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Advertisement with an example: A case Study Exclusive ideas, subjects, arts, disciplines and studies are moving in the

direction of educating, the learners of the language as well as the focused idea with it. New ways of dealing with cultural study, translation study, media study, comparative study, journalism, mass communication and rendering them as the process-oriented platforms are the most influential journey towards e-revolution and internationalism. These are the new products of post-modern era that study the changing scenario of an education as well as the changing and challenging face of science and technology, urbanization, consumerism, mental conditioning, modifications in nations culture, language, politics, religion, history, present, future, lifestyle and what not. Journalism and advertising are now becoming the advanced studies in

industrialization and technologization of urban society. Especially, the field of advertising is becoming richer and richer due to the vast population of India and India who live in the greater part of villages, small towns and the backward areas which are mostly deprived of their basic need for sustenance. It is very essential to look for better advertisement and to check the impact of it on the mass culture of India. Does it revitalizes their humanness or dehumanize as far as various institutions are concerned. The learners intention is to study one ad. and to dig out the doubleness of it. It is roughly told that each and every matter or idea has its two or double faces or quite contrary to this more than two, also. All the companies which are making their cream out of their advertisement are more rational, logical, practical, intellectual, tempted, distractive, stimulatory, knowing the likes and dislikes of general public and so on. In short, according to the world Encyclopedia of Wikipedia, it is mentioned, A television advertisement or television commercial, often just commercial, advert, ad, or ad-film (India) is a span of television programming produced and paid by an organization, which conveys a message, typically to market a product or service. It is to be taken into mind that advertising is commercial having the initial function is to inform the customers to have the product or to keep in mind it so that when he [or she] goes for shopping at that time product can be bought. So the advertisement is a prior knowledge before the buyer purchases it. So the good impression of the product can be maintained well till the buying of it.

After the very rough discussion about present time in advertising, the presenter means to study one advertisement of Surf Excel Powder by the company itself. Not only that but also to bring the relevance of the advertisement and its two way influence on mostly the audience of 13th to 19th or the period in between. How children are performing their role who are basically the part of their audience of the same age, how they influence on the adolescents, what will be the next to think on, etc. are various objectives or the goal of the study. The audio-visual advertisement will be the fundamental source for the study. The readers can also watch that advertisement from here for their convenience. The study will take various aspects into account like observation on surroundings in the advertisement, linguistics, tone and tune of the dialogues, musicality, intention of making it, role of the performers, dressing, products relativity with the customers, target audience, medium of the broadcasting, etc. Going in that room for the studying it, it is necessary to understand what the advertisement is and its definition with reference to business and marketing. Before going ahead, it is important to make a clarification about the idea of this advertisement that it is television advertisement and especially uploaded on website like or on internet. To roughly define the term advertisement, it can be stated as, Advertising, a form of commercial mass communication designed to promote the sale of a product or service, or a message on behalf of an institution, organization, or candidate for political office. (Encarta, 2009) Going further on the way of studying the advertisement of Surf Excel powder, it most influential message to the target audience in India. This detergent powder is used for washing clothes especially with the help of washing machine. This product belongs to Surf Excel Company. Surf Excel, launched in 1959, is one of the oldest detergent powders in India and Pakistan. Initially, the brand was positioned on the clean proposition of washes whitest. However, with the emergence of numerous local detergent manufacturers and the entry of other global brands, Surf Excel underwent various changes in its Brand Communication. This is in line with the global communication platform of Dirt Is Good, which is a communication strategy of Unilever for its premium detergent products, sold under various brand names; such as Omo in Brazil and Persil in UK and France. Today, Surf Excel leads the Premium Fabric Wash Category in India. Some of the other major detergent products of Unilever in India are Rin and Wheel. The latest entry into the segment is Comfort, a Fabric Conditioner.

