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End Hormone Havoc –
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Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NPw at this
monthly educational and entertaining seminar.
For women only to learn about hormone changes,
natural treatment options and bioidentical hormones. We
discuss essential diet and lifestyle tips and
supplements you shouldn’t be without.
Also, we cover ways to lose weight
and improve your skin and sex life.
Call or visit our website for
dates and times.
Thursday, June 23
6:30 p.m.
Men and women are invited.
Call to register as space is limited.
$15, bring a friend each pay $10.
Learning Series
Finding Your Life Purpose
Speaker: Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC, Radiant Life Counseling Owner
What do you really want: 5 key elements to fnding and living your life
purpose. We each have a special life purpose, something that we are
called to do. Are you following the path of your life purpose?
ced horm






As the area’s frst innovative menopause and wellness
center, we specialize in holistic, integrated care and use
of customized, low dose bioidentical hormones.
4 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
8 letter from the editor
12 healthy pets
16 the inner voice
18 average jane
26 ft bodies
30 let’s talk fnances
34 crystal revelations
40 healthy eating
66 healthy kids
88 community calendar
89 resource guide
97 advertiser directory
Furniture Phases:
“Reduce, reuse, recycle”
20 Rev up summer energy
38 Healthy retreat
74 Assisted living 86
Chiropractic for
Craniosacral therapy
Photo by
Taylor Greenwood
10 Lessons learned by a novice vegan
14 How are your chakras?
22 What does your hair do for you?
24 Goodwill Outstanding Achiever:
Nolan Blecha
28 ‘Pesticide Applied’ no sign of a
safe lawn
32 Healthy veins and legs
42 Follow your heart’s desire
46 Yoga Life Coaching
48 Rules about debt collection
54 Dealing with excessive sweating
56 Embrace nature’s energy
60 Te Japan/Chernobyl connection
64 Make the most of your
vegetable share
67 Exfoliate for a summer glow
68 Essential oils to prevent disease,
decrease pain and more
72 Is your hand sanitizer safe?
76 Connecting food and feelings
78 Consider a healthier vacation
82 Changing unhealthy habits
84 What to stop doing – forever
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6 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
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MARCIA SMICK, Owner, Furniture Phases
Photography by Taylor Greenwood
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8 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
Jennifer Walla
letterfrom theeditor
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Do you remember the frst piece
of furniture you ever owned?
Perhaps it was a hand-me-down from a family member,
something to make your dorm room a little more cozy. Maybe
you bought a table with some of the money you earned from
your frst “real” job. For me, it was a mission style futon,
which I bought in 1997. Even though the purchase was years
ago, I remember two things about it: the funky plaid print
and that I spent way more than I should have on that ridicu-
lous monstrosity.
I wish Furniture Phases would have been around back
then. Te Appleton business sells gently used furniture and
home décor items bought on consignment. Tere’s a huge
assortment to choose from in the 9,000-sq.-f. showroom,
and it’s constantly changing. I was amazed at the quality of
the inventory and even more amazed by the prices when I
recently visited. To learn more about owner Marcia Smick’s
philosophy on the subject, turn to page 50.
On the subject of phases…
If you recall, a couple months ago I told you I’d be running
a half marathon. Today, as I write this, I’ve happily completed
my frst 13.1-mile race.
Was it easy? Hardly. (Te 25+MPH winds were a real chal-
lenge.) Was it fun? Now that I’ve had a few hours to process
the whole thing, I’d say yes. Te crowd support was encour-
aging and I met some great people. Ten, accomplishing
something I set my mind to is a pretty great reward in and
of itself.
Over the past few months I diligently prepared for the
race by following a training plan — basically putting one
foot in front of the other, repeating as necessary. It was time
consuming, ofen frustrating and sometimes boring. But in the
end it was totally worth it.
I’ve come to really love running. I know that’s not a phase. As
for running another half or even a full marathon, the jury’s still
Never say never.
9 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Come visit the
920.731.9396 | | 3142 N. Richmond Street, Appleton
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920-882-8900 •
•Friendly and knowledgeable staff
•Clean and well organized facility
•Over 65 group exercise classes each
week - including Les Mills
•Zumba • Cycle • Pilates • Aqua Classes
and more - all included!
•Executive style locker rooms
•Complimentary towels and amenities
•Radiant floor heating in the pool area
•4 lane lap pool and 10 person whirlpool
•Cardiovascular training center with personal TVs
•Extensive variety of strength training equipment
•Men’s and women’s soothing steam rooms
•Tanning and Massage
•Swim Lessons • Outdoor Tennis
•Relaxing cafe area to enjoy a FREE
cup of coffee
•Complimentary WiFi in our Cafe
•Secure Playcare for your children to play
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Free VIP Pass In June
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10 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Jennifer Culver
very new experience enhances learning. Advancing
through a vegan lifestyle is no exception. Mistakes were
made and lessons continue to develop. It’s called growth
– growing into a healthier way of life. In February I
chose to adopt a vegan diet. Here are the lessons I’m learning and
addressing on this vegan journey.
1. Too many starches
I love root vegetables – especially white potatoes. Although
they are a low-fat, low-calorie food, they still reside higher on the
glycemic index (GI). I was consuming them daily because they
were flling, tasty and easy to mash with vegan butter and rice or
soy milk. Unfortunately, how quickly I neglected to remember
how they spike blood sugar levels. A few hours later, I was hungry
and ready for my next carb-out. But, they are a source of dietary
fber, have vitamins and minerals, and help lower my cholesterol.
Lesson learned: Continue eating potatoes and more complex
carbohydrates, substitute with sweet potatoes for variety, and eat
starches in moderation.
2. Not enough iron
In April, I confdently approached my blood donation ritual.
Te appointment snuck up on my calendar and I was less prepared
than usual. My plan was to be diligent with my powdered greens
supplementation for a full week prior to my donation. I love them,
but get a bit relaxed when I’m busy and forget to drink them every
day. Well, I remembered their importance when my blood was
denied because my iron count was two counts too low. Bummer!
Looking back, I didn’t have much spinach or brussels sprouts that
week, either. Lesson learned: Daily nutritional supplementation
and eating a variety of plant-based foods aids in a balanced diet,
especially when following an elimination diet.
3. Decreased blood pressure
Te beneft of regularly donating blood is that I’m well aware
of my blood pressure. Although I was denied donation due to
my iron count, an impressive reduction in my blood pressure
reminded me of the benefts of a plant-based diet. My numbers
are normally in the average zone, but I was happy to hear that in
less than two months, my lower (diastolic) number had dropped 9
points. Lesson learned: A plant-based diet has health benefts.
4. Getting in a rut
With this year’s cooler springtime, I was not a fan of raw foods.
I crave warm foods and beverages. Steaming and roasting vegeta-
bles takes time and efort. Additionally, it takes mental preparation
Professional Coaching,
Speaking and Workshops
Schedule Jennifer for Your Workshop
1-Hour FREE Coaching
Call Today!
Certifed Professional Coach & Reiki Master
Jennifer Culver, CPC, RM
(920) 570-1704 • email:
Lessons learned by
the novice vegan
11 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Kenneth Pechman, MD, PhD
Board Certifed Dermatologist
2201 East Enterprise Ave.,
Suite 104 • Appleton
Call to schedule your
Are you tired of
dealing with:
• Sun spots/age spots
• Fine lines
• Dull lifeless skin
• Unwanted cellulite
• Concerns about aging
• Sagging skin
• Acne scarring
• Large pores
• Sun damage
• Unwanted hair
• Broken facial capillaries
to go to the of ce with a proper lunch prepared. Well, I got in a rut.
I favored canned soups, with an emphasis on beans and/or vege-
tables that were quick, easy and tasty. In this case, convenience
and tasty = high sodium. Soup in a can is faster, but not healthier.
When I planned ahead to make homemade versions of my favor-
ite soups; minestrone, bean, split pea, etc., I reduced my sodium
content while enjoying my comforting, warm, healthy foods. My
next focus is to reduce my consumption of fller crackers and bread
with my soup. Lesson learned: Preparation is strategic; with both
fresh fruits and vegetables to eat on demand, and vegan meals for
mealtimes – especially at the of ce.
5. Consume flling foods and beverages
In cooler weather, I favored healthy cofees and teas over water
to warm my body. But water is an easy, natural flling beverage.
Homemade vegetable broth was one way I creatively consumed
warm water. Additionally, I drink lemon and hot water in the
morning as a quick, warm detoxifer. But to “fll up” I didn’t
focus enough on low-fat, fber-rich foods. When time was tight,
I made convenience a priority. I over-consumed canned beans
and hummus (with pita chips or crackers), and under-consumed
fresh, low-fat foods like apples, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.
Frozen fruits and vegetables dropped my body temperature just
thinking about the idea. It was another example of “getting in a
rut.” My biggest challenge was eating the right amount of calories
and flling foods at the right time of day. I commonly found I was
hungry at 8:30 pm as a result of not eating properly at dinnertime.
I started preferring popcorn before bed, and messing up my diges-
tion and sleep practice.
Yes, mistakes happened, but with much happiness. It’s a growth
opportunity and a healthier lifestyle in development. As my energy
increases and my blood pressure decreases, I’m happy to make
mistakes as each failure demonstrates accomplishing another
phase in my vegan journey. It’s not about the hiccups; it’s about
the healthy lifestyle. Bring on an abundant summer harvest!
Jennifer Culver, CPC - “Jentle Jen” - is a certifed professional coach, consul-
tant, and Reiki master. She is an expert author for several online blogs and article
directories, emphasizing following your passion, spirituality, and holistic wellness.
Jen has a consulting background with global organizations. One-on-one coach-
ing, group coaching, creating and facilitating workshops, and speaking engage-
ments light up Jen’s days. Jennifer will lead you through a Jentle day. Visit www.
. .. .




3 SiIver Tans
W3102 Van Roy Rd.
Appleton, WÌ 54915
(920) 831-0740
1933 N. Richmond St.
Appleton, WÌ 54911
(920) 734-5448
Y0U 8AVE $15

Exp|res June 1, 2011
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12 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
MTWF 9:30am - 5:30pm
TH 9:30am - 6:30pm
SAT 9:30am - 4:00pm
Keep pets
comfortable in
warm weather
outside. Be sure to regularly refresh
water bowls so that animals have cool,
refreshing water to drink.
Watch for hot feet. • A person who
has walked barefoot across hot pave-
ment knows just how painful it can
be. Although the pads of dogs’ feet
are thicker than human skin, they are
sensitive as well. Too much walking
across hot surfaces can burn the pads.
Check regularly for redness and gauge
your pet’s comfort level while walking.
If he is limping or showing distress, it’s
time to cut the walk short.
Prickly foes. • Seeds from foxtails and
other grasses tend to be barbed and
sticky. Cats and dogs may inhale these
seeds or have them lodge in their paws
and coats. If a pet seems to be under
duress afer being outdoors, grass
lawns and burrs could be the culprit.
Seek assistance from a veterinarian.
hile many individuals have been counting down
the days until 85-degree weather, pets may not have
been sharing the same enthusiasm. Te hot weather
can bring discomfort to our four-legged friends.
It’s widely known that keeping a dog chained up outdoors in
the sun and heat is cruel, as is keeping him locked in a car while
running errands. However, there are many other factors that come
into play regarding keeping pets cool and comfortable when the
mercury rises.
Unlike humans, pets cannot simply shed layers of clothes to cool
down. Nor do they have the communication skills to tell people to
turn up the air conditioning. It’s up to pet parents to be in tune with
their pets’ needs and provide what they require. In order to keep pets
content when the weather is warm, consider these suggestions.
Cool down. • Have a source of water for pets to use to cool
down. Tis may be a retired baby pool, a misting hose, even a
damp towel that can be used to rub over a pet’s coat. Be sure
this water source doesn’t pose a drowning threat (i.e., don’t
leave a pool of water around young children or puppies).
Offer shade. • Te shade can reduce temperatures by several
degrees. When spending considerable time outdoors, have a
shady spot to which both people and pets can retire. If a pet
is an outside animal, be sure there is a covered area that will
ofer generous shade.
Provide cold water to drink. • Pets can become dehy-
drated and sufer from heatstroke just like humans can. Some
animals will avoid a bowl of water if it has heated from being
13 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Keep it cool. • Don’t turn of the air conditioning simply
because you won’t be home. If it’s incredibly hot indoors, pets
will become uncomfortable. Keep a ventilation source avail-
able, such as an open window, turned-on ceiling fan or leave
the A/C set to low.
Leave water out. • An indoor water bowl is a necessity, too.
Check before leaving the house that there is plenty of water
available to all pets.
Offer comfort. • Summertime ofen comes with loud thun-
derstorms, motorcycles passing by or freworks. Tese loud
noises can startle pets. Routinely check on animals to be sure
they aren’t frightened or doing damage to the house from
being scared. If you will be out, have a neighbor check on the
pet. A radio lef on or a television can help mask the summer
sounds and soothe a scared pet.
Groom the pet. • Talk with a groomer to decide on a cut
that’s comfortable for the pet. While many people assume
shaving of all fur is the best option, fur actually insulates an
animal. Removing it all can put the pet at risk for sunburn.
Other Tips
Walk dogs early in the morning and in early evening so that •
the jaunts take place when the weather is cooler.
If you’ll be taking a dog along on a hike during warm weather, •
be sure to pack enough water for both of you.
Consider the use of dog booties to protect pads from hot •
Dogs may not be allowed on beaches during the summer •
tourist season. Check ahead before
planning a seaside adventure.
Warm weather helps parasites multi- •
ply. Don’t keep food lef out or it may
attract bugs and become spoiled.
Check with a vet about medica- •
tions that can ward of ticks
and feas, which tend to be
in full force during warm
SOURCE: Metro Creative
7926 Prairiewood Trail • Neenah
healthy choices for
your pets!
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Limit one per customer.
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Not valid on prior purchases.
Expires June 30, 2011
any purchase of
$25 or more.
1/2 hour
Specializing in affordable raw feeding and •
getting your pet back to optimal health
Local delivery for Appleton, Neenah, •
Menasha, Oshkosh
Consults for raw feeding, essential oils and •
natural healing
Distributor for Young Living Therapeutic •
Essential Oils
Distributor for BillingHurst BARF •
456 N. Mai n Street

Located at the Harmony Wellness Center • (920) 410-4022
Ancient healing meets
modern technology...
Nationally Certifed, FDA Registered
Quantum Holistic
Wellness Practitioner
Serving the Fox Valley
INDIGO Quantum Biofeedback • Reconnective Healing
Cold Wave Laser Therapy • Craniosacral Therapy
Detox Footbath • Contemporary Homeopathy
Kari Usel man, Ph.D.
Empowering Your Journey to Wellness
Detoxify • Nutritionalize • Restore
All Natural Pet Products:
Pet Treats Anti-Bacterials
Shampoos Leashes
Toys Pest Control
Our goal is to make your pet a little happier &
healthier without chemicals, dyes or preservatives.
See our complete line of products:
or visit us weekends at the Pet StOP in Fox River Mall.
When your pets deserve the very best give them:
Somethin to Howl About
14 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Trish Poole
If you are alive, your chakras are open and
operating! Tey may not be operating opti-
mally at all times, but they are open. I have
sometimes heard people comment that
someone has told them that their chakras
are closed. If a chakra is truly closed 100
percent, death is imminent so more ofen
than not it is an inaccurate description of
the condition of the chakra. How they are
operating is afected by diverse variables
unique to each person. Tey are commonly
afected by intense emotional experiences
in either a positive or negative way. If it is
a traumatic experience the efect is imme-
diate. If it is a behavior or belief that is
generated from an
intense experience, it
will become more of a
chronic efect on the
fow of energy in the
respective chakra.
Each chakra reso-
nates or vibrates to
a corresponding
musical note and
color frequency, start-
ing with white light
entering our energetic
system. Each of us is like a prism for the
white light because as it enters our system
it lights up our crown to violet, our third
eye to indigo, our throat to blue, our heart
center to emerald green, our solar plexus
to yellow, our sacral area to orange and our
Hypnosis • Reiki • EFT
Reconnection • Consultations
Peace & Wellness
Trish Poole
681 Baeten St., Green Bay
Words don’t seem enough when saying,
“Thank you, Trish!” I feel wonderful and
not under the control of the migraines
anymore. You are the best. I will recom-
mend you to anyone who is suffering
needlessly 6 to 8 times a month or more
and the medicine isn’t working. She even
helped with my depression, I didn’t tell
her about that...
Colleen, Green Bay area
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635 Main Street • Downtown Green Bay
Call 920.437.0206 • Mon.–Fri. 8am-7pm • Sat. 8am–4pm •
How are your
15 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
root chakra to red. It is interesting to note
that the respective colors of the chakras
follow natural law as it relates to defracting
light into a rainbow; a confrmation that
chakras are not contrived by new-agers but
an ancient truth of the human condition in
that their resonance follows natural law.
Chakras metabolize energy and help
us to sense our environment around us
by taking in energy and sending it out. It
is possible for one or more chakras to be
operating less than optimally which is
something an energy worker (Reiki, recon-
nective healing, Jin Shin Jitsu, therapeutic
touch, etc.) can help balance through an
energy healing session.
To someone who is highly clairvoyant
(has psychic vision), a chakra looks like a
vortex with many smaller ones within it. A
vortex looks like a tornado or how water
forms a funnel when it goes down a drain.
Te word chakra comes from Sanskrit,
an ancient language from the territories
that pre-date India. Sanskrit is to Hindi, as
Latin is to English. It means something like
wheel or vortex, and while we have thou-
sands of chakras, there are seven major
ones that are most commonly referred to
in the mainstream. Understanding chakras
and what each represents is integral to
understanding the human energy body.
Over the last 20 years, more and more
people are becoming familiar with the
terms and ‘chakra,’ ‘resonance’ and ‘aura’
and they are ever more mainstream.
By learning about chakras, what they are
and how they work, it is generally easier to
better understand and manage one’s own
energy and potentially one’s overall health.
Tere are many types of treatments that
support healthy energy fow for chakras
that many of us do intuitively without
even realizing it and other treatments that
you can receive from energy workers. For
example, just going out into nature and
enjoying its simple beauty, fresh air and
birdsongs can clear many of the chakras;
a mother rubbing a child’s back can help
to strengthen and clear the child’s chakras.
A more immediate and powerful way to
strengthen and clear your chakras is to do
Reiki, acu-tuning, acupuncture, or some
type of energy work.
Patricia “Trish” Poole, CH, EFT-CC, has been
providing hypnosis and energy healing private
sessions and classes for 13 years. She ofers informa-
tion on hypnosis, Reiki, reconnective healing and
more. For more information, visit www.patriciam- or call 920.819.3774.
Sterling Silver Pendants, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets •
Over 70 Polished, Raw and Tumbled Crystals and Stones •
Essential Oils, Books, Candles, Smudge Sticks •
1106 Washington St., Manitowoc • 920.682.8680 • Mon.-Fri. 11-6, Sat. 10-4
Gifts for Mind, Body & Spirit
16 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Nancy Freier
ow can we reconcile feng shui with religion? Like any
religion is intended to do, feng shui, or the awareness
of natural laws, can help a person live life to their
fullest potential. Even though feng shui is considered
an ancient Eastern art that was well practiced in early times, it is
seeing a revival today in the West because of its profound, life-
changing results.
I recently gave a talk about feng shui, the art of placement of
furnishings in our environment, and I was struck by the questions
many of the participants asked me. Tey either had never heard of
feng shui or thought that it was a religion. I saw the hesitation of
some of them to even approach me because they seemed unsure
of how feng shui would afect them or their religious beliefs.
First of all, I think it’s important to understand that feng shui
is not a religion. It is the recognition of the natural laws of earth,
and when we become aware of them and apply them to our living
space or work environment, we can beneft from the gifs this
awareness ofers. Like gravity and the law of cause and efect, these
patterns of energy exist whether or not we believe in them; then,
by awakening to these patterns — the gif that feng shui ofers —
we are able to fully embrace a better life, exactly what the Creator
intended for us.
Feng shui is based on the Taoist philosophy that everything is
energy, or “chi,” according to the Chinese. Tere is no god in feng
shui, however, there is a recognition of the power that connects
and guides us, known as the ‘laws of nature’ or the source of life.
We use this invisible “chi” regardless if we are aware of it or not.
Nancy Freier
920-727-0997 • •
the results?
Better health, greater wealth, happy relationships!
a professional designer coming into your home or offce.
She rearranges what you have to help you get what you want
without spending a fortune.
Graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui
Transforming homes, businesses, and lives since 1999.
Feng Shui
and religion
What Feng Shui is
(and what it isn’t)
Feng shui (“fung schway”) trans-
lated as ‘wind and water,’ has been
practiced in China for more than 3,000
years. this environmental art and
science sees the world as completely
alive, with all things — buildings,
streets, and furnishings — connected
in a dynamic relationship that influ-
ences all we experience. the growing
popularity of feng shui in the West is
the result of its extraordinary effect
on people, including improved health,
rewarding relationships, and an
increase in happiness and prosperity.
What is
Feng Shui?
17 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
As awakened beings, we then apply these feng shui principles into
our home and of ce designs and as we do, we actually become
“directors” of this energy to bring about specifc results in our life.
Aware or not, the energies of nature have a great infuence
on us. Te moon’s phases are said to directly afect our moods
and women’s menses. Living in natural settings and nourishing
ourselves with natural foods strengthens our bodies. All of these
things happen regardless of our religion.
Feng shui ofers an awareness for us to excel and prosper in life.
We must respect and understand the ways of nature, and when we
live by them, we can progress and evolve into who we are intended
to be. Tis is the basic purpose of feng shui: to live our best life
on earth.
In the various religions of the world, man has created diferent
names and images for God — this higher intelligence, or divine
source. However, at the root of most religions is a similar goal —
to believe in a higher divine intelligence that creates and protects
us, ofering guidance when we seek it.
In the practice of prayer and meditation we are using our
thoughts to communicate with God, or the omniscient power by
whatever name we choose to call it. In our prayers we seek such
desires and qualities as peace of mind, wealth, health and
happiness for ourselves or for our loved ones.
In feng shui, our thoughts are actual ‘things’ that have
an energy or frequency that can infuence our objectives.
Tis power is cultivated through meditation and creative
visualization to bring about our goals and desires, such as
personal success or the health of a loved one. Te practice of feng
shui then is wisely utilizing a natural, God-given gif. We simply
need to be aware of the blessing.
Nancy Freier is a professionally-trained Essential Feng
Shui® consultant. Her passion is helping people fnd their
path to living a happier, more fulflling life. Please see her
ad on page 16.
“Feng shui offers an awareness for
us to excel and prosper in life.”
Use All Natural to Help Stabilize and Balance
Blood Sugar, Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels
† Use Assurance Blood Health Support™ as part of your diet to help maintain blood
sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels that are already within the normal range.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Assurance BHS is available at these fne natural foods retailers:
Steger Nutrition Center
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Oohlala Health
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Nutrition Discount Center
Oshkosh, WI ( 920) 426-1280
Ye Old Pharmacy
Cedarburg, WI (262) 375-0010
Community Pharmacy
Madison, WI ( 608) 251-3242
Waupaca Woods Pharmacy
Waupaca, WI (715) 258-7621
Consumer Prescription Center
Appleton, WI ( 920) 739-9232
The Plan-it Earth Health Center
Marshfeld, WI (715) 384-7100

Family Nutrition Center
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1st Choice Nutrition
Appleton, WI ( 920) 380-9510
Appleton, WI ( 920) 830-7700
McGinnis Chiropractic Offce
Winneconne, WI ( 920) 582-4364
Reineking Chiropractic
Appleton, WI ( 920) 882-3003
Confdence Plus Judy Johnson, RN
Neenah, WI ( 920) 499-7396
Morton Pharmacy
18 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
Tis Average Jane column is slightly diferent from what I have
written in the past as I wanted to share the point of view of someone
who sufers from lymphedema and chronic pain, two conditions
that I personally do not have. Tis is the story of a woman who
sought treatment from Jennie Kitelinger, MOT, OTR, CLT, and
founder of Quality Terapy, which ofers in-home therapy for
people sufering from chronic pain and other medical issues.
Jennie founded Quality Terapy because she saw a need for
in-home therapy in the area. She says that at her previous job she
ofen saw patients who had to use Medivans or wheel chairs due to
mobility problems as a result of pain, swelling or obesity.
“I hated seeing the looks on their faces because of their embar-
rassment about not being as independent as they wanted to be,”
she says. “I wanted to help patients be more comfortable and be
able to help them in their homes.”
Jennie recalls one woman who was struggling with obesity, who
we’ll call Susan. Susan had tried on her own to lose weight and had
been to numerous doctors to get help for her problem. Te doctors
continued to tell her she was just “fat” and declared her home-
bound. Needless to say, Susan was very discouraged. One day, a
friend stopped by to visit. Suspecting there was more to the issue
than obesity, she asked to see Susan’s legs. Susan was very embar-
rassed, but afer some convincing revealed her legs.
It seemed Susan sufered from chronic swelling that had turned
into lymphedema, a condition of localized fuid retention and
tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system.
“Te lymph system is connected to the immune system,” Jennie
explained. “It made sense as to why she was having so many
immune issues as well. We convinced her to see her doctor for the
correct diagnosis, and he confrmed our suspicions.”
Shortly thereafer, a treatment plan was devised. Jennie went
to Susan’s home and did a thorough evaluation to determine the
specifcs of her concerns and measure the areas to be treated. Due
to the severity of the situation, Jennie determined Susan needed
treatment fve days a week for the frst two weeks. Treatment tech-
niques included lymphatic massages combined with pneumatic
pump therapy to get the fuid to recirculate back in the system.
Compression wraps for both legs were also applied to help keep
the fuid from back fowing into the leg.
Amazingly, over the next four weeks, Susan lost 70 pounds of
fuid! She was so relieved to discover that she wasn’t just “over-
weight,” and that she had a treatable medical issue. Tree months
later, Jennie was able to decrease treatments to twice a week. Susan
also uses her own pump between treatments due to the sever-
ity of her condition. She continues to receive manual massages
and wraps. Now, down a total of 100 pounds, Quality Terapy is
helping Susan learn how to live a more normal life, as well as eat
a more nutritious diet. (She was down to one meal a day
because so many people had told her that she simply had
been overeating.) Susan can now go to the bathroom alone
and use a walker.
Susan’s story has a very happy ending. If you or someone
you know sufers from chronic pain, lymphedema, diges-
tive issues, fbromyalgia, arthritis, migraines — anything
that troubles you that you cannot seem to get relief from
— give Jennie a call at 920.462.4583 or email jkitelinger@ In many cases, treatment is covered by insur-
ance or Medicare. For more information, visit www.quality-
A Boutique Law Firm
Business Law | Estate Planning | Litigation
4211 N. Lightning Drive | Appleton, WI 54913
You run your business…
we’ll worry about the details.
Kathryn Blom
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Valerie Revnew
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Jane discusses in-
home options with
Quality Terapy
A Boutique Law Firm
Business Law | Estate Planning | Litigation
4211 N. Lightning Drive | Appleton, WI 54913
You run your business…
we’ll worry about the details.
Kathryn Blom
Ryan Plisch
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Valerie Revnew
20 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Terry Lemerond
Staying energized and keeping ft can be
tough – especially if you’re not getting the
nutrients you need. But while we tend to
look for new miracle herbs or nutrients, it
can be easy to forget about the basics – like
ingredients found in liver, for instance.
You may not eat liver because of the taste,
concerns about cholesterol or toxins. Tat’s
understandable. Te smell and favor of liver
can make it an acquired taste, and people
may have fears about toxins in the liver
due to antibiotics or other environmental
factors. But you’re missing out on important
energizing nutrients,
including iron and
vitamin B12.
Get back to the basics –
get your absorbable iron!
Maybe you don’t believe iron is very
important anymore. But if you’re an active
person, you burn up your stores of iron
quickly. In fact, many people sufer from an
iron defciency without even knowing it.
Nonetheless, simply running out and
picking up any old iron supplement is not the
answer. Many of them aren’t well tolerated
or absorbed by the body. For instance, iron
sulfate, iron fumarate and iron gluconate are
extremely difcult to digest. Plus, only about
2 mg of iron – even from 200 mg of these
forms – will actually reach the bloodstream.
For a natural, more absorbable form of
iron, liver is the best. It contains heme iron,
a form of iron attached to hemoglobin, the
protein that transports energizing oxygen
to muscle cells. Te great thing about heme
iron is that up to 33 percent of the quantity of
Organic & Locally Grown Menu
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21 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
heme iron ingested can be absorbed, versus
about 1 percent absorption of iron salts.
Te best liver extracts come from beef
cattle raised without any chemical sprays,
pesticides or antibiotics on the grassy plains
of Argentina. Also, you’ll want a “predi-
gested” form of liver extract which is broken
down to be more readily absorbed by the
body. And, unlike eating liver, a concen-
trated extract (one using 20 lbs. of liver to
make 1 lb. of extract) doesn’t have any fat or
Combine with vitamin B12
for even more benefts:
Combine this natural liver extract with
methylcobalamin. Tat’s the highly absorb-
able form of vitamin B12 that requires no
biological transformation because it is
made ready for absorption.
Symptoms of B12 defciency include:
tiredness and feelings of weakness, irritabil-
ity, vision difculties, loss of appetite, poor
memory, brittle nails and prematurely graying
hair. Vitamin B12 can help if you sufer from
sleeping difculties, too. It plays a role in
melatonin production (the sleep hormone)
that helps you get the rest you need.
While meats, poultry, eggs, fsh, brewers’
yeast, dairy products and seafood can
provide vitamin B12, you could eat all
of these, and still have a defciency of the
vitamin. Tat’s because your digestive
system may lack a protein called intrin-
sic factor that converts a common form of
vitamin B12, cyanocobalamin, to the meth-
ylcobalamin form that the body uses best.
Folic acid — a key partner
to vitamin B12
Another key member of the vitamin
B family is folic acid. Symptoms of folate
defciency have a lot in common with B12
defciency: fatigue and irritability, muscle
weakness and headache.
Because many of the processed foods
that are fortifed with folic acid are grains-
based, individuals with gluten sensitivi-
ties aren’t likely to get the folate they need
through diet alone. And although folate is
found in dark leafy greens, broccoli, cauli-
fower, and pinto beans, the absorption of
folate from these sources is only about half
of what you’d get from folic acid.
Folic acid works with vitamin B12 to
reduce levels of homocysteine, an amino acid
that can damage the cardiovascular system
and collagen – the cushioning material
between the joints. It is an excellent choice to
add to your active supplement regimen for
energy and healthy exercise recovery.
Tis combination of nutrients can help
correct any defciencies that may have
been slowing you down. It’ll provide better
natural energy, reduce fatigue and recovery
time from exercise, provide a sense of well-
being and a host of other benefts. If you feel
that your workout (or just your busy days in
general) need a boost, it really can pay to go
back to the basics!
Terry Lemerond has over 40 years of experience in
the health food industry. He is currently the president
of EuroPharma. With his wife, Debra, they also own
and operate a natural food store and organic café in
Green Bay, Terry Naturally & Cafe’ Naturally. Terry
has created more than 400 formulations and has
tremendous experience and knowledge in develop-
ing natural formulations. Terry has a local talk radio
show on Sunday mornings from 10-11 on WTAQ,
1360 AM or 97.5 FM, and he writes a weekly educa-
tional column covering a variety of health topics. His
mission is to introduce revolutionary natural prod-
ucts that will improve the health of America.
Experience Safe and Effective
Pain Relief
When Pain is the Problem, Curamin
is the Answer!
“My patients are looking for relief from
pain, so I recommend Curamin. I feel better
knowing they are getting results without the
side effects.”
—Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

