MANAGER’S OFFICE The office is that of RON (mid-30s, short, closely cropped hair, “TV-heavy”), the manager of Print Planet (your neighborhood copy center- much like a Kinko’s or something else similar). The office is uncomfortably small for two people with bright fluorescent lights and is sparsely decorated. RON So, what brings you here to Print Planet? Seated across from Ron is ALLEN (mid-20s, “indie-trendy,” accidentally handsome). Mainly... ALLEN

Allen briefly pauses while taking a deep breath to gather his thoughts, then answers bluntly. ALLEN (CONT’D)

RON (a bit surprised, but mostly impressed) Well(slight laugh) That is an honest answer, and I do appreciate honesty. (clears throat) So, let’s see here... Ron skims through Allen’s resume in hand when he notices that the two happen to be from the same town. RON (CONT’D) It says you’re from(with a bit of surprise) Ooh! Plain City. ALLEN (restrained excitement) Yeah.

2. RON ‘Cause I’m from around there as well. And, um-ALLEN (with cool understanding, nodding) Oh! Cool. That’s cool. RON Yeah, I lived there while I was working for this tech company called AdvanceTronics for a number of years when... Ron points towards Allen’s hair indicating a knowing familiarity with Allen’s haircut. RON (CONT’D) hair still looked like yours. (with a smile) I... It’s been a few years since that time, but I go down there every once and a while to one of my favorite restaurants. The Luka’s Bavarian Schnitzel Haus. Have you ever been? ALLEN No. I haven’t. (questioning) Good though, right? RON (with pleasure) Oh man. I tell you they have a great selection of beers there. From all around. (retracting a bit) For the most part, though, the food is pretty forgettable, but they do have this one sandwich (getting into it now) The Håhncen Reinrassigen, and I shit you not, it is just... amazing. It has this sauce- I don’t know what’s in it, nor do I care, but there is just something about the way this sandwich with that sauce tastes with a cold, frothy German style lager. I don’t know how to describe it- it’s just... it hits the spot every time. But-

3. Ron catches himself, realizing that he’s getting way off topic. Clears his throat, and taps on the table in reference to Allen’s resume. RON (CONT’D) Back to the job. I see that you already graduated from college. Very nice. And I see that... Ron points to a spot on the resume, recognizing that Allen has prior experience working in a different print shop while he was in college. RON (CONT’D) Oh! You have already worked in a print shop before. ALLEN Yes, I did that part-time while I was in school. RON Yeah, so you probably have a good idea of what you’d be doing here, and you seem like a smart guy. ALLEN (smirking) Yeah. I’d like to think so. RON (subtle nod) So, yeah. (brief pause) Everything looks good here. We’ll give you a call here in a day or two and- go from there. The two get up from their chairs and shake hands in a business appropriate style. RON (CONT’D) Well, it was a pleasure to meet you there, Allen. ALLEN Thanks, you too. Allen exits. Ron stands behind the desk with his hands at his hips with a confident smile while nodding his head, thinking he’s found a great match for the position. CUT TO:

4. EXT. APARTMENT PARKING LOT - AFTERNOON The next day. Allen and KEITH (mid-20s- about a year or two older than Allen, tall and thin, well kempt) are unloading boxes from the back of a car. They each grab one of the last two boxes, Allen shuts the trunk and the two begin walking towards the apartment building. ALLEN (in mid-sentence) ...and that’s when I decided that anal sex was not for me. KEITH (disgusted) Eww! Man, that is(shaking head, shutters) That is gross. I can’t imagine what you had to do to clean that up. ALLEN Yeah, pretty much had to say goodbye to that couch. (sighs) I loved that couch. CUT TO: INT. ALLEN & KEITH’S APARTMENT Allen and Keith enter the apartment. The space is pretty nice and clean for a single guy in his 20s. They set their boxes down. ALLEN Anyway, thanks for letting me stay here while I get some stuff worked out. KEITH No problem, man. It will be kind of like old times. The two peek into the spare bedroom that is- aside from the boxes that were recently moved in- empty. ALLEN Guess I need a bed. Yup. KEITH

5. ALLEN (annoyed sigh, directed towards himself) (hangs head)


Allen’s phone rings from his pocket. It likely has a ringtone of an awesome Spoon song. Allen answers his phone. He gives Keith the “give me a moment- I’m on the phone” sign. Hello? ALLEN (CONT’D)

RON (V.O.) Hey there Allen, this is Ron from the Print Planet. How are we doing today? ALLEN Pretty good. You? RON (V.O.) Great. So, I think that you’d be great for the position- how does that sound? Awesome. ALLEN

RON (V.O.) Fantastic. Go ahead and relax for the rest of the weekend, and we’ll see you here on Monday. ALLEN Okay. Thanks. See you then. Allen hangs up. He turns towards Keith. KEITH Was that the job thing? ALLEN Yeah. (with cynicism) You’re looking at the new nightshift manager of the Baker Street Print Planet. Allen offers his hand up for a high five. ALLEN (CONT’D) Give me all your fives.

