  NODA  also  holds  an  annual  summer  school  offering   training  for  performers,  directors  and  technicians.




The latest news from Bolsover Drama Group

Presentations for our former Secretary and Treasurer
At  our  AGM  in  July  it  was   announced  that  Janet   Atkinson  and  Chris  Booth   would  be  stepping  down   from  their  positions  of   secretary  and  treasurer   respectively.     Both  Janet  and  Chris  had   held  their  positions  as  part   of  the  management  team  for   over  20  years  and  the  group   felt  it  right  to  honour  their   hard  work  and  dedication   over  that  period  by   presenting  both  with  a  gift   following  the  group’s   Variety  Evening  in   December.

We  would  like  to  thank  the   Rotary  Club  and  those  who   helped  set  this  event  up.

Our online box office is launched
We  are  pleased  to  announce   the  launch  of  our  new  online   box  of4ice,  allowing   supporters  of  the  group  to   save  time  by  buying  tickets   over  the  internet.    The   service,  operated  by  NODA   Box  Of4ice,  offers  another   method  for  purchasing   tickets  for  forthcoming   productions. Tickets  can  be  bought  via   the  secure  website  and  are   delivered  direct  to  your   email  inbox  saving  time   queueing  to  pick  up   reserved  tickets  before   performances. The  online  box  of4ice  can  be   accessed  by  visiting  our   website  www.bolsover looking  to  perform  at  a   number  of  other  events  over   the  course  of  the  year.     If  you  know  of  any  local   events  where  we  can   perform  please  speak  to  a   member  of  the  front  of   house  team  or  email   info@bolsoverdramagroup. org

Ray Hall Beast
I  have  been  a  member  of   Bolsover  Drama  Group   now  for  several  years  and   have  enjoyed  doing  quite   a  few  small  and  medium   varied  parts,  from  a  dog   (which  still  rates  in  my   rankings  as  my  most   favourite  part,  some  say   because  I  had  no  lines  to   remember)  to  an   American  Senator  in  ‘Viva   Mexico’  (which  some  say   was  my  best  performance,   although  there’s  still   plenty  of  room  for   improvement). I  like  doing  pantomimes   and  really  wanted  to  play   The  Beast,  so  here  goes   for  further  improvement.     I  hope  you  enjoy  the  show,   because  I  know  I  will,  and   thanks  for  coming  -­‐   I  hope  we  will  see  you   again.

Ray Wignall Monsieur Le Fou
First  of  all  I’d  like  to  wish   everyone  a  Happy  New   Year. Welcome  to  Bolsover   Drama  Group’s   production  of  ‘Beauty  and   the  Beast’.     Following  on  from  my   roles  of  Of4icer  Krupke  in   ‘West  Side  Story’  and  one   of  the  Bandits  in  ‘Viva   Mexico’,  this  show  gives   me  another  challenge  as   Monsieur  Le  Fou,  the   French-­‐speaking  madman   who  runs  the  local  lunatic   asylum. It’s  been  so  much  fun   rehearsing  for  the  show   and  I’m  sure  you’ll  have   fun  watching  it.     VOUS  AIME   (enjoy  yourselves).

Your Name Could be here
Come  and  join  one  of  the   friendliest  drama  groups   in  Derbyshire. Whether  you  want  to   perform,  work  backstage   or  help  distribute   publicity  material  new   members  are  always   welcome. For  membership  or   general  enquiries  call  us   on  01246  827297  or   email  info@bolsoverdram

Chris  Booth  (above,  centre)  and  Janet  Atkinson  (below)  are   presented  with  gifts  by  Chris  Peck,  Mick  Whitehouse  and  Steve   Sowerby  at  the  group’s  Variety  Evening  last  year.

Bolsover Drama Group sing for their supper
On  Thursday  15th   December  Bolsover  Drama   Group  were  invited  to   perform  a  selection  of   musical  numbers  from  past   productions  along  with  a   number  of  Christmas   favourites  at  the  Christmas   dinner  of  the  Mans4ield   Masonic  Society. An  enjoyable  evening  for  all   helped  to  raise  £100  for  the   group,  with  thanks  to  Dawn   Shearwood  for  organising   the  event  for  Bolsover   Drama  Group.    We  are  

Youth Section help rotary club raise funds
The  Bolsover  Drama  Group   Youth  Section  assisted  the   Rotary  Club  raise  funds  for   the  group  and  other  local   charities  by  helping  to  rattle   tins  at  Tesco  in  Chester4ield   on  Thursday  22nd  and   Friday  23rd  December.  



Meet the cast

Bringing our musical showcase evening back for a second year
Following  on  from  our  30th   anniversary  ‘Songs  from  Our   Shows’  evening  last  June   Bolsover  Drama  Group  have   decided  to  add  the  event  to   our  annual  calendar.

will  be  an  enjoyable   evening.