To view testimonials go to
† Occasional muscle pain due to exercise and overuse
All ingredients established in human studies for safety and effectiveness. Does not interfere with stomach, liver or kidney function.
or call: 866-807-2731
Available at Your Local Health Food Store
**A Member of EuroPharma’s Scientifc Advisory Board
22 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
To fnd the answer to this question we asked Mark P. Bret-
tingen, the owner of Changing Headlines, to share his insight.
Mark has been in the hair industry for almost four decades
and next year will celebrate his 30th year as owner of Changing
Headlines in Appleton.
NP: We all want to look our best and are constantly being
bombarded by the media with ways to look and feel more youthful.
Mark, how do you think hair fts into this equation?
Mark: I am in the hair and hair restoration business by profes-
sion, but the service we provide is making people feel better. Our
hair greatly afects our overall appearance, as it is one of the frst
things that others notice.
NP: To what do you attribute the success of Changing Headlines
afer almost 30 years?
What does your
hair really do
for you?
Mark P. Brettingen
Mark P. Brettingen/Owner
Please call for a
private, complimentary
Our focus is to provide you with exceptional service in a caring and comfortable environment.
If you are concerned about thinning hair – we can help.
2631 North Meade Street # 204 • Appleton, WI 54911 • (920) 731-7780 •
23 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Mark: Changing Headlines is a niche business. We specialize in
helping men and women who sufer from thinning hair, but we
are also a hair salon for the entire family. Along with my profes-
sional team, we ofer haircuts, color and styles to both men and
women. Our business is unique as we are located in a professional
of ce building and our studio ofers private styling booths for our
clients. Our team is comprised of professionally trained barbers,
as well as cosmetologists. More than 50 percent of our clientele are
men. Men enjoy our environment because of both the skill level of
the stylist, private booths, and the fact that we do our absolute best
to stay on schedule for our clients’ convenience.
NP: So you do haircuts, colors, and styles for those who do not
need help with thinning hair as well?
Mark: Absolutely, our stylists are gifed at helping individuals
fnd the correct style, color, etc. for their particular face shape, eye
color, complexion, and lifestyle.
NP: Do you think that many people are reluctant to change their
Mark: To some degree we are all creatures of habit; however,
many individuals should be more open to change because the right
haircut and style can greatly improve one’s appearance. At Chang-
ing Headlines we specialize in helping both men and women to
wear their hair in the most complimentary way possible to project
a positive image to themselves and others.
NP: You have talked about your salon. What exactly is the other
aspect of your business, the hair restoration business?
Mark: When I say hair restoration, I’m referring to all aspects
of restoring hair.
Non-surgical hair restoration (working with custom hair- 1.
pieces and wigs).
Surgical hair restoration (a surgical procedure performed by 2.
a physician that specializes in hair transplantation).
Laser Hair Terapy™ along with FDA-approved growth acti- 3.
vators for individuals in the early stages of hair loss.
NP: It sounds as if there are many options to explore when
dealing with thinning hair?
Mark: Yes, most defnitely. Te solutions are numerous, depend-
ing upon our clients’ needs and desires.
NP: Do you work with individuals that are losing their hair as a
result of chemotherapy treatments?
Mark: Yes, thankfully there are wonderful options to assist indi-
viduals during this dif cult time. We work with many companies
so we are able to ofer both synthetic and the fnest human hair
available for those that desire the best look possible.
NP: It sounds like you are very passionate about your business.
Mark: Yes, I certainly am. As you can see by my photo, I too
was a client and take a great deal of pride in helping others feel
good about their appearance. I have been blessed with wonder-
ful, talented individuals to work with and that has truly been the
success of Changing Headlines.
If you are looking for a new barber or stylist, please call
920.731.7780 to schedule an appointment. Changing Headlines is
located at 2631 North Meade St., Appleton. If you are struggling
with thinning hair, call to schedule a complimentary appointment
with Mark to explore your options. Visit us at www.changinghead-
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our Elders and provide the
best possible lifestyle and
service options.”
For Care Information • 920.955.3131
Convenient Locations in Appleton and Menasha
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24 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Karen Kramer
Since coming to the Ashwaubenon Good-
will store fve years ago through a special
needs program at Green Bay Southwest
High School, Nolan Blecha has gained both
confdence and work skills.
In recognition of the progress he has
made, the Green Bay man has been named
the “Outstanding Achiever for May” by
Goodwill Industries of North Central
Wisconsin (NCW).
Blecha, who has some developmental
problems, was referred to Goodwill’s Work
Services program through Brown County
Human Services. Work Services is a longer-
term training program for people
with disabilities and utilizes Good-
will as a worksite to develop their
work skills and behaviors.
Carol Daniels-Turston, acting
store team leader for the
Ashwaubenon Goodwill, said when
Blecha frst started at the store, he
worked with team member Debbi Yahnke
in the home goods and glassware depart-
ment where he put prices on items and
then moved the items onto the retail foor.
A few years later, when Yahnke transferred
to the apparel department, Blecha wanted to
transfer, too, so he could continue working
with her. In the beginning, he struggled
with sizing the clothing and knowing which
apparel was men’s or women’s, or boys’ or
girls’. However, he has since begun to four-
ish in his new role.
“Nolan now hangs two and a half to
three racks a day in a 4-hour shif,” Daniels-
767 N. Casaloma Drive
West of the Fox River Mall
Appleton, WI
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 10 to 8
Sun. 11 to 6
Cookware • Bakeware • Serveware
Barware • Cutlery • Gadgets
Tableware • Glassware • Kitchen Electrics
Specialty Foods • Kitchen Housewares
Gift Cards Available
767 N. Casaloma Drive
West of the Fox River Mall
Appleton, WI
One coupon per customer. In-store purchases only. Not valid with other
offers, sale items, gift cards, coupons, cutlery, electrics or on prior
purchases. Some restrictions apply.
Only one discount can be used on this coupon.
Entire coupon must be presented for discount.
The Store
The Store
Our family, serving your
family for over 33 years!
Our family, serving your
family for over 33 years!
Michael’s Dr.
Main Mall
College Ave.
Expires 6/30/11. NP0511
Nolan Blecha named a
Goodwill ‘Outstanding
25 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Turston said. “Trough hard work and
commitment, he has overcome some of the
earlier challenges he faced with the move
and now wants to learn how to tag apparel.”
During Blecha’s time with Goodwill, team
members have seen his willingness to learn
and improve his skills, and his positive atti-
tude in approaching any task.
“Since joining Goodwill, Nolan has
learned the importance of working as part
of a team,” Daniels-Turston said. “He
always has a smile on his face and is very
committed to his work. His presence at the
store really motivates all of us because we
see what Nolan achieves every day, and that
he is truly committed to doing a good job.”
According to Blecha, he likes “all of the
team members I work with, and I enjoy the
work I do in apparel.”
His parents, who are both teachers, have
told Daniels-Turston how pleased they
are with the experience their son is getting
through Goodwill and the Ashwaubenon
store, and how comfortable they are in
knowing he is in an environment where
people truly care about him.
In addition to working at Goodwill,
Blecha is involved in Special
Olympics and, earlier this year,
took second place in basketball.
He also plays soccer and bowls.
“All of us are very proud of
Nolan and his accomplish-
ments and are delighted that
he has been selected as Good-
will’s ‘Outstanding Achiever for
May,’” Daniels-Turston said.
Each month, Goodwill
NCW selects a volunteer or a
program participant like Blecha
for its “Outstanding Achiever”
recognition. Te honorees come from one
of Goodwill’s 22 store communities, its
Menasha campus or its Ralph B. Shiner
Center in Appleton.
Keith Wilk, COO of Programs & Services
at Goodwill NCW, said the awards are a way
for the organization to “recognize the strides
that our program participants have made,
in part, because of the services provided
through our Goodwill.” Each honoree
receives a certifcate of achievement and
Goodwill merchandise.
For more information, contact Daniels-
Turston at cdanielsthurston_gw@gwicc.
org or 920.498.0990; or Wilk at kwilk_gw@ or 920.968.6233.
Karen Kramer is a writer/editor with Goodwill
NCW, a not-for-proft human services organization
that helped improve the lives of almost 50,000 people
across north central Wisconsin in 2010 through more
than 25 programs and services. It covers 35 counties
and includes 22 retail stores and training centers in
communities from Manitowoc to La Crosse, and as
far north as Rice Lake and Rhinelander. A member of
Goodwill Industries International and Rehabilitation
For Wisconsin, it is based at the Goodwill Community
Center in Menasha. It is on the Web at www.good-
26 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Karmen Nenahlo
Question: It seems that more and more people are taking fsh
oil these days. Is this something you recommend?
Answer: You’re absolutely right — fsh oil is becoming very
popular, and for good reason. Tere are a number of health bene-
fts associated with this supplement and, if experts had to choose
between fsh oil supplementation and a daily multivitamin/
mineral, more and more would probably steer you toward fsh oil.
First of all, the Omega-3 fatty acids in fsh oil are generally consi-
dered anti-infammatory, while Omega-6 fatty acids are conside-
red pro-infammatory. Unfortunately, traditional western diets
are much higher in Omega-6’s compared to Omega-3’s, so trying
to incorporate more
Omega-3’s into your diet is just good
common sense. In addition, Omega-3’s have been shown to lower
triglycerides levels, reduce heart attack and stroke risk, slow the
build-up of artery plagues and slightly lower blood pressure. And
if that’s not enough, they have also been studied extensively for
their neuroprotective efects related to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s
and depression. If you decide to supplement with fsh oil, typical
dosages start at 1,000 mg of EPA and DHA (the two prominent
fatty acids) per day. It’s also a good idea to incorporate at least two
servings of low-mercury, fatty fsh per week.
Question: Can you provide a little refresher on working out
when you’re sick?
Answer: Everyone seems to have a
diferent opinion on this, but here’s the
scoop. You ofen hear people say that
working out is fne if it’s just a head cold —
stufy nose, coughing and other stuf that
you don’t like, but can deal with. Tis is
generally true, but if you have a fever, body
aches or other more serious symptoms, you
should leave the exercising to the rest of us.
Tis philosophy is actually pretty sound,
but consider these issues as well. When I’m
working out, I don’t really want people that
are sneezing and coughing around me —
and I would guess you don’t either. Plus, I
like to work out with intensity, and I put
a premium on the quality of my exercise.
Terefore, I would rather rest up for a day
or two, even if I just have a head cold. Ten,
when I get back to exercising, I can pick-up
right where I lef of. Ultimately, the deci-
sion is in your hands, so do what’s best for
Expert answers to your health
and wellness questions
Fish oil, working out
when you’re sick
and infomercial
920.490.9457 ·
SATURDAY, JULY 9 · 8-4 &
SUNDAY, JULY 10 · 9-4
Tour six unique & interesting private
Green Bay area gardens.
$13 GBBG Members · $18 Non-Members
27 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Question: I have several friends that follow some of the
popular workouts that you ofen see touted in infomercials and on
the internet. Is there anything “special” about these workouts? Do
you think it’s worth the money to invest in one?
Answer: Tat’s a good question. I have a few friends that have
followed P90X and some other popular programs as well. Here
are my thoughts. Many of these programs are just practical adap-
tations of some of the latest and greatest ftness research, ofen
coupled with some traditional exercise equipment. Add an expert
with a vibrant personality, and you’ve got a recipe for a successful
program. Do these types of programs work? Sure, if you follow
the program, stay committed and push yourself (though the
expert is usually pretty good at that, too). Tat said, I wouldn’t
say there’s anything “special” about them. Many (but not all) are
simply spin-ofs of Body Pump, with some high-intensity interval
training thrown in for good measure. Tis type of training works
well regardless of whether you follow a structured program or not.
Plus, I would argue that a certifed personal trainer at your local
health club could design a better workout for you, simply because
it’s personalized. Tey’ll take into account your personal health
statistics, ftness level, time constraints, and many other variables.
And they’ll be there with you through it all — in person! So, is
it worth the money to purchase one of these programs? It might
be, but your success really depends much more on you, and how
dedicated you are to reaching your goals.
Karmen Nenahlo is with Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest 24/7 co-ed ftness
franchise. For more information, visit
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”Many of these programs are just
practical adaptations of some of the
latest and greatest fitness research,
often coupled with some traditional
exercise equipment.”
28 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Troy Reissmann
As the owner of the area’s organic lawn
care company, I get around a lot. I put on
more than 100 miles a day serving the entire
Fox Valley and beyond. Every day I see a lot
of signs: For Sale, Rummage Sale, etc.
Te signs I really hate to see are the “Pesti-
cide Application” signs! Have you ever read
those signs? Tey usually say something
like “Danger, Keep of the Grass.” Tey say
you must not walk on the grass for a period
of 24 hours, and this is meant for kids and
pets as well. Why do we put these horrible
chemicals on the lawn, if even the company
you’ve hired tells you it’s a bad idea? Why
do we risk cancer, Parkinson’s disease, pet
death, childhood illnesses, allergy issues,
and thyroid conditions for a nice looking
lawn? Obviously the lawn is not healthy,
because we are showering it with deadly
You know what’s even scarier? Te lawns
without signs. In those cases, there are no
warnings of imminent death! Tis may
mean that the owner went to the local hard-
ware store and picked up some of that Do
It Yourself product. (By the way, the stuf
in that bag is the same stuf at the hard-
ware store in Minnesota and Florida, even
though our Wisconsin grass is diferent.)
Did you know that in most cases that
fertilizer, or weed and feed; is about 20
percent diesel fuel? Not only are you
risking the health of your family, pets and
neighbors, you are also supporting higher
gas prices and rich oil companies! Tat’s
We are all creative beings and
that creativity feeds our spirit.
Creativity can be a catalyst for
positive change in your life.
Let Teresa Van Lanen help you tap into
your creative energy to balance your
life to its fullest, through:
• Workshops
• Teleclasses
• Groups and individual sessions
• Seminars
• Newsletters and free reports
To contact Teresa and to see what new events
are planned go to
To live the life of your dreams, awaken
the childlike innocence of your authentic
self through the creative process
Lunch Buffet: Tues.-Fri., 11am-2pm; Sat. & Sun., 11am-2:30pm.
Dinner: Sun., Tues.-Thur., 4:30-9pm; Fri. & Sat., 4:30-9:30pm.
Best Lunch Buffet 2010
Best Indian Food 2005-2010 Golden Fork Awards
The area’s fnest authentic Indian restaurant.
Large selection of vegan/vegetarian options
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Buffet. Limit one coupon per
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253 W. Northland Ave. Appleton
Party Catering
10% OFF
Applied’ no
sign of a
safe lawn
29 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
right: when you use chemical lawn care
products, be it from a lawn care company
or a four-step program from the hardware
store, you are actually supporting Ameri-
ca’s dependence on oil. Even worse, afer
the treatment dries, it becomes airborne
and continues its devastation. (And by
the way, weed and feed is an oxymoron.
Chemical pesticides kill grass seed as well
as weed seed!)
Take a look at my sign. It says “No Pesti-
cides have been applied!” It says it’s safe to
walk, work and play on the lawn. Tat’s
because customized organic lawn care will
not kill you, plain and simple.
So, let’s summarize…
If you see one of those guys’ signs, stay
away from that lawn! Tis means that that
lawn is extremely dangerous, even accord-
ing to them! Ten again, if you see one of
my signs…you’re good, it’s safe! Tear out
this article, and give it to your neighbor
who is using these companies or products.
But, be careful…use the sidewalk!
Valley Organics, working with nature,
not against it!
Troy and Lisa Reissmann own Valley Organics.
For more information, or to receive a free quote on
organic lawn care, call 920.268.8235. Valley Organ-
ics is located at 5091 Pumpkin Court, Larsen. For
more information, visit
Call today for a FREE quote!
Saving the Planet...One Lawn at a Time! • (920) 268-8235
Wisconsin’s First & Only
Customized Chemical-Free
Lawn Care Company
Locally Owned & Operated
the healthiest thing you can do for a lawn
Chemicals can not only make your lawn unhealthy, but they are
also dangerous to your health and that of your family and pets!
Many countries have banned the use of pesticides and synthetic
chemical lawn care.
New customers only. No other discounts or coupons allowed.
Lawns up to 6000 sq. ft.
Lawns up to 10,000 sq. ft.
N1788 Lily of the Valley Drive #3
Greenville, WI 54952
Offer expires 6/30/11
Get $3 off of any
FOUR (mix or match)
six-packs of Craft Beer
Domestic or Import
Serving the Fox Valley Area
Even if you have tried other treatments and therapies,
there is a program that is proven to be the MOST
effective for people suffering from:
• Fibromyalgia • Chronic Pain
• Nausea • TMJ
• Ortho Pain • Incontinence
• Digestinal Disorders • Acid Refux
• Migraines • Chronic Fatigue
• Stress & Tension • Pelvic Pain
• Central Nervous System Disorders
Quality Therapy Specializing in
Services for Home Bound Patients
“Did you know that in most cases that
fertilizer, or weed and feed, is about 20
percent diesel fuel?”
30 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Charles Schmalz
Tere is growing concern that many Americans are not
adequately preparing for their retirement years. According to a
study conducted by Rand, an independent, nonproft organization
from California, too many Americans are not saving for their retire-
ment and, literally, risk running out of money too soon. Many have
absolutely no savings or debt-free assets; many have less than $1,000.
As our nation’s 60 million baby boomers inch nearer to retirement
each year, they face crucial retirement planning decisions. Most people are
just not setting aside nearly enough money to sustain the lifestyle they now
experience. However, with personal discipline and commitment, goal setting, and
Downtown Appleton
129 E. College Ave.
We’ve got the best selection of
sunscreen and bug repellent!
Just Act Natural
The store that makes green living easy
*Environmental Working Group - 2010 Sunscreen Guide
from sunburn, bug bites AND
harmful chemicals!
protect Yourself
formulas for
Will you have
enough money
for retirement?
31 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Helping Build a Wonderful Life Since 1887.
Little Chute
24-Hour Bank-by-Phone (local) 759-8240 or 1-800-947-3972
FREE Checking
With the
FREE CHECKINGplus interest
FREE $25.00 CASH
Start saving $100s TODAY!
Stop in at any of our 6 Fox Valley locations to open
your Package right now!
Package you can start
saving $100s now!
And hundreds next year,
the year after, and...Wow!
FREE Checking
You can
much as
203 or more
per year!
1100 Appleton Rd.
Menasha • 920-722-7885
Located on Hwy. 47 between Appleton
and Menasha - 3/4 mile from Hwy 441
Dine-In or Local Delivery
Curbside Take Away
Great Lunch Specials
Kids Menu
Open Daily at 11 a.m.
featuring Vegetarian &
Gluten-free Entrées
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cozy dinner by
our freplace!
some simple assistance in making wise spending, saving and
investment choices, most people would be amazed at how quickly
their personal assets will grow.
Anyone who wants to enjoy a fnancially secure retirement, and
not have to work, must understand and implement four savings
and investment basics:
Develop a realistic monthly management plan for your 1.
income (a household budget), which includes ongoing
regular savings, even if a small amount;
Start saving as early as possible – preferably in your 20s or 2.
30s, taking the fullest advantage possible of tax-deferred
compounding (long-term growth with taxes paid in
Stick with your savings plan; 3.
As your savings increase to levels which can be maximized 4.
through active investments, understand your personal toler-
ance level for investment risks.
Tanks to the increased IRA contribution levels created by the
Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, there
has never been a better time to save money for your retirement
years. For individuals age 50 and older you have an opportunity
to make “catch-up” contributions. Catch-up contributions provide
individuals with an opportunity to exceed standard contribution
limits. I would strongly encourage everyone to contribute the
maximum amount to a Traditional or Roth IRA each year.
Charles Schmalz is president of East Wisconsin Savings Bank, with locations
throughout the Fox Valley. For more information, visit
32 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Dr. David Janssen
Across the nation, board-certifed plastic surgeons with strong general surgery backgrounds
are becoming involved with delivering total vein care to patients. Tis comprehensive approach
delivers natural-looking and pain-free results. As patients are becoming more aware of vein
disease, they have a desire to evaluate multiple vein treatment options to treat their painful
and cosmetically bothersome veins.
Getting to the root cause
For many years, plastic surgeons have treated small, cosmetic spider veins.
Patients would also present with additional vein issues later on, ofen causing
new spider veins to return. In order to provide the best long-term care to
patients, board-certifed plastic surgeons began receiving specialized
training to treat the root cause of many vein issues, the large veins
Healthy veins and legs a
part of a healthy lifestyle
33 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Dedicated to the science of daily indulgence.
1162 Westowne Drive, Neenah
(920) 725-1380 •
M, Tu,W, F 10-5:30; Th 10-7; Sat. 10-5; Closed Sunday
loose leaf tea
Iced Tea
Perfect Father’s Day Gift!
Slow cold-water-steeping
method extracts more
natural sweetness and
favor from the tea leaf.
It lessens the bitterness
and tanginess produced
by tannic acid so your
tea taste is smooth and
mild. Choose from many
healthy, favorful loose
teas and herbals!
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save 20%
Skin Care for Men
Raw Materials
responsible for afecting overall circulation and health. With their
extensive and decades-long experience in laser technology, taking
care of large veins with RF waves and specialized lasers is a natural
ft for these surgeons.
Large vein issues and treatments
Large veins in the legs can be prone to deep vein thrombosis
(DVT) when blood clots form. Patients also develop venous refux
disease when the valves in the veins stop functioning or become
damaged. Te saphenous vein, running from the foot to the groin,
is ofen afected by these issues. For some patients, the pain they feel
is hard to describe. Tey describe heaviness, like they are walking
with weights on their legs. Tenderness, itching, burning or throb-
bing in the leg may also occur if clots partially or completely block
the vein. Many patients minimize their symptoms, as they don’t
remember when their legs felt good.
More than one non-invasive treatment option is available to treat
large veins. Each patient responds diferently, so it is important to
choose a board-certifed plastic surgeon ofering more than one
solution, including VNUS® closure and advanced laser technology.
With VNUS closure, the board-certifed plastic surgeon uses
ultrasound to scan the leg(s), to see if venous disease is present. A
tiny closure catheter is inserted into the diseased vein, delivering
radio-frequency (RF) energy light to the vein wall. Te energy heats
the vein from the inside out, causing it to close. Once the vein is
closed, blood reroutes to other healthy veins.
Laser treatment of large veins involves an intense localized pulse
of light targeting the afected area. Te surgeon may choose a
combination of VNUS and laser during the procedure to achieve
the best result. Regardless of the options used, patients resume
normal activities within days of the procedure.
Small and thread vein treatments
Board-certifed plastic surgeons with vein expertise can treat
large and small veins in a few of ce-based appointments. Tey
implement secondary closure techniques, such as microstab phle-
bectomy, to treat smaller veins. Te skin is numbed over bulging
veins and the surgeon removes a small section. Te echosclerother-
apy procedure is also popular and efective, with a solution injected
to close the vein under ultrasound guidance.
Te tiniest of veins, thread veins, can also be treated by a board-
certifed plastic surgeon with vein expertise. Veinwave™ technology
uses microwave energy to heat the vessels and is efective in delicate
areas such as the ankles and the nose.
When considering treatment of big and small veins, it is impor-
tant to evaluate a practice based on the experience of the board-
certifed plastic surgeon and his or her philosophy regarding total
vein care. Te end result of doing your homework and asking
specifc questions during a consultation will mean healthy and
beautiful legs for you.
Dr. David Janssen is a board-certifed plastic surgeon with Fox Valley Plastic
Surgery, based in Oshkosh. Te practice, co-owned by Dr. David Janssen and Dr.
William Doubek, ofers facial aesthetics, breast surgery, body contouring, advanced
laser services, vein care, medical weight loss and MediSpa services. Since 1993,
Fox Valley Plastic Surgery has been dedicated to patient education and care. Your
opportunity to view hours of custom-produced videos and many procedural photos
is available at
34 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Jane Hamilton
Remember how you dug into the box of your favorite cereal
to fnd the toy surprise promised on the package? Or maybe you
ignored the candy-coated popcorn and peanuts in the Crackerjack
box to fnd the prize wrapped in the white wrapper. It was so excit-
ing, just waiting to see what surprise treasure awaited you. Geodes
are just like that special prize… you uncover the outside to fnd
the treasure within.
Geodes are spherical-shaped rocks which contain hollowed
cavities. Looking less than spectacular on the outside, the cavities
are flled with crystals. No one is like another.
Te geodes began as bubbles in a volcanic rock, mud balls in
sedimentary rock, or animal burrows. As time passed, the outer
shell hardened to the shape of the original organic form and
inevitably the water which contained silica formed on the inside
walls. Over thousands of years layers were formed inside as water
containing a variety of minerals entered the cavity, and then hard-
ened growing towards the center. As it cooled, layer upon layer,
beautiful formations occurred creating the crystal surprise inside
the geode that we fnd today.
Each geode contains the property of the mineral that is found
inside, as well as other general properties. Geodes help aid in
those elements associated with thought and the physical brain.
Tey will aid in both the study and comprehension of mathemat-
ics and enhance the communication skills. Increased prowess in
the analysis of facts is added with geodes. Tis gives one the ability
Geodes reveal
treasures within
A neighborhood bulk food market.
MT 8-3 / WThF 8-6 / S 9-4
715 675 7216
1310 Cherry St, Wausau
Eating healthy does not need to be expensive!
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your next purchase.
Healthy World
We invite you to learn a new way to improve your health,
boost your energy & control your weight that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
We will be giving information about Cellular Nutrition, Cholesterol,
Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Self Improvement and much, much more.
Please call us for more information or for a meeting. FREE SAMPLES
Ana & German • 720-381-7427
Submitted photos
Condor Agate from Argentina nodular with crystal formation filling
the oncehollowed center.
(left) Geode pair halved and polished. (right) Crystal close-up of one
side of the geode pair shown.
35 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
to contemplate, recognize and
then plan one’s future. Te “big
picture” is recognized by the
On an esoteric level, geodes
will enhance the facilitation
of astral travel. Tey will also
aid in the connection of one
to the higher forces and to
the higher planes of existence.
Tey may act as a bridge to
those seekers of like goals and
pursuits. In that connection
relationship is found between
those in a community; just as
a “community” of crystals is
in the geode, the geode aids
in creation of the unity of the
people among themselves.
Physical maladies may be addressed by healers using geodes to
treat brain disease and tumors. Also, geodes help in the assistance
of one to correct mental imbalances. Te healing of hands, lungs
and nervous system may be aided by geodes.
When geodes are totally flled in with mineral formations they
are referred to as nodules. Nodules may be equally stunning to
geodes. Varying from formation to formation, you will be amazed
at what may be inside these “rocks.”
So, for a “grown-up” surprise that rivals the joy you felt as a child
fnding the prize inside the cereal box, discover the beauty and awe
of a geode. Tere’s nothing like it!
Jesse Martinez and Jane Hamilton own Mystical Earth
Gallery in City Center Plaza, 10 College Ave, Suite
112B, Appleton. For more information, call
920.993.1122 or visit
Suite 112b East College Ave.
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10am-6pm • Thurs.10am-8pm
Sat. 10am-5pm • Closed Sun.
Bridging Science & Spirit
Now Open
in Appleton!