6. Allen and Keith slap fives. FADE OUT. ROLL INTRO CREDITS!!!

7. ACT I FADE IN: EXT. PRINT PLANET STOREFRONT - DAY It is now Monday afternoon. Allen walks from his car (used sedan) to the Print Planet ready to go for his first day. Establishing shot of the store front. It is a decent sized store with other businesses beside it. INT. PRINT PLANET FLOOR The Print Planet is a large open floor with a counter dividing the FRONT (self-serve machines, merchandise) from the BACK (special use formats, high capacity printers for larger jobs). The MANAGER’S OFFICE is tucked into the back. Ron is working while he notices Allen enter the store. RON There he is. Captain Cool ready to take over. ALLEN You know it. RON So, let me show you around here a bit, get you accustomed to your new surroundings. Allen and Ron move through the store while Ron points out features and areas of the store. They start in the front of the store. RON (CONT’D) So up here in the front of the store we have the self serve copiers for the customers who just want to make a quick copy and get out. They turn to the merchandise shelves that are filled with various types of paper and office supplies. RON (CONT’D) This is where we keep all of our (air quotes) “Merch.”

8. They proceed through the store working their way behind the counter. Ron points out the cash registers. RON (CONT’D) And, obviously, these are the registers where we-- you know, moving on. They reach the back of the store floor with the high capacity printers, cutting and folding machines, laminators and other equipment. RON (CONT’D) And, this is where we get most of the real work done. We got your high capacity printers- black and white as well as color, paper cutter, laminators, folding machines, binding machines, hole punch. We can do it all. Ron then points out CYNTHIA (34, short dark hair, modest, probably has a few kids) working. RON (CONT’D) Oh, and this is Cynthia. (Cynthia looks toward Ron) Cynthia this is Allen, he’s starting out today. CYNTHIA Hi Allen, I’m Cynthia. Nice to meet you. ALLEN (shakes her hand) Hey, how’s it going? RON Oh, and up front there that was Sandy, don’t worry about her. Anyway, let’s get you set up in the office here, fill out the necessary forms. Ron and Allen have made their way to the Manager’s Office. There are some forms laid out on the desk for Allen to fill out. RON (CONT’D) Alright, you’re main job today is to get a good start on the Cole Center job. (MORE)

9. RON (CONT’D) They’re a pretty important client of ours, not entirely sure what it is they do... (ponders) Insurance? Risk... Management? Financial... Something. Anyway, we do these pamphlets for them about once a month. Okay... ALLEN

RON Nothing to worry about. It’s pretty straight forward. Stuart, you’ll meet him later, has done it a few times by now, so it should be pretty routine. Cynthia will start the printing before she heads out, so all you’ll need to do is keep feeding the machine, and then run the prints through the folder. Alright... ALLEN

RON It’s good. No worries. Just make sure you guys get at least half of it done, and we’ll get it finished up tomorrow. Sure... ALLEN

RON (enthused, overcaffeinated) Alright! Knock out those forms, and I’ll come back and check on you later. Allen goes in and takes a seat in the office where he proceeds to fill out some forms. The door closes. CUT TO: INT. MANAGER’S OFFICE - LATER Allen is finishing up his paperwork, when a knock comes at the door.