The Youth Section host a successful showcase evening
Following  on  from  the   Bolsover  Drama  Group  30th   Anniversary  showcase   evening  in  June  the  Youth   Section  their  own  showcase   evening  on  Saturday  12th   November.     The  evening  saw  members   of  the  youth  section   performed  songs  from  past   Youth  Section  productions,  

including  ‘Oliver’,  ‘The   Wizard  of  Oz’  and  ‘High   School  Musical’,  as  well  as   songs  from  musicals  which   the  Youth  Section  have  yet   to  perform  and  the   forthcoming  production  of   ‘Summer  Holiday’. The  evening  also  saw  the   presentation  of  long  service   awards  to  Youth  Section   members  and  the   announcement  of  this  years   winner  of  the  Jack  Elliott   Trophy. The  Jack  Elliott  Trophy   recognises  a  youth  member   or  youth  members  who  have   over  a  number  of  years  

continually  demonstrated   commitment  to  the  group,   an  Excellent  attendance   record,    excellent  attitude   and  excellent  behaviour.     The  2011  award,  chosen  by   members  of  the  group  who   work  with  the  Youth   Section,  was  presented  to   Laura  Hulett  by  chairman   Mick  Whitehouse  and   previous  winners  of  the   award. See  page  14  for  more   photographs  from  the   evening.

Derrick Hulett Madam Fifi
I  have  been  involved  with   Bolsover  Drama  Group   since  1996  building  set,   raising  funds,  arranging   events  and  working  back   stage  and  front  of  house.   In  2003  I  decided  to   become  a  member  and   take  part  as  a  “one  off   event”  in  the  musical  ‘The   Mikado’.    I  enjoyed  the   whole  experience  so  much   that  I  decided  to  stay. Since  then  I  have   appeared  in  many   musicals,  pantomimes  and   plays  and  enjoyed  them   all. In  this  years  panto  I  am   playing  the  dame   “Madamme  Fi4i”.    Its  a   very  enjoyable  part  in   what,  I  believe,  is  a  very   good  panto.

Julie Clifford Jacqueline
I  joined  Bolsover  Drama   Group  in  1997,  which   means  next  year  will  be   my  4ifteenth  year  with  the   group.    I  have  enjoyed   every  minute  of  it,  and   whether  doing  chorus  or   principal  parts  I  always   have  lots  of  fun. This  year  I  am  playing  the   role  of  Jacqueline,  the   dame’s  daughter,  it’s  great   to  work  with  Derrick   again  as  we  always  work   well  together. Hope  you  enjoy  the  show   as  much  as  I  have  had   rehearsing  for  it.

Paul Holland Alphonse
Since  joining  Bolsover   Drama  Group  in  1999  I   have  had  many  varying   roles  in  both  musicals  and   pantomimes.     I  really  enjoy  the   rehearsals  and   performing,  and  I  hope   you  enjoy  our  show   tonight!! For  maximum  please,   please  join  in!!

Nicky Constable Prince Danton
This  is  my  fourth  year  as  a   member  of  Bolsover   Drama  Group  and  I  enjoy   it  more  and  more  every   year.     I  have  always  wanted  to   play  the  Prince  so  was   delighted  to  get  the  part.     I  got  engaged  to  Keyleigh,   who  is  playing  Monique,   last  year  so  2011  was  a   great  year  for  me,  and   hopefully  this  show  will   be  the  start  of  a  great   2012. Enjoy!!

This  year’s  event,  which  will   see  the  group  taking  on   more  musical  numbers  from   past  productions  and   famous  shows,  will  take   place  at  7:15pm  on  Saturday   31st  March  at  The  Assembly   Rooms,  Bolsover.    Everyone   is  invited  to  join  us  for  what  

The  Jack  Elliott  Trophy  presentation:  Laura  Hulett  is  presented  with  the  Jack  Elliott  Trophy  by  group  Chairman  Mick  Whitehouse   and  past  winners  (from  left)  Lianne  Brunt,  Leanne  Barlow,  Peter  Maddison,  James  Sheppard  and  Dale  Shaw.



Beauty and the Beast

Chrissy Smith Esmerelda
Hello,  it’s  that  time  of  year   again  (oh  yes  it  is!!).     I  love  panto  and  I  am   enjoying  playing  an   OLDER!!  sister,  another   4irst  in  my  35  years  in   amateur  dramatics,   playing  a  variety  of   different  roles. Enjoy  the  show.

Peter Maddison Marcel
I  joined  Bolsover  Drama   Group  Youth  Section  in   2003,  my  4irst  show  was   ‘Dazzle’.     When  I  joined  the  group   my  con4idence  was  low   and  reading  wasn’t  very   good,  but  with  the   support  of  all  my  friends   in  the  group  my   con4idence  keeps   improving  to  this  day. The  part  of  Marcel  has   been  my  most  dif4icult   part  yet  -­‐  I  4ind  the   mannerisms  and  posture   the  most  dif4icult. I  hope  you  enjoy  the  show.

Keyleigh Hulett Monique
I  am  really  pleased  to  be   playing  the  role  of   Monique,  the  character   couldn’t  be  more  suited  to   my  personality  -­‐  I’m   beauty-­‐mad  and  very,  very   blonde! Apart  from  three  years   out  to  study  drama  at  the   Lincoln  School  of   Performing  Arts  I  have   been  in  the  group  since  I   was  11.     I  love  the  friendly,  non-­‐ judgemental  atmosphere   and  the  commitment  we   all  have.