Fine Art
The Healing Arts
Geode halved shows crystalline
formation found inside, and the
outside “rock.”
this huge geode, almost 2 feet across, has amethyst crystals flanked by
quartz crystals with agate banding.
36 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Angela Saunders
Hyperbaric medicine is the delivery
of pure oxygen while seated inside a
pressurized chamber. It had its start in the
world of scuba diving when divers that
surfaced too quickly got decompression
sickness. Since those early beginnings,
doctors and health professionals have
discovered many uses for hyperbaric
Hyperbaric medicine has been efective
in treating:
Decompression sickness and air •
Carbon monoxide poisoning •
Problem wounds •
Compromised skin grafs and faps •
Crush injury and compartment •
Anemia •
Refractory osteomyelitis •
Complications of radiation therapy •
Termal burns •
Some of the other
health issues that have also been helped by
hyperbaric medicine are:
Autism •
Stroke •
Lyme disease •
Heart disease •
Multiple sclerosis •
Cerebral palsy •
Allergies •
Arthritis •
Some clients seek out hyperbaric
medicine before playing a sport, to fght a
common cold, or to combat fatigue.
Check with your doctor as to whether
you would be a good candidate for
hyperbaric treatments. Ten, it’s time to
seek treatment. Sometimes treatments are
covered by insurance and you may have
them administered by your hospital. If
not, you still have options. Free-standing
hyperbaric facilities treat clients that would
like to go ahead with hyperbarics even if it
is not covered by their insurance. Locally,
Green Bay Hyperbarics has been helping
clients take charge of their health for the
past decade. Hyperbaric medicine is an
exciting feld and a way to breathe your way
to better health.
For more information on hyperbaric
medicine, see
or Green Bay
Hyperbarics is located at 2372 S. Oneida
St., Green Bay. Call 920.499.0670 to
schedule your consultation or treatment.
Consultations are free and a 90-minute
treatment costs around $125.
Angela Saunders is a hyperbaric assistant at Green
Bay Hyperbarics, the frst free-standing hyperbaric
facility in the area. Jef Smet is the Hyperbaric Tera-
pist at Green Bay Hyperbarics and ofers free consul-
tations. For more information call 920.499.0670 or
visit us on the web at For
more extensive information on conditions that are
treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Terapy, visit www.
Breathe your way
to health with
hyperbaric oxygen
Casaloma Drive, Appleton
(920) 882-8585
STORE HOURS: M-F 10am-7pm
Sat. 10am-6pm Sun. 11am-4pm
REVlite from New Balance
extremely lightweight training shoe
features new REVlite midsole
created to meet the competitive
requirements of world-class runner
and Team New Balance members
Jenny Barringer & Andy Baddeley
37 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Green Bay Hyperbarics
2372 Oneida St., Green Bay • 920.499.0670
Reinventing the way
patients heal
25 off
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Your frst treatment
New clients only. Ofer expires 7/31/11
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is used to
treat a wide array of medical conditions:
Bubbles of air in your •
blood vessels
Decompression sickness •
Carbon monoxide •
Wounds that won’t heal •
A crush injury •
Lyme Disease •
Brain abscess •
Skin or bone infection •
that causes tissue death
Radiation injuries •
Burns •
Severe anemia •
Skin grafts or skin faps •
at risk of tissue death
Allergies •
Autism •
Arthritis •
Stroke •
Cancer •
Located in Greenville Square
W6482 Greenville Dr. (Just West of Cty. CB on Hwy. 15)
Greenville, WI 54942
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Rice • Pastas
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Flours  Grains
Dried Fruits
Nuts  Rice
Pastas  Candy
Unique Snacks
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Baking Mixes
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38 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Deb Sommerhalder, E-RYT
Give yourself a well-deserved mini-vacation, meet new friends
and try something new by treating yourself to a yoga and wellness
retreat. Whether you choose to practice at a studio or travel to a
beautiful outdoor location to explore nature, a yoga and wellness
retreat is an uplifing journey for personal renewal and spiritual
refection of the self. Best of all, you don’t have to travel far or spend
a lot of money to indulge your body, mind and spirit!
Day and weekend retreats in nature
Wisconsin has an abundance of parks, lakes and forests ofering
many opportunities to practice yoga outside surrounded by nature.
You will also fnd kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, swimming, spa
services and more healthy activities at yoga and wellness retreats.
Touch the Lives of Others…
Become a Massage Therapist!
• Incorporating over 25 years of holistic health,
nutrition and community outreach into our program.
• Full-time or part-time options available!
• Federal Financial Aid for those who qualify!
• General public classes – such as Yoga, Tai Chi and
holistic health focused on self-care and awareness.
See our 2011 Catalog and Open House schedules – visit:
De Pere 920-338-9500
Grafton 262-376-1011
Madison 608-270-5245
Go to School!
Attend an
Open House!
Get a Massage!
Discounted rates at our Student Massage Clinics.
Reservations welcome
1405 E. Wisconsin Ave. •Appleton
Fish Fry!
Hand Cut Steaks •
Fresh Seafood •
Chicken & Veal Entrées •
Fresh Perch •
Served 6 Nights a Week
Friday Fish Fry •
Saturday Slow Roasted Prime Rib •
Voted BEST
cuisine in the
July ExtRAVAgAnzA
no PEEking giVE-AWAy
Dine with us Monday thru Tursday and receive a
envelope worth
5 to
50 but NO PEEKING until you
come back anytime during August to open the envelope.
Don’t let
the construction
De “tour” you
from coming
Go local for a
healthy, fun retreat
39 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
146 Algoma Blvd., Suite F
Oshkosh, WI 54901
920 • 651•1279
Fun in the Sun Yoga
& Wellness Retreat
August 12 & 13
at Camp Lakotah,
Presented by Inner Sun Yoga Studio
& Anya Advanced Skin Care & Yoga.
Visit the web or call for more details.
life’s a
A longer retreat away can potentially ofer you a life-changing
experience by giving you more time for refection of the heart and
leave you with a feeling of deep connectedness, joy and freedom.
Retreat to a local yoga studio
A yoga studio can provide everything you need for that mini-
vacation in your day. A sanctuary free of distractions is created for
you to take daily classes. Some studios ofer longer workshops such
as breath, postures and meditation. Yoga to live music, Kirtan and
chanting are also becoming popular events at local studios. When
you move, breathe and meditate under the guidance of qualifed
teachers, you have the opportunity to completely let go. Practicing
together builds harmony, strength and peace, which creates
Invite yourself on retreat
What are you waiting for? Invite yourself on a yoga and wellness
retreat for an hour, a day or an entire weekend to disconnect from
the stresses of your daily life and reconnect with your own inner
soul. It’s an excellent chance to be immersed in a yoga practice
along with some fun activities in a supportive and healing
Deb Sommerhalder, E-RYT, is a certifed yoga teacher and the owner of Inner
Sun Yoga Studio, LLC, Oshkosh. Inner Sun Yoga ofers Yoga in the Gardens at the
Paine Art Center in the summer. Along with Cathy Favelle, RYT, Anya Advanced
Skin Care and Yoga, Deb facilitates Snoga and Life is a Beach yoga retreats at
Camp Lakotah, Wautoma. For more information, contact Deb at 920.651.1279 or
online at
40 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
20 oz. cheese tortellini
4 T. sliced olives
3 T. capers
4 oz. reduced-fat feta
1 c. grape tomatoes, halved
½ red onion, diced
½ English cucumber
1 T. olive oil
1 clove garlic
½ c. nonfat Greek yogurt
1 tsp. lemon zest
1 tsp. fresh thyme
Cook tortellini according to package
directions. Warm olive oil in skillet over
medium heat.
Add clove diced garlic to oil. Add pasta.
Cook pasta in oil until slightly browned and
salt and pepper to taste.
Add vegetables, olives and capers.
Cook an additional two minutes.
Combine ingredients in bowl with feta and
Greek yogurt.
Garnish with lemon zest and thyme.
Tortellini Salad
Calories 272
total Fat 9.5g
total Carbohydrates 32.4g
Protein 16.5g
Nutrition Facts (per serving):
Prep time: 20-25 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Serves 8
Recipe provided by Shana
Conradt, author of “Getting Fit
With Food.” Order your copy of
“Getting Fit With Food” at www.
Tortellini are ring-
shaped pasta, typically
stued with a mix of
meat or cheese.
41 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Richard, owner of
Niemuth’s asks you...
Do you know where your
meat comes from?
Check out Niemuth’s
fresh selection of chicken, steak,
seafood and other meats!
We have meat combo packs for
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42 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Barbra Krummel
ollowing your heart’s desire can be tricky. Trusting your
intuitive “gut” feeling can be scary. Taking that leap of
faith that everyone talks about to get what you’ve always
wanted or where you’ve always want to go takes courage
that we don’t always possess.
Living a life guided by Spirit in a human body with human
emotions like fear can be a very exhausting undertaking. I for one
know that if I would quit my job because I had faith that something
better was in store for me, come bill-paying day, faith wasn’t going
to be paying the bills.
Now, I consider myself a spiritual person. I believe that Spirit
(by any name), the angels, our guides and a whole host of heavenly
beings are here to assist us in this human experience. I also believe
that we have to ask when we are in need and have faith that we are
But how do we live with one foot on earth and the other entrusted
in the spiritual realm? How do we still have a sense of grounding
but trust our intuitive guidance?
Read on because we’re about to fnd out together! If you’re
reading this and we’ve gotten this far then that means I’ve decided
to take that leap of faith! As of this very moment that I’m writing
this, it’s been two weeks since I’ve given my notice to my full-time
employer of 11 years. I no longer have a job. I no longer have a boss.
I no longer have a steady paycheck!
Let me frst say it’s an amazing feeling of freedom and release.
It’s the frst time in my adult life that I’ve taken such a risk with
my family’s fnancial stability. Tat is the scary part. But the over-
whelming feeling of being in control of this choice is amazing!
Just a little background, I am now a mother of two. Our son is 1
year and 8 months old and our daughter is a mere 5 weeks old! Even
before our son was born I knew that I wanted to be home with our
children but I also knew that I would still need to help contribute to
our family’s fnancial health. Unfortunately, my plans didn’t go as I
wanted. Tis is something that I’ve come to accept in my life because
nothing goes as planned, not my plans anyway, only God’s plans and
his timing. I ended up going back to work afer our little guy was only
a month old. My heart broke and I vowed I would not let that happen
if we chose to have another child. Again, “the plan” was to only go
back for a short time, but as you already know that turned out to be a
year and a half worth of missed time with our son.
Now afer taking this courageous leap of faith and trust, my belief
is that in order for our helpers to actually assist us in this earthly
journey, we have to allow them to help. By this I mean to close one
door so that another may open. When our cup is already too full,
how are we able to welcome with open arms any sort of change?
And by helpers I mean the spiritual kind as well as our human
counter parts. We can’t always recognize an “angel” in disguise.
Direction, guidance, support and a helping hand can come from out
Who’s on your
It’s hard to know where to get good
financial advice. COUNTRY has
been helping families with their
financial security for over 80 years.
Put our experience and financial
strength to work for you with auto,
home, life insurance and
Investment management, retirement,
trust, and planning services provided by
COUNTRY Trust Bank
Beau Oehlke
Beau Oehlke
5793 Grande Market Dr.
Suite A
Appleton, WI 54913
920-997-9544 offce
920-450-4096 cell
Follow your
heart’s desire
43 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
of nowhere when we least expect it, so never question a “random”
act of kindness.
Tose random acts are by no means random. Remember when
I said that we have to ask when we are in need? By asking we are
opening ourselves up to any and all possibilities. We may have a
specifc picture or plan in our heads of just how it should happen
but what may surprise us is that we may have similar results by
a completely diferent way of getting there. Again, it’s out of our
hands. We just have to hold tight to faith and trust.
You may wonder why I’ve mentioned this faith and trust thing
more than once. Well you see, I’m just reminding myself of it as
well. For some, including myself, trusting in the unseen while
having faith without doubt and fear on a daily basis can be nearly
impossible. Tat’s why if I’m able to take this leap of faith and follow
my heart, anyone can do it! And I’m glad that I did because now I
can help others as well.
I started writing this well before I made my decision to follow my
heart so I had no idea where the thoughts and words were taking
me. Once the decision was made I knew I wanted to share this
experience with others and the words started to fow. I want to let
other people know that it is safe to follow your heart!
I still don’t have a plan. I still don’t know where this journey is
taking me. I do know that I’ll never have to live with the heaviness
and burden of regret! As this journey unfolds I can share my expe-
riences with others and encourage them to take that leap of faith! I
may stumble. I may fall. I may even fail but now I know I have the
courage it takes to trust my heart’s desire.
As I research options that come my way and search for opportuni-
ties that catch my interest, I keep several things in mind. First and
foremost: if my heart is not in it, it won’t work for me or my family.
Second, listen to my intuitive voice, it won’t steer me wrong. If some-
thing doesn’t feel right, don’t follow it. And third, keep an open mind
as not all things are as they appear. What once wasn’t an option or an
interest might suddenly be exactly what I am looking for!
As I continue this newfound sense of freedom and release, I will
admit the fear and doubt still have a tendency to creep in. I keep
my family and friends close at hand because I know they support
me. Tey will remind me why I chose this path when I’m feeling
frustrated or scared. Tey will remind me to take a look into my
children’s eyes and feel their love. One day I will be able to share
with them this experience and be an example for them! Which
reminds me to look past that fear and doubt and see all of the posi-
tive energy that has already come out of this choice. A choice that I
once thought I didn’t have the courage to make!
Tere is so much talk about being, seeing and feeling the posi-
tive energy in all things so that we continue to attract that positive
energy into our lives. But take it from me, the only way to attract
positive energy is to live it and if your heart isn’t in it, you won’t see
it, feel it or fnd it! And it won’t fnd you!
So fnd that courage that we all do possess and take that leap of
faith! You won’t regret it and your heart will thank you for it!
Barbra Krummel is a certifed life coach who owns WillowTree Life Coaching.
For more information, call 920.323.7058, email coach@willowtreelifecoaching.
com or visit
Celebrating 17 years of business on
Sheboygan’s beautiful riverfront!
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44 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Victoria L. Huss
was at Garden of the Gods Park in
Colorado Springs when I got the
phone call. Te caller asked if I was
sitting down because she had grave
news. I listened and braced myself for the
impact. As she shared what she knew, my
traveling companion could tell that some-
thing was very wrong by my shaking hands
and trembling voice. By the time the call
ended, I was completely devastated. Te
woman who had given birth to me had
died at the age of 49.
I cried for days straight right up until her
funeral. Reading a letter to her and saying
good-bye just did not seem like an appro-
priate resolution to our rich and compli-
cated history. I had been torn open by
shock and white hot grief
and found little solace in
the condolences of family
and friends. A week later,
I returned to my life and
attempted to keep pace with
everyone else. Ruminating
in a thick soup of despair, I only found my
entire body wracked with pain.
Unable to cope with such an intense physi-
cal reminder of my loss, I sought out relief
through Rolfng® Structural Integration (SI).
I will never forget the sensations of my body
when I frst lay there on the table. My body felt
like a gigantic cubist Picasso painting. As the
Rolfer™ set and held
space for me, I could
fnally feel how ener-
getically disembodied
I was. My arms felt as
if they were pulled out
and foating on the
ceiling. My legs were
also disconnected and
pulled into diferent
corners of the room. I
could not feel my feet.
I began to realize that
my mother’s death had literally fractured and
shattered me.
As my Rolfng® SI session progressed,
I could feel the fractured and disembo-
died parts of myself begin to connect and
integrate. Once integrated, I could fnally
release and transform deep sobs of grief
that had previously kept me swirling in
such a disorienting cloud of despair. When
I stood up for the frst time afer my session,
I was clearly back ‘on my line.’ I could feel
the support of the ground beneath my feet
for the frst time in weeks. Regaining my
footing helped me to fnd peace and relief
from my grief.
Dr. Ida Rolf, the founder of Rolfng® SI had
once said, “Emotions are intimately invol-
ved with our muscular tone. Tey refect the
state of balance or imbalance in our bodies,
i.e., the relationship of our body to the feld
of gravity.” Te intense emotions I faced in
the two weeks afer
my mother’s death
had pulled me out
of balance. Trying
to cope by ignoring
and burying these
emotions pulled me
even further out of
balance. By aligning
my body, I was better
able to align my mind
and fully process my
emotions in a much
more healthful, healing way. With the help
of Rolfng® SI, I returned to my life as an
active and vibrant participant.
In honor of Susan Ann Gottlieb. Tank
you for giving me life.
Victoria L. Huss is a Certifed Rolfer™ and owner of
New Possibilities Integration, LLC, located inside the
Zuelke Building in downtown Appleton. She fnds joy
in helping people unfold and fnd freedom from rigid-
ity and chronic pain. Victoria ofers free 30-minute
consultations. For more information, contact her via
phone at 920.427.7653 or at www.wisconsinrolfng.
com. Rolfng® is a registered trademark of the Rolf
Institute® of Structural Integration.
Transform your body with Rolfing® SI
New Posibilities
Integration LLC
103 W College Avenue,
Suite 601
Appleton, WI 54911
Rolfing® Structural Integration at
By: Victoria L. Huss,
Certified Rolfer™
Free 30 Minute Consultations
• Ease chronic pain
• Restore flexibility and mobility
• Improve posture and alignment
• Heighten bodily awareness
& perception
• Process stress more efficiently
Easing my grief
with Rolfng® SI
“By aligning my body,
I was better able
to align my mind
and fully process
my emotions in a
much more healthful,
healing way.”
45 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
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46 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Deborah Williamson
People ofen ask me why I’ve called my
style of life coaching Yoga Life Coaching™.
Afer more than 25 years working in yoga,
while also mentoring and coaching both
in corporate and private client settings, I’ve
found that combining yoga and life coaching
makes a whole lot of sense.
Traditionally, both coaches and counsel-
ors relate to their clients as human beings,
but as a Yoga Life Coach™, I shif my focus
to coaching the Higher Beings in my clients.
Relating to my clients as Higher Beings has
an immediate efect on their ability to receive
coaching and move forward in the coach-
ing relationship. Tis is the driving principle
behind Yoga Life Coaching™.
So what IS a Higher Being?
A Higher Being can be described as a state
of mind in which client (and coach):
Have no wrong understanding •
Have no limitations •
Have endless energy •
Are timeless •
A person who is living and acting solely
as a human being is the exact opposite of the
above; someone who has many misunder-
standings, limits and excuses; who is always
tired and short on time, money and support.
Many of our clients enter coaching relation-
ships from this perspective and will defend it
Newer coaches inadvertently trap their
clients in this state by coaching to a specifc
outcome or end result. Tis approach leads
to stagnation and eventual frustration. It is
our job, as coach, to “fip the switch” so that
clients experience themselves and others as
Higher Beings — capable of anything and
already perfect — with endless choices and
possibilities to pursue.
Let’s take this a bit further. Have you ever
gone into work early in the morning and in
one short hour accomplished more than you
were able to do in the entire day previous?
If so, you were operating from your Higher
Being with endless energy and possibility—
not limited by time or anything else.
On the fip side, perhaps you have also
experienced a day when your list of things
to do is fve miles long, and everyone and
everything is deliberately standing in your
way. You accomplish nothing and feel tired
and powerless. Tis is your experience as a
Human Being.
We ARE all human beings, but when we
enter the inspired state of Higher Being we
truly and accurately believe that anything is
possible, and we make it so. As a life coach, it
is part of your continuing education to prac-
tice this shif in yourself. If you feel tired and
annoyed, you are living as a human being. How
will you shif to the state of Higher Being?
Tese distinctions of human versus Higher
Being are rooted in the yogic theory of TKV
Desikachar and also in Patanjali’s Yoga
Deborah Williamson and her team of Yoga Life Coaches™
offer you greater well-being, growth and total happiness.
Determine your deepest dreams and next steps on the
way there (and beyond)! Setting a target is the frst step –
uncover endless possibilities beyond your initial goals. or 920-475-5405
one-on-one sessions • group coaching
partner coaching • online coaching
All packages include free access to the Deborah Williamson online coaching community with
weekly online check-ins, resources and support from the Senior Yoga Life Coaching™ team.
Step into your personal Zone of Genius!
Explore a coaching relationship today!
Available packages include:
Rev. Linda Heimermann, CHTP
W2289 Poplar Road, Fond du Lac
A Natural Habitat for Healing
Humanity through the Power of Touch
and the Heart of Compassion
Certifed Healing Touch
Self Healing Methods Class
Ionic Foot Detoxifcation • Reiki • Yoga • BioMat
Ministry Services
Yoga Life Coaching™ –
Coaching to the Higher Being
Submitted photo
deborah Williamson
47 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Sutras. Tis same theory can be found in
hundreds of more recent texts as well, from
Wayne Dyer to Byron Katie.
It is also in the IAC Coaching Masteries®,
most specifcally in Mastery #2: Perceiving,
af rming and expanding the client’s poten-
tial (seeing the client as a Higher Being).
And so as you begin to make distinctions
around these two states in your own life, you
have access to a fail-proof tool for coaching
your clients.
Whether you use the terms human or
Higher Being with your clients or not,
(and I don’t), you can point out the difer-
ence between the two as you see them and
encourage your clients to do the same. Tis
understanding in and of itself is instantly
life-changing. As clients create from their
own Higher Being, they begin to see others
in their lives existing in the same, efortless
state. It is impossible to stay stuck in the
state of human being while recognizing the
Higher Being in another.
Here’s an example of how this might appear
in one of your client sessions, when coaching
a client through a dif cult relationship.
Your client might say about her partner,
“He doesn’t love me unconditionally.”
As a coach, you will question this state-
ment. What makes you believe he doesn’t
love you unconditionally? Is this really
true? Upon further questioning, the client
ofen realizes that it is she who is not loving
her spouse unconditionally instead of the
reverse. If there’s no truth to the original
statement (he doesn’t love me uncondition-
ally) the possibilities are now endless for this
couple. Now it’s time to fip the switch from
human to Higher Being.
You can ask: What is possible now that you
know this thought is not true? How do you
feel about your husband and your relation-
ship without this old thought? How might
he respond to you if you treat him like this
thought does not exist? As the client shifs
her thoughts away from misunderstandings
and limits in the relationship (human being)
to acceptance and limitless possibility
(Higher Being), she is free to create whatever
she desires.
Tis is one example out of thousands.
When you recognize the symptoms of human
being, you and your clients have instant access
to living life as Higher Beings. We all move
in and out of both states, but the continued
practice of observation, instant forgiveness
and forward motion (also important parts of
any yoga class) will allow you more time to
live joyfully as a Higher Being. Tis is the gif
you can also give your clients.
Deborah Williamson, owner/founder of Midwest
Power Yoga, is also an internationally touring yoga
teacher and Yoga Life Coach™. She’s home only 10 days
per month, and gets her greatest joy from mentoring
other teachers and coaches around the world in reach-
ing out to more students and clients. Debbie believes
that “together, we elevate the world” and spends her
days creating and maintaining a loving and vibrant
community of yogis and non-yogis alike. More infor-
mation on Debbie, Yoga Life Coach™ trainings and her
team of Yoga Life Coaches™ is available at www.debo-
Tis article originally appeared in VOICE, the
newsletter and blog of the International Association
of Coaching ( in March/April
2011, and is reprinted with permission.
• Trapeze • Assist Rails
• TV Mount • Balance Pole
3800 N. Providence Ave, Suite A, Appleton
Human Being: Higher Being
“The human being of today postpones and does not live in the present. Looking towards
the past, he laments and regrets or he struggles to predict the future. He will reach the age
of joy and strength only when he will live in the present.” – Emerson
48 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By JoEllen Wollangk
Te Better Business Bureau (BBB) gets calls all the time from
people who are being harassed by debt collectors. Tere are ethical
debt collection companies out there, but there are also a number
of companies who violate the rules set forth by the Federal Trade
Commission. Some scammers also pretend to be debt collection
companies in order to intimidate people into sending them money
or giving them their credit card information.
First of all, if you owe the debt, the BBB wants you to take care of it.
Just make sure that you are paying the right organization. If you don’t
owe the debt, don’t be intimidated into paying it. Not only is this not a
simple answer, but you may end up on a suckers list and will get more
threats in the future!
If a debt shows up on your credit report in error be sure to contact
the credit report agencies and dispute it. Te longer is stays undispu-
ted the harder it will be to resolve.
Te Federal Government has rules that debt collectors must follow.
Consumers need to know what they can do in order to protect them-
selves from the unethical players.
Debt collectors can only contact you between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. and
cannot contact you at work if the collector knows that your employer
disapproves of such contacts.
How can you stop them from contacting you? Write a letter telling
them to stop. Sending the letter does not make the debt disappear,
however, and you can still be sued by the debt collector or your
original creditor.
Within 5 days of the original contact, the debt collection agency
must send you a written notice telling you the amount of money you
owe, the name of the original creditor and what action to take if you
believe you do not owe the money. Tey must stop contacting you
within 30 days if you send a letter stating that you do not owe the
money. Tey can, however, renew collection activities if you are sent
proof of the debt.
Tey cannot:
Use threats of violence or harm •
Publish a list of consumers who refuse to pay debts (except to •
the credit bureaus)
Use obscene or profane language •
Use false or misleading statements •
Imply they are attorneys (if they are not) or government •
Falsely imply you have committed a crime •
Falsely imply they work for a credit bureau •
Misrepresent the amount of debt •
Falsely indicate papers sent to you are or are not legal papers •
State you will be arrested if you do not pay the debt •
Say they will seize, garnish, attach or sell your property or •
wages unless they intend to do it and it is legal to do it
Say they will take legal action unless they can legally do so and •
intend to
Give false information about you to anyone, including the •
credit bureaus
• Tocheckoutcompaniesbeforeyoubuy
• TofndarosterofBBBaccreditedcompanies
• TohaveBBBaccreditedbusinessesquoteonyourproject
• Tofleacomplaintaboutamarketplaceproblem
• Tocheckoutcharitiesbeforeyoudonate
• Tofndgreat tipsonbeingasmartconsumer
• Toseeinformationonthelatestscams
Check or Call 920-734-4352 or 800-273-1002
Use these FREE services to
be a savvy consumer!
Go to
Know the rules about
debt collection
49 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Call to schedule your
FREE 15 minute consult
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Send you anything that looks like a government document •
when it is not
Use a false name •
Collect any amount greater than your debt unless state law •
allows it, and/or your original contract with your creditor
allows it.
Deposit a post-dated check prematurely •
Use deception to make you accept collect calls or pay for •
Contact you by postcard •
If you owe more than one debt, any payment must be applied to
the debt you indicate. Tey cannot apply the payment to a debt you
do not owe.
You can sue a debt collector in state or federal court within one
year from the date the law was violated. If you win, you can recover
money for damages, court costs, and attorney’s fees.
Report any problems you have with a debt collector to the state
Attorney General’s of ce and to the Federal Trade Commission.
Also, fle a complaint with the BBB at
If a debt collector contacts you about someone else’s debt, normally
they are to only contact you once, and only to obtain contact infor-
mation about the debtor.
Te BBB encourages people to pay any debts they owe, but know
your rights and do not be intimidated into paying something you do
not owe.
JoEllen Wollangk is vice president, northeast regional manager of Wiscon-
sin BBB, 1047 N. Lynndale Drive, Suite 1A, Appleton. For more information, call
920.734.4352 or visit
How to outfit
your abode
stylishly and
By Jennifer Walla
rom personal style, to what you’re reading, and even
the foods you favor at any given moment — we all go
through phases. But did you ever stop to think about the
evolution of your tastes in furniture over the years?
Marcia Smick could probably be considered an expert on the
subject. As the owner of a successful furniture and home décor
consignment shop (aptly titled ‘Furniture Phases’), she’s seen every
style, color and price point for such items and their corresponding
Students of to college, budget-conscious singles and just-
marrieds, and empty nesters looking to outft a cottage or condo
are examples of the types of people who frequent her store at 1700
W. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton.
“But it’s also people who just like to mix things up with their
décor,” she says. “Let’s face it, we get tired of the same pieces afer a
while and it’s fun to change things up in your house. When you buy
from us, you can get some very stylish, high-quality pieces and you
absolutely do not have to pay an arm and a leg for them.”
Furniture Phases sells predominantly “gently used” furniture
and some new furniture — inventory that comes from individual
homes, estate sales and furniture store close-outs. Everything is
inspected before it arrives to ensure it’s clean and in good repair.
Ten, items are arranged in vignettes throughout the showroom to
give customers an idea of how pieces will look in a given environ-
ment, such as a living or dining room. Artwork, foral arrangements
and other accent pieces help to round out a look.
For the uninitiated, consignment means “to place something in
the hand of another, but retain ownership until the goods are sold
or transferred.” At Furniture Phases, prices are determined jointly
with the consignor and style, condition,
brand name and original purchase price are
taken into consideration. Sellers receive 50
percent of the selling price.
Smick says the majority of items in her
store sell within a month.
“I don’t know how many times I’ve said this,
but time is of the essence,” she says. “If you
hesitate you could lose something to someone
else. Tat’s why a lot of our customers come
in on a weekly basis. Tey don’t necessarily
buy, but they are scoping out what’s available,
and we are completely fne with that. In fact,
we encourage it.”
For the undecided, items can be placed on
hold with some money down and the balance
paid within a few days. If a customer opts not
to follow through with a purchase, it’s not a
problem, Smick says.
“We’d rather develop a relationship with
you and know what you’re looking for than
have you be disappointed. I’m happy to call
and say, ‘I know you were in the market for
this particular style of love seat. We have one
in the store you may be interested in.’”
Customers also sign
up for the store’s mailing
list for notifcations of
current inventory and
promotions. Browsing
the online showroom
is also an option. For
sellers, selling items is
easy and productive:
no strangers to your
home, risk of missed
appointments, wasted
time with hagglers,
security worries, or
risk of bad checks.
“Rummage sales and
Craigslist are labor-
intensive and risky for
the seller,” Smick says.
“Te return on your time investment is rarely worth your eforts.”
Unlike many used furniture shops, Furniture Phases ofers
delivery and pickup through several independent vendors for a
nominal fee.
“Te fees are defnitely lower than standard delivery rates, and
we do not make any money on them,” Smick says. “We ofen have
customers selling their old furniture and buying new furniture so
it’s very cost efective if the two delivery trips can be coordinated
for the same time.”
Smick fnds her work very rewarding and clearly enjoys herself.
A “people person” by nature, she enjoys the relationships she’s
developed with customers over the years.
“We have
customers from
all over the state
who come back
again and again,”
she says. “We’ve
had people tell us
they’ve programmed us into their GPS systems. Hearing things
like that is so rewarding to me because it’s all about feeling good
when you leave the store. It’s OK to browse and not buy.
“We want you to come back because we’re confdent you’ll fnd
that treasure you’ve always wanted.”
1700 W. Wisconsin Ave.,
Appleton • 920.882.9844
M-th: 9 am - 7 pm
F: 9 am - 6 pm
Sat: 9 am - 5 pm
Sun: 11 am - 5 pm
52 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
Te Fox Valley is home to thousands of
residents that are known for their love of the
“Great Outdoors.” From hunting and fshing
to snowmobiling and skiing, many of us are
avid nature enthusiasts. One local man, Dr.
Arun K. Chatterji, took his love and under-
standing of nature one step further — utiliz-
ing nature to create an innovative, multi-
patented technology that can help millions
of Americans live healthier lives. And his
company, Santal Solutions LLC, is based
right here in Appleton.
Santal Solutions was formed in 2005 by
Chatterji and Dennis E. Torkko. Te duo
began working together in 2002, and three
years later, established the company to
procure, package, distribute and promote
all-natural dietary supplements.
Te company’s vision “to become a
global leader in the natural care dietary
supplement market, using the time-
honored traditions of Ayurveda, (a tradi-
tional system of science that believes the
body must have complete balance as a
whole to function properly) supported
by modern scientifc principles” is being
realized in their fagship product, Assur-
ance Blood Health Support™.
Today, more than 15,000 stores have
stocked their shelves with the popular
3208 East River Drive, Green Bay
(920) 338-9670 •
Your life was
changed by one
Most Insurance Accepted. No Physician Referral Necessary.
At Inspirit Therapy Associates we focus on providing
as many non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical
options to our patients as possible including:
If you think you have tried everything before,
including therapy, then give us a call…we guarantee
our “old” approach will seem completely new.
Craniosacral Therapy •
Visceral Manipulation •
Biofeedback •
Estim •
Aquatic Therapy •
Electrical Stimulation •
TENs •
Muscle Energy Techniques •
Cold Laser •
Lifestyle Management •
Eliza M.T. Andrews, PT, WCS | Cheryl A. Hanson, PT | Jessica A. Kaczmarek, OTR
A Unique Approach...
53 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways

2408 W. Nordale Dr. • Appleton
Valley Transit Bus Route 12–F.V. Tech
(920) 735-4995

Open 24 Hours/365 Days
Leading Cardio and Strength Training Equipment
BMI & BIO Signature Assessments
Personal Training • Pole Exercise
Nutrition Counseling and Supplements
US Bank
premier fitness
of appleton
A Life Changing Experience
Pole Studio
supplement, which works at a body’s cellular level to help stabi-
lize and balance blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

A sampling of these retailers includes Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS/ and (a complete list is available at www.
Santal Solutions’ president, Dennis E. Torkko, is pleased by the
response of retailers and consumers, saying, “Not only is Assur-
ance Blood Health Support™ being sold across the nation, but
more importantly, we are providing an all-natural alternative that
can actually help millions of Americans live healthier lives.”
Assurance Blood Health Support™ recently received its new
name (formerly OmSanA®) to better refect consumer trust
and confdence. Package graphics and descriptive content were
also updated, although the herbal supplement itself remains
Santal Solutions has additional products in various stages of
development for future introduction and continues their discus-
sions with major retailers in Wisconsin and across the nation.
Santal Solutions LLC is located at 4650 W. Spencer St., Apple-
ton, WI 54914.
For more information about Santal Solutions, please visit us
online at, call 920.968.1002, or email
*Tese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administra-
tion. Tis product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
† Assurance Blood Health Support™ is a natural dietary supplement for main-
taining blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels already within the normal
(third friday
of the month)
6 – 9 p.m.

June 17
July 15
august 19
september 16
5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
June 9 – August 25
June 2 – September 22
Thursdays and Fridays: 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Saturdays: 10 a.m. – 11 p.m
8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
June 18 – march 31
college avenue
Fruits, veggies, meats,
baked goods, flowers and
hand-crafted items
art market and
JuSt act natural
green market
3rd Saturday
Downtown Appleton
FArm mArket
54 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Guy Kitchell
Axillary hyperhidrosis, or excessive underarm sweating, is a
medical condition in which the glands produce far more sweat
than is needed for bodily temperature control. It’s thought to be
caused by an overactive, sympathetic nervous system, which in
turn, over-stimulates the sweat glands.
People sufering from hyperhidrosis ofen sweat profusely,
even when the air temperature is cool or with little or no physical
exertion. Excessive sweating or odor can happen frequently and
unpredictably, and is not associated with the normal triggers for
ordinary perspiration. Areas afected ofen include palms of the
hands, soles of the feet and underarms.
Patients ofen report extreme discomfort, odor and embarrass-
ment, and sometimes this makes it difcult to interact with people
outside of the home. It can also disrupt regular sleep patterns,
which carries with it any number of debilitating physical and
emotional consequences.
Are you dealing
with excessive
Known Worldwide as a leader in this industry, Klima Health Solutions supplies the most effcient antiperspirants and deodorants for the
treatment and prevention of extreme sweating. Klima Health Solutions also offers a range of clinical-strength products, designed to combat
other skin, hair and body conditions. You may have heard about our products from
your Dermatologist, Podiatrist, Pharmacist or Salon.
From underarm odor to scalp odor, acne to keratosis, you can trust Klima Health
Solutions for top of the line skin, hair and body products.
Klima Deodorant
6621-B Century Avenue • Middleton, WI 53562 • (877) 295-5462
• Antiperspirant - for underarms
• Grip - for hand sweating
• Gents - for groin sweating,
• Freshfoot - for foot sweating
• Facade - for facial and head sweating
HyperDri Products
AluMInuM-Free AntIPersPIrAnt
55 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways

For more information & video demonstrations visit us at:
Peddler, LLC • 3225 Finger Road, Ste C, Green Bay • • 920-884-2190
$19.99 + shipping & handling MADE IN THE USA
Plantar fasciitis
Range of motion stimulator
to promote venous fow
Non-weight bearing active
assistance ankle rom
Passive gastrocnemius
The only
portable one-piece
lower-leg exercise device
For use as a lower-extremity fexibility,
strengthening and circulation device.
Consider for use with the following...
Gastroc tightening •
Achilles disorder •
Ankle sprain •
Plantar Fasciitis •
Post foot & ankle surgery •
Circulation issues •
How can you tell the diference between sweating and hyper-
hidrosis? Ask yourself these questions:
Do you run home to re-apply deodorant before going out •
afer work?
Do you ever wash your underarms or feet between showers? •
Are you constantly checking yourself to make sure your •
deodorant is holding up?
Do regular deodorants seem to stop working for you afer a •
few weeks?
Do you keep deodorant in your car or in your desk at work •
or in your locker at school?
Have you ever had wet marks on your shirt — or ruined a •
Are you ever worried about taking of your shoes because of •
the smell?
Do you fear shaking hands with people because of your wet •
Does your face fush and sweat more than other people’s? •
Do you ever worry about wet marks on your pants or shirt? •
If you answered yes to just one of these questions, you may have
hyperhidrosis. Consult your physician for the proper diagnosis.
Ten investigate the options to deal with these physically and
mentally taxing symptoms.
Guy Kitchell is with Klima Health Solutions, 6621-B Century Ave., Middle-
ton. Klima specializes in natural products and clinical strength products for many
ailments like hyperhidrosis, body odor, acne, keratosis, eczema and more. For more
information, call toll free 877.295.5462, or visit
When was the last time
you talked with someone
about your health and
received the personal
attention you deserve?
Could one conversation
Have you been wanting to...
understand and reduce cravings •
increase energy •
feel better in your body •
improve personal relationships •
explore new foods •
Contact me for a personal consultation
920.378.3335 •
Your Best Health Ever
Lani Herner, CHC, AADP – Your Wellness and Lifestyle Mentor
56 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Jane Hestnes, LMT, APP
It’s June! And one can’t help but break into song, “June is bustin’
out all over! All over the meadow and the hill…” No, it’s not for
lack of a sturdy undergarment. Just take a look outside!
We’re surrounded by gardens and farmlands in a frenzy of tran-
sition right now, which is no small feat and takes a lot of energy.
Setting gardeners and farmers aside, it’s the energy of all those
little seeds breaking through their outer shells to establish roots
downward and send sprouts upward. Tat takes a lot of energy!
Tose very same energetic frequencies necessary to create these
agri-etchings, however, can also create an undertone of edginess
for some of us. Corny as that may sound (pun intended) it’s a
Stress fades, tensions melt, muscles release...
the perfect ft for mind and body to unwind.
The integrative use of various massage techniques
personalizes each session for each client, from infancy on up.
Located at Panache Salon and Spa
110 S. Joseph St., Appleton
Monday-Saturday by appointment
Carpal Tunnel Issues •
Golfer’s / Tennis Elbow •
Neck / Back Pain •
Plantar Fasciitis •
Rotator Cuf Irritation •
Sciatica •
Sinus Congestion •
Stress / Fatigue •
Tension Headaches •
TMJ Discomfort •
Ma s s a g e T h e r a p y
Jane Hestnes, Certifed Massage Therapist and Associate Polarity Practitioner
Providing therapeutic relief from:
Embrace nature’s
energy to get
Shaun McMonigal
•Lessons on Balancing Food Energy
•Kushi Institute Certifed Teacher
•Macrobiotic Cooking
•Personal Chef Service
(920) 371-3799
57 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
theoretical application from two schools of thought: Ayurvedic
principles and Native American teachings. What? Tat’s an excel-
lent question!
Both of these life-sciences parallel in historic measure and
theory. Tough independent from one another, their comprehen-
sive teachings are built upon a cornerstone to frst understand the
outlying physical world. (Tat in itself is a pretty big matzah ball,
but easy enough to digest when cut into smaller pieces.) Centu-
ries ago, both communities essentially took to studying fve basic
elements: ether (or space), air, fre, water and earth. Teir under-
standing of how these elements manifest, act, react and interact
lead them to insightful applications of how uniquely yet univer-
sally human energies perform as well.
For example, we see air at work when sturdy tree limbs bounce
in the breeze or bodies of water wave in synchronized motion.
Air alone produces such action. Air itself is illusive yet its pres-
ence can be very apparent. Likewise the beat of our hearts, each
breath that we take, every feeting thought that we have — are all
like air, distinctly manifested, seemingly automatic and yet illu-
sive. It is for such reasons that the Ayurvedic principles deem “air”
as the element best representing movement and agility regarding
psychosomatic function.
Tough we all have essentially the same wiring, we’re each
wired a bit diferently. For those of us who are “wired” with all the
busy-ness, this time of year may be fuel for your fre, so have at it
and carpe diem! As for the rest of us? Tis is one of those times
whereby “If ya can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” So move! A walk around
the block can burn of that edginess, or crank up a song that gets
you going and ditch your crankiness along the way. If it’s not for
lack alone of wanting to move but a compounding frustration just
to get going, then plant yourself outside. Sit or lay on the ground,
kick of your shoes, stomp or strum your feet in place. You don’t
need to cause the neighbors concern by making a production of it;
you simply need to physically connect yourself to earth. For eons
earth has been a literal shock absorber, a natural-born stopping
point for lightning. Surely she will be able to absorb a few volts of
your electro-magnetic edgy energy in excess. Ten when it’s all
said and done, you’ll be ready to carpe diem with the best of ‘em!
(Note: “One good turn deserves another,” so be sure to end your
“grounding session” with an attitude of gratitude. A sincere and
unspoken “thank you” is all it takes. For something to be simply
amazing, it’s usually amazingly simple.)
Jane Hestnes, LMT, APP, is the owner of “A Tension” Defcit Massage Terapy,
LLC, providing services at Panache Image Consulting, 110 S. Joseph St., Appleton.
Jane is a licensed massage therapist (WI Cert. #3443-146), with extended studies
in “Repetitive-Use Injury Technique,” massage protocols for Post-Traumatic Stress
Disorder (PTSD), and an associate Polarity practitioner. For more information
visit, or call 920.358.7059
“A walk around the block can burn
off that edginess, or crank up a song
that gets you going and ditch your
crankiness along the way.”
Helping your home
be more energy effcient...
...saving you money
We can help with:
Moisture on windows •
Ice dams •
Moisture or mold •
in your attic
High energy bills •
Unbalanced room •
Drafts •
Indoor air quality •
Home durability •
We perform for:
Combustion safety •
Natural Gas leaks •
Humidity/moisture •
Airinfltration •
Insulation levels •
Ventilation requirements •
IR scans •
Home energy •
Professional installation •
Facilitation of home •
owner projects
Call 954-5412 to set an appointment,
or email at
Proud Partner with
Home Performance
58 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
In large physical therapy clinics,
patients ofen see several therapists
and assistants, and may not know from
one visit to the next who will be treat-
ing them. Not so at Current Physical
Terapy, where personalized treatment
is “all in the family” for husband and
wife team Gil and Cheryl Haight, who
own and exclusively operate this family
Current Physical Terapy has been providing its clients
individualized, expert care since opening
its Oconto of ce in 2003. Tis part-time
of ce was opened to ofer people the
choice of both experience and aford-
ability and has grown to being open full-
time, with a second location opening in
De Pere one year ago.
“We believe the client-therapist rela-
tionship is built on trust, and this is
a very important part of a positive therapeutic outcome. Tis
can only happen when people are able to see the same therapist
2920 N. Ballard Rd., Appleton • 920.738.9688 •
Happy Hour M-Th 4-7 | Late Happy Hour Fri. & Sat. after 8:30 | Daily Specials | Catering
now serving sushi!
Discover Asian Cuisine without leaving Appleton!
Gil Haight Cheryl Haight
59 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways

“I’ve been seeing Cheryl for 4 weeks and I
feel like a new person. Te headaches are
gone.” Marie, Denmark, WI
“Te Haights’ techniques are exceptional and
unique with extraordinary results!”
Mary, Oconto, WI

It feels wonderful to be able to do things I
haven’t done for a long time …without the
pain I was so used to.” Cheryl, De Pere, WI
How would YOUR life be different if
you didn’t have pain?
Please call today if you suffer from:
•Headaches •Neck pain •Back pain
•Myofascial Pain Syndrome •TMD
Also with an offce in Oconto;
516 Brazeau Avenue, 920.835.1551
Gil Haight, Physical Therapist
In plan for most insurances.
Physician referral often not needed.











Maybe you don’t “just
have to live with” pain.
1480 Swan Road,
De Pere, WI, 920.615.6055
Cheryl Conard Haight,
Physical Therapist
consistently.” To ensure this continuity, the Oconto of ce is stafed
exclusively by Gil and the De Pere site by Cheryl.
Current Physical Terapy specializes in the treatment of pain,
both acute and chronic, including work and athletic injuries,
lasting post-surgical pain, headaches, neck and back pain and
TMJ dysfunction. Whether you are experiencing a recent onset of
pain or have dealt with pain for years, Current Physical Terapy
is the choice for relief. Treatment focuses on educating you about
what is happening in your body and what you can do to change it,
and also on gentle manual therapy aimed at fostering relaxation
and changing long-held habits and body patterns.
“Our passion is helping people lead more enjoyable, produc-
tive and pain-free lives, and we do our best to ensure that every-
one who comes to our of ce learns something and leaves feeling
much better than when they walked in. We ofen hear people say
that they feel they just have to live with their pain issues, whether
they’re headaches, back pain or even fbromyalgia. Tis is ofen
simply not true. Tey can feel better.”
Of ces are located at 1480 Swan Road in De Pere in the
Ledgeview Of ce Complex, open Monday through Tursday, 9
am – 6 pm (920-615-6055), and at 516 Brazeau Avenue in Oconto,
open Monday through Friday by appointment (920-835-1551).
All insurances are accepted. Physician referral is ofen not needed,
except for Medicare and Medical Assistance. For more information
please visit, call either of ce or
email at Call for an appointment today.
Remember--You DON’T “just have to live with” pain!
Qrcg RcgrcIds 
0reg has 17 ,ears esper|ence and a pass|on to promote f|tness
and we||ness w|th a Nasters |n Lserc|se Ph,s|o|og,/we||ness. 0reg |s
a|so a 0ert|f|ed ßea|th/||tness Spec|a||st through Amer|can 0o||ege
of Sports Ned|c|ne (A0SNj
Jcrr Zcircr, AC9M
0a|| to set up a free no oh||gat|on consu|tat|on
www.|nsp|ref|tnessstud| · ema||: greg®|nsp|ref|tnessstud|

ººº .:´)··! / ·c· '!¸:/ '·/··· / ·c· c¸·:·´ |)·¸ :| !:«/·:«/ "¡¡··:/ ººº
´:·|:··)c· ´:·|:··)c· ´:·|:··)c· ´:·|:··)c·
¡·.)·· ¡·.)·· ¡·.)·· ¡·.)··
/¸¡·)·:/) /¸¡·)·:/) /¸¡·)·:/) /¸¡·)·:/)
60 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Christine Riemer
adiation continues to be newsworthy. “Japan has raised
the severity level of its nuclear crisis from 5 to the
maximum 7, putting the emergency at the Fukushima
Daiichi power plant on a par with that at Chernobyl in
1986.” ( “Last fall, Dr. Oz warned us
about how X-rays and mammograms can cause thyroid cancer,
especially if people do not insist on having thyroid guards during
these tests.” ( “Imposing roughly the
same standards for cell phones as for fatty food or sugary soda,
(San Francisco) voted to require all retailers to display the amount
of radiation each phone emits.” ( 2010)
What is radiation?
Radiation “radiates” energy in the form of rays or particles. Tere
are two distinct types of radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing.
Ionizing, as in X-rays and nuclear energy, means the energy being
emitted is powerful enough to break apart atoms. Ionizing radiation
produces free radicals which are atoms or molecules containing
unpaired electrons that tend to be chemically reactive and unstable.
Free radicals subject our bodies to continuous assault, attacking
essential molecules of life such as DNA and proteins. Non-ionizing
radiation does not have enough energy to break atoms apart, but it
Wellness in a Wireless World
Sandy Marchant, Consultant ID#45292 (920) 217-5075
Christine Riemer, Consultant ID#35010 (920) 468-5212
Amy Van Dalen, Consultant ID#56375 (920) 430-8788
Scientifcally-validated, 30-day
money-back guarantee on products
for body and home.
Wellness Benefts
Radiation/EMF protection •
Stress reduction •
Proper hydration •
Enhanced absorption •
Anti-aging •
Understanding the
61 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
can excite them to a higher energy state. Electromagnetic
waves, microwaves, and radio waves are examples of non-
ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation, though not
as powerful as ionizing radiation, nevertheless competes
with and compromises the natural human energy feld.
1986 Chernobyl effects
Although the radiation efects of the Japan nuclear incident remain
uncertain, the efects from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster are not. “Fify
emergency rescue workers died from acute radiation syndrome and
related illnesses, 4,000 children and adolescents contracted thyroid
cancer, nine of whom died. More than 100,000 people were imme-
diately evacuated, and the number of evacuees from contaminated
areas eventually reached 350,000. Te explosions that destroyed
the unit four reactor core released a cloud of radionuclides, which
contaminated large areas of Europe and, in particular, Belarus, the
Russian Federation and Ukraine, and afected livestock as far away as
Scandinavia and Britain.” (
A Chernobyl story
Dr. Howard Fisher writes, “In 1986 Dr. (Igor) Smirnov was part
of the investigative team that was looking into the disaster at the
Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Tere was a signifcant fnding
inside the afected perimeter: one group of irradiated people
undergoing the rehabilitation in the health care facility in the
area of mountain springs was not sufering from cancer, although
millions of others were. Tis was the seed from which sprouted
one of the most innovative molecular changes that we have seen to
the structure of water.” (Molecular Resonance Efect Technology:
Te Dynamic Efects on Human Physiology, 2008)
Experience this innovative molecularly-changed water in your home avail-
able through GIA Wellness. Find out more at or Please feel free to contact a GIA Wellness consultant listed in
the accompanying ad. Join our wellness team!
All Levels of Yoga • Breath • Meditation
17 years of quality instruction • 920-445-7221