10. RON How are we doing in here. ALLEN Good. Finishing up now. RON Alrighty. I’m about to head out, you need anything? ALLEN Uh, no. I think I got it. So... RON Great! (turns toward the entrance of the store) It looks like your crew is starting to arrive. So, I’m going to take off. INT. PRINT PLANET FLOOR - BACK Allen walks out to the back of the store floor. He approaches the counter where we find STUART (19, Asian- or part Asian, geeky, rectangle glasses) reading the production notes from Cynthia. ALLEN Hey, Stuart? (extends hand) I’m Allen. Hey. STUART

Stuart continues to read the production notes. Allen retracts his hand and stands there awkwardly nodding. From a distance we see SHAUNA (18, African-American, cool hair) enter the store and approach the counter where Allen and Stuart are. So... ALLEN

SHAUNA (interjecting) Oh, don’t bother with Stuart. You know he’s not right. Hey! STUART

11. SHAUNA What? (with a smile) You got something you want to say? STUART (hangs head)


SHAUNA Alright then. Hi, I’m Shauna, and Stuart is actually pretty cool, it’s just a lot of fun to mess with him a bit. ALLEN Hi, and noted. SHAUNA So, what do we have going today? ALLEN Well, we have the Cole Center job... STUART Yes! The Cole Center job. I read here (indicates note on table) that Cynthia had got it started before she left, so I should check on it. ALLEN Right. Yeah, go for it. Stuart heads away from the group towards the printer. SHAUNA So, Ron had told us that you recently graduated from college. Yeah. ALLEN

SHAUNA So... what are you doing here? Obama. ALLEN

Shauna’s eyes widen in apparent disbelief. She’s thinking is Allen some kind of secret racist, maybe just a conservative, or perhaps just an ass.

12. ALLEN (CONT’D) No, no... (laughs) Just kidding. That... (correcting) That- that was a joke. I’m not... (shakes head) That’s... sorry. Mmmm-hmmm. SHAUNA

ALLEN (ashamed) Yeah. (clears throat) Okay. So, basically, things just got down to the point where I had to do... something, and... (shrugs) This is something. SHAUNA Shit. Well, that’s a bummer. ALLEN Tell me about it. SHAUNA All I know is that, if I had a degree I wouldn’t be here- that’s for sure. ALLEN Well, I can’t say that I’m exactly thrilled. Through the entry doors walks in MACKENZIE (21, hair’s messy, but in a clean way, sneaky cute). She is a bit frazzled and knows that she is running late. She approaches Allen and Shauna at the counter. MACKENZIE Hey guys, sorry I’m late. (sets down handbag) (MORE)

13. MACKENZIE (CONT'D) On the way here I spilled my Diet Coke all over my pants, and since I was still pretty close to my apartment- I figured it would be a good idea just to go back and change into a clean pair, but when I got there I kind of walked into my roommate and this guy- I don’t even know who he was, but let’s just say “uggo.” So, that was awkward because they were there on the living room couch, and my room is kind of on the other side, so... (wrapping it up) That’s why I’m late. Oh! (noticing Allen) Hey, I’m Mackenzie. ALLEN (noticing the Diet Coke Mackenzie brought in) Diet Coke? MACKENZIE Yeah, I got a new one. (takes her bag) ALLEN (to Shauna) Ohh... SHAUNA (to Allen) Ohh...

ALLEN Can’t forget the Diet Coke. Mackenzie walks off and passes by Stuart as she heads off towards to Manager’s Office to put her things away and Stuart rejoins the group. MACKENZIE Hey, Stuart! STUART Hey, Mackenzie. ALLEN (to Stuart) So, how are we doing? STUART Good. Just re-loaded the paper in the machine. Good job. ALLEN

14. A CUSTOMER is working making some copies in the front of the store. CUSTOMER 1 (calling out from front of store) Hey, can I get some help over here. They all look at each other- give a “What? We have customers?” look. SHAUNA (realizing) Oh, right. (to Customer 1) Coming! In the distance, Shauna walks toward the Customer in the store. SHAUNA (CONT’D) How can I help you? FADE OUT.

15. ACT II FADE IN: INT. PRINT PLANET FLOOR The machines are humming along, Stuart is stacking prints atop a counter, Mackenzie and Shauna are helping customers along telling them to have a “nice day” and sending them on their way. Allen is overseeing the whole operation and is pleased with how things are going. Stuart is at the high-capacity printer running the big Cole Center job. Off to the side is Allen at the main counter. Things appear to be moving along quickly. ALLEN Come on, Stuart. You have glassesyou’re smart. How is it that you can continue to defend Avatar? STUART Hmm, I haven’t heard it put that way before. ALLEN Put what way? STUART Usually people say, “Oh, there goes Stuart. He looks kinda nerdy.” Which would, in turn, make my intelligence a by-product of that nerdiness. People usually don’t just come right out and say it. ALLEN (shakes it off) How can you possibly defend Avatar? STUART Please, it’s a landmark film. ALLEN Landmark- Schmandmark. Look we’ve known each other for about an hour now. I think it’s time we put aside the glossy surface-talk and find some real depth here. So. Come on, give me something.

