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Department of Education Region III Division of Zambales ZAMBALES NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Iba, Zambales ANNUAL IMPROVEMENT PLAN

SY 2010-2011 PROBLEMS I. Low Performance, no mastery in skills OBJECTIVES To achieve 75% mastery learning and increased students performance level. STRATEGIES Diagnose learner s needs & evaluate learning outcomes through pre-test and post test. Identify most learned skills & least learned skills. Adopt SMART objective of the lesson, select appropriate teaching method & prepare instructional materials. Motivate students to join the yearly TLE STEP SKILLS Compeition. TIME FRAME JuneMarch RESOURCES HUMAN MATERIALS Head Teacher Testing TLE Teacher Materials Students Lesson Plan Instructional Materials EXPECTED OUTCOME Improved Achievement Level SUSTAINABILITY Implementation of BEC objectives in the class. Implementation of SEC 2010 in Career Path ways in TLE-1

FUND Dept. Fund

To encourage maximum participation of students to different TLE related activities.


Class Fund Donations

Head Teacher TLE Teacher Students

Enhanced talent/skills of the students

Maximum participation of teachers & students.

II. STAFF DEVELOPMENT - Inefficiency & ineffectiveness of teachers in the department

To become efficient & effective teacher in the department.

- Attend in-service trainings & workshop. - Submit clean & accurate reports on time. - Enroll in masteral degree course.




Hand-outs Forms Professional readings.

Efficient & effective teacher in the department.

Increased teacher s motivation & initiative.

III. CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT - Inadequate supply of text books & reading materials. IV. PHYSICAL FACILITY DEVELOPMENT - Inadequate equipment/ facilities needed.

To produce/avail sufficient, adequate text books & reading materials specially in TLE I

Raise fund for the procurement of text books. Solicit/ask donations.


Solicitations Head Teacher Donations TLE Teachers Fund Students Raising

Text books Reading Materials Instructional Materials

Improved Teaching Learning Process

Establishing linkages with stakeholders.

To acquire the needed facilities & equipment.

Ask help from parents. Solicit donations.


Solicitation Donation

Parents Stakeholders

Equipment & facilities needed in the laboratory room for dress making/ culinary arts. Prepared by:

Enough equipment & facilities needed.

Availability of needed equipment & facilities during the laboratory period of the students.

MILAGROS M. ARPAFO Head Teacher III TLE (G) Department