To mention about the target audience one can say that it is meant for the women who are especially housewives no matter if they are either from countryside or small city or mega city or metropolitan city. To write about its product range it is said that Surf Excel products include Surf Excel Matic, a detergent powder designed especially for washing machines as it has a low lather formula. Surf Excel Matic was launched in the year 2002. Surf Excel Matic has 2 variants Top Load & Front Load. Surf Excel Matic Top Load with special Multi Active System molecules is specially designed to work in large quantities of water & remove tough stains in the washing machine itself. While Surf Excel Matic Front Load with its concentrated 'low foam'2X Formula is designed to remove stains without generating excess foam which is harmful for washing machine. Quick Wash is a product that saves up to 2 buckets of water and Blue is used for Fabric and Colour Care. Surf Excel also has some specialist products like Gentle Wash, a liquid detergent, and Surf Excel Bar, a nil mineral detergent bar. NIL MINERAL BAR: In India HUL is the only company where NMB is manufactured. NMB manufacturing is different from traditional NSD bar manufacturing. It is a premium category product. The washing properties are enhanced due to no addition of any filler. (Wikipedia) It is very essential to narrate the advertisement how it works, how it affects the adolescents, young people and adults, how it affects the language that they use in their day to day life. Director of this advertisement is Vinil Mathew and the Producer is Swadha Kulkarni DOP is C.K. Muralidharan from the Production House of Footcandles Film Pvt Ltd. Here, there are three performers are leading the idea of purchasing the product of Surf Excel. There are so many pupils who are NOT studying in the classroom. It is because the teacher called Rossy Miss has not come to the school. The reason is that her doggy like her lovely member of the house is died. It is not mentioned how it was. Because of her not being present in classroom all mischievous and notorious pupils made whole atmosphere very noisy and full of literal havoc in the class. One boy, asking to the other about their Rossy Miss not being present and answering to him second boy says that her dog was died. So the first one, made the sound as if dog is crying with moving his head towards to the sky. Then by teasing some pupils on the way, playground and at least with the slam of the main gate of Rossy Miss home, he enters. Rossy Miss is very sad and upset. Boy sees dogs belt in her hand. Immediately he wears that and starts behaving like a dog. Playing in sand, puddle, pretending as if he is urinating on bricks of the plants, asking silently to his Miss to throw the ball so that

he can run and bring ball back, Rossy Miss throwing ball and boys running behind it pleases her very much. Next time, she does not throw it but lets the boy to come closer to her so that she can lovingly hug him. Here, there is the end of the advertisement. Here, boys are more. The teacher is one. There is an unbridled hubbub in classroom. One notorious boy disturbs the boy who is studying on his bench by throwing piece of paper making its small aeroplane. Dog is died then even he leaves it in playing. The observation is, the boys must have relationships more than the teacher and the pupils. It can be assumed that nowadays, teacher-pupil relationships etc. are no more traditional type. It is a must that learners have interpersonal relationship with the instructors with reference to the instructors personal life. The use of the tone Ay is rarely used in academic atmosphere though it was not educational atmosphere may be because of the small break or recess between two sessions or the end of the day so pupils may be preparing for home. But the way that chief performer had used the sentence in the form of question forcibly asked to the other like Ay.Aaj Rossy Miss kyun nahi ayi? (!), can flow that idea in pupils minds that way of asking the question as if he is an authority or master in the class. That is how, in this advertisement, pupils dialogues become more important rather than the product. Way of teasing others and coming to teachers home without any discipline may not be exact and it can be said that the role of teacher-pupil relationship is frank and natural as the learner is a child. But somehow it strikes the idea of sycophancy on the side of the learner. It can suggest that the boy wants a special favour from his teacher that he is also loveable guy. Why did not other children come to her? That question supports that idea. Generally what happens in the far countryside areas where students work for their teachers as the boy in this advertisement becomes like a dog to pleas and to make her Miss happy or to help her to bring out of the sadness due to the death of the dog. For the good scoring of the marks or grade students do whatever their teachers ask them to do in their homes when they go for the tuition class. The surveillance from the advertisement study quite reasonably that the pupil is somehow like an inferior or a slave type that can do anything for the sake of his teachers sake. After all, Miss should not be sad, Lets keep her joyous and energetic so that in future she may give him good marks. In Indias most of the institutes, female teachers are mostly favoured by boys and girls. They have such an attraction towards them that they can do anything they tell them to do like bringing water or chock or snacks. What is the need of showing this type of behaviour to the

target audience like housewives and children? Is it that to show that how much the child spoils his clothes that can be easily cleaned by the Surf Excel product? It can have more than one idea to sale the product. Why only child and why this type of inferior action to his teacher is being shown. Even the teacher could have stopped him to do that dogs actions. It will urge pupils to have preconceived notions of being a pupil and being with the teacher. It can lead to dehumanize the mind of the learners. Though, the target audience is most middle and upper middle class families of India who can afford such little common problems. They can spend money in buying that product also. So instead of fulfilling their basic need it becomes a trend or fashion of buying. To go in the direction of the concluding part of the writing, one can have very crystal clear idea that this is very common product that all are familiar with. Additionally, the product is more commercial-specific introduced with the most important institution like education so one can keep balance in between. This product can bring carelessness among the pupils and the process of upbringing and nourishment of a child. This product may stimulate the humour appeal, emotional appeal but not rational appeal which is most indispensible factors in creating the impression in the minds of watchers.

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