16. STUART It is a movie that goes beyond the need for explanation. It is something that must be experienced, and that experience is unlike any other film that preceded it. ALLEN (dissatisfied) Uggh. Anyway, so how is that Cole Center job running? STUART Umm... good! It’s over halfway done. Let’s see... (checks print count on machine) About 6470 of 10,000 done. I guess it still has about an hour and a half or so still to go. ALLEN And how many are folded? STUART (points to stack) This many. Camera shows a rather small stack of prints folded- clearly a much smaller stack than Allen had anticipated. ALLEN Okay, so we need to get a move on with the folding then. STUART Yeah. I need to take my lunch break though- I’m getting pretty hungry. (gestures to Mackenzie and Shauna in the front of the store) Looks like Shauna and Mackenzie are tied up with customers up front. ALLEN (sighs) Dammit. (accepting situation) All right, man. Go ahead and go and I guess I’ll get on this.

17. Stuart proceeds to exit. Allen grabs a stack of prints and moves to the folder. CUT TO: INT. PRINT PLANET FLOOR - FRONT Mackenzie and Shauna are both helping out customers in the front of the store. Business is moving along smoothly with the minutes shedding off of the clock. A CUSTOMER is lingering at the register attempting to talk to an uninterested, yet polite, Shauna. CUSTOMER 2 (showing a print they just made) So, you see right there, that’s my dog, Mr. McMuffins. What a silly face he’s making! (as if talking to dog) Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good dog? You are! Yes, you are! (back to normal) Do you have a dog? SHAUNA (feigned sincerity) No, I don’t, but he looks like he’s a lot of fun. CUSTOMER 2 He is! Thank you so much! You know... SHAUNA (interrupting, nodding) Mmm, mmm, mmm-hmm. Have a wonderful evening! Shauna turns to Mackenzie standing behind her and gives her a look- like “can you believe some of these people.” MACKENZIE (smiles, understanding) I know. CUT TO: Allen runs a set of prints through the folding machine and checks to see how it turned out. When he unfolds the paper he notices a rather large streak running across the page.

18. ALLEN (to self) Well, clearly this one’s no good. Allen checks another- same thing. Then another and anotherall bad. ALLEN (CONT’D) Oh no. Not good. Allen thumbs through the stack of printed sheets to find that all of them are ruined. ALLEN (CONT’D) (quickly, to self) Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT! Allen notices Shauna walking by. ALLEN (CONT’D) Hey, uhh... (closes eyes, snaps fingers repeatedly, trying to remember name) Shauna! (motions to the printer running the Cole Center job) Hey, could you pause that for me? ...please? SHAUNA (unsure) Okay. Shauna presses pause on the machine. Allen makes his way to the table where the printed documents are and pulls another stack. He beings to thumb though. ALLEN Hey, could you help me look through some of these. CUT TO: INT. PRINT PLANET FLOOR - FRONT Mackenzie is working with a customer in the front of the store at the self-serve machines.

19. MACKENZIE (cheery work voice) Okay, and then you enter the quantity here and press this big green button to print. ELDERLY PATRON Thank so much, young lady. I don’t know what I would’ve done without your help. MACKENZIE No problem. Mackenzie moves on to another customer at a different machine. MACKENZIE (CONT’D) Need any help, sir? CUT TO: INT. PRINT PLANET FLOOR - BACK Back to the potential print problem. Shauna also pulls a stack of prints. They both are thumbing through stacks now. SHAUNA Oh wow. There is a huge line all across all of these. ALLEN Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. Allen walks to the recycle bin and throws the ruined stack of prints in his hand in the bin- with authority. ALLEN (CONT’D) (trying not to flip out) Okay. Okay. Okay. We just need to go through and set aside all the prints that are good- toss the rest, and then try to get a count on what we have. (seeking approval) Does that sound like a good start? (disregarding) Yeah, yeah, of course it is. Of course. What am I saying... SHAUNA (concerned) You doing okay over there?