“Free radicals subject our bodies to continuous
assault, attacking essential molecules of life
such as DNA and proteins.“
62 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Dr. James M. Benzschawel
eadaches are such a common part of so many lives
that many think it is just normal to have them.
Recently, the World Health Organization stated that
almost half of all adults worldwide sufer from head-
ache disorders such as migraine and tension headaches. Fify-
seven percent of men and 76 percent of women report at least one
signifcant headache per month. In addition to that, approximately
23.6 million Americans have sufered from migraine headaches
Te cost of migraine headaches in the United States alone is
extreme. Direct costs (annual treatment costs): over $1 billion.
Te indirect costs (due to absenteeism and reduced efectiveness
at work): $13 billion
. Although headaches cost our country
billions of dollars and afect so many lives, they still tend to be
under-recognized, under-diagnosed and undertreated.
Tension headaches, which are the most common, afect upwards
of 75 percent of the headache suferers. Te most likely reason for
this is that Americans are now engaged in more sedentary activi-
ties than they used to be. More hours are now spent being fxed
in one position or posture. Tis can cause something called cross-
Call Nell’s Wigs to setup your personal
consultation and see what the Raquel Welch
2011 Spring Collection can do for you.
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2011 Spring Collection
930 W. Mason St. • Green Bay, WI
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Open: M, TU, TH, F, SAT Appt. Recommended
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Go to
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fully hand-knotted
laced front
human hair wig
efective in treating
headache pain
63 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
syndrome, which can increase joint irritation and muscle tension in
the neck, upper back and scalp, which results in the head to ache.
Chiropractic has been shown to be very efective in treating
headaches. In 2001, researchers at the Duke University Evidence-
Based Practice Center in Durham, N.C., found that spinal manip-
ulation resulted in almost immediate improvement for those
headaches that originate in the neck, and had signifcantly fewer
side efects and longer lasting relief of tension-type headaches
than commonly prescribed medication.
So what can someone do for prevention? Te American Chiro-
practic Association recommends the following: If you spend a
large amount of time in one fxed position, such as in front of a
computer, on a sewing machine, typing or reading, take a break
and stretch every 30 minutes to one hour. Te stretches should take
your head and neck through a comfortable range of motion. Low
impact exercise may help relieve the pain associated with primary
headaches. However, if you are prone to dull, throbbing head-
aches, avoid heavy exercise. Engage in such activities as walking
and low-impact aerobics. Avoid teeth clenching. Te upper teeth
should never touch the lowers, except when swallowing. Tis
results in stress at the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) —
the two joints that connect your jaw to the skull — leading to
TMJ. Tis leads to irritation and a form of tension headaches.
Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to help
avoid dehydration, which can lead to headaches.
Chiropractors may help suferers by performing spinal
manipulation or chiropractic adjustments to improve spinal
function and alleviate the stress on your system. Tey may also
provide nutritional advice, recommending a change in diet and
perhaps the addition of a specifc supplement for the specifc type
of headache. Lastly, chiropractors may work with posture, ergo-
nomics (work postures), exercises, etc. to relieve the recurring
joint irritation and tension in the muscles of the neck and back.
More and more people are now choosing chiropractic, which
has been shown to be a safe and efective alternative to drugs for
the treatment of their headaches. Going to a board-certifed chiro-
practor may be the answer headache suferers need.
References: 1. Stewar WF, Lipton RB, Celentano DD, et al. Prevalence of
migraine headaches in the Untied States: relation to age, income, race and other
sociodemographic factors. JAMA. 1992;267:64-69, 2. Disability and economic
costs of migrains in the United States: A population-based approach-X.Hu,L.
Markson, R.B. Lipton et al 1999Arch.Intern.Med. 159:813-818
Dr. Benzschawel is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and physiotherapy
and chiropractic board certifed doctor at B’wel Chiropractic & Health Associates
in Appleton. B’wel Chiropractic is dedicated to helping you achieve your well-
ness objectives — combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic
wellness spectrum including: chiropractic, rehabilitation and nutrition. For more
information visit us at or call 920.738.9997.
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How would you like to be our next
Biggest Loser!?
for 9 Weeks!
4 Convenient LoCations to serve You
Contact each Club
for specifc
Challenge start Dates
“Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of
water a day to help avoid dehydration,
which can lead to headaches.”
64 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Kay Bastian
Is there nothing better than the start
of the vegetable season? Getting a weekly
share from a local organic farmer or
heading to the local farmers market? How
about trying to decide what to do with
these luscious vegetables?
Te most obvious thing to do is to eat
the vegetables raw, when they are full of
vitamins, minerals and nutrients. With
some vegetables, roasting really changes the
favor. Did you know that raw fennel has a
strong licorice favor, but if you roast fennel
with olive oil, salt and pepper it takes on
a whole new favor? Raw garlic has a very
strong favor; roast the garlic and it takes
on a sweet favor.
Take a chance and
roast radishes. Te
intense pepper
favor lessens when roasted and will be
crispy on the outside and sof on the inside
when done.
Tese days, there are tons of recipes to
test in our kitchens and to serve to family
and friends. Start asking family and friends
if they have favorite recipes that they would
like to share. It’s easy to send an e-mail or
go on Facebook and post a message. If
you’re not techno savvy, make a phone call.
Recipes that will be shared are going to be
favorites of the sender, possibly handed
down for generations. If it’s a recipe you
love, you are bound to make it over and
over again.
Do you have a cookbook cupboard? A
specifc place you have your cookbooks
stored? Reacquaint yourself with your
cookbooks. Spend a Saturday morning with
a cofee mug in one hand and page through
your cookbooks with the other. See what
sparks your interest. Don’t go straight for
the vegetable section. Take time to view
the other sections, too, even the desserts.
family owned and operated certifed
organic farm growing a variety of
seasonal produce since 2003
N8410 Abler Rd.
Fond du Lac, WI 54937
Visit our website
for much more
Visit our stand at the Downtown
Appleton Farmers Market
(in front of M.C. Kinney Photography)
Make the most
of your vegetable
65 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Have you ever tried making carrot cake or
chocolate zucchini bread? Both are very
yummy! Consider purchasing a cookbook
from a local organization or civic group.
Try your local public library. It probably
has a good selection.
Te Food Network and Cooking Channel
ofer many cooking shows. Rachael Ray,
Giada DeLaurentiis and Ina Garten are
household names. By watching diferent
shows, you not only see how recipes are
made but also learn new techniques and
the explanation of a lot of cooking terms
such as al dente, baste, chifonade, and
reduction, for example.
Rachael Ray is known for this quote:
“It’s the little something that makes you go,
hmmmm.” She is referring to nutmeg, a
spice she almost always uses when cooking
leafy greens (kale, swiss chard, spinach,
etc.). For the most part, the recipes on
these channels are easy to follow, but if you
are more than an average cook, you can
still be entertained for hours by many of
the chefs.
Over the last 5+ years, food blogs have
become very popular. You can subscribe
to diferent blogs and receive updates via
e-mail when new recipes are added. You
can also get updates via Facebook and
Twitter. Just as you have a favorite cook-
book, you will soon have a favorite blog.
Google ofers a food blog search. You can
type in any vegetable and get many recipes
to choose from. Tis comes in real handy
when you have a unique vegetable like
purple potatoes, delicata squash and pea
shoots, for example. Most of the blogs
feature step-by-step instructions for each
recipe, along with photos of the ingredi-
ents, the process and a picture of the fnal
product. For beginning cooks this can
be very helpful when trying new recipes.
Tese blogs usually include stories or little
rants and raves so you feel like you have a
personal connection to the blogger.
Now you know where to fnd recipes
for the vegetable growing season. Have
fun visiting the local farmers markets and
consider joining a vegetable share program
(community-supported agriculture).
Kay Bastian has been a member of Park Ridge
Organics’ vegetable share program since 2009. She
e-mails members weekly with recipes and tips about
how to use the fresh produce provided in the shares.
She also organizes “Recipe Days at the Farm” where
members and the public can visit Park Ridge Organics
and learn more about using fresh, seasonal produce.
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ractic & Wellness Cente
66 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
People planning to say their “I dos”
seldom think about what will happen should
their marriage end in divorce. Although no
one likes to think they will become a divorce
statistic, it does happen quite ofen — even
among couples that were once happy. Ofen-
times, children caught in the middle pay the
biggest price when a rif develops between
their parents.
Every child is diferent, each coping with
divorce in various ways. Still, there are
some ways to make the transition easier on
Experts say that adults can recover •
from hearing verbal attacks, but chil-
dren don’t heal so easily. Terefore,
divorced parents should never bad-
mouth each other in the presence of
their children — even if the venting
is valid.
Children may feel out of place switch- •
ing from home to home in joint-
custody situations. Enabling them
to bring personal items to and from
Dad’s and Mom’s homes may help kids
feel more comfortable.
Despite a couple’s diferences, they •
should make an efort to make parent-
ing styles and schedules consistent at
both homes. If one parent is seen as
easy-going while the other is a task-
master, it can create rifs and feelings
of preferential treatment. Although
it may be difcult, separated parents
should set guidelines for parenting
that are consistent regardless of where
the kids are staying.
Accept that children may have a pref- •
erence over one parent from another.
It’s nothing personal, and it even may
occur if the parents are still happily
married, say experts.
Let kids express their feelings whether •
they’re happy ones or angry ones.
Tailor language to the comprehen- •
sion level of the children. A parent
can’t expect a young child to under-
stand the complexities of marriage or
divorce, nor why one parent no longer
lives at home. Keep discussions simple
and answer questions as easily as
possible: “Mommy and Daddy aren’t
getting along well and think it’s best to
live apart.”
Even if the topic isn’t brought up, reas- •
sure children that the divorce wasn’t
their fault. Leave out gory details; just
reassure them the reasons didn’t lie
with something they did.
Try to keep relationships with former •
in-laws as normal as possible for chil-
dren. Tey are still part of the family
in the eyes of the kids and visits and
involvement in their lives — not only
when it’s a spouse’s visitation time —
should be made available.
Te child shouldn’t be a messen- •
ger between divorced people. He
or she also shouldn’t have to give a
play-by-play of what occurred while
at the other’s house. Tis can feel
like interrogation and make a child
Divorce is seldom easy on everyone
involved. But children may need extra
support simply because they may not have
the capacity to understand the complexities
of the separation of their parents.
SOURCE: Metro Creative Connection
131 W. Wisconsin Ave. Neenah WI 54956 / 920.727.7060
Hours: Mon. 10am-5pm, Tues. & Wed. 10am-6pm, Thurs. 10am-7pm, Fri. 10am-6pm,
Saturday 9am-4pm, Closed Sunday
A shop where new meets old and
the result is a whole lot of fun!
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• New and Vintage Clothing
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Vintage Gifts
How to make
divorce easier
for children
67 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
By Caitlyn Brotz
Summer is fnally here. In Wisconsin, summers are precious to
us. Te chance to spend endless hours at the beach followed up with
warm, breezy evenings is what life is all about.
Now is the time to get your skin looking its best. Te easiest way
to renew your skin for summer is to slough of old winter skin cells
and hydrate your way to the glowing summer skin we all desire.
Te process of exfoliation removes dead skin cells, while promot-
ing new skin cell development. You should exfoliate 1-2 times per
week. As we age, our cell turnover rate decreases. Exfoliation helps
to increase this rate, revealing smoother brighter skin cells at the
Exfoliation also helps to fght acne. By removing the sebum and
dead skin cells, we prevent blockages from occurring. It’s an easy
way to fght pesky blemishes.
Finally, summertime is a chance to get out of boots and into fip-
fops. Te best way to get your feet ready is to exfoliate away that dry
cracked heel, followed by an intense moisturizer that increases the
elasticity of the skin. A mini pedicure about every week will keep
your feet smooth and bright.
You are now ready to hit the beach, go dancing under the stars,
or go hiking in the woods. Whatever you do, you’ll be looking your
summertime best.
Caitlyn Brotz is president and owner of Olivu 426, located at 511 N. 8th
St., Sheboygan, or online at For more information, call
Smooth, brighten and
renew your way to a
summer glow
463 N. Main St., Oshkosh • 920-426-1280
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68 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Judy Owen
Known as nature’s living energy, essential oils are the natural,
aromatic liquids found in fowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds.
Te components in essential oils are vital for a plant to grow, live,
evolve, and adapt to its surroundings. Essential oils are extracted
from aromatic plant sources through distillation, and are highly
concentrated and potent.
When extracted by steam distillation, they provide potent and
concentrated oil. It takes 5,000 lbs. of rose petals to distill down
into one pound of rose essential oil. One drop of peppermint oil is
equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea! Each drop of a therapeutic
essential oil contains hundreds of organic constituents and other
natural elements that work on many levels with all living things. In
fact, they are 75 to 100 times more concentrated than herbs. Essen-
tial oils are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-depressant,
immune supporting and regenerative.
Historically, essential oils have played a prominent role in every-
day life. Tere are more than 200 references to aromatics, incense,
and ointments throughout the Bible. Oils were used for anointing,
healing the sick, and purifying homes and sacred places.
Today, we think of oils and the wonderful aromas that relieve
stress and enhance moods. However, essential oils can also
prevent disease and decrease pain. Tey are also used for massage
therapy, targeted health concerns, emotional release, personal care,
emotional wellness, cleansing and weight management, nutrition,
yoga health, and pet health.
Tere are 4 grades of essential oils:
A – Pure therapeutic quality and made from organically grown
plants, distilled at correct temperature, time pressure and harvested
at proper season
Use essential oils to
prevent disease,
decrease pain and more
69 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
B – Food grade, probably contains synthetics, pesticides, fertil-
izers, extenders or carrier oils
C – Perfume grade probably contains same type of adulterating
chemicals as food grade oils. Usually contain solvents which are
used to gain a higher yield of oil per harvest.
D – A byproduct of the distillation process and is very high
quality IF it comes from Grade A distillation process.
Terapeutic grade essential oils may be difused, applied topically
to the body, or taken orally. Essential oils that are used for holistic
healing must be therapeutic grade. Holistic is the interconnection of
the mind, body and spirit. Other oil grades may include unhealthy
additives. It is very important to know that your oils are a therapeu-
tic grade before applying them to the skin or ingesting them.
Te immune boosting properties of essential oils are numerous.
Oils difused into the air clean and detoxify the air reducing the
number of pathogens in the air and strengthening our immune
system. Oils that can help prevent infection are eucalyptus, oregano,
lemon and cinnamon.
Te lifestyle choices we make can alter the course of our life.
Foods are just one way toxic chemicals invade our bodies. Tey can
also be found in our medicine cabinets, beauty products, laundry
room and lawn care products. Some studies refect a direct correla-
tion between increased chemical exposure and the rise in degenera-
tive diseases. Using essential oils in place of these toxic products are
one way to keep ourselves and our families healthy. Essential oils
can also combat the toxins we bring into our bodies.
Stress levels also afect one’s health. A state of chronic stress
increases the level of cortisol in our bodies. Cortisol is the stress
hormone, which has also been nicknamed the “death hormone.”
Cortisol leads to higher levels of infammation in the body, which
then contributes to many degenerative diseases. Using essential oils
such as lavender, orange, Joy and Peace & Calming can relieve stress
protecting our immune system. Research has shown, with their
immune stimulating properties, essential oils enhance and support
the building of the immune system, whether they are ingested,
inhaled or rubbed on the body topically.
Essential oils have a wide range of
benefts including:
Improve your immune system •
Decrease insomnia •
Sooth digestive disorders •
Reduce pain and infammation •
Provide anti-microbial protection •
Improve mental clarity •
Provide natural pain relief •
Afect the psyche •
Improve mental clarity •
Protect against cancer •
Protect against colds and infuenza •
Provide safe and natural alternatives to household cleaners •
Judy Owen is a Young Living Distributor ofering health and wellness classes
focused on the benefts of essential oils. Judy is also a life coach and spiritual director
ofering one-on-one meetings. In these meetings, listening, refection and guidance is
provided as one looks inward, reveals their story and deepens their spiritual life. For
more information, call 920.284.6125 or email her at
Locally owned and operated
Fully insured and licensed
Serving all of Wisconsin
Hail Damage?
Does your roof still have

70 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Josh Ostrowski
When spring storms occur, damaged roofs are ofen a result.
Hail, large amounts of water and high winds can cause several
diferent kinds of problems.
When hail hits your roof it causes dents or a damage point in
the shingle. You may not see anything wrong with your shingles
immediately afer one storm. Tis could just be because you do
not have a trained eye.
A small blister in your shingle may not seem like a big deal, but
over time it gets progressively worse. When a shingle is damaged
and isn’t fxed as soon as possible, it causes the life of your roof to
decrease signifcantly. Te damaged shingles will start to degrade,
which loosens the shingles and causes them to fall apart. During
high winds these loose shingles can become even looser and
maybe even fall of.
When you have missing shingles, your roof becomes exposed to
the elements. A hole or holes will form in the place of the missing
shingles, causing the roof to start to leak. If you don’t get it fxed
right away it can cause the roof to rot. It can then spread to your
ceiling. If all the wood in your ceiling rots, it can cause a collapse.
Rotting wood can also attract insects, which will then eat away at
your roof. At this point there is no way to fx your roof and you will
have to get a new one.
A hole doesn’t just damage the roof; it also allows cold, dry air to
enter. Te warmth of your home mixed with the cold, dry air will
cause condensation. Condensation will cause wallpaper and paint
to peel, among other things.
But how do you know if your roof is damaged? You can look
around your house for mineral granules lost from the roof. You
may even be able to know just by observing the size of the hail
and strength of the wind during the storm. If there is hail upwards
of an inch, you should have your roof looked at to make sure no
damage has occurred. Another good indication is to look around
your home’s ceiling for water damage.
However, never go up on a roof, even if you suspect damage;
it can be very dangerous for inexperienced individuals. Always
contact a roofng professional. We are the only ones trained to
make sure your roof is safe for you and your family.
Josh Ostrowski is with All Around Roofng and Siding, a locally owned and
operated company serving the Fox Valley and surrounding areas. All Around
Roofng and Siding works with all aspects of roofng and siding from fat roofs,
reroofs and repairs, to complete roof replacement. From the start of the job
through cleanup, including recycling of roofng materials, they strive to provide
high-quality service. For more information, call 920.422.2799 or visit www.alla-
Damaged roofs
a result of spring
555 N Lynndale Ave, Appleton, WI 54914 (920)720-8808
The Academy Birth to 3 World Language Program
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Give your child a fun and educational head start
Birth to 3 Academy world language classes provide an opportunity for young
children to experience group social interaction with the many benefits
of a head start on language acquisition.
These proven benefits include improved listening and comprehension skills, higher
academic performance and increased awareness of other cultures.
Our classes follow a total immersion program capturing the young child’s innate
ability to acquire language skills.
The parent learns alongside the child and the learning and fun can continue.
71 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
By Teresa Van Lanen
attended a women’s business confer-
ence recently where I had the oppor-
tunity to meet women from many
areas of the business world. We gath-
ered in a large conference room which was
full of buzzing energy. As usual I began my
habit of observing the group and of sensing
other’s energies. I doubled my eforts as we
were being asked to pair up for an exercise
to search out who I would pair up with.
Sitting two chairs down from me was
a woman who sent of a clear vibration of
“leave me alone.” I am pretty in tune to this
sort of thing but even the less energy sensi-
tive would have picked up on her signals.
And she was to be my partner in the exer-
cise, which was to share what we felt our life
purpose was.
Having worked to identify and refne my
life purpose in the past few years, I had a
ready response but I did overhear several
others saying how dif cult it was to be this
open. So I wondered how my partner would
respond to this request. She surprised me
with how freely she shared. She felt her life
purpose was to learn to open up to others,
in her words “to bond.” She then clarifed
that she wasn’t a “people person.” I became
curious and I wondered to myself, “OK,
universe, were you putting this women in
my path for a reason?”
At lunch I was eating with two other
women who lef early to see an exhibit. At
the next table eating alone, was my partner
from the sharing exercise. I approached her
saying, “I am going to help you fulfll your
life purpose.” As lunch progressed I could
see and feel her let down her guard and
open up. Her face transformed from stoic
to sof, her smile from tight to open, and
her words from clipped to gentle. I could
see and feel her inner beauty. Tis was such
a wonderful experience that I am compelled
to share it with all of you today.
Tis false impression she posed struck
me because I have been that “leave me
alone” woman myself. I used to do it quite
a bit in the past when I was more guarded
and anxious about letting others in. I was
a champ at this type of self-imposed isola-
tion and I am sure it lef others with a sour
impression of who I was.
What does that guardedness say to
others? How much of my life did I want
to live in this state? What was I afraid
of? Having intimate experience breaking
through this myself I could provide all of
you some tips on how to become more
inviting and open and less guarded.
10 tips to leave an inviting
Recognize when you become guarded •
to see if there is a pattern or triggered
event that you respond to.
Tink of what kind of impression •
you want to leave on yourself, and
then ask yourself what kind
277 W. Northland Ave., Appleton
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favors of our Aged Balsamic Vinegars. We also carry an
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What kind of
do you want
to leave?
72 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Megan Kerkhof
I’m sure you’ve heard the term “You are
what you eat.” Everyone knows that what
you put in your mouth directly afects body
chemistry and how every bodily function
works. But did you know that the average
female absorbs 5 pounds of chemicals solely
through her skin each year? So we really
should be saying, “You are what you absorb.”
One of the more common skin products
used by both men and women is hand sani-
tizer. It comes in a gel, soap, lotion, dish-
washing liquid, laundry detergent, tooth-
paste, little wipes next to the grocery carts
— pretty much
anything that you
can label with the word “anti-bacterial.” But
because they are so common, many don’t
think twice to read the label and learn what
they’re really exposing themselves to. In
many cases, it’s worse than the shopping-
cart-handle-germs themselves!
Triclosan is one of the most common
antibacterial chemicals used. Although
there is no shortage of evidence showing the
dangers of this synthetic chemical, the FDA
is taking its time in investigating its safety.
Ultimately it’s the consumers’ responsibility
to be educated about what they are using, to
protect themselves and their families.
A little bit about Triclosan:
Tis synthetic chemical has both estro-
genic and androgenic properties, and has
been linked to increases in hormone-
dependent cancers. A 2006 study found that
Triclosan blocks the metabolism of thyroid
hormones so they cannot be used.
When Triclosan combines with chlorine
from tap water, chloroform is born. Chlo-
roform is a very potent known carcinogen
(cancer-causing agent).
Triclosan is very chemically stable, so it
stays in the body for a long time. Tis allows
it to bio-accumulate in fat cells to danger-
ous levels over time. It is just as persistent in
nature, and has been shown to block photo-
synthesis in certain algae. If this chemical is
killing plant life, I’m sure you can imagine
the devastating efects it can potentially
have on our ecosystem.
Te American Medical Association
(AMA) stated in the year 2000: “Despite
their recent proliferation in consumer prod-
ucts, the use of antimicrobial agents such as
Triclosan has not been studied extensively.
No data exist to support their ef cacy when
used in such products or any need for them,
but increasing data now suggest growing
acquired resistance to these commonly used
antimicrobial agents. … In light of these fnd-
ings, there is little evidence to support the use
of antimicrobials in consumer products such
as topical hand lotions and soaps.”
One thing to remember is that most
infections are caused by viruses, not bacte-
ria. Te overuse of antibacterial products
can lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria,
known as “superbugs,” and can suppress
children’s abilities to naturally build an
Are you ready to
food changes everything
Megan Kerkhoff, CHC, AADP
By appointment only
change your mind & body forever?
What to expect from Health Counseling:
Increased energy & confdence •
Healthier & enjoyable eating habits •
Improved relationships •
Reduced stress •
Illness management •
Call for a
free 30-minute
Is your hand
sanitizer safe?
“Not a single study has shown any
antibacterial compound to be more
effective than plain old soap and water.”
73 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
of impression you leave
with someone who
doesn’t know you.
Gain awareness that you •
are shutting others out
by checking in with body changes you
may experience.
Ask yourself if you are feeling a sense •
of futtering in your gut, heaviness in
your chest, tightness in your throat?
Tese are all typical things that our
body experiences when we shut down
to ourselves or others.
What message are you telling your- •
self when this happens? Do you feel
others are judging you or are you
really judging yourself?
Ask yourself what really is the truth; •
this false belief or something else.
Give yourself an af rmation about •
who you really are and what your
truth really is, such as: “I am a woman
who others are drawn to because I am
open and inviting” or “Others want
to spend time with me because I am
interesting and fun”.
Initiate; don’t wait for others to greet •
you. Give eye contact and an open
smile to see what kind of response
you will get.
Start small. Greet someone in your •
line at the grocery store or bank and
work up to greeting a new person at a
wedding or conference.
Congratulate yourself when you go •
out of your comfort zone by being
more inviting. Tis will help fuel you
to the next level.
Teresa Van Lanen is a life coach who conducts
presentations, seminars, workshops, teleclasses and
other events that help people reconnect with their
creative spirit and to move into more joyful and
productive life. For products and services visit Teresa
at Sign up for a free quiz to
gauge how much creative energy you have and other
tips. Follow Teresa on Twitter and Facebook as well.
above ground
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immune system. It’s been suggested that this
is the cause for the explosion of allergies in
the last couple decades.
So… what to do?
Not a single study has shown any antibac-
terial compound to be more efective than
plain old soap and water. Te most efective
way to kill bacteria is to work up a good
lather in warm water for 10 to 15 seconds,
making sure to get under fngernails,
wrists, back of hands, and between fngers.
For household use, vinegar and hydrogen
peroxide sprays work wonders for killing
bacteria, and are substantially cheaper. By
simply doing this, you’ll be eliminating
your family’s unnecessary exposure to toxic
chemicals, and saving money!
Happy lathering!!
Megan Kerkhof is the owner of Aayus Holis-
tic Health Counseling. She has studied at Clayton
College of Natural Health, and has received her certi-
fcation to practice health counseling at the Institute
for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She is
board certifed with the American Association of the
Drugless Practitioners, and is an expert in nutritional
supplementation. To learn more or to schedule a free
consultation, please visit, call
920.327.2221, or email
Impressions from pg. 71
“Initiate; don’t wait for others to
greet you. Give eye contact and
an open smile to see what kind
of response you will get.”
74 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Tami Klauer
eadaches or migraines got your head throbbing? At
the beginning of the 20th century, it was believed
that adult cranial bones did not move, but William
Sutherland, a student of osteopathy, came upon a set
of disarticulate human skull bones that launched an examination
of that belief. His experimentation with cranial bones and their
movement led the way to the recognition of the health benefts of
what we know today as craniosacral therapy.
Much like the cardiovascular system revolves around the heart and
the respiratory system around the lungs, the craniosacral system is
the body’s system which provides an environment for the brain and
& change your life
BRAIN TRAINING of the Fox Valley provides Brainwave
Optimization for a broad spectrum of cognitive, emotional,
and physical challenges. By combining the latest advances
in neuroscience and computer technology,
Brainwave Optimization restores the
brain to its natural, high-functioning
state through a safe, non-invasive
process, without medication
quickly and effectively.
Take control
of your life.
We can help.
Learning Disabilities •
Poor memory •
Insomnia •
Stress •
Caprine Supreme Venneford Farms Navarino Valley Elk Beltie Beef
Castle Rock Wisconsin Bison Mind & Body Sonday Chicken M
Mon. - Fri.
8 am - 8 pm
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10 am - 4 pm
1000 W. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton
920-968-1260 • 877-FRE-MRKT •
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Te light touch of
craniosacral therapy
delivers big results
75 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
the spinal cord to develop.
Craniosacral therapy involves a light touch that is applied by the
therapist on the head, gently massaging the skull, then down to the
spinal cord, and ending at the sacral area: from cranium to sacrum.
Te pressure applied is no greater than 5 grams, or the weight of a
nickel. Craniosacral is a non-invasive and gentle form of massage to
balance energy as well as the fow of craniosacral fuid. Te treatment
is so gentle that it can be used on infants and the elderly.
Craniosacral therapy has great benefts for those who sufer from
headaches or migraines. Te therapist gives special attention to the
sutures of the cranial bones. Applying gentle pressure to pressure
points along the scalp where multiple sutures meet will give relief
to tense areas. Ofen the act of touching these areas can help release
pressure and in turn relieve pain or discomfort caused by imbalance
of cranialsacral fuid fow.
When headaches occur, pressure builds up along the base of the
cranium, where the neck bones meet the skull. Te therapist would
apply pressure at the base to relieve pressure that forms headaches.
Tense muscles and stress can block the fow of cranial fuid which in
return causes headaches.
Another method for headache relief is to stimulate fuids and
release pressure by the ears with gentle massaging and a gentle
pull of the ear lobes. At frst this method may feel awkward, but
it will give much relieve to headaches or migraines.
A gentle rocking motion under the sacrum, which connects
the spine and ends at the cranium, stimulates fuid between
bones of the spine helping to relieve pressure and discomfort.
Tis method is benefcial for low back pain.
Crainosacral therapy is known to boost resistance to illness and
also reduce the pain and stress experienced by clients from the
following medical conditions:
Headaches and migraines •
Chronic back and neck pain •
Chronic fatigue •
Digestive problems •
Tension and anxiety •
Hyperactivity •
Behavioral disorders •
Sinus pressure •
Clients who have received craniosacral therapy have experienced
better sleep, improved mobility and overall boost of energy. So
whether your head is pounding from a headache or you’re looking to
unwind, you may want to give craniosacral therapy a try.
Tami Klauer is a massage therapist at Salon CTI Day Spa, located at 3142 N.
Richmond St., Appleton. For information on services, hours and more, visit www. or call 920.731.9396.
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Valley Transit
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“Craniosacral is a non-invasive and gentle
form of massage to balance energy as
well as the fow of craniosacral fuid.”
76 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Randi Mann
“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”
- Hippocrates
Te smartest people ofen do not know how to make the connec-
tion between what they eat and how they feel. You have the ability
to transform your life by choosing to eat healthy foods that do not
make your body sick. Did you know that infammation and chronic
activation of the immune system due to food intolerances have been
linked to digestive disorders, migraines, obesity, chronic fatigue,
ADD, aching joints, skin disorders, arthritis and more? Infamma-
tion causes weight gain and prevents weight loss. In my wellness
practice I care for women whose immune systems are not working
optimally because their hormones are not balanced. Food allergies
are ofen another factor that can make us feel poorly.
Now more than ever our food choices play a vital role in prevent-
ing many degenerative diseases and premature aging. Our immune
system is a double-edged sword. Its job is to react when needed to
protect against infection when confronted with viruses and bacte-
ria. Unfortunately, for some people exposure to common foods,
chemicals and molds may trigger chronic activation of the immune
system as well.
Food Intolerance – An unrecognized
How do you know if you have any food intolerances? Tis is easy
if you have an immediate response such as when you eat shrimp
and your lips swell, an anaphylactic, immediate reaction and very
obvious. If this happens you should never eat the food that caused
this reaction again. Conventional allergists generally recognize only
this one kind of food reaction. Tis is the acute or type 1 hypersensi-
tivity – the IgE mediated response which turns on a histamine reac-
tion. Practitioners of functional and integrative medicine recognize
the limitations of this point of view. New research is now confrm-
ing many people experience delayed reactions to foods that are
controlled by another part of our immune system – IgG antibodies
and immune complexes. Tese reactions may be delayed and cause
symptoms 24 to 72 hours afer contact. Tis makes it hard to see
how what you just ate is connected to how you feel. To make this
even more difcult, your symptoms may be very vague. Common
symptoms include fatigue, bloating, foggy thinking, stufy nose,
acne, irritable bowel, headaches, joint pain, weight gain, autoim-
mune diseases, asthma and more.
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Make the connection
between what you eat
and how you feel
77 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
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How can you learn what foods may be
causing you delayed reactions?
I ofen encourage my patients to try Dr. Mark Hyman’s Ultra-
Simple Diet for 7 days which can jump start your metabolism and
help you identify your top food allergies. You do this by following a
simple, elimination diet that removes the top 10 food allergens for
a week and slowly add them back and watch your body’s reaction.
His book, Te UltraSimple Diet is available at most bookstores or
from his web site - As an added bonus,
many of my patients experience up to 10 pounds of weight loss in
addition to feeling much better afer trying the diet.
Technology exists today to help measure personalized nutrition
at the cell level as well. A simple blood test such as the ALCAT
test can help you determine your body’s cellular response to chal-
lenges from foods, food additives and colorings, molds and envi-
ronmental chemicals. Tis test has been validated by demonstrat-
ing a high correlation with double-blind oral challenges with both
foods and additives. In addition, a controlled study from Baylor
Medical College reported 98 percent success for weight loss and/
or improvement in body composition from patients that followed
the recommended ALCAT Rotation Diet. Tis diet is designed
specifcally for each patient and includes a customized 4-day rota-
tion diet. Studies have shown that the human digestive system is
more suited to seasonal diet as opposed to the traditional Western
diet. By eating foods in a particular family one day and then omit-
ting them for at least three days, a cumulative sensitizing efect is
avoided. Tis time allows the food molecules to “clear” the system,
avoiding overload.
In my wellness practice, I help women feel better by providing
testing for hormone imbalances and food allergies if desired along
with guidance about nutrition, supplements, exercise and stress
management. Helping my patients identify their IgG allergies has
helped then to recover from their chronic symptoms and regain
vibrant good health. If you are not feeling well please consider
talking with a health care professional about the possibility of food
allergies causing your symptoms.
If you are a woman and would like to learn more about food
allergies, hormone safety and treatment options please consider
attending one of the popular introductory educational seminars
(ofered monthly) at Wise Woman Wellness in De Pere. If you are
not feeling your best please seek appropriate answers and proper
guidance for management of your symptoms and individual needs.
Choose a knowledgeable provider who specializes in midlife care
for women and is certifed through the North American Meno-
pause Society (NAMS) if possible. You may fnd a provider in your
area listed online at
or contact NAMS at 440.442.7550.
Randi Mann, WHNP-BC, CNMP, is the owner of Wise Woman
Wellness LLC, an innovative wellness and menopause center
located at 1480 Swan Road, De Pere. Mann is a board certifed
Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and certifed NAMS
Menopause Practitioner, one of 9 in Wisconsin and 540 world-
wide to achieve this distinction. She combines the best of
conventional and integrative/complimentary medicine to help
women live healthier, more abundant, joy-flled lives using a blend of compassion,
cutting edge science, practical guidance and humor. Please contact her at
920.339.5252 or via the internet at www.wisewomanwellnessllc com.
78 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Lani Herner
Are you planning a getaway? Ever think about planning a
healthy vacation? “Vacation,” as defned in Webster’s Dictionary,
is “a respite or a time of respite from something.”
We all need to get away. It’s important to not only get enough
rest on a daily basis, but we also need to excuse ourselves from the
busy and hectic daily duties, with no phones, no bosses breathing
down our neck, and no pending deadlines.
Spa vacations
Have you ever thought about a spa vacation? Tese places are
wonderful for getting the batteries recharged and the body rejuve-
nated. Spas that are considered wellness ofer so much more than
a quiet room; they are specifcally designed to make positive life-
style changes in the areas of nutrition, stress management, ftness,
massage therapy and skincare. As I was perusing the Internet
searching for a spa vacation that I may want to book, I came across
a few and the one that I chose is Te Heartland Health Spa.
Located 90 miles outside of Chicago in Gillman, Ill., this spa ofers
more than your typical oferings of fancy baths and dining because
it integrates many aspects of health and healing. It ofers relaxing
lectures on many areas of nutrition, opportunities to meet with a
meal planner who works with you to design a plan that you can take
with you long afer the experience is over, and will show you how to
implement these lifestyle changes into your daily routine.
Situated on 32 acres, the property also has a meditation garden,
Consider a
healthier vacation
79 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
One conversation could
Lani Herner, CHC, AADP
Your Wellness and Lifestyle Mentor
if you had
clear thinking,
energy &
every day...
Contact me for a personal consultation
Your Best Health Ever
Transform your mind & body
with health counseling!
Personal, fexible & fun
lifestyle program to:
understand and reduce cravings •
increase energy •
feel better in your body •
improve personal relationships •
explore new foods •
Food changes
designed to keep guests in a relaxed state of mind. Its menu features
heart-healthy meals, created with care to help guests meet long-
term weight-management goals. Not only is it part of the program,
but the staf will teach you how to make these meals so you can
prepare them at home. All of this in a comfortable and safe environ-
ment. It used to be that you would have to travel halfway across the
world to fnd such an experience. Now you don’t have to, because a
world-class facility and amenities are right at your back door.
When I spoke to Sherry Gossett, executive director of Heartland
Spa, we talked about why people visit. Some people come for the
entire experience; others come to experience the many diferent
types of lectures that are ofered, and some want to meet with the
counselors for various reasons such as a personal ftness assess-
ment, personal nutrition counseling, menu planning, or whole
body refexology. Tey even have a bereavement program.
Times have changed. People are becoming advocates of their
own health. Tis is a great way to fully recharge the body, mind
and soul, and become more proactive to stay healthy. What better
way to take charge and ownership in one’s health than by visiting
one of these heart healthy spas?
When you are looking for something diferent to do with your
valuable time of, I encourage you to take a closer look at the
Heartland Spa. It might
just be what you need to
feel better this summer.
Have a safe and healthy
vacation season.
Many thanks to Sherry
Gossett, executive direc-
tor of Te Heartland
Spa, who has graciously
allowed me to include
Te Heartland Spa in
this month’s article for
Nature’s Pathways.
Lani Herner is proprietor of Your Best Health Ever. She
received her formal training at the Institute for Integrative
Nutrition located in New York City. She is board certifed with
the American Association of the Drugless Practitioners. For
information about her program and to schedule a consulta-
tion, visit her at or contact her
directly at 920.378.3335.
For more information contact:
reservations,the Heartland Spa
1237 e. 1600 North road
Gilman, illinois 60938
815.683.2144 (fax)
reservations and information
only: Call 800.545.4853
*Te Heartland Spa is a proud member
of the Destination Spa Group & Te
International Spa Association.
Love your body. Love your life.
Visit us online at
Classes NOW in the Fox Valley!
Contact Stacy 920.251.8341 •
80 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Bob Reber
Tere is a lot of information available
about how to live a healthy life: workout
techniques, nutrition information, healing
techniques, etc. Yet, one of the most essen-
tial aspects of living a full and healthy life is
ofen overlooked.
Communication is crucial to our mental,
emotional, physical and spiritual well-
being. As human beings, we have always
had a deep need to connect with others. Our
sense of value, purpose, worth and lovabil-
ity are dependent upon and derived from
our association with others. It is as deep a
need within us as our need to breathe.
Societally we
have isolated
ourselves from
a free fow of
communication through the advent of
‘political correctness.’ Tis idea is being
taken to the extent that anything that may
be said that ‘hurts someone’s feelings’ is
something we shouldn’t say; no matter how
true it is. Doing this actually denies the
other person the opportunity to grow.
Almost 20 years ago, before the advent
of ‘political correctness,’ I had a middle
manager in the company I worked for
that passed me over for a promotion. In
explaining why I didn’t get the position
he looked at me and honestly said, ‘Bob, it
might be your drinking, but I’m not sure.
It’s actually more of your overall lack of
Tose words changed my life and within six
months of that conversation I came to realize
that not only did I have a maturity problem,
I also had a major drinking problem. Tis
allowed me to reach out and get the help I
needed to change my life and embark upon a


