Sesame Oil (English Version)

Sesame Oil has grown rapidly in popularity as more recipes call for this oil .

This remarkable oil is perfectly suitable for the gourmet cook who flavors exceptional Salad dressings, sauces, marinades, stir frying, regular cooking and any other culinary creations. Many generations ago, in the Middle East where civilization began and the area of culinary creation was born, Sesame Oil was born. Because of its excellent fragrance, aroma, and productiveness, it was probably the first vegetable oil, centuries ahead of olive oil. Friend Energy produced sesame oil in the most natural way possible, no chemicals or additives are used. The finest of sesame seeds are mechanically cold pressed then filtered, producing the very best in Sesame oil there is on the market today for all your culinary needs. No chemicals are used to extract this Oil. This oil is non-toasted, thus avoiding any nutrients escaping in the toasting process. This pure Sesame Seed oil will settle naturally in good time. Try it in our many delightful recipes ! The great aroma of Sesame Oil has also found its way into massage therapy.: HISTORY OF SESAME OIL Sesame is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. The tiny seeds of sesame have been known as

a highly prized source of food oil in Babylon, Assyria and many other eastern countries for at least 4,000 years. SESAME OIL was first referred to in the 6th century as "Moa" in Chinese and "Koba" in Japanese. EXTRA VIRGIN SESAME OIL The finest of sesame seeds are mechanically cold pressed (at a temperature below 45C), and then filtered. It has the taste of sun ripened sesame seeds. Two natural preservatives known as sesamol and sesamolin are in SESAME OIL. When refrigerated, EXTRA VIRGIN SESAME OIL partially solidifies (crystals throughout), showing it has a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids (37% oleic) and saturated fatty acids (11% palmitic), making SESAME OIL more stable with a longer shelf life than other oils. WHY SHOULD YOU INCLUDE SESAME OIL IN YOUR DIET? SESAME OIL is CHOLESTEROL FREE and contains a high proportion of the good polyunsaturated fats and vitamin E. HOW CAN YOU INCLUDE VIRGIN SESAME OIL IN YOUR DIET AND LIFESTYLE? DIET Use in salads and cold dishes. - A dash added at the end of a stir fry dish adds a

tremendous depth of flavour as well as Vitamin E and Omega-3 essential fatty acids. - Excellent for flavouring vinaigrettes. LIFESTYLE- LAXATIVE AND TONIC - SESAME OIL is known for its lubricating abilities. These help relieve constipation and keep bowel movements regular. - SESAME OIL is an excellent source of Vitamin E. (A deficiency in Vitamin E may manifest itself in testicular degeneration, fetus resorption, deposition of ceroid pigments in the musculature of small intestine and uterus, increased fragility of erythrocytes, increased urinary excretion of creatine.) - SESAME OIL is used as a pharmaceutic solvent (as the carrier inside of capsules). - GROOMING - SESAME OIL is rich in essential fatty acids which are very useful to maintain the integrity of the skin. - SESAME OIL is often used in commercially prepared soaps and detergents, sun and bath oils, face care products for normal and dry skin, moisturizing creams for the sensitive tissue around the eyes, nourishing creams for mature skin, massage oils and in lip balms. Our skin is porous and absorbs whatever products we apply to our skin. Instead of applying expensive cosmetics which may contain questionable preservatives and chemicals, why not prepare your own using VIRGIN SESAME OIL? Not only will your creations undoubtedly be healthier, but you·ll

On May 20. Vitamin E is one of the best and safest ways of enhancing immune function that is depleted by aging. The following is a brief comparison:GOOD FATS CLASSES OF SO GOOD hydrogen atoms into saturated fat creating trans fatty acids. SATURATED FATS generally come from animal sources and are solid enough to hold their shape at room temperature (70F). showing that Vitamin E reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. Omega-6 Oils provide flexibility to cell membranes and controls a large number of rapid reactions in the body. to lower your risk of cancer and other diseases.3mg of Vitamin E per 100gr of oil. THE FIVE MAJOR NUTRIENTS ARE: fats.even if you only use it to replace one or two of these high profit cosmetics. These special polyunsaturated oils are known for lowering the bad LDL cholesterol and elevating the good HDL as well as for brain development and growth. minerals and vitamins. In other words. This converts the mixture into a saturated fat. POLYUNSATURATED FATS are also considered relatively healthy. 2 teaspoons of BHI EXTRA VIRGIN SESAME OIL per day provides the total recommended daily intake of Vitamin E. however. yes.3 g 0 mg 0g HYDROGENATED OILS have been chemically transformed MONOUNSATURATED from their normal FATS can help reduce the liquid state (at room Levels of LDL cholesterol temperature) into solids. y . Saturated fats are known as the nutritional "not so good guys".also save a lot of money . 1993. They're known to be associated with some forms of cancer and increase cholesterol levels which can be a contributing factor to heart disease.340 kJ 0g 9g 4.9 g 1.2 g 2. y y UNSATURATED FATS are derived primarily from plants. the New England Journal of Medicine published two papers by scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health. The hydrogenation process includes pumping extra SESAME OIL contains 7. Vitamin E in SESAME OIL is extremely important in maintaining good health. There are FATS good fats and bad fats. we all need some fat in NOT our daily diet. Some researchers believe that hydrogenated oils may actually be more damaging than regular saturated fats for those limiting cholesterol in their diets y Vitamin E is reputed to increase stamina and keep one·s skin youthful. They are liquid (oil) at room temperature. VITAMIN E IN BHI EXTRA VIRGIN SESAME OIL y EXTRA VIRGIN SESAME SEED OIL NUTRITION INFORMATION Serving size = 10 ml 2 (teaspoons) Energy Protein Fat polyunsaturated monounsaturated saturated Cholesterol Carbohydrate 81 Cal / . obliterating any benefits it had as a polyunsaturate. Omega-3 Oils are a particular classification of fatty acids found in some plants and in the tissues of all sea creatures. proteins. Oils are generally composed of both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. carbohydrates.

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