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Dr. Datu CAMAD M.

Address Fax No Address Mobile No Fax No E-mail Mobile No E-mail : 168 Crossings, SPMUDA Hqs. Banilad Highway, Dumaguete City, Philippines, 6200 : (035) 422-3361 SPMUDA Hqs. Banilad Highway, Dumaguete City, Philippines, 6200 : 168 Crossings, : 09158929806 : (035) 422-3361 : : 0915892980 :


Sex Date of Birth Place of Birth Marital Status Childrens Names : Male : March 23, 1953 : Balo-i, Lanao del Norte, Philippines : Married to Hadja Omaira Campong Ali ( Dentistry, Southern Western University, Cebu City) :


- Graduated Driving and B.S. Public Administration - Graduated B.S. Liberal Arts - Political Science, Associate in Nursing and Master of Local Government Management (Employed in Dubai, U.A.E)

3. CAMAD C. ALI, JR I - Graduated Driving, Business and Information Management and passed board exam in B.S. Nursing (Employed at Qualfon) 4. CAMAR C. ALI II - Graduated Driving, Electronics, Computer and Electronics Technology (Employed at SPI)

5. SHAHANI C. ALI III - Graduated Driving and Hotel/Restaurant Management 6. CAMAD C. ALI V 7. CAIRRIYA C. ALI 8. CAMAD C. ALI VI 9. AZIZAH C. ALI - Undergraduate, Computer Hardware Servicing at Iligan Computer Institute (Employed at SPMUDA) - Undergraduate, Office Management at Silliman University - Undergraduate High School at Saint Therese Academy- Don Bosco-Saint Louis School - Undergraduate Elementary at South City Central School


Graduated Elementary at Balo-I Central Elementary School (1963 1969 ), 2nd Honorable Mentioned Graduated High School at Balo-I Islamic College (now Mindanao State University) 1969-1973, Salutatorian and Outstanding Student Leader Graduated Secretarial at Toralba Business College (1969) Graduated Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Master of Public Administration at Mindanao State University (1972-1976/19931999), Scholar


Honoris Causa, History, Culture & Humanities, AIUO, Italy Doctorate Degree, Doctor of Humanities, AUGP Academy, India Professional Fellow, International Guild of Academician South Africa Professional Fellow, Design Technology and Management Society International, Indonesia International Governor, Academy of Universal Global Peace for Philippines Ambassador of Goodwill for Philippines International Blue Cross, United Kingdom Honorary Membership, International Association of Nobles, Germany Grand Caballero Templar, Casa Condal De Kovel Noble, Chile Knight Grand Chancellor, Sovereign Order Knights of Mercy Partner, Confederation of International Global Peace Commander, Earl Mountbatten of Burma Member, Total Prestige New York


PRIVATE: Former Chief Executive Officer, Putri Holdings Company (PHC) (Banking, Transport, Warehousing, Real Estate & Placement Agency) President, Asia Interlink Ventures Import-Export, Insurance Brokerage and Consultancy

Assistant Dean/Consultant, College of Customs Administration, Collegio De Santa Catalina and Bishop John Du, Archdioce of Dumaguete City GOVERNMENT:

Former Social Worker (FWA) Department of Social Welfare Services and Development under World Bank Special Project. Collector of Customs for Administration, Assessment and Operations (Managerial/Executive Position). 36 years in the government service rose ranks from Casual Customs Guard, Customs Inspector, Asst. CBW Officer, Senior Storekeeper, Warehouseman, Examiner-Appraiser, Administrative and Personnel Officer, Harbormaster, Customs Operation Officer III, Acting Customs Operation Officer V, Chief Warehouse Division, Chief Port Operation Division, Chief Administrative Division, Chief Assessment Division, Deputy Collector for Administration equivalent to Deputy Regional Director.

ROYAL NOBLE LINEAGE Designated as Prime Minister with a rank of Datu of the Royal Sultanate
of Baloi of the (15) Royal Houses of Lanao, one of the most important royal institution in the South. It is one of the (19) Royal Houses of Mindanao and Sulu and one of the four major principalities called Pat A Pangamponga Ranao, an alliance or federation long before the introduction of modern society and government among Maranao Tribe. President and Founder The Royal House of Baloi, Inc. Grand Sayyid, The Brotherhood and Charity Order of The Royal House of Baloi.

Analyst, Strategist, Adviser and Consultant to several successful candidates for Mayor, Governor, Assemblyman, Congressman, Senator and Presidential Candidates in the past to present. Special Coordinator, City/Provincial Chairman, Partido ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) of Former Philippine President Joseph E. Estrada (now headed by Philippine Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile).