n small fru


For more information and
farmstand locations,
Located in
Neenah, Wisconsin
Farm Stand Open Daily,
your own
in June!
The mind, body, emotion
and spirit connection
Do you feel stuck
personally or professionally?
I use the most effective holistic psychotherapy
methods to help you get unstuck and
moving forward in your life.
CLIENT COMMENTS: ‘You have helped me
more than any other therapist’ D.T., Appleton, WI
Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC is a Holistic Psycho-
therapist who has helped hundreds of people
get unstuck and move forward to create the
life of their dreams. Visit her website for the
free workbook “What Do You REALLY Want:
Finding Passion and Purpose in Your Life.”
You can also call Shelley at 920-265-2627.
81 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
new path of healthier living. Luckily, I’ve had
the opportunity to thank him for his honesty
and how it changed my life.
Tis doesn’t mean that we should be
ofensive in what we are saying, nor should
we avoid our thoughts and feelings because
we might ofend with our honest assess-
ment of a situation. We should be aware of
how our words will be received and how
our words will give others the opportunity
to grow, if they so choose.
A few months ago I had to take my wife
into the emergency room in Madison. We
hadn’t been there for 30 minutes when her
phone rang. It was her twin sister inform-
ing us that she was on her way to join us
and that she wasn’t turning back no matter
what either of us said. Upon her arrival,
I mentioned that her behavior was a bit
disrespectful. She then stated that she ‘knew
what it was like to be in the hospital and
have a husband that didn’t allow her family
to see her.’
Without hesitation, I pointed out rather
quickly and sternly that ‘I’m not your
Communicating directly and honestly in
this situation gave her the opportunity to
evaluate her thoughts, emotions, beliefs and
perceptions about life if she so chose.
It is through direct, open and honest
communication that we are able to under-
stand who a person truly is in the moment.
When we have past unresolved issues of
events or with others, we will ofen overlay
them onto a person in our present life. In
doing this, the internal issue is seeking reso-
lution and we are unable to ‘see’ the person
in front of us.
Over the years, I’ve witnessed adults
acting like kids on a playground when
they withhold communication or try to
avoid direct communication with others.
Remember when we would take our toys
and go home when things weren’t going our
way in the sandbox?
When we do this as adults it is with a deep
desire to avoid the issues within us that truly
should be expressed and resolved. Tis could
be from our yearning to maintain the ‘drama’
which is serving a sense of value and purpose
for us or because we are avoiding the confict
that may arise. Yet, the confict we are actu-
ally avoiding is within our own self and will
continue to fester and play out in our lives in
unhealthy ways until it is resolved.
Using others for a ‘sounding board’ is
not a bad thing. All of us should have close
friends and mentors that we can bounce our
life struggles with in order to understand
the issues within ourselves that need to be
addressed. When we verbalize our issues it
allows us to sort through these internal issues
that are mirroring themselves in our rela-
tionships. What separates the adviser from
the gossip or avoider is the intent with which
we are communicating; is it constructive and
positive or is it degrading and negative?
Tere is so much that can be said about
how we communicate, or fail to commu-
nicate our thoughts and emotions in life.
However, it is important to recognize and
be aware of how and where we express
ourselves. We measure our value, worth,
purpose and lovability through this
communication. Our relationships in life
and our overall health, mind, body and
spirit, depends upon it.
Bob and Lisa Reber own Druidic Gems and Your
Soul’s Journey in Fond du Lac. For more information,
call 920.924.0802 or visit
Druidic Gems & Your Soul’s Journey