20. ALLEN (barely holding it together) Yeah, yeah. Fine-- it’s fine. We’re fine. Everything is going to be... Mackenzie has made her way over to see what was going on. MACKENZIE (to Shauna, out the side of her mouth) What’s going on with him? SHAUNA (concerned but curious, under her breath) I think he’s gonna break. MACKENZIE (cautious, and concerned) Hey... Allen. You okay? ALLEN (still barely keeping it together) Am I okay? Am I okay? (fake cool) Yeah, man. I’m good. I’m solid. MACKENZIE (not buying it) Okay, you just seems like you’re freaking out a bit. ALLEN (okay, he’s lost it) Freaking out! (throws messed up prints in air) What could I possibly have to freak out about?! (shoves stack of prints of table) Could it be this?! (throws more prints) I don’t know-- how about these?! (throws more prints, stomps around in a circle, clearly frustrated) Maybe this is what I’m freaking out about!

21. MACKENZIE (cautious, but needs to try to diffuse situation) Okay, but this isn’t going to solve the problem. So let’s just try to relax and-ALLEN Relax?! Relax? How can I relax? I mean... what am I doing here in the first place. I have a degree in Marketing! What the hell am I doing working in a copy center?! MACKENZIE (not having it) Hey! You know what?! Things have been rough for everybody, and I can guarantee you that there are many others out there who have it way worse than you do. Come on! Did you really expect for things to just be handed to you? Yes! ALLEN

Both Mackenzie and Shauna wear looks of shock and disgust. Everybody stands in silence for a moment trying to digest what has just happened. In the silence we hear Stuart approach with a bag of food in hand slurping on a soda through a straw. STUART (non-chalant) Hey guys. What’s up? (notices the mess and the tension) Oh. I missed something didn’t I?

22. ACT III FADE IN: INT. MANAGER’S OFFICE Distraught and deflated, Allen decides to call Ron to seek advice on how to approach the situation. Allen dials the number with the phone on speaker and is nervously pacing in what little space there is while biting his nails waiting as the phone rings. It picks up on the other end. Hello? RON (V.O.)

Allen turns toward the phone, spreads his hands across the desk and leans in. ALLEN (nervous cheer) Hey, Ron this is Allen. RON (V.O.) Hey, how’s it going there Allen? ALLEN Well, we may have a situation. RON (V.O.) Situation? Don’t tell me you watch that Jersey Shore nonsense-ALLEN No, no, no. Not... not that. We were running the Cole Center job, and we messed up. It started out fine, but somewhere after that something happened and the machine started leaving pretty large streaks on the paper. I know we should’ve been checking it, but we didn’t and now we are going to have to toss about 5,000 prints. RON (V.O.) Well... shit. (deep breath) Okay, well- let me ask you this, were you able to fix the problem?

23. ALLEN Soon, hopefully. I got Stuart on it now. RON (V.O.) Okay, then- just do what you can do. Get it going and see how far you can get, but I can tell you right now that we need to get that out the door tomorrow afternoon, soI’m going to need you here early in the morning to help out. ALLEN (defeated) Yeah, sure. I guess. RON (V.O.) Alright, man. See you bright and early tomorrow- at 7 AM. ALLEN Okay... see you. Allen hangs up. Takes a deep, soothing breath in an attempt to calm himself down. Not exactly the easy first day he was expecting. ALLEN (CONT’D) (hits file cabinet) Suck! Stuart peeks his head into the office and knocks, and gives Allen the thumbs up to let him know that things are back on track. STUART We’re good to go. ALLEN (accepting) Okay. Allen steps into the doorway of the office and stands there leaning with an elbow on the trim. Mackenzie approaches from the front. MACKENZIE Did you call Ron? Yeah. ALLEN

24. MACKENZIE And? What did he say? ALLEN He basically just said that we should do what we can tonight, and that I’ll have to come in early tomorrow to help out. MACKENZIE Ooh. Sorry. How early do you to be here? ALLEN (bluntly) 7 AM. MACKENZIE (feels sorry) Yikes... Shauna enters into frame, having overheard the last part of the conversation. 7 AM? Yep. 7 AM. SHAUNA ALLEN

STUART (from the background) Did you say 7 AM? Stuart walks up to join the group. ALLEN (a bit annoyed) Yes, Stuart. 7 AM. MACKENZIE (smiles, sympathetic) Well, I’m sure we can all pitch in to help you get as much done as possible, so then, at least, it won’t be so bad tomorrow. (seeks agreement from Stuart, Shauna) Right? They all nod in agreement.

