[sēd]    noun    Something  that  is  the  source  of  a  significant  change  in  outlook  or  action.



the  Subject  Tests   in  

What  is  on  



• Each  Subject  Test  is  scored  on  a  200-­‐to-­‐800  scale.   • Each  Subject  Test  is  one  hour  long.   • Not  every  Subject  Test  is  offered  on  every  test  date.   • Not  every  question  has  to  be  answered  correctly  to  get  an  800      

French   85  multiple  choice  questions   offered  in  Oct,  Dec,  Jan,  May  and  June   Skills  Measured:  ≈30%  Vocabulary  in  context;  ≈30-­‐40%  Structure;  ≈30-­‐40%  Reading  Comprehension     an  acceptable  CD  player  with  earphones  required   French  with  Listening   ≈85  multiple  choice  questions  

offered  in  Nov  only  


Listening  section  
Pictures  8–12  questions  |  Identify  the  sentence  that  most  accurately  describes  what  is  presented  in  a  picture  or  photograph   Short  dialogues  6–12  questions  |  Answer  general  content  questions  based  on  short  dialogues  or  monologues   Long  dialogues  10–15  questions  |  Answer  more  specific  questions  based  on  longer  dialogues  or  monologues  


Reading  section  
Vocabulary  16–20  questions   Structure  16–20  questions   Reading  Comprehension  20–25  questions  


85  multiple  choice  questions  

complies  with  German  spelling  reform  (Rechtschreibreform)  

offered  in  June  only   offered  in  Nov  only  

Skills  Measured:  ≈50%  Vocabulary  in  context  and  Grammar;  ≈50%  Reading  Comprehension     an  acceptable  CD  player  with  earphones  required   German  with  Listening   ≈85  multiple  choice  questions  


Listening  section  
Type  One  |  Contains  short  dialogues/monologues  with  one  or  two  multiple  choice  questions.  Dialogues/monologues,   questions  and  answer  choices  are  recorded.  Questions  are  also  printed  in  the  test  book   Type  Two  |  Contains  longer  dialogues  and  monologues  with  several  multiple  choice  questions.  Dialogues/monologues  and   questions  are  only  recorded  and  not  printed  in  the  test  book.  Answer  choices  are  not  recorded;  they  appear   only  in  the  test  book  



Reading  section  
Vocabulary  in  context   Grammar     Reading  Comprehension  using  authentic  stimulus  materials  and  passages  

Modern  Hebrew    

85  multiple  choice  questions  

No  material  is  written  in  biblical  Hebrew;   some  passages  may  have  biblical  references  

offered  in  June  only  

Skills  Measured:  ≈30%  Vocabulary  in  context;  ≈30%  Grammar;  ≈40%  Reading  Comprehension  (most  passages  are  vocalized)  

Italian   80-­‐85  multiple  choice  questions   offered  in  Dec   Skills  Measured:  ≈30%  Vocabulary  in  context;  ≈30%  Grammar;  ≈40%  Reading  Comprehension    
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(718) 224-8626

(914) 761-7973


Spanish   85  multiple  choice  questions   offered  in  Oct,  Dec,  Jan,  May  and  June   Skills  Measured:  ≈33%  Vocabulary  and  Structure;  ≈33  Paragraph  Completion;  ≈33%  Reading  Comprehension       an  acceptable  CD  player  with  earphones  required   Spanish  with  Listening   85  multiple  choice  questions  

offered  in  Nov  only  


Listening  section  
Pictures  |  Identify  the  sentence  that  most  accurately  describes  what  is  presented  in  a  photograph  or  what  someone  in  the   photograph  might  say   Rejoinders  |  Identify  a  plausible  continuation  of  a  short  conversation   Selections  |  Answer  comprehension  questions  based  on  more  extensive  listening  selections  



Reading  section  


Vocabulary  and  Structure   Paragraph  completion   Reading  Comprehension    


70-­‐75  multiple  choice  questions  

offered  in  Dec  and  June    

Skills  Measured   ≈30%   Grammar  and  syntax   ≈5%   Derivatives   Translation  and  reading  comprehension   Reading  comprehension  portion  includes  3  to  5  reading  passages  and  1  or  2  poetry  passages.  A  set   ≈65%   of  questions  following  a  poetry  passage  always  includes  one  question  requiring  students  to  scan  the   first  four  feet  of  a  line  of  dactylic  hexameter  verse  or  to  determine  the  number  of  elisions  in  a  line.  

an  acceptable  CD  player  with  earphones  required   Chinese  with  Listening   95  multiple  choice  questions   Skills  Measured:  ≈33%  Listening  Comprehension;  ≈33  Usage;  ≈33%  Reading  Comprehension       an  acceptable  CD  player  with  earphones  required   Japanese  with  Listening   80  multiple  choice  questions   Skills  Measured:  ≈35%  Listening  Comprehension;  ≈30  Usage;  ≈35%  Reading  Comprehension       an  acceptable  CD  player  with  earphones  required   Korean  with  Listening   80  multiple  choice  questions   Skills  Measured:  ≈35%  Listening  Comprehension;  ≈30  Usage;  ≈35%  Reading  Comprehension        

offered  in  Nov  only  

offered  in  Nov  only  

offered  in  Nov  only  

for  2010  college-­‐bound  seniors  

Subject  Test   French   French  with  Listening   German   German  with  Listening   Spanish   Spanish  with  Listening   Modern  Hebrew   Italian   Latin   Chinese  with  Listening   Japanese  with  Listening   Korean  with  Listening  

National  mean     (average)  score  

State  mean  score   for     New  York    

State  mean  score   for     New  Jersey  

Percentile  rank     for  a  700  score  

Percentile  rank     for  a  800  score*  

620   639   612   604   644   653   614   663   619   761   688   764  

632   651   639   597   632   633   612   565   637   762   687   771  

586   599   568   558   610   607   663   605   593   761   702   773  

68   65   69   67   61   54   64   51   71   12   37   11  

89   87   91   89   92   95   84   89   96   57   86   63  

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