Spring Intuitive & Wellness Faire
Sunday, June 19 10am to 5pm
Eagles Club
515 N. Park Ave.
Fond du Lac, WI
Various Intuitive Readings, Wellness Therapies, Select Vendors and Much More
For more information visit, or call (920) 924-0802
82 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Shelley Riutta
Which of your habits hold you back? Is
it procrastination, overeating, watching
too much TV, not exercising, etc.? I’m sure
you can easily rattle of which ones apply
for you. Perhaps you’ve struggled with one
or two of these habits for years. You may
have been able to stop your unhealthy habit
for a week, a month or maybe even a few
months. What is it going to take for this to
be completely eliminated from your life?
One of the frst things to do is under-
stand at a deeper level how this unhealthy
habit serves you — how it helps you on
some level. A great way to fnd this out is to
actually dialogue with the unhealthy habit.
Take out a piece of paper and with your
dominant hand (the hand you write with)
and ask, “How do you help me?” Ten,
close your eyes and see what pops into your
head. Even if it doesn’t make sense, write
it down with your non-dominant hand.
Writing with your non-dominant hand is
a way to access more of the unconscious
information inside of you. If you have tried
to consciously change a pattern for years
and haven’t had success, you know that
there is an unconscious pattern that needs
to be understood and addressed.
You will be surprised at what information
you will fnd out by doing this exercise. You
may fnd out that your procrastination says,
“I’m afraid if you do this you will fail and I
want to protect you from this so I won’t let
you fnish it.” Reassure your procrastina-
tion that there really is no failure — only
learning — and by taking the risk and
completing the task — that is the success,
not the actual outcome. Let your procras-
tination know that your performance does
not defne you — what you create or do is
an expression of you, but does not defne
who you are. Who you are is already whole
and complete and cannot be diminished
by any of your actions — or outcomes of
things that you create or do.
What do your unhealthy habits have
to say to you? Ask and fnd out the good
reasons why they are doing what they are
Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC, is a holistic psychother-
apist in private practice specializing in Transforma-
tional individual counseling, presentations, groups
and workshops. To get her free workbook, “What Do
You REALLY Want: Finding Purpose and Passion
in Your Life,” visit her web-site at www.RadiantLife- or call her at 920.265.2627.
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83 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
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The Happiest Happy Hour
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$1 off all rail drinks and tap beer
The Chefs of Cena visit the Appleton Farmer’s Market
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No cover charge.
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84 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Joan M. Ek
ost people would love to have more time and peace
of mind. Or so they say. Tose that actually have
those things in their lives have been willing to
courageously make the necessary changes in their
behaviors or routines to allow space for time and peace of mind
to enter. As with any goal, the frst step is to recognize where one
is in relation to the goal. Next, one must break down the overall
project into smaller steps. Following that, an action is taken in the
direction of the goal. Finally, it is important to continue taking
steps forward, incorporating productive behaviors along the way.
Without action, there is no progression.
I have a multitude of checklists available for clients to use as they
work toward the personal goals they’ve determined. Te checklists
help provide the client with a basis for determining what is true
in the present, and sometimes suggest strong actions that may be
taken to move toward their goal.
Here’s a sampling of a checklist that focuses on what needs to
be done in order to allow more time and peace of mind into one’s
life. While some of the points might seem a bit harsh initially, for
a person to earnestly move to a higher level of existence, they need
to raise their personal standards, and get used to taking extremely
good care of themselves frst and foremost. Points that bring up
a lot of resistance in the beginning usually spur growth. Small,
consistent acts done over an extended period of time ultimately
accomplish more than a few large acts done only occasionally.
What to stop doing forever:
I have completely stopped doing things that I should, could •
or ought to do, yet I am still fully responsible.
I don’t even think about doing things I should, could or •
ought to do. My mind doesn’t wrestle with stuf anymore.
I don’t do errands, ever. •
I don’t do my own laundry or housework. •
I don’t wait to handle problems, I RAH them: Recognize, •
Anticipate, and Handle.
I don’t do important stuf alone anymore. •
I don’t tolerate anything from anyone, and people still like •
and love me.
I don’t create problems or dramas in my life anymore. •
I do not tailgate, speed, cut it close with pedestrians, or run •
yellow lights. I always let the other person in.
I don’t ofer. I let people ask frst. •
I don’t gossip or spread talk about others, good or bad. I talk •
about the person with whom I am speaking.
I don’t hang around with people who diminish me or give •
me a hard time.
I don’t do things in order to get things. I go for the ultimate •
goal, not the ones I think I should have to get frst.
I don’t set goals that I should; I set goals that I want. •
I don’t take on other people’s problems, even if they are •
seemingly critical ones.
I don’t diddle; rather, I take time to be fully scheduled so I •
can feel free.
I don’t beat a dead horse, even if it should be able to get up. I •
cut my losses and move on to plan B, which I always have.
JOAN EK Life Coach, Reiki Master
920.733.9793 |
Empowering individuals to reach their innate potential through:
Life Coaching • Reiki Training and Teaching • Aromatherapy
Resource/Referral • Seminars and Workshops
Here’s what to stop
doing — forever
85 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
I don’t “do” adrenaline any longer. I’m over it! •
I don’t hang out with associates or friends who are adrena- •
line addicts.
I don’t “do” good ideas any longer; I do what has meaning •
to me.
I don’t get my energy from causing accountability deferment •
tactics, overcoming problems, or beating deadlines.
I am not defned by what I do, so I don’t have to do more to •
be more. I am who I am, and I am happy about that.
I don’t “do” emergencies. Tey are a source of accountabil- •
ity-deferment tactics.
I don’t try to change people, but I do extend boundaries. •
I am not rushing through this program. •
It is important to note that during a process of change, you may
experience many feelings including irritability, freedom, boredom,
confusion, a sense of loss or rushes of energy. Tere is no shortcut
through the feelings, for one usually needs to pass through the
gates of boredom to enter into the garden of peace. Be willing to be
the change, experience the change and work with it. Te end result
will be truly amazing!
Joan M. Ek, owner of Life Spectrums, LLC, is a professionally-trained life coach
graduate from Coach University, Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui/Tibetan and
Karuna™ methods, and a certifed yoga teacher. With nearly 25 years in the feld
of health care, she is passionate about the mind/body/spirit connection. She works
to help empower individuals to reach their innate potential through life coach-
ing, Reiki therapy and teaching, and facilitates seminars and workshops on topics
relating to quality of life. She also provides resource and referral services to clients.
Contact her via phone at 920.733.9793 or on the Web at
advantage of
Tax Credits
available to
Your Energy
Bills Now!
Reflective Insulation
American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin
Visit Our Showroom: 3125 Birch Rd, Suite 1, Suamico, WI
Pilot Program Available!
Deep discounts offered to the right homes that can help us advertise our products!
advantage of
Tax Credits
available to
Your Energy
Bills Now!
Reflective Insulation
American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin
Visit Our Showroom: 3125 Birch Rd, Suite 1, Suamico, WI
Pilot Program Available!
Deep discounts offered to the right homes that can help us advertise our products!
American Metal
Roofs of Northern
Visit Our Showroom:
3125 Birch Rd., Suite 1,
Suamico, WI
Pilot Program
Deep discounts offered
to the right homes that
can help us advertise our
Dedicated to Hope, Healing and Recovery
Five Reasons Why You Should Choose
San Luis Medical
and Rehabilitation Center
For more information please contact
San Luis Medical & Rehab Center
at 920-494-5231.
• TransitionalCareUnitdedicated
• VotedBest of The Bayfnalistfor
• Full-timecasemanageroverseeseach
• In-patientandOut-patientservices
• Innetworkwithover35insurance
86 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
By Desiree Janelle
ave you noticed a loved one struggling with things
that used to be second nature? Do you suspect they
need more help than their spouse or another family
member can provide? Consider the following when
discussing the possibility of assisted living.
Diffculty performing daily activities
Perhaps he or she is wearing the same clothes multiple days a
week. Are they bathing less frequently and is their personal hygiene
sufering? Are they not cooking or skipping meals? Have laundry
and housekeeping become a burden? Does he or she spend time in
only a few rooms in the house?
Memory loss
Is your loved one repeating questions or statements, or making
multiple phone calls with the same questions? Have they been
wandering away from home? Perhaps they have been more
trusting of strangers, falling for scams or have become the victim
of elder abuse. Is he or she forgetting to do things they once did
like paying bills and balancing the check book, or leaving the stove
on, frequently misplacing items?
Medication concerns
Has your loved one been forgetting to take his or her
medications or taking more than required? On the opposite end
of the spectrum, have they been running out of medications or not
properly ordering medications from the pharmacy? Are there a lot
of expired medications sitting around the house?
Lack of socialization
Is your loved one losing touch with friends and isolating
themselves? Is there a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed
such as going to church? Are they showing signs of depression?
For example, are they sleeping a lot or crying ofen? Has your loved
one recently lost a spouse, another relative or long-time friend?
Does your loved one seem increasingly paranoid or fearful
of others? Are they afraid to be alone at night or feel their
neighborhood is not as safe as it used to be? Are they becoming
more dependent on family members?
Safety concerns
Does your loved one have stairs and steps in their home, which
make it more likely they’ll fall?
What if there is no help nearby if they do fall or an emergency
occurs? Are they having difculty getting in and out of the tub or
on and of of the toilet?
Too ofen, families wait until there is a crisis to consider assisted
living for their loved one. When a crisis happens, the senior is
usually frail and unable to take advantage of all the benefts assisted
living has to ofer. If your loved one is exhibiting any of the signs
above, be proactive and get a plan in place vs. regretting what has
happened. You’ll be glad you did.
Desiree Janelle is president and founder of Te White Hare, a free assisted
living referral service dedicated to fnding the perfect solution for your retirement
needs. From assisted living, home health care, memory care and independent
living options, Te White Hare is available seven days a week to assist you by
eliminating the confusion and time-consuming process of locating senior care
options. For more information, call 920.883.9590, e-mail thewhitehare@live.
com or visit A hare symbolizes a service to others, good
listener, moving forward, good luck and prosperity.
Consider the
possibility of
assisted living
Games are played at the John Wollner •
OpeningDayCelebratonis •
StartngonMonday,June6games •
It’s the Miracle League
of the Fox Valley!
The Miracle League, a program of Good-
will NCW, is an organized baseball league
for kids ages 4-19 with cognitve and/or
physical disabilites.
Have you heard about the
new baseball league in town? • 920.733.3217
Come out to a game and cheer on the
newest baseball stars in the Valley!
As a member you’ll receive...
Tony Bednarowski - founder, developer and nutrition counselor
A comprehensive online weight loss system developed to help you look and feel your best.
Your very own
Full Food
Breakdown List
Daily and Weekly
Meal Plans
An Array of
Message Boards
Printable Weekly
Shopping List
Plenty of
Helpful Tips
Go to
and start your
3 day
FREE trial
88 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
Saturday, June 4 • 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. &
Sunday, June 5 • 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Green Bay Botanical Garden
27th Annual Garden Fair
A traditional favorite, the Garden Fair features
over 100 vendors of garden plants, landscaping
ideas, accessories, gardening demonstrations
and presentations, music and food. Admission:
Adults $7; Children $2; Children 4 & under
SION! Green Bay Botanical Garden, located at
2600 Larsen Road, Green Bay.
Saturday, June 4 •10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Basic Divination Skills with a Pendulum
Author, Spiritual Teacher, Janice Puta will
teach you a step-by-step process of using your
pendulum. Learn the language of using pen-
dulums for your daily guidance and for clarity.
Develop your intuitive skill and achieve more
consistent, positive results with greater self
confdence. $49.99 early registration. ($55).
Heaven On Earth Healing Alternatives, W2289
Poplar Rd., Fond du Lac. Call Linda to register
or for more information. 920.948.2100.
Sunday, June 5 • 7:15 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Celebration of Support Event for
Tim Garvey
The Celebration of Support Event for Tim Garvey,
sponsored by the Community Beneft Tree, will be
held at Lake Breeze Golf Course in Winneconne.
The “Garvey Scramble” will be a four-person golf
scramble. Registration/golf will be from 7:15 to
1:00 and lunch and auction will be from 12:30 –
3:00 p.m. Golf will be $65 per person and includes
18 holes with cart, lunch and hole prizes. Along
with the food and prizes, there will be music.
Tim was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in
July 2010. Since then, he has undergone two major
surgeries along with months of intense chemother-
apy and radiation. The surgeries, hospital stays, ER
visits, and ambulance rides have been a big part of
the Garvey’s life. Hopefully, the next step for Tim is
remission. Tim has fve children including the new-
est addition born in December. This event will help
cover medical and living expenses.
Join Tim’s family and friends for a day of golf, fun,
food, and prizes. To make a tax deductible dona-
tion, please send checks to the Community Beneft
Tree, Attn: Tim Garvey C.O.S. Event at 2204 Crooks
Ave., Unit C, Kaukauna, WI, 54130. To learn more
about this event and the Community Beneft Tree
Inc., please visit
Saturday, June 11 - Garden Party/Kids’ Planting
Booth and Saturday, June 25 • 9 a.m.- Noon
Evergreen Credit Union Summer Markets
Evergreen Credit Union will host Summer Markets
the 2nd and 4th Saturdays June through September.
Our west Neenah location is an ideal setting for
an open-air market, which is open to all vendors
of fresh produce, plants, crafts, work-from-home
businesses, and charity fundraising organizations.
When enough vendors have committed to the
Summer Market, Town of Menasha will allow the
credit union to close Bryce Drive to vehicle traf-
fc; enhancing a safe, on-foot shopping experience.
Evergreen Credit Union will also coordinate and
promote special themed events each month.
These markets provide a wonderful opportunity to
gain attention for local small businesses or chari-
ties and for residents to enjoy the local community
All vendors need to make reservations as early
as possible and will be asked to make a small
H.U.G.S.* donation at each Market. Please direct
all inquires to Debbie Bruley (920.729.2999, ext.
209 or email Ever-
green Credit Union is located at 1500 W. American
Drive (Just West of CB) in Neenah.
Saturday, June 11 • 9 a.m. – 12 noon
Aromafow Workshop
Experience a fun, relaxing way to get your energy
fowing! We’ll focus on the 7 Chakra system (which
coincides with the endrocrine glands), discussing
ways to keep them in balance, resulting in the well-
being of the individual. Music, aromatherapy and
yoga poses, which help align and restore the system
to a sense of balance, will be practiced. Wear com-
fortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or blanket to
practice on. Participants will be able to choose an
essential oil blend to take home! Cost: $50. Work-
shop is facilitated by Joan Ek, Professionally-trained
Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certifed Yoga Teacher
and owner of Life Spectrums LLC. Location: 1219
E. Applecreek Road, Appleton. Contact Joan at
920.733.9793 or to re-
serve your space.
Saturday, June 18 10:00 a.m. - 12 noon
FREE Intro to Nia Workshop
Do you look forward to working out? Do you en-
joy exercising? If not, you can begin to learn how
through Nia’s “Love Your Body” workout.
With Nia, you’ll experience the expressiveness
of dance, the power and explosiveness of martial
arts, and the wisdom of the healing arts (including
yoga). This combination creates a synergy that no
isolated technique can match. The classes creative-
ly encourage personalization and free expression
and are open to everyone, from stiff beginners to
highly-ft athletes. Nia is so kind to the joints, it is
usually done barefoot. Nia is like chocolate. You
can’t describe it...You have to taste it!
This hour-long presentation is being facilitated by
Certifed Blue Belt Nia Instructor Stacy Parish, and
is being held at Valley Social Dance, 167 ½ Main
St., Menasha. The class will include a brief “getting
to know you,” the history of Nia, the fundamentals
behind the movements and a full 60-minute Nia
class! To register for this FREE event please call
Stacy Parish at 920.251.8341, or email stacyp8@ Space is LIMITED. For more information
on the Nia Technique, visit
Saturday, June 18 • 2 p.m.
Boresha Coffee Tasting Presentation
Free Samples: Coffee, tea and cappuccino
9th Street Wellness Center, LLC, 1028 9th St.,
Green Bay.
Saturday, June 18 • 2-4 p.m.
The Universe In Our Body
To which spiritual group do you belong? Com-
ing from Switzerland, Dr. Marie-Louise Francke is
on the cutting edge of astrological access to health,
wellness and power. You’ve got to check out her
stuff, it’s fascinating! Meet Dr. Marie-Louise, learn
the intuitive gifts of your astrological sign, check
out her book ‘The Universe In Our Body’. Call
Linda at Heaven On Earth Healing Alternatives,
W2289 Poplar Rd., Fond du Lac at 920.948.2100
to register. Love offering appreciated.
Saturday, June 25 • 2:30-5:30 p.m.
Your Breath – Transformational Breathing
with Aubree Saia
In this workshop you will be introduced to the
power of breath and experience an introductory
breath session. Learn how to correct restrictive
breathing patterns and techniques for increasing
your energy level and sense of well-being. Gain
tools to manage stress, reconnect with source and
actively participate in your own healing.
Cost: $50 early registration. $60 after June 22. In-
cludes tea and snacks. For those who have been
through Aubree’s introductory session you can
come and breathe from 4-5:30 p.m. for $35. Con-
tact Inner Sun Yoga Studio 920.651.1279 or isys@ for more information and
to pre-register.
Tuesday, June 28 • 5-6 p.m.
Yoga in the Gardens
Come and experience yoga amidst the restor-
ative power of nature in the gardens of the Paine
Art Center. Inhale deeply the smell of the fowers
with breathing exercises. Connect to the earth by
practicing poses that will strengthen your body and
increase fexibility. Refect as you listen to the birds
and relax under the sky through meditation.
Event is FREE and no experience in yoga is re-
quired. Location: Paine Art Center and Gardens.
Contact Inner Sun Yoga Studio 920.651.1279 or for further details.
Thursday, June 30 • 6-8 p.m.
How to receive your own answers through
connecting with the Angels
ML. Francke, MD. will guide you through
clearing methods so that it is easy to receive
clear guidance from the angels. Bring your
own angel cards and receive your own an-
swers. Heaven On Earth Healing Alternatives,
W2289 Poplar Rd.,Fond du Lac. Call to regis-
ter, 920.948.2100. Love offering.
Friday, Aug. 12 & Saturday, Aug. 13
“Life is a Beach”
Fun in the Sun Yoga & Wellness Retreat at Camp
Lakotah, Wautoma. Contact Inner Sun Yoga Studio
at 920.651.1279 or
for details.
Advertise your event in the Community Calendar
$20 per entry (advertisers)
$50 per entry (non-advertisers)
920.209.6900 •
89 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Klima Health Solutions
6621-B Century Ave., Middleton
Known worldwide as a lead-
er in this industry, Klima
Health Solutions has de-
signed a perfect acne system for perfect skin.
Unlike many over-the-counter brands, Klima’s
system is effective at treating acne on all levels
to provide you with blemish-free skin. Our prod-
ucts are more than just “Proactiv”, they are guar-
anteed to work, or your money back!
East Wisconsin Savings Bank
Kaukauna: 109 W. 2nd St. 920.766.4646
Little Chute: 1805 E. Main St. 920.759.0532
Appleton: 501 E. Wisconsin Ave. 920.731.5858
Kimberly: 220 W. Kimberly Ave. 920.788.3522
Freedom: N3947 Columbia Ave. 920.788.6341
Greenville: W6318 Wisconsin Road 920.757.9770
Build a “Wonderful Life” with
We welcome the opportuni-
ty to serve your banking
needs and desire to help
you...Build a “Wonderful Life.” Since 1887,
East Wisconsin Savings Bank has helped thou-
sands of local families achieve the peace of
mind that comes from attaining fnancial inde-
pendence. It’s our privilege to offer you proven
financial solutions and personal attention.
Klima Health Solutions
6621-B Century Ave., Middleton
Known worldwide as a lead-
er in this industry, Klima
Health Solutions supplies the
most effcient antiperspirants and deodorants for
the treatment and prevention of extreme sweat-
ing. You will notice that Klima products are
much stronger and more effective than the “clin-
ical strength,” and the mass-produced antiper-
spirants you see for sale in America. Nothing
works harder to keep you smelling fresh!
New Possibilities Integration, LLC
Victoria L. Huss, Certifed Rolfer™
103 W. College Ave., Suite 601, Appleton
920.427.7653 •
Structural Integration is a
transformative bodywork and edu-
cation system designed to align
and balance the body. Many of us have old hab-
its, accidents and patterns “locked” into our pos-
ture and musculature--causing chronic pain, in-
fexibility and decreased mobility. Rolfng®
unwinds this chronic strain and offers new pos-
sibilities for standing, moving and being.
Brain Training of the Fox Valley
1231 Campbell St., Neenah
Valley provides Brainwave Op-
timization for a broad spectrum
of cognitive, emotional, and
physical challenges. By combining the latest
advances in neuroscience and computer tech-
nology, Brainwave Optimization restores the
brain to its natural high-functioning state
through a safe, non-invasive process without
medication quickly and effectively.
Caffe’ Naturally
2625 Development Drive, Ste. 30, Green Bay
920.632.4716 •
Hours: 8 a.m.-3 p.m., Mon. – Sat.
Serving breakfast and lunch
Please join us for
a gourmet, glu-
ten-free meal pre-
pared from the freshest ingredients and a cup of
freshly-brewed organic coffee. Our menu
changes often and is prepared from scratch us-
ing local, organic ingredients whenever possi-
ble, or organic and sustainable ingredients.
Drop by for some good food, good coffee, and
lively conversation in a warm and comfortable
environment. Attached to Terry Naturally health
food store. Free Wi-Fi available.
Harmony Café
233 E. College Ave., Appleton • 920.734.2233
1660 W. Mason St., Green Bay • 920.569.1593
Harmony Café is a NON-PROFIT
Coffeehouse. All sales income goes
to Goodwill Industries of North
Central Wisconsin. We are a GREEN
coffeehouse offering our customers organic cof-
fee and fair trade beans. Each cup of coffee and
shot of espresso is ground, crafted and brewed
fresh by our skilled baristas for a gourmet coffee
experience. Free Wi-Fi available.
Chem-Dry of Appleton & Oshkosh, Inc.
1313 Racine Road, Menasha
ABRA Chem-Dry of Green Bay
1977 Kane Lane, Green Bay
For thirty years, Chem-Dry
has been at the forefront of
the carpet and upholstery
cleaning industry with innovative equipment
and powerful cleaning solutions. Prolong the
life of your carpets and upholstery with routine
cleaning. Chem-Dry delivers top-quality service
at an excellent value. Chem-Dry only uses The
Natural - no soaps, detergents or other harsh
chemicals. Ask today about the benefts of Hot
Carbonating Extraction. FOR A DEEP CLEAN
B’wel Chiropractic
Dr. James Benzschawel
3020 E. College Ave. Suite F, Appleton
B’wel Chiropractic is dedi-
cated to helping you
achieve your wellness ob-
jectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans
the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. Dr.
James Benzschawel is committed to bringing you
better health and a better way of life by teaching
and practicing the true principles of chiropractic
wellness care. We tailor a wellness program to
target your needs using the least invasive yet high-
ly-effective techniques and services.
Natural Healing Solutions
Certifed Colon Hydro-Therapists
345 E. Wisconsin Ave., Suite #6, Appleton
Feel healthier, remove toxic
waste from your body and
relieve symptoms like chron-
ic fatigue, constipation and
skin problems. Carl & Carol Ann offer Colon Hy-
drotherapy through the Wood Gravitational Meth-
od. A colonic is a gentle internal bath to cleanse
the colon and rejuvenate the body. Colon hydro-
therapy also restores the body’s PH balance, stim-
ulates the immune system and allows free passage
of nutrients into the blood. Also offering detoxify-
ing electrolysis footbaths and herbal remedies.
Find out more information on
advertising your business in the
Nature’s Pathways
Community Resource Guide.
Contact: (920) 209-6900
Our community partners in the natural health
and green living revolution…
90 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
Therapeutic Pulse
Sharon Blake, CMT
345 E. Wisconsin Ave., #8, Appleton
920.740.5101 •
Sharon helps your body fnd bal-
ance integrating CranioSacral
Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy,
Visceral Manipulation and Thera-
peutic Massage. CranioSacral
Therapy (CST) helps the nervous system “reboot”
to fnd a new, calmer balance. CST is benefcial
for: Stress, Depression, TMJ, Headaches & Mi-
graines, ADD/ADHD, Refux & Colic and more.
Hours by appointment.
Evergreen Credit Union
1500 W. American — Just West of CB, Neenah
Evergreens retain freshness,
interest and popularity. Ever-
greens are always green,
blooming, vibrant, strong and durable. Wonderful
descriptions of your new fnancial organization. We
choose to travel on paths, not sidewalks or hallways.
We aspire for personal evolutions; not mere chang-
es. The people who work here share their hearts with
our communities and share their unique personali-
ties with our members. Membership is open to ev-
eryone who lives or works in Outagamie, Waushara,
Waupaca or Winnebago counties. NCUA insured.
Twohig Dental
William J. Twohig, DDS
417 E. Ann St., Weyauwega
920.867.3101 •
Twohig Dental wants you to experience a natural
and holistic approach to dentistry. Our practice
is a mercury-free, health-centered offce. We be-
lieve in treating patients as individuals. We are
dedicated to advanced education in traditional
and non-traditional dentistry. We invite you to
schedule a consultation with us.
Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin, S.C.
Locations in Green Bay, De Pere, Bellevue,
Shawano, Marinette, Sturgeon Bay, Oconto
Falls, Grafton, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Neenah,
Appleton, Manitowoc, New London
Dermatology Associates of
Wisconsin, S.C. is an inde-
pendent dermatology prac-
tice priding itself on the use
of the latest technology and treatment protocols
for optimal surgical and treatment outcomes for
diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. We also offer
state of the art Mohs micrographic surgery for
the treatment of skin cancer. Trust your skin care
to the leader in dermatology. Call today to
schedule an appointment.
Santal Solutions, LLC
Dr. Arun Chatterji has created a di-
etary supplement to be used as part
of your diet to help maintain blood
sugar and cholesterol levels already
within the normal range. The product, “OmSa-
” requires only one third the normal dosage
compared to other brands on the market, due to
its unique “less is more” property. Recent cellu-
lar research at King’s College London has shown
to be up to 400% more active than
leading Gymnema sylvestre-based products.
Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and
Therapeutic Bodywork
2200 American Blvd., De Pere
Blue Sky strives to inspire and chal-
lenge our students as they become
professional massage therapists. We
integrate community outreach, holistic practices
and wellness into our massage therapy program.
We have full- and part-time options. Financial
aid available for those who qualify. Open houses
year round! Touch the lives of others, become a
massage therapist! Call today!
Funset Boulevard
3916 W. College Ave., Appleton
Funset Boulevard is an amazing
Hollywood-themed restaurant
and entertainment center with at-
tractions for everyone in the fam-
ily. Our “best-in-the-Midwest” family entertain-
ment center includes: 14-screen movie theatre,
Funset Grill Restaurant featuring the best pizza
in the area, laser tag, outdoor mini-golf and bat-
ting cages, bumper cars, train ride, carousel, gi-
ant kids playroom and over 100 arcade games.
Birthday party packages available.
Peddler, LLC
Michael M. Soletski (Contact)
3225 Finger Road, Suite C, Green Bay
920.884.2190 • Fax 920.965. 0041 •
Peddler, LLC is the manufacturer and main dis-
tributor of the PEDDLER, the only portable, one-
piece, lower-leg exercise device designed for
use as a lower-extremity fexibility strengthening
and circulation device. The PEDDLER should be
considered for Gastroc Tightening, Achilles Dis-
order, Ankle Sprain, Plantar Faciitis, Post Foot
and Ankle Surgery and Circulation Issues. Use at
your desk, on a plane, riding in a car, on a bus or
any time you are in a restricted motion environ-
ment. Made in the USA and a green product.
The Chimney Guy, LLC
680 Valley Road, Menasha
920.830.1920 (Fox Cities) • 920.455.1920 (Green Bay)
The Chimney Guy provides
you with the very best in
chimney and hearth appli-
ance services and products. Our certifed techni-
cians have the professional training and know-
how to keep freplaces and chimneys in the best
working condition. If it has anything to do with a
freplace or chimney, we can provide you with
the proper professional services. We pride our-
selves on our No Mess Guarantee
. “No Mess”
is more than a guarantee - it’s a promise.
New Balance Fox Valley
1861 N. Casaloma Drive, Appleton
New Balance Fox Valley has been
providing the Fox Cities with its ath-
letic footwear needs since 2003.
NBFV allows you to experience shoe
shopping the way it should be with one-on-one
customer service provided by the fully-trained
sales staff. NBFV carries running, walking,
cross training, kids’ shoes and more in a large
variety of widths and sizes. Shop New Balance
Fox Valley…Where You Will FIT Right In!
Fox Valley Birkenstock
2476 S. Oneida St., Green Bay • 920.498.2497
4760 Integrity Way, Appleton • 920.882.3989
Fox Valley Birkenstock offers a
huge selection of Birkenstock,
Papillio, Tatami, Footprints,
Birki, Alpro, Newalk shoes and sandals at great
Crystal Pathway
1106 Washington St., Manitowoc
920.682.8680 •
Open: Mon. – Fri. 11 – 6, Sat. 10 – 4
Crystal Pathway, in downtown Manitowoc,
opened in 2002. As you walk in, crystals and
gemstones from around the world greet you.
Many are tumbled, polished and raw; others
are set in sterling silver jewelry including pen-
dants, earrings, and rings. We also offer books,
candles, smudge sticks, fairies and more. Come
in and experience the world of crystals for bal-
ancing mind, body and spirit.
91 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Druidic Gems
242 E. 2nd St., Fond du Lac
Healing the relationships in our lives through
Pet Communication, Intuitive and Akashic Re-
cord Readings. Healing our spirits, minds, emo-
tions and body with Reiki and unique writings
that invoke thought, change perspectives and
alter our expressions of living. Precious stones
& minerals designed into jewelry through di-
vine inspiration and so much more.
The Wire Whisk
767 North Casaloma Drive, Appleton
We are the store for all
cooks offering cook-
ware, bakeware, serve-
ware, barware, cutlery,
gadgets, tableware, glassware, kitchen electrics,
specialty foods and kitchen housewares. Profes-
sional knife sharpening services are also avail-
able. Our family, serving your family for over 33
years! Gift cards available. Open Mon. - Sat. 10
a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sun. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The Plant Station Greenhouse
1746 W. Northland Ave., Appleton
The Plant Station is your land-
scape design specialist carry-
ing a complete line of annu-
als, perennials & nursery
house plants. We have seasonal items, chemi-
cals, nature & garden gifts along with indoor &
outdoor living decor. Now open for the 2011
Heaven on Earth Healing Alternatives
Rev. Linda Heimermann, CHTP
W2289 Poplar Road, Fond du Lac
Linda Heimermann is a certifed
Healing Touch and Reiki 2 Practi-
tioner. She facilitates ‘Self Heal-
ing Methods’ classes using her
Capacitar training, which specializes in relax-
ation techniques such as Tai Chi meditation,
visualization, breathwork, EFT, emotional fn-
ger holds, etc. Linda also holds a certifcate for
Lymphatic massage. A holistic approach to
healing the body, mind and spirit in a natural
habitat through the power of touch and the
heart of compassion. Recently Ordained Inter-
faith Angel Minister, for your wedding, baptism
or special, sacred occasion.
Anytime Fitness
For a location near you, see our ad on pg. 100
Anytime Fitness is
open 24/7/364 to
provide you with the
essential elements of a great workout, such as
treadmills, ellipticals and bikes - all with fat-
screen TVs - and both free weights and circuit
weight machines. We also offer 24-hour tanning,
personal training and private restrooms and
showers. Anywhere Club Access allows you to
visit more than 1,000 clubs worldwide.
Lake Park Swim & Fitness, LLC
730 Lake Park Road, Menasha
920.882.8900 •
See our ad on pg. 15.
Lake Park Swim & Fit-
ness is the Fox Val-
ley’s newest and most
refreshing health club. Locally owned and op-
erated, we have combined the latest in equip-
ment, classes, club amenities and more to give
our members an unparalleled experience. Cus-
tomer service and building a sense of commu-
nity is our main focus - be a part of the LPSF
family and experience the difference!
Premier Fitness of Appleton
2408 W. Nordale Dr., Appleton
Premier Fitness of Appleton, a
24-hour/365-day training facility,
has a reputation as the friendliest
ftness center around. At over 6,000 square feet,
our club provides some of the latest cardio and
weight training equipment on the market today.
Our mission is to educate our members on safe
and effective exercise to reduce frustrations and
increase personal development. We pride our-
selves on maintaining our high retention rate,
providing you the highest quality services and
encouraging active lifestyles.
GIA Wellness
Christine Riemer
Despite consuming good nu-
trition and water, Chris expe-
rienced insomnia, stomach
aches, tooth sensitivity, sluggish metabolism,
compromised immunity, a stubborn bruise, etc.
She got relief using GIA’s products (pendant, cell
guard, iH20-intelligent water 400-500 times
more liquid), etc., all powered by GIAplex™ for
enhanced absorption and hydration. Try GIA
products for the health boost we need in our
modern wireless world.
Midwest Macrobiotics
Shaun McMonigal
773.988.6876 •
Midwest Macrobiotics is dedicated to the com-
mon dream of health and harmony. Whether in
the kitchen, consultation or class, Shaun offers
lessons on balancing food energy to help you
create your own health and sense of balance.
Medicinal cooking services are available, along
with holistic health consultations to transition
to a whole foods diet. Menu planning is based
on the time you have available for cooking and
to address the specifc health needs and goals
of the client.
Simply Herbs
Cheryl Hosmer, Naturopath, CNHP
Certifed Biofeedback Specialist
Synergy Chiropractic & Wellness Center
N1739 Lily of the Valley Dr., Suite 7, Greenville
920.757.6440 •
Cheryl has been coaching clients on lifestyle
changes for over 10 years. She uses several holis-
tic techniques including iridology, clinical kine-
siology, and Quantum LIFE Biofeedback to help
clients regain balanced energy allowing them to
self heal. Simply Herbs also carries professional
products including herbs, supplements, homeo-
pathics, essential oils and Bach fower remedies
to support optimal health.
Aayus Holistic Health Counseling
Megan Kerkhoff, CHC, AADP
Are you ready to change
your mind and body forever?
Health Counseling is a
unique, exciting innovation in health and nutri-
tion. Megan helps her clients to create a happy,