Former Region 12 Chairman, Liberal Party under LP President & Senator Eva Estrada Kalaw Wing. Former Consultant, Office of Congressman Abdullah Mangotara House of Representatives, Congress. Assistant Chief, Mindanao Political Affairs, Office of former Senator Leticia Ramos Shahani (Sister of former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos). Former Assemblyman Candidate in 1979 representing Youth Sector in LTP Regional Assembly (now Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao). Co-Founder, Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Laban (now headed by Philippines Vice-President Jejomar C. Binay). Former Political Officer, Moro National Liberation Front under Brig. Gen. Alexis Alawi, Misamis Oriental Revolutionary Command, MNLF-MORC. Member, Desk Officer Region 9, 10, 11 and 12-City/Provincial Chairman Cory Aquino for President Movement of the late Philippine President Corazon C. Aquino (mother of Philippine President Benigno C. Aquino III). One of the Unsung Heroes of EDSA People Power Revolution published in the Philippine Star prime newspaper, February, 1986. The longest humble Muslim Activist that demonstrated leadership qualities since 1970s to date, through his political honesty and determination as peace advocate to protect human rights against Muslims and Non-Muslims that gained popularity and support from the Muslim-Non Muslim international community
LEADERSHIP/MEMBERSHIP IN CIVIL SOCIETY & GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS Founding Chairman, and Executive President, Southern Philippines Muslim Unity and Development Association (SPMUDA International), the leading conglomerate of Muslim-Non Muslim NGOs in the Philippines and successfully established branches in U.S.A, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. Co-Founder of Kabataang Barangay, an Implementing youth arm abused by local and national leaders of the late strongman President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Brained of the Philippine various youth organizations integration into one umbrella organization known as National Youth Commission as mandated by Republic Act 8044. Associate Member, Benigno C. Aquino Foundation (A foundation established in honor of Filipino Hero, Late Senator Benigno Aquino. Associate Member, World Ecologist Foundation. Past President, Youth Leaders Association of the Philippines.

Past President, Metro Leo Club and Metro Lions Club-Dist. 301-B. Member, Philippine Radio & Televiewers Association of the Philippines. In-Active Member, Maria Cristina Philippines Jaycees. Former Director, Associated Media Practitioners League (AMPLE). Former Member, Mindanao Press-Radio & Television Association (MINPRA). Former Chairman, Customs Industries Consultative Council Ozamiz City. Representative, Port Management Council, Ozamiz City & Dumaguete City. Member, BOD, Ozamiz City Tourism Council. National Vice President, Bureau of Customs Employees Association. National President, Philippine Association of Muslim Customs Employees Director- Bureau of Customs Provident Fund Member, Amnesty International Member, Youth for Human Rights International Member, Highlanders Club International Member, Secret Success International Club Member, Paz Y Amiztad Barcelona, Spain Former Fellow, International Farm Youth Exchange Program (4-H Club International). President- Confederation of Muslim Government Official. Adviser- Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Association of the Philippines. Member and Officer to several humanitarian, charitable and civic organizations (national and international level). Partner Member, World Peace Without Limits Organization, United Arab Emirates.

MSU- Ford Foundation Special College Bound Project National State Scholarship, Department of Education


1ST winner, BOC Design Logo Contest, Bureau of Customs. Outstanding Government Official in recognition of his proven competence, qualification to highest level in public Service. Certificate of Recognition, City Government of Ozamiz City Certificate of Appreciation, Ozamiz City Council. Certificate of Appreciation, City Government of Dumaguete

Professional Excellence Award, Professional Civic Leaders Association. Outstanding Student University School on the Air, Department of Agriculture. Outstanding Regional Youth Leader, 22 Assemblyman of Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). Commendation for the apprehension of smuggle items. Provincial Law Enforcement Board, Oroquita City Government. Commendation Rank No.7 Tax Collection and Bank Reconciliation, Commission on Audit. 1999 BOC Anniversary Commendation, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Customs Commendation for apprehension of smuggled rice and sugar, Task Force Aduana and Office of the President Outstanding Tax Collection Performance 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010- Office of the Commissioner of Customs, Bureau of Customs Dedication in Government Service- Bureau of Customs Leadership Excellence Award for Muslim Community and Islamic services- SPMUDA International. Cultural Development- Metro Lions Club Dist. 301-B. Other various civic, religious, professional and humanitarian citations and commendations.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT 24th National Achievement Recognition Week YLAP-IFYE Guest of Honor World Conference of Ambassador of Peace sponsored by International Human Rights Commission, World Peace Conference 2011 & World Peace Mission Organization, Dubai International Convention Center, November 28-29, 2011. TRAININGS, SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES ATTENDED
Southeast Asian Customs Conference 2009-WCO

Macro Management, 2008 - FSDC-NEDA World Trade Organization (WTO) 1999- BOC National Conference of Union Leaders 2000-BOCEA Industry Orientation Program 2007- FIO Management Innovations (Module I to IV) 1977, FSDC Managers Development 1984, FSDC-BISA Customs Tariff & Harmonized System 1989-NEDA Work Values Formation 1991-BOC-DOF Personnel Effectively 1991-BOC-DOF Skills & Attitudinal 1992-BOC-DOF Supervisor Effective Management 1974-CSC Appointment and Personnel Action 1983-CSC Structure and Staffing 1983-BOC-DOF Import & Export Procedures 1992-BOC-DOF Tourism Development 1975- DOT Population Trend 1973-AdMU Computer Familiarization 1998-QSY Annual Tourism Assembly 1999-DOT Intellectual Property Rights 2003-AGILE Anti-Trafficking Act 2004-TUCP-USAID ACOS Training Course 2001-BOC-CEBU Customs Bonded Warehouse 2004-BOC-CEBU Plant and Animal Quarantine 2007- DA-BAI National Islamic Symposium 1989- Anzar El-Islam Sports Management 1997-ICB-DILG Banking and Finance 1997-RBIA National Youth Achievement 1993-DA-UP Firearms & Explosive Detection thru X-ray British Comm. BOC-DOF

MINSUPALA Customs, Immigration Security Official Conference, 1997-MDA. International Diplomacy and Etiquette and others.


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Artist, change agent, collector of artifacts, manual typist, youth and community organizer, civic leader, peace and human right advocate advocate. Part timer Radio Commentator/Broadcaster DXMI, Mindanao Radio Network, and DXWG and trained in Metropolitan Broadcasting Network in 1967. Detailed one time at Presidential Anti-Crime Commission, Office of the VicePresident in 1992 (secret Mission to negotiate Insurgency group).



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