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King Cyrus of Persia was the Saviour of the Jews By Anthony Blackstone Perpetual (C)Copyright (2012 C.E.

) By Anthony Faber and Neothomism, P.C. (PA) and The American People and The People of God and The People In the Biblical Book of Isaiah it has been asserted that Jesus of Nazareth was prophesised to be the Messiah or Saviour of the Jews. In fact, the Book of Isaiah appears to have multiple authors with each writing different sections of the Book, with different themes. First of all, there is no prophesy of a crucifixtion. In fact, at that time there was no crucifixtion known to the jews of that period. What the prophesy said was that the messiah would hang from a tree. Well, a cross is not a tree, and a person could easily hang from a tree by climbing the tree and going out on a tree branch and then handing onto the branch with the persons hands, and then dropping down to the ground. Also, this whole idea is inconsistent with major portions of the Book of Isaiah found elsewhere in the text. You see, half of the Book of Isaiah asserts that the Messsiah or Saviour has already come and is in fact King Cyrus of Persia, who was considered a Just and Talented King, and also was the King who let the Persian Army in the destruction of the Kingdom of Babylon (Persia is modern day Iran and Babylon is modern day Iraq). And, in the process of sacking Bagdad and

destroying the Babylonian Army, King Cyrus released the jews from the Babylonian Captivity and allowed them to return to Israel. Obviously the jews were thankful for their release from captivity and slavery and thus sang the praises of their rescuer or messiah or saviour, who had just freed them. The text of Isaiah also sings the praises of King Cyrus of Persia as an

outstanding King who used his Royal Office to ensure that all had access to Justice, not just the

rich, but also the poor. King Cyrus was later killed as a hero in battle in another war in another place. Thus, the only way that Jesus of Nazareth could be a messiah or saviour, as described in the Book of Isaiah, would be if King Cyrus had reincarnated in a later life as Jesus of Nazareth. However, if so, it would seem that Jesus as King, would be raising an army to drive out the romans and then attacking them and defeating them, and perhaps dying in battle as a hero, but certainly not being crucified. So perhaps Jesus was the Warrior Jesus after all, and a hero, but

not a marytr and certainly not a victim. Thus, the karma for Christians who follow Jesus is to follow the symbol of the open Cross, as in the just war or the Crusades against the moslem horde, and be heros who fight for Justice to the death and beyond. Justice, of course being, the natural and inherent right of each person to the Freedom to act reasonably and to fight those who attempt to use unreasonable methods to infringe upon each persons Just individual right of Liberty. Up the Republic, down with Tyranny!