Chris Peck Gustave
The  last  12  months  have   been  another  busy  year  -­‐   playing  the  Prince  in   ‘Sleeping  Beauty’,  Ron  in   ‘Surprise  Package’  and   Sergeant  Bernardo  in   ‘Viva  Mexico’.     After  being  persuaded  to   put  my  name  forward  for   this  production  I  was   given  the  role  of  Gustave,   which,  to  quote  the  script,   is  a  “Casanova-­‐type   “hunk”  of  a  new-­‐comer  to   the  village.     A  conceited,  arrogant  and   self-­‐opinionated  Lothario   -­‐  big  on  muscles,  but  small   on  brain”.     It’s  certainly  been  an   enjoyable  new  challenge   as  I’m  none  of  the  above!    



Meet the cast

Act 1
Prologue Coming up Roses? Scene  1 The Village of Franglais de la Mer Hannah Bradford Belle
I’ve  been  in  the  drama   group  11  years,  starting  in   ‘Dick  Whittington  and  his   Cat’  aged  10.     It  still  seems  like   yesterday  I  took  to  the   stage  to  deliver  my  4irst   ever  line  -­‐  how  many   there’s  been  since,  and   I’ve  enjoyed  every  last   one. I  was  so  pleased  to  be   offered  the  part  of  Belle  as   it’s  a  pantomime  you  can’t   help  but  enjoy  and  sing   along  to. I  hope  you  enjoy  watching   this  as  much  as  I’ve   enjoyed  rehearsing.

Musical Numbers
Act 2
Scene  1 Return to the Village Scene  2 The Plot Thickens Scene  3 The Secrets of the Castle Scene  4 The Beauty Parlour Scene  5 Outside the Gates Again Scene  6 Back Inside the Castle Scene  7 Gustave’s Gambit Scene  8 The Last Rose of Summer Scene  9 Chanson à Chanter! Scene  10 The Finale

Act 1
Wake  Up  Boo Company The  Lazy  Song Madam Fifi, Jacqueline and Chorus Ladies  Choice Chorus Haven't  Met  You  Yet Prince Danton Be  Our  Guest Company

Act 2
Walking  on  Sunshine Company Somewhere  Out  There Belle and Prince Danton On  My  Own The Beast A  Tale  As  Old  As  Time Madam Fifi The  Mob Chorus We're  All  In  This   Together Company

Leanne Barlow Flora
I  joined  the  group  back  in   2001  at  just  10  years  old   for  my  4irst  show  ‘Half  a   Sixpence’.     Since  then  I’ve  been  in   several  shows  playing  a   few  small  parts,  from   Janet  in  ‘Robin  Hood  and   Babes  in  the  Wood’  to  the   Parrot  in  ‘Robinson   Crusoe  and  the  Pirates’. This  year  I’m  the  Fairy,   which  I’ve  enjoyed   playing.    I  hope  you  all   have  as  much  fun   watching  as  we  have  had   putting  it  together.

Lisa Brunt Beladonna
I  began  with  the  group  for   ‘Calamity  Jane’  -­‐  I  brought   my  daughter,  Lianne,  to   join  the  youth  section  and   learned  the  group  had  an   adults  section,  which   Dawn  Blackburn  talked   me  into  joining. I  said  at  the  time  I  would   only  want  to  dance  and   she  convinced  me  to  join   with  “just  that  in  mind”.    I   was  handed  a  script  and   song  sheets  (unavoidable   in  this  group!),  dancing   followed  bug  time...   helping  the  Youth  Section   for  the  last  10  years  with   dance. I  have  since  played  small   parts  such  as  Jasmine  in   ‘Aladdin’  and  feisty  Little   Deer  in  ‘Old  Mother   Hubbard’.    This  should  be   my  most  “mean”  role,   Belladonna.

Wendy Blunt Ermengarde
I’ve  been  in  Bolsover   Drama  Group  since  1997.     In  all  that  time  I’ve  been   lucky  to  have  played  many   great  roles  in  musicals   and  pantomime  –  and  to   also  have  played  alongside   many  great  friends. I  also  help  out  with   Bolsover  Drama  Group   Youth  Section  on  a   Tuesday  night  –   producing  all  their  shows   and  am  Producer  for  the   Pantomimes. The  part  I’m  playing  in   this  Panto  is  quite   different  for  me  –  I’m  used   to  playing  Fairy   Godmother/Principal  Girl   type  roles  –  so  to  be  cast   in  a  comedy  duo  role  has   been  a  challenge.    My  “on-­‐ stage”  sister  though  has   been  an  inspiration  and   great  help. Hope  you  all  enjoy  the   show.  

Scene  2 A Woodland Glade Scene  3 The Fearsome Forest Scene  4 The Enchanted Castle Scene  5 Meanwhile, Back Near the Village Scene  6 At the Castle Gates Scene  7 A Beastly Banquet



Belle Flora Beladonna Ermengarde Esmeralda Marcel Monique Gustave Madam  FiUi Jacqueline Alphonse Prince Beast Monsieur  Le  Fou

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