25. SHAUNA Yeah, just tell us what you need us to do. STUART Yeah man, we got this. ALLEN (taken aback) You guys... (fighting emotions) ... thanks. CUT TO: INT. ALLEN & KEITH’S APARTMENT Allen enters the apartment. Keith and TIM (mid-20s, polo shirt, shorts, speaks with a slight lisp) are seated on the couch eating snacks and watching “Malcolm in the Middle.” Allen walks through while untucking his shirt. Allen! KEITH Allen! TIM

Allen places his keys and wallet, etc. on the kitchen counter. ALLEN (exhausted)


(nods head toward TV screen) That “Malcolm in the Middle.” Yup. KEITH

ALLEN (heads to the liquor) How old is Malcolm in this one? KEITH (eating chips) I don’t know- about 16-17. ALLEN (pouring drink) Ooh. Older Malcolm wasn’t nearly as fun.

26. TIM Yeah, but you still have Bryan Cranston and all of his amazingness. ALLEN (sips drink) True. (fires back the rest of the drink, slams glass on counter) Allen leaps over the back of the couch and into the empty seat next to Tim. So, ALLEN (CONT’D)

(playfully hits Tim’s shoulder with the back of his hand) What’s up Tim? Still gay? TIM (sarcastic) Yes, Allen. Just as gay as the last time I saw you. You can’t just ungay yourself. ALLEN Okay, just making sure. So, what’s the plan. We doing anything? KEITH Well, I thought it would be fun to get drunk and watch a shitty movie. ALLEN Like old times, huh? Sounds cool. I don’t know if I should be drinking, though. I have to go in early tomorrow to... fold things. TIM (convincing) Okay, but there is no way I’m watching “Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus” sober. KEITH Plus, it has Urkel from “Family Matters” in it.

27. ALLEN Uggh... that sounds terrible. (convinced) I’m in. The three proceed to drink. Fire up the Netflix Watch Instant while periodically laughing and commenting on the utter ridiculousness that is “Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus.” During the drinking and viewing session, the three come up with a drinking game of sorts. TIM How about every time that Mega Shark or Crocosaurus appear on screen you drink. KEITH And if they appear together you have to drink twice. More shots of them drinking, laughing and having a good time. ALLEN Okay. If Urkel says, (like Urkel) “Did I do that?” (normal) Everybody has to drink. (with emphasis) Three times. More shots of the drinking session. KEITH (excited) Hey! I’m ordering a pizza from my phone! (proceeds to order pizza using a pizza ordering app) TIM Ooh! I like sausage on mine. You would. ALLEN

TIM You know you want it, too.

28. ALLEN Yeah. (drunk, sheepish) I really do. More drinking! The doorbell rings. Keith answers. It’s the pizza. (to Allen) Pizza! TIM (to Tim) Pizza! ALLEN

Keith brings in the pizza. Eating and even more drinking. KEITH (obviously drunk) Hey, what if- do you think that... (burps) Mega Sharks eggses- exists? ALLEN (drunk, but certain) Keith. Keith. Yes. Of course the Mega Sharks exist. If they didn’t, then how did they... (trails off) TIM How did they what? What? ALLEN

TIM Mega Sharks. How did they what? ALLEN The Mega Sharks? They... in the exists. They filmed them... with the cameras. (convinced of own story) So they’re there! Keith and Tim nod their heads. Accepting the half-baked nonexplanation from Allen. Ahhhh KEITH Ahhhh TIM

The night winds down. Tim exits.

29. KEITH (at the door) Later, Tim. ALLEN (echoing, in the background) See you later, Tim. Allen and Keith retire to their rooms. FADE TO: INT. ALLEN & KEITH’S APARTMENT - ALLEN’S ROOM The morning after. Allen is asleep on the floor, as he only has blankets and pillows at the moment. The alarm on Allen’s cell phone goes off (it is likely that his alarm tone is Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up”)- it’s 6:00 AM, Allen is not having it, though he realizes he needs to get a move on. He gets up. Showers. Shaves. Brushes teeth. Gets dressed. And heads out the door, groaning at each activity getting progressively more frustrated. CUT TO: EXT. PRINT PLANET STOREFRONT - MORNING Allen strolls into the store from his car with wayfarer sunglasses on. Half-awake. Probably hung-over. Clearly not thrilled to be up this early- or working. INT. PRINT PLANET FLOOR Allen enters the store floor and sees Ron in the back near the machines. Ron approaches Allen. RON Good morning, sunshine. ALLEN (removes sunglasses, eyes barely open, grumbles) Morning. RON Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s tough but, (puts hand on Allen’s shoulder) you’re in it now.

30. Allen turns toward Ron and nods, firmly coming to grips with the situation he now finds himself in. They exchange pleasantries and head off to work. FADE OUT.

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