healthy life in a way that is fexible, fun and free
of denial and discipline. Learn to make gradu-
al, lifelong changes that enable you to reach
your current and future health goals. Schedule
a free consultation today!
Your Best Health Ever
Lani Herner
920.378.3335 •
Lani Herner became an Integrative
Health Counselor to fulfll her pas-
sion of working with women, chil-
dren and parents to improve their
health and family life. She is a grad-
uate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and
is board certifed by the American Association
of Drugless Practitioners. Lani leads workshops
on nutrition and offers individual health and
nutrition to parents and families.
92 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
Boresha Coffee
Renee Sprangers, Independent Marketing
Take the Ten-Day BSkinny Chal-
lenge! Burn the fat you don’t
want by drinking the ONLY fat
burning coffee in the world. Hundreds of thou-
sands of users prove BSkinny is safe and effec-
tive through years of clinical trials. Rich, deli-
cious, 100% organic Arabica beans and a
patented buffered caffeine turns your body into
a fat burning furnace. This is NOT a diet – keep
your lean muscle - BURN FAT. 30-day money
back guarantee!
Oakridge Farms
125 Cty Rd CB, Neenah
Family farm offering fresh pro-
duce, pasture fed eggs, and honey.
We offer u-pick strawberries in
June, u-pick raspberries in July
and various vegetables, May-October. Our
crops are grown using sustainable methods of
farming building soil health and minimizing
the use of chemicals. Retail farm stands, farm-
ers markets and u-pick.
Oneida Community Integrated Food Systems
3976 W. Mason St., Oneida
Oneida Community Integrated Food
Systems provides the Oneida people
and surrounding communities with
natural and fresh meats, poultry, buf-
falo, fruits and vegetables as well as
health and wellness products. Our Farmer’s Mar-
ket is held Thursdays at the Oneida One Stop at
Hwy 54 and Seminary Road in Oneida. The Ap-
ple Orchard offers pick-your-own apples. Please
call or e-mail for varieties and picking hours.
The Free Market
1000 W. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton
920.968.1260 • 877.FRE.MRKT
The Free Market is a natural
food grocery store for those
who choose a more healthy
way to eat. We carry a large selection of gluten-
free products as well as chemical- and GMO-
free, wheat-, peanut-, dairy- and meat-free items.
Whether you’re a vegetarian, are on a restricted
diet, want to lose weight or prefer food that is or-
ganically grown, you’ll fnd plenty of options at
The Free Market.
Christensen & Wisnet, Inc.
4450 W. Greenville Dr., Appleton
We know that there are many
choices out there for Heating &
Cooling needs, but with our level
of expertise, dedication to quality
service on your equipment, and exceptional
customer service, just one call to us and you can
rest assured you chose the “Good Guys.” We of-
fer many services from annual safety & effcien-
cy tune-ups, repairs, duct cleaning, estimates
and installation on our top brands.
Peace and Wellness Center
Patricia Poole
920.819.3774 •
Patricia Poole has been providing hypnosis and
energy healing private sessions and classes for
10 years. She offers information on hypnosis,
Reiki, Reconnective healing and soon EFT. Edu-
cational and life-changing classes are offered
regularly. Hypnosis CDs are available to get you
started in making positive changes today! Call or
email today to set up your appointment.
Radiant Life Counseling
Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC
Holistic Psychotherapist
Green Bay • 920.265.2627
Feeling stuck in your life or one of
your relationships? Want to trans-
form your personal or professional
life? I use the most effective holis-
tic psychotherapy methods to help
you get unstuck and moving forward in your
life with joy. Visit www.RadiantLifeCounseling.
com for the free workbook “What Do You Re-
ally Want: Finding Passion and Purpose in Your
Life,” based on my popular workshop. The site
also lists upcoming presentations, workshops
and groups, plus information on individual and
couples counseling.
Bill-Ray Home Mobility, LLC
3800 N. Providence Ave., Suite A, Appleton
Bill-Ray Home Mo-
bility offers its inno-
vative new product,
Friendly BedsTM as well as other products that
help the elderly and disabled stay in the home
setting longer. Friendly Beds™ improves inde-
pendence and quality of life by offering mobil-
ity, safety, and comfort components in the bed
area. The showroom is open Monday through
Friday from 11am-5pm. Come visit us and test
drive our models.
Eclipse Energy
4538 North French Road, Appleton
(920) 954-5412
At Eclipse Energy we make
your home as effcient and
comfortable as possible with
a synergistic approach. Sim-
ply defned, your home is a system. We can
help you with high energy bills, unsolved mois-
ture problems, hot or cold spots and poor air
quality through a home energy evaluation.
Once performed, a solution-based prescription
in the form of a report and proposal will follow,
addressing a solution to the problems, not the
Capital Hypnosis
6441 Enterprise Lane, Suite 104, Madison
Whether you seek to improve your personal
infuence or professional communication abil-
ity through Basic Hypnosis Training or skills
through Neuro-Linguistic Programming Train-
ing, Capital Hypnosis provides programs that
ft your schedule and intensive workshops in a
professional hypnosis clinic setting around real
people. Can’t decide where to begin? Just call
608.288.9800 today! We will discuss your goals
and situation and make the recommendation
that best fts your circumstances.
Hypnotherapy Center of Wisconsin, LLC
Diane J. Beatty, CHT, NLP
Appleton • 920.475.7383
Hypnosis is the most powerful self-
help system available to humanity.
The use of hypnotherapy to create
change has been around for thou-
sands of years helping people to
solve problems and reach goals. Diane Beatty,
CHT, NLP, owner/operator, has sought out the
most extensive training and board certifcation
available. “Every single one of us has the ability
to create the life we want. The mind is a very
powerful tool to make that happen”.
Find out more information on
advertising your business in the
Nature’s Pathways
Community Resource Guide.
Contact: (920) 209-6900
93 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Intuitive Art and Consultation
Nannette Champeau
Angel Healings • Workshop Facilita-
tor • Angel, Soul & Children’s Por-
traits Do you believe in Angels or in-
visible helpers? Learn to trust your
feelings and hunches and listen to the
‘still voice within.’ Nannette has been helping
people understand themselves for 20 years
through one-on-one personal consultations,
workshops, study groups and portraits. Call
920.839.5343 or email www.n_champeau@ya- for more information and to schedule
an appointment.
Jentle Wellness, LLC
Jennifer D. Culver, Certifed Professional Coach,
Reiki Master, Business Consultant, Writer
920.570.1704 •
Jennifer globally supports you, incor-
porating her spiritual and holistic
healing practices into coaching. She
teams with you to live and work sim-
ply, gently, and happily. Listen to her
weekly on Radio Therapy Online. With over ff-
teen years of consulting experience, she con-
ducts seminars on taking a zen approach to pro-
ductivity. She also co-creates marketing
strategies for small companies. Jennifer attracts
clients seeking to simplify their overactive life,
live their true passion, have fun, and incorporate
holistic wellness into their life expedition.
Life Spectrums, LLC
Joan M. Ek
Professional Life Coach/Reiki Master
With over 20 years expe-
rience in several areas of
health care, Life Spec-
trums specializes in providing a safe, honest, nur-
turing, challenging (yet fun!) environment for in-
dividuals to explore their innate potential to heal
and live the quality life of their choosing. We of-
fer professional Life Coaching services, Reiki
therapy and teaching, aromatherapy, resource
and referral services, seminars and workshops to
empower each person on an integrative basis.
WillowTree Life Coaching
Barbra Krummel, Certifed Personal Life Coach
920.323.7058 •
Not only can we create the lives we
dream of, this is our purpose and rea-
son for being. I can help you turn that
dream into reality. I will hold sacred
space to facilitate the journey in a
safe and nonjudgmental environment. Together
we will work towards empowering you with the
tools, knowledge and intention to invite the joy,
abundance and wonder back into your life.
“A Tension” Deficit Massage Therapy, LLC
Jane Hestnes, LMT, APP (WI Cert. #3443-146)
Providing services at Panache Image Consulting
110 S. Joseph St., Appleton
Ma s s a g e T h e r a p y
Stress / Pain / Fatigue:
There are no “magic bean”
shortcuts where chronic
issues exist. But there is hope and help with a
holistic approach. Individual or integrated,
various conventional massage techniques and
energy-based Polarity Therapy protocols are
available for you to create “a tension” defcit
from long-term symptoms.
Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and
Therapeutic Bodywork
2200 American Blvd., De Pere
Blue Sky’s massage clinic is a teach-
ing facility. Massages are performed
by students who have not yet grad-
uated but have completed the educational re-
quirements to enter student clinic. A great op-
portunity for our students to complete state
required massage hours while offering profes-
sional quality massages at a discount to the pub-
lic! Make an appointment today!
Revolution Healing & Martial Arts, LLC
939 W Kennedy Ave, Kimberly
Parnee Paras, owner of Rev-
olution Healing, offers her
clients Massage Therapy
and Breathwork healing along with Cuong Nhu
Oriental Martial Arts for children and adults.
She also has a Botanical Sanctuary Store featur-
ing Recycled Paper Products and Sustainable
Skin Care. Call or go online to schedule your
Fox Valley Plastic Surgery &
Renaissance MediSpa
Drs. David Janssen and William Doubek
2400 Witzel Ave., Oshkosh
920.233.1540 •
The team at Fox Valley Plastic
Surgery and the Renaissance
Center in Oshkosh, Wiscon-
sin, provide advanced laser
center services, facial aesthetics, cosmetic and
reconstructive surgery, total vein care and
medical weight loss. Board-certifed plastic
surgeons Dr. David Janssen and Dr. William
Doubek, have cared for more than 27,000 pa-
tients since 1993. For more information, visit or call 920.233.1540.
Rejuvenessence MediSpa
Kenneth Pechman, MD, PhD
Board Certifed Dermatologist
2201 East Enterprise Ave., Ste. 104, Appleton
920.574.3577 •
The Mission of Rejuvenes-
sence MediSpa is to re-
store, revitalize and reju-
venate the skin’s
appearance, health and function. We strive to
improve our client’s skin through our profes-
sional services and high-quality products and
thus, enhance our patients self esteem and self
image. We are proud to offer free consultations
on all of our services!
Wise Woman Wellness
1480 Swan Road, De Pere
Women age 30-64
suffering with meno-
pause, peri-menopause, PMS or sexual dysfunc-
tion symptoms are invited to NE WI’s frst meno-
pause and wellness center. Hormone testing,
customized bio-identical hormones, supple-
ments, ftness, nutrition and stress reduction plans
are tailored for each woman. Owner Randi Mann,
Women’s Health NP and menopause expert (one
of 13 Certifed NAMS Menopause Practitioners in
WI), provides integrative medicine options to
help each woman feel vital, healthy, sensual and
energetic. Attend our introductory hormone sem-
inars offered three times each month to learn
about hormone changes that happen monthly
and across the life span and how to feel your best
at every age! Visit website for details.
Olivü 426
511 N. 8th St., Sheboygan
920.783.0809 •
Beauty from earth to body. Olivü
426 features the freshest ingredi-
ents from around the world. Ol-
ivü’s all natural beauty line offers
personalized customization to achieve desired
results. Featuring anti-aging serums, lotions, mas-
sage oils, body mists, salt and sugar scrubs, lip
balms, eye shadows, an all natural baby care line
and much more, Olivü’s products offer world
class personal care. Visit Olivü and get creative
designing your own personalized products or
shop online at
94 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
Shapin’ It Up Nutrition
184 Main St., Menasha
920.268.3272 or 920.915.6343
Shapin’ It Up Nutrition focuses on
weight loss, health and well-being.
Join our 9-week weight loss chal-
lenge. Receive personal coaching, a
free metabolism test, learn to lose
weight & keep it off and group support & nutri-
tion education. Be the biggest loser and win
cash! $49.95 for the 9-week program – bring a
friend and get a discount! Call today to sign-up
and start changing your life!
Park Ridge Organics
N8410 Abler Road, Fond du Lac
Be a locavore, eat healthier, get
to know your farmer and your
food. Park Ridge Organics is a
certifed Organic farm growing
seasonal produce. They sell their produce
through a Vegetable Share Program (CSA con-
cept) at the Downtown Appleton Farmers Mar-
ket and at their on-farm store.
Current Physical Therapy
1480 Swan Road, De Pere • 920.615.6055
516 Brazeau Avenue, Oconto • 920.835.1551
Headaches? Chronic pain?
Maybe you don’t “just have to
live with it.” At Current Physical
Therapy you will receive the
most up-to-date and effective treatment in a
comfortable, private setting. Learn to facilitate
your body’s own effcient pain-relieving mech-
anisms. Be free from chronic pain and from the
need for continuing treatment.
Quality Therapy
311 Reaume Ave., Kaukauna
920.462.4583 •
Serving the Fox Valley
Quality Therapy is client-cen-
tered and focused on predictable
outcomes. We strive to uphold
the dignity of patients, accom-
modating schedule, allowing recovery in your
own home. Our specialized programs include:
chronic pain program, back pain program and
digestinal disorder program. We also offer
Cranio-Sacral, Visual Manipulation, Lymphede-
ma with vaso-pneumatic pump and Electro
Therapeutic Point Stimulation. Don’t put it off
any longer. The more you wait the more serious
your problem may become.
Botanical Indulgence
Sandy White
1162 Westowne Drive, Neenah
920.725.1380 •
The success of a business
comes from more than
just the owner. A truly
successful business will
have an enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff hand
chosen by the owner. Here at Botanical Indul-
gence, Sandy has a staff that loves the business
as much as she does, and it shows when you
walk into the store. Located 5 minutes from Fox
River Mall; take the Winneconne exit in Neenah
and turn left at Culvers.
Natural Healthy Concepts
Theresa Groskopp, CN
1620 Appleton Road, Shopko Plaza, Menasha
Located in the Shopko Plaza, Me-
nasha, right off Hwy. 441, Natural
Healthy Concepts offers Nutrition
Counseling by Theresa Groskopp,
Certifed Nutritionist, and a variety
of natural health products. We also offer Ionic
Detox Footbaths, Ear Candling, along with a
large variety of vitamins and nutrition supple-
ments, and homeopathic remedies. Our natural
skin and hair care, cosmetics and personal hy-
giene products are free of parabens and SLS.
Somethin to Howl About
Homemade, handmade all natural dog prod-
ucts designed with love for your pet. Our prod-
ucts include herbal shield dog collars, frst
aid salves, calming drops, toothpaste, various
shampoos and kooling gel bandanas. Our goal
is to create products that will make your pet
healthier and happier.
Victoria’s Pet Nutrition Center and Boutique
14 N. Main St., Fond du Lac
We carry all-natural pet
health products for your
dogs and cats including
natural treats, herbs and supplements used for
health problems such as canine and feline liver
and kidney disease, pet allergies, cancer in dogs
and cats, arthritis, dental, ear problems and dia-
betes. We also carry pet gifts including dog and
cat socks, breed-specifc pillows, videos and
Dog- and Cat-opoly.
Wellness Essentials, LLC
456 N. Main St., Oshkosh
Located at the Harmony Wellness Center
920.410.4022 •
Dr. Kari Uselman, Ph.D., is a certifed
Biofeedback Specialist and Homeo-
Therapeutic Consultant. She has an
extensive background in wellness
and works with all ages in detoxify-
ing, rejuvenating and restoring the body. Dr. Kari
offers multiple techniques that help with chronic
fatigue, allergies, weight loss, addictions, ADD,
head/neck/back pain, depression, immune dys-
function, hormonal imbalances, trauma and more.
Sessions blend craniosacral therapy, Semato-Emo-
tional Release, energy and light therapies, and bio-
feedback using the INDIGO, the most accurate
cellular stress reduction device available today.
GingeRootz Asian Grille
2920 N. Ballard Road, Appleton
GingeRootz invites you to discover
the origin of Asian cuisine through
award-winning, traditional recipes
fused with today’s trend. Known
for our expertise in Chinese cuisine, contempo-
rary surroundings and friendly staff. As one of the
few elegant Asian restaurants in the Fox Valley,
GingeRootz has an extensive catering menu and
can accommodate private parties.
Johnathan’s Bistro
1910 North Casaloma Drive, Appleton
920.882.7876 • www.
Open Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Johnathan’s extensive menu offers
tantalizing tastes featuring traditional
and contemporary Italian-American
cuisine with a focus on local, fresh &
organic high-quality ingredients. We feature fresh
daily house-made pasta, seafood, steaks, salads,
sandwiches & pizzas prepared simply yet sump-
tuously. For the vegetarian, we offer multiple veg-
etarian options including protein substitutes! We
are also proud to feature a full beer, wine, and
liquor list.
Mark’s East Side
1405 East Wisconsin Ave., Appleton
Mark’s East Side has been
family owned and operated
since 1967. Through years of
experience, recipes have been fne-tuned and
perfected. Daily specials, the best German cui-
sine in the Valley, Friday fsh fry, as well as
steaks and other seafood. Mark’s is the “small
group specialists” - perfect for intimate, private
dining for groups of 50 or less. Next time out,
make it Mark’s!
95 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Nakashima of Japan • Katsu-Ya of Japan
4100 W. Pine St., Appleton • 920.739.6057
2200 Holmgren Way, Green Bay • 920.494.4103
511 W. College Ave., Appleton • 920.882.4183
Nakashima Sushi is your
healthy alternative to din-
ing out. We take the fresh-
est fsh or vegetable, wrap
it in vinegar rice and roasted seaweed for a
taste that is simple satori (enlightenment). We
feature Avocado, Asparagus, and Spinach Sal-
ad, Tofu Salad, Ceviches, Grilled Salmon, and
many more healthy selections!
Sai Ram Indian Cuisine
253 W. Northland Ave., Appleton
The area’s fnest authentic Indian
restaurant. Join us today to fnd out
why we won the “Best Indian Food”
Golden Fork Award from 2005-
2010! We offer a large selection of
vegan and vegetarian options. Catering is avail-
able and we have a banquet room for parties
up to 40 people.
Stone Cellar Brewpub and Restaurant
1004 S. Olde Oneida St., Appleton
Restaurant Phone: 920.731.3322
Brewery Phone: 920.735.0507
Father and son partners Tom and
Steve Lonsway opened Stone Cellar
in 2004, offering hand-crafted
tasty cuisine. Stone Cellar is a restaurant, pub,
and beer garden, and also a brewery, brewing
their own set of beers and gourmet sodas! Stone
Cellar has a completely private dining and party
room available! Located in the 150-year-old
“Between the Locks” building. Come enjoy a
novel experience in an historical place.
All Around Roofing and Siding
Josh Ostrowski, owner
All Around Roofng and Siding is
a locally owned and operated
company serving the Fox Valley
and surrounding areas. For all
your roofng and siding needs including fa-
troofs, reroofs, and repairs from small repairs to
complete roof replacement. From the start of
the job all the way to cleanup, including recy-
cling of roofng materials, we strive to provide
high-quality service to our customers.
Changing Headlines
Mark P. Brettingen
2631 N. Meade St., Appleton
Are you concerned about thinning
hair? In addition to offering services
to those with their own natural
growing hair, Changing Headlines,
founded in March 1982, specializes in helping
those that need or desire additional hair. We
understand that hair loss can affect your self-
esteem and confdence and we are able to pro-
vide many alternatives. We offer nonsurgical
options as well as consultations regarding sur-
gical hair restoration. Call today to schedule a
complimentary, private consultation.
The White Hare
The White Hare is a FREE Assisted Living Refer-
ral Service, dedicated to fnding the perfect solu-
tion for your retirement needs. We eliminate the
confusion and time-consuming process of locat-
ing senior care options. Our recommendations
are based on the standards, needs and wants of
the senior. Our options include Assisted Living,
Home Health Care, Memory Care and Indepen-
dent Living. We will do everything possible to
save money, time, energy, and help you make
the right decision. Available 7 days a week. A
hare symbolizes service to others, good listener,
moving forward, good luck and prosperity.
Lamers Dairy & Country Store
Off Hwys. 441 & CE
N410 Speel School Road, Appleton
920.830.0980 •
Taste the Difference…Experience
milk the way it was meant to be!
Reusable glass bottles give our
milk a cleaner, fresher taste, and lessen envi-
ronmental impact. Lamers Dairy–Dairyland’s
Best—serving Northeast Wisconsin since 1913.
Farmer certifed to contain no artifcial hor-
mones. Find glass bottles at many retail loca-
tions, or visit Lamers Country Store.
The Bulk-Priced Food Shoppe
W6482 Greenville Drive, Greenville
920.757.9905 • M-F 9-6, Sat. 9-5
The freshest food at the best possible price! We
buy in bulk, simply repackage it into smaller
amounts and pass the “bulk price” on to you.
Our 3,100-sq.-ft. expanded store also offers spe-
cialty items including sugar-free, gluten-free and
organic products. The Bulk-Priced Food Shoppe...
the store where YOU bag the savings!
The Olive Cellar
277 W. Northland Ave., Appleton
Discover the difference quality
makes with small batch world class
extra virgin olive oils and an exqui-
site variety of aged balsamic vine-
gars. Taste before you buy with all products avail-
able for you to sample prior to bottling. Also
offering pastas and spices, sea salts, truffe oils,
chocolate sauces and the world’s best peanut
brittle. A unique culinary experience awaits you.
The Planted Seed
1310 Cherry St., Wausau
Your neighborhood bulk food mar-
ket on Wausau’s Northwest side,
featuring an ever-growing selection
of bulk spices, baking ingredients,
gluten-free products, organic grains, soup and
dip mixes. Oven fresh gluten-free breads and
local, naturally raised poultry, beef, lamb and
pork are also available.
Spiritual Direction
Judy Owen, Life Coach, Spiritual Director
920.540.6852 or
Kathy Welhouse 920.284.6125 or
Spiritual Direction is a one-on-one meeting
with a trained spiritual director about what is
most important to you. We believe God is in
our everyday experiences. Whether you are
wondering where God is in your life or if you
desire a deeper relationship with the Divine,
spiritual direction can be an important tool.
Call for more information or to set up an ap-
pointment. We are also available for retreats,
workshops, or presentations.
Inspirit Therapy Associates
3208 East River Drive, Green Bay
With over 50 years of
combined therapist expe-
rience, Inspirit Therapy
Associates’ therapists have developed a unique
approach to pain management. All aspects of
life and health are addressed in order to pro-
vide the highest quality, most comprehensive
treatment possible to our clients. We focus on
providing as many non-pharmaceutical op-
tions to our patients as possible.
96 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
Valley Transit
801 S. Whitman Ave., Appleton
Valley Transit
Think outside the car.
Valley Transit provides
safe and reliable pub-
lic transportation to
the many communities that comprise the Fox
Cities. Whether you’re in Appleton, Buchanan,
Grand Chute, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little
Chute, city of Menasha, town of Menasha, or
Neenah, you can use Valley Transit to get where
you need to go. Service hours: 5:45 a.m. -
10:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m.
- 10:30 p.m. on Saturday.
Nature’s Best
837 Riverfront Drive, Suite #100, Sheboygan
920.452.6176 •
M-F 9am-6pm, Sat. 9am-5pm, Sun. 10am-4pm
We are a natural foods
store specializing in natural
and specialty foods, sup-
plements, grains, and
more. We have our own private label supple-
ments and most of our ingredients are patented,
clinically studied and of the highest standards. We
have a large assortment of fresh and frozen gluten-
free items. We carry over 250 bulk herbs, spices,
and teas as well as many grains, fours, bulk bak-
ing items and low-carb dieting products.
Good Food, Better Health
The Get Your Lean On System is de-
signed to make you aware of and
teach you the process of making
healthier and wiser decisions when it
comes to eating and meal planning. You will not
only lose the weight you are seeking to lose, but
it is so successful, you will make a life-long com-
mitment to keeping it off.
Nell’s Wigs
930 W. Mason St., Green Bay
920.227.7525 •
Nell’s Wigs is a full service, li-
censed wig salon dedicated to
discreet and personable service.
Whether you need a wig for medical hair loss,
fashion, cosmetic, work, travel or fun, our mis-
sion is to make you feel comfortable and conf-
dent in your style. We carry the largest inventory
of designer wigs in Wisconsin!
Inner Sun Yoga Studio
146 Algoma Blvd, Ste F, Oshkosh
Explore your breath, slow
movement, postures, relax-
ation and meditation in the
inviting atmosphere of Inner
Sun Yoga! Founded in 2004,
we offer a variety of drop-in classes, sound heal-
ing, private instruction and events. Instructors are
experienced and certifed in yoga traditions in-
cluding Vinyasa, Dharma Mittra, Kripalu, and
Himalayan. Come and be inspired!
Midwest Power Yoga
2416 West Nordale Drive, Appleton
Midwest Power Yoga offers
quality instruction to peo-
ple of all ages and ftness
levels through yoga privates, classes and work-
shops in a friendly and welcoming environment.
We help clients recover from injuries, improve
athletic performance and increase general well-
being, energy and joy. Drop-in rates and class
packages are available for every budget. For info,
Mystical Earth Gallery (MEG)
City Center Plaza
10 College Ave, Suite 112B, Appleton
920.993.1122 •
Zenith, a healing art form, suc-
cinctly stated removes the block-
ages which stop the seeker from
their path and assists in the healing
process of the body, mind and spir-
it. Using sacred geometry, color-vibration light
and incorporating his own techniques, honed
after over 30 years of healing, Master Teacher
Jesse will develop a program to help you in the
unfolding of your individual self.
Give this copy
to a friend
97 June 2011 | Nature’s Pathways
Aayus Holistic Health Counseling .........................72
A Tension Defcit Massage Therapy ........................56
Aldag Wellness, LLC ..............................................49
All Around Roofng and Siding ..............................69
American Metal Roofs ...........................................85
Anytime Fitness ...................................................100
Appleton Downtown .............................................53
Avenue 91.1 ............................................................7
B’wel Chiropractic & Health Associates .................99
Bay Area Yoga ........................................................61
Better Business Bureau ..........................................48
Bill-Ray Home Mobility .........................................47
Blue Sky ................................................................38
Boresha Coffee, Renee Sprangers ...........................68
Botanical Indulgence .............................................33
Brain Training of the Fox Valley ..............................74
Cena Restaurant ....................................................83
Changing Headlines ..............................................22
Chem-Dry .............................................................45
Christensen & Wisnet Heating & Cooling ..............64
Complete Nutrition ..............................................100
Corks and Caps Beverage Company ......................29
Country Financial ..................................................42
Crystal Pathway .....................................................15
Current Physical Therapy .......................................59
Cutting Edge ..........................................................11
Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin, SC ...............2
Druidic Gems ........................................................81
East Wisconsin Savings Bank .................................31
Eclipse Energy .......................................................57
Epiphany Law, LLC ................................................19
Essential Feng Shui ................................................16
Evergreen Credit Union .........................................76
Fox Valley Birkenstock ...........................................77
Fox Valley Plastic Surgery ......................................32
Funset Boulevard ...................................................15 .............................................87
GIA Wellness .........................................................60
GingeRootz ...........................................................58
Goodwill Industries ...............................................25
Green Bay Botanical Garden .................................26
Green Bay Hyperbarics .........................................37
Harmony Café .......................................................61
Healing Energies, Mary Lelle .................................17
Heartwood Homes Senior Living ...........................23
Heaven on Earth Healing Alternatives ....................46
Inner Sun Yoga Studio ............................................39
Inspire Fitness Studio .............................................59
Inspirit Physical Therapy ........................................52
Irish Acres Pet Health ............................................13
Jentle Wellness ......................................................10
Johnathan’s Bistro ....................................................5
Just Act Natural ......................................................30
Kindred Healthcare ...............................................85
Klima Health Solutions ..........................................54
Lake Park Swim & Fitness ........................................9
Lamers Dairy, Inc...................................................65
Life Spectrums .......................................................84
Making Art of Life ..................................................28
Mark’s East Side .....................................................38
Michiels Bar and Grill ...........................................31
Midwest Macrobiotics ...........................................56
Midwest Power Yoga ..............................................46
Miracle League of the Fox Valley ...........................87
My Healthy World .................................................34
Mystical Earth Gallery ...........................................35
N.D.C. Nutrition Discount Center..........................67
Nakashima, Inc. ....................................................98
Natural Healing Solutions ......................................41
Natural Healthy Concepts......................................49
Nature’s Best .........................................................43
Nell’s Wigs ............................................................62
New Possibilities Integration ..................................44
Nia, Stacy Parish ....................................................79
Niemuth’s Southside Market ..................................41
Oakridge Farms .....................................................80
Olive Cellar ...........................................................71
Olivu 426 ..............................................................67
Oneida Nation Farms ............................................78
Outagamie County Dept. of Solid Waste ...............41
Park Ridge Organics ..............................................64
Peace & Wellness Center .......................................14
Peddler, LLC ..........................................................55
Pool and Spa Center ..............................................73
Premier Fitness ......................................................53
Quality Therapy .....................................................29
Radiant Life Counseling .........................................80
Rejuvenessence mediSpa .......................................11
Revolution Healing and Martial Arts ......................65
Sai Ram Indian Cuisine ......................................... 28
Salon CTI .................................................................9
Santal Solutions .....................................................17
Shapin’ It Up Nutrition ..........................................63
Simply Herbs .........................................................65
Somethin to Howl About .......................................13
Streu’s Pharmacy / Bay Natural ..............................14
Stone Cellar Brewpub ............................................45
Terry Naturally/EuroPharma .............................20, 21
The Academy.........................................................70
The Bulk-Priced Food Shoppe ................................37
The Chimney Guy .................................................82
The Free Market .....................................................74
The Planted Seed ...................................................34
The Plant Station Greenhouse ................................27
The White Hare .....................................................60
The Wire Whisk .....................................................24
Twohig Dental .......................................................39
Valley Organics .....................................................29
Valley Transit .........................................................75
Vanderloop Shoes/New Balance Fox Valley ...........36
Victoria’s Pet Nutrition ...........................................12
Vintique ................................................................66
Wellness Essentials ................................................13
Wise Woman Wellness, LLC ....................................3
Your Best Health Ever ......................................55, 79
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Nature’s Pathways magazine for just $35 per year.
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nutrition • fitness • personal growth • wellness • relaxation • organic & green living
November 2010
Northeast Wisconsin
Your path to healthy living
Cover Person
Serving high quality
products at discount prices
to the health-minded
Jon Krasselt, owner Nutrition Discount Centers
A network to connect
holiStiC PAreNtS
Planning for your
fiNANCiAl life’S StAgeS
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ChAritieS to SuPPort
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CreAtivity at work
...and much more!
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nutrition • fitness • personal growth • wellness • relaxation • organic & green living
December 2010
Northeast Wisconsin
Your path to healthy living
Cover Person
Aiming to restore,
revitalize and rejuvenate
Rejuvenessence mediSpa - (back) Kate Jackson,
Heather Allmann, Chris Kultgen, Jayme Kauth,
(front) Bobbi Jo Noeller, Dr. Kenneth Pechman
HoliDAy BAKiNg
Acupressure and
energy tapping for
StReSS Relief
oNliNe SHoPPiNg
tips from the BBB
yogA for
you and baby
...and much more!
They’ve got
it covered
98 Nature’s Pathways
| June 2011
4100 W. Pine St.
2200 Holmgren Way
Green Bay
511 W. College Ave.
Downtown Appleton
Chopped Maguro mixed with our spicy tartar sauce.
Served with wasabi-mayo and black tobiko.
A layer of chopped maguro topped with a chunky avocado
guacamole surrounded by ponzu sauce. Served with a side
of deep fried gobo (burdock root) & lotus root chips
Short Hamachi slices topped with our curry sauce and
garnished with mango salsa.
Six pieces of kaibashira placed in a decorative soupspoon
with a citrus spicy ceviche sauce.
Half an avocado sliced and three stalks of asparagus served
with a bed of baby spinach salad with a miso yuzu dressing.
Mon.-Sat. 5-10 p.m. • Sun 4-9 p.m.
Nakashima Sushi
"Your healthy alternative to dining out"
and many more healthy selections!
We uSe aDvanceD
approacheS for:
Back Pain/Neck Pain
Allergies and Asthma
Herniated Disk
Failed Surgeries
Shoulder, Arm & Leg Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Auto and Work Injuries
Pregnancy and PMS
Most insurances accepted
including Medicaid, Medicare and
Medicare Supplements.


We are gentle with our prices and our care
Offering our patients...
E College Ave


3020 E. College Ave., Suite F, Appleton
Open 6 Days with Saturday and Evening
Appointments Available
se habla español
Donate $20.11 to Paralyzed Veterans of America
through B’wel Chiropractic and receive a
complimentary exam and consultation,
including x-rays (if necessary).
New Patient Special:
Chiropractic Care •
Corrective Exercises •
Lifestyle Advice •
Nutritional Counseling •
Massage Terapy •
Spinal & Postural Screenings •

b fo

See club for details. Offer
valid only at participating
locations listed above.
Expires 6/30/2011.
{ }
affordableprices.Our staff members are athletes, certifed personal
trainers, former strength coaches and people committed to the health
and ftness industry and are dedicated to helping you look better, feel
better and perform better.
Present this coupon at the time of purchase and get
$20 OFF your next purchase of $50 or more.
2476 S. Oneida St., Green Bay • 920.884.3295
Coupon valid at Green Bay location only. See store for details. Expires 6/30/2011.